SWTOR Game Update 3.3.2 Patch Notes

SWTOR patch notes for Game Update 3.3.2. This update includes a number of game optimizations and will be deployed after the maintenance on Sept 22 from 5-8 am PDT.


New performance optimizations! Made multiple improvements targeting graphics, framerate, and load times. See below for details!

Bounty Contract Week Returns! Speak with a Bounty Brokers Association representative on either Fleet to get lucrative contracts to hunt dangerous criminals hiding across the galaxy! The event begins September 22nd at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT and ends September 29th at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT.


  • Made multiple performance optimizations across the game. The effects of these improvements will depend on settings, computer specifications, and your location in-game:
    • Improved anti-aliasing to give better performance on Medium settings and better overall image quality on Very High settings.
    • Environment rendering has been given a subtle contrast boost.
    • Character rendering has been adjusted so that characters are more obvious and stand out a bit more against the background.
    • Improved rendering performance of shadows.
    • Improved rendering performance of grass and other foliage.
    • Improved area load times, as well as made general performance and memory improvements.
    • Made framerate improvements, especially when in a large group of characters.
  • The Gree Hypergate Rest and Recharge item can no longer be used during Warzones.
  • The Selkath Console Decoration has been reverted to its proper appearance.
  • The Sensor Console: X1-74 Decoration now has collision as intended.
  • Fixed textures that were not fully rendering in the Korriban Incursion Flashpoint.

Missions + NPCs

  • The Imperial Commando and Soldier now attack after speaking with Master Gauralt during the Mission β€œA Presence on Ziost.”


  • The Warzone UI now properly states that it is Season Six.

Source: http://www.swtor.com/patchnotes/9222015/game-update-3.3.2-patch-notes

  • Secundum

    What about fixing Conquest?

    • What about Conquest needs fixing?

      • Kyrri

        A month or so ago it messed but so some guilds that conquered a planet were not rewarded with titles I think. Saw a few people mentioning it in the other thread about this downtime

        • Emprah

          Engine improvement is way more important than silly e-peen titles.

      • Secundum

        About a month ago, nobody got the titles or rewards for being in the top 10-they said it would be fixed in this patch.

  • DarkKerrigor

    Woah… engine improvements? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

    Really, though, that’s awesome. It shows that EA and BioWare were serious when they mentioned several months ago that they were shoring up the development team.

  • Hentai Akuma

    holy shit this must be fake

  • fud

    Wait is this another April fools? πŸ˜›

  • ‘BoutTime

    I never thought I’d be so excited about some in-between patch. I’d gladly sacrifice 4.0 for a better-running game.

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  • Catherine Fury Forbes

    This is nice to see.

  • Beasthuntt

    These graphical tweaks make me glossy eyed.

  • Ohhhhhh this patch notes and Keybinding import/export made my day! πŸ˜€

  • hhhooo

    The Gree Hypergate Rest and Recharge item can no longer be used during Warzones.

    Uh, why?

    • Macleod

      Probably the usual “it’s easier to disable it than to actually fix whatever exploit this allows” lol

      • Casyl

        The animation is bugged. It can make your character disappear. Probably don’t want that in warzones.

        • Macleod

          Heaven forbid they actually fix the bug…nope like I said, easier than just disable it…”the BW way!”

          • JedixJarf_FTW

            No resources to fix it most likely, they are all-in on the 4.0 expac that hits next month.

          • Secundum

            Well, they’re likely already working on it, but in the meantime, remove the problem while they fix it.

            • That would be the wise decision.

          • EleniRPG

            Actually I’m really happy about this. It’s fun to be able to make yourself invisible: e.g., summon your tauntaun and it looks like you’re just a tauntaun running around. I don’t want to lose that just because some people were using it to cheat in warzones πŸ˜› It’s still a problem in open world PVP, so they may come out with a real fix once they figure it out, but for now I’m glad to be able to keep my new toy.

  • Lyzt

    Now this is what the game really needs, you’ve taken a step in the right direction Bioware. Excitement aside, I find most of the improvements hard to believe, specifically this one:

    ”Made framerate improvements, especially when in a large group of characters.”

    If they really managed to improve group performance, then Warzones might be playable. Looking forward to test things out.

    • JedixJarf_FTW

      Warzones are playable, as long as you aren’t using a toaster.

      • hhhooo

        As long as you have never seen a real multiplayer game… you are right.

        • Every game that has a functional multiplayer system is a ‘real multiplayer game’. It may not be a *good* multiplayer game, but it’s still a real one.

