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GW2 Scrapper Engineer Elite Specialization

All about the Scrapper, Engineer’s Elite Specialization released with Heart of Thorns. Info taken from Beta weekend 3.

The Scrapper elite specialization can be obtained at level 80 with Heart of Thorns. It gives the Engineer access to the melee hammer, six Gyro utilities and corresponding toolbelt skills.



Note on tooltip damage numbers: The damage numbers are level 80 while wearing exotic Berserker armor/accessories with Runes of the Scholar. (2333 power, 1095 toughness, 1095 vitality, 1852 precision, 952 ferocity, 95 condition damage). No traits are selected. This was done to standardize the comparison of abilities across multiple elite specializations.

Hammer Skills

Engineers gain access to the melee hammer weapon with 5 associated skills.


1. Autoattack 2. Electro-Whirl 3. Rocket Charge
gw2-scrapper-hammer-skills-1 gw2-scrapper-hammer-skills-2 gw2-scrapper-hammer-skills-3
4. Shock Shield 5. Thunderclap
gw2-scrapper-hammer-skills-4 gw2-scrapper-hammer-skills-5

Utility Skills

Scrappers gain access to a set of Gyros, each with its own Toolbelt skill.

Medic Gyro (Heal) Bulwark Gyro Purge Gyro
gw2-scrapper-gyro-utility-skills-1 gw2-scrapper-gyro-utility-skills-2 gw2-scrapper-gyro-utility-skills-3
Reconstruction Field (F1 Toolbelt) Defense Field (Toolbelt) Chemical Field (Toolbelt)
gw2-scrapper-gyro-utility-skills-1b gw2-scrapper-gyro-utility-skills-2b gw2-scrapper-gyro-utility-skills-3b
Blast Gyro Tag Shredder Gyro Sneak Gyro (Elite)
gw2-scrapper-gyro-utility-skills-4 gw2-scrapper-gyro-utility-skills-5 gw2-scrapper-gyro-utility-skills-6
Bypass Coating (Toolbelt) Spare Capacitor (Toolbelt) Detection Pulse (Toolbelt)
gw2-scrapper-gyro-utility-skills-4b gw2-scrapper-gyro-utility-skills-5b gw2-scrapper-gyro-utility-skills-6b



Function Gyro Decisive Renown Impact Savant
gw2-scrapper-minor-traits gw2-scrapper-minor-traits-2 gw2-scrapper-minor-traits-3


Shocking Speed Stabilization  Core Recovery Matrix
gw2-scrapper-adept-traits-1 gw2-scrapper-adept-traits-2 gw2-scrapper-adept-traits-3


Rapid Regeneration Expert Examination Mass Momentum
gw2-scrapper-master-traits-1 gw2-scrapper-master-traits-2 gw2-scrapper-master-traits-3


Adaptive Armor Final Salvo Perfectly Weighted
gw2-scrapper-gm-traits-1 gw2-scrapper-gm-traits-2 gw2-scrapper-gm-traits-3

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22 replies on “GW2 Scrapper Engineer Elite Specialization”

I didn’t have the time to test this, but can a Scrapper use only his hammer?
I have an Engineer but the constant kit changed got to be too much and I gave up…

You’ve been following the HoT expansion info, right? What possible reason could there be for Scrappers to be confined to their elite spec weapon when that hasn’t been the case for any of the other elite specs? There is nothing to test; of course Scrappers can use rifles, pistols, and shields.

I’m sorry, Jonathan managed to interpret what I meant ti say.

I was asking if I could stick to a single weapons, kinda like staff ele not if I was forced to.

Ah, ok. Sorry for being so aggressive, I misinterpreted your comment. I know it’s a weak justification, but I get really frustrated with people asking others to do the footwork for them, and I assumed you just hadn’t been paying attention. My apologies, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

I I’m reading this right, you’re asking if the hammer is a good enough weapon to compete with kits, and break the profession’s dependency on them, correct? Well in my opinion; yes. A resounding yes. I’m not saying it’s better, but it is at least as good. So finally you have an option that doesn’t take up a spot on the utility side of your bar. That said you’ll probably still want a kit for a ranged option, but you can swap that in as needed instead of just running with it all the time. I suggest the elite Mortar Kit; pretty much the same thing as the grenade kit, only it has combo fields; and the scrapper is a class that loves its combo fields.

