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GW2 Twitchcon Legendary Journey in HoT

GW2 Twitchcon Legendary Journey panel where Legendary Precursor Masteries are discussed.



Legendary Crafting Mastery (Precursor Crafting)

  • This will give you an account bound precursor. The legendary crafting from precursor to legendary step is not being changed.
  • You will need to unlock the Legendary Crafting Mastery line to be able to purchase these volumes that allow you to start off the precursor crafting collections.You need to progress down the Mastery line to able to get the 2nd vol and third vol etc.


  • Start off with a lore based collection. I.e. For Juggernaut, you go to various giants/statues in Tyria and ponder/kneel in front of them. Basically a world tour of the concept of what a Juggernaut is. Finishing this collection will give you Essence of the Colossal and recipes for first tier-The Colossus. This will allow you to craft a not so splendid version of the precursor which automatically unlocks the second collection.


  • 2nd tier of collection require you to collect materials and currencies from Merchants around Tyria. Each Merchant require you to complete a specific task before giving you the material. The first and third collection are the most distinct for each precursor while the second collection is mostly the same concept but require different items. The second collection ensures that there is a proper gold and time value to each of the precursors to maintain their value in the game.


  • Third tier of collection is more thematic based. For Juggernaut you will need to first build an Ooze Terrarium that will house all the oozes you will need to go and collect. From there you need to go and defeat Oozes around the world to collect oozes and combine them into a Chromatic Ooze. Once you have the Chromatic Ooze, you need to feed it various Ooze type beverages and food to grow that Chromatic Ooze. The final step is taking your well fed Chromatc Ooze take damage in various locations within Tyria to train it.


  • Once you finish the collections you can go and craft each tier of the precursors. Essence of the Colossal is obtained from completing the first collection but crafting other tiers require items you can only get by salving the first tier precursor and 2nd tier etc. Each tier of precursor will have unique new skins you can unlock.
  • For crafting the precursors you will need to do various activities like PvP/WvW as you will need Shards of Glory from PvP and Memories of Battle from WvW.
  • Legendary Inscription recipe was shown as well:
    • 10 Globs of Ectoplasm
    • 5 Piles of Crystalline Dust
    • Orichalcum Plated Dowel
    • 10 Elonian Leather Squares


New Legendary Weapons

  • A livestream will be showcasing the new Legendary weapons sometime between now and HoT launch. New Legendaries and their precursors will be account bound. Legendary backpack/armor will also be account bound so you have to play the content to get them.

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128 replies on “GW2 Twitchcon Legendary Journey in HoT”

You’re dropping time instead, time that can be spent making that gold.

You people need to understand heavy time sinks are not “free”. Opportunity cost is a real thing.

If it takes you longer to grind out this crap than doing dungeon tours every day for 2 months, let alone just trading in the TP, you are actually losing money by spending more of your time on not very profitable lists of chores.

“You’re dropping time instead, time that can be spent making that gold.”
This basically means “You can spen time doing different things each time or you can spend time doing the exactly same thing over and over again”. I will rather choose the first option.

Enjoyment is also a thing you know. Maybe some people prefer running around the world over grinding dungeons, even if it takes longer.

I would just like some way of obtaining legendaries WITHOUT having to grind boring crafting disciplines. If I have to grind, id rather it be combat than crafting.

I wonder if its going to be as hard as farming the gold for it, hopefully they strike a good balance. This should hopefully be as difficult as getting the gift of fortune.

But GW2 is designed primarily as a PVE game, you shouldn’t play GW2 if you aren’t expected to do at least some PVE, PVP has a lot more haters than PVE ever has.

They should not force us to do PVP.

It doesn’t have to, no. Given that no high PvP player uses a legendary because you want to be discrete without a huge “kill me neon sign”.

Legendaries are a PvE showoff thing. Not so much in WvW and even not at all in PvP.

That’s not the problem , the problem is transition- its easier for a pvp player to pve but much harder for pve player to pvp unless you want to cheat and get carries

I agree. I have always wanted to try pvp, but just haven’t tried it yet. I don’t mind, it just makes me nervous because I’ve haven’t pvp’ed since WoW ( that’s been years).

thats not true at all. GW1 and GW2 balance has always been focused around PVP and PVP is what they have pushed since day one because they want it to be an e sport

PvPPvE also WvW

Some players have problems to fight against real human players.
Not the level of difficult is the point. Each one can master PvP, when he/she wants this and took effort into it.