      • Lyzt

        A PC that can run The Witcher 3 on highest settings is good enough for you?

        • JedixJarf_FTW

          If you can run W3 at highest, but not SWTOR, you must have some crazy driver issue.

          • Lyzt

            Sure, why didn’t I think about the drivers. You think that frames dropping from 60 to 25 in Voidstar for example is driver related? Go tell that to the players (everyone) on the forums and see what they think, or better show me a picture of someone running Voidstar at 60 fps.

            • JedixJarf_FTW

              Lol man. Don’t get so heated. There is nothing wrong with voidstar@45 fps sustained.

              • Lyzt

                Still waiting on that picture.

          • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

            not at all. Swtor have its own god on this one. Especially if you are nearby with other players. Then the game is shit at fps for sure.

    • j’oe

      i have more trouble on Path of Exile with 3 people fighting around (on my new pc) than running an operation on my 4gb ram older pc.
      and PoE have crappier graphs and VERY smaller maps.

    • GSF4Lyfe

      Turn off shadows, maybe?. My nvidia gtx 460 runs crystal clear on high but with shadows off.
      Or, as others said, maybe it’s time for a driver upgrade?

  • Naq

    I wonder if this will stop my daily crippling memory leaks? It’d be nice. I seem to get at least one a day, and I can clear it by zoning to my SH and returning. Seems more likely to happen if I stay in an area too long (rp bane). I’ve tried everything short of a full clear and re-download…I really don’t wanna….

    • Lumi

      That is not a problem with the game, that is a problem with your Operating System. Instead of reinstalling the game, reinstall your entire OS. Preferably with an OEM build, not a setup CD from your PC manufacturer.

      • Naq

        Boy does that sound like alot of fun.

  • michael furious

    The machine I currently run this game on can only manage it with ALL the graphics options turned down to the absolute lowest settings possible – and even I’m excited to hear about this set of patches.

    There’s no way I’ll benefit from them, even a little bit, but I’m happy about them nonetheless.

  • β€’ “Character rendering has been adjusted so that characters are more obvious and stand out a bit more against the background.”

    Interesting… I wonder what this will look like ingame.

    β€’ “Made framerate improvements, especially when in a large group of characters.”

    That’s a boooooold statement there, cowboy. I’ll believe it when I see it XD I’d love for this to have a significant improvement on performance, but I’m… skeptical.

    β€’ “The Gree Hypergate Rest and Recharge item can no longer be used during Warzones.”

    Uhhhhhhh… that’s pretty random.

    This patch is only as awesome as BW’s followthrough is. The more of these claims are actually true, the better the patch is. If they actually succeeded on all of these points (which, if they value their remaining reputation, they did), this is an awesome patch. Obviously you can’t just ‘go make improvements to the game’ every patch, but patches like these are a breath of fresh air. Bug fixes are nice, but historically #.#.X patches aren’t that interesting — just some obscure bug fix or minor nerf to an already nerfed class. Performance improvements that benefit a giant portion of the playerbase are always good. Again, I know we can’t really ask for more of these, as you can’t just arbitrarily ‘improve the engine’. Specific discoveries or successes have to be made, and those can take a lot of time. However, it’s encouraging to know that we’ve reached another of those points, and will be experiencing improved performance.

    • Macleod

      I had the same thoughts. I hope I’m pleasantly surprised when I log in after the patch tomorrow.

  • Rondowar

    “The Gree Hypergate Rest and Recharge item can no longer be used during Warzones.” Ehm, what? O.o
    “Made framerate improvements, especially when in a large group of characters.” Nice, might make 16m runs go smoother ^^

  • Kyuuu

    I wonder who they will blame when there improves actual do nothing? I very skeptical about any of this being true

  • Adam Wright

    People were using the Gree Hypergate to cheat. Makes you untargetable while you regen. Makes sense they’d fix that.

    • kyuuu

      there not fix the bug, there just make sure the bug cant be used in wz there diffrence

      • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

        one way or another…

  • Aiko

    The last time we got a “performance and graphics” patch, it got worse :p


    Did you guys read about that Drew Karpyshyn (known for Mass Effect 1+2 and Kotor), returned to BioWare and is working on SWTOR now? Pretty awesome πŸ˜€

    • kyuuu

      read it sure, do i care no ,not unless he gona usher in the era of fixing the game engine

      • Aiko

        Lol – he is a writer. Dunno how he should be able to fix the engine.. *facepalms hard*

        • Poopy

          The problem isn’t the story its the game engine. That’s why he doesn’t care. The game engine has numerous bugs and issues.

