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GW2 Druid Ranger Elite Specialization

All about the Druid, Ranger’s Elite Specialization released with Heart of Thorns. Info taken from Beta weekend 3.

The Druid elite specialization can be obtained at level 80 with Heart of Thorns. It gives the Ranger  access to the staff, Celestial Avatar F5 form, and six utility skills.


gw2-druid-ranger-elite-specialization-teaser (1)

Note on tooltip damage numbers: The damage numbers are level 80 while wearing exotic Berserker armor/accessories with Runes of the Scholar. (2333 power, 1095 toughness, 1095 vitality, 1852 precision, 952 ferocity, 95 condition damage). No traits are selected. This was done to standardize the comparison of abilities across multiple elite specializations.

Staff Skills

Druid gain access to the staff weapon with 5 associated skills.


1. Solar Beam 2. Astral Wisp 3. Ancestral Grace
gw2-druid-staff-skills-1 gw2-druid-staff-skills-2 gw2-druid-staff-skills-3
4. Vine Surge 5. Sublime Conversion
gw2-druid-staff-skills-4 gw2-druid-staff-skills-5

Celestial Avatar

Druids gain Astral Force upcoming healing or damaging enemies. Once enough Astral Force has been collected, they can go into the Celestial Avatar form and gain a whole set of new skills. The Celestial Avatar form also changes your Glyph to a different set of skills.


1. Cosmic Ray 2. Seed of Life 3. Lunar Impact
gw2-druid-celestial-avatar-skill-1 gw2-druid-celestial-avatar-skill-2 gw2-druid-celestial-avatar-skill-3
4. Rejuvenating Tides 5. Natural Convergence
gw2-druid-celestial-avatar-skill-4 gw2-druid-celestial-avatar-skill-5

Utilities (Glyphs)

Druids gain a set of Glyph utility skills that have a different functionality under the Celestial Avatar form.

Druid Form Utilities

Glyph of Rejuvenation (Heal) Glyph of Alignment Glyph of Equality
gw2-druids-glyph-utility-skill gw2-glyph-of-alignment gw2-druids-glyph-utility-skill-3
Glyph of Empowerment Glyph of the Tides Glyph of Unity (Elite)
gw2-druids-glyph-utility-skill-4 gw2-druids-glyph-utility-skill-5 gw2-glyph-of-unity

Celestial Avatar Form Utilities

Glyph of Rejuvenation (Heal) Glyph of Alignment Glyph of Equality
gw2-druid-celestial-form-utility-glyphs-1 gw2-druid-celestial-form-utility-glyphs-2 gw2-druid-celestial-form-utility-glyphs-3
Glyph of Empowerment Glyph of the Tides Glyph of Unity (Elite)
gw2-druid-celestial-form-utility-glyphs-4 gw2-druid-celestial-form-utility-glyphs-5 gw2-druid-celestial-form-utility-glyphs-6



Celestial Being Live Vicariously Natural Mender
gw2-druid-minor-traits-1 gw2-druid-minor-traits-2 gw2-druid-minor-traits-3


Druidic Clarity Cultivated Synergy Primal Echoes
gw2-druid-adept-traits-1 gw2-druid-adept-traits-2 gw2-druid-adept-traits-3


Celestial Shadow Verdant Etching Natural Stride
gw2-druid-master-traits-1 gw2-druid-master-traits-2 gw2-druid-master-traits-3


Grace of the Land Lingering Light Ancient Seeds
gw2-druid-gm-traits-1 gw2-druid-gm-traits-2 gw2-druid-gm-traits-3

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27 replies on “GW2 Druid Ranger Elite Specialization”

not sure if it’s worth investing any healpower into the druid. the scales are extremly low. i’d stick to berserk stats or something tanky, unless they balance healingpower or berserk stats

Theres a GM trait that gives them 5 stacks of bleed, every time you stun, or daze your enemy. I’ve gotten up to 20+ stacks, within seconds.

So out of all of the new elite specs, we have 3 new staff builds, two of which are melee? But the only one that isn’t heal focused is the thief? I wonder if this is because of the fact that many staves are heal oriented stat wise, and they didn’t want to have to add new non-heal oriented stat staves to the game.

well. they said, they wanted to “kill” the zerkmeta, so they probably tried to focus on non-damage based stuff, but give every class a good load of new utility

I see this druid thing having a hectic impact on pvp. Very hard to kill something that deals half its damage through its pet, uses its pet as a meat shield, and is more focused on standing behind you then dealing you damage – and regens massive health on the fly. The amount of time its taken me to kill them during beta weekends has often locked me down for ages – and given the other enemies ample time to straddle over -.-

They prevent me from capturing points or channeling objectives and if an enemy arrives to assist, I suddenly can’t kill either of them. Plus in the age of active damage mitigation over passive mitigation, pretending they not there results in quite a bit of damage to an otherwise fragile character.

Also, unlike tanks, an AoE healer is most dangerous in group on group battles. Healers have always been priority targets in the games I’ve played because of how dangerously they scaled with group size – offset by how defenseless they were on their own. I’m not seeing that trade off with gw2 healers -.-

Perhaps they don’t affect the way other people play, but my styles don’t work very well against enemies I’m supposed to turn a blind eye to – especially when they cast that horrific 7 second, refreshing stun -.-

Use zerker or maurader amulets in pvp; my 2.6k power well necro wins around 9 out of 10 ranked/unranked matches, especially against heal and condi heavy teams. She might get downed from all the condis; but everyone is already dead my then.

Sounds interesting. I used to win about 7/10 matches with a minion necromancer before the trait revamp. After the trait revamp about 1/10.
I didn’t think wells would work, I’ll have to experiment with it.

Nerf Thief pls. Thief can kill Ranger in 1sec. I can’t do WvW daily because bad thieves like to camp near the WvW gates.

Yes, because making an account named “Plsnerfshitthief” and posting on a community site without any credible argument will completely convince the devs to alter the strength of one profession.

Believe me, I hate thieves but here is not where you should discuss these topics.

P.S.: If those thieves are ‘bad’ you should honestly be fine (provided you aren’t outnumbered).

lol this game has turned to shit glad i quit when i did and didnt waste 100$ on a stupid expansion thats prob worth 10$ and its funny that all of you will probably spend 1000$ on gems after the 100$ actual game purchase haha nerds get a life and spend your money on something worthwhile idiots

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