GW2 Scrapper Engineer Elite Specialization Details

MMORPG was able to reveal some details of the Engineer elite specialization, the Scrapper.

Scrappers gain access to hammer, new toolbelt skills, and floating gyro bots. It give the Engineer an option for close ranged combat and an electric theme. in raids the Scrapper can be traited to lock down enemies and grant super speed to allies in combat.

Here is the full article on, below are the relevant details.

Hammer Skills

  • Rocket Charge: Hammer 3rd skill. You will repeatedly jump forward, swinging your hammers after each jump. Each jump act as a leap finisher. This will make the Engineer harder to escape from in PvP but players can counter it with crowd control skills.
  • Shock Shield: Hammer 4th skill. You magnetize your hammer to damage foes as well as blocking incoming attacks.
  • Thunderclap: Hammer 5th skill. You raise your arm to the sky to call down electricity on the ground, stunning and dealing damage over time. This also creates a pulsating lightning field on the ground.



  • You can have multiple Gyros out at the same time. Each type of gyro have their own toolbelt skill. Gyros are affected by your boons (i.e. Swiftness).
  • They are different from Guardian spirit weapons. Some will stay close to you, others will seek out enemies or allies.
  • Purge Gyro: The Purge Gyro will zip around the Engineer, cleansing conditions off the Engineer and nearby allies every so often.
  • Pernilongo

    Nice helmet!

    • Colosso

      probably from a pvp reward track coming soon

      • ZDRAG0N

        Every profession gets 2 skins when taking their elite spec. Reaper gets a dark hood and greatsword, engi will get that helm and the hammer, mesmer will get a shield and a shoulder peace, thief will get a staff and helmet.

    • Steven Kucher

      reminds me of those creepy bikers from Hobo with a Shotgun

  • Lucifer Succube

    Engineer new ritualist Gyros x)

  • nadrian3k

    “Thunderclap: Hammer 5th skill. You raise your arm to the sky to call down electricity on the ground, stunning and dealing damage over time. This also creates a pulsating lightning field on the ground.”

    How in the fuck does this skill have any relation to a class that is supposed to be TECH savy and NOT elemental. If you come and tell me “it’s because electricity is attracted by metal” i will bitchslap you so hard you will go serach in your toolbox for a wrench to call down electricity on a clear sky.

    • Geo DePuppeh

      arent all tech savvies run by electricity? no?

      • nadrian3k

        Yes because they clearly use magic to start a PC.

        • Geo DePuppeh

          lightning! a natural phenomenon irl~ ๐Ÿ˜›

          • nadrian3k

            Apparently it’s under the form of magic for a tech-class.

            • Geo DePuppeh

              well, im sure scrappers need to call down a lightning *cough* orbital *cough* strike just to power up those gyro drones XD

    • inkyspilly

      I’m thinking the concept is less magic and more Tesla coil/cannon.

      • Geo DePuppeh

        I remember back when i played Red Alert 2, those Tesla coils were quite shocking! Lol~

    • Ivan

      it’s because electricity is attracted by metal

      • Geo DePuppeh

        Mjolnir ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Geo DePuppeh

      dude, its just a game. cmon now!

    • aimasira

      the tool belt skill of the mortal has an electrical strike + you have the trait that you cast a spell when equipping a kit
      but we have a problem having a hammer creating a lightning????

      maybe the hammer has a huge build in coil, and when turned on stimulates the magic field in the atmosphere resulting in electrifying the area around the coil

    • Kasper Asmussen

      Imagine that the hammer is used as a lightning rod

    • Colosso

      use your imagination “the hammer works as a anchor for a satellite that sends a lightning bolt”


      Colosso is correct. While all the classes were getting nerfed and buffed and nerfed again, we engi’s made satellites that now orbit Tyria, allowing us to call down Thunderclaps and Orbital Strikes and so on. Engi was always the smartest class. Asura engi doubly so.

    • typographie

      I think we’re meant to think of, for instance, tesla coil technology. It’s not that we’re conjuring lightning magically from our fingertips, we’re generating it from a device.

    • hoofy

      I think it would be cooler if the engi stabbed the hammer into the ground, and it acts as a lightning rod. Shooting a bolt of lightning down on top of him.

    • Alot

      It would be a great April fools joke if they changed it’s effect to exactly that. Scrapper raises hammer above head, Scrapper gets struck by lightning, suffering stun, pulsating lightning damage and creating a lingering lightning field beneath it’s feet.

      Most likely explanation is that the lightning strike uses the same orbital platform that the orbital strike does.


    I wonder how tanky the Gyros actually will be. I’m wondering if they will be stronger than a necros minions as far as survivability or roughly the same.

