Knights of Fallen Empire SWTOR

SWTOR Knights of Fallen Empire Livestream Coverage

SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire Sept 30 livestream coverage with notes and Q&A.




  • What will be talked today- “a whole lot of stuff”
    • Something special for people who done all class stories
    • UI changes
    • Changes to crafting, group finder, inventory, currencies
    • Changes to collections
    • Changes on original worlds.
    • Changes to events and their rewards.
    • Changes to heroic missions.
    • Level syncing on older planets.
    • Performance improverments
  • Some Chapter 1 stream will be shown today for those who missed Twitchcon
  • 2 hr livestream, Musco will go over 3 pages of notes and answer general Q&A from the audience.

Creating a brand new level 60 character

  • New L60 characters will get a recommended Discipline – always DPS and discipline with a simpler rotation
    • Mercenary for example gets Arsenal. You can switch disciplines if you want with the advanced option at bottom right.
  • Character limit – if you are already at 22 character limit and you create a new L60 character it will add a new slot for you up to a cap of 40-50 character per server. If you don’t want to make new L60 characters you can buy more character slots.
  • How much will new L60 costs on the cartel market? Price not determined yet.


  • Starter Gear: New L60 characters will get legacy bound 188 blue gear that you can transfer to other characters if you like the appearance.
  • Mastery – all the main stat have being consolidated into Mastery. Crit is now all one stat (critical rating and surge are now one stat).


  • Tutorial Mode – Tutorial mode means you won’t have access to all the abilities and they will show up as you progress in Chapter 1. You can turn off this tutorial mode immediately. It is more meant for new players to avoid overwhelming them with all the abilities.
  • Discipline window – You get a new utility point and an additional utility in the heroic tier.


  • What you need to complete before KotFE: You don’t need to complete anything before Fallen Empire (i.e. no SOR, RoTHC  class story etc). However, once you start KotFE you cannot go back and complete them again. This only applies to story missions, you can still do the side quests etc.
  • Crew skills on new L60: New characters get all the previous companions and crew skill auto L500. You will get appropriate crew skills for your class (i.e. bounty hunter get armormech, scavenging, and underworld trading)


  • Companions: You can still customize the appearance of your companions. Their stats are influenced by your level and your influence with that companion. You can change their role selection to damage, tank, heals etc out of combat. Companion gear you farmed from Yavin will be made legacy and can be used for players (except the weapons).
    • Can you obtain companion original gear appearance again? Not at launch of KotFE. Team is aware of and would love to put in.


New features coming with the expansion

Reward for completing all class stories

  • Legendary status, you get a cool icon ingame next to your name
  • You have to finish all 8 class stories, level doesn’t matter.


Companions on cartel Market

  • Combat companions, no storyline, cannot be used to sell trash.
  • Can be found inside cartel packs or on the GTN from other players


New Interface Editor/Share keybinds

  • New interface editor with snap to grid function
  • Share keybind will be available as well in 4.0


Temporary Ability Bars

  • Temporary ability bar has been added. It will pop up when you have Huttball or when you use Heroic Moment abiltiies. Each of the Heroic Moment ability you can use twice over the course of the heroic moment before they go away. Heroic Moment abilities also have been rebalanced to make them better.


Crafting Changes

  • Crafting cap is still at 500. There are no more tiers (i..e having to train every 75). You get everything from the beginning.
  • All the armor you craft now start at blue (no more green quality) to make sure the thing you craft are useable for you. They are all adaptive and can be used on any class.
  • There has been some changes to who craft what (a future blog post will post in this detail)
  • All the crafting tiers has been changed to grade 1 to 8.
  • Some crafting materials has been removed. Any material you have that is no longer used will be changed to different crafting material that can be used.
  • Any old schematics you have will be put into an archive section on the crafting menu incase you want to craft them for appearance etc.


  • Gathering changes: No matter your skill level, you can gather material of any tier. The relative difference between your skill and the tier will determine how much you get. i.e. 500 bioanalysis getting tier 1 material will get a whole bunch of them. A level 1 bioanalysis trying to get a tier 6 material isn’t going to get much.
  • Mission changes: All the mission per grade are available to you. Which one you want will be available. No more RNG of getting which missions.

Currency Changes

  • Basic/Elite/Ultimate commendations changed to Common/Glowing/Radiant data crystals. It is just a name change, your currency are not being reset.
  • Warzone commendation remains the same.
  • No more weekly commendation limit but there is still an overall cap (1000, 500, 500).


Legacy Changes

  • There now a tab under legacy for datacrons to keep track of datacrons which are now made legacy.
    • Legacy datacrons are now made retroactive
  • Speeder Piloting I can be unlocked at level 1. You can now use your mount at level 1.
  • New summon random mount and summon random pet legacy ability now available. They are completely free.


Cape Clipping

  • Cape clipping on mounts has been fixed on most capes.

Collections/New Cartel pack

  • New cartel pack will be coming with Fallen Empire on either October 20/27


  • Collections window now collapse everything by default when you open it.
  • You can now filter items and search items in collections.


Events and Event rewards

  • All the event vendors have been placed at Cartel bazaar section of fleet for easy access.
  • New vendor have some new stuff and some returning items from old Chevin event and the original Rakghoul event. They require currencies from Gree, Bounty and Rakghoul event.


Leveling changes on core worlds

  • With the expansion, you just need to play the class missions and the planetary main story mission to level up. The side quests are now classified as exploratory missions and can be hidden.
  • 12XP will be going away with launch of Fallen Empire and be replaced with this new system.
  • There are now special icons for the class/main story missions and heroic missions.


Group Finder Interface

  • Group Finder Interface has been reworked. Storymode operation for group finder are different every day (set on a rotation). Anyone in 50-65 can jump in and do the storymode operations and hardmode flashpoints.
  • Tactical flashpoints are available from 10-65.


KotFE chapter interface

  • You can just hit the play button on the top right corner and jump straight into a chapter anytime anywhere. The story will be much like class story in terms of playing with other players. They can watch you make the decisions but can’t do anything themselves.


Companion Customization

  • Companions now have an outfit tab and you can change their appearance. The exception are droids and companions like Darth Marr.


Changes to Heroic Missions


  • There is now a terminal for all the heroic missions. Heroic missions will give you different rewards based on your level so they are always relevant.
  • Every heroic mission now have a priority transport so you can instantly teleport to the location.



  • When visiting old planets, your level will be synced down to the appropriate level and have your stats changed. The level will be highest level you can do the content at. This affect everything, not just heroic missions.
  • You will not lose any abiltiies or passives.
  • It is not optional, you cannot toggle off level sync.
  • You will get experience from low level content this way and can help your friends leveling.

Changes to Anti-alising

  • New medium option added, give you the performance of low but looks slightly better.
  • Ultra option give you very sharp graphics.


  • Affection has been renamed to Influence and now does a bit more like affecting combat effectiveness of your companions the higher influence you have with them.

Alliance Feature

  • Alliance feature and companion contacts will be revealed closer to launch.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

957 replies on “SWTOR Knights of Fallen Empire Livestream Coverage”

Hope they stream some good info.. I’ll see tomorrow I guess..
@dulfy are you going to upload a YouTube version after it’s done?

Was just going to say the same thing. They must have been able to do something with the game to up the limit that high.

As an altoholic. You can’t stop me, you can only hope to contain me.

Uhhh… again the same spoilers. Why didn’t they put this at the end of the stream? They have showed chapter 1 twice! There is no need to show it a thrid time, at the beginning!

I’m seriously not buying this anymore, it’s the most stupid nonsence shit ever. This game is getting easier and easier. Not surprise if we get the god droid from solo tacticals for open world so it fucking kill everything while we talk shit in gen chat .__.

talking shit in general is pretty much a given, jesus droid or not. Anyway I don’t think it’ll be THAT easy, but meh….it kinda loses its charm when everything is dumbed down. Gonna play it for the new single player story, then I’ll be leaving swtor behind ’till it gets its shit together.

So you’re freaking out because they’ve made all the stats the same? Not sure how that makes the game easier. I mean…you still need set bonuses from raids. To each their own tho. Good luck in your future adventures

Yeah they must be hard for them not to put list items into a Juggertank . They go ok ,they don’t missed

please explain whats the point of it? we have a mastery stat, cool… a mastery of what? i will stay because of the story, oh and slaying people in warzones

Actually, with the OW scaling, GSI droids would be handy to have around, for everything. ^^

and what required actual thought about getting Willpower for a Inq/Cons? You still have other stats but getting the main stat for your class was a no-brainer.

Just means it’s harder to fuck up your stats. Only concern now is whether you’re wearing the correct armor. Light, Medium, or Heavy.

Okay, so I’m totally fine with the automatic-level-to-500 crafting professions for new level 60s…. but what about all of us who leveled extra characters from 1 to 60 on the 12X XP boost who didn’t go for crew skills? Just wondering if there will be an easy catch up.

Meh, there’s no need for it at all imo, doing stuff while overleveled and overgeared makes you feel like you accomplished something. You got better, this level sync will just be a nuisance.

Sync needs to stay or the credits, exp, and rewards will be greatly decreased to the actual level of the heroic instead of being awarded loot that matches your character’s real level. The better rewards we get justifies the sync and difficulty. Take that away and you can forget about ever doing another heroic for the daily grind.

I’m confident that I can solo the heroics, since I know my class and abilities. Don’t see why you can’t either unless you’re not so confident in your ability to fight tougher opponents.

Except that unless you are on the closed test server you have no idea if the heroics are soloable, particularly heroic 4s. But if you’re quite confident you should be able to go back to a planet while the mission is still green for you now and solo heroic 4s. That will give you an idea of how it will be after 4.0. Curious to hear how that goes for you.

I’ll probably be fine seeing as I run a tank and I use a healer companion. I’ve done the hard mode Czerka flashpoints solo, before they removed them from the weekly completion list. Only problem will be those heroics that require 4 players due to the mechanics involved.

Looks interesting. Seems what i said would happen with Datacron unlocks and the fact that you unlock them when you have access to that area happened =D

About Level-sync and Open world pvp, i hope the Camp guards level sync aswell so you can still attack them and not get instant killed by max level guards.

Level sync is STUUUUUUPID. Should be optional.

Mastery is pretty dumb too. There was no need to simplify main stats. This will just lead to more problems with item rolls for aesthetics and people will get pissed off. They WON’T change it back, but instead they’ll change something else that will ruin another thing, etc… Domino effect.

Don’t fix what ‘aint broken!!! A lesson they’ve yet to learn.

What problems? If you have less stats, then you roll Need. Those that already rolled need when they just wanted the looks of the item will keep doing that even if they didn’t change the main stat.

They need something to use in the place of Presence that none of us never saw on gear after level capping, yet alone on non-crafted gear leveling up.

Lets you rediscover old content while getting usable XP, comms, gear. Plus with all your abilities still active, you are still overpowered for most of these anyway.

What wrong with getting rewarded for redoing old content? Not a damned thing

I agree that getting XP for old content is great but I don’t like how it’s planet-wide and automatic.

I don’t like the idea of getting attacked by mobs EVERYWHERE I go now…..

They should add herocis to some kind of Groupfinder.
It looks like you can solo most of them at high level, but there are still Heroics like the one in Section X that require 4 people to press buttons.

Worldbosses and Heroics should get their own tab on the groupfinder.

Technically, Heroics are in groupfinder, you just can’t queue for any certain one. You can choose to queue up for Heroics on X planet, and hope other people have done the same.

Are these fighting companion pets a new kind of pet?
Or can we use the pets we already own?

Thinking about the Tauntaun Fawn fight is odd and awesome at the same time.

Actually, it still does. Your character stats are scaled down, but your abilities and the stats on your gear remain intact. At least, that’s how I took from the stream.

well stil it should be optional anyway also putting down stats is BS should be persons own choice i am not waiting to work my ass twice as hard for lower planet to do qeust also wanna solo hororic,s as fast i can so this is uterly bs i mean u can easly die from lvl 10 mob that BS then of lvl 16 world boss

Why are you on lower level planets anyways?

If you are inclined to complete everything do it now before it goes live. Its not that hard when it does drop and you can still do everything when you *gasp* group with other players.

What a stupid piece of shit.

This sauce is all awesome. So much stuff I love here I don’t know where to start. Oh wait, yes I do:


It looks to me like they are going to offer beast companions via direct sale in the Cartel Market, and also as rare drops in future cartel packs. I feel confident in stating that they are not going to convert existing mini-pets into combat companions. I would guess that any beast companions you add to your roster will appear in your main companion list.

