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GW2 Guild Week Day Three Livestream Notes

GW2 Guild Week Day 3 livestream notes where scribing, decorating your guild halls and arenas will be discussed.




  • Can make various things – Decorations, WvW consumables. Scribes can also make a set of 6 backpacks. First tier backpack is a mailing tube.


  • This is a full crafting profession that goes up to 400 right now (500 is still in discussion).
  • Scribes uses scribing kit, which is always made up of a pen, ink and blotting powder
    • Pens uses wood dowels, ink uses pigments salvaged from dye bottles or gathered from plants


  • It also uses paper, which are made of various things. Sandpaper is used exclusively in decoration crafting. Coarse sand is obtained from the silky sands with the expansion and will be tradeable.


  • Once you have the scribing kit and paper, you can make the finishing kit, which uses Linseed Oil made from Flexseed, a new gathering material in the jungle maps.


  • Scribes make scrolls as well which can give you utility buffs.
  • You make decorations from other decorations. Once you unlocked decoration vendor, you can buy decorations from it and scribe can take these decorations to refine them or change them.


  • Scribes can also craft Orchestra for your guild hall (there is one in Divinity Reach you can view right now).
  • Further on, scribes can craft a sketchbook to unlock collections that enable them to craft more elegant decorations.


  • At the workshop, Scribes can craft schematics to be queued into the Processing Station to make consumables for guild. WvW and PvE processing have different queues so they don’t conflict with each other.
  • To speed up processing, you can spend Resonance gained from guild missions or traded with Influence.



  • Base decoration vendor can be unlocked by upgrading the Marketplace. He will sell you decorations for coins, karma, and petrified silver (a new currency from the new maps)
  • Addition decorations can be obtained from raid bosses, scribing, and open world bosses.


  • There is a guild panel to store all the consumables and decorations


  • There are caps based on the decoration. Some decorations can be only placed once while others can be placed many times. The max limit for decorations in guild hall is 2000 due to performance issues.
  • The decorating interface has a button to place decoration and 3 buttons of eraser circles of different sizes to remove decorations. You can also rotate decorations once they are placed. Decorations that are erased by your eraser will be highlighted in red so you can see in fine detail what you will remove.


  • Chair sitting technology is very complicated since they have to do it for 5 different races etc. They don’t have this tech yet.
  • You can use decorations to build your own jumping puzzles inside the guild hall.
  • No button to remove all the decorations in your guild hall at once. Might be added later.
  • They are looking into adding holiday themed decorations.
  • Decorations on gemstore is still TBD, we will never rule anything out for sure.
  • Decorations are not scaleable. If you want bigger tables for example you have to make better furnitures.


  • The arenas in both guild halls are similarly sized. One might look better than the other due to the placement of speculating platforms. It is about 75% of the Obsidian Sanctum area right now.
  • it takes 2 months for guild to unlock arenas, the whole guild hall takes about 9 months to fully unlock everything.
  • Arenas allow 3 teams right now and a free for all character. There is also an invulnerable team where players on the team can’t die (decorators/referees can join this team)
  • Arenas have boundaries you can activate or deactivate. Once this boundary is deactivated, you can knock off other players off the arena platform and fall to their deaths.
  • Arenas are capped to 80 players. We have tested 20v20 and slightly more than that in free for all. It starts to feel pretty full with 20v20 battles.
  • We are looking into adding a bigger arena in the future outside guild halls in support of bigger battles.
  • You can bring other guilds into your own guild hall arena to fight you. Just invite them to a squad first so they can enter your guild hall.
  • Arenas decorations are separate from the normal decorations and you can place walls, turrets, torches etc. They are unlocked automatically when you upgrade arenas.


  • Decorations you place in the arena are saved but there is no save template right now.

Cross Guild Chat

  • Able to see and chat with all 5 guilds while representing only one guild. You can disable guild channels in your preferences if you find it too much to handle.
  • This is not a solution for massive guilds with more than 500 members. We are working on something for them but currently they are a very small% of the player base.


By Dulfy

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33 replies on “GW2 Guild Week Day Three Livestream Notes”

lol, in wow i dubt that this “Chair sitting technology” was too tough to implement, like there are small and big races as well (say goblin and tauren), Guess it’s sumilar to /sit technology, all they need is some new animations, I guess

It’s not that it’s “too hard”, but more “it requires a lot of work on top of everything else they’re doing for HoT”. The animations can always be added later.

As said before, in a game with different model sizes it’s quite difficult to make an animation that fits a static object and a variable size character…

Considering that you’re taking a model of variable size (remember that you can adjust the size of your character, even within a given race), and positioning it to sit on a static-sized object, it’s a non-trivial issue.

For example, a larger character will have longer legs, so using the exact same animation as a small character would mean they’d have either their butt hovering above the seat of the chair or their feet embedded in the floor.

The armor in the first image (with the 6 backpacks) is the new ‘Guild Heavy Armor,’ I believe. I think they have shown it, as well as the Light Armor, in a previous livestream months ago. If memory serves me right!

yeah but scrib is guild based profession , now if we could get a housing system, then yeah scribing would be cool , but this is just entertainment for one person in the entire guild , the guild master -_-

Here’s the thing though…you can have a personal guild. And buy a guild hall.

Asking 4 friends to help you clear it out shouldn’t be too hard.

Hmmm……that could work. But a guild hall is basically like having a very massive house to yourself. As awesome as it is, I think proper housing would be in order just for the sake of adding flavor to it. The guild halls as they are are made to accomodate a crowd of people. That’s just how I see it.

“ink uses pigments salvaged from dye bottles”

dye’s are salvageable in HoT or are dye bottles something else?

5 fuckin guilds… wtf ? I guess ANet don’t have word LOYALTY in their dictionary. And i definitely need 1250 ppl spamming on 5 different chats… yeah.

You can currently set different tabs on your chat to show or not show different things, like map chat, guild chat etc. So it will be completely possible to have a tab set up to turn off one or more guild chats.

Yeah, I think ppl like him, are aggravated, because the system doesn’t force ppl to be “loyal”. I have a low opinion of ppl, so I can understand where he’s coming from, but what can you do? I’m going to remain loyal to my guild, even though it’s small, and we’ll need the help of several others, to get anything done.

It makes things easier. You can, for example, join both a PvE and PvP guild at the same time, and then just play with the ones doing the content you want to do that day instead of having to choose one over the other. Heck most players also keep a personal guild on their account that they just use for extra bank space, while representing a “real” guild when they actually play.

Did you forget that you still have to pay 100 gold to get your private guild hall? That’s pretty expensive for casuals. You also need a bare min of 5 people to help you claim it. While yes, this might cause the idea of a “split” but the amount of farming it will take is about as long as making 6 legendarys, according to the screenshots showing material costs.

In fairness, its advances like these which eventually lead to horse sitting technology – an oft requested feature.

They should be fine. It sounds like all dyes will be salvageable, including those that sell for pennies. If anything it will be welcome to start clearing out that glut in the market.

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