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GW2 Ascended Gear will be needed in raids

Arenanet developer Crystal Reid has tweeted out in response to some questions revealing that Ascended gear will be required for some raid bosses

The tweet states that early wing bosses can be killed with a mix of Ascended/Exotic but last boss will require full ascended. There is no agony mechanic like in fractals.

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you get more than 5% with asc gear… firstly… with armor… the defence is significantly higher… thereby freeing up stat points for investment… then there is the 5% stat increase… and if you put fine or WVW infusions in all slots…. you get another 60 stat points… so really the bump is considrable…

on the offensive side… you also get significantly increased weapon damage along with the 5% stat increase.. i have full ascended on my ele main… and it really has made a difference.

I just hope they will make ascended gear more accessible in the game… right now its either super expensive crafting… or top level fractals… i currently have 8 chars…. thats a real tall order :/

I always thought they should make an ascended tier dungeon armor… would be a great way to update the look of the game and put those lousy designs we have now into some kind of perspective… this would be so easy to implement and would really revitalize the dungeon experience… imo

There is a simple trick to cutting down the cost of crafting an ascended gear set. You delete all your cloth wearing characters -.-

Remember this is 5% TIMES TEN PEOPLE. So a overall 50% difference. This is substantial. If raids are so easy that a 50% damage increase doesn’t matter then well, this CHALLENGING group content kinda failed.

I wasn’t trying to be exact it was just to show people. And I kinda you know like did this thing called editing it out because people wanted to get picky? You get the point. 5% difference is going to matter in raids, and people make it look ridiculous. I’m just try to show that it might not be as small as some people think.

I have time for raids. I don’t have time to hunt down 250 teddybear toenails to make an ingredient to make some other ingredient to make yet another ingredient to make one single fucking component of an ascended piece one day at a time. I want to play content, not stand around at a crafting station. Gear-gating is bullshit, and it goes against everything ANet set out to do with this game. If I die in a frac or raid, it should be because I screwed up, not because I failed some arbitrary gear check.

Uh hate to burst your bubble but 1) crafting ascended gear is not that hard, its just time gated (order stuff off the TP for the mats), and 2) if you don’t have ascended gear already (only if you have been playing consistently, I don’t want to harp on returning or new players), you probably won’t even do raids because Fractals is the hardest (teehee) PvE content and that is giving out ascended armour and weaps out the wazoo, so you can’t be very “hardcore” so to speak

I agree. Getting Ascended armor isn’t really hard at all. I’m a pretty casual player, I just screw around the world map doing whatever, I barely do dungeons, haven’t even tried fractals (don’t judge me!), and about the only farming I do is the occasional chest farm in silverwastes and I still end up having Ascended armor for all three types.

I have no idea how to even obtain ascended armour or weapons; The game tells me nothing, i dont even remember being directed to fractals. Though I do knw they exist, agony and a zero explanation of how fractals work makes them intimidating to join in on. I have full ascended trinkets, because i can buy all of them with laurels, that was self explanitory.

As far as i’m aware ascended weapons and armour are only available as rare drops from world boss encounters (so i’m told, never actually got any) or crafted. That may not be the case, but even the existence of ascended armour and weapons is hidden in the game.

I have zero interest in crafting, i dont care how easy or time consuming it is, anything that means i’m not wandering the world killing stuff or jumping about having fun Is time i dont have to spare. if i’m forced to do crafting to get ascended gear i’m gonna be majorly annoyed.

Ascended chests do drop from world content, but they’re rare. (After three years of off-and-on playing, I got my first one literally last night.) They also can drop in higher-level fractals, but the catch there is that you need sufficiently high agony resistance to play those fractals, and getting that is either very grindy or very expensive.

And yeah, the game doesn’t do a good job of explaining this stuff.

How did you find this website yet ignore everything regarding ascended stuff is outstanding. I mean, there are tons of very complete guides in this same site.

Mizu hits the nail on the head; but to elaborate on my viewpoint. I COULD look up how to obtain ascended weapons and armour, but when exotic gear from dungeons is so helpfully listed as rewards for dungeon running that is introduced as part of the story; Fractals and world bosses get no such introduction and there’s no logical methodical progression to them.

I once did actually look into ascended gear and read that pretty much the only way to reliably obtain them was to craft them. Which to me means I will never have them. crafting is not obtaining them through work, it is a toile like legendary weapons, a tedius time sink. Random drops from world bosses is as good as being unobtainable in my experience as well.

I think as I read from some of the HoT updates and raid info we can obtain ascended gear through raid rewards. I’m hoping thats as reliable as dungeons, but by the sounds of things it;s just RNG like world bosses. I would much rather have the same system as dungeon armour.

Of course crafting isn’t hard. I never said it was. It is, however, unbearably tedious, boring, time-consuming, boring, expensive, boring, and overall a massive pain in the ass. It’s also boring.

And don’t tell me what I probably will or won’t do. I run fracs, I’m working on ascended gear, and I intend to check out raids. That doesn’t make de facto gear grinds and gear checks any less bullshitty.

“I’m working on ascended gear, and I intend to check out raids. That doesn’t make de facto gear grinds and gear checks any less bullshitty.” Then you should have your ascended gear by next month. Whats the big deal?

The key words were “unbearably tedious, boring, time-consuming, boring,
expensive, boring, and overall a massive pain in the ass.” I’d rather not spend time and gold on lame-ass crafting, and I resent the fact that said lame-ass crafting is apparently becoming an entry requirement for new content.

This is something they should have announced as soon as they announced raids honestly. At least it would give returning players/ new players a bigger heads up. Even casual players who dont have full gear yet more time to spruce up. But its now 3 weeks or so before launch and they just now feel like they need to tell everyone this. 3 weeks is enough time to make a few things for one character…. MAAAYBE depending on your crafting skill, gold, materals, etc.

^That there is the quickest way to lose players in a game. People want to level up quick so they can enjoy the bigger parts of the game and crafting ascended gear takes alot of time and money. So what you can expect is many players to give up on it and people like you never being able to find a full squad to raid with because of that one guy who does not have that final piece of ascended gear.

well true but sadly this is a 180° turnaround from a-net. they always said ascended won’t be necessary ever. Now suddenly I need it fo be able to play the only new content in months?(I know they are releasing more than raids but I think you understand).

As others mentioned before. This is the right way to lose players.

I don’t have a big problem with it. I don’t have a guild for PvE currently anyway. I stopped going dungeons when the group finder was flooded with “LF berzerker only”-shits that deal less dmg with berserker gear than good people with tank gear.

