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SWTOR NYCC Cosplay Contest and Cantina Livestream Coverage

SWTOR New York Comic Con Cosplay contest and Cantina Livestream coverage. Updated with more Q&A from the cantina.


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Very General Q&A from the livestream

  • Q: Describe Level Sync for us
    • A: Be able to revisit old worlds, play with friends but still feel powerful. You will have all your abilities, passives.
  • Q: You can change the role of your companions in Fallen Empire. How does that work?
    • A: Right click their portrait to change their role instantly while out of combat. You get to play with whichever companion you like rather be forced due to the their role. They get a different set of abilities depending on if they are healer/tank/dps but the visuals are slightly different between the companions.

Special thanks to ObiWanBaikonur on the forums who provided me with an extensive write up of the Q&A at the cantina tour.

Group Q&A from ObiWanBaikonur

  • Q: "Last year at NY ComiCon, you said that there was something ‘better than cross-server’ coming. What is it? Where/when is it?"
    • Musco- I did say that, and I’m going to give you the Community Manager answer that we see cross-server queuing as really addressing a symptom, rather than the actual problem. The real problem is that Group Finder pops aren’t happening as fast as we or you would like. That’s for Warzones, Flashpoints, Operations, all of it. So, we that is the problem we are trying to resolve.
    • Backus- I will probably lose my job for this, but I can say that there are two things that we are actively working on to address your concerns here and what you describe as ‘better than cross-server’. I can’t say much more than that, except that you will see an announcement and implementation before next New York ComiCon.
    • Musco- *with a wink* Subject to change!
  • Q: "What’s the next stronghold?"
    • Backus- The next one? Well, I can’t say much, but I know that there have been a lot of requests and a strong desire for a more beautiful location for a stronghold. So our team is working on a bunch of new things for strongholds and is looking into some of the more beautiful or interesting locations: Manaan, Alderaan…
  • Q: "Why is there a clickable Sabacc table in the Esseles???"
    • Backus- Honestly? We were f*cking with you. No, but more seriously, when it comes to mini-games, they’re not as easy to implement as you might think. It takes a lot of development time and we have to balance that against the value added. Some of the games are essentially blackjack and really how much fun would blackjack be in SWTOR? Others would take significant time and I would rather give you, say, ten more chapters, then focus intensely on a mini-game. That said, we’re always thinking about it and we love to hear suggestions from our fans, so if you have an idea that you think would be awesome, write it down!
  • Q: "Space PVE?"
    • Backus- Nope.

Private Q&A with Michael Backus from ObiWanBaikonur

  • Q: "Improvements to appearance customization options?"
    • Backus- I want to do a lot more with the montrails and I know there are lots of ideas on the team for new looks for purebloods. We have lots going on that we want to give you guys, so that’s definitely something we’re working on.
  • Q: "We want freedom to use whatever weapon. Like a sage with a double-bladed lightsaber."
    • Backus- That’s something that we’re really not considering. We love the amount of customization that we’ve been able to give you all so far, but we’re really satisfied with the weaponry being more class or advanced class specific. It helps the feel of the character and as an added benefit, you can readily tell what kind of opponent you’re coming up against in PVP. Maybe you won’t know the role, per se, but you already have some expectations based on their weapon.
  • Q: "Back-handed lightsaber stance?"
    • Backus- That would be cool, but it would require a lot of work. We would have to re-animate all the movesets and the hit-patterns on targets. It’s not that we couldn’t do it, it’s just that I’d rather we spent our time creating more exciting content, rather than new animations for all the moves.
    • "What about for an NPC? Backus- Well, if I created it for an NPC, I could use it for players. Once it’s made, it’s made, but it’s just a lot of work
  • Q: "Plans for a new class?"
    • Backus- There’s a lot of reasons that this is not really going to happen. For one, we’ve already tapped the most iconic roles in the Star Wars universe and it’s hard to find one that would appeal to enough people to justify the amount of work creating it. When I ask players about their favorite class and why, the overwhelming response centers on the personality of the characters, the persona. Creating that for a new class would involve hundreds or thousands of hours of VO, writing, development. I have so many good ideas and get even greater ones from the fans for what would be really cool, but it comes down to practicality.
  • Q: "Will the Macrobinoculars and Seeker Droid quests be reset or locked if you start 4.0?"
    • Backus- They should not be, no.
    • "Are they part of the general overhaul that Heroics are receiving? Will we be able to choose them and teleport to their entrances?"
    • Backus- You know, I really love those quests and think that there are such great mechanics involved, but I think we did it wrong. It feels like too much to ask a player to get a full raid group just to complete the questchain. It’s something that I really want to fix and something that I think we could improve. There are lots of ideas on how to do it–keep it hard, but make it at least mechanically soloable–and I want to include an update to those as a patch sometime a little down the road, but I really do want to fix those so that they are more accessible.
  • Q: "I’m concerned that this is going to be like the NGE for Star Wars: Galaxies"
    • Backus- I worked with a lot of the guys over at Galaxies, both in the lead up to the launch of SWTOR, and since–great guys, really. The thing about Galaxies is that it had such a small, tight core of dedicated players that really loved the game and the environment that was created there. But the player base was not very large. In a well-intentioned effort to make the game more accessible, the team brought out the NGE to entice more players in. It was such a dramatic change to the entire nature of the game, however, that it really alienated their core players–their biggest fans. They had anticipated this, but figured that the NGE would bring in more people, revitalizing the game and drawing back players who left. Unfortunately, in their case, people had already made up their mind if they liked the game or not and really didn’t end up coming back.
    • That’s why we’re not looking to do any major overhaul of the combat system. You’re not going to suddenly, for example, lose a dozen abilities. We make changes here or there and tweak or improve things, but we aren’t going to dramatically change the playing experience like what happened on Galaxies.
  • Q: "Will you upgrade SWTOR’s engine?"
    • Backus- Short answer? Not in my lifetime.
    • When we started out we were using [one system], then we moved to C++ for a while, and eventually we migrated to a proprietary platform that we licensed. It is not the right platform for the game we want, unfortunately. That’s what makes some of the work more difficult than it should be. I’m not going to name names because I don’t want to badmouth the guys who built our engine–they worked really hard and they did a very good job, so I don’t want to say anything bad about them–but we do have certain limitations that I wish we didn’t.
  • Q: "Suggestion: Action Photo Booth, because it can be hard to get a cool action shot when you have to be fighting to use a move."
    • Backus- That is a really great idea! I see a lot of ways we could make that work. I’m going to write that down!