Presumably beast companions will be able to fill all companion roles, although I’m not sure how they’re going to heal. It may be that they are limited to Tank/DPS roles.

who knows… maybe I’m there 😛
no I’m actually in Begeren 🙂
thanks for the “awesome” qualification, you are awesome too ^_^

yay you got the name’s origin! 😀
if someday I unfreeze my ebon hawk marauder I will start to yell “Sarigar” 😛

Sarigar is on the Republic side, on Empire side you want to yell “Algol” or “Greybold”. Or Teratus, or Jurgoran, or Ozzek, or Garran, or Yamal…

so many imp toons! I will go in when I have some free time. After farming some several amout of wz comms 😛

Nope, just prefer playing my own sex, it’s what I know best! Female company is vastly preferable to dudes. 🙂

I’m down! Dinner and dancing at the Nexus Cantina, then drinks at the stronghold. What happens in Kaas City stays in Kaas City!

changing plans, I dont dance so just dinner, then drinking “mate” (argentinian drug :P) while playing acoustic guitar like hippies in stronghold’s balcony 😛

Ahh sorry! I had to get some sleep so that I can do my day job. I got nothing but free time all weekend, though!

You’re showing as already following, it’s all good. 🙂 I had to set my profile to private because some loser thought it would be funny to make a handle called “Sarigar_is_GAY” and follow me on it. I deleted him and he came right back, so… had to go private.

I’ll add Zaphy next time I log in!

Aieee I didn’t mean to leave you hanging! I’m still recovering from this cold, I’ve been pretty out of it. I did log in and add Zaphy on Imp side, we will get together and eat steak and strum guitars soon. 🙂

I was on for a while tonight, I was looking for you! Sorry about that. I don’t have a Twitter, I guess I can read how to make one?

What guild are you in? I have toons on Begerin and am thinking of looking for a more active guild.

I was in REIGN (best guild in the server) but they moved to harbinger also with dark hunters (another big guild), another big guild from pub side like “intrepidation” or something like that also left the server, im guildless now in every toon i have, my imp toons never had a guild anyways 😛
there are cool big guilds in the server but i dont remember their names, there is one called “living drama free”, another one called “galactic lounge” and some more 🙂

Cool, I’ve seen all of those around. I’ll have to check out Reign on Harbinger. Maybe see you around in there!

It probably has to do with the “Reputation” you have with the other factions like Mandalorians, Hutt Cartel, Sith Empire, The Republic, and other factions. Most likely will show where you are in their influence and what other companions you can unlock to join your crew.

Never has in any of the other mmo’s I’ve played. You still have all of your unlocked skills and will be at max stats for that planet.

Where’s your proof? How exactly will it ruin the game? It’s not like we go to every single planet everyday. As I recall, most just stay on fleet or go to the daily areas.

I did a lot of stuff overleveled. Including Worldbosses weekly and H2+/H4.

With 4.0 we get other stuff to do. We don’t know if it will happen, but it could revive killing other Worldbosses. Right now everybody is killing the 4 ones you can solo. If you want to kill some of the others (for the achievement) you barly get people to do that.

It could also improve the gameplay, that we are no longer able to solo them.

We will see.

It will save the game in a lot of way really. Lets you rediscover old content while getting usable XP, comms, gear. Plus with all your abilities still active, you are still overpowered for most of these anyway.

Lol, so my Vengeful Slam/Vigilant Thrust will tickle for 3 damage on Tython?

Nah, sorry, not sure if it will kill the game, but from now on, I am strictly PVP and will not leave fleet. Or roll a single new toon.

Did you watch the stream? Musco was soloing a Heroic just fine. And what is the problem with 3 damage (an exaggeration btw) if the enemies have 6 health?

We have nothing that completely states that level syn will be active on each lower level planet all the time. I’ll wait for an official answer before I based full judgement

Not gonna kill the game, lol. Makes it much easier for people to play with their friends on lower level content instead of everyone getting shafted on XP.

Being FORCED to do so.. is a pain in the ass… giving us the option to do so for xp/mission credit.. I don’t mind.

I’d gladly temporarily give up the ability to get lvl’d loot or credit for a time period to make it easier for me to kill mob for my own personal search effort.

Having spelled that out, I very quickly can see that it could easily be exploitable in non instanced heroics. but, I personally run solo more than ever being in group.. and this is hurting my efforts on trying to finish up certain things in 3 weeks.

Which is great for the 5% of the game that likes to group with friends.

For people who like to play solo, this effectively kills off much of the game

When it’s optional, sure. Being unable to travel across a lower level planet without my speeder exploding and throwing me to the ground every minute or two? Bad. Being unable to go back and solo stuff just for the fun of it? Bad. They’re going to spoil the game for a few people I know by doing this. Recycling raids is one thing, but recycling the entire game?

But, I’ve done all the old heroics, so I can live with never doing them again.

“Being unable to travel across a lower level planet without my speeder
exploding and throwing me to the ground every minute or two? Bad.”

Because that’s what happens when you’re traveling around Rishi and Yavin IV at level 60, right? Mobs constantly aggroing on you and knocking you off your mount. It’s incredibly frustrating, I tell you what.

but Y4, rishi, ziost is already enough, and i like to travel out there without any npc bothering me, i like to explore and find my stuff without die and have to walk back km’s, or beg for help to clear the way to get a datacron, i agree, it’s cool but but should be optional. i think pvp servers should be like this, then high lvl players wont come back and kill ppl just cuz they are bored.

I wish disqus was like reddit so I could see the downvote storm on that comment…

Level sync is totally not “not that bad” because there is this thing called ‘enjoyment’ that you play games to get, and having to slog through content you already did on 30+ characters ….. at level….is dumb

It doesn’t appear that we do get a new utility point. It’s already capped at 7, they just spread them out so you have to re-earn one after 55.

I guess on nar shadaa you will be like level 27 and it will be very very hard to do dread seed missions.
I really hope they make it optional or just don’t do it.

Or maybe they will simply make dreadseed mobs the same level as everything else on the planet since you are being downscaled anyway.

Like the legacy datacrons, simplied companion gear and ability to change companion roles, and the increased character slots…..not a fan though of the forced power-leveling through the 1-50 planets. The 12 XP system with the ability for people to turn it off was fine.

“With the expansion, you just need to play the class missions and the
planetary main story mission to level up. The side quests are now
classified as exploratory missions and can be hidden.”

Uh, that’s what I did before 12x was even a thing. Nothing new here.

“Level sync is not optional.”

Fuck you BioWare.

Fuck, fuck, fuck you.

Burn in the deepest bowels of Oricon and get tickled to death by the fingers of Brontes.

There is some content that has been used to grind for easy Conquest points. And more specifically, and this is the part I think they may be forgetting.

Alderaan, Hoth, Voss all have areas/mobs that are substantially higher than the intended planetary level.. that are wrapped around quests that would now be impossible if you were forced to be at ‘max intended level.’ (No more soloing World Bosses, The Dread Seed/Star Forager areas. the Bonus Series’ of most planets)

Upside, is that it makes Open World pvp far more interesting.

lots of things, actually.

For instance, planets in the 40-50 level range havea lot of random world drops that are cosmetically-pleasing (Collossus armor, anyone?) that are a pain to farm as-is, given that they are random world drops, but having to be at-level to do it will just take ages.

Also heroics, the old ones, are a quick source of comms, source of decos, and I know many people who still haven’t got Galactic Hero cheevo.

They are pushing the solo perspective with KOTFE, but – they are also nuking the low-level soloing.

people also farm credits in heroic areas on planets like voss. wont be possible now. it also could make datacron hunting and doing seeker droid finding a bit more… time consuming

Because, I am actually a fan of overkilling.

If I wanted to kill “at-level”, I’d be killing at level. My IQ is generally enough to decide for myself what I want to do and how I want to do it.

If you actually watched the stream then you saw that he had zero problems destroying mobs even though he was level sync’d. It’s a non-issue.


if I have completed all the class quests except the Sage and I make a level 60 Sage with the expansion I then become Legendary status?

Appreciate the insult. Now tell three good things that will come of making mobs on daily areas tougher? I’m waiting…

1. Less stealing of mobs from other players to grief them.

2. Youll get better loot from those mobs.
3.Maybe we wont fall asleep from boredom while grinding out rep for old daily areas.
4.No jumping lower level players on PvP servers and killing them in 1 or 2 swipes

5.It will make having done that content mean something by way of the exclusive rep rewards. If its super easy to faceroll the content and get all the decos and armors etc, then EVERYONE has it.

At first I though the level sync was a bad idea but then I thought about Diablo 3’s adventure mode and I thought it was actually a very nice idea! Love all the changes so far. Still waiting for no more caps on comms but, you can’t have everything, right? 😛

they do the same thing for GW2 when you go to certain areas. its not a big deal. just more ways to get creds and XP.

All this bitching about “WAHH I CAN’T ONE SHOT SHIT ON TYTHON NOW”

I’m just sitting here getting a hard on over cape clipping being fixed in most cases

cape clipping being fixed, grid clip options for interface, bringing a little challenge to older world levels by scaling both the missions on planets, AND the rewards you get from them. its freaking awesome! they’re still making ops and flash points, just not now. i think this is, by far, the best thing ever done for this game. then again, its just only under 4 years old. more to come.

it’s an awesome idea to recycle old content yet the big problem is they are forcing us to play in group while we have overpopulated servers and empty servers

sign me up for the camp that hates this forced lvlsync bullshit if it was optinal fine awesome let people play like that while i play how i want to play aka oneshotting mobs in blackhole daillie area and other area’s

that no longer possible wow are they actually this retarded?
before any dumbasses come up with GW2 did it waa waa waa
guildwars 2 build it from the ground up while they were developing the game THEY did not tacked it on after the game is launched 3-4 years later which is what biofail is doing now.
heriocs pfft please i dont do them anyway far to much hassle to get bunch of noobs that cant play like shit
i rather overlvl it then do it alone if thats how i wanna play, then that is how i wanna and gonna play
finally last thing im gonna say about what some shithead biodrone defenders say that its bringing life back into old planets and herioc? WRONG people will not do that garbage as people will avoid it like the plague i know i will.

Are you an idiot?
This is to help reduce the credits in the game as well. People won’t be able to face roll through content that was intended to be grouped.

Lastly, if you are doing older content you can now get more rewards for your level. Sorry you can’t play by yourself anymore in an MMO.

to help reduce credits in the game? hey look everybody another retard.
reducing credits in the game haha no seriously are you a retard?

and that is somehow my fault how? blame biofail for that retarded low credit cap for both f2p and prefered it is ridiculous that a single subcriber can have over 11 billion credits while f2p has to deal with 200k and we prefered players with 350k

use “( )” next time, people is so offensive here XD
give me a hug *hugs random forum guy* 😛

LoL @ lvl sync that shit will get so much hate.. good thing i dont plan on ever going back to any other planets

Hello all! I was kinda bored and looking to bitch about level syncing in 4.0. Can someone show me where i can do this pls?

Thx baes

Come to the East Side Showroom in Austin. It’s where I drink with a few of the devs. But I don’t see the problem with it and I’ve seen them throw out people who were there just to bitch and cry about the game

Don’t have time to write a detailed post, but I notice they’re fixing a lot of just plain “stupid BS” that used to be in the game (weekly comm caps, the pointless jump of standard crafting material tiers from 6 to 9 and from 9 to 11, the lack of a grid system for the interface editor, etc.)

Level sync is awesome and will revitalize the game for thousands of players. If you hate it… I drink your tears. 🙂

It feels like they read all my suggesty things, and made them coming uppy things instead. As I read all this my jaw kept getting lower and lower, and now a family of bears is using my mouth to hybernate for the winter. Picking your crafting skills for you is a bit odd though for instant 60’s, could just let them go level w/e they want…sorry to whoever gets armstech.

Beast companions… awesome. Just give me a tuk’ata companion to rampage across worlds with and I’ll be happy!

The problem is.. depending upon how it’s implimented. It will break certain long/ongoing quests.

I get what they are trying to do. But, the point is, to make the open world heroics a challenge, making the weekly reward actually worth the effort. (Sufficient challenge, so as to not be ‘free’ gear.) However, There are some planets that the total lvl’s of the content are so wide apart, that locking it to the highest lvl expected for content is actually still game breaking.

Alderaan, Hoth, Voss, all have places where there are lvl 50-55 mobs to fight. (They are out of the way.. but if you’re forcibly locked into lvl’s 40-44-47 respectively… they will become completely impossible to complete.

