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SWTOR Fallen Empire Chapter 1 Gameplay from IGN

IGN has posted a couple videos showcasing the character customization and gameplay from chapter 1 of the upcoming SWTOR expansion.

Character Customization


First 7 minutes


Another 16 minutes (continues after the 7 minutes video)


Another 10 minutes (continues after the 16 minute video with a different character)


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I was shouting at the screen, “Apply your bleeds you fool! No don’t use Ravage yet! Please for god sake stop spamming Assault!” I’m pretty sure he was using A and D to turn…..
Regardless, that video was pretty inspiring, I am way more excited about this than I was before I watched all the videos. Not cool with the one shot on Marr though. But he is tough, and he will live I am sure of it.

Yeah, they are just journalists that happen to work for a gaming website? Why the hell is “Crazy, fanatic, gamer” not a prerequisite to work as a writer for it. However, it is likely they wanted to use some jo-shmo with no MMO experience just to showcase what new players would expect should they decide to sub and skip all the epic story before this expansion. Which of course seems like a stupid thing, but what-evs. At least the rest of us know how to combo moves in sequence.

Because a lot of “Crazy, fanatic, gamers” don’t have college degrees that could deliver correct journalism. Having a major in “video game development” or whatever bullshit they offer does not qualify someone to be a journalist for video games no matter how “crazy or fanatic”

That probe was Gree tech. Identical to the Solus Secant speeder, even. I wonder if it was intentional or just re-used assets.

I have that SoR reputation gear on my Inquisitor, have a couple different sets dyed different colors, always get people asking where I got it and I tell them to not always just toss reputation gear out of hand, it can be pretty awesome. You can use comms though to get them, think it’s the level 55 vendor?

Nice to see the conformation, but we all knew it had to be this way. There couldn’t be some random Empire without some sort of Sith influence

It’s sad, you don’t see a ton of Marr in the story but this honestly has me more upset than anything else in every story I’ve played in the game. This sucks. I considered maybe the Zakuul might be an improvement over the decadence and corruption in the Empire (the real Empire), but Valkorion and Scarface fucked up, great though their voice acting is.

did I not read somewhere ( datamined ?) that if he lives you get an achievement ? — so must be some chance of him living? choices you make count remember ?

that is accurate, and that is what I initially stated. But I feel that a moderator deleted that comment. Which is fine, because it is datamined information.

there is a comment about NOT needing the republic — he likes — he also approves of ramming the ship — does Marr’s approval of your choices decide whether he lives or not ?

That’s making me curious as well. Unless it was just there as a way to catch people off-guard, either now or when they play.

I’d hazard a guess that with the new companon system they can set any NPC as a comp of any role specifically for these “one-time deals”.

Oh, I’m not concerned about that. It *cannot* be a game issue. For example, how could it be playing the audio from a choice I haven’t made yet?

I think I remember that videos of streams had this offset audio problem. Oh well.

Yeah I was watching it and was banging my head on the desk. Like use leap ffs buff yourself. Stop using the lvl 57 smash replacement 10 yards away wasting the ability and hitting nothing.

Like u I actually cheered when he did leap which was shocking to me. He often wasted pros aswell ignoring them entirely. And I’m certain for the first of of his gameplay he didn’t use force scream.

At least we’re less than a month away and will be playing soon.

Sucks so little questions have been answered while there happy to show spoiler of some of story.

Like I wish we new more about companion changes, such as if I refuse an offer from a companion to join me because I’m hoping for a different one will I still get that chance or will I have 1 less companion than others.

Another question they need to answer is how many companions can we have on a character is it the same number as now with us just able to choose some companions we can get or has the companion limit increased.

These things are far more important than story spoiler shown by players clearly playing the game for the first time

i know too little information too much spoilers. With that said, since i got a ton of lv 60’s plus the free incoming 60 i will be playing them according to their personality (RP perspective) and make choices on that and i’ll see what it will get me and then i can try those out on my main.

From what has been said, companions don’t “offer” to join you, so you can’t actually refuse a companion.

Instead, companions join you either because of a story arch or because you have deliberately leveled the appropriate faction standing for that companion.

Likewise, if your decisions result in a companion leaving you, you should still be able to regain faction points for that companion to get them back.

They haven’t mentioned companion limits, but I doubt there will be any outside of any factional limits (i.e. leveling one faction could lower another).

It is worth keeping in mind that kotfe companions are not like your normal companions. All of the companions you currently have will remain your companions outside of kotfe content, so it’s likely the reverse is true for kotfe companions; only available in kotfe content.

That means kotfe companions probably can’t be used for crew missions or daily grinds.

That sucks. I was really hoping to be able to pick my companions and not have dead weights hanging around that I don’t want or like. Comps like quinn corse skadge doc and the ran

While able to get the companions I want. They have said companions previously tied to other classes and faction may show up in your story and o longer class specific so was hoping I could use that to build a team of companions I want. But alas looks like I’m stuck with dead weight

If you just don’t like the companion then yes it’ll be a bit of a waster hanging around your ship.

However, keep in mind that companion combat roles are being removed and instead replaced with a button to switch them between healer, tank, and DPS.

So you could have Skadge as your DPS guy, or Corso as a healer.

They’ve not yet confirmed if the companion’s weapon role can be changed as well, though.

Yeah I understand that but it for me if I don’t like the companion or want it being able to change its combat role won’t make a differance to me hehe. For example I would kill corso if I had the chance. Being able to change him to a healer or tank wouldn’t change that. Meaning he would be a wasted companion ill never use.

Obviously there’s still somethings about companions we don’t know yet but considering they have been using the term more meaningful player choices you’d think they would give us a bit more control with this new companion system that let’s us choose our companions we get hehe.

