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GW2 Twitchcon New Adventures In Heart of Thorns

Details on some of the adventures players can expect in Heart of Thorns.




  • Verdant Brink has pretty easy adventures but as you get deeper into the jungle, you will encounter harder and harder adventures.
  • Daily rewards for reaching Bronze/Silver/Gold
  • Lifetime leaderboard, you can gain mastery points and other rewards. One time big and chunky rewards.

New Adventure – Floor is Lava?


  • Mix of jumping puzzle/action adventure. Inspired by speed running games.
  • Kick fruits to make them explode to create spore clusters on the lava floor (they also act as a safe zone). Jump down to collect the spore. Each spore you collect will also launch you into the air.
  • Each time you touch the lava you will gain a stack of the debuff, it stacks up to 10 stacks.
  • A trick is to kick all the fruits down first to create spore clusters and then collect them rather than kicking one by one and collecting the spores.
  • Spores are individual so your spores won’t be collected by other players.
  • Player health and skill bar are standardized. Any buff you have is removed.

New Adventure – Fallen Masks


  • Jumping around using bouncing mushrooms and gliders to soothe Exalted Howling Masks in this area.
  • You can get to bronze/silver level without the mushroom mastery but to get gold tier or on the leaderboards you need to have the mushroom mastery.
  • If you have the Exalted Mastery unlocked, these Howling Masks will be marked by a blue flag and you can see these flags behind walls.
  • Jumping mushrooms don’t always put you to the most optimal position, for the most optimal run you will want to deploy your glider mid jump to shave off a few seconds.
  • The mask positions are slightly random, each mask have a set number of spots it can be so with more runs you have an idea of where the next mask could be etc.

Other adventures

  • You drive around a charr motorcyle ramping over explosions.
  • You transform into a robot to see how many bugs you can punch in a time limit.
  • Jumping puzzles with transform that give you new skills.

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9 replies on “GW2 Twitchcon New Adventures In Heart of Thorns”

Will you do also an article about cooking? For some reason its on gw2 livestream right after adventures so…. Just wandering what will be next… football? news?

As a foodie, I would love the recipes. I enjoyed the cooking part – she made that a lot of fun and I loved her kitchen. I sooooo want her stove!

This is the sort of content I can do once if I need it for an achievement. But repeating it? Nope. Not for me. I can only hope they don’t show up in dailies.

Don’t begrudge anyone who does it enjoy this kind of thing though. Each to their own.

Well, they seems fun to do sometimes 😛 Maybe even only as a “guild contest”, all the guild doing them, and the best one of the session win xD
Still we need to see the rewards…if they’re nice they could be worth repeating.

I don’t begrudge you or anyone else any rewards attached to this stuff.

But I’m not a mindless lab rat chasing cheese through a maze. If an activity isn’t intrinsically fun then I will not repeat it. This is supposed to be entertainment, not work.

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