Its more like AI is “dead”, you fight against a non living thing.
A player is alive… well its difficult to explain such things to people who dont understand other “minds”. ^^

And im not interested to battle other humans in games or get into a competition who is better in this or that. Was never interested into such things and i dont understand such “goals”. “Im better as you, haha” ??? Some people need such things to feel better(?)… some of few things that i will never understand.

But maybe i want such a weapon… and i have to do this things to get one? Why?
PvP Players can easy manage PvE conent. Also WvW players can manage PvE Content easy.
But not every PvE Player can manage PvP battles to get enough points.

So i not agree with this.

Jap. I totally understand that stance. It feels wrong that PvP got exclusive things like the Llamas and so on. And no, you’re not forced to PvE as a PvP player – Login rewards made that argument invalid. You get lvl 80 easy without farming.

Current legendaries require the Gift of Battle. That’s 500 badges of honor and at least level 14 in WvW. I don’t see why PvP can’t have a hand in it as well.

Just join up with the custom lobbies if it irks you that much. People make them to get the dailies easily, I don’t see why they couldn’t have shard farms going as well.

That’s assuming I was pro WvW cost. Hint: I was not. There goes your argument towards me.

As I wrote many times: Legendaries are a PvE showoff thing. They always have been and they allways will be.

This is the main issue I have with this system. It incentivizes half-assed behavior like afking a pvp match that will undoubtedly ruin the PvP experience for anyone that will actually want to play.

who wants to pvp just go for ranked or unranked arena, these hotjoin rooms have a clear reason to be there, just read the room name, dueling room, daily room, room 1-100 to farm wins, you’ll just ruin your experience if you want

I was wondering how they’d bring these sort of world-wide objectives back. I liked the old trait system (3rd iteration, whatever) where you unlocked traits by completing specific objectives around Tyria, it was a lot of fun and made you explore a little more of the world you’d otherwise ignore. Looking forward to the places Quip makes you go. 😀

I’m not a fan of being forced into PvP :/ I mean it is easy but I hate the Capture system they have there and well Stronghold… I’d rather play a real MOBA for that…

I hope there’s more info if you can get that stuff from other sources aswell…

I highly doubt it. Part of the stated design goal was that you had to play all the game types. There’s jumping puzzle and WvW related stuff in there too. If you want a Legendary through this system you’ve gotta do a little bit of everything.

Search the hot join servers for daily servers. You can do all the pvp dailies in two games. I recommend starting now and holding the reward track potions until you can get the shards of glory.

That is exactly what I have been doing for quite some time now. Adding in everything still does feel forced. High end PvP players i.e. never use legendaries because they are a giant neon hit me sign. Legendaries are a PvE showoff thing. Always been, always will.

I mean you totally need free chosable stats in PvP… /s

Why would that be a problem…you get hit with agony all the time. even if you don’t do fractals just join a scale 10+ get hit and leave.

Then pick some precursor with reqs that are suited to your needs or just flat out buy the precursor you want. Problem solved.

nah, i dont think this is solutions, I am pretty sure, that all prec will have same “way to”, coz it “should be great challenge”, according to anet proklamations :/

What part of “even if you don’t do fractals just join a scale 10+ get hit and leave.” Trust me, you’ll know when you get hit with agony, and it won’t take long. There is no requirement, just look in LFG. There will be plenty of crap to do, I’m looking forward to the wonderful pvp/wvw/dungeon requirements.

Exactly. Find out which level has a boss fight in it, hop in alone, die to agony damage, zone out.

You don’t need to beat it, just take damage. You’re looking at 5, fifteen minutes tops and you never have to look at fractals again.

sorry i don’t get that “join a scale 10+”, maybe this will work, but still, i dont like be “forced” into something, which is not from PvE, why do i need anything from fractals/WvW/pvp for pure PvE stuff ?? like now u must get lvl 30 (or what, i dont watch it now) in WvW to get gift of battle for legendary, why ??

Fractals of the Mists is nothing more than a different kind of PvE dungeon, I don’t know if your confused about Edge of the Mists the WvW map. But I completely agree, I don’t like PvP, I’m not good at PvP, but I guess I will have to just suck it up because you still get stuff for being there.

On that note, judging by your name you do do fractals? do you really want people joining and then leaving? Aren’t you just leaving your own community vulnerable to time wasters?