Costumes will be rated on 4 criteria.

  1. Creativity
  2. Detail/Craftsmanship
  3. Cohesive Theme
  4. Overall Presentation

Judges are

  1. Michael Backus (Lead Designer)
  2. Tait Watson (Community manager)
  3. Taras Harkavyi (prop maker)

Top 3 based on Judge scores (in no particular order)

  • Jedi Sentinel
  • Arcann
  • Malaena Keiran

Vote at:


  1. Arcann (41%)
  2. Malaena
  3. Jedi Sentinel (22%)

1. Darth Malgus cosplayed by Alberto M.


2. Jedi Sentinel


3. Jedi Consular


4. Arcann


5. Sith Acolyte


6. Jedi Walker


7. Malaena Keiran


Some more cosplays that are NOT part of the contest


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190 replies on “SWTOR NYCC Cosplay Contest and Cantina Livestream Coverage”

Nope, I was there. Many more questions were asked, maybe they just didn’t make it to the live feed? There were at least 10-15 questions asked, and then everyone had the chance to talk to the Bioware people, but I didn’t stay for the whole thing.

The stream only covered the costume contest. The two questions are from Lady Insanity talking to Backus in the break while the public was casting votes. The stream ended when the contest was over.

Infinite amounts of food, drinks, desserts and pop corn. Nice people, great atmosphere, this was organized pretty well. The only huge disappointment was the number of people that actually entered the cosplay contest. If I had known there would be 7 people only, I might have entered too, you never know…

The costumes were much better than they appear on the photos, the photos don’t do them justice, but I would really like to see some more original costumes, rather than generic class sets. The only girl who participated and Arcann, Malgus were pretty cool, as were the two guys that came late and did not take part. Maybe next time there will be more people?

Q&A was definitely NOT only two questions, there were other questions and topics discussed throughout the night, all of which had to do with the new expansion of course. I remember characteristically that they said they are working VERY actively to deal with the “no pop up” problem which has been bothering them since they first put the group finder in the game, and that they have two solutions that are “better than cross server queues”, which will be announced and included in game, before NY Comic Con 2016 (not such a short time…)

never did cosplay (and never will, people could burn me alive here) but the only way a cosplay looks more realistic and not that plastic is throwing it to the ground so it gets dirt (real not painted dirt) and done, you won my friend 😛

Yeah 90% of cosplays I’ve seen look cheap and poorly made. You can tell when someone’s made something that’s quality, though I don’t doubt it’s hard work to do even a simple outfit.

Surprisingly, real dirt doesn’t usually look that good. There are techniques for creating wear on armour and material that look better than actually wearing stuff out, or dragging it through the dirt. But it takes a lot of skill to apply “wear” to an item without overdoing it, and it’s easy to mess up.

