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GW2 Scrapper Engineer Elite Specialization Livestream Notes

GW2 Scrapper Engineer Elite Specialization livestream notes showcasing the weapon skills, utilities and traits.


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Points of Interest

  • Live at Twitchcon next week showing off the Druid


  • Scrapper is originally a negative name in the Charr society – applied to low class warbands, outcasts, and misfits. They were the people who were forced to pick up scraps and do junkyard work.  They took their punishment and use it as a badge of honor and inspired the other downtrodden races to do the same. Scrappers are a master of improvisation, not only in the junkyard but also on the battlefield.
  • Scrapper is a melee bruiser with lots of good lockdown abilities. Very good at breaking Break Bars in preparation for raids.



  • Autoattack: Three hit combo. Able to attack 3 targets. First attack give you one might stack per target hit, second attack applies vulnerability and third attack grants both.
  • Electro-Whirl: Spins around to create multiple whirl finisher at your location. Also reflect projectiles
  • Rocket Charge: Do multiple leap attacks on your target. If you do not have anyone targeted, you will leap forward instead for the full distance. Good for escape or closing in.  Each leap is a leap finisher so you can load up on things that leap finisher do. Also evades attacks.
  • Shock Shield: Block for 2s and also applies 8 stacks of vulnerability while you are blocking. Both offense and defense at the same time.
  • Thunderclap: Crates a pulsating AoE lightning field. Initial strike is a stun so it give you opportunity to load up on something else like multiple dazes.

Utiltiies (Gyros and Toolbelts)


  • These Gyros can be targeted and attacked/crowd controlled. They do have quite a bit of health. You can applies boons/buffs to them. They will last for a fixed duration. These gyros will follow you around with the exception of Blast Gyro that will home in on your target.
  • Each Gyro grant a toolbelt skill (F1-F5) that act as a field that can be combo’ed in. The fields do not move with you except for Defense Field.
  • Medic Gyro: Applies an bunch of AoE healing on you and other allies after it is out. It applies the heal every 2-3 seconds. It lasts 15 seconds.
    • Reconstruction Field (Toolbelt Skill): Grants a water field around you and applies Protection.
  • Bulwark Gyro: Applies a large AoE damage reduction (50%) to you and allies. It will also take these damage on itself. It has a very large health pool so you can step behind the gyro and let it take all the damage.
    • Defense Field (Toolbelt Skill): Straight up reflection shield that reflects projectiles. It follows you around.
  • Blast Gyro Tag: You launch a straight homing device to your target (projectile, can be intercepted). The Blast Gyro will home in on that target and explodes doing knockback and a hefty amount of damage. You can counter this by locking down the Blast Gyro so it can’t reach you before it runs out of its duration. Engineers can apply stability to the Blast Gyro to prevent this.
    • Bypass Coating (Toolbelt skill): Grant superspeed to you and nearby allies. You can pop the Blast Gyro and pop this toolbelt skill immediately after to give the Gyro superspeed to get to where it needs to be.
  • Shredder Gyro: Straight placement gyro you place on the ground. It stays there and continuously whirl for the 12s duration. It is potentially create a lot of projectiles from all the whirl finishers. If it survives for any amount of time it can deal a quite amount of damage. One of the combos that is good to use is to use the Bulwark Gyro to shield the Shredder Gyro or other Gyros from damage.
    • Spare Capacitor (Toolbelt Skill): Sets down a lightning field to daze and damage foes.
  • Purge Gyro: Removes 2 conditions from you or nearby allies every 3 seconds with cleanse priority given to the Scrapper before allies.
    • Chemical Field (Toolbelt Skill): Drops an AoE poison around you. Can be used with a whirl finisher to fire off poison projectiles or a leap finisher to weaken foes that choose to stay in.
  • Sneak Gyro: Applies AoE stealth to you and other allies nearby. This gyro will remain visible however.  Gyros daze enemies in its range when it is destroyed or run out of its duration. You can use this and the trait that grants superspeed when a gyro is destroyed to speed off where you need to go.
    • Detection Pulse (Toolbelt Skill): Remove stealth from up to 5 enemies in a 900 range. Targets are revealed for 6s. If you detect an enemy Sneak Gyro you can use this skill to reveal all the stealth players.




  • Function Gyro: Grant you a ranged ability to revive or stomp a target. You can use Gyros to finish a foe or revive an ally for you that you have targeted. Basically you target someone and use this ability. The gyro will appear at your target and do its work. Can be used every 30s. Very dangerous ability. It will currently use whatever finisher you are using.
  • Decisive Renowned: You get 5 stacks of Might and Superspeed when you or your gyro revive an ally or finish off an enemy.
  • Impact Savant: Incoming stun duration reduced by 25% and outgoing stuns duration increased by 25%.