That is the problem myself, and may others who can look past the “I want to beat up on Lowbies cause I can.” mentality.

And if the individual planetary cap takes those mobs into account for a lvl 55+. Then the level cap itself to maintain a challenge w/o adjusting those heroics becomes pointless. Because you’d still be 10 levels + above them in lvl.. and there by still able to kill everything. It’d just take longer.

Leveling the playing field for open world pvp.. I consider that to be a plus. (Though it does hurt some of the Tython, Korriban RP.)

You can drink on ‘my tears’ all you want… but if you aren’t respecting those facts of the situation and taking them into account.. then you must never intend to do anything related to the macrobinoculars/seeker droids post oct 20th.

Cause they may say that the launch is the 27th.. but given the fact that early access is early access.. the non KotFE changes will go into effect on the 20th for everyone. Those who don’t have early access will just have to deal with not being able to touch the new content.

And that’s scheduled to be a bounty week.

I’m certain they’ve taken those few quest areas into account. I doubt it’s much effort to leave those areas as “bubbles” of true level for the purposes of those missions.

Your assumption that Bioware would catch those things before it going live.. does not match my experience with them in this game.

(One of alderaan’s isn’t actually out of the way.. it’s right outside one of the main Pub bases.)

But it is wrapped in with the same thing as the bonus series’. Though not to such an extreme. (Though the Alderaan bonus series is pretty high compared to the rest of the planet. And Hoth’s is even worse.)

It’ll be one of the first things I check out when everything goes live later this month. Because I don’t trust them to catch that on their own.

I was about to make a comment about how there is a lot of cool stuff there, then I saw that level sync is not optional. Seriously what the actual fuck.

I suspect this is more in regard to the changes with Augments, as there will no longer be a Surge value, and you won’t have the 4 individual stats to increase. They’re probably going to give each of them a Mastery augment, and maybe shuffle the remainder.

According to what I’ve seen, Armoring moved from Cybertech to Armormech, Enhancements moved from Artifice to Cybertech, and Artifice now has the ability to craft Relics of every level band.

I hated the idea of level sync but seriously, Musco was still just rolling through Heroic level mobs. One-shotting? No. 3-shotting? Yes. I’m fine with this change now.

He made it a point to say how he was still able to solo quite easily. He’s goofy enough to walk away for water in the middle of a stream but I don’t think he’s dumb enough to play with dev powers turned on and not call it out.

Maybe you’re right, I think I’ll need to try it out myself, but at the moment I’m not thrilled. Will have to wait and see.

he was doing the first 2 man herioc you get he was lvl 18 and that herioc is lvl 12 no wonder hes 1-3 shotting the mobs……

I like most of the changes in 4.0… but some are… questionable.

Simplifying stats (Mastery) is… strange. I really don’t see a point to it, even because of the “gear looks” reasons, since we have an appearance tab. What was wrong with old stats?

Choosing companion’s role is great, I love it, but… why automated stats? I understand that we will no longer need to gear up companions, fine… but I like to have a control over my comp’s stats. Now I know exactly how strong my comp is, and what I can do to improve him/her, but with a new system… No idea.

Crafting/gathering/mission changes. Generally seems OK, but… WHY RESTRICT BASED ON CLASS? (at least that’s what I understand)

Aaaaaaand level sync… What the…? I really don’t get it. Lvl 65 people will not do low-level heroics as XP will not do anything for them and basic comms (sorry I meant common crystals) will be useless (unless they receive glowy/radiant crystals because of high lvl, but would that be fair?). And what about planets that have 2 lvl tiers (eg you can’t do bonus series right after “regular” planet chain because it’s designed to be done after the end of a chapter with higher lvl)? And what about all those badass lvl65 people going to Korriban / Tython to look down on newbies? Will they be kicked into oblivion by some low-level players?

And yes… Probably it’s all my fault because I do not play the game the “right way”, SWTOR is a single player game for me, mostly for 2 reasons: (1) I do not have a lot of time to play, and having to leave in the middle of a heroic or a FP is not fun for anyone; (2) I kind of suck (mostly because of point 1, I simply do not have time to train enough to be “competitively” good) and being ridiculed by others because I do not press the right buttons fast enough is not my idea of fun either. Because I do not do group content I might be short on comms/crystals, and now it appears I will not be able to “farm” few heroics on Balmorra/Taris because of level sync. But then again, with auto companion gear I will need less comms/crystals to gear myself, so it might not be so bad.

Oh, and I DO like filler side quests (most of the time)

I play TOR because I enjoy the stories and the setting, That’s it.

Stay thirsty my friends.

1) It serves two purposes – one, it lets you use more drops, and two, it prevents things like a Sniper in Aim gear or a Shadow in Strength gear because those stats make intuitive sense for those classes to have.

2) Because it ensures that the companion you want to use is always able to help you complete the content you want to do.

3) You misunderstand. New level 60 characters will have three crew skills automatically learned and at skill level 500, and the skills known will be based on the class. Your existing characters’ crew skills will be unaffected, and if you want to change the crew skills of your new 60s, you can, you just have class-appropriate crew skills by default.

4) According to another site, the reward for 61-65 characters doing Heroics is their choice of 5 Common Data Crystals, 2 Glowing Data Crystals, or an item that either grants reputation or can be turned into an NPC for rewards, so there’s a valid reward for that level band. Additionally, despite the level sync, Eric was able to solo enemies in a Heroic 2+ area quite easily – retaining all of your abilities and utilities makes a level sync’d 65 much, much more powerful than a level 18 character, it just means you can’t solo world bosses anymore. No word on how it’ll work with planets like Nar Shaddaa or Alderaan, however.

5) Nothing wrong with playing SWTOR solo, I have RL friends I like to play with, but when they’re not on, I usually play solo too.

Some fantastic changes here.

1/ Search Collections… OMG about time, this has been so needed for ages 🙂
2/ Level Sync extends relevant content making more content for everyone I love this system all games should do it.

3/ Planetary Story mission plus Class misssions to level up = good idea. 12x xp was great but some of the Planetary missions I thought were a bad idea to miss out on…good solution here.
4/ MIssion icons for Class and Planetary missions also excellent it was in the past sometimes difficult to track what was what.
5/ OMG Legacy Datacron, Fantastic Idea and the unmentioned benefit here is with the move to Mastery you want all datacrons now GG 🙂

Im very happy with many changes being presented here.

Well Done Bioware imho


Everything i saw in the stream sounds great,i was very doubtful etc on what they have been doing but they have spent a ton of time doing all of these things.

Thank you people of BW,EA.

Looks like now’s the time to make sure I have enough Devoted Allies gear for my characters in 4.0 XP

They said legacy datacrons are retroactive. Does that mean if I had a character that had all of them upto makeb but deleted it I would still get them for other chars or do I loose out unless I ticket for a character restore?

I’ll have a look but I think I deleted it along time ago so may not be covered. Now to remember the spelling of that character lol

Specifically he said he was 99.9% certain that they were retroactive. Given the fact that it hasn’t been added as a correction to the Dev Tracker already.. I’d call it confirmed.

How they are going about doing it.. is left up in the air however.

If it’s tracked and unlocked when you log into the character who has the lore already unlocked.. it’ll unlock it for you legacy. (That’s how I’d write it.) If that is the case… then in your case… you probably wouldn’t have them all unlocked. But, as you log into the characters that you have gotten datacrons with… they’d be added to your overall unlock list.

But, as Rex said.. if it was done with the legacy being active at the time. (Meaning you have the Light Datacron Table & Dark Datacron Table decorations unlocked.).. You have proof when submitting a ticket to get at least those datacrons added to your legacy after the fact.

I haven’t bothered getting them in mist characters outside starter planets. Had one guardian I did them all on upto makeb. Looks like I better ticket for a character restoration just in case lol

what will happen to current comp. gear? and will comps will be back with their original gear like mako?

Depending upon what your companion is wearing… it’ll be mailed to you as is… (Or in the case of the Yavin IV reward gear… it’s being converted to standard Bind to Legacy gear… not just bind to legacy Companion use only. (That doesn’t include the weapons apparently.) Eric did mention that in the stream.. but I think that point may have gotten lost in translation. (So to speak.)

Companions can wear anything, but it only affects the look now. Stats are based on your level and I believe your presence stat. Anything your companion is wearing at launch of the expansion will be mailed to you. I foresee many people with mountains of mail that day.

“It is not optional, you cannot toggle off level sync.” First person that asks for help while Im on a planet gets told to go “F” themselves and they can invite BW to watch.

They don’t like it? To bad, I don’t like level sync. They can go whine to BW about how bad someone was to them. Turning my level 65 jedi battle master into a padawan. “F” that.

“I’m going to serially harass other players and blame it on game mechanics I don’t like.” Yeah, clearly it’s Bioware’s fault you’re a misanthrope. I’m sure the GMs will see it that way.

and I can’t wait to test it out. Bw wants to pull something as simple as making this optimal and force a down scaling. I’ll make sure I spread negativity as far as humanly possible every time it comes up.

Optional would have been the best of both worlds. Not having the option at this point in SWTOR? “F” that.

it give some sence to the game itself, nobody in the star wars universe said dromund kaas is a less dangerous place than voss (its just the order of the story modes). A laser bullet in the head worths the same in everyplanet planet and a padawan lightsaber cuts the same as a jedi knight’s lightsaber (?
Now if you are just a numbers shitter that really don’t care about the game content well you are screwed my friend

Sorry but my jedi battle master is better than those padawans on starter worlds or most others no matter how you spin the story. A laser bullet should be blocked by me as it does when I’m higher level. no lightsaber cuts like it should but in this game, my higher level toons does it better or at least he did till BW screwed him over.

If it was a numbers thing only well, I might see your point. However, its a game play thing and this doesn’t sit well with me.

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I wonder if the planetary lvl thing was made in response to gold farmers/sellers. It would hit them pretty hard.

if kotfe is free for sub, what happens if a lvl f2p buys a sub? it gets the 3 expansions? or will have to buy sor individually?

The xpac will start a episodic system. When you sub, you get access to all episodes, When you unsub, you keep your episodes but no longer receive new ones until you resub. I assume the 3 xpacs will be rolled in like hutt cartel currently is.

thanks for the reply, a couple of friends want to start the game but dont know if buy SoR now or sub later and get it for free 😛

Right now you get Rise of the Hutt Cartel for subbing (and have for a year) and when KotFE goes live you also get Shadows of Revan.

You don’t need to complete anything before Fallen Empire.
How about Ilum,Oricon,Czerka,Ziost? what will happen to those story missions?

I think you’ll lose the story missions, but not the dailies. So my guess is that you automatically unlock the daily missions of each area, but are unable to do the story quests after you start Fallen Empire.

Possible? Yes. Likely to happen? Not very likely with you being down scaled.

The only solo content is going to be what BW designs specifically for it. Probably all those Solo FP with the God-bot.

I just cant get behind a non optional sync. What if I want to go through the old planets just to clear up stuff, I may WANT it to be easy, and not getting knocked off my ride all the time. Bad call IMO Bioware, it should be optional.

You are now told “To “F”ing bad”

You will take the challenge no matter what. You may not have ever wanted it, you may have wanted an easy evening of just rampant fun and entertainment killing so low level mobs for a particular green item.

Oh well. Your entertainment and fun just took a nose dive so BW can force you to have a speed bump on a starter world.

Correct. You’re not getting bolstered up. It only brings you down. high level gamers that already finished a planet will now find all that time wasted as they are down scaled when they step off their ship.

Time wasted? *facepalm* You have how many more attacks? How many more companions? How many more materials will you get from nods? Guild Wars 2 does this and it is awesome.

I’d be playing GW2 if it was that awesome. I’m not and I’m not saying the down scaling shouldn’t be there. It just needs to be optional.

The idea is that you go to the highest level the planet needs so I’d think that factors in the bonus sections.

That’d be like 55-60 for some then. Anything on the Seeker Droid/Macrobinoculars quest chains. Wonder if they thought about that?

Probably not.

Okay I’m not sure where I stand with the new character limit. I have 13 characters of 13 slots available. Does this mean I get a free extra slot for my new 60 or am I forced to buy a character slot for my new 60 (I’m a sub.)

TY. Do you (or anyone else) know if Ziost counts as “you cannot go back and complete them again.” And then the 192 armor from the Yavin weekly will be BoL? What’s the point if you already have 192 armor from the ops? I feel like I’m missing something there.