Wishful thinking tho unfortunately but a guy can hope one day we get more control ☺

This guy was worse then a nub, he was the alpha nub. My brain cried out the entire time watching these. My in-game OCD called out for the weird layout, not using his buff, not healing almost never.

The last vid though renewed my faith a bit. That person was 1000% better

Was nice to see the new companion system though, and how these use more actual adv. class-styled powers.

A nub (quite aware of the normal meaning) to be is more then a noob. It repersents a noob that has transcended into the land of legendary fails. Noobs can be taught; Nubs are hopeless.

Ever think other people might use a word in a different context? Yeah, think before you go play spelling and/or grammar nazi.

I am wonder, how come Darth Marr got downgraded from an Harrower-Class Dreadnought to Gage-Class Transport? Who did he annoy

This always bothered me. As a Dark Council member, his ship should always be the flagship in the order of battle. Harrowers should always be flagships as they are the largest ships we have seen.
The only logic I can find is if he wants to command battle from a distance and not tie up a capital ship to do so.
The problem with that is this is DARTH MARR! He would not do something so cowardly.
The only other thing that comes to mind is if ALL Harrowers are being used for strategic purposes, he may not be able to justify tying up a vessel of that size for personal use.

Can only use other stuff when Choke is up as a Tank, he was Vengeance dps so he has to sit there and channel it, which is even worse really

it hasn’t been that way since 3.0…any melee class, tank or not, no longer has to channel the ability for more than a GCD.

I main a Vigilance Guardian. You can move and channel, but only Tanks have the instant cast, non-channeling Choke/Stun.

Am I the only one who’s not happy that Mar is getting killed of? Like what the? He is why the Sith are awsome!!!! I can’t believe they’re doing that and just when I figured he might help rebuild the Sith!!!!!!

If Marr dies, the one thing holding the empire together dies. Guess this answers how the Empire lost.

Well the Sith better be ready to go jedi or hide somewhere!

I am freaking out. Him and Theron Shan are my favorite NPC’s in the TOR era.
I know people are saying this is a “dream” but that does not seem right to me…
I fear for the worst. Yes, he will one day die and this is far from the worst death he could have (he died like a badass, but the Emperor’s power is too great). But this is TOO SOOOOOON!!!

Marr’s death is optional.

What we see is just Marr getting his ass handed to him by Valkorion. There is a decision to kneel or resist.

You kneel, he dies (dark side). You resist, he lives (light side).

You’re an idiot. You can’t have it both ways. You kneel to Valkorion knowing what he did to Ziost, what he wants to do the galaxy, etc. etc. Marr will die, it only makes sense.

Or it is all in your mind, Valkorion is playing tricks with you and you’re already in carbonite suspension. I suspect that after Marr’s ship is destroyed that you’re placed in carbonite and Valky is playing with your mind sans Revan until the beginning of chapter 3. This is all conjecture however until the expac is released.

Yeap. The outlander says that he saw his friends die when the attack happened in the guardian stream and Lana confirms that it was just a carbonite induced dream

seems more likely yes and would be interesting to have it that way as well. Perhaps the Emperor is trying to see what he get out of you and if u can be made loyal or not.

With just one thing in mind, mar get sapped to “death” before you get the kneel option. and when he says does one more dead body suppose to stop me and marr was better then you seems to imply he is no more.

but like Kar said down below, i think its more an induced dream after you either ram the ship or saved people on the ship. So it is possible that you get 2 chapters long of being in carbonite and dreaming, probably the emperor ways to get answers and find out if you are loyal. Remember the part where Arcann said he wants answers but you dont need to talk to give them would be an indication as well.

But nonetheless these are all speculations and what the heck. im exited to see which way it will go. 1 more month to go!!! whoop whoop [—–] <<< ticket for the hype train. lol

Arcann: We tested your strenght.
Marr: You seem to have suffered for it. (sik burn)
Arcann: Not as much as your people have suffered (counter burn) LOL


I would have expected more gameplay to be honest, i mean, even if it was of the 1-60 content, showing us the changes to the game, but something more then running around with no sprint on to deliberately slow it down.

The aesthetic of the Imperial ship, the angles on the cutscenes, some of the improved animations, I only watched the first 7 minutes so I didnt get all spoiled up, and I am certain theres plenty to complain about for some, but I am honestly a bit hyped from what I have seen, looks pretty good.

I believe that when you have conversation with Marr, make sure you select the options Marr approves, “Forging the bond”. It is either automatic, or you have an option to talk him that he doesn’t do any stupid moves. Dunno mate, whatever the way is, Darth Marr shall live! Marr is love, Marr is life. <3

Unmarred achievement was removed, like a long ago, it is going to be re-added. It was removed because it did not have a purpose, or so i did understand.


Given the way his ghost interacts with Satele Shan (which feels totally part of the story that everyone gets and not something branching out) I doubt there is any way for him to survive.

I wonder if that will ever be re-added. I know he’s listed as a companion in the decorations section, but even if you go to your stronghold before facing the Emperor, Marr is still unavailable. Hope they do something more with him.

Its funny how it ends just before a major choice, i mean i bet there is something that prevents you from accepting the Emperor’s offer, its how bioware works, i mean i love their stories, but i gave up on their ‘your choices matter’ statements a long ago, i just treat these types of games as a linear story with an illusion of choice.

So, i can see the choices are going to be:

1: No
2: No
3: No

There will be no, yes choices at all.

If i remember correctly some one from BW said that we can kneel. But even if we do kneel we will still remain with Empire/Republic u cant join Zakul, but via story it seems like so. We shall found out in few days.

I highly doubt that we will be able to join them, it would require too much arcing in the story, i mean, bioware are awesome at stories, but when it comes to choices, they fail miserably.

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