SWTOR KoTFE Story and Writing Video

SWTOR Lead Writer Charles Boyd talks about the storyline in Knights of the Fallen Empire.

No new information that havn’t been released, all the gameplay footage are from the Chapter 3 so if you have seen that gameplay livestream there isn’t anything new.

  • MatiS

    Lana looks much better than on concept arts :-). I hope that choices will REALLY matter.

    • The Watchmen

      Yeah she looks human now, its great

      • hhhooo

        She just caught a cold. Or was drunk.

    • Rondowar

      Will choice change your own personal story? Yes (always has)
      Will it have impact on the gameworld? Not unless in a phase (as always has been the case)
      Don’t get your hopes too high from marketing talk..

    • Phil Wells

      It will depend how you define “really”.

      Your actions can cause any of the new kotfe companions to leave your crew, it can determine what story archs you have access too, and it can determine how non-companion characters interact with you in future content.

      But that really seems to be about it. And even if your choices force Lana to leave you, from what has been said it looks likely that you can get her back on your crew by grinding faction points in some way – assuming that feature is even still there considering it hasn’t been mentioned for a while (and just about every initial reveal has changed already in just a few weeks).

  • Foccan

    Fuck the storyline give us new NiM ops

    • Mighty Bunnyking

      No. Storyline >>>>>>>> ops of any kind.

    • The Watchmen

      There is a billion other MMOs out there if you want to grind out raids all-week, every week. SWTOR is here for the story aspect, and the Ops have to make sense in that way or it will be just another copy of WoW’s ideas, and EQ’s before it.

      • Naq

        Great, you just reminded me how many unsuspecting god beings me and 60+ friends killed in EQ for seemingly no other reason than sweet lewts and because they were there. Also to make our PoP relic thingy super powerful. I am sure there was some story reason in there somewhere for murdering the unsuspecting goddess of nature in her home plane, but I was pretty busy string casting slow and mezzing adds. Oh my, deep thoughts….maybe I was the bad guy in EQ….

    • Fenn Thetes

      no fuck that and your ops we need more pvp

      • Rondowar

        Want both
        But it’s silly how little new content pvp gets.. al the creative effort goes to ops and lvling :/
        Hope bw’ll finally realise we don’t need a whole new gamemode, any new map would be awesome

    • MrEndymion9611

      Storyline > Ops. You don’t seem to realize that Bioware has made up their mind. Accept it, move on, or don’t, and keep bitching.

    • Wilma Lang

      Reject the tyranny of “Or.”

  • 0:33 “really push them to explore the Star Wars galaxy in a new way”.
    I think you mean, .finally allow us to explore the Star Wars galaxy in a new way.

    Look, I’m not trying to be a killjoy, but truly this is simply the promises we’ve already read, now in a video so we can hear them too (and some gameplay clips thrown in there too — which we’ve already seen). Did this video take effort to put together? Yes. But did the community get ANY new information of any kind? No. This video incurred some arbitrary cost and yielded no benefit. This is why this game suffers. The schmucks who call the shots are not making wise economic choices.

    • The Watchmen

      Info = Spoilers = Most players do not what to hear. Maybe get more on some of the major changes to play-game, sure. We dont need to hear about the story itself. I want that for myself when early release hits

      • Mashiro

        this people is like a monkey with a lightsaber. I bet 90% of the whole population stays because of the star wars contest

        • Holyfrog

          I want a monkey with a lightsaber!!

          • Naq

            Kowakian monkeyjuggernaught mysteriously appears in next hypercrate

            • Holyfrog

              YES!!!!!!!! I would so pay CC for that!!

      • No, info does NOT equal spoilers. There’s more to this game than just story, and therefore there’s more types of info they can give for this game than just story info.

        I don’t *want* any more story/plot/spoilery details. I think they’re idiots for planning on streaming ANOTHER chapter of the story pre-launch, *ESPECIALLY* the first one! The players’ first reaction when experiencing the new content is “been there, done that”. That is the absolute WORST REACTION you could possibly provoke.

