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SWTOR 4.0 Class Changes for Inquisitors and Consulars

The final installment of the class changes series outlining the changes to inquisitors and consulars in the upcoming expansion.

Welcome to the final installment of our series on Class changes coming in Game Update 4.0!

With 4.0, we wanted to give Assassins and Shadows a better way to stealthily approach or return to their enemy target, and their new ability was specifically designed to do just that. For Sorcerers and Sages, we wanted to give them an additional way to escape peril, so we made Phase Walk available to them.

All of the following notes are subject to change:

Sith Inquisitor/Jedi Consular

  • Phase Walk has moved into the Inquisitor/Consular base class, granting its use to Sorcerers/Sages as well. It can be trained/granted at level 61.


  • New Ability: Phantom Stride/Shadow Stride! 30 meter range, no GCD. 30 second cooldown. Use the Force to move through time and space, appearing at your enemy target and increasing your movement speed by 75% for 3 seconds. Does not break Stealth. Cannot be used against targets in cover. Requires a Double-Bladed Lightsaber or Electrostaff.

Darkness/Kinetic Combat

  • New Passive Skill: Dark Bastion/Kinetic Bastion! Increases the duration of Dark/Kinetic Ward by 5 seconds, its number of charges by 5, the shield chance it provides by an additional 3%, and reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds. In addition, the duration of Dark/Kinetic Bulwark is also 5 seconds longer, and it can build 2 additional stacks.
  • Depredating Volts/Cascading Debris is now trained at level 58 (up from 57).
  • Force Pull is now trained at level 42 (up from 41).
  • Shroud of Darkness/Mental Fortitude is now trained at level 60 (up from 59).


  • New Passive Skill: Amped Voltage/Fracturing Force! Increases the damage dealt by Surging Charge’s/Shadow Technique’s Discharge/Force Breach by 5%. Additionally, activating Phantom/Shadow Stride while Surging Charge/Shadow Technique is active builds 3 Static Charges/Breaching Shadows.
  • Ball Lightning/Psychokinetic Blast is now trained at level 58 (up from 57).
  • Low Slash is now trained at level 42 (up from 41).
  • Crackling Blasts/Deep Impact is now trained at level 60 (up from 59).


  • New Passive Skill: Languishing Lashes/Atrophying Attacks! Dealing melee damage increases the critical chance of your damaging periodic effects by 10% for 10 seconds
  • Demolish/Vanquish is now trained at level 58 (up from 57).
  • Leeching Strike/Serenity Strike is now trained at level 42 (up from 41).
  • Inevitable Demise/Aching Mind is now trained at level 60 (up from 59).

Tier 1 – Skillful

  • New Utility: Snaring Slashes/Strikes! Thrash/Double Strike, Voltaic Slash/Clairvoyant Strike, and Lacerate/Whirling Blow reduce the movement speed of the targets they damage by 30% for 6 seconds.

Tier 2 – Masterful

    New Utility: Speed Surge/Kinetic Acceleration! Shock/Project, Ball Lightning/Psychokinetic Blast, and Creeping Terror/Sever Force increase your movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds. This cannot occur more than once every 12 seconds.

Tier 3 – Heroic

    New Utility: Phasing Phantasm/One with the Shadows! You can use Phantom/Shadow Stride while immobilized, and it purges immobilizing and slowing effects when used.


  • New Passive Skill: Secrets of the Dark Side/Erudite Mender! Increases the healing done by Roaming/Wandering Mend by 5% and reduces the Force it consumes by 10.
  • Revivification/Salvation is now trained at level 42 (up from 41).
  • Roaming/Wandering Mend is now trained at level 58 (up from 57).
  • Dark Concentration/Altruism is now trained at level 60 (up from 59).


  • New Passive Skill: Fulgurous Fortification/Telekinetic Refuge! Lightning Bolt/Telekinetic Burst stacks damage reduction on the Sorcerer, stacks up to 3 times lasting 10 seconds. Each stack provides 3% damage reduction.
  • Lightning Flash/Telekinetic Gust is now trained at level 42 (up from 41).
  • Lightning Bolt/Telekinetic Burst is now trained at level 58 (up from 57).
  • Charged Reaction/Mental Continuum is now trained at level 60 (up from 59).


