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GW2 Dragonhunter Specialization Changes for BWE3

List of changes for Dragonhunter specialization in beta weekend 3.

Greetings all!
Now that the betas are over and we’ve been working through quite a bit of feedback, we now have the chance to give you the list of changes that will be available for the next beta.

This specialization will ask that you make a trade-off of instant-cast abilities in order to gain access to a more physical aspect of them. With that goal in mind, we want to ensure that the virtues are rewarding while, while still maintaining some risk about them. In this iteration we’ve shored up a bit of the risks. We’ve lowered recharges of both Justice and Resolve while specialized as a Dragonhunter, in addition to lowering the cast times and improving battle effectiveness.

Spear of Justice: Increased missile velocity by 100%. Reduced the casting speed from 3/4 second to 1/4 second. Updated skill facts when virtue traits are equipped. Fixed a bug that caused this trait to not trigger with Wrath of Justice. Reduced recharge from 25 to 20. This ability is now unblockable.

Wings of Resolve: This ability now removes Immobilize at the beginning. Cooldown has been reduced from 50 seconds to 30.

Shield of Courage: Reduced the cast to 0.25 seconds. The after-cast of this ability has been reduced by 200 ms. This ability now blocks all attacks from the front, while attacks from behind will strike the guardian.

As with the virtues, we want to continue to ensure that the longbow feels rewarding. A few of the missile velocities felt slow and not as deadly as they could be, so we’ve been making steps at increasing both velocity and lethality, while ensuring that there’s a bit of utility to go around.

Puncture Shot: Increased missile velocity by 66%

True Shot: Damage increased by 12.5%

Deflecting Shot: Reduced missile velocity by 25%. Reduced after-cast by 300
milliseconds. Increased base damage by 13%. Destroying a projectile with this ability increases the damage it deals by 100%. Increased the blocking radius by 33%. The attack radius of this ability has not been increased.

Symbol of Energy: Increased missile velocity by 60%. Increased symbol damage by 10%. The initial burning impact now inflicts two stacks of burning, up from one. This skill can now be fired behind you.

We’re continuing to work on trap usability, functionality and improve visual effects. There’s not a whole lot in this update, but we continue to appreciate your feedback on these abilities.

Traps (general): Reduced the cast time of all traps to 1/2 second, down from 1 second.

Purification: Fixed an issue that caused this ability to not function correctly with Runes of the Trapper.

We’ve updated the trait line a bit to be more in line with other profession trait lines.

Piercing Light: This trait has been reworked. While activating, traps will now daze enemies in the radius for 1 second. Trap recharges are reduced by 20%.

Hunter’s Determination: This trait has been reworked to apply aegis to the guardian and drop a Fragments of Faith trap at their location when controlled.

Hunter’s Fortification: This trait has been reworked to remove conditions when blocking attacks. In addition, receive less damage when you have no conditions on you.

Dulled Senses: This trait has been updated: Enemies you knock back are crippled. Enemies you cripple are also inflicted with vulnerability.

Zealot’s Aggression: This trait now allows Justice’s passive effect to cripple, in addition to dealing extra damage to crippled enemies.

Heavy Light: This trait has been updated: Longbow arrows knock back when enemies are within the range threshold. Gain stability when you knock an enemy back.



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17 replies on “GW2 Dragonhunter Specialization Changes for BWE3”

You would think with the profession named “Guardian” that double shield would’ve been a no brainer or that the shield skills Guardians do have wouldn’t be so boring.

i dont think it would be a “no brainer”. depends on the skills ull get on the shields. but in my opinion a bow is not a guard weapon.

I been wanting this since even before Dark Souls did it.
They’re the only ones who ever appreciated dual/2handed shields though.
I rather have 2handed Greatshield though. 🙂

Hi I am going to suggest this on the main forums, maybe they just never thought of it, but want to judge a little the reaction here first. (I’d like to hear some Ranger opinions too)

1. The traits Dulled Senses and Heavy Light, although buffed in this post, are pretty useless without being picked together. Longbow has zero other knock backs.
2. Imo the longbow and traits like deal more damage when further than 600 range, are not mixing well with physical damage traps at short range.

So my suggestion is to combine the first two traits into one master trait with a longer cool down on longbow knock back and none on the cripple.
This buffs guardian hambow and frees a grandmaster slot for the next suggestion.

Give guardian a unique interaction with traps:
Grandmaster trait: If you have a longbow equipped your trap skills become 1,200 range.
This lets us use traps from 600+ range by using animation similar to skill 4 of longbow.

Now this feels different from other professions like ranger and thief as you might see dragon hunters on the top of WvW keep walls shooting down multiple traps and symbols.

I guess that would be true that is why I asked for ranger opinions here.

Traps across all MMOs were always considered horrible design, take WoW for example hunter traps were created for the “melee spec survival”.

I think that is why are anet changed traps for ranger, as far as I know no one except extreme condi Rangers were using them, and even then they were using melee weapon torch with it.

And my suggestion here has the distinction: you have to have the longbow equipped to launch traps, I just see it working so perfectly with longbow 4 and 5.

Launch a bunch of traps, just as they enter add a symbol to the trap column and then use longbow 5 to trap them in with the imobilize ring of death, there is nearly no reason to use longbow 5 otherwise as it does low damage from my experience.

Now feel the Thief/Ranger anguish and sadness. 🙂
At least Guardian’s are probably more useful. I can’t play it myself to know though.

The thing with rangers is that they have very strong ranged capabilities already, they need a melee based utility line, just like in WoW survival the trap line was designed with melee hunter in mind.

Guardian needs a ranged spec and longbow doesn’t have that umpf that we asked for, skill 1 & 2 are alright but skill 3 is super situational, skill 4 is practically full support and skill 5 is cool and all but only if they are standing in your traps, which means it might as well be self targeted.

Edit: Forgot thief, as far as I know their traps are single proc damage mostly so thieves do not need to have people standing in them for long, they are just a damage bonus during melee.

Trap should be ground targeted. Just call traps something else, like marks like necro, then you will be more inclined to make that change. Don’t get tied up to the name sake. DH are ranged , remember? what , are we supposed to jog to the front line , lay down the trap and jog back and shoot?

Look below to see the full explain of why I think they changed ranger traps but the TL;DR of it is:

Rangers already have a lot of tools for max range, traps are their powerful melee option. Guardians have no ranged tools and the longbow currently is not much better than the pixey stick, we need ranged traps to be our ranged utilities.

And don’t suggest we wait for next elite to get ranged utilities because then we can’t equip both elites to wield longbow and those ranged utilities. I doubt we are going to get shortbow.

This is our only chance to get a good ranged spec, so otherwise everyone will re roll revenant if they are tired of melee guard.

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