    • Braghez

      I think they won’t have health…another site, wich took down the article, mentioned something about Fuel…and if you check you can see that above them there’s some kind of fuel indicator. Probably they ll be timed like with a depleting energy bar…and maybe activating them etc will further consume that bar…but honestly it’s all personal speculation. We’ll see tomorrow.

  • Sky David Kesler

    UHG now I cant rename my engie Geordi Da Forge >.<

    Anyways I'm just glad they revealved the spec finally!

    • Colosso

      Rename to George Da Scraper

      • Taiwan Wolf

        stahp forgetting the second Peeeeee. ๐Ÿ˜

        • Colosso

          so sorry :-#

  • Andrew Thurman

    Ohh so they renamed it from Forge……i preferred Forge honestly, scrapper sounds like it belongs to thief.

    • Colosso

      I dreamed with Forge name thats a pity …

  • aimasira

    like like like

  • typographie

    How exactly is Super Speed meant to work? The tooltip reads that “your movement speed is greatly increased.” You move at the player movement speed cap of 33% faster, just like Swiftness. Except it doesn’t stack with Swiftness, so it’s just a worse version of Swiftness. Maybe that’s the design, but in that case it makes no sense. What am I missing here?

    Super Speed really ought to work as intendedโ€”or at least have something to make it unique over Swiftnessโ€”if Arenanet envisions to be an important mechanic for the Scrapper.

    • Vian Deax

      Super Speed gives you 50% movement speed which is 17% faster than swiftness and the fastest movement-granting-buff in game, it is a buff not a boon. Most available super speed buffs in game don’t last long which means you don’t get to move really far away fast, however it does give you a slight edge in chasing/escape.

      • typographie

        Maybe that’s the intent, and that would be great, but in fact on the live game right now it’s giving us 33%. Hopefully having an elite specialization that specifies Super Speed as a party buff will put the spotlight on this and force a fix.

        • Braghez

          I think it’s meant to work better in combat…i mean, while in combat you get a 33% natural speed debuff…so swiftness restore it to “out of combat” level…
          Super speed instead buff you even more, giving you an extra 17%.

          • typographie

            I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll give it a try when I get home and see if there’s a difference using Swiftness + Super Speed while in combat.

            But the wiki does go to the effort of saying that it is 25% in combat, same as Swiftness. It could be wrong, of course, but apparently someone thought so.

            • Braghez

              Mhhh…i see 33 for swiftness ๐Ÿ˜ฎ and super speed doesn’t have a value…the 25% for both of them is the cap while in combat…wich is 125%…while ooc is 133%.
              So, while you get around 100% while in combat +swiftness…with that one you can reach higher levels…moreover it’s the only way to increase speed further than 33% since speed boons do not stack and only the strongest one will apply.

      • Soup

        It used to, but I seem to remember them purposefully nerfing it to match the movement speed of swiftness. The wiki currently has it listed as a bug that it does not exceed swiftness’ movement speed.

        • darightstuff

          It’s almost 2016 and people still don’t know how super speed works?

          There is a hard cap of how fast you can move in both combat and out of combat. Being in combat reduces your movement speed. Having swiftness or super speed out of combat shows no difference because you can hit the cap with switfness. In combat, super speed overrides cripple and chill in terms of movement speed and you retain out of combat speed whereas with swiftness you do not.

          • Soup

            I remember it allowing me to move faster in the past prior to that update. It definitely affected rocket boot travel distance more than swiftness (there’s a certain skip in Angvar’s Trove that could only be done with super speed + rocket boots and is now impossible) before they changed movement abilities to no longer be affected by movement speed.

            • Phobia256

              At which Anet did a poor job, Swoop is still affected by Cripple and Chill. Likely because Swoop uses some sort of two-step leap…

    • Envy

      The problem with Super Speed at the moment is that, according to the wiki at least, it’s currently bugged. I believe that it’s supposed to give you 50% movement speed, but in its current state acts like swiftness. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

      • Taiwan Wolf

        It’s indeed much faster. It’s why trap Rangers are so pesky.

      • Raven

        I like Super Speed. It gives you the 33% speed boost even if you’re in combat. i.e it overrides Combat Slow.

  • Colosso

    Mjolnir going to explode TP =P

    • Pernilongo

      RIP Juggernaut or triple farm!

  • Colosso

    Scraper = a tool or device used for scraping, especially for removing dirt, paint, ice, or other unwanted matter from a surface.
    Forge = a blacksmith’s workshop

    People that complained for using a name of a place should now use the name of a tool =)

    • Veomel

      Wrong word. Scrapper has 2 r’s and means something completely different. Scrape vs. Scrap.

    • Sagramor

      Scrapper. Not Scraper.

    • Braghez

      Actually it’s scrapPer xD aka someone that works/clear or manage scraps.

    • Colosso

      Sorry I forgot a “r” … Why not Forger ? Enforcer? Clasher?

