SWTOR Customer Support Forum moved to EA HQ page

SWTOR will be discontinuing the customer support forums and moving them to an EA HQ page where non subscribers can also receive support.

Introducing the SWTOR Answers HQ Page | 09.28.2015, 03:43 PM

Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you all know of an upcoming to change to the Customer Support forum – namely, that they won’t be around anymore. We are creating a new Answers HQ page for SWTOR at answers.ea.com. This move from the existing Customer Support forum will allow players to help players in a better capacity, with EA employees monitoring replies and ensuring correct and useful information is promoted, in an environment where active and helpful players are rewarded.

As part of this, non-subscribers will also be eligible to receive web-based support by utilizing the Answers HQ page! We are currently planning for this transition to occur on October 5th. As of this date, these forums will be in read-only mode and the link to the CS forum will redirect to the new AHQ page. At a later date, the forum will be removed completely.

We look forward to seeing you on the new page!

Tait Watson

  • So essentially, “We’re letting players handle customer support ’cause we suck at it.”

    • Vodorlo

      At least they admit it.

    • Xargaa

      The first step is admittance.

    • Spoilofthelamb

      Not really – the in-game support still works great. The forum support was never a line to their CS people, just a way for players to discuss issues together. Submit a ticket, and it still gets answered.

  • Lawlztastic

    LMFAO!!!!! Dear God, I think the TORTANIC is taking on even more water! Quick, everyone! Bail her out as fast as you can! D:

    “We look forward to seeing you on the new page!” Why? Because your Customer Support employees don’t know how to do their job?

    • Adam

      Tortanic? Really? The game has been around for three years now, even turning a decent profit last year as the fourth most profitable mmos on the market. If we are using nautical references, “Tortanic” has already made the voyage several times over (even if a few people fell overboard).

      • Beta Tester

        You mean almost four years.

        • Vodorlo

          He never said almost.

    • p4v7

      Tortanic since 2011. Seems legit.

  • Beasthuntt

    “these forums will be in read-only mode”

    Hahahahahahahaha, sooooooo you can no longer tell us how terrible we actually are.

  • Unperson
  • ghostbeetle

    Are they at least going to somehow preserve all the valuable information on the old forum in any way, shape, or form? Transfer the old threads, especially those about real and still existing problems with the game and the answers people found? ‘Cause I’m betting those would be of immediate value to a lot of the non-subscriber population out there (and also my own poor self)!

    Think about it, please, EA!

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      If you read what’s up there, it’s first going read-only and then, they going to remove it at a later date. Most folks who post there don’t seem to understand the concept of looking at previous threads anyway so I have a feeling keeping them isn’t going to be that helpful.

  • BobbyOrr

    Now Dulfy just needs a bot set to direct all questions on the answers site to here:)

  • sentientomega

    I’d hope they’d keep all useful and stickied CS threads where they are, and duplicate that information on the SWTOR Answers HQ page.

  • Rompe Himself

    Rofl like they ever bothered to help on the swtor forum after a generic non related response (just like their bullshit email templates). No one will notice the change as it is still the player base doing their job for them.

    Here’s hoping those (mostly) useless fucks lose their job. >:-)

  • Shadowofdeath

    So the only difference now will be the non-subscribers will be able to report all the same bugs that the rest have been reporting for 2 years??? Lovely

  • Van’zan

    You mean the Player Support forum since it was players trying to do the job of Customer Support that never showed up.

  • eeeeeeee10eee

    So they put a sign on the site that says: Sorry we are bussy with Twitter, Facebook and stuff, go ask somebody else.

  • Holyfrog

    Ahhhhh. Something else for people to bitch about.

  • Naq

    Upside, with the money being saved on support folks, they can always funnel that into things that aren’t pvp and ops, just to piss everyone off even more.

    • Josef Tauser

      … or give upper management bigger bonuses

  • AbnerDoon

    Magic eight ball will my Darth Andeddu armor ever stop being assless? (Outlook not so good) Honestly that forum was being run by a handful of players anyhow. This takes the blame off them completely and I’m sure the EA support department that picks it up will get the same list of responses.

  • Kodar

    Oh to be a fly on the wall at that meeting; “we’re taking over what! But I hate mmo’s…”

    • Naq

      “Oh man, and I thought the CoD kiddies were mean to us…”

  • Rondowar

    How about they go and answer our questions about 4.0 instead? -_-
    And this also means devtracker won’t include bugfixes and workarounds :/ (which were just a quote from player responses though ;p)

  • Josh Drew

    Wait, SWTOR has a support staff?