        And yet, they will do just that.

        • HadesClutch

          Not to mention this is episodic content. We’re not going to get the full expansion in the first story update so yeah, I think revealing too much of the story is bad juju.

    • HadesClutch

      Well, one must always take what they hear by devs with a grain of salt. They’re trying to “sell” you a product after all. People will say anything to get the interested party to invest. Rules of business 101.

  • Jo

    The Kira bit is Chapter 1, isn’t it?

    • Darth Ji’inx


  • Rompe Himself

    Seriously wth is wrong with Bioware? They said no spoilers then proceed to give us details and clips from chapters in livestream. They say they will give us more and more info about the expansion as we get closer but just rehash the same info we know and have seen as demonstrated in this utterly pointless and useless video.

    The swtor community (of which that eternal joke of a community manager Eric Musco avoids in every way he can get away with) wants more game play change info like crafting which we STILL have been told fuck all about and Bioware instead stays silent while making more pointless videos or the occasional forum post. I don’t think I have seen a company like Bioware who are so against their player base and against their own product that they cannot be confident in their work to brag about it and instead choose to just spit out the same bullshit we have heard over the past 3 years like “explore the galaxy” or how our choices matter when they don’t (Oh look an albino dark side Twi’lek Jedi in front of the council but no one notices or cares) or of course promise much and deliver very little and eventually forget and move on like “better then mega server”, seeker droid stuff, gsf, legacy, social and the list goes on.

    The most upsetting thing with swtor is how it has so much potential but in the hands of an inept company like Bioware, such potential is wasted.

    Now let the fanbois loose. :-/

    • The Watchmen

      Without defending Bio, I think they are going into the overkill zone on showing us the work they put into the new xpac. We bitch for years they don’t do anything, they listen, and now we bitch because they are showing too much lol. It’s a nasty cycle

      • Rondowar

        Showing too much? O.o
        Remember last time, they had livestreams of All the class changes, weeks before launch..
        Now? A bit of gameplay and the promise of “more info soon (atm)”..

        • The Watchmen

          Referring to the story spoilers in the streams so far, everything else has been as little as possible (as normal, SoR class streams were an enigma)

    • disqus

      so youve been upset for the last three years with this pathetic game from bw. yet you still log on everyday and play. wouldnt that make you stupid for logging on day after day? really, what do you expect? you feed them your money and expect them to change? its like paying a fat guy to lose weight, and after three years he is still fat, why still pay? but obviously you like it enough to still stay subbed, so quit bitching or quit all together.

      • Rondowar

        Read better, he’s upset with BW, for not making the game as great as it could’ve/should’ve been..
        He never said he hated swtor, seems he likes it enough to play and spot so much potential

      • Rompe Himself

        Ahh a fanboi reveals himself. Never said SWTOR was pathetic but nice swing and a miss on the start of your pitiful response there. Your further assumption that I have been upset for 3 years (False) and that somehow it all went to shit straight up when the game first came out for me or whoever and I have stuck it out since it began (False again, hmm pattern emerging with your ignorance here) says much of your sheer stupidity and blatant ignorance and an overwhelming need to just rush to the defense of Bioware without debating the points raised with a level and intelligent response. Yeah I know, stupid of me to expect it from you but hey law of averages says you have to be right at some point though that day is not today. πŸ˜› Your response Disqus is one based on assumption and well, you know the old saying yes?? πŸ™‚

        The fact is that it has been a slow drip decline in the game, not a “oh my God, the game is so fucked up NOW”. No, it has been going downhill slowly and only fanbois or those living in ignorance would say otherwise. After all, if the game was soooooooooo great, then it would not need F2P to populate the servers, the cartel market to survive money wise, issues raised by the community mostly go unanswered by the so called joke that is Community Manager and on and on the list goes. But again sport, nice try on the OH SO TYPICAL “Quit bitching or quit all together” retort that is all you can come to the table with.