  • New Passive Skill: Fulminating Current/Psychokinetic Torrent! Force Lightning/Telekinetic Throw stacks up to 4 stacks of an effect that increases the Critical chance of your periodic effects by 2% per stack
  • Force Leech/Force Serenity is now trained at level 42 (up from 41).
  • Demolish/Vanquish is now trained at level 58 (up from 57).
  • Devour/Mind’s Eye is now trained at at level 60 (up from 59).

Tier 1 – Skillful

  • New Utility: Dark Speed/Benevolent Haste! A completed Dark Heal activation increases your target’s movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds. This cannot occur more than once every 12 seconds.

Tier 2 – Masterful

  • New Utility: Dizzying Force! When Whirlwind/Force Lift ends, target’s accuracy is reduced by 20% for 8 seconds.
  • Backlash/Kinetic Collapse has been moved from Tier 2 up to Tier 3.

Tier 3 – Heroic

  • New Utility: Shifting Silhouette/Ethereal Entity! Using Phase Walk to return to its marked location grants Shifting Silhouette/Ethereal Entity, keeping you from being leapt to or pulled and making you immune to interrupts and ability activation pushback for the next 6 seconds.
  • Conspiring Force/Confound has been moved from Tier 3 down to Tier 2.
  • Force Mobility has been updated: In addition to the other abilities it already allows you to use while moving, it now also allows you to use Force Barrier while moving.

Thanks for joining us, and we look forward to seeing you in Knights of the Fallen Empire!

-The Star Wars™: The Old Republic Combat Team

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

140 replies on “SWTOR 4.0 Class Changes for Inquisitors and Consulars”

“Phase Walk has moved into the Inquisitor/Consular base class, granting its use to Sorcerers/Sages as well. It can be trained/granted at level 61.”
This had me worried about being kited to ****. Then I read this…

“New Ability: Phantom Stride/Shadow Stride! 30 meter range, no GCD”
So I’m happy…….for now 😛

Assassins and shadows r still gonna have it I think the post makes it sound like it’s being added th to the other class not transferred but we’ll find out for sure when we play it

Woo hoo baby!!! Nothing bad happening to serenity. I can live with this. Thank you so much. I was skurred to read this one and I’m so down with shadow Stride.
Best news ever.

New Passive Skill: Languishing Lashes/Atrophying Attacks looks nice. Same as the heroic passive ability. Shadow stride while stunned works for me……..mebe. We’ll see. I is happy.

I hate that they nerfed the reach attack for tank pt and vg I mean leaps are always important for tanks in general but having to wait til your nearly lol 60 is ridiculous to be fairly honest as far as group go the group is better off with the leap being the same as it is because the downside is gonna hurt the group more then it will benefit plus that’s just about the entire game that the vg and pt tanks will be walking on one leg

It’s only during lvl you have that problem, which is Far less than half the game.. BW balances for endgame (ops and pvp)
And tbh, you don’t really need a leap for fps

yeah, I know.
But I got over that when I realized that the Powertech can generate hate just fine without it. Normally in the game, powertechs absolutely must have their leap for swaps and other things, but you can normally make do without it until the actual hard modes and raids at 65.

However, the opening rotation now has to change until 61. That’s a bit of a bummer 🙁

If there was ever a time to make sure your PT was 60 before the patch is live, this is the time, lol.

I need to ask a question about the outlander again.
Is it only for subscribers? Do you have to have a level 60 character in order to create an outlander? Can new subs jump right in at 60? Are they given enough information to learn the class?

I’m now considering bringing MMO friends over to SWTOR and starting a raid group. The value here comes from teh fact that any new players coming into the game, this will be the first time they’ll be seeing this raiding content that is getting scaled up.

I think it would be, you of course need all the previous xpacs up to SoR to do KotFE (which is why SoR is becoming free for subs when KotFE drops).

