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GW2 Twitchcon PvP Leagues info

Some new information on PvP Leagues from Twitchcon.

PvP Season

  • Before every competition season, there will be a balance patch. There is a delay of 2 weeks before the PvP season starts. The season will last for 8 weeks. There are plans for 4 seasons per year.
  • Rewards are distributed at end of the season. Then we will do some fun stuff like tournaments before repeating the pattern.
  • One title every season for Legendary tier players. The titles are permanent. The badges are reset every season and need to be re-earned.

Legendary Backpack

  • Unique backpack to PvP, can be only obtained via PvP. Best players will get it faster than other players but an avid competitive player will be able to get it every year.
  • PvP achievements will give you the components you need for the PvP backpack.
  • You can take off a season and can still get the backpack.
  • Higher divisions give you more currencies to buy the components you need for the backpack. Tier 1/Legendary tier player have enough currency to finish the backpack in two seasons for example.

Guild teams and leaderboard

  • Guild leaderboard is a point system based on ELO. There will be a place where you can check your points and see what other guilds are close to your progress.
  • Certain things will be different on the match if it is guild team vs guild team (i.e. able to place down guild banners, Hugh hinted at Guild Anthems but didn’t say more ).

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6 replies on “GW2 Twitchcon PvP Leagues info”

16 weeks is almost 4 months, which is enough of farm to get you any other legendary. Why should backpack be any different?

Because this backpack actually takes skill to get, you need to be on tier 1 two seasons, so this legendary is more meaningful than others

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