GW2 Patch notes

GW2 Sept 15 Game Update Patch Notes

GW2 Patch Notes for the Sept 15 Game Update.


  • Added Vertical Position Near slider to camera options. The existing Vertical Position slider has been renamed Vertical Position Far.
  • Added greater precision to camera position sliders.
  • Adjusted some default camera positions when using the Adjust Camera to Character Height camera option.
  • Achievements for the previous beta weekend have been disabled from the Achievements tab.

Personal Story

  • Black Lion Chest Keys from the early personal story rewards have been limited to one per week accountwide.


  • Increased the drop rate of Black Lion Chests and Black Lion Chest Keys throughout the world.
  • Laurel vendors now sell 1 hour of the new Item Booster, replacing the Laureate Magic Find Booster.
  • Laurel vendors now sell 1 hour of the new Experience Booster, replacing the Laureate Experience Booster.

Profession Skills

  • Fixed a bug in which the Grenadier trait made grenade throws less accurate.

World vs. World

  • Altered arrow cart line-of-sight checks to be more restrictive.

New Items and Promotions

  • For the next six days, the complete Living World Season 2 pack is 40% off in the Upgrades category of the Gem Store. Complete your playthrough of all eight episodes leading up to Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™.


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61 replies on “GW2 Sept 15 Game Update Patch Notes”

Yea this really sucks cause I was all setup to super farm a bunch of keys here shortly and had begun right before downtime. Once per week is so bogus.

Just when I wanted to utilize those ~400 Tomes I’ve got in a useful way… Btw that also means that there is no point for legit players to start more than 1 char per week :S
One per 24 hours seemed like a much more reasonable solution imo.

I think the gw2 forum is a cluster f bc I can’t access it. Like when HoT price came out, lol. Strange, Anet NOW wants to nerf key farming 3 years later? Priorities like this so close to HoT? SMH

“Black Lion Chest Keys from the early personal story rewards have been limited to one per week accountwide.”

FUUUUUUUUCK !!!!! What the hell am i gonna do with 618 tomes of knowledge ?!?!

My guess: They will introduce some sort of sink for them in HoT. Like some sort of boxes that give greens and have a minuscule chance of a useless mini. Yay.

Apparently you didn’t really key farm all that often before the change, or else you wouldn’t have that many tomes to begin with.

I never key-farmed; seems like a stupid waste of time. But i was planning to do it if they announced something cool added to black lion chests.

*oh and i actually have 677 tomes; i checked this afternoon

Lag has increased for me when F2P hit, but was way worse when the Mordrem invasion event occured. Haven’t played in a few days so not sure how it’s been overall

i didn’t do so much on Mordrem event. But while in teq my ping hit 1000-4000 all the time and when the event end my ping become normal 🙁
anyway ty for reply me 😀

lags are GOOD thing, lags mean, that anet is doing something with game data/servers, so we can expect some new stuff, but in 99% we get only bugs events, dc or other shit like this

I’m not surprised about the bl key farming. However I’m a little surprised they are including this nerf right now so soon after the negative reactions to the recent mordrem event. Unless it’s like a ripping off a bandaid and they want to get all the hurt done quickly.

well, you know, if you REALLY piss off so many (VETERANS) players already, its good time to bring some more shits out, anyway, everyone who already bought HoT will not cancel it, so anet have their money, well, fuck off

How to shoot new players in the foot who make at least 2 characters and then get to that part in the story with both within a week…

Well, it’s sad that the Black Lion keys were my only other way of getting decent money (other than raw money from dungeons) since my RNG is downright to cry for. Plus I actually liked to do it from time to time. So they upped the key droprate, yet I’ve never seen one drop from an enemy. Since RNG is my problem. Thanks Anet!