I just thought I’d try raids for once before I actually stop trying to find groups for it. If it turns out ascended gear really is necessary to succeed it’ll be another part of the game I will never see entirely. Not because I’m unable to get asc gear but because I don’t like arenanets turnaround on things they said at previous content releases

Are they really attempting to tune the fights so tight that less than 5% increase is the breaking point? In fact, the window is smaller than that, as the expectation is some ascended gear in the initial encounter. They claim to be killing the berserker meta, but if the numbers are really so tight, people will just class stack what allows them to succeed.

As said many times below, how can 5% difference in stats make that much of a difference? The only time 5% difference in stats actually showed up in play was on full bezerker gear – when every single stat point was placed into the three multiplicative damage stats of power, crit, and ferocity. If the bezerker meta is over (and based on the beta run I did, i think it is) how can a 5% stat difference be important when its split across healing, damage and tankiness?

I mean seriously, give me a boss which is so finely balanced that its impossible to beat unless I acquire an extra 2% tank, 1% healing and 2% dps increase. Even if they did pull off that epic engineering feat, it would imply that 90% of the trait builds people could use would be unusable in raids – as trait builds can easily swing healing, tanking and dps 20% in any direction depending on layout and use.

I smell a badly expressed tweet.

“it would imply that 90% of the trait builds people could use would be
unusable in raids – as trait builds can easily swing healing, tanking
and dps 20% in any direction depending on layout and use.”

Um yeah, it’s kinda supposed to be like that. You won’t be able to just go in there with a random build with random people and smash your buttons and win. This is supposed to be CHALLENGING group content. And remember, 5% difference x 10 people. That’s a 50% difference.

You get the point. Saying 5% makes it seem so small. You have to remember there is 10 people in a raid. That’s my only point.

Not really. To a mathematical musing over the unlikeliness of a 5% victory lockout, you made some vague gestures about how hard content is supposed to be, somehow associated build choices with random button smashing and then backed up your argument with the mathematical axiom that 5% is 5%.

The idea is you will have to optimize your build to do raids. Everyone makes this seem ridiculous. Like guys, it’s CHALLENGING group content.

Your response about optimizing builds for raids isn’t in response to my comment is it? Cause if anything, the effect of optimizing builds just highlights how minor a difference that 5% difference in stats actually makes.

You can call it small if you want but if raids are truly as challenging are they are looking like so far a 5% will matter a lot more than a lot of people think.

First off, congrats on typing the word challenging without caps locks. It makes it much easier to take you seriously.

Next, lets look at the “challenging” aspects of Tequatl (pre-nerf more then post nerf). Efficiently using all 4 skills of the antii-Tequatl turrets is challenging. Avoiding the 2-hit insta-gib finger flung poison clouds is challenging. Appropriate use of reflect, jump and aegis/condition cleanse during the hamstringing of tequatl is challenging. Supressing the exploding undead marching on the batteries was challenging. Absorbing the burst damage of 17 spawned undead hylek is challenging.

And the odd thing about all those challenges listed above is that none of them have any relation to your stats. The only challenge which is remotely affected by stats is the 2-hit insta-gib poison clouds which could be raised to 3/4 hits if you specced fully into tank – but you’d need more then 5% to get any effect on that.

GW2 offers extremely fluid game play and choices. There will be trait choices, skilful reaction sequences and environmental tasks to master to stand a chance of beating raids. The idea that a 5% stat increase could in anyway be the tipping point of all those other aspects though rings untrue in my ears.

I like how you refer to Tequatl for a challenge. Had me rolling on the floor. Has me wondering if you were just joking there or something. 11111111111 oh hey it’s dead let’s go collect the loot! And I think the point is 5% stat increase will definitely go a long way to help get it done in less wypes or something. Because if your coming close without exotic given enough trys you can probably do it. It’s just it helps a lot to have ascended. I mean think about it, if a fight lasts 100 seconds, now take in the extra 5% stat increase and you will have shaved off some time. The sooner you kill it the less time the boss has time to kill you.

Did you even read his comment?
To sum it up for you: the way you play and set up your trait build makes a far bigger difference than a 5% stat increase can account for.

And I can agree with that. But he also said: As said many times below, how can 5% difference in stats make that much of a difference? I’m just saying I think the 5% increase is a little bit bigger than people think.

So your saying the seconds you can shave off with ascended isn’t valuable in this challenging group content? That doesn’t have to do anything with math. Uh, I mean, no it’s not Damonwex, I’ve done the math on who knows what! Your wrong!!

“I’ve done the math on who knows what! Your wrong!!” i’m so sorry i didnt realise you are 5 years old ofcourse you are right!

LOL. I hope you realize I was basically just trying to act like you? You know that right? Right? Nope? Well it was fun taking you serious for all of 5 seconds.

Bob. You’ve selected half a point and claimed it never made sense. I argued that there was no ways that 5% could be a victory lockout from winning a raid fight – to which I concluded the dev had worded her tweet badly.
This is the only point that I, and several other people, have been arguing the entire time. A point which we were validated in when a new tweet was posted saying that ascended gear would not be required, just recommended.
While we’ve been reiterating the point that the message in the tweet was infeasible, you’ve been reiterating that 105 is strictly greater then 100, a point that doesn’t really merit much discussion in my books.

“As said many times below, how can 5% difference in stats make that much of a difference?”

This is all I was trying to talk about. It is a pretty decent difference if raids really are as hard as they claim.

And I’d like to quote something you said: “I am an egg”. You said that you see. I just cut out letters, in the given order, from one of your posts and it turns out you consider yourself a chicken derivative.

Look at that sentence of mine you keep quoting: “As said many times below, how can 5% difference in stats make that much of a difference?”. Now lets look at the last 6 words: “make that much of a difference?”. Make “what much” of a difference? If you’d read anything else I’d said, you’d see the only measurement I’d talked about is raid victory lockout. So even your favoured quote has nothing to do with the topic you keep rambling on about.
You’ve literally been the guy at fish cooking seminar to stand up and shout “I will only cook chicken!” and then stand around repetitively shouting how much you like chicken when the rest of the participants inquire what you were doing at a fish cooking show.

“As said many times below, how can 5% difference IN STATS make that much of a difference?”

a difference compared to not using ascended. And I’m saying it does make a bigger difference than most people think. You have to be kidding me.