Also, what are the new gear tiers? I heard 204, 208, 216 from a friend but didn’t see it here. Less than a month away we should get some kind of stuff about gear. Also if operations are all scaled to 65 which ops will drop what?
A lot of questions still to be answered.

I believe he addressed this during the stream. All SoR/RotHC content is locked out, as is your class story and main planetary arcs, if you leap into KotFE. (edit: Without having finished them first, obviously). Dailies/Heroics will remain available, as will area missions.

I didn’t watch any of the stream, came here for the notes I can read in 5 minutes instead of taking 2 hours to watch the whole stream.
However, for Makeb, I have never finished the entire storyline. Would that mean I am permanently locked out of Makeb dailies? (I hate Makeb, so it’s more of a hypothetical. If you never finish SoR, would the Yavin dailies unlock? They don’t until you complete “The Enemy Within” either solo or via ToS.)

The point of the Yavin companion armor being usable for the characters is so you dont outright use it, plus it would be nice to mail to new characters, should you have/start any new characters. As it is, its already BtL and I would assume that they aren’t going to change the level 55 requirement on it

So basically if i start a toon I have no legacy gear already ready for, I have a highly outdated set of 192 armor. Almost like starting 3.0 in full 168 gear, if not 162. Glad I already have legacy gear everywhere.

the nice part about it would be a full set of 192 gear, save weapons, at level 55 and would give a chance to save the data crystals for the 65 gear. The companion gear may not be the best optimized, but that change is certainly aimed to assist those who plan on doing more levelling or who may not have tons of legacy gear hoarded from years of gameplay.

I’ve not even got 2 full years of gameplay but I knew it would be smart to have gear to send over when you had pieces on other toons. Some people just don’t get it, that’s their problem.

Fairly certain they said you will not need to purchase a new slot or delete a current character if you are already at the limit.

I don’t like the changing of lvls for planets u vist. It’s bad enough they are basicly removing the option to craft for conquest now they are making it so we can’t take our high lvl toons down to whatever planet might have heroic conquest rewards and do the heroics solo. Why does swtor not like ppl who just want to help out our guild with just pve and by ourself. I like not having to deal with drama.

What a lovely opportunity to learn to use CC and interrupts and maybe make a friend…in an mmo of all places.

(also, that planets highest level mobs, are barely green to you…so…yeah…)

There’s times I help guildies because I can drop a 60 into NS and blaze them through it even though I need to leave for work in 20 minutes. The down level means no use helping so I simply won’t. Stupid idea and bound to hurt not help the social element IMO

I wouldn’t exactly call speeding a few people through something as fast as you can so that you can log off being”social”.

Exactly this. Lots of people think this will revive interest in older planets, but in fact, will kill it. When I hit 65, getting my ass kicked when I run into a group of level 27 mobs while helping out a lower leveled guildie/friend because auto level-sync is another big reason to not go back and visit Alderaan. There will be people who will re-visit planets and there are others who will simply not. Auto level-synching will just be a nuisance.

I guess I am just not feeling the sympathy here. I solo most Heroic 2’s, if I can stealth sometimes even the odd Heroic 4. And theres only 1 heroic 4 in the whole game I didn’t duo….so…I dont wanna be one of those people who are all “Git gud!” but…seriously the mobs are going to be outleveled by you anyway. I dont think you guys realise that. Have confidence Atrehu….

I have to be personal in real life. Why can’t I just enjoy playing by my self. It might be a mmo but most of the game is designed as a solo story game.

You can still solo heroics but it will be a little more challenging. To be fair, you could solo heroics even before the level sync but it was pretty difficult 😀

Companions on cartel Market

Combat companions, no storyline, cannot be used to sell trash.

Can be found inside cartel packs or on the GTN from other players

This is becoming pocket monster…Go!!!! Pikachu !!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, the only bonus I see to this is they’ll shut the hell up and you don’t risk any affection gain/loss as a result of conversations. Not really a useful thing, unless I can have my pet dog and Mako out at the same time.

So are those aa options new to the exp? Or the ones that just got updated? Because the highest now is a blurry mess.

All I wanted to know was if new lvl 60s get Darth or Master titles so I know if I should get my last couple “Darth’s” past epic story before launch. Does anyone know?

After creating new 60 lvl character, all your story content for this character will be auto-completed. So yes, you should get all titles from your story.

Actually, Eric pretty much said exactly the opposite during the stream. It gets locked out, you can’t go back to complete it. If you didn’t do it, while it’s technically in the past, it is not done. It will not count towards any completion of the class events.

Thats strange, because before that were a words, that new 60 lvl created chars will be a canon-versions with canon made chooses.

According to what was said at TwitchCon, new level 60s will not receive the titles associated with their class stories. So if you want a Darth, you should probably work on that now.

Ok cool, looks like consensus is there are no titles so I’ll get in my 12x cram for those last few Darth’s. Thanks for responding all of you.

I liked everything, except the level sync. As a soloer, this is gonna make it harder. They took a step forward before with solo dungeons, and now a step back with level syncing. I guess they want to force more people to group for content. Something that has never worked for any developer in a mmorpg. Some of us always solo and will never group for anything. Others do both and some do only group content. People are different, BW, you just need to deal with that.

Despite the level sync, Eric was easily handling enemies in the Heroic mission he chose to demonstrate the system, and even when he was surprised by a respawn while talking to the steam, was never in any real danger. Soloing content still looks to be possible.

Really don’t like the treasures of events past requiring gree parts. I don’t do gree events, a single hour attempting them turned me off the event forever.

Love most of the changes, but I really, really think they should reconsider making level-sync optional, period. A lot of people love the “carrot-on-a-stick” grind for gear/levelling-up system that is the staple of most MMOs, auto level-sync takes a big dump on that. I, like so many others, wouldn’t like to get 1 shotted on my speeder as I traverse the Dune Sea, because i’m looking for a piece of dreadseed armour. As someone who Marr respects in terms of skill and prowess(story-wise), I want to feel as powerful as I have a right to be as the Empire’s WRATH. Not get eaten alive by a level 8 Sleen when I go to Dromund Kaas and “pay a visit to the Dark Council.”

Just the simple thing of making it optional, they’ll make everyone, whatever they’re playstyle is, happy. You want to level 1-60 on Oricon, click that level-sync. You want to feel challenged and do Black Talon with 3 of your friends and wipe? Turn that leve-sync on. You want to run through Kaon under Siege and grab all adds from beginning to end and kill them all in one AOE? Click that Shit.

Please, if it’s not too late, make it optional. Please.

Yea, its got to be optional. Otherwise, all that time you put into leveling means jack shit and BW pretty much said, “F” you. Go back to any planet you leveled and you’re max level, battle master is now a padawan.

Making it optional would be been the best of both worlds for gamers who wanted both types of game play.

Leveling unlocks more content. It’s not designed to let you go back to the noob farm and one shot lvl1 mobs.

Funny because that exactly what we have been doing for years and it’s not broken any of those gamers nor been what causes gamers to leave them. Not just in SWTOR but other games. There is a reason for leveling. It’s to show an incremental power progression. Your toon actually getting better. Now, you go back to a starter world, all you got is a few extra buttons but the rest is down scaled. HP’s, armor, power, pretty much damn near everything.

There is little entertainment in that experience if it’s something you don’t enjoy. You’re not forced to pvp, I’m shocked BW thought forcing a down scaling was some amazing thing to force on gamers.

It needs to be optional. Best of both worlds.

I wouldn’t mind it being optional for PVE, but as soon as anyone decides to engage in any kind of PVP, it should not be optional. Preventing high lvl losers from griefing low lvl players is a good thing.

Yes, it should auto-sync when flagged, definitely; with the down-scaling mechanism neutralising expertise…

Downside on there is the conquest kill targets are all lvl 60.. and boss level champions at that.

The first downgrade is going to force them to rework those specif guards of they’ll killing that portion of the conquest system as well.

I honestly, have a very funny feeling that come oct 20.. there are going to be a large amount of flooded complaints coming in about the stuff this bolster is going to end up breaking because they didn’t catch it in their redesign.

(Will just have to wait & see… and be thorough in our checking of those issues as soon as we’re able to.)

Look at the stream. He did a heroic with level-sync and the Gold and silver mobs went down as normal mobs.

You still have all skill trees perks and abilities so while you may be level synced to lets say 18 you won’t be at the same power as if you were actually level 18.

Story/Immersion/RPG wise, you still shouldn’t be able to one shot things even as the Empire’s Wrath since a lightsaber don’t get stronger and a mob who was able to take hits from a lightsaber before shouldn’t magicly die instantly from one hit.

I’m…really excited about a lot of this. It’s clear that they’re actually listening to what the community wants, on a whole range of things. Simplified main stats was inevitable, really (though I admittedly have mixed feelings about tank secondary stats now making up so much of the total stat list), legacy datacrons is a REALLY welcome addition, god knows it’s been asked for long enough. But it’s other stuff as well. Little things like the changes to cloaks on mounts, and getting them to work right is a REALLY nice touch. Priority transports for heroics is awesome. Reintroduction of old event gear, I’m also really happy about, and the changes to the interface editor are awesome too. There’s a lot of little stuff being introduced with the expansion that goes far beyond the solo story content and really helps to improve the time you actually spend playing online, so all in all I’m really excited by this. All in all, we’re actually getting a hell of a lot considering this is a free expansion, after all!

Finally, here’s the thing with downscaled levels. You’ve still got massive advantages. You’re at the highest level you can do the content at. So you’re still significantly overleveled for the content anyway, and everyone who has played through the game should know by now that being a few levels over minimum or optimal range still puts you leagues above where you should be.

Also consider most heroics are still designed to be doable with a party of four, at the optimal level, in green gear. If you’re running those heroics in a downscaled 60-65, you’ve still got the advantages of your full talent tree, all of your abilities and perks unlocked, AND you’ll most likely be running in comms gear and probably augments as well. Are they going to be scaled down? Sure, but it’s not going to scale you down to the level of someone in full greens with only a handful of abilities.

You still have much better gear and far more abilities and perks than the content is designed for. It should still be a cakewalk for you to run content while downscaled – if anything, all it’ll do is ensure that you actually play the game and pay attention to the mechanics a little rather than just waltzing through using your basic attack and not paying any attention. You’ll be playing the game, not just walking through the motions.

So I need to get this straight, do I need to complete all class stories before the expansion to get legendary title or will I still be able to get the title after expansion is out as long as I complete the character from lvl1? It sounds like all story missions are getting wiped…

That appears to me to be something that will be permanent. If you get through chapters 1-3 on all 8 classes even afterwards… you’ll get that legendary icon. (Not technically a title)

Reread that section of the page. The class/story missions are wiped if you start the new expansion content, which should mean only on that character. If you want that icon, don’t start the new content until you finish what you want out of the old content (on a per character basis).

Level sync is probably one of the dumbest things they’ve come up with. They’re pushing SWTOR more and more as a single player story experience, but this sort of thing pushes it backwards into forced grouping. When forced into the situation, people who normally play solo aren’t going to suddenly group, they’re just not going to do it.

It’s also another nail in the coffin of conquest. They’re removing repeatable crafting (which admittedly makes sense), but now also removing the ability for higher levelled character to solo the heroics for repeatable conquest points. Now it really will be forced PVP and PVE group content. BioWare is losing me and how I remain engaged with the game on a weekly basis with these changes. I’ll be completing them all fully before the changeover and then I’m done.

They should start a vote for Level sync system, over 90 percent people is gonna say NO to this “NEW” update. And I really don’t feels like getting kill by a lv8 crap when i work my ass off so hard to level 60 coz people now CAN PAY TO WIN TO BUY A lv60 TOON!!!!!!!! Star wars is not gonna take your money and shut up this time, they re gonna bleed you dry and still give the players A VERY PAIN THE ASS. Game is all about enjoyment, and when its not anymore, guess what? No more player into your stupid game ,star wars 🙁

So for you enjoyment is faceroll over keyboard in low level characters? You can press only key 1 and still be able to do everything 10lvl under your level. Level sync is great idea and if it will give you xp still based on your level it’s great. Plus you will get huge ammount of comms from heroic – would be pretty stupid to just faceroll it and get those comms no? Also it’s ment to be multiplayer game so soloing everything on planets was just stupid. Level sync works pretty well in GW2 and if SWTOR will give you loot on your level (I hope it will) It will be awesome feature.

Sorry but you’re going to go back to a starter planet and be the highest level of the planet. You’re going to be padawan again with a few extra skills on your hotbar. Lowered HP, lowered AC, lowered to hit, pretty much lower everything because you got nostalgic or wanted to go back and cheese that friend you have 20 alts rush through something. Sorry bud. You’re screwed.