I meant not getting it dirt, I was trying to say like if it’s not the first time you wear it, like if you are wearing everyday clothes 🙂

Wow I can’t believe there were only 7 people that entered at a Comicon. I so could have won that contest given enough time and if it had been on the west coast. Traveling to NY for it wouldnt have been worth the prize.

Well, it wasn’t actually part of the Comicon, but you would expect at least some people to get their asses from Javits Center and show up at the SWTOR event, it was only a couple of blocks away. For me the problem was work, and I bet this was the problem for other people as well. 7 pm is way too early to be there and also be somewhat ready at least.

“What are the principles of the Jedi Knight?” “To always defend truth and justice throughout the galaxy.” “And to eat a lot of peanut M&Ms throughout the galaxy.”

– Triumph the Insult Comic Dog,

…when it comes to mini-games, they’re not as easy to implement as you might think.

So over 4 years aren’t enough to develop Pazaak?

Pazaak is, as he said “essentially just black jack” and he doesn’t think it’d be exciting eneugh, and honestly? long term he’s proably right

In Black Jack you can’t have a deck with cards you own by your own to play with.

It was exiting enough in KOTOR and it would be in SWTOR.

“Some of the games are essentially blackjack” he never said Pazaak is one of those games..
the devs probably agree that Pazaak would be fun in SWTOR, but my guess is that they think most of their playerbase would prefer to have a new ops or wz gamemode, than a minigame
as they say, they ‘have’ to calculate recourse cost/fun value added, and then pick the best of the options they have, frankly, Pazaak just is too much trouble, with relatively little gain for them to spend our money on implementing it

A great many people disagree with him. Not sure why the devs think their opinion is more valid than that of the people playing the game :S

Because they have to do the actual work, and after the fiasco with the slot machines, I doubt anyone is ever going to persuade them to even think seriously about creating another minigame.

The slot machine wasn’t a minigame, and that fiasco was created by the devs being heavy-handed. Rather than tweak it as they claimed they were going to, they raped it into the dirt and made it totally useless.

Fortunately I saw that coming and milked that shit for all it was worth the night before the patch XD

I would spend hours on Pazaak in KOTOR…and since it allows you to build custom decks they could make money in the CM by selling a select few rare deck cards. People have been asking for it since before Beta and as Ben said…if the players are asking for it who are the devs to say “nah, that would be boring, we don’t like it, so again, no”?

or selling cards with the heroes’ portraits like a card with +5 presenting Marr while peasants would play with regular +5 cards without any hero on them.

quote them saying Pazaak is boring 😉
the devs know how much trouble and money it’d take for them to create a cool looking, well working minigame, so they have every right to say that they’d rather spend their time and our money on something which takes less time and money, while resulting in more fun being had by more people
if BW had infinite money, then you’d be right in saying they should just shut up and make it, but they don’t have infinite money, so they have to work efficiently

With the limited resources they have, I’d hate them for including something that takes up a lot of resources for such a small outcome. Plus I’d probably never play it myself. (But that doesn’t mean, nobody else shouldn’t be able to. Just saying that there are things to be developed that more people would enjoy.)

yea, Malgus and Arcann need to stop doing window curls at the McDonald’s drive thru. still good costumes thou.

Kudos to the people who made costumes and showed up to compete, they all deserve a prize. Who gives a fuck what “body type” they have? They’re braver than any of the shitheels mocking them.

me too, man. i guess the devs at the german cantina tour had too much to drink and were just blowing smoke when they mentioned that they had something up their sleeves for space pve. terrible day for us indeed.

I miss the FTL expansion for SWG. It was my favorite part of the game for me. The GSF is a pale imitation. How I wish I could fly my Heavy Z-95 again.

Who was the woman hosting the event at the desk with the notebook computer? When she said “May the force be with you” at the end, I thought she might be one of the voice actors.

That was the first place winner for the cosplay? Ouch, I decided to not attend because I thought the Revan costume in my closet wasn’t good enough.

Sorry- Arcann doesn’t use a red saber. Props for the burn marks, though!

He took the time to make a costume and show up at a community event to enter a contest in front of real people. You’re sitting on your ass judging someone from behind the anonymity of a computer screen (probably in a dark room, alone, wearing nothing but MLP underwear, surrounded by empty pizza boxes and Ben & Jerry’s containers.) Who’s given up on life?

His make up makes him look like a sad panda. Like as if Malgus was like ” Sigh… of to destroy the jedi I guess…” xD

Just another question about better than cross server and another answer that saying we are working on it actively and we will make an announcement in a few years, nice so all we have to do keep subbing a few more years so they will announce it, you could make even cross-server if you were really working on a project stop telling lies and work on a real project.