    • Alek

      Apparently, but they decided to stop trying and making fun of themselves.

  • Terry G Roberts

    So now we have to deal directly with Satan himself, I see how it is.

  • ffds

    SWTOR suctomer support forum was a joke it was player-to-player help page never seen a BW employee reply and solve a problem there and also their ingame ticket system is also BS, most of the time your ticket will be closed automatically because it didnt read by bw.

  • Switish

    So does that include telephone help line for Swtor? I always had good dealings with them, cant say the same for the forum itself however.

  • p4v7

    Maybe now newcomers won’t be immediately banned after using their credit cards to sub… and SWTOR will get more new people….

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      I’m sure you got banned for no valid reason whatsoever, amirite?

      • p4v7

        Not me. I have been here since 2013. I’m talking on behalf of those poor souls that got hyped by KotFE promotion and came to SWTOR just to be banned right after the purchase.

        • Chakra Kusanagi

          Never heard of a single instance of that, so I kinda doubt you.

          • Josef Tauser

            You must not be listening very carefully then. Entire guilds have been recently banned from SWTOR. This is why they moved the forums. They fired all the psychotic Star Wars fan boys that were also moderators for Bioware Austin. Those weirdos would ban or suspend anyone who criticised the game on the forums.

            But you live in Bangalore don’t you Chakra ? They teach customer support in public schools there, right ?

            • Chakra Kusanagi

              Wow, racism?

              Way to show your colours.

              Not going to talk to you any more then.

              (and it’s not hard to see why you’d be banned)

              Oh and btw, the customer support forums are still up on swtor.com, and I don’t see anyone whining about having their guild banned.

            • Dr. Mike Wendell

              >They fired all the psychotic Star Wars fan boys that were also moderators for Bioware Austin.

              Would love to see a reference to this if it’s true.

              I went around with some of their moderators over their “We only send email newsletters to those folks who opt in” policy. Was receiving a half dozen each time they sent one, the opt out links did not work, and was just getting auto replys from their in game ticket service.

          • p4v7
            • Chakra Kusanagi

              So… 1 “my friend got banned” story,
              1 story that clearly sounds like a chinese goldseller got the account (since the security questions were changed to chinese)
              and 1 completely unrelated story of a guy who couldn’t get his friend referral to work for his girlfriend.

              Yup, sounds like a flood of entire guilds getting banned…

              • p4v7

                Never said about a flood of people. Please don’t force these words down my throat. I said that it happens in some situations. I gave A few RECENT instances from the LAST week to show that the problem exists. The story about referrals is just part of the story. They had difficulties with making their account “up and running due to various issues”. Purchasing in SWTOR shop via credit card might cause a problem. That’s the fact.

                Imagine, you are a new player. You make a purchase and suddenly your account gets banned? You spend additional money to make an international call just to be informed that the issue cannot be resolved that way and you need to write an email. You write an email and it turns out that you don’t get a respone in next few days but after a week. What do you think about the game and how much motivation have you kept to play it at all?

                KotFE is declared by Eric to be AAA-game. Let us have AAA-Customer Service. Such problems should resolved within the same or the next day just like it is other AAA games.

  • Ben Gimson

    So, does this mean we have customer support now, or we still in the same boat as before?

    • Mashiro

      before of this they did read the posts ut they didnt give a fuck, now they wont even read it πŸ˜›

      • someone

        Can you even English?

        • Mashiro

          before of this (web switch) they (the staff) gave a fuck about user’s (we) problems (you shit happens in the game). Now they (staff again) wont even read the users (we again) posts (unlucky people complaining). Got the sarcasm now and some typos? Can you even put your name? Gay shitter

    • thebigb82

      What will happen is ea support will reply with “you best ask on the swtor forum”

  • Johny Ismail

    DonΒ΄t know why people complaint so much about in game ticket. I used it 4 or 5 times and always got a reply and had my issues solved

    • Naq

      A week later, by a robot. Or possibly a person with very poor comprehension. In my encounters with them, its about 50:50, sometimes the issue is resolved well after I care, and other times I get a garbled copy paste response unrelated to my ticket that reminds me why I was ticked off enough to make the original ticket. When the game first launched,their response time was very fast, sometimes a few hours, once I had a response in the same play session(!), but declining quality in customer service is part of the MMO experience, so its not all that shocking. At least they aren’t giving my account information out to someone perving my social media like WoW did.

