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GW2 Druid Ranger Elite Specialization Livestream Reveal

A list of druid weapon skills, utilities and traits taken from the Druid Ranger Elite specialization reveal at Twitchcon




New pet in Heart of Thorns available to all rangers

  • Tiger
  • Smokescale- A dinosaur that you can tame. It creates a smoke field and while it is in it, it will evade attacks constantly and immune to all conditions. Creates a potentially very tanky pet.
  • Bristleback – Brutal condition applying dinosaur. Consistently shoot spines at its targets, frequently applying bleeds to them.The F2 skill make its next several attacks applies bleeding at every strike.
  • Electric Wyvern – Activated ability performs a head charge, stunning and knock up any enemy caught in its path. At end of the charge, it will leave behind a lightning field.
  • Fire Wyvern – Has an activated ability where it flies up in the air and spew down fire from the air, creating a pulsating fire field. It is also immune while in the air.



  • Bringing heavy healing to GW2, unlike anything you have seen before. Strong support, very powerful in upcoming raids and WvW. Can sustain a zerg train of 20-30 players in WvW.
  • Upcoming content will have stuff that you can’t just dodge to survive.
  • Berserk meta is going away.
  • Uses staff, support through positioning.

Staff skills


  • Solar Beam: Any ally between you and the target that are caught inside the beam will be healed by you. 3 Pulses, 1200 range. The healing numbers you see on the tooltips are without stats so they will be better ingame.
  • Astral Wisp: Cast a wisp on the target, it will deal damage to the target initially but any ally that it pass through will be healed. Good support for melee characters.
  • Astral Gace: Movement based skill that can you into position. Can be used as an escape or gap closer. Heal allies at the location you end up. It serve also as a burst because it creates a blast finisher at that locale.
  • Vine Surge: Fires off a cascade of vines, shooting toward your enemy to immobilize them. Allies caught in it are freed from movement impairing conditions.
  • Sublime Conversion: Take any damaging projectiles and negate them without actually destroying them. It will turn incoming projectiles into healing projectiles. It will not work on projectiles coming from above so you will need to position yourself so that the projectiles are coming in at an angle and passes through the wall.

Utility Skills (Glyph)


  • Glyph skills will change in depending if you are on the Celestial Avatar form or the normal form.

Normal Form Glyph skill

  • Glyph of Rejuvenation: Heal yourself for a lot, heal allies within 300 radius for less than you get.
  • Glyph of Alignment: Applies conditions, cripple and weakness in the target area. Giving you a chance to escape. You can charge in using Astral Grace, then pop Glyph of Rejuvenation/Alignment to help your allies escape.
  • Glyph of Equality: Daze, does a mass AoE interrupt within 300 radius.
  • Glyph of the Tides: AoE knockback of 360 radius. Give you and allies chance to escape or interrupt. Will see lots of use in PvP/WvW
  • Glyph of Empowerment: Damaging support utility that boost nearby allies and your damage by 10% for the next 5-6s.
  • Glyph of Unity: Tethers you to enemies. Any damage you take during the tether is propagated to enemies tethered to you. You are still taking the damage while tethered but you can use Glyph of Alignment for example to reduce the incoming damage to you without affecting the propagated damage. Glyph of Stone also works here to make you immune to damage while you propagate the incoming damage.

Glyph changes in Celestial Avatar Form

  • Glyph of Rejuvenation: You get healed for 1-2k, all allies get healed for 5-6k
  • Glyph Alignment: Instead of applying conditions, heal allies and removes conditions from them very quickly
  • Glyph of Equality: AoE stun break that also heal allies.
  • Glyph of Empowerment: Increase outgoing heals of allies
  • Glyph of the Tides: AoE pull, draw nearby enemies to you.
  • Glyph of Unity: All allies nearby are tethered, whenever you are healed, allies you are tethered to are also healed.

Celestial Transform (F5)

  • Build up your astral force via attacking/healing(healing is more effective), transforming into a Celestial Avatar. Gaining a new set of skills, any glyphs you have turn into celestial forms.