Wont that be so exciting?

The point from that standpoint.. is if you get a friend involved in the game.. and want to run with them through their story… You wouldn’t have to start a new toon.. and play-through it all over again re-earning what you’d already done.

I get that… I like that. And it’d be an excellent reason for it to be optional.

I get that they want the heroics to be a challenge for everyone since they’re adding this new weekly, giving lvl appropriate gear for your character to go back & do them. Otherwise, they’d be essentially free upgrades.

I honestly get all that.

My problem with it being forced is both the World bosses… (Which annoys me.. but I admit I could get over, cause I know it’s intention. World bosses SHOULD require groups.)

What I DON’T like it for.. is on the planets in which the Seeker Droid (Dreadseed) quests have much higher lvl mobs in the open world on the planet. (Specifically Alderaan and Hoth as much as anything.) Forcing people down to ‘regularly’ appropriate level makes searching for the dreadseed and star forager armors would be impossible. (Not just difficult.. but Impossible.)

But, if you leave the max lvl setting at the appropriate level for that content, Then the world bosses and heroics once again become greyed out & super easy to solo. Defeating the purpose of level sync.

If they can rectify those two things… saving the Seeker Droid/Macrobinocular quests for future players… and allowing for the lvl sync to be ‘relatively’ fair… I’d be very happy.

I just don’t think they’re thinking about that…. or if they are… they’re just going to up and yank out those quests. (And leave the seeker/macro quests on places like Rishi & Hoth purely based on the provided quest icon.)

I would assume all of the mobs on the planets will be made in the same level range.
The idea was that you put new content on a level 20 world for a lvl50, you made the mobs lvl50. Now instead of making the mobs at the player level, they’re making the player go down to the planet level. So it would make sense for the Dreadseed mobs to be scaled down to the level of the planet they’re on.

That would be a reasonable fix. Again, it’s something I will be definitely checking on very quickly after all these changes go into effect. (At least for the dreadseed/macrobinocular related stuff.)

That doesn’t fix the bonus series issue though.

Unless the level sync only goes into effect if you’re like 10 lvl’s or more above the areas mob level.

Alderaan’s lvl 40+ bonus series stuff. (Which contains one of those datacrons)

Hoth’s lvl 50 bonus series stuff. (Which also contains datacrons)

If the sync # of fluid based off the area of the planet you are on.. which is possible though potentially problematic if they don’t pay close attention to how they code it. Then it’ll work out great overall.

I just don’t trust them to get it right. (Based off experience.).. it’s something I think will finally work as intended 6 months to a year from now. (Possibly longer given the assumed size of their staff.. and the importance of regular chapters being released after the first of the year.)

I’d assume the bonus Alderaan stuff would scale down to match the rest of the planet. You just wouldn’t get the missions until you’re 40+. When you go to do them you’ll get sync’d to lvl30s, so it would work.
It’s a good thing. Many times I missed out on the bonus stuff because I didn’t notice I overlevelled the content. Now I can go back at any time because no matter when I go back I’ll get sync’d to the content.

So long as he wasn’t mistaken when he said that only your class story (And not all ‘purple’ missions from 1-50) will be locked as soon as you start Fallen Empire.

I don’t think so, cause he was very specific about the individual planetary arcs.. when he got around to describing the quest icon changes. But, it doesn’t mean that he may not have been mistaken. (Going back and doing Pub Taris after FE would be weird.. because of Saresh and all.)

The sentence at the end of the article about the “not optional” should never have been said in the first place. It is either the map-sync or not at all and you know it. If it was actually optional, the glaring difference would end up destroying the map-sync concept. Why would anyone even have to worry when helping out friends, if it got too hard they would just flip the “switch” and blow up everything.

Dulfy, do you know what will become of the HK parts from the FPs, will we have to group up to get them, or will they make them available in the soloable versions as well?

I remember when I had to group for the HK parts in 2013, I was still relatively new to the game, and yet I felt like I was the only person who had any remote idea as to how to play. I had all 156s, except for one 124 enhancement, everyone else was 50 and under-geared. Grouping for it is going to be an utter waking nightmare…

Hardmodes are getting a similar bolster as other places.. it won’t be as painful as it was back then.

And yea, I had moments like that as well.

HM flashpoints gonna be 65 only and not get any type of bolster so gear up again if you wanna get hk part from lvl 65 foundry/mealstrom prison

You’re SO very wrong there.

Hardmodes are open for 50-65. They’d be impossible if there wasn’t some sort of bolster.

after re-reading that post again you are half right they are open to lvl 50-65 but they will be impossible to complete with lvl 50 players as they do not have all the tools and utility points to complete said hms even with bolster

Again, you are wrong. They bolster the tactical modes already. You’re still spitting out wrong info.

What the reality will turn out to be.. it may be difficult… but they know they need to take the ‘lack of utility into account.” they already did it with the tactical group finder. It won’t be any different with the hardmode.

i remember being able to take my sweet time soloing foundry/mealstrom prison hm for hk part now after 4.0 if i want to get hk i am forcedt to sub for a month just to get back mealstrom prison and foundry hm in order to complete the quest for hk and i paid for the accountwide option for section x with cartel coins

Bring back the old event gear is nice but it costs way too damn much in terms of tokens, especially the bounty contracts. 5 of each should be plenty for a piece of gear, they way overdid it on the cost.

Lots of nice QOL changes like legacy crons, QT to heroics, speeder at level one, increased com caps.

Crafting changes, i’ll wait and see. They havent revealed a whole lot yet, form mined info seems to be somewhat streamlined but an extra step added to craft components for everything. So from what i can infer, with drop of 4.0 all that useless neutronium in my banks will magically turn into electrum. Interesting.

Level sync: Not at all a fan, but I can see why they are doing it, as the new grind for 4.0, the yet to be revealed alliance system, likely chiefly involves re-running old planetary content, and facerolling it just isnt going to be grindy enough. As long as I can solo the old H4’s without having to resort to respeccing to tank or heal I will learn to live with it. Going to miss soloing some of those world bosses though.

I would be much more okay if there was more (any) new content to run at level 65 besides the story arc. Having shiny new 216-224 gear and nothing to use it to its full potential with will make me a sad panda.

So here’s what I infer from new leveling system: XP from class and planetary arc missions has been adjusted to replace just the class 12x. So like 6x for class and 6x for planetary arc from vanilla game. So likely will take about twice time of 12x to go 1-50, Or about same as double xp weekend, and if they ever do another double xp weekend will be like having 12x again.
I’m assuming planets like ilum and makeb which class and planet story are the same will be like 12x? maybe a little less since 12x on makeb is enough to go from 50-57/58.

For the Old Event Armor, I know that Eric said in the livestream, that the prices aren’t set, since he was playing on their own test server. So, chances are the prices will go down to something normal at launch.

He did state that the prices are subject to change.. and probably would.

That could be just to keep the flames coming up… but I do agree on that point.. but I’m waiting to look at the official prices before I pitch a fit over that particular thing.

Another one is… Rare content.. is supposed to be rare. So it would be more expensive than the standard stuff that’s always been there… but I don’t thik it had to be THAT expensive. (Where some of them showed as 50 of each… especially given how rare the gree event rolls around.)

Will be interesting to see what level you will be nerfed down to for each planet, especially the ones with the oddball bonus series. Would be interesting to get a list.

Like Nar Shadda, planet 20-24, bonus series 30-31. Alderann 28-32, bonus 40. Hoth 37-40, bonus 47. Belsavis 41-44, bonus 50. An exhaustive list would be well appreciated, some content will be harder than other content because the level gaps are going to be quite different.

maybe the sync activates while in a specific area instead of the whole planet? I dont really how those things work

I would think that the bonus content will be matched to the regular content of the planet. You just won’t get the option to do the bonus content until you get to the right level, and when you go back to the planet you’ll be sync’ed to the difficulty of the planet.

Well Guild Wars 2 does it by the area your in so I would think that’s how bioware will do it, but who knows for sure.

How dare them bring back the rare Chevin stuff,i grinded for those items,when i link them in fleet and wear my bloodstained armor i do it with pride that there is few with them.

Those crossbows and such but be a VERY steep price!

FYI i am joking but i do have all the Chevin stuff,it was neat having them then being they are Legacy but that has kinda went away with so many other Legacy type items.

i believe 20% of the current players were playing the game while that event went live, I see no harm 😛
I think they should give you a medal for supporting the game since the beggining, you know like a veteran thing, would be nice

I have been asking over at the official forums for some type of award for those that have been subbed since early release etc,,EQ2 gave things for every year subbed etc,,i think i let my sub lapse once for about a week.

1 week? man that stain will never be cleaned! (I sub once a year for 2 months XD)
seriously, veteran players should get a title or something like that because of account activity

Nah i consider it supporting the game,now did i play every week etc?

Nope i often do not play for two months during the summer etc but i find the 17 bucks for a monthly sub cheap,,i spend more on parking in a week for instance.

honestly the first friendly fun person I found here *hugs* 🙂
and well your account still a really old one. Where I live there is no charge for parking in almost every city (there are private parking things tho) but my shitty coin doesn’t allow me to sub every month >.<
pref status is fun tho, It's like "hard mode" open world 😛

Oh don’t get me wrong i use the public transportation sometimes,i live in Bellevue Wa next to Redmond where Microsoft is but i work across the bridge in Seattle and during the winter fall it rains a lot and the traffic can get very bad so i bus often then.

I understand people with tight budgets,trust me i do,i recently purchased my nephew a three month sub he has two kids and his job cut back hours.

a just own a bicycle 😛
Microsoft rules 😛
when I said shitty coin I meant u$s 1 = $10 arg. Imagine you have to pay 170 monthly instead of 17 😛
subs are cute for endgame(unlimited wallet, unlimited warzones, unlimited ops time), you can really play the game entirely without one but everything is more powerfull with the sub (excepting in a warzone, money doesnt have place there) 😛

I get the humor, but I am truly thankful it has returned. The Scrapper, much as I loved it, has never dropped for me on Makeb (though friends have gotten it) and thanks to the server merges & purges, I had to recreate my original main tank, so I lost the old goodies there. I may never get my title back, but replacing the speeder is a nice bonus.

And being able to finally get that !@#! belt to finish off my containment set from the 1st Rakghoul event. A shame I can’t sell back half a dozen of the bowcasters for credit at that vendor. First weapons in the game to ever sport Legendary quality barrels, and they’re nigh useless.

I never got the containment armor,it just didnt appeal to me,i may look into grabbing it now though,,that is if the price is reasonable.

I hope they remove the 50 requirement on some of the old legacy gear they are bringing back. I finally rerolled a sniper a couple months back and was so sad I couldn’t use the assassins touch bowcaster.

Yah the Touch is the higher and then there is the mid and lower,,i know when moving stuff i lost one of the barrels on one.

Okay, two things: Level sync on all planets? including daily planets like oricon, section X?
#2: “Heroic Moment abilities also have been rebalanced to make them better.” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I love my 18k legacy choke and 6k dirty kick when an imp tries to gank me. I can see this being less fun 🙁

I see levelSync as being a good idea. Now I can actually have fun helping lowbies instead of facerolling content half-asleep. I offer help when people ask for help, but I hate whispering “I can help you, but you won’t get any xp for killing mobs”.
Maybe it should be optional, but I’m glad this is actually a thing now. I always thought SWTOR was missing something like this, because I loved the mentoring system in EQ2.

Here here i too played EQ2 for almost six years i believe (never played WoW) the mentoring system and the Sync are very close and people will see a good thing imo.

I get that, And I consider that to be a major plus as well.

But as I mentioned and you replied to further down. It’s not w/o it’s pitfalls, in terms of being content breaking.

As I said, your solution makes a great deal of sense. But, it’s not the only issue. The bonus Series’ missions were intended, not only to be done at the end of the planet.. but in some cases coming back afterwards.

Alderaan & Hoth, I see are their biggest gaps. The Nar Shaddaa stuff, isn’t as bad… because IIRC, everything revolving around the seeker/macro stuff either spawns in at your lvl.. up to a cap… or is instanced. And in the instance itself, the level sync can be turned off. (Honestly I thought they’d make the lvl sync instanced only.)

None of the dreadseed areas are instanced. The attacks by the Shroud’s droid also aren’t spawned at level, although being killed by him doesn’t impact whether or not you scanned the Shroud’s observation droid.