Of course stats. Do you think we discussing the tactical implications of dye colours? But stats in relation to what Mr Egg? You’ve been talking non-stop about stats in relationship to bigger stats. I’ve been talking about stats in relation to minimum victory requirement. Not easier victory. Not faster victory. But the idea that a 5% difference in stats could be the cut off point in a game heavily centred in dynamic movement and dynamic response.
The only arguments your rebuttals have any relation to are your own posts.

You don’t need ascendeds to do raids if that’s what you claim to be talking about. The dev post clearly stated that.

No bob. The dev post was extremely ambiguous as to what gear would or would not be required to complete the later raids. An ambiguity which was acknowledged by Anet when they deemed it necessary to release a second statement saying ascended gear would not be required.
In the interim between the dubious first statement and the clarifying second statement, several of us were talking about the feasibility of a 5% stats lockout.

That’s an opinion bob. And no matter how rational you consider your opinion, it is neither correct nor fact until the actual design is stated.

While waiting for the development direction to be stated, there are those of us who find joy in discussing meta trade offs, the various ways to build games and the various ways to warp what most consider common sense. There is you as well, though I’d personally class you under the label of “other”.

Just to check, were you around when Tequatl was first released? Tequatl was nerfed repetitively, then nerfed some more – then stealth nerfed.
If you found Tequatl (on its initial re-release (without 2-3 organised guilds on TS)) be easy then you a better player then most. Back then, I remember standing amidst the piles of dead players littered across the field. Their gear status didn’t matter – because they were dead. Their potential 5% bonus damage didn’t matter – because they were dead. Their 5% extra tank (more like 40% seeing as Soldiers was the optimal stat set back then) didn’t matter, because they died in 3 hits max regardless. Winning Tequatl used to be able playing the mechanics to perfection – the only reason people eventually beat it was because Anet kept nerfing Tequatl.
Current Tequatl is a daily farm chest, alas that was already covered in my post. Try reading them before you respond.

Most of teq was just organizing. That and doing simple stuff like jump over teqs waves ( which honestly isn’t that hard I mean it’s kinda expected of people in the one fractal where you have to jump over the one attack ), using your dodge button, knowing where to go etc. And the 5% bonus WON’T carry people. That is not what I am saying. I’m saying the 5% will help you to kill the bosses in raids faster so there’s less time for someone in your group to make a mistake. Open world bosses will always be easy, because if they made it where they expected everyone to do some super duper challenging stuff on a world boss no one would kill it simply because you won’t be able to get enough pro people into the same map at the same time.

Lets say a raid boss, stripped of all attacks and phases, takes 100 seconds of straight up dps to kill. If your entire party has the extra 5% stats, and I generously assume that you get 2.5% extra dps from that, you reduce the 100 seconds of dps down to 97.59 seconds of dps.
In the most optimal case imaginable, a 5% stat increase results in 2.4 seconds less dpsing over the entire fight. That’s dismissible. Which brings us all the way back to the point which started this tirade: there is no way a boss battle could be balanced to require 5% extra stats to defeat.
Though by this point I’m more interested in the Tequatl question you seem to have avoided answering. Given your tendencies to roll on the floor while laughing and your easy dismissal of Teq difficulty down to organisation, did you or did you not engage Tequatl in the weeks after his rerelease – before he was repetitively nerfed?

Congratulations on once again failing to perceive the points I continually reiterate. Half your rebuttals are in agreement with points I stated in my first post. The other half are points with no relevance to the topic I’m talking about.
Try rereading through every comment I’ve posted here before continuing with your own internal monologue – cause while linking to well written posts definitely improves upon your usual offerings, its a bit silly when the calculations are based off different base factors to the discussion at hand.

It’s not even close to a 2.5% DPS increase. it’s more than that. That’s the best post I could find showing the math. As for how exact it is is debatable, I think it gets the point across. Its a lot more than 2.5% DPS increase.

By this point its pretty obvious you didn’t read my post. It seems you didn’t read the reddit post either. The reddit post doesn’t cover the damage increase of ascended gear. The reddit post covers the damage of ascended gear fully socketed with ascended infusions. Ascended infusions are responsible for an extra 70 points of power – which in turn benefit from the multiplicative bonus as increasing crit and ferocity at the same time.

The funny thing about ferocity is that its does nothing unless you have high crit chance. Anet has been pouting how full berzerker gear will not be viable in raids. If this is true in any sense, it means that ferocity gear will be dropped from all but the most specialized builds – as “bonus crit damage” is the most excessive stat to drop in place of tanking stats. Without fully speccing the multiplicative trinity of pow-crit-ferocity, not only do you get less then 5% extra damage from ascended gear, you also get far less return from any ferocity you specced into on the 100% from exotic.

Yes, I was talking about ascended gear with infusions because that is a good amount of the stat increase you get from ascneded. And just because anet thinks they are killing zerker in raids doesn’t necessarily mean no one will use zerker. I mean think about it, you can just lay down water fields and blast. Or have a druid or two in your party ontop of that. That doesn’t mean you also can’t have plenty of zerkers in your group.

Not sure what ferocity scaling is. Tequatl never scaled to my knowledge. It was always at max strength regardless of the number of people present. On rerelease, the toxic clouds the fingers threw dealt enough damage to instantly kill people. One of the biggest effects of which was that when turrets where hit by finger clouds, the turret user would instantly die and hectic skill was required by other turrets to cleanse the afflicted turret before it broke down.
This resulted in bone walls going up far more often. I believe teq’s health and other damage attacks may have been nerfed but I never bothered checking the specifics of it.

I’m talking about player ferocity down scaling not teq ferocity down scaling. And yeah do you have some patch notes or something that show teq damage and health got lowered? And that whole turret thing is about only the turret part.

Bob. Ferocity is a stat which increases critical damage. Up until a few days after the condition damage rework world bosses couldn’t be crit. No downscaling present.
Plus besides just saying I wasn’t sure if health or damage changed, the poison clouds causing instant death is what gave every build decision, every organisational layout and every world boss mechanic meaning in Tequatl. Its not one irrelevant fact to be checked off against one of your irrelevant facts. It was the heart of the encounter.
People tend to spend so much time staring at a tree that they lose sight of the forest. You on the other hand have developed an unparalleled ability to focus all your attention on a twig.

Yeah, but ferocity does help against the mobs. And you just have to have your turret guys doing there job. While the guys just damage teq. Oh no, the wave! Jump.

“As said many times below, how can 5% difference in stats make that much of a difference?”