  • Cosmic Ray: No cooldown targeted ground application of straight up strong healing. You can pump out  a lot of healing with this skill.
  • Seed of Life: Plant a seed on the ground, when it bursts it heals allies and cleanse conditions. This skill is under review and we might add something else to it in the future.
  • Lunar Impact: Drops a lunar missile on you, dazing enemies and healing allies in the process. It is a pretty strong daze, it is something you can use to break down a break bar.
  • Tidal Surge: A channeled ability that is a huge constantly pulsating heal that heals for over 1k per tick. It also creates a water field and very visible for your allies.
  • Natural Convergence: Immediately start to cripple and harm enemies in the range while you are casting. If this cast is completed, all enemy within range are bleed and immobilized for 5s.




  • Celestial Being – Allow you access to staves, glyphs and celestial avatar
  • Live Vicariously – When you heal an ally, you are also healed. This makes you very sustainy and stable.
  • Natural Mender – Increases your outgoing healing by 2% for 6s. Stacks to maximum of 10 stacks (i.e. gain 20% more outgoing heals).


  • Druidic Clarity – Becoming a celestial avatar removes ALL conditions from you.
  • Cultivated Synergy – Using a heal skill heal allies around you and your pet. You can double up this ability if you stand next to your pet.
  • Primal Echoes – Reduces recharge staff skills by 20% and daze enemies around you when you swap to staff.


  • Celestial Shadow – When you leave Celestial form, you and your allies gain AoE superspeed and stealth.
  • Verdant Etching – Reduce recharge of your glyphs by 20% and everytime you activate a glyph you plant a Seed of Life. It will cover the condition weakness that rangers typically had.
  • Natural Stride – Reduce duration of movement impairing conditions by 50-66% and your movement condition is increased by 33% (i.e. perm swiftness) as long you do not have any movement impairing conditions. Great trait for getting from place to place.


  • Grace of the Land – When you enter Celestial Avatar form, incoming condition damage is reduced by 33% for you and your allies.
  • Lingering Light – Healing an ally creates a Cosmic Wisp that orbits you and healing allies it touches
  • Ancient Seeds – Striking a stunned, dazed, knocked down, or launched foes summon roots to entangle them for 5s (immobilize + bleed). If you happen to knockback a bunch of enemies with say Glyph of the Tides and hitting them with another AoE ability for example it is going to hurt.

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154 replies on “GW2 Druid Ranger Elite Specialization Livestream Reveal”

You don’t know how the raid content will be, they are clearly pushing for a more typical approach with DPS/TANK/HEALER with this expansion.

Read the forum and watch again this livestream, it’s written also in the notes of this very article that berserker meta is going away (or at least it’s their idea).
But yes, feel free to cry and scream “support =RIP”.

ArenaNet dont control the meta, who control the meta are the players, Meta is what most players use.

i do read foruns and ETC, they said IceBow 4 was going to be nerfed too right?It wasnt.

I think BerserkMeta may change on Raids, but i cant see a Class without damage that only offers healing playing in any party under any content

Later in the show there will be talk about balance changes, so that precious ice bow of yours can still get screwed.

No they cant enforce a healer, because all classes have healing skills, and there is a stat named healing power, 9 persons and a druid, each one can handle its own healing AND have DPS.

Other MMOs you need a healer because or people dont have any heal at all, or their heal suck

If the damage a player takes can’t be mitigated/dodged/blocked or even self-healed completely there will be the need for a strong support class like this one.
You don’t know enough to make such claims.

Yes, so evrybody will need to go Full Healing power, and it will not be enough, so you will need a druid too (y) of course.

If druids had 10 max targets, or at least the prioritized targets on GW2 did not suck, you could have a Druid instead of people with healing power, but that is not a thing right now

Oh boy, there’s an expansion coming, raids, new content, don’t you think that right now means nothing? What is important is what is coming next months, a content of which you know nothing, like us.

I agree, but target prioritizing i don’t think will be fixed, its a super difficult thing to be fixed, and druid did just come out, and it is with 5 max target, so i don’t think that will be changed at all unfortunately, thats why i think druid will not be useful in any content

“they cant enforce a healer” Yes they can, all they have to do is add damage that hits more often then your self hela can deal with. Seriously, you keep saying it’s impossible, on the contrary it’s simpler then keeping the current Meat actually…
What you fail to realize is that, players don’t make the Meta, they simply find it after the devs make it possible.
You make it sound like playerscontrol the Meta, Hell no a simple “balance change” from the devs and the Meta dies to be reborn in a new form.