        Tell you what, why don’t you take a seat over there with the kids and enjoy the level of intellect you and the kids share and let the adults discuss things in greater depth than you can obviously handle.

        Oh and as for your comment about expecting things to change, no, I would be happy with a certain level of quality to be MAINTAINED but that is slowly being lost also (Hell look how the last expansion went) and while you are happy to pay for mediocrity based on your fanboi membership, I will keep playing and paying this game until this game gets to a point it has not reached yet (but is sadly heading to) where the fun is no longer existent in the game.

        • guest

          ahhh and bw baited yet another helpless soul. Pouring his pathetic heart wanting so much with such little promise. I feel really sad for you, not the fact that you want a great game with hundreds of hours more to grind, but the fact that you still think that bw is going to produce epic experiences for you to enjoy. They made their money from production cost, not they are just squeezing every penny that they can before this game dies, and yes it will die eventually. And here you are, still bitching and moaning about more more more, better this, better that. I hope you the best.

        • Naq

          Well geeze Rompe, tell us how you really feel. O.O

    • Geust

      pffft there are worse companies take SOE for an example ……

    • Phil Wells

      Don’t really get why people are still asking crafting questions.

      They already confirmed that the current companions will remain available for crafting (and everything else) outside of KotfE content, and that companion-specific crafting bonuses are to be replaced with a generalised bonus based on level and affection.

      What else is there to say?

      • Vladislav

        They said that they will change crafting. But no information how they will change it.

        • Phil Wells

          They also said we’d be losing our current companions and will be given their gear in an email only to recently confirm that they actually aren’t touching them.

          They also said they were speeding up combat, changing classes so that they’re more mobile, and making combat in general more streamlined, and now that the class changes are being shown that clearly isn’t the case either.

          Clearly when this expansion was first announced it had a pretty big impact on the game, and it seems almost all of that has since been either removed or toned down.

          So is crafting changing? Beyond stat bonuses being removed, it does not appear it is being touched at all.

    • dsda

      Leave musco alone he is too busy to twitting food pictures, he doesnt have time to communicate with community,


    FUCK FUCK FUCK no news about crafting no news about comendations no news about crew skills 3 strikes you are out BIOCRAP EAT MY dirty wenier!

    • Bob

      Ok – this made me totally laugh, and perfectly explains the same nerd rage I feel about Bioware’s lack of communication.

      • ADDMARY

        and most important, do i have to pay for the expansion, im prefered status right now, and im not paying any more for this enless loop of milking cow game

        • Fel

          They answered that already.

          • ADDMARY

            what they say?? i dint get the memo

            • Have to be sub to get the expansion currently.

              • ADDMARY

                and if im not subscriber, when the prefered status get the exp? any news about that?

              • Not currently, you might be able to buy it after the expansion releases maybe but Bioware has said nothing about it yet.

              • ADDMARY

                thxs sooo much! best moderator ever XOXO dulfy

              • AbnerDoon

                By locking the expansion to subs they guarantee everyone subs for at least a month or two to get through it. I doubt they will be selling it for a while just my two cents.

                My plan is sub again see if I like where the game is going. Then I’ll either sub a while or go back to f2p or finally set it aside.

              • Holyfrog

                Umm Dulfy isn’t really a “moderator”, it’s her site. She is so much more.

            • Rondowar

              They keep saying it’s free for subs, every time made me wonder when/how much ftp/pref have to pay..
              Stupid bw with their “information soon ™” motto -_-

    • Secundum

      Comms will have done to them what is ALWAYS done to comms-all will be converted into basic.
      Crew skills will likely stay the same-nothing they’ve said indicates otherwise.
      As for crafting-eh, news will arrive at some point.

      • Vladislav

        Then why they can’t say about it? It’s very easy to write something like “We will convert all comms to basic”.