This is what you said in your original post and somehow I’m agreeing with this? No, I’m saying it’s bigger than most people think. Is it required? No. Will it save you a lot of pain? Probably. And what points are you talking about that have no relevance to the topic? 10/10 nice trolling.

One thing to remember is that it was also stated that the boon limits won’t be changed, so it’s not as if everyone will suddenly get access to everything. This is further baffling when taken with the gear statement.

No, it’s a raid wide 5% increase. An individual increase of 5% does not equate a total increase of 5%. An easy example is if all ten people did 100 dps, for a raidwide 1000dps, a 5% increase for one person brings the individual dps to 105, and raid wide to 1005, or a .5% increase. If everyone in the raid does that, the dps goes to 1050, which is a 5% increase.

I think that “should” in that statement should be taken into consideration. They aren’t saying its needed, as in it’s required to play. I’m going to take it as that it would make downing the boss easier and less frustrating.

Why even bother pouring so many resources into something only maybe 10% of the PvE community will be able to experience?

Well, if Anet plays it right, it won’t be just 10% of the PvE community anymore since there will be a whole new set of more hardcore players to increase that to 30% ^^. PvE nubsies can go have fun gliding around in the jungle. Sorry, sympathy is thin from a predominately WvW player :/

I’m really hoping that they’ll introduce a commander mastery track. After getting your weekly reward for downing a raid boss, it would be really cool if you could train towards commander perks by rerunning that same raid boss with total strangers – giving up your time to help noobs get their first raid win. It would be difficult to prevent exploitation of some form or other, but it would be a fun trial.

Uh, it depends on how good the “noobs” are for that to work I would hope. I’d imagine however if your helping “total strangers” you would have no idea how good they are and thus it would be a bad idea. Because there would be too many people hoping to get carried through it when it sounds you won’t be able to do that in raids.

I’m not saying it would be feasable, I’m just saying it would be cool if I could call out in map chat “Hosting raid: Anyone with full exotic+ gear and a willingness to install teamspeak pm me”.

If full ascended is required to beat bosses (for some reason) then this probably wouldn’t end well. If bosses can be beaten with exotic gear and decent coordination however, it would be nice if there was a reward system for attempting to help nooblets through the gauntlet.

Yeah, I don’t think it’s feasible. If a 5% difference matters as much as they make it seem then taking a bunch of randoms would be like suicide. That’s all I’m saying.

Dragging 4 other players through the exact same encounter, scaled up 20 times over, with no unique reward for the effort, hardly compares to herding 9 other players through a specially designed instance designed to test 10 player coordination.

If you feel the need to discuss the joys of fractals, go find some people who are actually talking about them.

the idea isn’t that only 10% experience it, the idea is that its a challege that only the top 10% can succeed without too much extra effort. If you wanna complete it you are gunna have to work hard. the idea is top 10% clearing it consistently, the other 90% aspiring to clear it/or just barely clearing it but having to put in a ton of effort. they have to do this otherwise it won’t feel like an accomplishment when you and 9 buddies succeed in beating it.

This exactly. Why is so much time being spent on so little of the population? Why just the hardcore? I play the shit out of this game but I do not find Arah fun.

Its not as small of the population thats going to participate in raids, like what i said originally, its just going to be very challenging content to people who aren’t within the 10% of players. I’m no where near the top 10% but all the news about raids and rewards makes me want to work towards being able to beat the raid. The idea is a difficult, end-game goal for everyone in PvE.

if you think Arah is hard I feel bad for you. also you bought it lol, how can you say you accomplished anything from that.

you are saying the asc gear wearing 10% are the top skilled 10%? oh please! having asc gear only says that you are better at grinding nothing more . i have 3 chars and only one of em has full asc gear. so what am i supposed to just ignore the other two when raiding .ugh another fuckup from ANET

We were talking about the resources anet was using to make raids, had nothing to do with the ascended gear post lol. read the original comment. Also I agree with you, ascended gear is just a grind for a 5% stat bump and doesn’t denote skill. also you can swap ascended gear between characters if they are the same armor class to help with your other characters.

“It would be kinda hilarious if when you had exotic gear on and you died from an attack, but when you equip ascended armour of the same stat set you survive that same attack with 3 health. PRO.” But how would that work with different professions, armor sets and builds?

I like how Anet said that ascended gear is just for players who WANT it, not need it. Guess I’m looking at making ascended gear. sigh.

I dont understand how could they make it so non ascended users cant complete it. I mean will the enemy have 100% regen and only the 5% difference from the ascended weapons will be the thing that kills it? Frankly, the difference is so small between exotic and ascended that a single food item or just taking 5% more time to kill the boss should cover the difference.

That makes two of us. To be clear I am okay with gear requirements, but I couldn’t help but wonder how the hell is that 5% stat increase going to make THE difference between victory or defeat. When at the same time they want to undo the berserker meta. They already explicitly said that raid bosses will have enrage timers. Aren’t they contradicting themselves somewhat?

Should == Require. Unless they add a form of agony type gear check ascended is a requirement. Player capability and mechanics knoelwdge can overcome 5% in stats

You guys are all thinking with your zerkmeta horizon in mind. That might be gone in Raids… thats one thing. Another thing is you guys keep saying you can make up for the missing Ascended gear with Food and stuff. Thats stupid logic. You can use that Food ontop of the Ascended gear aswell. Also it might have to do with Infusions….

You said you wanted hardcore content. What makes you think that you shouldn’t have hardcore gear, save the complaints until after youve experienced raids. If its boring, rant all you like. Remember the keyword is HARD, not accesibly hard, HARD. You get what you wish for. You thought you could attain legendary gear without ascended gear, lol.

In an earlier announcement they said that your exotic gear will be enough for the content they will release with Heart of Thorns. This sorta feels like a stab in the gut, near your spleen. Dont have the time nor the funding or patience for ascended armour. *Sigh.*

So, there are going to be special raid Infusions or something? A boss attack that does lethal damage to none Ascended gear wearing players?
Because if not I think Crystal meant to say “Last raid bosses are balanced around a group equiped with full Ascended gear”. Which is to say a good group, with solid comunication and mixed gear will still suceed.
The gear difference is otherwise not enough to conclude failure if not fully Ascended gear is worn…

So many people are talking what Crystal said as gospel and thinking it is a requirement. What You are saying is what I think they meant to say from the beginning. We already have the mastery system that is supposed to make it easier to get through content with higher levels I see no point in having a gear lock as well in a game with no gear treadmill. so for you sir +1.