Meta is what most players use, if evrybody by some reason starting using nomads, new meta will be nomads and you will need 3 hours to do AC path 1, so yes, players make the meta.

The gear meta will probaly change on at least Raids, but i cant see Druid being useful on raids when people can just get some healing power, and this way you dont lose one person in DPS.

Druids Max Targets is 5 people or less for all skills, and prioritized targets on skills sucks on GW2 (we can see that on world bosses), you will not be able to really rely on the healing

If everyone starts using healing power to not bring druid don’t you think there will be a DPS loss? Maybe the loss will be even higher of 1 person DPS.
You have read the skills and without having tried raids or druid you already know it will be useless.
Must be great being you, mind if I ask you lottery numbers too?

Yup, add a timer to a boss fight, calculate damage so it requires 9 fully dps geared players to kill it and see his precious healing power being useless…

“but i cant see Druid being useful on raids when people can just get some healing power”
I guess I’ll stop trying to use logic with you, all you keep saying is how you “can’t see”.
Obviously I’m wasting my time typing text to a blind man…

“i cant see a Class without damage that only offers healing playing in any party under any content”

Even if, for example the content is an active volcano that does continuous Burn damage? A toxic mine with uncleanseable poison? An ancient risen that applies curses with every attack? How about stacks of vulnerability and waves of minions?

There are more MMOs who force healers, tanks, dps Metas then otherwise.

If Anet wants to force healer on a raid, they can, all they have to do is look at pretty much any other MMO out there.
It’s not that you “can’t see” it’s that you refuse to see…

We know nothing about the upcoming balance patch, how can you know that icebow will not be nerfed?
Players don’t control the meta entirely, if anet decides to tune the raid encounters to force players to bring strong support classes like druid or herald berserker meta will be gone, so druid could be in a strong position in PvE raids.

ArenaNet don’t control meta?? They are the freaking devs they control everything
Most players use meta?? most players don’t even know the term “meta” and don’t even visit third party websites at all to find it out what is it, you can ask ppl in game about thier build, you will hear common replies as “Celestial , rampage , sinister using swift runes etc”

Devs makes the game, players Derive Meta from it , so yeah they do control it , they can change the Meta at an instant if they wanted to

I don’t know, they seem to be set on making unavoidable damage a thing, in which case a dedicated healer/reflect/support might be part of the new meta.

“Berserk meta is going away”
Soldier, Rabid, Carrion or Cavalier armor, with everything else zerk?
Humm, more choice in gear builds would be welcome.

Pew pew gets fucking boring after three years. Much as I like the “no trinity” idea in theory, in practice it’s contributing to one-dimensional gameplay where the only thing that matters is DPS. I don’t want a hard trinity, but I do want to see some content that rewards build diversity and intelligent teamwork beyond blasting fire fields.

1 second reflect evry 6 seconds, 5 seconds protection evry 25 seconds, with the elixir you can have around 25 seconds projectile protection evry 50 being optimistic

1s reflect every 6s (#2 of hammer, so 14% of everytime), 5s reflective dome every 25s (toolbelt of Bulwark Gyro, so 20% of everytime). Totall : based on 25s of fighting, you can cast 3 time #2 hammer and one time the Dome, so 8s of reflect = 32% of time. Only with 2 skills. Repeatable because i’ve considered the cds.

1s reflect every 6s (#2 of hammer), 5s reflective dome every 25s (toolbelt of Bulwark Gyro). Totall : based on 25s of fighting, you can cast 3 time #2 hammer and one time the Dome, so 8s of reflect = 32% of time of the fight. Only with 2 skills. Repeatable because i’ve considered the cds.

5 seconds projectile protection evry 20 seconds? mesmers have 100% projectile protection uptime, guardians have +- 35 seconds projectile protection uptime (what is currently enough for killing almost anything)

See, this is what we call a real Elite Specialization made by a real dev.

Dragonherpderp and Tempest TROLL LOL LOL.

Karl should just give Irenio a bj for tips on how to design a real Elite spec. HA HA HA HA HA.

Dragonhunter is good, I played it and it functions greatly for the trapper hunter style of play. Tempest is a godsend and I dont think I can do without it now that I had experienced it, overload is just what I really needed for my build. The only reason Druid seems like such a huge boost in comparison is because the default ranger is bland as fuck.

