• Saucemaster


  • Andrew Thurman

    Amazing artwork and it love it, short and sweet

  • hot

    fuckin’ a

  • Sophia Leon

    Omg, he Is the forest!!!!!

  • aimasira

    + a lot to read this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nate

    Where are Rox and Canach?

    • Magnusito

      Maybe Rox dies and they had just spoiled us.

  • nadrian3k

    Very well done and cool trailer. 10/10…and this coming from someone who criticizes ANet. Thumbs up.

  • Pix’s self help tapes

    Nyah~ be gentle Anet senpai!

  • visher

    It’s meh.

    • Ardenwolfe

      Had the same reaction. Meh.

    • Raivis Carriedo

      mordremoth voice is like … meh.

  • nononocat

    Took a screenshot from the climax of the fight scene in the trailer.
    ANet have done well to choreograph the action sequence. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • chaser

      lel, cute

  • The other cinematics at the end of Living World Season 2 had more impact. I don’t particularly like the fact that you see something of Mordramoth, it would have been better if they left it unseen
    off-camera. I just feel it lacks. It isn’t bad, it just isn’t great either.

    • HadesClutch

      Allegedly the devs have stated, that beast at the end is not Mordremoth so I’m guessing it’s a Champion. Think Tequatl, Shatter, or Claw.

  • yoyos

    rytlock is such a gangster, but i wish he wasn’t blindfoled it really takes away from his badass attitude.

  • Damonwex


    • personora

      Yeah, screw you too.

      • Siamwar

        everybody is entitled to their own opinion so go fuck yourself you intolerant piece of shit

  • IronStalfos

    Very nice. I like how it’s still the semi-painted aesthetic as for all their previous media content.

  • J Manzon

    such a mother of all badass!!!

    although, i though i heard “all shall attack with a zerker armor”.

  • RKC

    I nominate Rylok to take over the new Destiny Edge while our characters carry on with the exploration!

  • Neltisen

    hmm, Sothin as a legendary weapon?

  • Andrew McCunn

    I don’t suppose we can expect to see more cinematics like this in the game?

  • Lobsang Dawa

    So rytlock gonna be new Trahearne….. Taking all the credit??? I never liked him… Reminds me of bully from high school.

  • Geo DePuppeh

    Rytlock: “Oodama Rasengan!!”

  • Locien

    No Rox? ๐Ÿ™

  • Archi

    who is standing all the way to the right in the group shot?

    • HadesClutch


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