GW2 Twitchcon Masteries Information

Some additional info on GW2 Masteries seen at the Twitchcon livestream.

Gliding Mastery

  • One of the raid boss is a huge tongue boss (seen in the raid trailer). There are walls that encircle him. Part of the group split to break off the walls while the rest of the raid engage the boss. After that everyone jump off the platform and glide. Advancements in gliding mastery will allow you to get back to the platform faster.
  • Gliding Mastery is needed in some of the later Heart of Thorns maps and encounter as well so it is advised that you level up this mastery first (according to Mike Z)

Fractal Mastery

  • Unlock additional rewards, new defensive thingies. Play much more important role at higher level fractals in the revised fractal we are introducing with Heart of Thorns.

Gaining Mastery Points

  • Gaining them from adventures at the Silver/Gold tier.
  • Unlock them from specific locations within the Heart of Thorns map.

New Mastery Line

  • New mastery line will be added with the first raid. To unlock this line you will need to go to the raid and kill any boss. You can level this line up via raids or open world but raids give the most XP.
  • Raid boss rewards (including the Mastery XP) are on a weekly lockout so you can’t farm it over and over.
  • Alot

    Tongue bosses -> when tentacle bosses send the wrong message.

    • Nick Green

      If memory serves it all started with a tongue, which turned into a tentacle which…. well I don’t need to draw anyone a picture.

      • Jesse Wan

        You don’t NEED to, but we want it, anyways. 😀

      • Alot

        I believe it may have started during the second world war actually. Japanese law prohibited the depiction of certain anatomical pieces, so artists came up with tentacles instead.

        Something like that anyway.

        • Nick Green

          I took a deep breath, held tightly to my seat and googled. Earlier even. Wikipedia has the earliest instance of tentacle erotica in 1814. I wouldn’t recommend looking. It’s the sort of thing which could put you right off seafood.

          • Alot

            I’ll just take your word for it…
            And wait for the new legendary piece of armor…
            Dropping from and inspired by this boss…

  • Nick Green

    If masteries are cool or interesting or fun, they’ve done a very poor job selling them. I continue to be underwhelmed.

    • John Hallow

      Really? I’m actually really looking forward to them. New things to earn is part of the reason I’m looking forward to HoT so much. The other part is new awesome skins to hunt 😛

      • Nick Green

        Yeah really. I just see new grinds. With the exception of flying which looks at least moderately cool, they just seem to be either short-cut abilities for new encounters in Maguuma or for legendary weapons.

        I don’t see any value in legendary weapons personally. If they saved sigils you put into them and you could swap those around as well as the stats, maybe. But as they are I’d rather just make a few ascendeds. You need to make whole ascended armour sets for different builds anyway and they’re much harder / more expensive than weapons.

        And the existing legendary weapon skins are some of the ugliest and most comical in this or any game I’ve played – for my tastes anyway. I’d have to be paid A LOT to be seen using one. I think they’re tailored for the Asian market which from what I’ve seen is into that kind of thing, and that’s fine. But not something I find any appeal in.

        The encounter short-cuts? I don’t know. Seems like they’ve created some obstacles and a grind to give us the means to jump over them. I know that’s arguably the case for game design in general but it’s usually much less obvious.

        If there is more to them than that then, like I said, they’ve done a poor job marketing them.

  • Kuma

    so what will those raid masteries do? are they needed to get special loot or just for progression?

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