SWTOR Commendation Changes in 4.0

Eric Musco went on the forums to explain the commendation changes in 4.0. There is only a name change but otherwise everythign remains the same.

Commendation Changes in 4.0 | 09.22.2015, 07:35 PM

Hey folks,

I wanted to let you know about what changes are coming to Commendations in Fallen Empire, this way you can plan accordingly. Simply put, only the names of some existing Commendations are changing. There are no conversion rates or anything this time around.

  • Basic Commendations will now be called Common Data Crystals
  • Elite Commendations will now be called Glowing Data Crystals
  • Ultimate Commendations will now be called Radiant Data Crystals
  • All other Commendation names remain the same.

Again, there are no conversion rates pre/post Fallen Empire. Thanks!


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Exactly!!! Why buy 192 gear with our Elite Comms? oh sorry, Glowing Data Crystals. When the expansion comes out we can get 208 gear if that is the level for the “Glowing Data Crystals”.

It actually makes sense, to me, a commendation has always looked like and sounded like a medal or award, so it’s never really made sense that we get them in droves; crystals, on the other hand, are perfectly acceptable to be handed over in large amounts.

What you think comms are? They are rewards for completing flash points and ops. To get gear. The whole crystal branding sounds like your just getting crystals. Which makes no sense at all in the rebrand name.

Good to know. that leaves me wondering about what to expect from crystal gear… I haven’t really been dependent on it, but if it’s something useful to get baseline for SM operations gear, all the better. thanks.

“Again, there are no conversion rates pre/post Fallen Empire.”
“pre/post” means before or after the expansion releases. There are no conversion rates before or after the expansion releases. Nothing will be reset to 0.

Basic will now be called “Tears”
Elite will now be called “Salty Tears”
Ultimate will now be called “Crystal Tears”
PVP will now be called “Delicious Tears”

Not sure if it works for pve, but for pve, I just think it would be funny to be able to say “I just need 900 more tears for my new chestpiece!” And it works if you like pvp or not. If you hate it, maybe they are your own tears, if you love it, the tears of your enemy.

A system that would convert 10 Common into 1 Elite or something would be nice, but NOOOooooo….they’rechanging the name into some….meh…

Geez what a way to confuse people or new players the way the commendations name now are not confusing at all. Now you make weird names that make no sense at all :/ blast the Dev team.

Hmm… so the devs were like. Lets change the names of coms to crystals! Why? Because we can!

Tells us why this game’s engine costs 100$ a year to license. Throw a party with my 15$ a month EA WARE.

The naming convention change is a trivial thing. If you are complaining about it then you obviously just want to bitch about SOMETHING no matter what it is. I think as far as Star Wars lore goes getting crystals actually makes more sense. It’s one of those changes that is like, “meh, so you’re just changing the name and the picture associated with it. Ok” Not that big of a deal.

There is a possibility this will make more sense with the new coming lore, and this was just a release so everyone didn’t spazz out when they logged in and saw their comms missing and pop rocks in their place. Personally, I would be happy to trade my thousands and thousands of basic comms for tasty pop rocks. Goodbye Teeths.

Exactly, medals are no lo longer worthless, save from being bargaining chips; they can now retain the sentimental value they deserve, I really like your analogy here btw. 🙂

Ohhh so thats why Chewbacca didnt get a medal. He was a companion character. Maybe Han spent his comm on him at the Yavin vendor afterwards though.

I use legacy gear on my mirror classes so they gear up quick. That’s gonna be 800 elites and 600 ults applied to each legacy set the second they hit 65. So next expansion, I will be the person whining on forums about how I am done everything and bored, oblivious to the fact I did it to myself by being a content locust.

This is a great way to distinguish the critics from the whiners! If you complain about this expect bioware to never acknowledge your opinions again. ;-D

well the only thing we could complain is if the items look like fairy crystals instead of star wars crystal which is pointless anyway

… Why the heck are they changing the names of the commendations? Aren’t commendations basically a reward token representing your contributions to the cold war, etc.? What was wrong with that?

Am I the only one struggling with how vague this is? So are they saying we keep the ultimates and elite comms we have and carry them through, just renaming them? Or is it an exchange rate to be named later?

“Again, there are no conversion rates pre/post Fallen Empire.”
“pre/post” means before or after the expansion releases. There are no conversion rates before or after the expansion releases. Yes, you are the only one struggling with this 🙂

I really like the name change. I think that lately they’re trying to create a much more Star Wars relevant universe in the game (with a minor exception of the over the top pirate theme on Rishi), and it sounds much better to have crystals rather than commendations.

I would suggest the possibility that, as they are both changing the names and not converting your existing hoard of commendations, new tiers will be introduced. 60-65 quests can then award glowing and radiant crystals. Thus having a pile of elite/ultimate commendations will be useful for leveling, but may be useless once reaching 65, as there will be two new tiers of crystals to collect.

because of yolo, you know, they screw the game that much that probably will never work on another one. Seriously my swtor works worse than before “the performance patch”

The only thing I can imagine is that they’ll be adding new tiers of comms for 65 endgame content rather than squashing them again.

My Guess for the rename is so that they can add more tiers into the game as time goes on, eg Superb Data Crystal, Flawless Data crystal etc

Quite predictable, that they are going to add “better” commendations than Ultimate ones, while the word Ultimate does not leave much space for a superior tier…Divine? lol

The comments contained within are hysterical; you have the people who are complaining purely to complain ( and have not even thought to look at an viable explanation given from a previous poster) and the rationale who have figured it out that this change is for the addition of higher level crystals as the game progresses.