          I don’t know how you inferred he was complaining a writer would try to fix the engine…red state education?

          • Lumi

            “I don’t know how you inferred he was complaining a writer would try to fix the engine…red state education?”

            – “read it sure, do i care no ,not unless he gona usher in the era of fixing the game engine”

            I don’t know how you did not infer that, unless you have a third world education.

            • kyuuu

              means exactly what I said I dont care, the game engine needs to be fix more then stories… I mean really why would or anyone sane care about more content or stories, Over fixing the engine.

          • Ben Gimson

            Tbf, the story/dialogue has been kinda rocky since SoR.

    • jaydog

      Stoked. that is all

    • Lumi

      I DID NOT!! OMFG YES YES YES! Some of my favorite Wars books are by him! Pretty awesome, indeed!

    • John Kosto

      The Darth Bane trilogy is THE SHIT. I still haven’t read the TOR books (I don’t know why.) but he is definitely one of the really good SW expanded universe authors. I wish they would use him for the new canon stories as well.

  • Steven_Stephanson

    Does anybody know if this patch is on the current pts? I’m dying to try it out.

    • Aiko

      I’m sure you can wait until tomorrow :p

      • Steven_Stephanson

        Thanks mom super helpful.
        I know I can but I didn’t ask that, so if someone who does know could let me know that would be great.

        • Aiko

          Lol – no reason to be so bitchy.

          • Steven_Stephanson

            Sorry lol I just get very tired of Internet posts that are pointless. I’m excited I wanted to test it and post a comment later for the community. You just told me I can wait.. lol my biggest gripe with this game is performance and I I’m hoping this helps even a little.

            • The Community

              Nobody would want to read your shitty comment anyways.
              Just saying

            • Lumi

              1st world problems.

  • Vic-Mignognog

    Does anyone know if they are converting elite and ultimate comms to basic when the expansion comes out?

    • Jha

      This is usually the case thou conversion rates have not been spoke about

    • Darth-Robin

      there wont be a conversion rate this time all pve comms are being changed in crystals

  • Adam Haynes

    Perfect, I had to wait a week to transfer characters so they could remove the gree recharge from war zones and grass will look better.

    • Lyzt

      ”Made framerate improvements, especially when in a large group of characters.”

      Do you know how many players have been waiting for something like this? If what they say is true, then they are finally doing what they should have done years ago. It’s more important than your character transfers, new content or whatever new item they add to the Cartel Market.

      • If it only improves performance for a fraction of all users, it was worth the effort and more important than character transfer issues. (Though I know that any problem, no matter how small or big, can be infuriating.)

      • abaddonsmummy

        Does that mean i’ll be able to do the revainte walker world boss on yavin without it looking like an episode of bagpuss?

      • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (


    • Jha

      1st world problems!

  • Lumi

    They are changing the way the engine handles files by switching from pure text-based coding to binary. By nature, binary is inherently faster than pure text, and should result in a ***NET*** improvement all-around. In the same vein, it is not that easy to make that conversion, hence why it has taken so long to do so.
    The degrees of improvement that players will experience are all on a case-by-case basis, and may not be clearly obvious to the casual player. Many issues players have with the engine are inherently caused by innumerous problems with their rigs, ISPs, network setups – not the engine itself. So take all of this with a grain of salt, people. If you don’t notice an improvement, it is probably because your setup is already optimal, or so suboptimal that no amount of improvements will help you.

    Personally, I expect to see a slight improvement, particularly on my laptop, which is considerably less optimal than my workstation.

    • Blackstar

      Where are you getting this kind of information? It’s interesting, but I can’t take anything I read from a comments section on faith alone.

  • Martin Garixxx

    Nice changes BioWare. I will sit down and enjoy them while my game runs like this :
    1. 15ms lag, normal connection on TOFN
    2. 15ms you say? Pff let me give you 150ms in wz and then let me give you 1000 and then let me give you a red cross because you do too much dps.
    3. Red cross not good? Ah let me kick to the loading screen!
    4. Logged back in the game on TOFN? Use forcewave on the fleet? Wait 4 seconds for it to happen.
    5. Want to type in guild chat, type and count to 5 before ‘magic’!

