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GW2 Reaper Specialization Changes for BWE3

List of upcoming Reaper elite specialization changes for beta weekend 3.

The Reaper feedback from the last BWE was much more positive this time around so this set of changes will be less about large sweeping changes and more about smaller adjustments to numbers and timing to improve the overall feel of the specialization. Some of the more unpopular traits are also getting their functionality updated to be more competitive.

Reaper’s Shroud
The speed of Death’s Charge was increased to be more in-line with other gap closers like Savage Leap. I’ve also done some small animation changes that should reduce incidents of the skill going in the wrong direction. The small recharge on enter was also removed to make the functionality consistent with normal Death Shroud.

  • Reaper’s Shroud: Removed the small recharge that was applied to the Exit Reaper’s Shroud when this skill was activated.
  • Life Reap (Reaper Shroud 1c): Reduced aftercast by 0.2 seconds.
  • Death’s Charge – Increased movement velocity by approximately 30%. Improved animation consistency.
  • Infusing Terror: Removed incorrect fear skill fact from this skill
  • Terrify (Reaper Shroud 3 toggle): Reduced casting time by 0.15 seconds. Adjusted animation speed.

With the last set of changes to greatsword the weapon is starting to feel like it’s in a good place. Some range adjustments to a few of the more difficult to hit with skills should help bring the rest of it together. Greatsword 5 was not changed in this iteration but we are aware of the problems it has and are working to improve them without changing the unique functionality of the skill.

  • Dusk Strike/Fading Twilight: Fixed an issue where these skills would occasionally not award their listed lifeforce values.
  • Death Spiral: Increased width on this attack by 33% to put it in line with other melee attack skills.
  • Nightfall: Increased radius of this skill by 60 for all pulses. Maximum radius is now 360. Added effects to show damage/combo field radius. Fixed an issue which caused the combo field to persist longer than the effect of this skill.

Shouts are getting to a good place but there’s still a little more to be done here. “Chilled to the Bone” and “Your Soul Is Mine” are getting buffs to make them more worthy of the slot and “Rise” is getting an update to make it more reliable as a defensive skill.

  • “Chilled to the Bone!”: Lowered recharge from 120 seconds to 90 seconds. Reduced chill duration from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.
  • “Nothing Can Save You!”: Reduced recharge from 35 seconds to 25 seconds.
  • “Rise!”: Updated minion models. Increased vitality and toughness of minions by 33%, but decreased minion power by 40%. This skill now summons one minion by default plus one additional per target hit. Shambling Horrors now apply Dark Bond to their master as soon as they are summoned but must still attack to maintain the bond.
  • “Suffer!”: Removed unlisted lifeforce gain from this skill.
  • “You are all Weaklings!”: This skill now has instant activation. Increased weakness duration from 6 seconds to 8 seconds. Removed stability.
  • “Your Soul Is Mine!”: Decreased base heal value by 25% but increased base multiplier by 16% and healing attribute multiplier by 40%. TLDR; This skill now has the same healing values as the Guardian skill Shelter.

While many Reaper traits had very positive feedback, there were a few that we felt could use some improvement. Augury of Death now adds a lifesteal component to help it fit in with the other “fighter” style traits in that row. Soul Eater similarly has had a small rework to make the CDR bonus easier to use. The lifesteal from Soul Eater was moved onto Gravedigger only since it allows us to better tune its power and provides a clearer use case for it. The change to Chilling Force fixes an issue where multiple Reapers attacking the same target could block each other from gaining the bonus if they were attacking the same target.

  • Augury of Death: In addition to it’s previous effect this trait now additionally causes shouts to lifesteal. (Approximately 100-150 health.)
  • Chilling Nova: Increased damage by 50%. Increased number of targets from 3 to 5.
  • Chilling Force: Now has a 1s ICD but is not limited per target. Single strikes that hit multiple targets can activate this trait more than once before its recharge is activated. Increased might duration from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Deathly Chill: Now has an icon attached to the chill damage.
  • Soul Eater: Changed recharge reduction to a flat 20% without conditionals. Lifestealing from this trait increased significantly but the lifestealing now only applies to Gravedigger. (Approximately 140-180 health.)

I hope that everyone has fun playing Reaper in the next BWE with these changes!


By Dulfy

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11 replies on “GW2 Reaper Specialization Changes for BWE3”

Is it me or are the shouts now worse then they were?
They have shorter CD but at the same time lower durations/less effects…

Also, as long as they don’t increase attack rate on GS I don’t see why switch my Dagger/WH or Dagger/Focus while out of Shroud.

Its still a stun break and its now instant. The stability it gave you was hardly one second. If you ask me its better this way

Glad to see they listen. Now curses is viable again to pop in and out of shroud, for fury and enfeeble. Also, so happy to see the update on Death spiral and nightfall.

If they dont want to come up with a new condition damage based specialisation soon they should rework Soul Eater again to something that let us aply conditions with the greatsword in melee range. At the moment the necro still only has scepter/dagger and staff for conditiondamage builds.. but 2 powerbased melee cleave weapons with lifeleech.
Either the dagger or the greatsword will be superior and the other one then is an bad alternative that nobody uses.
Greatsword should be more like the crowd controll + survivability melee weapon and with soul eater trait condition melee dmg weapon instead of that second powerweapon.
i mean.. reapershroud autoattacks work pretty well for condition damage based builds (bec burning dmg + lot faster autoattacks than deathshroud)

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