GW2 Arena Wait Time Changed to Two Weeks

GW2 is reducing the wait time for arena construction from time from 2 months to 2 weeks.

Really great feedback Benjenx – just want to take a moment and point out this exactly how feedback is best phrased. It’s constructive, thoughtful, and makes great points. This is exactly the kind of feedback we spend our time focusing on reading and listening to – so thank you!

In regards to the time line for the Arena – we discussed as a team and ultimately agree it’s important this building be available early for guilds who really want to acquire it. The base arena building will be available within about two weeks of time after launch (based on aetherium and favor requirements) as long as the guild gets enough gold/materials/etc. acquired from game-play in that two week time to build the building. [TLDR; the fastest any guild could build the building will be about two weeks]

Thanks again for the feedback – we hope you enjoy the arena as much as we do!


  • Josef Tauser

    Why time gate upgrades ? Just make it cost 10k gold and that’s that. The more gold sinks Anet introduces into the game the more people want to play to grind gold.

    • Max

      or just incline credit card holders to throw more rl money at the game. same same.

      • Josef Tauser

        tru dat. Saw a guy in-game yesterday with ~400 AP and every single legendary skin.

        • WellDidYa

          Did you thank him for contributing to your continued game play?

      • youllneverseemeinpve

        10k gold, so unavaible for PvP players…. Great idea !

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