  • Shocking Speed: Using a leap finisher or a blast finisher in a lightning field applies superspeed around you and up to 5 allies.
  • Stabilization Core: Grants stability to your Function Gyro and yourself when you pop it out. This means your Function Gyro will less likely to get interrupted when stomping or reviving allies.
  • Recovery Matrix: Using a heal skill give you 5.75s of Protection


  • Rapid Regeneration: While you have swiftness or superspeed or both, heal for ~100 base for swiftness and ~500 base for superspeed every second. Scales with your healing power at a decent rate. If you want to go really sustain tanky, you can with this trait.
  • Expert Examination: Stunning or daze a foe applies 5 stacks of Vulnerability and weakness for 9s. There is no internal cooldown so everyone you stun or daze is all vulnerable and weakened.
  • Mass Momentum: Gain power based on your toughness. Gain one stack of Might every second you have stability. This means if you are using Stabilization Core Function Gyro traited, you can get might stacks under that stability. It can get to 5 stacks of Might base but if you have boon duration it will go even higher. Flamethrower with Juggernaut give you constant stability and you will have both pulsating might from Juggernaut and Mass Momentum to get very high Might stacks.


  • Adaptive Armor: Gain stacking Toughness when you are struck up to 5 stacks (500 Toughness). Reduce 20% of the incoming condition damage. 1s internal cooldown does not apply to the condition damage reduction, it just limit Toughness stacks to 1 stack per second.
  • Final Salvo: Gyros grant a pulsating lightning field and superspeed to allies when destroyed. Lasts for 3 pulses with each pulse granting superspeed.
  • Perfectly Weighted: Deal 10% hammer damage and gain 3s of stability (2 stacks) everytime you evade an attack with an internal cooldown of 5s. Works really well with Rocket Charge and Mass Momentum. If someone tries to hit you while you are bouncing around in Rocket Charge you will return with stability and Might stacks.

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50 replies on “GW2 Scrapper Engineer Elite Specialization Livestream Notes”

Finally someone who knows math 😛
Though in actuality you cannot use this gyro to maintain perma-stealth in let’s say Arah dungeon. Because enemies CAN see the gyro and destroy it, leaving you with only 1-4 secs remaining on your stealth.

But if it pulses 4 second stealth every 3 seconds, wouldn’t it have an extra 1 second stealth after each pulse that continues to stack until the gyro is destroyed? (At least until the cap on stealth duration stacks is hit, but I don’t know when that is.)

As for it’s practical use, yeah I don’t see it being used to skip fights in current dungeons unless it gives a smoke field or is paired with other stealth skills. On the other hand, it might be amazing for ambushing in Wuv, despite the visibility of the drone, because I don’t see a target limit on it’s tooltip.

Time doesn’t freeze while stealth is applied :P. It applies 4 seconds of stealth per pulse yes, but older stealth stacks do expire in the meanwhile. It’s basically 3 secs x 10 pulses (to match the duration of 30 seconds) and +4 seconds from the last pulse.

Hi, I have no research but I know boons like swiftness stack duration. Lets say t=0 apply 10 sec swiftness, t=5 apply 10 sec swiftness, at t=5.00001 you will have ~15 sec remaining. By your maths stack one ends at t=10, stack 2 ends at t=15, no swift from t=15. In game you have swift until t=20.
And also I know stealth works similarly since dropping a smoke field and multiple blasts is one of the main reasons for bringing a thief. The smoke field lasts for only 4 seconds, blasts in in it grant 4 seconds of stealth. But commonly people raise their stealth up to 20+ seconds.
So t=3 apply 4 sec stealth, t=6 apply 4 sec stealth, … , t=30 apply 4 sec, means stealth up to t=40. ie. 40 seconds of stealth.

PS. I do know that auras work as you describe, applying multiple fire auras does not mean you have extra long aura, t=0 apply 5 sec of aura, t=3 apply 5 sec aura, first aura is replaced, duration remaining 5 seconds. So I understand the confusion and may be wrong with my conclusion above, however nerfing stealth to your stack method will destroy thieves.

Right math, but forgot t=0 is an application, so 11 total (had to go back and verify you get stealth immediately on use)

AutoAtacking he maintains 11 Might and 16 Vulnerability, I am afraid with the health pool of the Bulwark Gyro, Purge Gyro remove 2 conditions Evry 3 seconds, and Sneaky Gyro gives infinite stealth? Really?

Heh, I have an Engineer, and even i admit reading some of these descriptions, the Scrapper sounds like he’s going to be OP. But we’ll just have to see how it plays before we know for sure.

I think the gyrocopters could have had more creative/interesting abilities (pulsing knockbacks, laser targeting that applies weakness on targets, hologram decoys, etc. etc.), but otherwise, it’s a solid elite spec.

So very happy I made a Juggernaut forever ago. So. Very. Happy. Have a feeling things gonna get nerfed before launch though. Just seems too good.

I’m disappointed.

They’d said they weren’t like Guardian spirit weapons. It’s true they’re not exactly the same but they are actually quite similar in function. Personally not one of my favourite ability types so that’s a big bummer for me.

And seriously, what was the point of telling us the drones have “limited fuel”. Just say “they have durations”…. like other abilities, eg. Guardian spirit weapons. I was expecting some sort of new fuel mechanic.