I liked Tempest as spec, it provides a nice support for groups. About Dragonhunter… well, I confess to not be a Guardian fan, tbh, but the idea isn’t bad. It’ll need some time to balance it for giving it a good use.

The electric Wyvern had the charge ability of the flesh golem only that it leaves an electric field behind and knock foes up

Hmmm… sounds interesting I didn’t see the stream but I hope that Druid’s won’t be the only viable “healers” for this upcoming raid content, otherwise we will have two problems:

1) there will be a shortage of healers in the games
2) any rangers will have to play druids to get into raids

Well I’m done; I need a new main. Arena Net finally killed the ranger. After three years of the old GW1 ranger vets literally BEGGING for a return to form, to salvage what we loved about the class, Arena Net instead decided to turn the ranger into a god damned monk. I’m out. RIP true rangers.

All I read was “is not like I like. I is only person who knows how should be. Not is how should be. I cry and leave. People will care. bye”
at least no one important left

It kills it for me, and more likely than not a lot of other players. GW1 vets mostly who ran ranger main in the first game, but were never really comfortable with it in GW2 because, frankly, Arena Net saw fit to make anything even remotely similar to the playstyle we enjoyed literally impossible in GW2. The GW2 ranger is a shadow of its former self, with only about half the build options of a GW1 ranger and the few that it does port over aren’t as good.

GW1 rangers have been literally begging on the forums for years for Arena Net to do something to give us back even a taste of the original ranger, and with the elite spec system they had the perfect opportunity to do that. However instead of doing what the community had been asking for they give us a spec that nobody asked for and that doesn’t even follow theme. I mean seriously what is this celestial shit? You could have done the exact same spec but kept it on theme, but they couldn’t be bothered to. Its like plants, animals, and actual NATURE are too much ask, so they had to do some freaking cosmic mage instead.

To me this monk spec (I refuse to call this thing a druid. Angelina Jolie’s version of Maleficent was a better druid then this) says that the guy whose job was to make the ranger cool again decided “eff it, I’m going to make a completely unrelated class instead” and just stuck it in as the ranger elite spec. This thing isn’t a ranger, it isn’t a druid, it doesn’t have any relation whatsoever to anything even vaguely like a nature theme nor anything else anyone who actually leveled a ranger wanted to play in the first place. I highly doubt any ranger players looked at character creation and said “Ooh ranger, a nature based survivalist and hunter character; pets, bows, traps…its like the ultimate guerrilla warfare fantasy class that could even exist in real life! I’m going to level one of these in hopes that one day I can completely abandon the nature theme to be a back line healer with star magic! Because those two things are totally related.”

Yikes, that’s a crapton of healing, I fear it will be mandatory for some parts. Get ready for Raid 9/10 LF Druid, same old story with Monks from GW1.

I like rangers, the problem are people spamming 4 on long bow and camping long bow only.

But i dont think druids are going to be on any meta, independent of strat, gear and etc

dont hate the players, hate the game.

champ hunter here.

camping on lb is just too good. i get nothing for switching on sword or gs. i switch only to get some regen/speedbuff with my horn or for a needed evade/block/daze. its not about bad playstyle but the choices the ranger has.

add more recharge on 4 and buff all other weps a bit.

Sword/GS damage is higher, you have a trait that your next skill after swaping has 66% lower cool down, and if you stay 1200 range away you don’t get might from the warrior, meaning with this paystyle you have peanut damage and is selfish.

ranger skill 4 is awesome when the ranger use at the right moment instead of spamming.

Staff 5, does it convert seige projectiles too, if you angle it right? I’m just afraid these are also exempted, just like they did with guardians’ bubbles and wall.

Why couldn’t the druid/scrapper designer just design all the classes? he absolutely destroyed all the other designers.

DRUID LOOKS SOOOOO FUN. Even if I need a new gear set for the heal heavy theme with druid I absolutely adore the design.

Chronomancer and Reaper by Robert Gee say hi. But yeah, Warrior Guardian Thief and Ele are all basically “here’s a new weapon and some random utilities”.

I think it’s more a matter of personal taste than poor developers.

Berserker and daredevil are two of my favourite elites because they suit my playstyle. I don’t hate ele either. It doesn’t dazzle me but I’m not one of those eles who like to manically switch attunement every few seconds and insist there’s no other way to play them, so I don’t hate the attunement recharge debuff that comes with tempest.

