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GW2 Guild Week Day 4 Livestream Q&A

GW2 Guild Week Day 4 livestream featuring a Q&A about guild features.

  • Q: New PvE Guild Missions with expansion launch?
    • Nope, probably post launch
  • Q: Guild has only 3 players, can we get a guild hall and get enough favor?
    • Yes if you are really good players you can get a guild hall with less than 5 players.  Less than 5 reduce the amount of guild missions you can run and the amount of favor you can earn.
    • We are balancing most of the cost assuming 10 players.
  • Q: Timegate on guild items or halls
    • The first limit is Favor which limited by how many guild missions you run per week. There is also a favor cap per week. The second limit is Aetherium which is limited by how much your mine can produce per week. So even if you have a 500 player guild, you are still gated by Favor and Aetherium.
    • If you get the maximum amount of favor and aetherium per week, it will take you 6-9 months to unlock everything and get your guild hall to level 80. Smaller guilds unable to keep up with gold/currency cost (balanced around 10 player active guild) will take longer. Larger guilds will need to buy more consumables so everyone still need to contribute.
  • Q: Guild armor unique for each guild halls?
    • We have simplified the process, the vendors sell both sets together. Each hall still has a vendor that sell items unique for that guild hall but you can still go to another guild’s guild hall to buy them.
  • Q: WvW missions still limited by server?
    • Yes WvW is still limited to your server selection. There are some missions that you can do in Edge of the Mists
  • Q: Scribes, can you level up without a guild.
    • Most of the stuff scribe can do is to support guilds, there are some guild unrelated stuff like the backpacks. To become a scribe you do need to go to a guild hall with the upgrades that has the work bench and NPC.
  • Q: Guild banks still exist in Lion’s Arch/Divinity’s Reach?
    • Not sure, will need to check
  • Q: Two guilds teaming up to claim the guild hall, who has credit?
    • When you enter the instance, you will get a popup window tell you which guild has started the expedition.
  • Q: Guild Commendations – still used?
    • Yes they are still being used and we will keep adding new rewards to them.
  • Q: PvE gear in arena or possible to use the PvP system in arena?
    • It uses the PvE/WvW system
  • Q: A way to speed up guild arena building process faster than 2 months?
    • We will take a look at it and discuss it as a team. The other thing we want to discuss is requiring karma for decorations as PvP players can’t get them.
  • Q: Set order for upgrading your guild hall? (Tavern –> Mine)
    • There is a general upgrade path of guild hall –> tavern –> mine but it opens up later. There are a bunch of things gated by guild level.
  • Q: How feasible is it for guild to claim their guild hall first week after launch
    • Very feasible. You need to run some guild missions first to gain enough favor to run the expedition. You should be able to get enough favor in the first week but if not definitely the second week.

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