Thanks, that was exactly what I wanted to hear!
I like my engi, but the 40+ skill rotation on 3 kits, I can’t even see the timer on, got to be a pain.

My opinion is that the scrapper is lacking an identity in PvE play and should mostly be played in PvP

Hammer has some nice damage but nothing that would outdamage the traditional zerker engi and no where near sinister.

The Gyro’s are just stupid. not as a skill but their AI is just plain bad. The support they give is also more centered towards PvP and not for PvE.

The scrapper as a whole for PvE is weird. Utilities that are not that useful in a lot of PvE situations. And the hammer is great but if you want to focus on hammer you are just building away from the kits and also from some of your best utilities.

If you are a PvP player though. sure, go for it.

I could not disagree with you more. If nothing else the scrapper’s ability to generate and exploit combo fields is among the best, and it has more access to lightening fields than any other class by a mile. Plus you saying that gryos are not useful in PvE is just straight up wrong; yes the “function” gryo is clearly PvP focused, but all the other ones work great in PvE. I mean who doesn’t like a flat, long duration, 50% damage reduction? The stealth gryo is great for skipping trash, and the shredder gryo is godly when it comes to aforementioned combo fields.

I realize opinions are subjective, but just because you utterly failed to grasp what the scrapper does doesn’t mean it “has no identity.” And as for as the “nothing that would out damage the traditional zerker” statement…yeah you should probably just skip HoT in general; the zerker thing is on it’s way out. And that isn’t just me riding the hype train; I’ve seen whole zerker zergs get wiped in open world meta events. Its evolution; adapt or die, and those who can’t set aside the zerker FOO strategy are an evolutionary dead end that is about to run out of time. The meta couldn’t stay the same forever.

the style gyro sucks for skipping trash because you cannot go mobile with it at all, since the ai is so bad you have to stop every few feet for it to catch up, the shredder gyro does not work properly with the combo fields, and the gyro’s stay so stationary that using them in PVE is negligible. clearly you didn’t play the beta.

An AI fix would certainly increase the usability to an extend. As it stands they are just plain stupid.

The thing is, for PvE you have utilities that are 10x better then the gyro set will ever be, especially as it currently is. And in some ways the zerker meta is leaving a bit, but guess what kind of party made it through the beta raid first, 6 zerker and 4 engis and 3 of them had sinister 1 on power. only one of them had scrapper even enabled and did not even have gyros on him.

I’m not going against fun or anything. there are just better things to run and more useful trait lines to use. And if zerker goes out the window then I’ll be off to the traditional bunker engi, master of the combo fields.

Well, the gyros are likely to stay and maybe get changed a bit so that they are less aggressive. (Why is my stealth gyro but hugging my foe instead of me etc.) Most scrappers I saw ran at least 2 gyros which were the stealth gyro and the Bulwark Gyro. They usually kept Healing turret and took kit for the other 2 slots.

Zerker will be fine in pvp, but yes it’s indeed going out the window for pve. They keep telling us this yet people continue to insist on running zerker builds. Then when a boss attacks once half a zerg goes down instantly. Not sure how effective bunker engi will be a help in pve when we will have tempest/druids to keep you healthy but yeah.

Scrapper in a nutshell – Hammer = good Drones = Shit ( and don’t disagree yes they are shit ) they provide little to no use, they’re AI is god awful, they last about 1 tiny little tap in terms of damage resist and they provide little to no use what so ever plus……they’re fucking BORING!

“And don’t disagree.” Well, I do. One gyro = utility or damage + one quite good tool belt skill + one cc. Only the shredder gyro is a bit tricky to use right now, so I mainly used it to have one more cc rather than additional damages/combos (+ the tool belt skill which is really good). And if your gyros do not resist enough, you probably do not use them properly.

By the way, there is no real AI here, because their behaviors are mostly deterministic (rushing to an enemy, not moving, following the player).

Scrapper is one of the best elite spec made so far. I wish guy working on Scrapper and Druid made also Chronomancer, cause both are special and can do anything

Indeed, but it ends up with mud-flinging because there are opinions about it and some try to break down your own and give out theirs. A vicious cycle that ends until a change has been given.

I haven’t thoroughly tested it yet but I’m testing Scrapper as a front line zerg build for WvW. In a mix of soldiers, knights and berserker atm and I think it could work. Anyone else find a place in WvW? I also find that I can roam with the same build but it’s really early to tell since I have been at it for such a short while.

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