    • NV

      You’re internet must be terrible.. I have the cheapest connection my provider offers and I never really go above 60ms in PVP or raids.. Or anywhere really

      • cg__hash

        Yup, I love how people always blame their connection problems on the game’s engine, yet never consider their wifi or computer specs

        • Kirill Kaledin

          Meanwhile I’m playing on Mid-Top config that run The Witcher: Wild Hunt; Elite: Dangerous; Battlefield 4 and MGS V: The Phantom Pain on high-ultra settings with ~50-80fps (shadows and post-processing is usually off or mid-low ’cause it looks terrible some times) and I have a 45ms latency to The Red Eclipse from Moscow (oh, yeah, it’s sanctions, ’cause we trying to conquer the world!) and around 190ms in Warzones|Operations with 20-24fps in Operations and around 17-20fps in Warzones.

          You still blame us for our connection and PC’s? Don’t you want to tell that into my PC’s GTX690 cooler? I think it’ll listen.

          • Rondowar

            Fps has nothing to do with lag..
            Lag is either on your side (bad wifi/whatever), on your isp (they’re bastards) or on BW’s side (giving serverwide lag/kicks)
            Low fps is a well known problem with the client

        • Lithari

          Well, i can get connection issues and performance issues in swtor, but get flawless problems in other games, sometimes it is my connection screwing up, but sometimes it has to be the game.

  • Terry G Roberts

    So glad these are being improved… hate being 60 FPS until I hit play on a toon.

  • hhhooo

    Why is every regenation item different. Of course the animation has to be different. But all the rest does not, but it looks like they programm it new with every item, and make mistakes.

    This makes no sense.

    • Rondowar

      Doesn’t surprise me if they copypaste them, or they are actually identical (under the hood)
      No clue why they blocked one of them out of wzs though O.o

  • Raphael Laurenge

    These optimization changes seems to indicate they’re willing to move forward and improve things but will they deliver on it? The swtor engine is one of the worst I’ve ever seen and I can’t imagine them making sufficient changes to make it run better at this point…

    But who knows, with KoTFE, maybe we’ll see some graphical improvements… I still can’t fathom the fact we don’t have any kind of option to change the view distance for folliage, ground clutters and PC/NPC…

    • Blackstar

      Everyone talks about how bad the engine is, but does anyone really understand how the engine affects the game and why it’s shit? Or is that just the go-to excuse because it’s been around forever.

      • Raphael Laurenge

        I asked to many of my colleagues (I work in the video game industry) and some have worked on MMOs and AAA tittle before and they’re positive that some of the issues are linked to the limitations of the engine used by Bioware in making SWTOR (probably pushed by EA to use it) while some other could be linked to the servers and the way information is sent and come back to the client. But graphical things like view distance are engine side problems. Looked very bad in 2011, still looking bad 4 years after. My guess is they can’t increase it further since the game is only a 32bits client (a bad one at that) and would probably suffer greatly with increased number of objects to display without being able to handle more vram.

        64 bits client has been requested for a while now, but I’m not seeing it happening any time soon. Bare in mind that wouldn’t solve all problems, but could very well be increase performance greatly, especially for newer rigs.

        I run a very good computer, and I mean very good, and seeing the game drop to 30fps when there’s 15+ people on screen or while on Yavin / Voss especially is quite frustrating πŸ˜‰

        • MyEpeenIsBiggerThanUrs

          Well your “very good computer, and I mean very good” computer sucks if you are dropping that low. Coming from someone who works within the industry your computer is sad. I run an i5 4590k, GTX 980 on a 1440p monitor and NEVER drop below 48-49 FPS, even in ravagers or ToS 16 man, on maxed out settings. Time to upgrade or learn to tune up your system video game industry dude.

          • Raphael Laurenge

            i7 4790, 980TI, 2 1080p monitors and game’s on a SSD.

            I might have to try to play in full screen (I know playing in windowed borderless can sometimes make fps go down, but it’s quite handy for using the second screen ;))

            But even if that is what makes the fps go down so badly, it’s quite a mess for a 2011 games with less than average graphics πŸ˜‰

            Also I’ve no problem at all with other games that are far more demanding in term of computing capabilities so I guess my rig can’t be that bad hey? πŸ˜‰

            Just try to keep the condescending tone for yourself in the future πŸ˜‰

            • DrOph

              I’ve read threads posted since launch that discuss how very high-end systems have had these sorts of issues, while people like your typical internet troll “epeen” with his specs see a smoother game experience. Check the forums. There was also a fairly lengthy discussion of perhaps why the Hero engine (a beta version, no less) was and is such a limiting factor for this game.