Are you retarded? Whether they’re named “comms” or “crystals” does not in any way affect whether they can introduce more tiers of them.

Oh, and FYI — they previously REDUCED the number of tiers of comms. It was far to unwieldy. They’re not going to add more.

I understand why they’d want to change the name, but they really couldn’t come up with anything better? As if there weren’t enough “crystals” in the game already… lightsaber crystals, crafting crystals and now data crystals. At least talking about comms made it clear what you meant…

wow this is why i quit tor. just a bunch of whining nerds with nothing better to do. are you really that upset that bw changed something so small that its practically harmless and here you are…end of the world raging and moaning. you either have deep issues or you forgot to stroke it this morning, for damn sure you nerds arent getting laid. umm miss, did you brush you teeth because i dont want my virgin penis in your dirty mouth becsuse you said a bad word. NERDS! and dont worry, you can say what you want, its not im going to read your comments. man, just a bunch of flaming small penis mommy tittie sucking crybabies. you are the reason why this game went to shit, bw listened to your complaints and gave you qol, pink sabers and purple dyes for you faggots, and faggots making out in cut scenes. quit blaming bw for running this game in the hole, its your fucking stupid ass comments about hood toggles and holding hands rather than cross servers and more challenging raids. this community is a laughing joke and this game is shit now because of you nerds who dont want to game and win, youd rather game to “have fun”. oh, this content is to hard so bw needs to dumb it down, oh my god why did bw dumbed it down so much. oh, nim is too hard for us weedend casual players, oh my god bw is going to remove nim mode, lets bitch again. oh 8v8 rated sucks, oh god why did they remove 8v8…if onl they brought it back. endless bitching…and classes, o my god you whining bitches… how many time are you going to say “oh, you just rolled one four FOTM classes”. thats right, if any of my comments caught your attention and you feel defensive, its probably you who took part in wrecking this game. so the next time someone makes a decent game, stfu and just enjoy it. its already too late for TOR.

you quit the game because you suck and thats all, you would be kinda shocked too if from one day to another people start to call you “crap bag” instead of your real name 😛

You seem to have an affinity for taking about small penises. That’s all I got from your post. Hope the rest of your day brightens up, Sunshine. XOXO

Common Data Crystals = CDC = Center for Disease Control
Glowing Data Crystal = GDC = Global Defense Center
Radiant Data Crystal = RDC = Recruit Division Commander

I’m now convinced that SWTOR has been picked up by the American government to weed out (in?) potential trainees for their cybernetics and exosuit experiments by harvesting nerds’ brains with the fastest reaction times and putting them in Robocop esque bodies. #tinfoilhat

Really guys…Really???? Why are so many people complaining about the name changes of comms to crystals?? Its really not that big of a deal, iv read this once and I already know the new names of the crystals… you all should be bitching and complaining about some real issues this game has like… ENGINE, or FPS…

Well to be honest the engine is fine and I get solid 60 FPS on ultra… There is nothing wrong with the engine, there are new games with worse engines and capped at 30fps out there, so hop along and go complain about them.

Haha. This pile of workarounds on a Beta engine that can’t even handle 10 players on the same spot… you call this fine?

Yes yes engine is fine you are getting constant 60 fps on on ultra even on warzones and 16m operations :cough: liar :cough: liar, yes the game engine is fine if you are having trouble it is your side since all fanboys are claiming getting solid 60 fps all other games are shitty you cant get more than 30 fps
you made me laugh mate really i can understand you wanna defend biofail but noone will believe your lie unless he is a fanboy like you 😀

not saying the engine is perfect but it is possible to get 60 fps i get around 100-115ish on the fleet on everything max I normally get around 60 in warzone’s it does drop down for a second or 2 here and there

I get at *least* 60 frames on the fleet and in fp’s/ops. I can record my next op run if you really want to see it. But feel free to get agitated and defend your anti-BioWare stance, I guess.

Jeff Hickman hard at work. -____-

I’m just busting your chops Jeff. The new names are cooler. I like them. Just don’t understand why you had to tell Eric to make an announcement over it. Can we get some new pvp content for galactic starfighter and warzones, please? The pvp servers are dying. After doing the next 5 levels in a few days, we’re all going to be grinding back up to ranked gear doing the same exact content. I don’t think any of us are looking forward to that grind, being that we already did it many times. We wanted to bring up our other alts to ranked, but that’s probably not going to happen. Not sure what were going to be doing the week after 4.0.

hm, for me, it seems so that game will do completely end behind the “old game” Actualy i am curious. But Dear BW, please make this game x64, for me still wzs on my pc are not playable from 3.0

bioware should just change the names of classes from mara to jugg and jugg to mara. Watch the fanboys cry. And then when all the crying stops, switch it back from jugg to mara (evilish laughter). It’ll keep everyone so occupied that BW doesn’t need to offer anything new. People will still pour millions of dollars into this game. In fact, BW should create toilets on the fleet and count how many people will sit there and actually use it. Like for every 1 minute of toilet use, your repair bill goes down 10%. and then when enough people uses them, they should charge cartel credit for unlimited usage. Or if you sub by the 31th of the month, you get the next month of usage for free. When you hit 500 usages, they will award the title “dread shitter”. Damn, did I just created a new idea for the next expansion? shit your way till you hit level 70. (copyright in progress).

FYI. There are no more Ancient Artifact Boxes. So there isn’t a way, to my knowledge, to transfer these new comms– uh… Data crystals to an alt.

Mods have always worked, and still do. There was nothing special about the boxes, they just cost more so it was easier to transfer many at once.

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