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GW2 Chronomancer Specialization changes for BWE3

Proposed Chronomancer specialization changes for beta weekend 3.

Greetings Chronomancers, it’s that time again to talk about the next set of changes to the chronomancer specialization based on feedback from the last BWE. Chronomancer remains one of the more solid elite specializations going into BWE3 so we are continuing to tune up a few of the clunky or lackluster elements.

Shield Functionality Updates
The single block on Echo of Memory didn’t differentiate it enough from the block on offhand sword and could be difficult to use in some of the more intense areas of the jungle. BWE3 will change the single block to a continuous block, however as a cost to that the phantasm is now summoned at the end of the channel even if you block an attack at the start. This allows you to have more control of which enemy the phantasm is summoned on but don’t cancel the skill or you won’t get the phantasm! The phantasm itself has also been overhauled to be more reliable about spreading its buffs to allies and enemies alike. Finally Tides of Time has some new behavior to bounce if it hits a wall, however given the variable amount of terrain in our game there may still be some instances where it will not return.

  • Echo of Memory/Deja Vu: Changed functionality. Now blocks all attacks for a short duration rather than a single attack. If this skill fully channels, summon an Illusionary Avenger. Deja Vu is available if any attack is blocked during the channel time.
  • Deja Vu: Fixed a bug which allowed players to constantly cancel cast this skill to get a longer than intended uptime of the block effect. Canceling this skill now removes the Time Echo buff.
  • Illusionary Avenger: Increased damage of this phantasm by 20%. Fixed a bug which prevented this skill from displaying the benefit from Empowered Illusions. Increased alacrity given to 2 seconds per hit. This phantasm no longer shoots a bouncing projectile but instead initiates a melee attack that slows enemies and gives alacrity to allies within a 240 radius around the target. Removed old phantasm description.
  • Tides of Time: This skill now attempts to bounce back if it hits a wall. Fixed a bug where the time freeze caused by this skill would not show a stun icon in the status bar.

Well Tuning
Most of the wells have been changed to have more consistent effects. While the idea of duality and affecting enemies and allies works for some wells, we felt it would be better not to go overboard trying to force it when it didn’t. Gravity Well, Well of Eternity and Well of Precognition now have better defined effects for the situations they should be used in. Well of Recall now pulses despair and ends in happiness.

  • Gravity Well: Now performs a knockdown, float and then pull. No longer gives stability on end. Increased final damage by 50%
  • Well of Action: Increased damage per pulse by 17%. Lowered aftercast by 0.2 seconds.
  • Well of Calamity: Lowered aftercast by 0.2 seconds.
  • Well of Eternity: No longer gives vigor per pulse to allies but instead removes conditions from them. Increased recharge to from 25s to 30s. Increased base initial heal by 25%
  • Well of Precognition: Updated functionality. Now gives blur for 1 second per pulse during its active portion instead of on end. When it ends, allies within the well regain 35 endurance.
  • Well of Recall: Lowered recharge from 45 seconds to 40 seconds. Updated functionality of this well. It now chills for 1 second and deals damage every pulse then gives 5 seconds of alacrity to allies when it ends. New pulse damage is 70% of previous end damage. Effects have been updated to reflect this new behavior.

We didn’t feel that many changes to traits were necessary as they feel like they have gotten to a pretty good place at this time. However there are two I’d like to talk about in more detail.

  • Illusionary Reversion: No changes.
    • There is a pretty clear division of people that would rather have an ICD on this skill and those that prefer the illusion requirement. After some thought we’ve decided we prefer the current version (illusion requirement) as it is an easier to understand limitation when compared to internal cooldowns. I know that some have asked that this requirement be toned down to 1 illusion required but this wouldn’t solve the original problem of being able to get large bonuses from your shatters without an investment.
  • Lost Time – Added a 0.25 second delay between earning stacks of this buff. Fixed functionality: This trait previously applied slow on the first critical hit after generating 4 stacks. It now applies slow on any hit (does not have to be a critical hit) after 5 stacks are generated.
    • We’re still looking at good ways to limit some of the power from this trait. For now we are trying a small cooldown on the rate at which stacks can be generated. This primarily affects skills like Greatsword 1, and shouldn’t have a high impact on other weapon skills.

Bug Fixes

  • Continuum Split – Fixed a bug which caused the Continuum Rift to take no damage from attacks.
  • Flow of Time: Fix the description to show it gives alacrity per illusion.
  • Illusionary Reversion: Fixed a bug which caused this trait to fail when used with Continuum Split.

That’s it for this round of changes, I hope everyone enjoys playing chronomancer in the next BWE!


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

9 replies on “GW2 Chronomancer Specialization changes for BWE3”

fuck the shield, we got 2 main hands to use with 5 off hands, and the main hand options are so boring and limited after the game has been out this long, fuck you all

I don’t know… my main is mesmer but I feel our new specialization is lacking comparing to the other ones. I mean… is it fair reducing our skill cooldows by 2 secs while others can do 20k+ with one hit? How is it fair? And our wells messing with the fire fields? I’m frown upon every time I cast chaos storm… I’ll be kicked out from every party doing dungeons… at least i’ll be able to complete my shield mastery achievement… it’s the only good thing I see…

Don’t agree; chronomancer is potentially very powerful although I think we’ve yet to work out the best way to use it (or I haven’t been studying it enough)

the new shatter allows you to use a bunch of skills, then they all recharge instantly and you can use them all over again. That has massive utility and potentially very damaging spikes if you can get off your heavy hitters twice.

Handing out alacrity to everyone around you should make you popular in parties, if not almost a necessity once we figure out how to permastack it.

on a more trivial level, we finally get a trait that allows +25% movement speed – something we’ve been missing for the last 3 years although every other character class has it

To shut down any accusation against the mesmer ,when it comes to damaging spikes, everyone has to understand that we have Nooooo AOE skills except shatters that are not always reliable. I think its awesome that mesmers finally get a chance to tackle a difficult class; that was a huge thing that I missed from the mesmer class in GW1. If you learned the mesmer class it paid off greatly. I think all the Elite Specializations bring something unique to the table (except the Tempest, and some what the Dragonhunter). Just wait until HoT comes out before you make and judgements.

After Chrono arrives who will use a “simple” mesmer? unless you are a nostalgic player Chrono will become not an option (as any specialization should be imo) but the only way to possess everything that mesmer always needed and a few more things. At this moment everybody can see that Chrono, Reaper and Herald are evolved versions in comparation with its previous profession so why Anet dont realize it yet? is it intentional that some specialization are upgrades while others are just options for different playstiles?

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