Druid, chronomancer and reaper are the most interesting elites to me. I have an 80 ranger and mesmer but don’t play them. These elites, though, live up to the “fundamentally change the profession” hype. So I’d definitely give them a good try.

Guardian and Scrapper I find very disappointing because I don’t like their new utilities. I wouldn’t choose to use them over any utilities of the base professions. So it’s not that they suck but there’s no value added for me.

Revenant was the major disappointment. The main selling point of revenant was no or very short cooldowns on utilities. It’s all about energy management and choice. Except for Glint which takes revenant back to the game’s default cooldown driven system. There isn’t even a way – short of bottoming out your energy – to cancel all buffs so you can escape the cooldowns. WTF?!

Well done ANet. you’ve given the range a spec thats so more effective then all the other possible spec choices that it becomes manditory for any endgame group. Add that to the fact that it goes in such a completely different direction then the main focuses of the class, that you might as well redefine the entire class overnight. Well done. Also, it wasn’t lost on me that there is no longbow overhaul anywhere.

RIP DPS rangers

They confirmed they were doing balance changes as well and mentioned bringing the ranger up in line with the other classes (core classes).

Yes but people didn’t watch the livestream before commenting.
They don’t even bother to read the entire article most of the times.

They’re always saying that they will balance ranger and make him good like other classes since launch, all lies.

Before was always the Ranger’s fault when a Dungeon was not succeded, now when the group is dead who will be blamed? yeah the fucking Druids.

I hate this specialization, they should had give the Druid shapeshifting or ride animals (this last one would be an amazing excuse to get rid of the awlful pet system), things that the druids from D&D and other fantasy materials actually do, you know.

Turn Ranger into a Healer and that stupid F5 seems to have 0% synergy with the ranger original style and don’t add anything to longbow, trapper and his other styles.

So much potencial wasted.

OMG. Healing? rly? If u need survivability u dont use this shit-spec. U use warriors and guadians. I dont want raids with 10 warrs, but it’s can be real.

Don’t forget Ele for watterfield and dmg, Thief for stealth and blinde andGuard for staby, aegis, reflect! 2war, 4Ele, 2Gaurd, 1Thief+X is more likely…

Fantastic news on healing actually mattering in the expansion and bye bye berserker meta.

Druid is definitely better than I was expecting. Still undecided on whether I’ll buy HoT or not – it doesn’t help that since going f2p lag and being disconnected has become a frequent problem (only GW2 and I’ve seen lots of others complaining about it too on reddit so I know it ain’t on my end) – but Druid is value adding.

I can see the fire wyvern being especially popular.

Just bc they added the Druid with many healing abilitys, it dosen’t mean that zerk won’t be Meta anymore… I’m sure it still will be Meta together with some sinister builds. And besides it is possible to heal a Raid with blust-finisher into waterfields or shoutheal wars, works already in wvw.


Bringing heavy healing to GW2, unlike anything you have seen before.
Strong support, very powerful in upcoming raids and WvW. Can sustain a
zerg train of 20-30 players in WvW.

Upcoming content will have stuff that you can’t just dodge to survive.


Berserk meta is going away

Uses staff, support through positioning.


“Berserker meta is going away”
Do you even read, brah?

Obviously a lot better than you do.


It’s the content that kills the zerk meta. Not druid. Nor is it likely that druid will be the only viable profession which can take on a healing role. Expect healing across the board to be beefed up.

do u even know what it means.. may be your are fan of trinity and would like to have trinity shit in gw2 and keeping 20-30 players alive in zerg… what does that mean? ranger turned into healer

all over gw2 forums and others ppl who played healers in other games welcome this spec

I realize my response is coming in a bit late, my apologies. I don’t really use Disqus much, so it didn’t occur to me to check for replies. To the point, though:

Are you some kind of hardcore idiot? In DrS Idlev’s comment, they stated that they didn’t believe the Berserker meta would disappear, and their stated reasoning was that, *even with the druid being added as a healing spec*, if the game continues on its current path, healing and tanking just won’t be sufficiently meaningful for people to move away from their old standby damage and boon support builds, especially with the existence of things like blasting water fields for AoE healing.

