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GW2 Twitchcon Skill Balance Update Preview

GW2 Twitchcon skill balance update preview. This skill balance should be available next Tuesday.




  • All traps across all professions are going to have a 5 minute unpopped duration. This was a normalization thing.
  • Rune of Vampirism – Profession skills are no longer available while in mist form (PvPers can use them again in tournaments since they won’t be banned anymore)
  • Revealed was bugged, it was removing the last stack of stealth instead of all stealth, it should now pull off all stealth.
  • Cripple can only stack to a max of 5 stacks (down from 9 stacks).


  • Elementalist too oppressive in PvP with burning.
    • Blinding Ashes recharged increased from 5s to 8s.
    • Burning Fire no longer apply might when you use a cantrop.
    • Drake’s Breath – Burning duration decreased from 3s to 2.5s.
    • Ring of Fire – Applies 2 stacks of burning for 4s initially (this now applies if enemy is within radius of the ring, do not need to cross the ring). When enemy cross the ring threshold the fire stack they get has been changed from 3 stacks for 5s to 1 stack for 2 seconds.
  • Glyph of Elemental – Recharge reduced from 120s to 90s
    • Elementalist was limited in their elite abilities. Tornado was situational at best, FGS was kind of the goto, this should make elemental make viable.
  • Elementalist scepter getting buffed – some damage being added back. Dragon’s Tooth is now ground targeted.
  • Icebow getting 50% damage nerf and now affects 3 targets per hit (down from 5)
  • Vigor trait for elementalist on crit will be normalized to other profession’s (going to 10s recharge with 5s duration instead of 5s recharge with 5s duration).


  • Flamethrower getting a dmg increase on the autoattack.
  • Fragmentation Shot (Pistol), bleeding duration increased 2s to 3s, allowing you to stack more bleed
  • Healing Turret (Cleansing Burst) going to be affected by your healing power and AMR. Will scale up properly.
    • AMR would recharge your heal but your flip over skill (Cleansing Burst) wouldn’t be recharged. This bug has been fixed.
  • Magnet used to not pull a target to you if it was near the edge of the range. Now it will pull targets up to 1200 range properly.
  • Medical Dispersion Field trait – Reworked. There is now no internal cooldown and it is only triggered by your heals on yourself. The healing pulsed out to your allies has been increased by 20%.
  • Takedown Round trait – Increased the damage by 50% and now affected by Shrapnel (cripple/bleed)
  • Mortar Kit – Now affected by Explosive Powder.


  • Shield of Judgment will now apply 4s of Protection in both PvP and PvE (was 3s in PvP and 5s in PvE before).
  • Shield of Absorption changed to 4s channel from 1.25s channel but in compensation we are no longer rooting you when you use this skill so you can move around with the bubble.
  • Feel my Wrath – increased the recharge from 30s to 45s. It was too strong.
  • Save Yourselves! – Was split between PvP and PvE version, now we are using the PvE version across all modes.


  • Chaotic Dampening – Increased the recharge reduction per pulse by 25% (from 2% to 2.5%).
  • QoL change: When you use portal, you will now get a buff to show you how long you have to throw down the other side.
  • Prismatic Understanding – Increased stealth duration no longer going to be 100%, only 50% now.
  • Mesmer Sword mainhand getting a straight up buff. Mind Gash/Mind Spike/Mind Slash all getting 10% damage buff.
  • Focus change: Temporal Curtain will now always apply its full swiftness duration of 12s the first time you pass through it. Previously if you had swiftness from another source it would not apply.


  • Corrosive Poison Cloud: Duration decrease from 12s to 8s. It will now destroy all projectiles that pass through it. It will also now pulse every 2 seconds instead of every 3s.
  • Axe skills (Rending Claws/Ghastly Claws) going up to 900 radius.
  • Scepter – Scepter 1 and 2 skill bleed duration going down from 5s to 4.5s. Scepter 3 get a poison duration increase to 6s and 4.5s bleed.
  • Feast of Corruption – It apply a base 2 stack of Torment and a max of 5 more stacks of Torment, one for every condition for the target.
  • Lingering Curse – Condition duration effect is now 50% instead of 100%
  • Lich and Plague forms will no longer destroy your minions. Other transforms (i..e Moa) will still destroy them.