This is super easy? I mean you get a guaranteed Agony proc whenever you enter a bossfight…

The better question is: Are you seriously crying wolf already? Without 100% info? (And without thinking?)

I like the looks of this system. Sure, you need to do tons of arbitrary stuff and still need plenty of resources, but at least you have a somewhat concrete goal to work towards – with a checklist – instead of the more abstract “get x amount of gold, hope for lucky drops and pray the price hasn’t gone up in while you were farming”.

I wouldn’t dare to speak for others, but at least for me, it really helps me remain motivated while farming.

I dunno. If, as they say, the price of crafting a precursor is the same as buying it on the trading post, then what’s the point of precursor crafting?

They didn’t say it was the same, they said that tier was to help preserve the value of the precursors on the TP. I’d be surprised if it’s 1000 gold worth of materials, since they’re factoring time as part of that equation.

Well there was already a way to avoid that, buy from TP. So if the associated cost with this method are about the same, why wouldn’t you just skip the BS and buy one? When people said they wanted a scavenger hunt, I think what they meant was they want actual story/missions and content related challenges, like seeking hidden bosses and beating them, or solving mini-JPs to get pieces and this isn’t really what they had i mind. Hence the grumbling.

Yeah but it looks like they made it more expensive to craft it then it is to just buy it off someone favoured by the RNG gods.

You can just buy it on the tp now. Why spend time + the same amount of gold to buy the precursor. Suppose it takes you 50 hours +1000 gold to get zap, and zap goes for 1k gold on the tp. What’s the point of spending 50 hours extra to craft it?

I expected a gold cost in the form of some Ascended mats (they had to make Elonian Leather valuable somehow), but over 500g to get to the 3rd tier is just insane.

I guess I never really expected to get one anyway, and HoT isn’t really changing matters.

“It’s a journey! You’re playing the game, as you’re doing this! Collecting… a Legendary Journey!”

F^%$ you Anet! I’ve had my journey for 3 years, and did everything! Haven’t seen a single precursor. Too little, too late, imo.

i think thats one of the points of this new system, it offers an alternative to the drops. i think its great but its true it doesnt seem like a good deal for long-time players

The thing i never liked about the current legendaries , there was no story about it, it was just a shopping list of items that you needed to get, no story ,no challenge , no event nothing 🙁

So is it all in vain that I have done 40% of Meterologicus and then comes the new system and I have to start all over? Hope not ‘_’

I have a strange feeling the new system will make precursors (posted on AH) to grow in price. Maybe I am wrong, fortunately there are tools to monitor it’s supply and demand. It will be interesting to watch it.

Agreed, upon reading the journel, I would rather take up gold farming than farm and grind all the mats need to make just a Precusor!
The only thing that would lure me to take on the pre crafting is the AP but even then it doesn’t look like it’s worth it (it look like 1 AP progression).

I think it will be synergy of “Road to hell is paved with good intentions” and Murphy’s rules. Pushing people into aspects they don’t like will definitelly have some side effects. And the fact every expansion in any MMO game made huge changes in prices on AH it may result in making situation worse than it was.

But that’s the blackest scenario. I wish Arena net sucess and positive effects of what they have done. They put a lot of effort in such project so they deserve good result.

Wait, PvP? Was that always mandatory for legendaries or is that new to this system? Ugh.

That said, I always enjoyed the collection / “world tour” achievements, and while I’ll never get a legendary or even a full precursor it’ll probably be a fun little thing to do.

+1 to the PvP whaaa? I will get The Hunter, this seems the best way, and a good fun way at that, a world wide treasure hunt looks like it will give a lot more meaning and memories to your flaming rifle or mercury filled hammer than just buying one from the TP.
– But –
HAVING to do PvP to get progress? Might aswell tell PvPers to complete the entire living story to get progression. Will probably take the same time and get the same reaction.
Better to have the item able to be bought with PvP currency AND/OR PvE earned currency (tokens or gold or whatever) that way you can have peeps doing what they like to get something they want, not dreading the grind through 50 wins in an arena with their own team shouting N00b! OR having to explore the entire world when all you have is one map and obsidium sanctum half done.

I guess it’s better than (apologies to Dulfy for little troll post):

Attention people of Tyria! Marvellous trashca……Marvellous Lockboxes! Marvellous LOCKBOXES in our store! Now with extra 27% off! Come closer! For 7 days only for 402 credits!