        • Blackstar

          But that is all things I’ve heard before. I’m curious from a technical aspect what these limitations in the engine actually are. I do know that they leased the Hero Engine and modified it heavily for the game; but if you can do that, then why are there any limitations at all? If you can imagine it, can you not program it?

          I’m an IT, not a video game developer…so while I have the comprehension to understand what’s going on under the hood, it seems nobody is really able to explain what those problems are. That’s why I’m curious, you know?

          • Rondowar

            I’m not an expert (IT dev in training ^^), but my guess is that it’s harder to change the engine without having to change the game..
            So while it could/should be possible for BW to fix a lot of problems, it costs them to much time and work..
            What they do now is slowly implement some easy fixes in the hope it’ll be enough

            Tbh I think that, for an mmo, the graphics are pretty good, compared to games like WoW
            Think the biggest resource eater is the big gui (makes it unfair to compare to games like ESO, which has no gui)

        • Darth Jingoku

          Being that you work on games, as I do, we both know what kind of task switching engines would be. We’re talking about basically remaking the entire game and then transferring all the information from the servers that hold our characters, stats, and achievements, etc to work with that new engine. Im thinking beside the cost, and the new content projects, as well as the fixing of the bugs they still have, that’s one hell of a task you’re requesting. I mean, a god damn phenomenal task. You’re asking them to start from damn near the beginning using nothing but the concept art they had since 32 bit cant just be imported on to a 64 bit sever to make things better.

          • Raphael Laurenge

            I’m not asking they change the engine I very well know it will never happen πŸ˜‰ But I still don’t understand some limitations (view distance being the main problem hΓ¨re). I’m no developper, I’m on the marketing side of things actually, but I know enough tobe able to see that there’s aa problem here πŸ˜‰

    • doncalls

      This is not the (HERO) engine for one and it can be very scaled,they are just putting in the time to clean things up now it seems,we will likely see some other updates engine wise in the next 90 days or so.

  • Ben Gimson

    Sounds good. Let’s hope it is.

  • ) ) ) sotmax ( ( (

    Just let’s hope for the best indeed.
    I think all those are server issues so again let;s hope that all those will be fixed as intended and this will not be a useless patch as some others…

  • Faceless Sally

    Is anyone else having to download English Video 4 that’s sized around 550MB when patching?

    • Yup, it comes at the end.

      • Faceless Sally

        Thanks for the reply! It’s the first file that downloads here with me, so I thought it might be a bug like the English assets having to be redownloaded

        • Dragoon

          It’s the sacrifice trailer (sacrifice.bik 543mb) of the upcoming Fallen Empire expansion. I suspect you can call up the trailer from the main menu like the other 3 movies.

          • Faceless Sally

            Ah yeah! Of course! I should have remembered we only used to have 3 videos.

            • Dragoon

              Just checked, the sacrifice trailer wasn’t added to the ingame movie playlist yet.

              Curios they added it to the download already.
              But you can watch the .bik files with a movie player like MPC, VLC or Smacker.

              • Faceless Sally

                I’m thinking they’re adding stuff from the new expansion so it won’t be one big download come October 20. (I hope)

              • Rondowar

                Yeah, the performance stuff used to be for 4.0, but they pushed it forward

  • disqus_e3AP6hJN9S

    the patch isnt dowmloading on my acc… i can click play but i have error in character select (my patch is incorrect due to sersers patch) but still i can click play and play. whats wrong?

    • Lastinor

      Repair your client.

      • disqus_e3AP6hJN9S

        i cant …. its unclickable

        • disqus_e3AP6hJN9S

          i allready redownload and reinstal the game…. still the same :((

  • Jackson

    Why is there never any indication of total patch size…? Ever…? All we get is some wildly inaccurate percentage graph thing, and then us poor sods in non-European countries or who are forced to use mobile data suddenly have a horrible shock when the data bill appears…ANYBODY can indicate this monstrous things true size please? Seems all I got is hints at 7gb so far from forums, but they all seem to be referring the next update

    • 3.5 GB

      • Jackson

        Why thank you kind sir, and is there any way to tell this by oneself pre-patch…? A log file or anything on the torrent side?

        • Rondowar

          Don’t think you can, I remember BW used to warn is for big updates, but don’t know if they still do so..

      • Adam Haynes

        Dulfy, do you happen to know if toons starting at 60 when they release the expansion will have the end game titles (Darth, Master, Etc)?

