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GW2 Twitchcon Heart of Thorns Maps

GW2 Twitchcon panel on Heart of Thorns maps showing off the gliding some map mechanics.




  • For the Floor is Lava adventure, it was originally in Verdant Brink but the location we chosed had too low of a ceiling. When we raised the ceiling to enable for more camera view, we discovered there is actually some Itzel village at the top so we had to move that to another location.
  • Leyline Gliding – Leyline energy throughout Maguuma Jungle connecting various areas and platforms. Normal gliding is not good enough to use that energy. As you level up gliding tiers, you will be able to use the updrafts and at the final tier you will be able to use these Leyline, bump you across quickly across these Leyline energies like water skipping.
  • There are jumping puzzles and other hidden contents you can only get to by gliding. There are loot chests that are literally hanging in midair.
  • Verdant Brink has the day/night cycle meta event, the other 3 maps will have some other meta events that result in huge world bosses like Tequatl or Evolved Jungle Wurm.
  • New maps have hubs where unlocking them will unlock to new contents such as jumping puzzles etc.
  • There are some burrowing chickens hidden somewhere..


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Not so sure I am sold on the gliding and the maps that have several levels. I like really big maps to explore, with surprises hidden in unexpected places. I have pre ordered and am looking forward to HOT, mostly for the elite classes.

It seems a lot of the focus of the x-pac will be guild based stuff (strongholds, raids, etc) and I can never seem to find a stable guild in GW2, so I also wonder if will prevent me from enjoying a lot of the content. Would have liked to see some new dungeons as it will probably be a lot easier to get groups for dungeons if you aren’t in a solid guild.

I also wonder about the difficulty of these raids. Are the bosses harder than Teq? Will be interesting to see how the raids play out, especially since one of the original ideas behind GW2 was no role based trinity.

Also, was there any mention of living story season 3? I looked through the x-pac info and don’t remember seeing anything.

So you would rather events instead of expansion, where there are raids, new fractals, new maps, new story, masteries, etc? Think about it… You cant get everything. And Anet is still pretty small company in compare to for example WoW development team. They can either concentrate on living world or on an expansion.

well they have to conclude the story (HoT is supposed to be a continuation of S2 after all). I doubt they’d just end it with the release of HoT after having it build up over such a long time(it was going on for almost a year, wasn’t it?)

My personal theory on the missing 2 week content cadence is 2 things.

We know that most of Anet’s focus has been on HoT for a long while now. And their team isn’t huge, so bi weekly content is on the back burner.

But I’ve been thinking too. Why Anet even decided to do an exspansion at all. Especially seeing as how in the past, after the 2 week content started, they said they weren’t even sure if there ever would be an expansion.

Which I think that, at first, money flow wasn’t a problem for Anet. So they were able to just exspand the game threw these regular updates for free for us for a long time. But it couldn’t of been that cheap for them. Paying artists, designers, writers, and so many more talented people to come up with new content every 2 weeks, again, all for free.

Even with good sales of the game and players buying Gem Store stuff, all of that was going to catch up with them eventually and it did. Having to pay for the season 2 story mission, if you weren’t playing when they first came out?? So Anet decided to do a big exspansion to get enough money to fund another 3 years of free content.

I hope they’re learning from this though and do better with it all next time. Like NOT waiting til they have no choice but to make an exspansion and have to cut the bi weekly content all the way to work on it.

Now I could be wrong and Anet will just keep all the money to themselves this time. But I very much doubt it. This is Anet we’re talking about. ;p

No way the bosses are harder than Teq. He requires 60-80 people to complete. Also, I am sure the raids will be pug-able once people figure out the strategies and post them on youtube.

I dont think he meant it number wise. On teq, if you have enough people, its more imposible to fail, then to succed. So in this way i think raids should be harder than teq, and hopefully even than fractals (current pve end game)… Since you will be able to get from them legendary armor. But ofc we will find out. After all there was no content before in this game, where the group would be 8-10 people.

i am a bit concerned about the single-player content. i know group content is what excites people but for a good 70%+ of my gameplay, i solo, so i hope they have a lot of things that can be completed alone, effectively if not intentionally.

I skipped all the boring bits with no glider gameplay but that was a cool vid.

I’m still on the fence about buying and leaning towards not, but seeing the glider in action and the new maps makes HoT a bit more appealing.

“Verdant Brink has the day/night cycle meta event, the other 3 maps will have some other meta events”
So only 4 maps in HoT confirmed? Please send me an info about that 🙂 I hope we will reach whole Maguuma 🙂

The 4 new maps are HUGE. 4 of the biggest maps ArenaNet has ever made. They’re actually 3D maps. You can explore the ground floor, up in the massive trees, and all the way to the jungle canopy.

Don’t know if they’ll represent the entire Magumma jungle, but I think most of it for sure. Plus, they might be saving a few things to be added in large future updates. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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