SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Market Items from Patch 3.3.2.

SWTOR Upcoming cartel market items from Patch 3.3.2. The update is fairly minor.

New Items

Looks like they are planning to sell Thexan’s lightsaber and armor from the trailer.


Updated Icons

The icons for the existing Blademaster’s lightsabers in the weapons section of the cartel market collections are getting an update to show the Shoto (short) and Attenuated (thin) versions better. This would also mean they are getting ready for release so we will see them on the cartel market for sale soon hopefully.


  • Purre


  • hhhooo

    What? There are / there will be short (offhand) lighsabers?

    Maybe this will make me play my Sentinel Jedi again? Just because she will no longer look that stupid with two sabers.

  • Manu Pauwels

    Lol, Baldemasters lightsabers? Thexan might feel offended 🙂

    • me

      he is the/a bald-master.

  • MasterValo

    If that armor dyes nicely, I could be tempted to get it.

  • BluesLight

    Thexan’s armor and saber? The items I’ve wanted since the teaser trailer?


  • p4v7

    Here it comes! My 9th outfit for the main character 😛

  • wieebenholz

    for the weapons i’m much more interested in how they sound than how they look. most of the time i’m zoomed out quite much or paying attention to other stuff than how my weapons look, but i’m hearing their sound all the time. for example the ranked pvp light saber sounds really nice, as does the blaster pistol from the wild space explorers pack. (same goes for vehicles, i want one with a really deep and powerful motorcycle sound! so please make one dear devs =)

  • Ben Gimson

    Blademaster stuff is something I’m really looking forward to 😀

  • Chris Riches

    why the stupid thin blades? they look silly to me and unfortunatly I prefer that model to the other one. But yeah I agree with Wieebenholz, I wonder how they sound as too many weapons I like the model of I dislike the sound they make.

    • trigovai

      They look silly to you, so bioware shouldn’t add them. I think I can see your ego even from my country.

    • hhhooo

      Episode I-III and Clone Wars introduced thick light saber clubs.

      Some people prefer the thinner original EP IV-VI lightsabers. So does JJ Abrams – EP VII will again use thinner lightsabers. It’s the new trend in Star Wars!

      • Vahishta

        Episode VI actually had the start of the thicker sabers (or maybe I’m only finding remastered versions.) But I agree with the preference for Episode IV and V styles.

      • JJ’s lightsabers has more cowbell, so does Ralph McQuarrie’s. #JeffHickmanNeedsMoreCowbell

    • SavingPrincess

      The thin ones are original. Sorry guy.

    • Chris Riches

      Ok so maybe you can see my ego from where ever you are I just know if I was taking a blade into a fight I would prefer taking a samaurai sword than a fencing blade.

    • p4v7

      Diversity. You don’t like it but someone else might take them.

    • Why the stupid thin blades? To please the Star Wars Rebels fans. But I agree that it’s a huge waste of time.

      • MASTER421

        Um it’s based off of Ralph Mcquarries original concept artwork design for Star Wars. Next time look into stuff more and you will appreciate than you have ever thought of.
        That’s why Star Wars Rebels lightsaber’s look like that because it was the original design. This is to honor his work.

        • People can’t really tell because it needs more cowbell towards the bottom of the blade by the hilt. In every depiction of the “laser sword” in Ralph’s work has more cowbell. #JeffHickmanNeedsMoreCowbell

    • HA

      it ain’t all about the size of the boat, its about the motion in the ocean…

  • The armor actually looks good. Let’s see how it actually turns out in the game. (As we all know, these are often two pairs of boots…)

    • Deshik

      Exactly lol

    • hhhooo

      There are about 30 ugly armors in the game that could be recolored to make this one.

    • Timberley

      Exactly my thoughts. The art looks nice, but the reality may be somewhat skewed towards the ridiculous, with overly-large shoulder pads, a restrictive hips area, or some such… Or maybe I’m just cynical!

  • Sarigar

    Those hilts look nice, I hope they’re not ridiculously long like most of the hilts in the CM and packs.

    • BrianDavion

      they’re basicly Obi-wan’s lightsaber

      • Paulo Gomes

        Nothing wrong with that, about time we got some classic looking sabers imo…

        • BrianDavion

          on that I agree. I’m a biiig fan of the classics

        • Its a few eons too early for it to be a “classic” yet.

          • Paulo Gomes

            “Classic” as in similar to Obi-Wan’s lightsaber… Doesn’t get more “classic” than 1st trilogy imo… Might want to check your understanding of English there… I didn’t say it was a classic, just that it looked like a classic lightsaber design…

  • Insta Buy!

  • Gnuk

    Hmmm ..Companions all wearing Zakuul armor, character in Thexan’s armor and wielding his saber. I guess the outlander can just be attempting to defeat his father and brother.

    ..That and I will have to create a sentinel or marauder to wield the shoto

  • SavingPrincess

    Enjoy the short/thin blades until you do one animation that has them leave your hand and then they look like every other saber until you powercycle them. =/

    • Kyuu

      I think that is why most light sabers dont really animations that super obvious anymore. the Ranked wz reward ones are about the only ones I know that work right in that reguard… none the less I like some new sabers

  • hhhooo

    The thin blades are now in the Cartel Market!

  • … Totally buying it for a couple of my Sith 😀

  • Thexan’s not looking much like his trailer counterpart, there.

  • darkfather

    And none of the weapons are Legacy, so essentially pointless. “face palm” This game NEEDS A LOT of weapons to be Legacy. Sick of using the same sabers/guns on many toons.

    • Holyfrog

      You say you are sick of using the same weapons on many toons, yet you want more Legacy weapons? Then they will be using the same weapons. Are you a woman? Make up your mind.

  • venom90

    i want exar kun’s single saber.

  • Almir

    There a way to make the thexan from that picture in character creation? So far the only way to get that real thin hair is through changing complexion, but you get some scruff with it. Is there a way to get that hair without the scruffy facial hair?

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