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GW2 Daredevil Specialization Changes for BWE3

Upcoming Daredevil Specialization changes for BWE3 from Arenanet.

First off, let me say thanks for all of the constructive feedback you’ve been providing. We had a great weekend watching everyone jump around like madmen. Here’s where we’ll be going with Daredevil in the future.

First thing’s first:
There’s a few pacing issues we’ll be wanting to solve. The first issue would be that of the new dodge rolls (I don’t have a section for this just yet, so we’ll talk about it here). We’re actively working on making this a more desirable experience and are looking to make them function the same way your baseline dodge-roll behaves.

We’ll be looking at updating these abilities as we are able. There was a common tone in that the staff was too slow and didn’t feel as well as it could in its utility. We’ll be working on this now and in the future, so please continue to give feedback as you play the Daredevil.

Weakening Charge: Increased the maximum number of targets from 1 to 5. note: we’re still working on making this animation feel better. In addition to basic clean-up I’m hoping to make it targeted (ala Heartseeker) but still pass through the target. At the point of writing this, though, it’s not in yet.

Dust Strike: Reduced cast time from 1/2 second to 1/4 second.

Vault: Reduced initiative cost from 6 to 5. Reduced cast time from 1 second to 3/4 second. note: We’ve discussed leaving the initiative high and giving this ability an evade component at the beginning or end. Feel free to let us know what you think.

Bandit’s Defense: Increased recharge from 10 seconds to 15.

For this beta, we looked at increasing damage for a few things as well as clearing up bugs that could be skewing an ability’s usefulness.

Impact Strike combo: Removed endurance gain from Uppercut and Finishing Blow when Brawler’s Tenacity was equipped. _note:

Distracting Daggers: Reduced equip cast time to 1/2 second. This ability now lasts for 25 seconds. Thrown dagger velocity has been increased by 100%. Fixed an issue that wouldn’t allow this ability to increase interrupt cooldown.

Impairing Daggers: Removed the hidden initiative cost from these abilities. note: no more spending initiative on utilities, yay!

Fist Flurry: Increased damage per hit by 36%. Each successful hit applies one stack of vulnerability for 5 seconds. Removed hidden initiative cost.

Palm Strike: Increased damage on hit by 40%.

This iteration was mostly bug fixes. I’ve seen a lot of feedback on how Escapist’s Absolution should be baseline. It is the case that we believe this trait is powerful enough that it should be a choice in the trait line between damage, survivability and utility, rather than just a given. Driven Fortitude’s healing allows for usefulness in all modes where you take damage, where EA’s condition removal is situationally useful in a combat scenario.

Brawler’s Tenacity: Fixed an issue that allowed this trait to grant endurance though the skill was canceled.

Endurance Thief: Updated Steal to reward the full 50 endurance, rather than 25.

Evasive Empowerment: This trait now grants 10% bonus damage after dodging for 2 seconds, rather than just the first attack after dodging.

See ya soon.



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5 replies on “GW2 Daredevil Specialization Changes for BWE3”

Glad to see them listening to the community. While I loved the class during the beta, it did feel underpowered and the invulnerability frames for the dodge mechanic(s) seemed way too weak. I was getting knocked out of dash while in the middle of dash but I was hopping that was latency more than the mechanic not working as intended. The fact that they are looking into it, tells me it’s the later.

Can’t wait to see what this looks like in the final version.

I still wish Staff got Eye of The Storm’s animation from City of Heroe’s Staff Fighting. Number 1’s third animation was very similar to Guarded Spin which was cool to see my beta character use it. I’d have liked to see Eye of The Storm (A PBAoE) instead of that blind skill but whatever!

All i really want for DD is for the staff animations to fit the play style more, not to have reused animations i want new ones that fit the ninja esque leaping around style, not holding it like a damn hammer!! also the staff being faster attack speed wise is very welcome.

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