        • Secundum

          Bioware gets off on the rage of fans.

      • Gonadius

        They have said that crew skills are changing, and will be addressed in a blog post. And they will , but the internet wants everything 5 minutes before KotFE was even announced, and would then whine about the lack of information.. Mind you, the lack of information full-stop is even more annoying.

      • Darth-Robin

        actually commendations are being removed and replaced with some crappy new thing check reddit for more info

        • Secundum

          Reddit is unreliable more often than not, and there’s been no official announcement.

    • Holyfrog

      I’m glad you are leaving the game. It doesn’t need people bitching over nothing.

  • MrDedSniper

    Guys, what he said at 1:24? “Gonna lead you…”?

    • awesomea doubleOhseven

      He said leave your jaw on the floor.

      • MrDedSniper

        Thank you =)

  • FFS

    Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

    Unfortunately, they didn’t bring anything useful…

    • Darth Jadus

      From the RoTJ standpoint, they didn’t bring anything useful then either.

      • Holyfrog

        What are you talking about? They brought the location of the Death Star. Sure the Emp leaked the info to lure them into a trap but it led Luke there.

  • Darth Jadus

    If people stop bitching about ops/pvp/no new engine/crafting/ftp/story content/everything else, I will reveal my face.

    • Lamayas

      Don’t count on taking that mask off anytime soon then.

      • Darth Jadus

        Regrettably. These people could not handle the truth, anyway.

        • Your secret is safe with me, Elvis. aww crap….

          • Darth Jadus


  • Lms

    I’m not complaining about any of that, what I am complaining about, is the constant nerfing of skill dps, and the general chopping of the original game. And sorry to say EA has the worst record for saving or making games any better. If EA is the great and almighty game developer… why is Need for Speed World. Gone?! Why is they get sued, for making their employees.. non get a single day of even by request for 3 years?!
    With this kind of track record. I see the writing on the wall. This isn’t A better direction. How about fixing fundamentals of the game? That have been broke since Beta. Performance issues being a big one.
    Go ahead and keep pissing on the player base. And so called,”balancing.” Track records have shown EA to be a pile. And destroying so many things the have touched. Anyone remember how bad the ending was On Mass Effect 3?! And that was Bioware, So they are allowed to have some slip ups.. cause the game was awesome.
    In closing EA, has no more chances they have screwed this game up. And might as well become Kanomi. They can take how much, they lie about oh we aren’t doing this or that.. about cutting content, But again..Removing a nighmare mode they can’t fix…sound like content removal again to me.
    Get bentEAPoS.

  • rippled

    Well that’s what I call information overload. Easy BW, you might kill us.

  • hhhooo

    It’s like physics. You can go faster than light, but you can’t transport information faster than light.

    BioWare can publish new stuff, but they can’t give us information with that stuff.

    • Darth Jadus

      Look who just turned deep and insightful.

      Tremel was a good man.

  • Stahp

    So…a question to those saying story>new ops/pvp. What do you do in the game once you finish the story in,like, 2 days. It is not even class specific so replaying it 4 or more times yelds the same results and is usually a solo act. I just don’t get it. New ops get you involved and can take weeks to master and months for pugs(that is usually hilarious). I play since launch and am a bit dissapointed that I will have to rerun OLD content to get the gear for my NEW lvl 65’s. Why can’t we have both? I mean come ooon. :/

    • Π›Π΅Π² Π‘Π°Ρ„Π°Ρ€ΠΎΠ²

      Dunno, ill need to do this 10 times for my chars, you maybe more. (:

    • Phil Wells

      You’d be surprised how many players either just grind dailies, or just re-roll characters, or even just role play (gasp).

    • Leveling all my toons to 65, gearing them, Raiding. I now know every Operation, but I will love to replay them at Level 65, when they are actually “difficult”.