I believe you would have to be 60 to start KotFE on any given character. BW has said that all subs will get one free insta-60 when KotFE drops and will have sufficient gear to make it through chapter one. They also have said, and now shown in the chapter 1 gameplay streams, that you will start out with an abbreviated skill-set, giving you a chance to learn the basic rotation and unlock more skills as you go.

A few corrections to the above:

1) If you subscribe, you get KotFE free, which also gives you the previous two expansions with it, free.

2) you cannot buy the expansion, you must subscribe to get it. You do not however, lose it if you unsubscribe, you just don’t get further released chapters. So you could, theoretically, get a $15, monthly subscription, cancel, and pay less then you did for the other 2 expansions (again, you won’t get later released material)

My info came from:

Thank you for the clarifications! I did read that on the site, but was just too lazy to actually go back to the site to directly link it XD

Pretty much, any level 60 you have can become an Outlander.

Now, if you are asking about creating a level 60 character, then yes, subs get 1 free level 60 character, and more can be bought (I assume for 2000+ cartel). I assume f2p can buy an insta-60 of the Market, but they’ll pay for it.

Also, the xpac is free for subs. Just another note to keep in mind. I havent heard one way or another if f2p will have to buy the xpac or if they just wont be able to access it at all. But they have confirmed it will be free to subs.

Force Barrier can now be used while moving. Awesome!

Phase Walk for Sages. Awesome!

Three of the four class updates were pretty decent. Just wondering why they couldnt nail Bounty Hunter the way they did the other 3 classes. Love the Sage, Smuggler, and Knight changes. Cant wait to see how these changes play.

The new Tank abilities for VG/PT is kinda meh, but I do look forward to the commando/mercs reverse charge, so to speak, ability

Shadow tanks were king before 3.0. Most progression teams ran Shadow/Guardian or Shadow/Shadow. with this CRAZY buff to Kinetic Ward and Kinetic Bulwark, looks like Bioware wants Shadows to return to the top in 4.0
Plus they want Shadow DPS to remain non-viable, but you win some, you lose some.

All they had to do was up our armor class to medium to counter the whole spikiness we got hit by so much, would have saved a lot of time and kept the classes’ uniqueness for tanking.

they didn’t even have to do that.. that would actually take them some work
we already HAD an armor buff (tied into our stance iirc), if they just increased it slightly we’d have been fine..
but no, instead they give us some stupid stacked buff to keep up every few seconds, giving us no reason to use our pebble storm earlier than needed
I loved the selfheal, gave you a reason to spam pebble storm as much as you could, and made you near immortal in pvp ^^
but instead of being nice to shadow tanks they just give dps some insane selfheals and leave pvp shadow tanks to die a slow death; getting all the shadow nerfs, but (nearly) none of the shadow buffs 🙁
I haven’t seen a shadow go full tank in pvp in ages, they just take dps gear.. even in ops they’re not as wanted as the other 2 tanks are..

I highly disagree with that, shadow tanks are much more wanted in ops than guardian tanks, especially in the HM fights. Shadow tanks are very nice with resilience and there AoE abilities and such. Try taking a guardian into the Revan fight and see what you come up with.
It’s shadow DPS that are highly looked down on in ops, at least in HMs.

right now, Deception/Infiltration is far from non-viable, and is killer burst: with 4.0 I may retire my AP powertech to 2nd banana again

I would agree that Deception/Infiltration will have crazy burst with this change, but to compare it in 3.0 to Tactics/AP is not even a discussion. I have been told this by players who cleared previous Nightmare content with Shadow DPS and are 7/10 current HM or more.

Good, I was hoping that you didn’t truly think Infiltration Shadow was better than Tactics VG. I’ll also be utilizing my Shadow again but it may be difficult with the buff to Tactics VG now that they will have Storm, like they weren’t OP enough already.

also force speed backwarde + the new leap builds 3 stacks so you have 2instant stack builders now thats just going overboard

It doesn’t say about having a minimum range here, so speed might not even have to be used, so you can keep that to get the fuck away when needed

Not to complain, because giving sorcs phase walk is really nice, but that leaves sorcs as the ONLY class without a new active ability! That sucks. A new expansion of this scale is expected to have new and cool abilities that players can look forward to unlocking as they level, that is a core part of the MMO experience. To me this a blemish in an what so far appears to be a great expansion, but I guess you can’t have everything.