What a non-answer to the SW: Galaxies concern. I’ve been concerned about the same thing and I wish they’d do more to address it, because it feels as if they ARE changing enough of the game for this to be a potential NGE 2.

Read up on the datamined stuff for a clearer picture. They’re really not changing the game much at all. This will be nothing like the NGE in any way, shape or form.

I think the shift FEELS the most disconcerting. To me it feels very much like we are moving from an MMO to a KOTOR 3 (which the griefers and whiners have been wanting) with some MMOish qualities. But time will tell…I do like leveling new toons though, and I subscribe any game I play…so who knows?!?

i know this might not be too useful, but i saw this on reddit about space pve; ,

where someone going by the name gaddockteeg said ” ‘On the question about space PvE, I brlieve Backus’ answer was ‘Done.’ ” (thats the exact quote, including the misspelling) . and also that ” ‘Done, as in he was joking around. But he spoke further about GSF later on in the night. Details to come on the podcast.’ ”

i thought this might be worth noting, concerning that back in gamescom cantina tour, Backus said that for lvl 50 space pve that He smiled and then said, “Don’t worry, we have something up sleeve for that”

apparently that something was apparently nothing. the sabacc table on the Esseles was one thing, but the space pve thing, that’s just harsh, man. harsh :'(.

It surprised me as well. During GamesCom, they specifically said they would really want to do more with Space (although that might have meant with GSF, which would be excellent, if it managed to get a wider playerbase)

its hard for anyone to get into it after being away from GSF for so long. the learning curb is steep, they kind of over-complicated some things with GSF. unless they find a way to simplify and streamline GSF so new people can get into it easily, the player-base wont be able to grow.

as for space pve, i don’t mean to sound cynical, but, why keep it around when they’re not going to improve upon it? when it has potential to be something more? its just sad to see it go on like this. i know that they put all their work to either pleasing the hardcore raiders, or hardcore pvpers. creating new content isnt as easy as other people make it. but maybe space pve and GSF is just put on the back burner for now, but they might come around with new stuff for it next year. the whole strongholds and guild ships came out of nowhere, when people least expected it. same might be said for GSF or space pve. they just need to know that there are people who want new stuff for it. wishful thinking.

I think there would be more excitement in GSF if they somehow made squad play better, I was a really good gunship for a while, but got bored, then they added the maps where there is no objective other than killing and I completely stopped playing, I tried the other ships, but honestly, 1v1 is so boring, 2 idiots braking and flying in a circle hoping the other one gets bored sooner so they can follow and kill them, if you would work with a team, or were in teamspeak with guild members maybe this stuff would be better, so when you get locked into a moron sphere you can call on a gunship or a strike fighter to missle/gauss your dance partner into tomorrow. Or if you were rewarded kills when engaged with another player who flies into something, so many times I boosted through that half assembled star destroyer to have my pursuer smash himself to bits for nothing.

TLDR: GSF feels like its wrong atm. To me.

spoken like a true vet of the early days of GSF. back then, it was something exciting, something new. but if you were to step away for a week, and come back, everyone seemed a little more powerful than you. then you try to catch up, but every match you go into ends up as a loss. i started gsf on the shadowlands server on the pub side. then the GM had us go over to the imp side, and onto the jedi covenant server. now it doesnt seem to matter what server you’re on, GSF is kinda dead. and its pretty sad to get into a match, and only find yourself with a small handful of people who still play it. there shoudl be a GSF suggestion box on the main site, but i doubt they would read them. i guess all we can do is grind the pve space missions and wonder what might have been. if they revamp GSF to be more simpler to understand, then that might be a step in the right direction. maybe better rewards.

All fairness, I do love those Starfox throwback space missions. I like doing the one with the asteroid field followed by an insane dogfight with some mandalorians, I find it fits really well to the asteroid field music from empire strikes back.

Visit the GSF subforum of the official forums. There are hundreds of very valid suggestions from the top players, and the devs do read them. There is a yellow post in the guide thread saying “yes we do read the forums, keep the suggestions coming”
The top players also organize GSF nights on specific servers. They have a server cycle going so nobody feels left out. If you want a GSF community, that forum is the place to visit.

Sheesh, stop whining about NGE. I played SWG in beta, before NGE, after NGE. Still had plenty of fun doing stuff with my friends. Those who were crying about NGE change were just selfish people who forgot about the main thing of the game – have fun with friends in SW universe. So personally I can’t care any less about the “NGE cries”. Never minded it myself. Didn’t feel like it was necessary sure, but hey, had fun after it as well.