    • Taiwan Wolf

      A Charr named Scrappy Doo?

    • Demallia

      Scrapper not scraper. Totaly different words.

    • Panda’s Junkyard

      Scrapper- fighter, quarreler, a fierce competitor
      pretty fitting for a initially intentional tank elite spec for engi

      and the you know scrap as in the pieces of metal

    • Chris Dexter

      I hope English is not your first language. Or you realize how much of an idiot you are.

      Scraper =/= Scrapper.

      The specialization is the SCRAPPER as in one who SCRAPS. Possibly to infer that the engineer puts together his inventions with scraps of metal or other materials. Or, although less likely, to refer to a scrappy fighting style; One that is unorganized, doesn’t flow well, and is generally made up of pieces of various fighting styles.

      • Colosso

        No, English is not my first language and idiot is a person that dont read all comments before post.
        I didnt notice the second r and I already apologized. I will show you: “Sorry I forgot a “r” … ” few comments below. You were the 8th to say the same thing.
        I am posting as a guest and if you teach how to erase my sin I will remove all comments about scraper/scrapper. I talk with people from different countries, native in English language, and you would get surprised how many of them forget a letter or two while typing and it is not the end of the world.

        • Colosso

          second “p”* instead of “r”

  • Josef Tauser

    Who knew Super Mario was an Asura Engi ? 0.o

    • Taiwan Wolf

      Considering Rata Sum being a floating block and everything Super Adventure Box is you shoulda realized this.

  • Halvora

    I have now some hope for my Engi since we got the new Meta. I tried so many Engi builds, and I can’t even decide on my rifle, dual pistols or just the pistol/shield. Not to mention, I like having a new condition cleansing skill.

    • Takahami

      i so much want to love my engi in pvp, but my personal micromanagement / rotation skills are just too low. i might try again with some multibutton mouse i guess.

      • Halvora

        I feel you. When I encounter fellow engi’s in wvw, you usually need to smash quite a lot of buttons and what not just to keep up and not have your ass whooped. Of course the moment I get bombarded with conditions, and then being immobilized not even my rifle saves me… XD

  • Colosso
  • disqus_z7oJUkLJVV

    The only class to get the weapon they wanted so far SMH

    • Ummmm Necromancer…

      • Colosso

        DH got the long bow even DH being a joke anyway

    • mxpie6

      plenty wanted staff on theif. Warrior already had every relevant weapon, people just wanted spear or unarmed which they knew wasnt going to happen. I have no idea what mesmers wanted. Sounds more like ele is the only class to not get the weapon people wanted.

      • Archi

        i think a bunch of people on the forums wanted pistol for warrior and rifle for thief. but yeah, ele has been the biggest shock/disappointment so far

        • Braghez

          yet it’s an awesome weapon ๐Ÿ˜ฎ it got quite some tasty skills…then again people wanted sword for ele…because you actually gain more skills and wel…swords are cool.

          • Abelisaurid

            it’s funny, I was far more underwhelmed by the overall design of the tempest than the weapon they got. I use warhorns on 2 of my primary toons.

            • Braghez

              On a side yes…it’s just a power up of the current mechanic…just like chronomancer and berserker…that’s why, imo , some of those specs do not sounds that great…while some actually change how the mechanic works, those basically just power up them.
              Let’s hope that the future ones bring something different ๐Ÿ˜› at least the weapon skills they all got are quite nice for now…it sure put up an interesting setup for many of them…even the DH, wich a lot of people feels lackluster, can have some pretty interesting setups and variations…can’t wait to have the “final” traits and skill for him to properly theorycraft.

        • Janrabbit

          just wait till they announce druid -_-

          • 2zrfe18

            everyone has pretty much known what druid is going to get and it’s theme since the HoT trailer. There’s no shock or disappointment of new weapon incoming. How it plays is another story, but they’ve had the longest time to work on it.

            • Janrabbit

              we know what weapon they are getting sure. Yeah they have had the longest time to work on it.

              We still know nothing about how it plays though. Don’t forget the Ranger is possibly the worst class currently, or at the very least they are second best to other classes at certain roles. So unless Druid is something spectacular then there are gunna be a lot of disappointed rangers.

              Also when do they plan on testing the Druid class exactly? Last class to be announced just means least amount of time for testing so that isn’t exactly a good thing.

              I hope to be proved wrong however -_- im just very pessimistic

              • 2zrfe18

                I dont see how it can be anything but heavily support oriented. Only one beta weekend doesn’t mean they will stop tweaking or taking feedback after release. community says necro is worst class, but I never bother debating tiers, I think it’s pointless.

              • Janrabbit

                yeah but if that’s the case, then your point of them having the longest time to work on it is moot, because every class is going to carry on being worked on after release. But yeah I imagine it is support but how can this support be better than say guard or ele. if it isn’t going to be better than either of these classes then it has to be unique enough to still be desirable for a party, which is what worries me because currently any other class can do what ranger does but better.