Although I do understand that keyfarm isn’t exactly what they would have wanted in the first place I think. So yeah I’m just gonna sulk in a corner, pitying myself 😛

well there goes key farming *sigh i dont get it are they deliberately trying to provoke the community into a berserk rage? first the sale then the event and now this aww come on bl skin priceces are gonna go through the roof go grab some now people cuz you aint gonna get another chance HURRY!!!

LOL, and I just started key farming for the first time yesterday. This is so weird.

Well, I guess at least I managed to get 5 keys earned before this happened. Maybe I can get one more. This once a week thing starts post patch, right? So after I download the patch today, I can still maybe get 1 more key and then the once a week thing locks me out? Guess I’ll see.

Still only a tiny bit closer to opening the huge stack of Black Lion Chests collecting dust in my bank for so long now.

i always sold the chests because theres no way id have enough keys, and they go for a nice handful of change on the tp. and when i do get that rare key, i just buy one off the tp since theyre so cheap.

I believe it also has affected the level 40 (first quest of that chain) of the personal story, because I completed a level 10 story quests today, and got no key, but I had only done the level 40 story quest recently I think. 🙁 That in particular is harsh. If it was only the level 10 quests, I could understand it, but to affect the level 40 one as well seems overkill.

Dang, I have 2 low lvl characters that I guess I can’t lvl up at the same time anymore.
Thou we should have seeing this coming with the game going F2P and all…

I’ve intentionally farmed maybe 19 black lions keys in my 2.5+ years of play. Oddly, knowing it is only possible to farm one a week gives me another weekly to tick off -.-
This is the first time I’ve ever seen them nerf BL key acquisition without increasing the odds of rarer drops within the chest though – which I suppose is worth mentioning.

dont worry, now we finally find out, how much keyfarmers in gw2 really are, i just hope, it will not be half of players 🙁

i’ve already had a few people i’ve met leave gw2 because of all the nerfs, they also refuse to buy the expansion. seems like it is effecting some people

Well, I for one am quite happy they increased the drop in Black Lion Keys everywhere else. Key farming always seemed such a bother, I’d rather drop one once in a while.

If only they hadn’t also increased the chest drop-rate, now they’ll be even more occasions when you think you’re going to get actual loot, and then that chest shows up as a huge slap in the face.

Why not give one for completing your dailies?

The key and chests always bugged me because I’d get chests out the ass for days at a time and the only way I found keys were from the personal story. Granted some people have really good luck and others don’t, not my first rodeo. Getting those amazing and perfect stated Dragon Scythes in Guild Wars 1 was such a chore.

Oddly enough the F2P accounts are probably the reason for the key drop shift – but not out of fear of farmed keys flooding the market.

Someone made the comment that the F2P move may have been partly due to the desire to keep vanilla maps occupied (with all the vets spending their time exclusively in the HoT zones). By the same logic, its possible that Anet allowed key farming to keep the game’s starting areas full of people – cause a new player logging into a desolate map doesn’t give a goo first impression for a new mmo. Seeing as the starter maps will now be permanently flooded with new players, the ned to keep veterans on those maps no longer exists.

I unlocked Season 2 of the Living World Story on only one character on January but I’ve recently noticed that my 2 other 80s have it unlocked as well. It that a bug or is it account-wide now? Also, if they’re unlocked for my two other characters, will the episodes be unlocked for my future Revenant as well, and can I buy the discounted S2 episodes in advance? I’d like to re-do the whole story on the Revenant, including S2.

it has always been an account-wide feature, so yes, it’ll be unlocked for all your characters, present and future ones

I wasn’t entirely sure as I kinda neglected my other characters and didn’t bother to check it. Hey, everything’s possible with ANet after all, right? 🙂

So let me see if I understood. If I create one new character today, use tomes to rush level 60 and complete level 10, 40 and 60 personals in one week I will get all 3 keys or only 1?

“early personal story …..”, so I Think only the first key from the story is limited. The price for delete a level 40 high enough not normal players want to do everyday.
Yes, you will get 3 keys, but if you delete it and do it again within a week, you will only get 2 more keys.

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