To be honest, Sorcs/Sages really have enough tools at this point. Having Phase Walk is just the icing on the cake now. The other got new actives to improve mobility, which is very strong for Sorc/Sage as it is. Lightning/TK can run circles around most ACs and has the damage to put down people quickly, or the self-healing to survive most everything. As a long time Sorc/Sage player, I’m quite okay with how this came out.

I agree, was a little dissapointed, was hoping for one more ability maybe, but this already is a ton. Everything is subject to change so don’t fear yet! Hopefully this means not too much of an ability rotation change.

Honestly I kinda want a melee ability or something just so I can use my saber every oncein a while :’) doesn’t have to be part of a rotation, it could be super situational, jut would be nice, cuz I feel like theres no point in my saber at all sometimes.

Incorrect, PTs and VGs got equally nothing new, we got the leap ability tanks got baseline, while the tank spec got a brand new ability. So Sorcs are not alone in the lack of new ability.

The only difference the cast makes is forcing you to stand still while swapping (probably to stop you jumping to your death and swapping so someone else dies; and swapping midair would be buggy as shit)
1.5 sec cast doesn’t actually cost more time than an instant
Nothing useless about it

I really like the changes to the Sorc healing too. I can increase a players movement by 50% to get them away from trouble or get them back into the fray if they are pushed out of combat, i.e. DP getting transported to the bridge, or the end boss on S&V.

a great many people care, you just happen not to be one of them..
I hope BW’ll give priority to the official blog, but I’d be a bit surprised if they do

I’m actually pleasantly surprised. As a shadow tank, getting the buff to Kinetic Ward is always going to be welcome since we’re so reliant on it, but the new leap ability is a REALLY nice surprise for the class is a really nice surprise, and actually solves one of the few long-standing issues I’ve had with the class.

No need to speed anymore, phantom stride doesn’t use a gcd, so when you pull immediately phantom stride and then slow time, thus saving force speed.

ah yeah, you’re right, I missed the part about it not using a gcd (which was my main reason for using force speed instead)
so now it’s just which you want to safe for just after opening, speed or leap, makes no difference imo ^^ (though force speed is way more versatile, so think I’ll probably save that indeed)

trollolololololololololololololololololol. The new devs clearly know what they’re doing…………….guess there are going to be nothing but assassins/sorcs in wrz again.

I think mercs are getting HO removed. Eve though we’re getting “rocket out” , i still prefer HO for ops purposes. HO was great for moving out of aoe and such.

Sounds very enticing, can’t wait to see how Wards will work for myself.

But I find it very annoying they just up the levels on everything to fulfill this false sense of progression. It’s like one day, if we ever get to be able to be level 100, Force Pull will be gained at level 50. WTF?! Stop it. Invent new skills, come on.

And give me my damn Spinning Vortex nonsense for crying out loud!!!!!!!

Also, it’s worth considering that after the 12xp ends, it’ll take far longer to reach the increased levels for the abilities now, meaning you’re spending significantly more gameplay without them in your rotations. Absolutely makes no sense

We still need to find out what this “streamlining” of 1-50 is that they’ve been talking about. Many of us suspect that it just means that they’re making the 12xp mechanics permanent. For everyone.

You have XP boosts and, if you’re a sub, you get rested XP. It’s really not that hard of a game to level up in at all.

The problem is that EA/Bioware chose to build SWTOR using HeroEngine ( ) which was never really designed to go beyond level 50. Consequently, instead of rebuilding the game with a different engine or patching the current one, they downsize the existing levels to squeeze in more levels. RotHC’s 55 is actually 50, SoR’s 60 is 50, KotFE’s 65 is 50.

Oh! Guess what?

If the game ever reaches level 100, it is STILL going to be level 50 to HeroEngine.