After opening it with our universal “Black Lion Chest Key” you will have a chance for precursor! Are you affraid you’re not lucky ? Don’t worry, it will be fun! GUARANTEED Box’o’Fun in every Marvellous trashc….LOCKBOX! Now with great chance for our brand new Cacophonera (TM) toy. Which makes all neighbour characters sing like a Marguerite Dumont!


thats 19 Weapons * 2 Sets * 3 Colections * 5 Gold/10003Karma = 570 Gold + 1140342 Karma to unlock alll archievement Tracks.
I think I will unlock them all right at the start, because I will surely hit a lot of the tasks by random just by playing the game.

You are assuming that the Volume 2 & 3 of each legendary will cost the same as the first and I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna be that way.

It does appear, given the trial set out for the Juggernaut, that after months of viewing giant statues all over Tyria, your character will suddenly feel the desire to make a sledgehammer…

Now excuse me while I go capture countless oozes, cross breed them, manipulate their diets and fray their genetic sequences. Its not like I could just capture A SINGLE CHROMATIC OOZE IN THE WILD AND BE DONE WITH IT!

This, truly a legendary journey to get one of the most powerful weapons in Tyria…who even tought this would be a good idea?

i see lot of negative comment on this way of getting precursor.. wtf is wrong with these ppls.. first these ppl were like “o need a non rng method to get precursor– something not involving mystic forge” finally, we have another way to get precursor and everyone in salty in there comments. these spoiled brats

Only part I don’t like (and the rest I really really like) are the direct gold sinks added to precursor crafting and the overlap in requirements with the new pvp legendary backpiece.

The journey is great. The process is great. The cost of exchange bought T6 mats for legendary items is quite high enough though. Precursors don’t actually look that great. Some of them share skins with other exotics. While they have added value in being required components to craft legendaries, I really don’t think they warrant more monetary cost then crafting an ascended weapon + farming 2 dungeon weapons (+plus that long grindy journey).

Im guessing precursors are getting new skins ” This will allow you to craft a not so splendid version of the precursor ” If the images of the items used for the components are any indication , maybe the precursors will have a skin that more resembles its legendary. After all the Precursor skins wherent “Splendid” at all with no animations or anything so how can we get a “not so splendid” version if they dnt get new skins

No, you right. They did say at some point the precursors would look like less splendid versions of the legendries. Regardless though, given the distance in quality between a non-animated juggernaut and legendary juggernaut , I feel that there is enough pure cost associated with the legendary process – don’t add pure cost to the precursor – just massive scavenging and time costs.

People act like they were expecting that the non-rng craft will be 250 mithril + 3 ecto + 1000 karma for precursor lol.

I wasn’t expecting the non-RNG method to cost over 500g per precursor.

Several “undesirable” precursors are vastly cheaper.

Now precursors cost is like 700+ gold so whats the damn point of crafting new precursors if u will spend the same amount of gold?!?

I really dont see how this says youll be spending the same 700g. Id say 15g and lots of crafting. Yes it uses a lot of expensive materials but youd only spend money if you want to cut corners and are lazy and dont want to grind. SO you could easily get a Legendary just spending Time.

10 elonian leather per legendary inscription…
Plus 10 spiritwood for one component as well as 10 deldrimor steel or leather for the other component.

Spiritwood, Deldrimor steel, and Elonian leather are now ~5g each. (Likely in response to the news.)

5*30 is AT LEAST 150g for each precursor tier (not even counting the ecto and inscription).

TL;DR: As they stated in the video… Their goal was to remove the randomness without decreasing the value.

Edit: FYI. You can probably sell the Ascended mats for ~5g each once HoT actually releases. At which point, you’re better off buying any precursor less than 450g.

I hate all this talk of “forced”.

A legendary isn’t required you entitled children. Getting a legendary shouldn’t be completely pleasant. There should be some kind of struggle, some kind of cost.

Why am I forced to pay gold? Why am I forced to kneel at statues? Why am I forced to do WvW? Why am I forced to even play the game? My god, suck it up. If you don’t want to do what is required for a legendary, then don’t get a legendary and shut up; you don’t deserve a legendary.

agreed. ive done just fine in pve and pvp with exotic gear. the best gear should be hard to get, i think. as i said above, making you go through a lot of game content to get the best stuff is pretty standard game design.