Dear Care Bear,
I have such fond memories of you. Looking back over the past three years has really made me respect you as a player. I remember the first time I rezed you. It was in CoF p1. You were the new level 80 Guardian in full clerics, virtues still intact. The F3 button could have saved your life, but was just too much trouble to push. The 600 DPS was way too much for any boss to handle.
You took open world evens to new heights. The way you pressed auto attack at the Shatterer and went to the kitchen for a sandwich showed real skill. You grew up so fast, learning the ways of Guild Wars 2 casual. During the Battle of Lions Arch you bravely stood by the way point, soakings up the rewards while not breaking a sweat.

You know how to handle defeat like a pro. You weren’t afraid to jump in the ring for the Twisted Marionette event, staff blazing, as the whole map waited for you to fail. But you still have that Legendary weapon to show for your amazing efforts.
But times have changed. Now you have to make an effort. Go forth my friend!

The problem with what you’re saying is that it applies to any form of PvE. Once mechanics are revealed any PvE simply boils down to repetetive execution. Look at the more famous raid-content games. Once they got PTR:s the actual game mode was played on the PTR and not the main servers.

That’s the quintessential and timeless problem with being “elite PvE”.

Everyone is just a glorified mimicking monkey, repeating someone else’s execution, whereas challenge only exist while the mechanics are unknown.

I don’t think anyone is upset with the potential difficulty of the raids, I think they are upset with how this betrays the design ideals this game was built upon. Then again, it’s just another change in a row changes. I’m sure most players will adapt, given time.

Try to do FFXIV’s Alexander floor 4 savage by just mimicking strategies.

There’s a lot more to executing fights than just copying strategy. It’s whether you can actually pull it off, with the right group chemistry and combined skill levels.

All these people who say Mythic in WoW is so easy due to strat copying, yet only like ten mythic guilds even clear the content within a month or two of release.

In Wildstar it took the top guild 9 months to clear and now only 3 guilds total have downed Avatus despite many more stuck at the progress stage.

Yet you still only help outline the issue since those games are raid-specific games with grinds and treadmills where the developers devote constant attention to developing and re-developing the content, and even then your description comes with the caveat of “within a month or two”. It implies that it only somewhat successful there. That doesn’t sound as very difficult or engaging gameplay that is fit for a game that isn’t supposed to have that kind of progression or does not have the resources to follow up on that development.

While I’d love a positive surprise, this game is not built to sustain that type of content even if it betrays itself to flirt with such players and bring in elements of such content. We have a game that claims not to have that kind of progression, now we get some of that progression (or at least a first barrier to entry) while the games you compare it to assumes that kind of progression. The treadmill is part of the gamemode there and not necessarily a bad thing in that environment – the two months it takes the curve to catch up.

It’s simply poor design, which is why Wildstar faltered within a year, and GW2 is less equipped to do it better as it doesn’t seem to know which direction it wants to head in at the moment. Quite frankly, I think they’re just flirting with that playerbase since they’re up for grabs in this release window.

Wildstar faltered for many things more than a challening PvE experience and attunement. It was grossly mismanaged and the assholes, mostly producers and senior designers, who sank that ship simply jumped said ship to PROMOTION positions on Blizzard. It’s incredible how this industry actually rewards negligence.

Anyways, FFXIV took two to three months for the top five out of many thousands of guild, I’d call it a success (Wildstar took nearly a year, as I said). PvP affairs take far less time to conclude and PvP fights certainly don’t last anywhere close to that. And that gating in encounter defeat wasn’t due to gear gating, in fact the encounter was done with many crafted pieces and in Mythic WoW the top guilds are beating encounters undergeared. There is an undeniable element of skill involved, your top 10 class performers are above and beyond the top 50, and the rest of the population can’t even compare.

I will admit your points in GW2. They’re a gimmick game designed entirely around RNG gambling and gold grinds for aesthetics to drive cash store gem purchases to convert to gold. It’s a fluff game that is a pale shadow of what GW1 was like, and hopefully it will be brought in line.

My question to this is then way make the druid all healing if thats the case. I dont feel like this a good way to to make the game challenging all it does is make the game grindy which is not the same thing. Not everyone has the opt to do the insane farm for all ascended gear. The amount of gold and time it cost to make/ get ascended gear is just going to be a burden that many player wont every want to deal with. I like the idea of raids being super challenging but making it so the final bosses require everyone to have ascended gear is not a good way to do that.

Come to find out the boss has some kind of attack that one-shots or something for not having full ascended gear is not the best way to bring challenging content. People want better AI and faster reactions/options for those AI’s Not attacks that will one shot you for not having a full set of ascended gear.

If you think this is truly a way to make things more challenging you either A: Already have a full set of this gear on your main or B: have the gold and materials ready to build them at any time you want.

my question is how does 5% difference in stats gonna be the diffrence in winning or losing a raid? i mean is player skill even in consideration here? so a mediocore player in full asc can beat the final boss while a good player in exotics fails ? what is this bullshit. how in the world is this gonna be “challanging content”? when the only challange here is the absurd amount of grinding to get asc gear. a challange should always be based upon player skill and gameplay not some fuckig gear grind

There’s no possible way that this is the case. GW2’s combat system is far too skill-based for small stat differences to matter that much. I can go into a fractal with a group of competent players, and a different group with the same classes and gear and kill bosses 3x as fast. The combat system has made me extremely skeptical about the concept of raids from the start.

Plus class DPS differences are so much more vast than the DPS difference between ascended/exotic, that if they tune raids for the 5% stat difference between exotic/ascended, then surely a bunch of classes will be excluded while eles and engineers and warriors continued to be stacked.

The 5% doesn’t matter, the person that made that Tweet was drunk, here is why not all classes do the same amount of damage, imagine they balance the game around warriors in Ascended, a team with less DPS would not be able to do that content.