EA/Bioware made a mistake but instead of being honest with gamers, admitting the error and explaining it themselves – they do this. Hopefully, if there is ever an Old Republic 2, they’ll pick a better game engine.

One does not simply blow 200 million on a game on an engine and simply have the option to improve by remaking it on another.

Do note that all the classes were given one more shiny new gapcloser to catch up with you after you blow phase walk 😛

…. those are ranged classes tho…. do they really need a gapcloser?

I wouldn’t even consider what the merc/comm and sorc/sage got a gapcloser. That’s an escape utility.

On the other hand, Gunslingers did get a skill that resets the cooldown of their semi-gapcloser they currently have.

…. so there…

“[Gunslinger/Sniper roll] doesn’t go through walls or give us the ability to see through them.”
….. right….
List of all the other gapclosers that don’t do this either:
*Operative/Scoundrel Roll
*New Operative/Scoundrel gapcloser
*Knight/Warrior leap
*New Knight/Warrior dash
*Vanguard/Powertech leap
*Vanguard/Powertech Hydraulics/HTL
*Consular/Inquisitor Force Speed
*New Shadow/Assasin gapcloser

… I just listed every other freaking mobility option in the game…. why do I let people troll me…

“Using Phase Walk to return to its marked location grants Shifting
Silhouette/Ethereal Entity, keeping you from being leapt to or pulled
and making you immune to interrupts and ability activation pushback for
the next 6 seconds.”

Ahh, yes. I didn’t see this utility until later. Rip.
However, I will add that smarter players will save their soft mobility option (which now every class has) to close the gap, even if they can’t use their hard gapclosers on you.

Holy crap…Powertechs/Vanguards just got bi**h slapped while Assassins/Shadows got boosted through the roof.
Bunch of mongloids running this game now.

Powertechs at endgame were already trivializing content. They don’t need another ability, and arguably, giving them MORE mobility endgame (by giving DPS pt/vg’s the gapcloser) is a superbuff….

Trivializing how ? Elaborate please.
They didn’t gave Powertechs more mobility, they took some of it away while giving everyone else more.

yeah but he ignored the new gapclosers the DPS get, so…. shhh…. maybe he will continue to ignore it and he won’t be strong, and other players will have an advantage over him.

A very tl;dr explanation.
Temple of Sacrifice, at the time of 3.0, was a piece of the hardest content in the game. On hard mode difficulty, you had to deal with several mechanics that Hydraulic Overrides/Hold The Line would completely trivialize.

I’m not gonna explain all of the mechanics that were trivialized as the post would have to go into detail and explanation of how HTL/HO was able to trivialize the content, and similar abilities like op/scound roll or Force Speed didn’t. But the most important aspect of this is that because of this single ability, you could basically a hefty mechanic in two HM fights. You bring any other class, and you were literally handicapping yourself. This changed later, but to make sure that all bases are covered, HTL and HO absolutely HAD to have a nerfed cooldown. If you consider the nerfed cooldown a “taking away of mobility”, I would disagree wholeheartedly. It’s just a nerf, bro. It was up for every moment a mechanic in HM came up, and now it won’t be.

Not to mention they ADDED a gapcloser to the DPS vanguards/powertechs. That’s adding mobility…. I don’t see how you see otherwise. If you want to ignore the complete addition of a new gapcloser ability (yes, recycled from tanks, but still, it’s completely new for the DPS’s, it’s something they did not have before, and something they will very much make huge use out of), then… I don’t know what to say to you. I feel sorry that you don’t see this as a really strong buff.

Ok…so because Powertechs are trivializing most/all of the content in 1 raid, it warrants a nerf that kicks them in the balls for 50 levels in both PvE and PvP ?
Nice logic =P

sorry i cant agree with nerfing HTL for 1 PVE raid no matter the reason even if it meant to be trivialized
this is a nerf not needed neither for pve nor pvp period!

even commandos are screwed over because of that

Oh no! A fifteen second increased cooldown on a speed boost that gives you superhuman anti-CC abilities! (whilst Bioware gives you a mobility escape to compensate)

See nobody cares…
Hell, I may roll commando in PvP, I think they’re that ridiculously strong now.