You responded aggressively with “Don’t be daft. No-one said, implied or even thought that druids killed the zerk,” despite the fact that in the article discussing the new specialization, *fucking Druid*, they specifically said they expect the Zerker meta to fall by the wayside, which I called out in my response to you. (I would also like to say that the only reason I even initially responded to you is the douchey manner in which you responded to the other guy)

And now you are saying that content will kill the Zerker meta, which is in direct opposition to your previous statement, that implied you don’t feel that *anyone*, officially or otherwise, suggested the Zerker meta would be going away.

Again, to recap:
-First guy says he doesn’t believe the Druid, or anything else for that matter, is going to be enough to kill the long-standing Berserker meta.
-You reply saying he is being daft for saying the Berserker meta will go away.
-I reply saying you’re an idiot for calling his comment’s validity into question, considering ANet officially declared the Berserker meta would be going away.
-You reply saying of course the Berserker meta will go away!
-Finally, I reply declaring once and for all to the world that you are a troll *and* an idiot, and you can go back to your hole now, seeing as no one wants you around.

Took 15+ secs for staff ranger to beat that dummy engi in zerk. The rest of the classes takes 5-10 secs. Also everything the ranger dev said and showed can be countered by celestial ele/soldier rev/any mes build that takes the same 5-10 secs to kill that dummy engi. And no matter how much healing you have, anyone with 2k+ power will be able to outdamage your healing.

Did they actually show the skills in the stream or just mouse over them? In other words… are we getting pictures and a recording of the reveal to watch it all in action?

No, because there’s no taunt skill, so you can’t be a tank in the game. And the healing stat scales poorly, unless they plan on reworking it. People will still have to take care of themselves. The GW2 trinity was always dps, control, support. This is just trying to give support specialties some love, since most people go power, and a few go condi, and take along a handful of control utils depending on the situation, but rarely does anyone go support other than a handful of (unavoidably) selfish utilities (since not all utilities affect allies), but the HoT specialties are changing that to promote group play and have control skills affect pve mobs, so you won’t just need control skills (and breaks) in pvp modes.

The druid isn’t getting a taunt tho, so they can’t tank that way.

GW2 never said there is no trinity just that no class is locked into a specific role.

Unfortunately you both are thinking of the condition anet added that is simply the opposite condition to “fear” where instead of the enemy running AWAY from you for a few seconds, it will run AT you for a few seconds. When the condition ends, the enemy can do whatever it wants. Taunt in a traditional sense is a skill that puts you at the top of the enemy’s target list and you use other threat building skills to KEEP you there so you can tank. There is NO WAY to do that in GW2. Enemies will continue to swap to whomever they please as anet has not released enemy AI where aggro/threat is concerned. There is no taunting and tanking in GW2, not even in HoT. Sorry.

Actually, you’re incorrect, but I’ll let time show you that. Instead, allow me to point out that the ranger’s pet also has a taunt that very much draws aggro. So, indirectly, druid does have a taunt . . . with their pets. Saying the mechanic and tanking is not in GW2 is simply incorrect. Bear-bow pretty much shows otherwise.

But, more to the point, even if you believe otherwise, druid’s massive focus on healing is a worry that it might gateway the trinity in the game itself.

That’s the actual concern . . . not minutiae on mechanics.

Bear bow is effective not because the brown bear has a taunt, but because it has defy pain and a high toughness rating. The ranger can use skills to make themselves less of a target in pve situations with the longbow, so the pet can keep the target. Melee pets still crumble in dungeons and don’t hold bosses.

If you can point out where anet said their taunt is a traditional taunt and not the few seconds condition (that can be broken) they posted to the official wiki, then I’ll concede the point. Until then, my point stands.

Healing stat still scales terribly unless they rework it, which is possible. But guardians (with dodges among passive skills) and water elementalists have been healing wvw raids forever, as well as being able to build themselves to be fairly unkillable. Giving that ability to the ranger just gives a medium armor profession the same ability.

I’ll believe the sky is falling when it’s actually falling. Right now it’s just forum hype. The next beta weekend will show more, and there will be more changes before release.

No, bear-bow is effective because the bear, and some other pets, hold aggro yet well. So well I can solo dungeon and fractal bosses. And if you don’t think healing doesn’t make a world of difference, again you’re not paying attention.