I’d like to point out a simple fact that people seem to be missing quite evidently. The last line stated “Last boss should be full asc.”. For those that are not sure about this meaning ‘Should’ does not immediately mean ‘Require’. “Should’ is more a “It would be a good idea”. For the definition of ‘Should’ you could simply google it or to save time and effort I’ll do it for you. ‘Used to indicate what is probable.’ I see nothing about required in that definition. So stop crying about it as we have yet to see what is required in these raids. TL:DR- Should == Require

“Should” is most commonly used to make recommendations or give advice. It can also be used to express obligation as well as expectation”.when the designers who designed the raid “expects” you to be on asc gear you better be in asc gear

This is true for traditional gear treadmill games. Guildwars 2 is not traditional in that sense. GW2 has more been about mobility and mechanics, Skill based combat, than stats. The only place where this was challenged was fractals which has a flat damage check to dictate if you have enough agony resistance to actually accomplish the task. Every other instance of the PvE world can be overcome with simple knowledge of the mechanics and non asc gear (You could even get by on blues and greens). It will take longer but it is not impossible. Also this was from a twitter post which I don’t consider to be a final official consideration on anything related to a game with their own website. And just so we are clear, again. Expects == require.

i agree BUT the twitter poster was a raid designer dev. so if the devs dont know what they are doing with the raid idk what to think

To put it simply we are getting mastery lines which will help with raids. More mastery in the line = more effective in the raid. Until they state specifically that there will be new infusions for ascended gear designed around the raid content then it is a recommendation and not a requirement. 5% in stats can be overcome by knowledge of mechanics and proper movement in the raid.

Or if they add agony to the final raid boss which would need infusions for anyways.

ok lets assume they will design new infusions for asc gear centered around raids. then its gonna be like the fractals no amount of knowledge of mechanics and proper movement can save you in a level 50 fractal without AR. believe me i want to believe just as you are that gear wont make a difference over skill but this twitter post says otherwise *sigh

The twitter post says very little actually. It says a recommendation, not why it is required. There’s no point in assuming anything at this point in time. They state nothing beyond a recomendation. For who? The casual? The hardcore? None of this is stated. So there is no reason to be crying about the sky falling when we are given so little to go on.

“Earlier wing bosses can prob be killed by TOP TIER players in mix of asc/ex. Last boss should be full asc.” kind of makes it obvious what kind of player they are talking about.

Top Tier in what aspect? They don’t say. As for the ascended gear they do not give us a reason WHY we need ascended gear in that post. And it is for this reason alone that that post is a recommendation and not an out right requirement. It makes very little sense to lock content behind 2 different locks. (Gear and Mastery) so I doubt they will do that. And this is why I don’t take twitter posts as gospel. Until they come out with an official post then this post has very little say of what is required and will remain just a recommendation.

Also just so we can point out other problems in that post they stated that top tier players can ‘probably’ do the content. So this is a sign of one being unsure. ‘Can you do it? ‘Eh…Probably’. does not mean a yes. So the due to the flaws in that post it should NOT be taken literally.

it’s just how the post was worded just look at the post as a whole.and what ever their definition of “top tier” at the least they are players who have a good understanding gameplay mechanics and builds otherwise i dont see them using a pharase like top tier to describe casual or players or noobs.Anyway i guess i will wait for more official words on the matter i mean they just cant stay silent after posting a post like this *sigh

Yes they can stay silent actually. This post is informal. It explains very little. Its just people will read this ‘As a whole’ and come to a conclusion of what that all means, just as you have. If you read it as an informal opinion on a topic, which Twitter is very informal as is, then you will see it for what it is. an Opinion. A recommendation.

To elaborate on his first statement one could just as easily say, ‘Yeah high capability players could probably do it in as little as asc/ex gear’, or you could go the other extreme, ‘Nah you will need at least ex with some asc to beat the early wing bosses.’ But given the little amount of word usage in his post you cannot come to an accurate conclusion of what his mindset was at when he made that post. As far as we know it could be simply an opinion and not even a recommendation. I can tell you right now that there are some players in game that are far more expert of a player than the devs will ever be.

As such as long as there is no false difficulty lock such as agony resistance then ascended gear is a recommendation to speed things up a bit and not a requirement to survive the content.

your interprtation and mine on this post differ significantly. And i didnt “read this ‘As a whole’ and come to a conclusion” i read it as a whole and came to a conclusion because the poster was a one of the designers of raids in HOT and she was actualy interviwed here .That in itself gives credence to this post and the reason i came to the above conclusion. anyway its pointless to discuss it further here until any official word is released on the matter

Credence to a post lacking significantly in information related to the content of said post means very little but you finally understand what I was originally trying to state. Without information there is no reason to get all upset.

I understand perfectly well but what you don’t get is there was not enough information in that post to state anything with 100% accuracy. No amount of credence can fill in the gaps created by a lack of information. Which that post was filled with. If you can ask ‘Why’ (Without being that annoying little kid saying why for the heck of it) then there’s a lack of information.

your understanding of rudimentary English baffles me. post clearly states you need asc gear you don’t need any additional information to define that . i have given you the definition of “should” didn’t i.

Your definition of should was based on concepts and possibly slang based in the gaming industry. The correct usage of Should has never been used as an alternative word to Require (If it has then it was used incorrectly or in a slang mannerism). That is fact. Should is Obligation, Probability, Contingency/Conditionality, A desirable/expected state (note: Not the same as required), Give suggestions, and used to make a statement less blunt. If you fail to understand this then you should really go look up the proper definition of the word in this tense.

For clarification post does not in any manner state the word NEED. You are adding that to their words. Should == Need or Require.

There is a point when one really needs to step back and look at the topic from a different angle. I think you have past that point and are now arguing from an unsteady platform. Watch your footing.

you sir are an idiot. my definition given to you was from the dictionary if you are too brainless to understand that, i dont see any reason to respond further
p.s do you even read the nonsense you spuot

I gave you the definition from,, and

Your definition agrees with what I said but you are misinterpreting it. If you forgot-“Should” is most commonly used to make recommendations or give advice. (note: Not a requirement) It can also be used to express obligation as well as expectation” (note: Also not a requirement).when the designers who designed the raid “expects” you to be on asc gear you better be in asc gear (This definition is more in line with the UrbanDictionary’s version which is slang. It is only in this version that it is implied to mean required. But since this is slang it is not proper English.)

Do I need to make myself any more clear than this? Should DOES NOT equal Required.

At this point I think you are just trying to get the last word in but you are doing so from a position that has no ground to stand on anymore. Your own definition agrees with my stance (Save for the slang bit) and you are still arguing about it. This has gone beyond a discussion and is now more like a pissing contest from your point of view. Sorry for throwing logic into your soup but the facts are there in those three links. Not once does it say required in any definition relating to the tense the word was used in.

you are the one who cant understand the dictionary definition of should as every other poster on this section understood it perfectly including dulfy “The tweet states that early wing bosses can be killed with a mix of Ascended/Exotic but last boss will require full ascended.” go learn english before preaching to the others

So what you are saying is that some people who jumped to extremes know how to read English and others who are actually understanding the proper meaning of the word are ignorant and don’t know how to understand a simple word. Great logic there. Some people just don’t understand how society will take a simple thing one person says and blow it out of proportion and then claim it as gospel. GG.