      • Andurmind

        Where exactly did you locate this information? Specifically!
        I have a hard time believing it was exactly 3.5 GB to the byte. Even if it is close, I am not seeing where you are getting that information..

        • You can download the patch off their CDN servers instead of via the patcher and that can give you an idea of the size

          • Andurmind

            Perfect, thx!

  • Andre

    So we are still not getting the missing reward from conquest from about a month ago?

  • rippled

    Hm probably all in my mind, power of suggestion and all… but loading does feel faster heh.

    • Raphael Laurenge

      Loading times are definitly faster than before patch. Some improvement FPS wise also on Yavin 4 but still massive drops from time to time. Also characters are much more sharper now.

  • Darth Jadus

    Wow, graphical improvements. Finally I don’t have to use less sophisticated AA than KoTOR 2. Still, no OPS or PvP though, going to have to kill myself now /sarcasm.

  • Kyuu

    Medium AA= better AA for back ground stuff
    Very High AA= worse AA for background stuff

    Medium AA= Equivalent to Nvidia FXAA and forced MSAAx4 though. so i dont need o to use FXAA now. I not really seeing this better performance around large groups though. WZ still cant keep 30fps and drops to 15-25 fps to often

  • kalebspot

    Anti aliasing is a little bit better, but there are bugs (no surprise in there…)
    Civil war’s sky is black and when I select preferences the game client closes immediately…

    Also zero improvement noticed on fps, just the same old crap.

  • DrOph

    since Black-Hole is up again this week, we’ll try and see how well this improved framerate doo-hicky works out B-) #CrushPubsAllDay

  • Yallida

    Anyone else have problem with download speed? It’s crap as hell… my internt connection work perfectly but ofc SWTOR luncher don’t use more than 15% of my speed wth?

    • kalebspot

      I did, then switched to the old client and fixed it. Bitraider is what causes the low speed, and some other problems as well.


      Ps.: You’ll need to redownload the whole game 😑

      • Yallida

        Thanks for tip πŸ™‚ I’m gonna check it πŸ™‚

      • GoneSouth

        Just followed the directions in the guide, download speed still insanely slow. Started download with:

        Downloading English Video 1 .66GB remaining, with a download speed of <200Kbs. This is nightmarish for me πŸ™

        Felt no improvement with this, are there any other fixes I can try?

        • kalebspot

          Nothing that I’m aware of, sorry. The only thing I did that’s not already on the guide, was deleting the bitraider folder on the game installation directory before I started following the steps. But since we probably have different machines, there’s no guarantee that it’ll solve the problem like it did for me.

  • doncalls

    Great update,patch etc.

  • Andurmind

    Does anyone know where i might find, the easy route mind you, the actual ‘size’ of an update? I looked on SWTORs website, but I couldn’t find it anywhere..

    • Jackson

      Scroll down.

      • Andurmind

        Yea, that doesn’t help, OR answer my question… But I do appreciate your snarky comment. :-/

  • Adam Haynes

    This is all great but when are transfers going to be available again?!?! I’ve been sitting on one for a week that I really want to make and today was supposed to be the day it finally works again but it doesn’t.

    • Jay Phillips

      I’ve had no problems with transfers. made several over pass few weeks. 2 just this pass week.

      • Adam Haynes

        Cool, thx for the reply… it came back up as of this morning.

  • Kyrri

    My FPS is actually worse :/ I used to get 50-60 every where except on the dense areas of Yavin. Now running on DK I’m in 20-30 lol

    • Jo

      Same. 55-60 previously on ultra. Higher pop areas I’m seeing a drop down to 30-40. Warzones are unplayable with a drop down to 5 fps. This is an improvement?

  • WStevens1701

    Not sure if this has been brought up or not, but has anyone had an issue with their companions gear not being fully equipped? I logged on to use my Guardian, and “Doc” didn’t have his offhand that I got on Rishi. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Donut

    on the shadowlands it loooks like mob death animatios are going in slow motion just like the stronghold npcs the also move in slow motion and no im not lagging

    • Slavazander

      I’m on the Harbinger and this is true. Everytime enemy NPC dies, they do it like they’re being electrocuted or having some kind of epilepsy attack. No i am not lagging too. And also when another player dies or move to attack my focus target, they move like a robot. Maybe C3PO syndrome is globally happening?

  • KShrike

    A performance improvement patch.
    Impressive. I wonder just how much the performance improved?

    • Donut

      ”improved” at the cost of everything else

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