          • Archi

            Faith, brother. Don’t despair. There is always hope for a better ranger. Even if it’s an infinitesimally small glimmer of hope. It’s there.

      • disqus_z7oJUkLJVV

        nobody wanted staff on Thief Nobody!!

      • disqus_z7oJUkLJVV

        The overwhelming majority wanted a rifle and that didn’t happen because Anet wanted to go more melee for every class DH isn’t even ranged as much as that longbow is for CC and utility. And if you didn’t get in the beta this pass week or so ago you missed how much staff needs work on thief. You lose to much by using daredevil at the moment and staying in there fighting just eats your health like leeches

  • Dylan Warwick (SUPER GOD)

    OMFG, CC specialist here I come.

  • Zenahk

    Sorry folks, i’ve tried vary hard to love engineer in the past… but then grenades were nerfed. again and again. I officially gave up after they dismantled Elixer R, so i’m not going to bother giving Engineer the benefit of the doubt again just because he has some shiny new toys.


      Shame on you for not trying. Engi is love. Engi is life.

    • Yoieae

      engi is really strong in every aspect of the game if you know how to play it. Third highest dps in game, really good in pvp, and really good in solo scenarios not so much in zerg wvw but that doesnt matter you only spam 1 there anyways.

      • SUPER GOD

        I even find engi zerg wvw is ok. Used to be really useful, but then they nerfed poison grenades.

    • Janrabbit

      Thank you for telling me. I will sleep much better now.

  • “I NOW POSSESS THE POWER OF THOR!!! Damn… I can’t lift Mjolnir *grumbles*”

  • Archi

    what hammer skin is the engi using in the gyro preview pic at bottom?

    • Braghez

      The specialization track skin probably…every class got two, one is the weapon and the other one is a piece of armor.

  • Danielle Direwytch

    So only the Asura get these lovely skill and no other race? So its best to make your Eng. an Asura nothing else then?

    • Geo DePuppeh

      All races who are engineers get the same set of skills! What are you talking about? Are you new to this game or something?

      • Danielle Direwytch

        No I found some skills only on the Asura. Think its like a Radiation Field turrent for a few seconds my Sylvari does not so just check to see if all the skills for the hammer come with all races is all. don’t need any one being crazy or smart ass. like A Niny Mouse. Cause my main is a Eng. and is a Sylvari so I would just hope they add it to all of the races.

        • guest

          there is something called racial skills skills. totally seperate from profession skills though

        • Whiterabbit

          You are confusing racial skills with professional skills. Racial skills are not class-dependent – every asura character has the rad field and any sylvari character has seed turrets. Profession skills are not race-dependent.

        • Simon Hoefer

          Charr get hidden pistols and other things, the race skills (but elite) give sth in the Toolbeltslot too, so entirly different from other classes. They get “2 skills for one”. But the spec is for all. Would be very unfair if not because they’d far more skills than my cat engineer then. Especially if you don’t like any asura animation.

          but yes, it’s sure that all races get these

    • A Niny Mouse

      Considering the teaser picture is CLEARLY a charr…

  • Nick Green

    I’m intrigued. Want to know more. Will have to see this next POI.

  • Alot

    A round of applause ladies and gentleman, for the most underwhelming class name in the history of guild wars -.-
    On the other hand, it does seem to scrap together the stronger (least-buggy) minion types, stray elementalist skills and the leap closer functionalities of three different classes – so I will not claim the title “scrapper” completely off the mark…

    • Hyldenlord

      You seem to be the only one disappointed with the name. Personally, I’m glad it’s not forge.

      • 2zrfe18

        you need to check out woodenpotatoes’ comments section then.
        The name is 2nd worst to Dragon hunter, but at least DH sounds kinda cool

      • Colosso

        I didnt like the name scrapper also I think Forger would be good and we could use also Clasher.

      • Alot

        Well, this is the realm of complete personal opinion so it’s not possible to be right or wrong ^^

        That said, I feel the devices and skills available to the Scrapper are more technologically advanced then the baseline engineer devices. Flying, gyro balanced turrets are for more technologically advanced then stationary turrets. The thunder strike seems like a far more potent, far more technologically advanced version of the electrical shot the engineer pistol can let off.

        If we labelling this class as “Scrapper” and thus labelling it’s devices as “scraps”, we seem to be labelling the engineer as “primary school electronics student”.

        • Korey Garabed

          I agree because when you hear the name Engineer you think: wow this guy must be great with machines. You hear Scrapper you think: this guy must dig through dumpsters to collect cans.

    • lolname

      Absolutely. Sounds like the guy that deals with old cars for scrap metal. Terrible name.

    • Its slang for a dirty fighter over here. I like it.

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