Agreed. Im going for legendaries, but not out of ‘being forced to’, but because I want to. As a very, very, long term goal

Agreed 100%, also if they didn’t make it challenging to get, I’m sure people would be complaining that its too easy to get legendaries and that they don’t feel special since everyone has one

the money sink kinda sucks. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to pay 1k just for the fucking precursor. Luckily I found the one for the rifle but sadly that won’t be enough to entirely pay for the one I actually want(especially considering the 100g I lose on the TP at that height). I really was hoping we could just trade the money for a really time consuming grind. But instead we have to grind and spend the gold on it anyway. The only problem this is solving is the randomness (I suppose that is what Arenanet wanted). Well. They even said they are trying to prevent a price drop but considering this news they might even increase the price of precursors with this.

I’m one of the many who see no point in legendaries so I’d never buy or put myself through this grind for a precursor. Forcing people into PvP for it seems like a big mistake to me.

i think its more capitalizing on the fact that most people willing to grind out a legendary are already neck-deep in pvp activities. that and completing all these tiers puts you through a lot of pve content too, so its kind of like you just have to go through the entire game to get the best gear.

which is pretty standard videogame logic, if you think of it that way.

They’re not the “best gear” though.

Statistically they’re no better than ascendeds. Yes you can juggle stats on legendaries, but if you want to change sigils as well (likely), that’ll end up costing you gold.

Plus, most of the legendary skins are the stupidest I’ve seen in any game.

And on top of all that they’re forcing people into a part of the game they might prefer to avoid.

Nothing standard or logical about that.

Anet has said that Legendaries will always be the best gear in game because: 1. Their stats will always match any newer gear that comes into the game. When ascended weapons came into the game Legendary weapon stats were raised to match them.
2. You can swap the stats on the fly. As long as you are out of combat you can change the stats on a legendary weapon to fit the situation.
3. You don’t HAVE to keep the skin. You can skin it to look like whatever you want and still have all the legendary benefits.

“Legendary is for people who are really, really good in pvp and wvw. If you’re not expert pvp and wvw player you doesn’t deserve legendary weapon” – Arenanet thinks like that.

I do agree. If you make major storyline quest that will let everyone dip into pvp world, it will make much more negative impact than positive.

If you have group of people who don’t do PvP normally, you can expect some of them (maybe 10 percent, maybe less or more) will discover it as entertaining and will continue participating in PvP in the future. The rest will probably will be glad it’s over and decent part will start hating PvP.

I had such approach in WoW. I was nearly indifferent concerning PvP and PvE when I started playing it. But as time progressed and some meta quests had PvP parts I started to dislike PvP. At some point I started avoiding PvP.
When they made PvP part of the legendary quest story, I made it through. I must admit there were some intertaing moments, but generaly it made me dislike PvP even further.

I think there’s certain analogy with human population and school. In general people wants to learn, that’s natural instinct. First being who is usually breaks that is the teacher.

I don’t like forcing people out of their comfort zone either, but you’re absolutely right on this. I was totally reluctant to PvP but it’s really easy and even very fun. I go through phases when I don’t do it for a while, but I’m like that with everything in GW2 – including GW2 itself!

Literal lol. Cheers!

It’s just little fictional people on a screen, with about about as much scare factor as a wet noodle. But wait…. you forgot about the boredom!

I’d never PvP in GW2 because I find cooldown driven combat incredibly boring. Like a coma would be more exciting. There are certain PvE aspects I enjoy so I can overlook for it a while there (for a month or two at a time), but I couldn’t in PvP.

For a while I thought revenants might change that but no such luck.

Yeah, I agree. PvPer’s are narcissistic jerks, who enjoy finding loop holes, to cheat the system. Who wants to play with them?

…. 🙂

Are they going to balance the costs towards the expensive precursors or the cheap ones? Because if something like Dusk or Zap is the benchmark, where does that leave the cheap precursors that are (by precursor standards) worthless, like Venom/Rage/Carcharias?

something is wrong, why adding more way to get precursors can push the price of it even higher. ie it isn’t even make people get precursors easier. And should be like daily, the system should let player choose PVP. PVE, WvW path to get it.

Please ArenaNet, dont force anybody to play WvW or PvP or PVE, people should play the game type they like, example i only play PvE. i dont want to be forced to play WvW or PvP

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