Hmm, I thought when I first did it.. he’d spawn in at 51-52.. cause that’s what lvl I was when I first did it.. but wouldn’t spawn in higher than lvl 55 when I started back.. because I was already lvl 60.

I replied further down, but to recap… bonus mobs scale to the rest of the planet, but missions are not available until a certain level. When you do back at a higher level you get sync’d to the content. Assuming that’s how it would work.

In regards to Level Synch: “The level will be highest level you can do the content at.” – In other words, you’ll still be several levels above the mobs and whatnot. It won’t be a huge deal.

Oh man. This is terrible. Now I can’t go back to the starting planet, strip completely naked, take all my ability off my hotbar, hit respec so I’ve got no points in passives, unsummon my companion and AFK for a half hour for a sandwich without getting brought to 75% health by a Flesh Raider!
How can anyone consider that acceptable?

Anyone complaining about the lvl synch either did not watch the stream or just plain stink, Musco was destroying stuff with THREE BUTTONS!,,you are fail if you whine about it.

Looks like everything that was an H4 is also now an H2+. I remember the mobs being quite a bit thicker for friends of old.

The faceroll is just getting nerfed a bit. If they actually took the time to rebalance all of these old heroics, kudos to them for putting in the work.

Wanna go kill the Outpost Thorazan Commander (assumed to be scaled down as well) for Conquest Objectives with your guild? Nope, coz now even one or a few lowbies can decide to be total pricks as they can now actually interfere and kill scaled down Level 65 you or your scaled down Level 65 teammates, instead of just leaving you and your team alone because they can’t possible take you on.

Got 2 lowbie friends who are Level 30s and they wanna take down Trapjaw on Tatooine and you were gonna bring your 65 to faceroll it for the ease? Nah… because now with level-sync, you have to wait to gather a full team, or just forget about doing it because no one bothered to come help the 3 of you.

So, where does level sync start, can I still do blackhole weekly solo?, I like BH, its rather quick and nets decent credits.

Thats what I am wondering too. I farm dailies (for a steady supply of credits) on Black Hole, CZ198, Oricon and Y4, which nets me around the ballpark of 520k (per toon) give or take a few stops to farm biochem mats and the like… I prefer to Solo all the dailies on those planets…. Will level sync affect any of this that much???.

So, it makes more sense that a jedi battlemaster can rape a sith lord with half a hit just because that sith lord happens to be on Alderaan, while exactly the same mob on Corellia takes 6 strikes… while, hopefully, with level sync, both take about that 6 strikes and hardly inconvenience you at all? I can see now that level synching will destroy all gameplay and galaxies will explode. Especially if you can’t farm the world bosses to extinction with single lvl 65’s, that’ll just ruin the game. Who wants to kill them like they’re supposed to be killed? “Optional level sync”…lol. I love mandatory level synch, and I hope it works out well.

Yeah, I have a good laugh when I read people complaining about downscaling being no-RP friendly that a mere gundark on DK can kill the Dark Council member… meanwhile, a silly animal on Rishi can fuck you up.

Quite so… if you manage to get killed by a gundark as a dark council member as it was shown on the stream, you really are doing something wrong.

Anyone noticed that new heroic 2+ in the DK tab? It seems they added back the cut heroic 2+ from the Sith Temple that you can still access as mobs are there, but obviously there is no quest giver anywhere at this point.
Also, that Samurai Sith set though..

Lots of cool stuff in here… Tho’ I do wonder about what is gonna happen with our current gear stat at launch… This new mastery thing isn’t a problem as it replace base stats such as might, willpower, aim and cunning but the new critical hit and surge fusion have me worried a little bit…

Also the cape clipping fix is finally here, as is the key-binding profiles. God it’s been years!

And Legacy Datacron is probably the best thing so far 😉

As for the level downscaling on planets, well, when he announced it, I was like “omfg, burn them all heretics at Bioware” but seeing how he got rid of elite mobs with headroll on the keyboard I’m not so worried. It could make things interesting again in a way.

Also I must have this new armor for my Marauder…

>level sync
Good thing I finished most of the “destroy 5000 opponents” achievements. Starting from low-level planets was a good idea in retrospect.

Yes, because I can tell you were slaughtered by those strong enemies on Corellia as a level 60… utterly undoable now, isn’t it?

Yeah but it’s not going to be any easier, grouping up 50+ into a stack then aoe’ing down simply won’t work now

Well, I might be wrong, but, for example, on the Black Hole the mobs are still green at lvl 60… so nothing might change there.

(I’m capped at 55)
It’s not Corellia that benefited from overleveling for me. It was on the starting planets, Taris, Balmorra and whatnot that this gap saved a lot of time. Clearing a group of mobs with a single aoe is significantly faster than dispatching them one by one. And when you gotta clear 3000 of those, it matters.

Well, I seem to recall that the respawns and driving around the planet made up for the time I saved… for example, on Black Hole, once you clear the trash, it usually respawns and you can just sit there…and kill away.

I can see it now when the expansion goes live.

LF#M X operation, must have achievement for operation and must have completed all class stories. lol

I’m not sure if anyone asked that question but correct me if I’m wrong.

Musco said a couple of times during live streams that we can buy sub for a month to get access to all 9 chapters and then few months later we can buy it again to get access to rest that came out in the meantime.

So, my question is about what will happen if i will for example end whole story on 3 characters and then my sub runs out? Will I automaticly lose access to the nine chapters on other toons? And more important, what will happen to EXP points? Will it be stopped or we will still be able to lvl by doing other stuff like warzones, flashpoints etc. ? ( ofc I’m asking about 60+ lvling )

no you always keep what you got. So if you do unsub, you still keep the 9 chapters. You will just have the usual f2p restrictions as they apply.

So…. whats the point of adjusting the old level 50 OPs to level 65 – if all that old content is level synced anyways. -_-

No, not all Nightmare will be gone. EV and KP NiM will be gone but TfB, SaV, DF an DP NiM will still be there.

Are all the mechanics staying the same? If so, it wouldn’t really be a “new” op.
No one knew the mechanics in HM Rav/ToS until Zorz took OP BHs through them, but the HM mechs for most of the old ops are fairly well known and for most of them NiM is similar (not saying all, just some) so if they didn’t/don’t rework the ops it’s going to be the same as it was at 55 when those ops were 55.

With regards to story missions being no longer available, do they mean class story, RotHC and SoR only, or do they mean Seeker Droid/Macrobinoculars, Czerka, Oricon and lvl 55 ops quests as well?

So I don’t have to begin a mad rush to do those along with bonus series as well? Awesome, I was worried about that.

not really sure about oricon cause they had main story maybe the story quests will disapear and u will hav edailies only

I don’t think Eric said anything about Bonus Series, those “might” count as main missions.
However, they will stop being available only after you actively confirm you want to start KotFE story, not on the day when 4.0 lands

Planetary Bonus series missions could possibly be locked on you as well, depending upon your progress. (Since each of those quest chains are opened up by finishing that planets class quest arcs.)

My personal mentality is, if it’s a one-off quest.. when in doubt.. finish it first.

I farm dailies (for a steady supply of credits) on Black Hole, CZ198, Oricon and Y4, which nets me around the ballpark of 520k (per toon and do them on like 16 toons throughout the week) give or take a few stops to farm biochem mats and the like… I prefer to Solo all the dailies on those planets…. Will level sync affect any of this that much???.

That’s really gonna suck… I hated sitting around asking for help with the heroics for dailies when I first started doing this stuff. I always got asinine replies or F**K Off! And I was 8/10 polite when I asked. and BH and CZ are usually deserted when I do those planets cuz thats the only time I get when Im not faced with reality….

Well, this culture of “need to solo everything” pretty much started at Torvix… once you could clear that on your own wearing the proper gear, looking for a group to do it started getting you snide remarks. Same for doing the Section X one with over three people in the group, you’d get a dozen replies of “y u not just 3-man itt?”…but no actual help. 😀
Still, I feel that if they actually require a group in the future, it will be easier to get one as well.

If you can solo CZ and Ori now, you will still be able too later. CZ and oricon mobs are green, that’s all the sync will do.

Ouch…ew, yeah I forgot about that. I love running Black hole. Keep in mind we keep all of our abilities and combat efficiencies so with nice gear we may still chew our way past the Torvix H4….probably not as fast as I run it now but..

I don’t do dailies on all 16 toons, jeez… maybe like 3 or 4. I only do a 16 toon credit grind is when there are a few things I want on the GTN.

Sorry for stupid question.. So if i have 8 characters (l1-55) and start play with new L60 KoTFE – they can’t play main story? or just that new one L60 can’t?
(bad english, i know)

Just gonna correct that.
Let’s say you have a Level 60 Character. Who hasn’t finished the Class Story, Makeb Story, SOR Story and Ziost Story. If you now start KOTFE with him – you CAN NOT finish any of the other Stories. And also you don’t get them marked as done. I repeat.. if you start KOTFE without completing the other Story arks – you can NOT finish them with that character!

This is probably obvious but it’s only IF I start KoTFE that I won’t be able to do previous class missions, right? If I want to do SoR first then start KoTFE even if I’m l 60, I’ll be able to right?

Ok, why don’t you get other players to do the Heroics in daily areas (now before 4.0)?
Correct, because most player can do them solo with a overleveled character.

What will happen if they no longer can do that (with 4.0)?
Correct, they will search for other players like you do!

There is just one problem: There are many Heroics, spread all over the galaxy. So there will be unpopular areas with Heroics, where you will get nobody to help you. Especially on underpopulated sersers.

With the godmode gone we have to relearn how to build groups. 😉 That’s ok, but why is 4.0 making SWTOR into a single player game in everything else?

Yeah, it’s all about that. If you can’t solo it, you’re carrying someone through it because you can almost do it alone…

Let’s wait and see how it plays out. It seems all the Heroics at the Terminal are 2+ and with a little Equip and Skill doable solo. So you might not need to group for them.

Agreed, Eric had no issues during the stream taking out those Heroic NPCs on Kaas and Eric is a far shot form a BIS min/max purp’d out PVE God..

I’m going to try and solo em all that’s for sure..

lol DK being challenging excuse me while i laugh really hard in the corcer im sorry but if he really wanted to test this downlvlsync shit he should have done either voss or correlia or oricon heriocs but then again it would look real bad if musco wiped on some trash
besides he had god mode on thats why he oneshotted it and took very very little damage i can assure you on live servers this will not be the case

That’s a disqus issue.. not a dulfy issue.


That or you missed it. Cause I just edited this freshly made comment.

They will group because:
1. People look for additional group content and heroics were long forgotten and obsolete because rewards were not scaled.

2. Crystals.

3. Instant transport. Convenience 100%

When the Oricon Daily was new, people grouped. Why? Because 55 was the highest level and 156 the best gear. You had to do it, or you couldn’t finish the new daily.

People just stopped grouping on Oricon because a level 55 char can solo the Heroic in ~172 gear or higher.

They will group again, if it is necessary.

Yeah… I’m sure that if the heroics are the main way to get those comms you need, no one will never, ever do them… people won’t, like, go to planets and complete these heroics, maybe even grouping up because it’s fun and social and what people kinda do in mmo’s…And, if you haven’t noticed, the main story in this game is kinda single-player…has been since 2012. Or did you complete your entire storyline in a group of 4?

They marketed SWTOR as being far more single player than it really ever has back pre-launch. They marketed this as a game that should be the spiritual successor to KotOR and would allow you to play as you wanted. If you wanted to play alone, then you could do that. If you wanted to play with friends, you could do that.

Honestly, I’m glad Bioware is starting to put these systems in. Games should always move towards greater freedom in how you can play the game. The only thing I’ll say against that though is that yes, there are plenty of people who love to play in groups. Bioware needs to make sure they are giving them plenty of options to play the way they like as well and make sure they aren’t going to do something that will inadvertently gimp the grouping processes.

that’s the effort they put, they dont even know the planet names (in a regular keyboard the U is way far from A so I can’t really consider it a typo)

Not to mention it showed Hutta with only two datacrons in the livestream when in actual fact there are three on Hutta.. Three Weeks away and looks like a fair bit is already being overlooked/missed. Amazing how bad their QA team are.

yup, I dont know what game they are playing. And I still confused and stunned because of the mastery thing, i will say it till i play it first hand xD

As far as I understand it, nothing has changed with Mastery replacing the 4 main stats only that idiot players can no longer incorrectly gear their toons (Agents with strength for example) because regardless of your class, you will now have Mastery as a main stat as will all gear in the game. Scrubs will just be harder to identify is all! 🙂

I liked the main stat system but for sure this Mastery thing will slide right in and not get me all bent on change. If I like a piece of gear I can use it…..I’m liking that.

seeing an agent with a sith chest piece and trying to get some juice from it was one of the fun things in the game 😛

Liking all of these changes!