I love the fact you keep inserting your concept of the word into the tweet when its not there. Should does not equal require. That is simple English right there. That’s not fiction, It’s fact. If you had looked at any of the three links I posted from three of the most well known English Dictionary writers on the planet then you would understand but I guess your rage has boiled over and you can only see red. Go take your umbrella and wait for the end times under a rock somewhere. After all in your mind the sky is falling over 5% difference in stats and the simple tweet of a ‘Credible’ source that is filled with numerous inconsistencies and a serious lack of information that you fail to see.

Also resorting to name calling and what not should be a dead giveaway to some other person who happens to read this as someone is losing the battle.

in this instance should means required. clearly you are either too stupid or just more likely just ignore other poster’s comments and points and just babble on about your imaginary definitions. what i dont understand is why the other poster kept replying as this is clearly obvious . this was a pointless argument

Yes it was pointless but those definitions are not imaginary. Go ask Oxford what the definition of Should is. Try reading any of those three links. Required is not there. Anywhere. If it was then they would be synonyms. They are not. Simple truth is simple. Slang has blinded people to this truth.

this thread was hilarious .Oxford or whatever dictionary definition wasn’t to blame it’s just that you just dont understand what the dictionary says. anyway it was hilarious wathching your denial

this guy dosent care about the definiton he just want the last word .otherwise any person with a half a brain understand should is just a nicer way of saying must lol

Which might mean : two sets of ascended armour …one for fractals with AR and one for raids with “raid” infusions ? Let’s hope not.
Right now it seems they are not all that surefooted with the raid content..

My concern is not exotic v ascended, but more about the stats on the gear. A Net hasn’t been the best at balancing content. I am wondering if raids will be “Full zerk only.” Based on the past, I also imagine some of the weaker classes will have a problem finding spots (judging by the way the group tool and map chat has worked with the dungeons).

I am all for the raids. I just hope A net realizes how much extra work (balancing, etc) is going to have to happen to make them good.

Well done Arena net. You fucked up again :

“No attunements and no repetitive gear grinds are going to stand in your way. The true challenge for raids in Guild Wars 2 should be in defeating the encounters, not getting inside.”

Well, i’m the only one to think that is incompatible with the need to be in asc. gear for raid ? So much fun to grind for 200 golds, so much challenge.

i understand how u feel, but see it this way, while in other mmos,u had to constantly grind for better gear year after year. here u only have 1 more option above exotic. also the future legendary gear doesnt have more stats its just the convenience of having all sets in 1. so i dont think they fucked up, quite contrary they found the sweet spot for ppl who dont want to grind and for thouse who like it. having that said i agree whit u that we need more fun ways to make money.

I have gotten an entire set and a half of ascneded armor from box drops alone, playing various game modes, so it wont require a grind, just accumulated experience. There is a fine balance between a grind and having end content goals available for players.

Box drops are pure RNG.

Before the Fractured revamp on fractals, I got all the skins besides longbow and scepter from doing the daily 48. Past that updates, I finally ended getting all my skins.

My buddy who I do fractals with, who has played the same time as me, only has seen the fractal warhorn in all our runs.

Progression tied behind RNG/gold grinds is still arbitrary content gating.

IF you got that much ascended armour from random drops I suggest you go buy a lottery ticket now as you are clearly the luckiest person on Earth.

Keep in mind though that the stat differences between Exos and Ascendeds are very very minimal unless we are facing Mursaat.

In which case agony resistance would be needed. Or something along those lines. Chances are they were just designing the content around players with full asc gear and didn’t bother to test it with players in full exos or what have you. The difference in stats should not be that difficult to overcome once players understand mechanics and their own characters. (and potential lag delay)

And if it is agony related then players who are already doing lvl 50 fractals would be at an advantage over those who never touched them, which is more reason I don’t see them making ascended gear a flat gear requirement. It also goes against their core values for the game.

In other words it be a great way to shoot themselves in the foot if they made it a requirement to get in the door.

Hope you’re right. Then, 99% of players have already mix exo/asc gear, like me : exo amor/weapons and asc. accessories, finally the difference between that and full ascend if pretty minimal.

Still, i don’t care about what they said, i will still try to do it with out full ascended gear.

Isn’t this saying that, if we need a mix of exotic and ascended, the first bosses will need a stat bonus of about 2% or so above full exotic, but the final bosses will need a 5% stat bonus? It doesn’t really make that much sense to me. Of course with a damage sponge boss any bonus will make a difference over time but I can’t see it being enough to counter the differences in damage between professions and builds.

I really don’t see the difference 5% can really make. In WoW each new tier of raid gear gave about a 20% improvement in stats and other set bonuses (that’s IIRC, haven’t raided since Cataclysm).

They used the words ‘Probably’ in the first sentence. This is a guess not a guarantee. And as I’ve been saying all over Should == Require.

Fair enough. I personally believe that it won’t make that much of a difference really. I also don’t know how we can really define top-tier in GW2.

I don’t think we should read too much into this tweet.

Yeah I’ve been trying to explain that to someone and they don’t seem to get it. There is simply not enough information in this post to warrant the response people are giving it. They never gave us a ‘Why’ asc is needed and thus its merely a recommendation.

Thought the same. Currently the stat bonus over exotic is so minimal that a single dodge could save the damage an ascended armor would reduce over the entire fight. Either the comment is total bs or ascended gear will bring another feature which is not AR.

And when they wanted to jack up the power of ascended gear by 10%. They turned it down because this is not the type of game that requires ascended gear.

Unless the game mechanic specifically checks for wearing ascended gear it wont be needed for the end boss either. And if they do implement some retarded check for it I doubt it will stay for long, the vast majority of players don’t have nor would ever craft ascended, unless they get them as drops. The portion of players doing lvl 40 fractals for which ascended is needed s minuscule, I doubt they will kill their raids like that as well… not for long at least.

Besides who in their right mind would waste money on ascended just to use it to grind for legendary with the same stats lol.

i droped like 8 pieces of ascended armor in 2 months and 3 weapons, it makes me think they were kind easy to get, but now everytime i do a fractal everything i get are freaking empyreal fragments!!! I guess i wasted all my luck 🙁

Firstly, the amount of players with ascended gear is not low at all – it’s rather common for players to be in full ascended (excepting new and ftp players of course). Secondly, it’s not only lvl 40 fractals that require it – you’ll die quickly on a lower level without it as well.