I don’t mind the F-key mechanic. It’s not game-changing but could be handy. I like the hammer 2 whirl finisher. Useful.

Not to my tastes – mainly because of how they did drones – but I’m sure some will like it.

Now it’s down to druid….

the reason why they say gyro has limited fuel is because they are machines, they ran on fuels or petrol! they say it that way as like a metaphor… DUH! Think of them as miniature motor vehicles!

Yeah, obviously they’re machines. But saying they use fuel is much less clear than just saying they have limited durations like spirit weapons. So I (and others, eg. see below) were expecting some kind of fuel system.

Personally I’d have much preferred necro style pets, i.e. unlimited duration. That might have been enough for me to buy the expansion. I’ve tried guardian spirit weapons and find them too tedious.

Kits and turrets are two of my favourite utility types in the entire game. Elixirs and gadgets are also decent. I’d rank gyros below all of them. Not that they’re dreadful but for my tastes they add very little to the profession.

This is by far the best specialization they have done…and the first to give me that feeling of actual visible progression of you class. The rest? Apart from Revenant all are clunky and lackluster making their base-specs much more appealing.

Also it’s pretty much confirmed engi has 10x better lightning animations then a “tempest”..the irony is over 9000.

Good thing i have 1 of each class maxed out. (except rev)

I think I might have finally been able to make a decision on a legendary weapon. These abilities sound awesome(and really strong. 500 toughness just like that? range finisher, free might stacks, projectile reflect, gap closer. really cool set of abilities)

now I just have to decide if I keep my sylvari engineer and lvl him up to 80 or get any other race >.>

Woohoo! This elite spec, yes!
Does this mean I can put on soldier on armour and 2 trinkets and the rest zerker?
Wanting some extra defence and whatnot for when going up close.

These gyros dont seem to be much more than just normal every day skills with a more physical representation.

Whats the difference between using an exploding gyro and using an elementalist fireball for instance?

Could Anet go back and look at Tempest and Dragonhunter, having the people who designed this redo them to make them half as good as the Scrapper? This is just beautiful.

You overlook that engineers cannot swich weapons. All the possibilities the option to mix 3-4 weapons on Dragonhunter I think is in balance with putting enough power and utility on a single weapon (Scrapper). Pick a Hammer with a Scrapper, good luck with the kiting ranged enemies. About Tempest… well yeah the whole thing sucks, it’s basicly a “press this button to do some big explosion with this element” and that’s it.

You don’t kite ranged enemies, you kite melee enemies. Kiting means staying at range, exploiting/utilizing range to receive little to no damage while dealing a bunch of damage to the person/monster you’re kitting……..

Mortar kit/ Grenade kit has us covered in that regard.

Besides our current setup doesn’t give all much counter-play vs ranged foes anyway it’s more of a situation of who dps/reacts the best.

Hammer gives us a Block, Reflect, Gap closer/Evade all the tools needed vs ranged foes.

Stolen? Are you the creator of this peace if not then you have no right to make that statement. Your avatar? All i did was type “sylvari” in and the original is this
If anything it’s both of us using this picture as our avatar because lets face it, it’s beautiful!
I didn’t even know you existed until now and might i add i care not.

Either that, or just straight up use more appropriate English. Use things like hyphens, or change the sentence structure.

English isn’t even my 1st language, and I get this fact.

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Okay, this is probably the most impressive specialization that i’ve seen of the lot. Except maybe chronomancer. I rescind my earlier comment along the lines of engineers being beyond all hope, and i look forward to testing this on the live servers!

Okay, the backstory almost redeems the horrid name. Further redemption will be dispensed if Rytlock fails to appreciate the contributions of an NPC scrapper in game.

I might actually try a scrapper for my condition engineer in pvp – utilizing not a single element of the scrapper besides the function gyro. I won’t claim that a dual pistol, balthaar rune engineer is competitively viable – but it does have a blowtorch skill that burns for more damage then it has health. Being able to distract enemies with a mobile murder bot (instead of striking dramatic poses over fallen enemies myself) should give me a bit of tactical breathing room in tight encounters.

Unless those new condition/meat tank necromancers gain anymore popularity. Lord knows how you supposed to kill those things.

Scrappers gonna nerf, it’s too op! As much as I will definitely gonna enjoy and love this elite, but to me it seems bit too much! I’m pretty sure they are going to make the autoattack speed bit slower than it is. Whilst for Thunderclap… I think it should be non-ground targeting or within 1000 range (same as Rocket Charge). Stealth Gyro should have much lower health pool or last for <15s. As for the traits, I think Mass Momentum should have a cooldown.

Hammer auto needs to do better DMG then nades auto- and the cleansing Gyro should give itself resistance when it cleases conditions- anything else will come with the beta

Sinister Condi Engi running Shredder Gyro combined with the firewall from Flame Thrower, lightning field from the toolbelt skill or the waterfield from the healing turret could be a very very dangerous thing for PvE! Keep an eye on this one folks! 😀

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