Also, it’s either they nerf HTL/HO, or they make the raid harder for EVERY class by reducing the cooldown of said raid mechanics….

You’re not even gonna miss that 30 second cooldown that much.

Also, it wasn’t JUST temple of sacrifice, nor was it the only thing PT’s/VG’s had that trivialized crap.

Totally agree. However, their light armor makes the ssin tank the bane of every healers existence. I cringe when a fresh 60 wants to join the op as a ssin tank. PT and Jugg any day.

Yea, they can be a hassle to keep alive ^^
But an Assassin that knows what he’s doing…is nasty.
Especially now, when their “Assorted tools of Harassement” just got bigger.

Probably you forgot how much Powertechs are overboosted these days
Stop the whining shts and learn to play without whines

I main a PT in pvp and HM operations. not sure where you read we got nerfed for 4.0. This just makes me want to bring out my favorite Deception for more advanced content. this will be fun

The Bounty Hunter/Trooper class changes.
Powertechs get Jet Charge as baseline power now, but at lvl 61 which means that the tanks doesn’t have a “closing in” ability before lvl 61.
In addition to that, the mobility we have now is reduced and we have to sacrifice utility points to get it back.

A 15 second increased cd on Hydraulic overrides. I know, I read the fine print, as well as the passive bonuses, and the utility changes.

You seem to take for granted what a bonus it will be to have jet charge; and you’ve failed to mention the PT tanking skill that lets you switch places with a team member (sort of an intercede, but better) and leavin them with a very nice little buff. I think the advantages of having jet charge outweigh the slight inconvenience of a longer cd for HO. So, it’s a minor nerf. Coming from an AP PT, my mobility and utility in pve is pretty amazing, and I don’t anticipate this to change in 4.0. Getting an elemental dot on Energy Burst? I’m more than fine with that.

Assassins and Shdows always get buffs, never got nerfed.
That’s how it works. BW loves to play Assassins themselfes, and thats why normaly developers aren’t allowed to play the game on the life servers (in other companys).

They boost what they prefer themselfes to play and ruin the game for all the others.

You have obviously not played all tiers of content since the game came out. If you are going to play all day long Taral V you will obviously be OP with a shadow. 16m NiM Thrasher was obliterating my shadow tank with those ‘awesome self heals’. Aoe taunt snipers on KB so they don’t kill the healer? Had no slinger shield or deflect? RIP shadow. 16m TFB NiM Kephess should I even mention ‘Deafeated by Kephess with Power Punch 19k’. The list is long and distinguished, so is my Johnson by the way, as to where shadows were horrible. Please keep spreading trash about Shadows. It is pretty much the second worst class in terms of burst in PVP. Just because we have a few stunlocks (so do operatives btw and they p***y out with heals) does not mean we are op.
This game is being balanced by incompetents and suffers even more because of people who have no clue how to play it.

Been there, done that.
Sorc/Sage is very squishy unless you know how to time your abilities.
Besides, I’m talking about the other advance class, Assassin/Shadow…which whom aren’t that squishy 😉

lol these devs . for sith warrior/jedi : “we are working on making these classes more mobile” .. while giving them a leap, all the other classes do too now? so the sin which was already a pretty mobile class just got more mobile . think all the devs play now is sins/sorcs . this game lol so done this year , another failure expansion pack like the previous one. one month after shadow of revan launched, the game was more dead than ever . rip TOR

Smells like complainers are on the stage again…………………..
Stop whining and start playing pacman is the new game for you

Stop trolling people who are making actual making points. You’re just a waste of meat otherwise. And yes you’re obviously the same person under different names.

Stop the damn whining and start playing !

Maybe this way you will learn to do something else than quitting
Most of the people are Pve players anyway and only the PvP Tardies are whining every time, unbelievable sht

I play both a shadow/assassin and sage… and giving my sage phase walk doesn’t seem to make much sense. sorcs are already enough of a pain in the ass without them being able to port away.