      • Chakra Kusanagi

        Oh, I don’t know…
        I’ve had two issues and both were resolved within a day or two (one was resolved within a few minutes, live).

        One was that I purchased Treek by accident (was actually trying to click something else on the legend screen thingy) and they answered within minutes, and then when they couldn’t remove Treek, they just refunded the cartel coins and let me keep Treek.
        The second time was when I noticed that my stack of 40+ cartel certificates had changed into a full 99 stack after a server reset.
        The answer from CS was “Oh well, we see nothing out of the ordinary on this end, enjoy your new certificates :D”

        So yeah, I don’t have any complaints about their CS πŸ˜€

        • Naq

          Sounds like you keep landing on Free Parking, my experience is more Chance and Community Chest. Sometimes its a bank error in my favor, but sometimes its the school tax of incomprehensible copy paste responses. The least they could do is respond in parker brother board game metaphors…

        • DMWK

          Thing is that you can’t really compare the two good encounters you’ve had with CS to the many bad encounters lots of other people have had.
          I’ve been in contact with CS several times across the years that SWTOR has been up and as Naq said, it is most often 50/50 with them.
          How ever, I believe most people are basing their whole opinion with CS on situations where they are having a common problem that CS can’t actually help them directly with it, when the issue would require a patchfix f.ex.
          When there’s a common problem, there’s bound to be a lot of people trying to reach CS so there’ll be a lot of queues and when CS finally gets in touch with them only to say that they appreciate their input but can’t actually fix the problem for them, then there’s gunna be some salt and angry forum complaints.

  • denem

    Since when bioware cares about non-subscribers, they are just using them to show this move made for playerbase, nice try bioware πŸ™‚

  • zenight

    … So the nonexistent is moving over to the incompetent?
    How the Hell does that work? 0.o

  • thebigb82

    EA support? That’s an oxymoron for sure

  • Brianac

    You guys complain wayyyyy to much…

    • thebigb82

      You clearly never ask ea for support

      • Brianac

        Exactly no… I never had any issues with this game except twice, and when I contacted them, I got help right away.

        I think you all exaggerate wayyyyy to much and it’s funny.

        • Naq

          You say “wayyyyy to much” way too much. πŸ˜€

        • thebigb82

          I have issues with the game, but EA support are about as much use as a screen door on a submarine.

        • DMWK

          I do agree that there’s some exaggerated complaints flying around, but I don’t think you’re eligible to comment on the service provided by EA customer support given your lacking contact with it, its really not something you should be praising.

          • holyfrog

            He just said he had problems twice and he got help right away. What part of that says he hasn’t had contact with them? I don’t think you are eligible to comment on what he said given your stupidity.

            • Josef Tauser

              Yo DULFY ! Why is Holyfrog still here ?

  • Searin

    I get help but way to slow…. 2 weeks for one issue compared to wow it was instant help with a GM convo started during my freak out lol it was a major one so it took 2 days and 3 tickets and 2 GM convos. thez were damn affective compared to swtor where I had to send the mail 3 times and wait

    1,5 week for a response

  • Deshik

    I a subscriber from Czech Republic actualy had to use the help of my friend in britain who dialed up the customer service for me. It was because the ticket i made told me to call them in germany/britain and It would cost me a fortune lol so my goog guy clanmate dialed them up with my ticket number and they told him to write an email to the customer service that they purposefuly removed from the site itself. :/

    • Dru Ilhares

      You could try a tool like Google Voice, for VoiP work. See if they offer a ‘local’ GV number in the UK.

  • Renloky

    SWTOR Customer Support Forum moved to a galaxy far far away…

  • Xorras

    Why so much complaining? They dont remove in-game ticket help… They just move forums…

    • BrianDavion

      having to go elsewhere for customer support is kinda a pain though

      • JedixJarf_FTW

        This would make sense if you were talking about having to go down the street or something… but one different URL for support? How the hell is that a pain? Make a bookmark if you are the kind of noob that needs support regularly.

  • Liftedplane

    so……. no forums anymore? none at all? or just support forums…

    • Just support forums moved, rest still there

  • kyuuu

    not like it will be missed, they did really do “customer ” support there it more like “end user” support

  • KShrike

    A needed change.

    Hilariously, it was always interesting to find the number after intense digging, to call the number, and to get by all the “did you turn off and turn on the computer again” by saying “I’m a sub”

  • awesomea doubleOhseven

    Well done.

  • ayylmaowtf

    there’s customer support?

  • Daklar

    guide to Marksmanship

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