  • Beastly Warden, the taunt from it can now be evaded or blocked.
  • Most Dangerous Game – Now applies 5 stacks of Might for 3s every second that you are below 50%. If you are under 50% for 3s you will gain 15 stacks of Might for example.
  • Nature’s Vengeance trait – Frost Spirit buffed so that instead of 1s of Might every 3s it is going up to 3 stacks of might every 3s. Basically constantly pulsating 3 stacks of might constantly. Storm Spirit similarly give 3 stacks of Swiftness every 3s and same with regeneration from Water Spirit.
  • Quickdraw – It wasn’t stacking its cooldown reduction with other traits. It will now stack.
  • Ranger pets are now getting condition damage baseline depending on which family they belong to. They will get either 400, 700 or 1000 condition damage.
  • We Heal as One –In addition to the heal, all boons on you copied to the pet and all boons on the pet copied to you.


  • Thief Pistol getting damage buffs – 20%+
  • Potent Poison – Poison damage increase going from 10% to 33%.
  • Vigorous Recovery – Vigor duration going from 5s to 7s.
  • Expeditious Dodger – Getting a 100% duration buff from 2s of swiftness to 4s


  • Rousing Resilience is getting a huge % buff (130% buff).
  • Last Stand recharge reduced from 90s to 40s.
  • Rifle for warrior getting a damage buff
  • Shield Bash/Shield Stance getting recharge reductions (20s for Shield Bash, 25s for Shield Stance). Shield Bash also getting an extended stun duration from 1s to 2s.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

79 replies on “GW2 Twitchcon Skill Balance Update Preview”

Happy about that, but it’ll probably still be “mandatory” as far as the dedicated meta-base is concerned.

Most “meta builds” tend to be outdated and/or sub-optimal anyway. Icebow at least pretty much stopped being optimal well before now… I think ArenaNet’s just trying to bash it into the meta bandwagoners’ heads to finally realize it.

Nerfed straight from meta and right into the garbage bin. Seems like too much of a nerf if you ask me. At the very least it should’ve only been nerfed in PvE.

“We heal as one!” may make beastmaster builds more viable (or that’s what I was testing for a time) and generally makes the Nature Magic’s Fortifying Bond trait better for synergy.

The bit on Temporal Curtain was really confusing. I think they meant that it will now increase your Swiftness to 12s if you didn’t already have more than that? Or something? That part of the stream was really hard to follow as they got more and more rushed.

And rangers have been a problem since when? In sPvP they never used the full duration regardless. (and rapid fire is 2.5 seconds so you still get half of it)

Hello Dulfy, some amendments here:

Shield of Judgement applies Protection, not Aegis, I think it was miscommunication on Irenio’s part.

Robert Gee clarified that Temporal Curtain will now always apply its 12 second swiftness the first time you pass it, even if you had swiftness already.

He also clarified that Lich Form and Plague Form are the only two transforms that won’t destroy minions, every other transform will still destroy them. E.g: Moa

Pet Taunt can now be evaded and blocked.

Thanks. 🙂

I believe they said Shield of Judgment *also* applies Aegis now, in addition to the prot. But they were stumbling around a bit there, so it was kinda muddled.

“Rifle for warrior getting a damage buff” 1shot isn’t enough damage apparently…
Taunts sound OP if you can’t avoid them. 😮
Thief Pistol DMG+ is nice but still means P/P spam 3 forever and no aoe. 2 really needs an entirely new function. Where’s Ricochet?
Ele Scepter buffs sound great~ only weapon I actually have fun with but really only benefits with Air. Ice Bow nerf announcement on stream was so dramatic. 😮
Yay for Engi Flamethrower love. Hopefully it’s amazing.
Not sure what the revealed bug is talking about.

“Chaotic Dampening – Increased the recharge reduction per pulse by 25% (from 2% to 2.5%).” is it 25 or 2.5?
“Lich and Plague forms will no longer destroy your minions. Other transforms (i..e Moa) will still destroy them.”
From what I understoood other transforms will not destroy them

MOBILE GUARDIAN SHIELD BUBBLE? Is shield finally worth using? Necro finally gets access to a projectile defense! 8 seconds uptime, 22 second downtime untraited, 12 seconds downtime with trait (is necro corruption cdr trait really 33%?). Wonder how high the protection extends though. Hopefully it’s not garbo like the mesmer’s focus 4 when traited to reflect.

to make a lot of burninf damage with guardian you can’t be immortal.
To make the same amount of damage with Ele you can be more immortal than god and have at the same time other 5 buffs

ele is op and immortal and needs to be nerfed, but you dont need to be immortal if you can one hit… or mor like one burn …. or more like 11burns per sec your enemy, guard needs nerf too

No one likes you running burn damage ele anyways that crap was super gay when burn changes came and everyone knows it lol. Now learn to play something good thats not immortal and cant be killed 1v1 and wont get a lucky ring of fire 14 burns.

wow bitch you are really mad with burning eles, get a life or learn to play spvp if you cant kill them 1vs1 you are not playing alone, or just stop giving them kills noob, they cant cap all the points anyway
btw i dont play burning ele still guardian and ele needs to be nerfed on burning, 11 stacks of burning with a guardian thats really gay

I am not specifically mad with burn eles. What im mad about is how unkillable the build is because they don’t need to build nearly as glassy as say… A burn guardian to get the same kind of damage. Its needed to be adjusted for a long time and I realize alot of people will have a hard time letting go but face it. Its gone deal with it. Learn to adjust or go play another game.