    • Corwin

      I’ll do this story 8 times on my lvl60s, then continue to level remaining 8 characters, will be finishing 3 reputation facitions that are not Legend yet, may be some achievements. Plus, there is pvp after all, that thing is always fun (I myself am not tired of the same maps yet, nope, not even after 20k kills. Still lots until Manhunter ^^ )

    • Emprah

      Because Bioware is understaffed and underskilled. Plus I doubt you can do the entire story in 2 days. 2 weeks perhaps.

      Not everybody who plays the game can play it 15 hours every day you know.

    • damagecrab

      They need to develop the storyline on which to base the endgame content. Every Op/FP has at least some tie in to the storyline you played in order to get your toon to a level which qualifies for the Op/FP. The best Ops are the ones that are more closely related to the storyline.

      The last time they released new story AND endgame content (SoR), we all suffered through a bunch of bugs (some of which have yet to be fixed). This time they seem to concentrating on one thing at a time. So we are getting way more story than SoR and no buggy Ops/FP’s.

      Maybe they won’t even begin to deliver endgame content until the every chapter of the storyline is out to avoid spoilers, who knows.

      Either way, I would suggest getting over it and at least try to enjoy the new versions of the old content.

      • Martin Garixxxx

        ‘Enjoy the new versions of the old content’
        This phrase right here should break the internet

  • Inogene

    Story… story… story… I don’t care about story give us more mmo aspects.

    • Pinkers

      Like what pink lollipops ?

      • Shawn Hargrave

        pinkers your dealing with carebears here lol. Why do they think they put ewoks in the game and pink pigtails? welcome to emo tor! treek i choose you!

    • Holyfrog

      You are out of luck, the new direction of the game is story… Story… Story… Go play WOW.

  • Shawn Hargrave

    Summary of this video: Hey look at us were awesome guys who make a sub par mediocre game. Its important you see us sitting in chairs and noticing how cool we are oh and here is ome pics and video of the new content

    The only thing that will save tor is free roam open world space like swg had and making their engine capable of handling REAL open world large raid based pvp battles. The same thing will happen thats always does people will resub for a month then go back to f2p or just leave in general just like with revan and just like with hutt cartel. Pretty sad this game could be so much more if they just werent so caught in their egos and instancing the fuck out of everything and making the game more like swg /smh

    • patchwerksect19

      Wow… so ignorant…

      • Shawn Hargrave

        /smh at carebear number 12976473

    • PacMan

      Whining gets you nuts , so stop it before its too late.

    • The Watchmen

      Let the butthurt flow through you, it will make you more douchy

    • Holyfrog

      Wait, did you just say they should make it like SWG then bitch that they were making it like SWG? SWG no longer exists because it was a shit game.

      • Shawn Hargrave

        so is tor lol.

        • Holyfrog

          It’s not like SWG that is why it is failing? Is that what you are saying? Because it is not clear. If that is what you are saying, why do you think they should follow a failed model?

    • Conoro

      what do you mean by save? its doing better then SWG. SWG couldn’t handle real open world large raid PVP, that crashes the server.

  • geust

    stop bitching about the ops and no new pvp content this is not a MMO this is a MMORPG

  • dsda

    Just another very informative post from bioware, this video is amazing now i will buy 5 hypercrates to celebrate this awesome video no no i will buy 10 :),

    • The Watchmen

      Let the sarcasm flow through you…. Yes, yes, goooood….

  • darkfather

    Regurgitated info with regurgitated video. Utterly pointless video.

  • Maria

    Well, thats the last time I give my ass up at a cantina. Musco you didn’t deliver

    • Shawn Hargrave

      LOL wait till you see the suposed “if you subbed by oct 30” jacket which is just a rehashed jacket thats already in game LOL. Pure lazyness but these carebears will defend this shit and eat it on a plate go figure /smh

      • Holyfrog

        Why do you even bother with this game? I seriously don’t get all the bitching about this game on this site. If people have a complaint go to the source, not a third party site. If you don’t like it don’t play. No one has a gun to your head.

