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GW2 Tempest Specialization Changes for BWE3

Here are the proposed Tempest specialization changes for beta weekend 3.

Hello, With another round of beta weekends complete, here’s where we’re going for the next beta:

We’ll be normalizing the casting time of each overload to four seconds. This way, you’ve got a guaranteed amount of time to overload before the pay-out. We’ll be looking at improving the pay-out for each overload ability.

Overload Earth: Cast time reduced from 5 seconds to 4. Bleeding has been added to the pulsing effect, one application of 6 seconds per pulse. The effects of this ability now trigger when the ability starts, instead of waiting one second before it applies cripple and protection. This ability no longer has a break bar, but instead applies 3 stacks of stability for 4 seconds when it begins.

Overload Water: Cast time increased from 2.75 seconds to 4. The first pulse of this ability now occurs when it is initially cast and will cleanse also when the final blast occurs.

Overload Fire: Reduced cast time to 4 seconds. note: We’ll be reducing the damage of this overload, as it’s got too much in its current state. I don’t have the numbers on this right now, but will update when I get a chance.

Overload Air: The damage for this skill now activates at 0.5 seconds, rather than at 1 second. Increased duration of the static area by 1 second. Increased the radius of the static area from 240 to 360. Reduced cast time 4.75 seconds to 4 seconds.

We’ve been looking at expanding the warhorn’s utility and will continue to work on its overall effectiveness and purpose.

Dust Storm: Removed vulnerability application. This ability now applies two stacks of bleeding for 10 seconds on each pulse.

Sand Squall: Added a number of targets/impacts skill fact. Fixed an issue that caused this ability to double the intended duration increase on themselves.

note: Heat Sync is currently over-performing in its ability to spread all boons to allies. We’ll be looking to narrow down the boons it can spread, to just the Might boon, in order to keep its purpose more clear.

Rebound: This ability now applies an effect to nearby allies for 5 seconds. If the ally would take a lethal blow, they are healed instead of going into the downed state. If this effect expires naturally, grant an aura based on your current attunement. Reduced cast time from 3/4 second to 1/4 second. note: It heals for about 2000 at level 80 and heals additionally based on 1.5x your healing power.

We wanted to re-work a couple of traits for this beta weekend, being as a few traits didn’t feel all that great, or were way too strong in odd scenarios. As you’ll notice, there’s now an option for Stability when overloading.
note: We’d like to add something more to Earthen Proxy at some point if it remains based on protection. It’s not going to go all that great if EP affects allies, because it’s hard to know when your own protection is on them and not your ally Guardian standing next to you. This trait is more likely to remain a bit selfish, or change to something else.

Speedy Conduit: Increased swiftness duration from 5 seconds to 8.

Elemental Bastion: Fixed an issue where shouts would cause this trait to double-heal. Increased base healing per level by 50%. Increased healing contribution by 50%. Reduced the base heal from 40 to 10.

Harmonious Conduit: This trait has been re-worked. Upon activating an overload, gain stability for 4 seconds. If the overload is successfully completed, gain 10% damage for 5 seconds.

Imbued melodies: This trait has been re-worked. While wielding a warhorn, your boon duration is increased by 20%. Use sand squall when you are struck while below the 90% health threshold.

Thanks for your continued constructive feedback.



Sept 16 Update

Following up on the Stunbreak conversation: This is something we’ve talked about in the past and felt like it might just be way too strong. However, it still sounds like way too much fun to not try it out… so I’m going to change them over and we’ll see what that plays like in BWE3.

Please keep in mind that this will be a test and we may have to compensate for or remove it at some point in the future, if it’s too strong.



We added two things to overloads today:

  • Overload Air will imbue allies with electricity, giving them the Static Charge buff. An ally with this buff will deliver a Lightning Jolt to the first enemy they strike.
  • Overload Earth will now leave behind a dust-nado (name ongoing) at the tempest’s location when complete, which delivers the same effects that occur while overloading (cripple, bleed, protection). Increased bleed duration to 9 seconds per strike.

Dust Storm – warhorn: Increased the velocity that each storm appears by 33%


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12 replies on “GW2 Tempest Specialization Changes for BWE3”

They cant be serious with some of those – limiting the boonsharing on horn? That was the only thing tempest was bringing to Pve. But sure- go a head butcher the elite spec of one of your most played proffessions and see how it plays out ._.

Would be cool to let other class their chance instead of keeping ahead the most powerfull one. But that’s only my opinion tho.

Oh, I thought most are at peace with the fact that we are as close to beeing a god in GW2 without access to the dev console. :3
And tbh i so no reason behind the nervs. Eles and arguably guards got the most crappy es that have been disigned so far, why not give them a bit dmg on fire overload and boonshare?

Nah i don’t think eles need anything, they’ve become even more of a face-roll than warrior has and that’s saying something. As of right now you just spam skills and ocasionaly dodge and win anyway……..most eles achieve that by smashing their faces against the keyboard. seems to work.

I like the tempest but no fix for horn firefield with scepter phoenix? D:

Have to test this changes. Mh only might to share? Well ok it was very strong… have to test it too.

Where are the synergies? the only thing I can see that synergises with the original trait lines is Fresh air, which recharges the air overload handily

compare to reaper, where every trait that inflicts chill has now become that much more useful. Or chronomancer, where dexterous finger play will reward with doubled casting on all our previous heavy hitting mesmer skills, and a bunch of interesting new ones.

This is … meh. I bought my ele a warhorn in preparation for HoT launch, I better sell it fast because prices are going to crash … who would want one?

there is little / no synergy with previous trait lines, or mainhand dagger / scepter skills, so no credible build that I can see. And aside air overload, the damage is rubbish compared to what the other elite specialisations are getting. I realise this is supposed to be a support build, but frankly that’s a rubbish idea – eles are among the hardest hitting classes and in WvW / dungoens why sacrifice your heavy artillery to get a handicapped support build; guardians do this way better, so do shout warriors, and they’re both far tankier. Also, as this is an OH weapon we still have to do something useful with our MH skills – and they’re not going to be for support.

The whole thing is a poorly though through disaster. Tear up, and start again. Retain overload attunements if you like but change the effects for all of them to make them feel genuinely dangerous. Rethink the traits so they synergise in useful ways with our other skills, and so old traits have interesting benefits on tempest ones.

(and I’d vote for swords too, rather than warhorn. OH only if you insist)

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