Once a guardian burst its pretty much 100% killable if the burst fails. If a ele does this that won’t be the case. That’s why they are losing Vigor, Might, and burning on dagger skills. Ele should not be a master of burns anways you have 3 other elements and Arcana to work with. The main source of your damage should not be burn. TECHNICALLY a profession should be better at burning than you. With the loss of 12 might from cantrips you wont be able to run bs builds in pvp anymore that let you be such god healer and have Mara and sometimes zerker damage because of might gain either.

In SPvP aka team fights one “Ring of fire” Can down a whole team due to lucky burn procs from crossing one time. Your are just going to continue to cry and cry but you know what?… Because you were one of the many immortal burn eles.. no one will feel sorry for you lol.

Better dust off that scepter kid your gonna need practice 😉

I dont do Dungeons, the are boring, stuff dies was to fast, the power creep with the spec patch was insane.
Hoever i dont feel like the butchered icebow will justify bringing water to Pve anymore, ill just grab Arcane for bountiful Power, and prray that they will move the Arcane Skills trait down to Master level.

Just in Pve, they never cared about Üve anyway… they should have gonne all the way and butcher it completely then i could ditch water for arcane…

Here is the thing though…

Shield of Judgement has always applied Protection, not Aegis.

Go check the skill, trust me.

A suggestion for the site: many build making sites use some kind of extension (not an expert by a longshot on this not sure what is it called) and when a random user hovers over, for example a trait or a skill name, a tiny wondow pops up (not a “windows window”) with description of the said skill / item etc. I think or use it aswell, along with mobafire for LoL and many other sites.

Can we have that on

They currently have a specialization calculator, however, that_shaman is working on a new one and will be released when Heart of Thorns is out.

Yep, I reckon that is what he meant. But mouse-over tooltips already exist in the calculator by that_shaman, so not sure why is not getting any. Maybe an adblocker or his browser is just hijacked.

All the links in this post lead to a wiki page instead of having a mouseover window. Of course it works on the calculator, I wasn’t talking about that at all..

My bad, for some reason I thought you were talking about the trait calculator. But yes it would be a handy feature, but I’m not sure how much work it would be for Dulfy, seeing she does everything by herself.

You are talking about tooltips. They are dependent on the site I use. Wiki doesn’t have this feature (they really should) and other places that has them doesn’t have updated skills (i.e. GW2DB). It is a pretty big project and more suited for a database site. I can ask if the guys that designed my site would be interested in adding them.

Hm, 50% condition duration with this changes are better then 100% duration and less stacks/shorter duration/nor torment.
I like the change for condition necros. 😀

that completely fucks me over 🙁 cant believe they r doing that… they just want people spamming fire… fucking useless

Its not no might on cantrips… its just the traited one in the fire line called burning fire. That one will no longer give you might. The ones you slot on your bar still wiill. But yes they dont want people spamming fire thats why dagger main hand got all the nerfs it did and i wouldn’t be surprised to see more nerfs on ele. Ele has been on top with its ridiculous builds for way to long as was in dire need of being normalized down to other professions.

I fail to see the reasoning why a class like elementalist should be on one level with a pew-pew ranger.
They should just buff mesmer and engi to eles level, so your actually rewarded for skillful play.

The problem with your statement is that mesmer is no longer rewarded for skillful play. Its just stealth and attack stealth and attack or mantra stunn attack…etc. If anything mesmer needs to be brought down to what ele is being knocked down to. After these changes only the most skilled ele’s will be left around.

If you ask me Mesmer has too many tools it can opt into, Mesmer has , reflects, invuln, stealth, great cc and great damage, and blocks. IF they play condition they are good at that too. Mesmer needs a bit less of some of these tools if you ask me. Mesmer is the one profession that can literally be traited to beat any other profession in the game. Mesmer takes less skill right now then it ever use to require.

Good engi requires some skill but that can be questionable depending on if you are talking in terms of condition builds or raw damage builds.

Sadly I wouldn’t expect to see too many mesmer buffs as its already quite the strong profession as of right now but that’s just my personal oppinion

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