Level-sync is something I’m going to like. My fear was with them redoing xp that leveling new toons would be a steam roll. I wish Blizzard had put this into WoW back when I played.

Bare in mind I haven’t done all of the content in the game or all of the class stories so my perspective is different than many of you.

Also equal level pvp on planets may be fun. Not so easy to gank.

Combat pets are going to be cool too. Just a new credit sync and something to collect. Hopefully it’s some cool characters and not just animals (did I miss anything there?).

Get the fuck out with forced level sync. Not everyone wants to be scaled down to go through old fucking content.

“Not everyone” you mean the people that are against downscaling which equals to 0,01% of the playerbase. Hehe. They wouldn’t have made such a huge change if their data had showed something else.

Population on older planets: 20-30 people. How many 60 lvls interested in doing irrelevant quests and one-shooting everything? 1-3. Yeah. Totally worth keeping the current system…. nope.

So….how deep did you have to reach up your ass to pull that number out?

Im very sure it’s ALOT higher than that. Quite a considerable amount of the player base don’t want this feature OR to have this feature as optional. That’s the whole problem here, being “forced” on everyone.

Rather than focusing on real END GAME content, they’re catering to lonely casuals who do no real sort of progression and just stick to themselves within their own bubble like awkward nerds.

This is a clear re-use of old content to keep lonely white knights busy, since Swtor is a single player game now, amiright ?

Just so you Bio-defenders understand.

More options = Good
Forcing stupid features on everyone = Bad.

I sense much raid butthurt in you . They wouldn’t make a leap of faith with that level-sync change. It’s an enormous change for SWTOR. It hasn’t been done just because Bioware believed it was right. Their database must have pointed out what they could do just like they know that not adding new operations in a year won’t affect their income 🙂

loving all these changes…. Really neat from BW. Only thing i might have something against is the level sync.. Does that affect daily areas? That would be a huge let down. I get the idea of grouping up but players should not feel forced.
Anyhow overall, pretty sweet deal, excited for This.

Even on stream, Eric was able to blaze through Heroic area mobs solo without paying much attention to the fight, so it is going to be easy. Not a faceroll, I assume you could die if you went out and got a coffee or pulled an entire instance at once but no problem if you will play normally

Not sure about that….Dailies maybe but I am curious how it will handle the Bounty contracts? Will Kingpin contracts throw lvl 65 elites on us and we still get planet scaled….cuz that’d suck hard haha.

Yeah over all the scaling regarding your day to day game play seems like a win for us players. Every location on every map in the entire game now is a relevant playground with proper rewards…that pretty badass IMO

lol aries thats cause DK heriocs were never hard to begin with but yeah its so faceroll when musco is lvl 18 and is killing lvl 12 mobs…. not to mention that the only 4 man herioc on dk has been turned into a 2 man herioc….

They better add cross server queues for both pvp and pve , or it will be as horrible to do your wzs and hm fps as it is atm

Things always liven up during new content… I’m glad we won’t have something like Rishi or Oricon where everyone flocks up to at the same time though, because that was awful. Now people just might spread out more evenly among the new stuff, instead of having 20 instances of Zion where it’s still impossible to find a single, living mob.

It seems that with combat companions and some of the other stuff coming out now would be the best time to grind dailies or other credit earning methods and to have a nice bank role going into the xpac!

R.I.P. The effort it takes to get the “Galactic Hero” title.

Now any monkey can not only be at a terminal to get the required heroics to get said title but it even transports you there for extra lazy points.

And to think all the time it took me to get the title by unlocking certain heroics by doing the bonus series of planet stories and now it is as easy as going to a terminal and picking the ones you need. :'(

Ermagerd…they should remove personal starships and make you commute there by flashpoints to bring some proper effort to this game. No speeders or quick travel allowed during transitions either, because that’s just damn lazy.

Holy shit your reply could give people cancer………..

If you did the Galactic Hero achievement, you would understand what I am talking about in terms of effort and time not to mention it would have saved me from reading such a “Ermagerd” stupid and pointless reply by you but here we are all the same. Thankfully I didn’t get cancer!! 🙂

Its just an achievement dude, take pride in the fact you did it the harder way, alot of players just don’t see the point in those achievement crap, i mean i wanted a terminal for those heroics for such a long time, not cause i am lazy, it just takes so bloody long going to each location.

But the transporting you there is abit over the top.

Well, they are no longer something you do because you’re bored and want to see that achievement pop up, but something you do to get comms. They’re relevant, and convenience is usually a good thing on something you find yourself repeating over and over.

If you’re playing the game bored and doing things because you’ve got nothing better to do then that’s fine. However, let’s please not suggest that we turn this game into a game that is aimed at that being the main mechanic… I don’t have time in my life to play more than 30 minutes – an hour a day and usually only every other day. Sometimes I like to slow down and take in the game when time allows but sometimes all I want to do is move past a particular piece of content. I’m glad they are making it so that it is possible for me to do that. Nobody is going to force you to use the terminal.

I did do it, matey… and I’m not crying because someone just might save 20 minutes of pointless driving around åer heroic due to getting the mission easily and a priority transport… unlike a certain someone.

Lol more then 20 minutes is required considering how you have to unlock specific heroics by doing previous specific heroics and completing bonus series on planets to get other heroics. But then you would know this right matey?

And I am not crying because of people saving time. If anything I envy people who want the title after 4.0. Nope, I am sad that the effort it once took to get the title is now dead which now can be handed to anyone with minimal effort. It hardly qualifies as an achievement anymore when it can be obtained so easily.

Yeah, because everyone on the internet always lies and you’re the only one who ever got that elusive galactic hero title… but is it really a huge deal that we get rid of a pointless waste of time that is first going to said planet, then finding the actual quest giver..?.
Since, of course, guides are a strict no-no when it comes to this stuff, you’re supposed to find them on your own. Now, once you find that person after hours and hours of driving around aimlessly, and possibly completing half of the bonus series as well, you finally get to the heroic itself…that, for a lvl 60, takes about 5 minutes to clear, as you obviously skip the useless bonuses.
Now, you get teleported there, with the quest, and actually have to do a tiny bit of work to actually clear the heroic, since you’re scaled down, for a reward that actually matters.
I do appreciate my own achievements, and the way I got them, but saying someone else’s achievements are pointless because he didn’t drive around Belsavis looking for heroics he couldn’t even do is rather elitist. “Back in the good, ol’ days, we actually had to do this stuff all proper and like”

and u did them when u were 10 lvls higher and solo and now they have to find a group bcs they will be scaled to not roll through

Where have you been when they unlocked all taxis by default and reduced QT cooldown to 0? That helped a lot with getting this achievement too. That’s one of the factors that encouraged me to finally do heroics 😛 So… it’s just another step. You are late to the party.

Bitch bitch bitch. I bet I handed one of you people bitching a million dollars you would be about that too. Omg I have to pay taxes too. It’s bio wares fault. Blah blah blah. Don’t like the changes then leave. Go back to panda bear expac. wow.

If the old stuff gets reworked into something that’s useful and fun to do, it’s tampering with the stuff that’s all good and well… if it’s new content, it sucks compared to the old stuff and should be boycotted most fiercely.

Omg stop whining about everything wth lol. don’t like the changes? stop playing the game or continue playing and whine more then deal with changes. Nobody is forcing anyone to stay if you don’t like the new changes. I’ll admit that i’m not big fan about the level sync but i can coop with it. It’s not that bad.

I had given up on this game, but these changes look decent for the most part. I might give this expac a trial after all.

Disappointing that they’re bringing back the old rewards from the old events. I liked showing off my bowcaster because people would know I participated in the event, they’d know I have history with the game. Looks like now those items will dramatically lose value for me. What are they going to do next? Give everyone a Founder title and party jawa? tht really pissed me off the most out of all of this. in before special snowflake, of course i wanna be unique and show off.

Well, quite a few people who weren’t able to take part in the great acquisitions race and the original rakghoul event are still lacking certain pieces from their sets. And since they are not bringing those events back, I suppose this is the next best thing.

When the first Rakghoul event startet, we didn’t know how it works. We didn’t know how long it will last and we didn’t know what quests and rewards the next day will bring. We didn’t know if it would be repeated some day.

Thats why I don’t have the republic version of the armor. When I decided to get it too, it was already to late to get all the parts.

If I knew how it works, I had done all the quests on both factions at the first day. But BioWare made it as mysterious as they could. So many people didn’t know that they screwed it up by starting to late into the event.

It’s just fair to give us another chance to get the missing parts!

Bowcaster has been available from bounty event since forever, not in special deep purple, but still available. The pet Lobel that was exclusive to the event has been obtainable through alternate means since forever as well. Your snowflake melted a while back, but you were too busy enjoying being a common raindrop to notice.

You can’t buy the expansion.

You can only subscribe to the game, and this will give you access to the new content.

Amazon KOTFE Bundle in away gives you everything you need in order to get the expansion. 90 days game time, 2400 cc… 39.99

you still don’t buy the xpac the reason amazon says it contains the xpac is because of the 90 sub days which automatically. Gives you the xpac once u use the sub code. The only thing you are buying is sub time and CC

I wonder if Presence is also leveled down. Because it is kind of independet of the other stats and the character level.

With 860 Presence for example you get about +4300 HP, +170 damage and +120 healing done for your companion. If this stays as it is, and it’s not lowered on lowlevel planets, this could really help you doing Heroic solo. What would be just fine!

Ah interesting, that would indeed be a nice thing to have once you’ve been scaled to a planets level.

I wasn’t to excited about lvl scaling but after seeing Eric stomp some heroic NPCs on Kaas….it didn’t appear to be much of a issue lol. The great part is now ALL of the planets content becomes relevant as the rewards for the missions give boxes containing lvl appropriate gear ( You real level not your scaled to level ).

Over all I am pretty excited about this expansion.

hmmmm interesting so it looks like well jsut have perma 12x from class missions and lvl with them + the planetary storyline

Not really. I play as pref and staying on-level requires all class missions, all planetary missions and either all side-quests or a couple level-appropriate flashpoints. And maybe a BBA contract or two.
With x12 the leveling speed is ludicrously higher, so this is more like permanent x1.5.

Ooh, that would be great but probably still wouldn’t work for Colicoid Wargames and the Aurora Cannon as the mechanic in the FP would have to be changed as well?!

I’m glad the Chevin/Rak stuff is coming back, but THOSE PRICES!

72 gree things to get all the Republic containment (the suit I didn’t bother with back in the day). No more trying for 50 gree lights for me! That’s going to take some doing. I wish there were some new events.

I’m bummed too that my 17 leftover Tokens of Enrichment can’t help me.

I certainly hope so, the Gree Token cost is way too high as they are not as easy to collect as the other tokens.

This is also their way of revitalizing the bounty week, at least for a couple of months. Kinda glad I didn’t max out BBA rep like I did for most other events.

They are gonna skyrocket in price after people see this. Not all players are rolling around in credits. Wiping on Torque/M&B costs a lot if you wipe a bunch. Which happens.

What will happen to Preferred players who doesn’t have the SoR expansion and want to play this update by becoming sub again? They miss the 55-60 part then.

With the Mastery replacing class specific mainstat, this game can no longer call itself an RPG. I feel sorry now for all people grinding their class gear – now 1 set for all DPS, 1 for tanks and 1 for healers is enough. Hey BW, why dont you sell pacman now? Because with planet-adjusted level you also made leveling pointless. Let’s go and collect hearts. F… this crap.

Honestly it was never a role-playing game – in the sense you mention – to begin with. The stat progression has always been automatic, you get no say in it, and there’s only one efficient choice of stat pool distribution on gear for any discipline.
Simplifying main stats to mastery is just another step in that direction. The next step would be removing experience and levels altogether and gate content based on how much story missions you finished.

It’s only an RPG in that you have a choice between two roles of a given character archetype (light or dark side).

I see your point, but I think set bonuses for heals/dps/tanks will make sure you can’t max out one set and use it for everyone.

Fair enough. Still, that doesn’t quite constitute the level of customization (or control, rather) you’d expect from an RPG. SWTOR and Starcraft 2 have very similar design of story decisions. One calls itself an RPG, the other doesn’t.