But all that is not the point. The point is, with these new changes, people are afraid the trinity is peeking it’s head in a game that swore it would never appear. That’s the concern. Not some quibbling over what is or isn’t taunt in your worldview via the Internet.

That said, if you don’t think the new pet ‘taunt’ with the F2 ability isn’t exactly what it’s called, then you have no business posting any further comments on a ranger discussion.

Correct, “taunt” in this sense is just the opposite condition of Fear. Taunt in a tanking sense is putting your aggro at the top of the enemy’s target chart then your other skills continue to build threat in a way to KEEP you there. In GW2, it’s just going to cause the enemy to run AT you instead of AWAY from you for a couple seconds. It doesn’t change your aggro threshold. So, like I said earlier. There is no taunt in GW2. No way to tank. Which means, no way to reliably hold aggro in a pve mode.

Well more recently they’ve been saying they never tried to do away with the trinity. Yeah….

One of the more valid criticisms of the game is it has been very one dimensional – hence the zerker meta. I know lots of people who say they enjoyed the game as a brief diversion but won’t play it seriously because of lack of roles.

ANet seem to have realised this was a mistake the expansion looks like an attempt to address that.

it sounds pretty good, lack of trinity made for a very narrow & ultimately boring meta, aka zerker; also highly limits the mechanics boss fights can have

Well… pvp is going to change. I’m not sure I like a ranged healer with unlimited healing being more powerful then an uncontrollable, melee healer like a guardian. Will have to wait for the actual content to judge though -.-

I also don’t like that every raid single piece of raid content will require 1+ druids. Variation that is not.

Holy Crap, Lunar Impact + Moment of Clarity is 6 sec daze on a 5 sec cd. Druid Healbot AND Dazebot new meta. Or Am I getting this wrong? O_o

Now that the video is up, we have the fine details and I’ve seen it all in action, I’d have to say this is the best of the elites for my tastes.

Not sure whether I’d prefer Druid or Ventari if I were playing healer. And I am more seriously thinking about buying the expansion now.

If you are going to buy the expansion only because of healing, i suggest you wait while players theory craft things out first, dont want to simply put in 60 bucks when raids may end up being stack and spank -all zerker -go

I wouldn’t buy HoT just for healing.

I was 90% certain I would buy it when they first revealed the revenant, cos personally I don’t like GW2s cooldown driven combat but do like a lot of other things about the game. Thief is ok but I don’t care much for the theme / visuals. So revenant got my attention. Enough to pull me away from another game, finish leveling my crafting and start stockpiling ascended mats.

But it’s been watered down a lot. More cooldowns added. Cooldowns increased. Weapon swap added (which comes with cooldown). Glint is choc full of cooldowns. I look at eg. warrior v revenant weapon skills and similar sort of cooldowns but warriors don’t have to worry about energy. Plus they have this stupid idea – which they mention at every opportunity – that it would be fun to flip between legends every 10 seconds to take advantage of the 50 free energy. No, it wouldn’t. But the prof would have been balanced around that.

So…. I’m on the fence between going back to ESO (which may be fixing some its really stupid and annoying problems) or finding enough in HoT to warrant the cost. Support role viability is a plus and druid does look good. Enough? I don’t know.

Umm, for Ancient Seeds trait, does it affected by knockbacks?? Cos it only says stun, daze, KNOCKDOWN, and launch. Can someone please tell me whether or not it does get affected by knockbacks?

Do you say this while considering the changes that HoT brings to the game? Namely with Raids and WvW? Or are you just thinking in terms of how the game is right now?
“Upcoming content will have stuff that you can’t just dodge to survive.”
The idea is that you’re going to need more than ‘zerkers to get through content in HoT, so that you’ll want pure heals, boons and regen to stay alive. You’ll probably not get away with pure heals alone, no, but the same goes for regen and boons.

I said that I wanted both heals and boons. Every other specialization is very versatile and have tons of things to do. The drood can only heal, heal, and heal.

the animations dont even sort of look like theyd match a druid..
I love the skills.. but the way they are animated is very disappointing imo.

I guess this will be nice, I love being support, and it might increase survability of rangers in general, that was the biggest problem atm.

actually if you build for survivability ranger is on par – sometimes even better then dd eles.
I’m running a tanky build for a long time now and I can assure you ranger already can bunk like a fortress.

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