        • Shawn Hargrave

          what is it to you anyways? if you cant handle people having different opinions and discussing the game YOU can gtfo deal with it. Why do you give a fuck at all here huh? what is it really to you?

        • danielo

          Go to the source and get banned? Ye, smart idea

        • ewokingdead

          he is just a bitter troll he has been banned from most sites which is why he comes here. Then when someone complains about him he just does the whole “I have a different opinion you can’t talk to me like that”

  • lolbiofail

    So their story writers are sitting around a table some of them doesnt even have pen and paper others have small noteboks, so this video is a complete failure. You are writing a story and it seems like they are not prepared none of them have any material that shows they really working hard to make a good story. Some of the guys are like just wtf i am doing here, what is this guy talking about.
    I dont even want to mention that they are giving this video from headline of their website and it is only 90 sec. and thing they say is just what they are saying last 2 months, so what is the point of this video? to show us when they create story content they dont even care about make preperations? or just pretend like they are communicating with player base and giving them constant info, either way this video is a big failure.

  • hhhooo

    Very short clip, saying: we have story, it is amazing, epic, blah.

  • Vic-Mignognog

    Not sure if this has been answered but are they converting elite and ultimate comms to basic ones when the expansion comes out?

    • danielo

      Will stay the same but renamed, lol I just realized that sounds like the same but with new level cap

  • hopelessfucktard

    ……………………- *” – “::*’
    β€¦β€¦β€¦β€¦β€¦β€¦β€ž-^*” : : β€ž” : : : :: *β€ž
    …………..β€ž-* : : :β€žβ€ž–/ : : : : : : : ‘
    …………./ : : β€ž-* . .| : : : : : : : :’|
    …………/ : β€ž-* . . . | : : : : : : : : |
    …………β€ž-* . . . . .| : : : : : : : :’|
    …………/ . . . . . . ‘| : : : : : : : 😐
    ………./ . . . . . . . .’ : : : : : : : |
    ……../ . . . . . . . . . . : : : : : : 😐
    ……./ . . . . . . . . . . . ‘ : : : : : /
    ……/ . . . . . . . . . . . . . *-β€žβ€žβ€žβ€ž-*’
    ….’/ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ‘|
    …/ . . . . . . . ./ . . . . . . .|
    ../ . . . . . . . .’/ . . . . . . .’|
    ./ . . . . . . . . / . . . . . . .’|
    ‘/ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .’|
    ‘| . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|
    ‘| . . . . . . β€ž_^- β€ž . . . . .’|
    ‘| . . . . . . . . .’ . ./ ‘/ . |
    | . . . . . . . . . . .” / . ‘|
    | . . . . . . . . . . / .’/ . . .|
    | . . . . . . .| . . / ./ ./ . .|
    ‘| . . . . . . . . .’ . ./ ‘/ . |
    | . . . . . . . . . . .” / . ‘|
    | . . . . . . . . . . / .’/ . . .|
    | . . . . . . .| . . / ./ ./ . .|
    ‘| . . . . . . . . .’ . ./ ‘/ . |
    | . . . . . . . . . . .” / . ‘|
    | . . . . . . . . . . / .’/ . . .|
    | . . . . . . .| . . / ./ ./ . .|
    ‘| . . . . . . . . .’ . ./ ‘/ . |

  • Gavelkynde

    Sub since early access here. So the question I am asking myself more and more these days is… am I really still playing this game – or am I the one getting played?

    What is my sub fee bringing me? PvE and PvP and even poor old GSF are ashen wastelands of played-out content, where the most interesting things you can find are the fossilized bugs.
    What do I have to look forward to?
    A f’ckin DUSTER?
    And in a couple of months I get more crappy dialogue to whack my space bar through?

    Have you guys seen what Arena Net are giving their players with the new expansion coming for GW2? new raids new maps new levels new skills new pvp modes, I mean Christ.

    Can you imagine these swtor bumholes giving us something like that?

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