Maybe that’s because the term “RPG” is so watered-down today that you need to specify a sub-genre (cRPG, MMORPG, tabletop RPG) for it to hold any definitional meaning at all.

I play Borderlands and Bioshock enough to know what a good RPG is. I’m coming here because SW is awesome, not for an amazing in-game experience.

Nothing have changed with Main stats since they were all useless anyway except the one for your class. The stats in this game have always been about the secondary ones and the set bonuses as they differ between all classes and types.

Also in a RPG standpoint, the level sync makes sense since just because you gained “levels”, you shouldn’t be able to one shot something that was supposed to be extremly powerful on a planet.

Some perspective on Level Sync.
Tonight, take your lvl 60 geared character to Oricon, and solo everything. Everything on the planet should be green to you, you will take damage, your life is probably not in danger at all though, except for MAYBE the sniper mode heroic area heroes. Maybe. THAT is how level sync is going to be.
Still confused? Terrified? Jimmies all rustled? Head to CZ198, do the dailies there. No danger? Everything is easy? Managed to solo it all no problem? Yup. Its gonna be just like that.

If level sync works the way they are saying, you are going to be the highest level possible over the current content while it is still able to give exp.

Alas, it’s just easier to decide that taking a single stat point away makes you too weak to even do the basic things anymore, and therefore the game sucks…

At 55, Oricon sucked bad unless you were geared like crazy. I could barely solo the heroic as full Dread Forged tank with healer geared in 168 comm vendor. Now I don’t even need to use cooldowns while I faceroll those guys with comps in Yavin gear. I don’t want to go back to how it was before.

Its going to stay how it is now, not how it was before. Reading comprehension is an important skill on the internet, it saves arguing.

I would live with a level-sync that made the planetary difficulty as hard as … Yavin with the 186 comms gear you can buy at any basic comms vendor, and comps in 172. But I’m expecting that Naq is correct and the level-sync difficulty will be set to “Oricon with L60 blue gear” or at worst “Oricon with L60 Yavin (186) gear”)

I read and understood what you wrote. I don’t understand the point of level sync if it’s not going to change from 55 to 65.

Ok, the reason I use Oricon and CZ as examples is because the difference in level between your 60 character, and the mobs in those areas, is the same scale that you will be sync’d too when you are 65 on other planets. You are going to be 7 levels higher, PLUS scaled for your gear, PLUS you keep all your abilities. You might still be one shotting things.

I soloed Oricon with my Sniper/Slinger/Scoundrel/Operative lvl 55, 180 gear (purple).

H4 is quite a challange, but it can be done.
With a Juggernaut at lvl 55 it can be done even with the 172 gear (blue) from the fleet vendor. It’s less challenging than with the better equipped Agents/Smuggler.

There a things we still don’t know. How powerfull is a maximized companion? We can’t equip them with BiS gear, nor can we add augmentations to them. Both was very herlpful to get Heroics done without the help of other players.

Juggs are OP, whether tank or Vigilance. DCDs for days, heavy armor. Scoundrel was easy, I just stood there and healed my geared DPS companion.

The level sync should be optional. If players want more challenge on older content, then they should have that choice. If players just want to farm credits, decos, etc, they should have that choice. Making it non-optional will just make me not go back anyway.

like I said before, nobody in the star wars universe said nar shaddaa is a less dangerous place than corellia, now every laser bullet worths the same. That’s all. I see no point to still whinning about a possible death while taking a walk through Belsavis.

Yes, and there should be a CHOICE to play the CONTENT, as you LIKE. With level sync or not. Why should that CHOICE, not matter!? Why should everyone wanna play the way YOU like to play!? We’re all different Mash 😉

yay! someone else called me Mash! ^_^*hug*
it’s true, I understand your point but I think they ended up deciding to force us to sync because of pvp server. I think will be really weird or even disfunctional that a non-synced players start to massacre synced players xD

Your point about the massacre is pretty valid! Either way, it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out! Cheers!

I like how you’re all “WAHHH” and everyone else is like “haha no” and you’re still like “BUT WAHHH”.

Completely agree with you Mash, it’s about making the entire game relevant and challenging, refer to other comments Slay as you can still solo content.

Yes but now all I think about is Mash Potato… lol

I actually think these changes will help breathe some life back in to the game, so much content wasn’t used when you hit max level, been here since launch and I feel like with these changes I have more reason to take all of my characters back through older content. People grouping up for old content will also create pvp again on old planets where everyone is viable. Now I wish I hadn’t transferred to a PVE server lol.

seriously i was about to call my tank juggernaut “s’Mash” back in day XD
pve server? ha! im stuck in a rp server (first mmo i play, just picked the first server in the list) 😛
smash the potatos or they will smash you

you can transfer away, is the reduced price still on? I was thinking about transferring again, but population is a big problem still 🙁 are you on EU or US?

begeren colony US, I spent my last few coins resetting 2 toons because they were full of crap around (transfer resets friend list and renaming them you practically get a new toon) 😛

Ahh I’m on the shadowlands, it’s alright, quite a few people, but I do miss spur-of-the-moment world pvp… I’m hoping these changes bring that back.

You should create a character called “s’mash-the-potato” just beause…

haha that’s sounds awesome!! xD a lvl 60 for sure! dont want to level another sith warrior (did it like 3 times already) lol
who get the free lvl 60 toon? just to know 😛

lol I did that for a couple characters, Mash. Transfer rename is 180 cc round trip instead of 1000 or whatever ridiculous they charge for a rename.
Also glad to meet a fellow Begeren Colonist that also sometimes PVPs 😀
I ended up here from the forced server merge a few months after launch.

Begeren rules! Harbinger can suck it 8)
what’s your toon or guild there? I pvp a lot but I dont have too much time to play 😮

Yeah, but it’s not, like, 50 levels op, just 10 levels op… takes longer, I might get hurt. I can’t try if I can kill the entire planet with basic attack without loosing 1% health.

Every bullet should be the same but my sith lords ability to block them should not be. My Sith Lord turned into a acolyte because he went to Nar shaddaa should never happen. Nice to have as a game feature if you want to do it but not a forced option. It should have been designed as optional from the ground up.

I don’t know how I feel about this. Should one of th emost elite members of the dark council really fall prey to sith acolytes on Korriban? Should a general or the Republic army fall against a single manka cat?

I disagree with this option, I see the reason for doing it, but I don’t think that outweighs what I mentioned above.

I realize I’ll still have all my abilities and stuff, but that doesn’t make me not-squishy 🙁

Let’s make a deal, you see the stream, see how Musco soloes a H4 on DK not even using his rotation, and then tell us how he’s being slaughtered, ok?

Him? But you made it very clear that this is not the game you want? Or is it just because things change, and not in the way you want?

I guess you need to correct this part: You get a new utility point and an additional utility in the heroic tier.
Maybe it’s just me, but i don’t see that extra utility point on the screenshot, nor was it mentioned before the stream

Correct, you are losing a point just to gain it back at 65. You are not getting a new ability point. It’s a lovely play on words and marketing at its best.

Not only in heroic tire. At skillful and masterful as well. 1 – something that slows 40% for 6 sec, 2 – supercharged defense +15% defense chance for 8 sec after activating super gas, 3 – smoke screen 4 sec immunity to something after jet.

As someone write this before, i think if there will be 70, 75 and so on level devs will be forced to make new abilities and utility points. They cant just scale abilities all the time. (:

You would think that but with how they did it this time. Would it shock you if they adjusted it again and then sold it as a “New ability point” when it really isn’t?

Wouldn’t shock me at all.

Darth Marr is dead according to wookiepedia
Died c.3640 BBY, Zakuul.
I bet Satele, Malcom, Saresh, will be alive after all. Great move bioware!

Since Darth Marr is clearly available as a companion (shown above), I would say rumours of his death have been greatly exaggerated.

Except he died on screen.
Why are we even discussing story in gameplay thread?

I’m not discussing story, look at the notes above, Darth Marr is right there as a companion. There’s a picture of him, his stats, etc.


That picture is when you have him as companion before he dies so that doesn’t count.

Doubt he is dead tho as you have no idea what he is under that mask. Just look at Jadus and how he is “immortal”

Where’s logic in that? He’s more important for imperial characters as almost the only sith, who does things right. 🙁

I am sorry, but Malgus was an idiot. His idea of multi-raced Empire was good, but his methods were not.

He was brilliant right up to the part where he decided to declare war on everyone all at once. That part was pants on head silly. Can’t control the writing though.

“Hey guys, I did this amazing thing!” “Whoo good job!”
“I did this other amazing thing now!” “Hurrah, keep it up, you are awesome!”
“Oh, I did these 500 other good things!” “Your doing great! Yer a champ!”
“I made 1 mistake.” “You are an idiot.”
Starla, lets hope, in your successful career as a Sith, after people are done stabbing you, dropping a hillside on you, and melting half your face off with point blank grenades, they are a bit more forgiving when you slip up the once and you get pitched down a well, may they not forget your successes and mock your intellect.

I can be very forgiving with certain people like Darth Marr, course they rarely do mistakes and if they do, those can be easily corrected.
Malgus was never my favourite. He’s too much of a Sith for that. Marr is more pragmatic, unusually pragmatic, so I see him as the only hope Empire has. Malgus with his idiotic decision and life attitude could never stand a chance to truly succeed in his endeavor.

It’s our mistakes that truly remain people’s memories. Success is easily forgotten.

When i take down torch, i was thinking im killing shae vizla. I was so relief when in cut scene she got up. (:

dread masters were too cool for us, they born in the wrong area. You know, everybody loves Revan, the fucktard who ripped his friend’s jaw with a lightsaber and re-activated the crazy sith emperor, charming dude 😛

I hate Revan. Bioware returning him again and again is like resurrecting a rotted zombie, who should be buried. Don’t like Dread Masters either: being cool is good and all, having half a brain is not.
The only sith I like are Marr, Lana and kind of Zash.

Lana?!?!? I don’t even consider her a sith. What happened with Zash? she remains inside Khem?

LS sith is still a sith. So, Lana is a sith.
With Zash the situation is very unclear. Khem takes a new name in KotFE. The only reason for that is most likely Zash taking over his body.

If the legacy achievement for saving him is actually still in game final release, I doubt it’ll be solely for pubs. Don’t listen to that.

Just saying. Also, spoilers from someone who wasn’t aware of the being frozen in carbonite, passing five years, and who “hates spoilers”, are to be treated with skepticism, and I say that kindly and professionally. BW has to love the amount of speculation each of these livestreams generates.

they must be watching us laughing while eating some popcorn but hey! they dont care about us 😛

Unmarred is also not going to be said about BW if they don’t put it back in. Somebody is getting cut.

He showed a tab named “Companions and Contacts” so i don’t Marr will be the only temporary one but he said it will be explained closer to launch with the new “Alliances” system.

Also, chapter three talks about induced dreams so it could be at a point in chapter 1a lot could have been a dream even Darth marr’s death

I won’t be able to snag mobs from other players and waste their and my time being a jerk in game,,Or jump lower level players on PvP servers and two blast them?

Very true. That is part of the positive of forced level sync.

That ignores the negatives that would be forced changes to the Bonus Series, and Seeker Droid/Macrobinocular quests.

Those are REAL issues that need to be addressed, or those quests will be completely impossible to complete.

Low heroic areas becoming a grindfest for high levels. I….I think I just got a recycled content overdose.
Someone help me with a creativity adrenal.

Will there be an option to choose alignment for new 60 level chars or Bioware is still going with LS for reps and DS for imps root?

I hope they will add this option. I usually go with LS/NS imps and DS/NS reps. LS reps and DS imps are boring.

I hate all my DS chars. I startet them DS because of red weapon crystals. BioWare removed this limitation long ago, so there is no need to keep them DS. Most DS choices are dull and boring, mindless “ok, now I kill you, because I’m so evil” choices. But I’m to lazy to go from 100% DS to 100% LS.

I love my DS Consular. DS options for Consular are great and very justifiable. Want to try DS Knight, course I hate LS version of him. But DS imperial characters are too chaotic-evil, yes. Like my chars brainy.

As far as I know. It’s not an option. It’s the default setting. I would have loved to see something like ME and DA when playing a new installment and they given you the choices to define the past if you didn’t play through it or didn’t had an save file

Everyone is thinking it and I’m just saying it. Full sized battle rancor companion. We cannot live without this.

will there be new character customization options? you know, to make our toons look older since there is a 20 years jump

ok so there is no need to get older, I didnt about the carbonite and didnt know about the amount of years, becausei dont like spoilers 😛