I’m not sure how I feel about these class changes in 4.0. So far it doesn’t look like my favorite toons (Sage/Sorc speced into Lightning/Telekinetics) are getting nerfed, but I’m feeling a little underwhelmed here.

Unless an operation or flashpoint calls for DP to stack somewhere specific, as a ranged dps, I do my best to stay as far out as possible while being in a convenient place for my healers. That being said, how does Phase Walk help me? What am I suppose to do with it? Drop it and teleport farther out and then burn force speed to get back in with the group? They gave healers a utility that makes the ability more useful, but I read nothing that indicated that Sages/Sorcs would be getting the assassin/shadow shelter utility, which I know could be useful utility wise (I don’t Sage/Sorc heal, but I have a Scoundrel).

I see that they are giving us some utilities that are kinda useful because they increase survivability, but I’m not interested in playing a “Tanky” DPS for the most part. We all know this, but I going to say it anyway, the role of a DPS is Damage. I don’t want survivability. I want more damage. I want a “Glass Cannon” or a “Paper Tiger”. That is balanced. The balance there is damage vs longevity. I guess I was really hoping for more creative balancing in 4.0.

I remember back in 2.x how classes were all very different when it came to what they brought to the table. If you need lots AOE threat, Assassins/Shadows brought it, but they needed to know what they were doing and be backed by a great healer because they really couldn’t take a hit. If you needed a tank that could hold a boss and take it to the face, you wanted a Guardian/Juggernaut. If you needed a tank that could do both you had the PowerTech/Vanguard who were a balanced intermediate step between. That was balanced. Not because they all could do the same thing but because they all brought something different to the table that could help as well as hinder a group. The trade offs, the differences, and the pros and cons were what balanced things out, in PVE anyway. In 3.x we now have classes that completely eclipse the rest and I see a need to try and even the playing field. However, I don’t making classes more homogeneous is the right way though.

lol at glass canon. Sorcs/Sage are tanks, healers and dps all in one…

these changes are mainly for PvP, as they said they would be months ago (changes to the meta).

PvE is mainly memorizing boss mechanics so new utilities and mobility aren’t really necessary since the only time you move in PvE is to avoid the “red circles”.

I know that the changes are more for pvp, but I personally would prefer that there at least be something for pve as well. Pvp isn’t the only reason people play this game.

These changes by no means improve PVP for anybody. Including Sorc-players who are too oblivious to understand how imbalance in favor of their own class directly contributes to their own excessive queue times.

Beyond that, pretty handy tool for healers in PVE ops boss battles I would think.

I have a Slinger and a Sniper. I was expressing my opinion in a more general sort of way. I was hoping for changes that were meaningful rather than evening the playing field by making the classes less unique.

Oh, and the changes to the Sniper and Slinger, kind of useless.

yes DPS is for dealing damage however I HATE being a squishy DPS, which is why I play shadow, I’ve got mobility AND survivabilty, sure I’m not the absolutely highest DPS in the game, but I’m generally better at surviving than my sent friend.

I am so happy with the phase walk thing! I remember I always wanted phase walk because it remembered me from a spell the warlocks had in a game-that-shouldn’t-be-mentioned.

because warlocks and sages are the same thing.

phasewalk for sages and sorcs… great so now in PVP we’re gonna have fucking hamster ball bubbles sorcs running around and disappearing at the last fucking minute.

I play both a shadow AND sage and honestly it felt like a shadow ability more than a sage one….

guess we’ll see

I was hoping to get some interesting character building abilities, like force distract…..but, teleporting like a wizard is fun too.

Ok but as I remeber not so long ago there where post about set bonuses for all classess and about increase dps max to 5%… to be honest what I see the only few sepcs across classess gets dmg increase…

Will “they” give us a free character slot(s) with the launch of the expansion? I would create an Assasin/shadow to try that out. Blizzard did that along their last expansions.

Yes. If you have full slots on a server, you will get one extra free slot. Most due to the fact that you will have the chance to play your current characters or start a new fresh 60 from the start.

Hey, I got confused with all that news feeds around the net – is it truth that Assasins/Shadows got their former survivability and dps back?

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