Well, I got 4000h+ playtime and 5 legendarys but not a single character with full ascended gear. The most ascended is my warrior with jewelry + ascended gs and torso. Just wasn’t worth the materials yet.

Same here, unless you do high end fractals it will never be worth it. Anet has lost a lot of players when they introduced this gear tier, they wont make the same mistake of making it a requirement for their new and exciting content.

Imo they should make it available for tokens like the jewelery.

I don’t know about WvW but in dungeons the number of ascended gear IS low. I run dungeons everyday, usually the full tour with gear checks. The number of people wearing full ascended is abysmally low, maybe around 15%. In fractals (which I don’t do), I’m sure there are plenty more in ascended, however even in fractals you can get by on jewelery and weapons with high value infusions from what I heard. Personally I only have jewelery and one weapon and chest piece that dropped for me which I use, and I have been playing for three years now. As most people I know, I prioritised making 5 legendaries over ascended gear.

The reason why ascended gear is not common at all is because a lot of people run multiple alts, and gearing up 3+ characters in ascended gear is a waste of time and money (unless doing a lot of high lvl fractals).

Luckily from the looks of the latest news, the ascended gear is only recommended and not required.

I also wonder how in the world they plan to make ascended a requirement. Making traditional MMO gearcheck boss is impossible due to game mechanics.

Le sigh…

People who think ascended gear equates to needing agony resistance… clearly failed to read the last line in Dulfy’s post…

“There is no agony mechanic like in Fractals.”

I can’t copy-paste links here for some reason… But I am gonna quote Crystal’s tweet for further proof.

“Agony resistance is not required.”

I love how ANET still does not understand how to make game “difficult”. It’s fuucking simple. Make the AI have COMPLEX PATTERN. Why do we need a set of Ascended Gear to do RAID? You just have to make the Raid like LUPI where ARMOR is not important but only your SKILL is. Being able to block, reflect, dodge, heal, invuln, all these amazing things in GW2, you are wasting it by creating a raid that requires “MAX STAT” gear. GW2 will succeed even more if AI’s are similar to Monster Hunter/Dark Soul/Phantasy Star Online and ETC. That is ONLY way to make game HARD yet “BEST GEAR” will never be needed. You need to make Player become better not GEAR. GEAR MEANS GRIND and GW2 should not be GEAR GRIND GAME. THIS IS NOT Diablo 3 or WoW!!!

WoW is grindy? You mean 20 dungeon runs at the start of each xpack or few dailies?
Single piece of ascended gear in GW2 required more of me than anything in WoW during my 10 years there, Hero of Shattrath excluded.

I like how you follow up “It’s fuucking simple” with “Make the AI complex”. You do know what simple means, right?

I like how you think those sentences are in conflict. Even after you misquote the OP, they still makes sense.

You know what reading comprehension means, right?

Better than you, apparently. But since you seem convinced that the only reason this could occur is if I do not have basic reading comprehension, allow me to break this down for you:
Simple: [sim-puh l]: easy to understand, deal with, use, etc; not COMPLEX or compound.

I mean, it’s right there in the definition. So… yay.
And I’m just gonna go ahead and add back in the part you apparently edited out, courtesy of the original being sent to me via e-mail:

“What doesn’t make sense is behaving arrogantly, whilst being stupid. Please stop this sir. Go yell the television or cars or whatever your kind does.”

Now, ignoring the subtle cues demonstrating how this statement is filled with far more arrogant anger than mine ever was, I was noting the irony of essentially saying ‘The answer’s simple: make it complex.’ But if you have to lash out and call me names go right ahead, I’ll be ignoring any future posts from you on this page. I know how to handle trolls.

That you got so riled up about it says more about you than it does about me. Cheers!

Also, kudos defending the guy named ‘Anet is Dumb’. Because he was always going to provide a logical, cohesive, and unbiased argument.

Please return the degree you received at whatever online University you “attended”. This was a great laugh. Thank you. Really, thank you!

Tbf people have had plenty of time to get ascended gear. It isn’t THAT difficult either. These raids were requested to be difficult and raids where ‘not everyone can do them’.

If it is purely mechanic based, it will end up being farmed as mechanics are guaranteed to get old fast.

This is meant to be the pinnacle of PvE difficulty, expect high gear requirements, skill requirements and some form of skill/gear gate regardless of whatever MMO. They didn’t want to go down gear grind in regards to WoW requiring you to literally grind a wing to get to the next wing, they didn’t want to go down attunement like wow’s old attunements which locked out raids for months while people farmed and grinded their way through a long quest line.

Also please remember fractals are getting a rework so ascended gear will be needed for that too, yet I don’t see people crying about that. Agony mechanic or not, you still require a new set of gear.

Let’s say that ascended team will bring down the raid boss in 5 minutes, exotic team will bring it down to 95% in that time and will have to fight for 15 seconds more. Ascended set required? What a joke, it does not matter, unless they are going to rework ascended gear (maybe 4th stat, or 15~20% stat difference instead of 5% – then it could be required).

I see ascended gear being reworked for raids because you might as well apply your theory to all of pve; if raids are going to be significantly harder I would think that you would need gear that could combat that harshness. Ascended Gear is a luxury, not a nessisity. Arenanet really are triding on a thin red line when it comes to RNG. They’ve created gear that’s not really needed but takes forever to obtain. Now you would have a reason to need that gear.

depends on gear weight, light are way more expensive to create. If your aim is just a single ascended set it’s easy, but if you want to get all three, well, it took a year for me (very softcore, did not play much though, was away for several months during that time too)

If they allow us to choose our stats with ascended GEAR then i wont be running raids at all other than for achieves XD

It never was “required” for the dungeon, just suggested, and then people decided that it was a requirement and went apeshit on it…

I hope it is required, I don’t even have it yet but there needs to be something for players to sink their teeth into PvE wise ( as they do WvW or SPvP ) and while an individual raid/wing is a finite source of enjoyment the experience overall could be favorable for the general playerbase. Adding an actual requirement would be nice as well as it will give some players the extra push for ascended.

Ascend Gear is force crafting. In fact I hate crafting.

This game wasn’t suppose to be Gear Centric which many MMO’s are plagued with.

It’s bad enough we have horrible Elitist who have turned this game into nothing more than a Speed Race.

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