GW2 Various Skins and Finishers To be Removed from Gemstore

It appears that Arenanet is doing a cleaning house on the various skins and finishers as they are getting the Available for 7 days only tag under promotions tab.

Once these gemstore items are removed, they will only come back for special occasions and sales.




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48 replies on “GW2 Various Skins and Finishers To be Removed from Gemstore”

Yeah sure I mean you get… Outfits? Because Gemstore skins will be outfits only. That’s what was decided not only by Anet but also the players (Who didn’t want armor skins for cash :p). And I guess stuff for guild halls/glider skins etc?

Not really looking forward to the gemshop updates :/

Unfortunately by players not wanting armor skins for cash, ArenaNet interpreted as “give us plenty of armor skins as outfits instead”…

It’s not that we didn’t want armour in the store, people wanted in game armour rewards added to and preferentially as hunting for skins is the end game.

The outfits approach shows Anet heard the message but missed the point.

they wont remove ’em permanently, so don’t wet your panties yet because they will be bringing ’em back for panic sales

Sarcasm aside the announcements are always a bit late since the need to be translated to various languages. Don’t worry it’ll be up later today.

Ohh no if this is a marketing move to take armor sets off the gem store, as they keep saying only outfits for gem store, I REALLY hope they bring them ingame, earnable for something interesting like dungeon tokens etc.

Nope, it’s a marketing move to sell them at a later date as part of an overhyped sale event. For a limited time only of course, so buy gems now!

It’s got nothing to do with the Armour/outfit divide as they’re removing outfits as well, this is just to allow them to induce more panic buying.

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It’s creating a pressure environment in order to induce people to panic buy, if you weren’t a mindless drooling drone you would see through this fairly transparent ploy. These are digital goods, they can’t run out of stock, and the data has to remain in game for those who already bought them. There is literally no reason to withdraw these things from sale other than to manipulate people and create a false sense of scarcity.

Completely agreed, I was interested in viper skins but later when I have a ranger to actually play, but now it feels like I’m being force to get it now and it doesn’t feel good so probably not going to get it.

Yeah, cause a guy form ANET is sitting right beside you, pointing gun to your head and telling you to buy everything from the promotion.

Glint’s mask, the mist herald back piece, and the gloves of the trickster armor are all fairly unique pieces and I will miss their availability.

The other masks, non-medium-flamewalker stuff and fuzzy helmets were laughable though and I’ll be glad to not need to scroll past them when looking for gem goods.

The only problem with the outfits being removed is that they forgot to remove the rest of them. Hopefully they’ll rectify that at some point -.-

There’s an official blog post stating that the removed outfits will return after winter, but the finishers sound like they’re gone for good.

There were some kind dug out of the code recently, so it’s likely well get a chance. (of another April fools joke)

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