As for changes, most are good, though I’d like to see this automatic level adjustment as a choice at some point. Maybe when you’re max level and get on some lower level planet, you get a choice whether you want to let your level adjusted or keep it as it is.

I have never played SWG, so am unable to compare, have never done so, but it still bugs me a little that you’re calling people selfish for not playing a game for the same reasons as you do.

“have fun with friends in SW universe” certainly sounds like a fine reason to play a star wars mmo, but I know that is not why I play swtor, I imagine it might not have been the reason for many people to play SWG.

If swtor strays too far from being the game I fell in love with, I should just hang around anyway? It would be selfish to stop playing a game I no longer enjoy?

As I said, I cannot comment on the specifics on SWG/NGE, but people are getting emotional about this because big changes are being made to something they’ve invested a lot of time in and they are concerned. I don’t think that is so unreasonable.

Well, no. Perhaps if I’d been happy with the direction they’ve been taking during the 3.0 cycle, perhaps if it hadn’t already been confirmed that the activities that I’ve spent most of my game time on during the last year will no longer be viable, perhaps then I’d be inclined to wait and see.

This is why people are comparing it with the SWG situation, I believe. They have something they are happy with and it is being pushed into a direction they are not happy with, and instead of that coming to a halt, it seems to be getting accelerated with the next expansion.

Now it might not be even nearly as extreme as NGE, I don’t know, but you don’t have to wait and see to already know whether you like where things are going. If many things are changed, the people who were happy with the game as it was are naturally not going to be amused. (re: the NGE answer in the Q&A)

I will be giving it a chance, try to find new things to do, but I am concerned, and it is that concern that I see in a lot of people, even if many seem to interpret it as hate or scare mongering or whatever.

Fair enough. I’m going to wait though, try it all out, and if its bad, I won’t rant and rage, I won’t add to all the negativity, I am just going to disappear into my next adventure. There is so much out there to play! In ESO I even get to keep being blue!(I hear it sucks, but I dun care, never seen it)

Any change can be scary. Though I will comment that there is nothing substantial changing in how the game is played. Companions are becoming more relevant with the role changing, allowing you to bring who ever you want to build influence. This is a good thing. Removing the gear is also nice as it means all those basic coms you waste while leveling, can be stored for your new basic set of level 50+ gear. They are adding some movement abilities and tweaking some combat changes like they do in every other major patch. Crafting appears to finally got the over haul that I believe it has needed since before RotHC. Consolidating mainstat into mastery, and fixing crit rating will only improve our gearing and min-maxing. I am unsure what changes that are happening that will actually change how you play the game, with the exception of the level sync and the streamlined story path. Both changes seem to be very good, the level sync making all that fluff content that you have skipped over since you made the first few characters now will provide substantial XP, com, and credit rewards, and still be challenging for vets. Additionally, when leveling a friend, you can bring one of your completed characters along, rather than start a whole new one. The critical missions path really makes it better and more inspirational for people to level alts, since they can just skip all the fluff and get to the point if they so choose. Again, nothing but good things are coming down the pipeline, I am definitely excited for the new face of the game. Lets be frank, it did need some work done.

90% of my time logged into the game in 2015 was spent either playing lvl55 HMs duo with my partner (tried tacticals, but it was just way too easy; not sure if it’s at all possible to duo on-level HMs, but we can’t) or grinding heroics on all my alts in order to expand our 2-person guild’s flagship.

Now I will use neither of these reasons as a way to attack the changes coming to the game, as I realize that these things weren’t exactly ‘intended ways of playing’, but they were possible ways of playing and they were what kept me coming back.

I won’t be able to get over 750k conquest points by myself anymore with the level sync, so I suspect we will never find ourselves on the board again (and no, I have no interest in joining a larger guild, and no, you don’t have to tell me that that means I have no right to complain, I am stating what is possible and what will no longer be possible) and if tacticals is all my partner and I will be able to duo, I suspect we will stop duoing flashpoints.

Which leaves leveling.. another activity I enjoy now and then, and after 3.0 made my favorite solo-class exceedingly dull (scoundrel healer), it looks like now they will undo the one single class change I cheered for in that cycle, making PT tank’s jet charge available as of level 10.

And I will admit that a lot of the things look good, or potentially good, and I will not claim that the reasons why I am concerned are reasons why changes should not happen, but it will effectively kill off the activities that I’ve enjoyed the most, so I am concerned despite the good.

These things won’t be the case for everyone, but with every big change they make, even for the best of reasons, they’re changing an aspect of the game that was keeping someone playing on happily. Again, this is not to say that the changes should not happen, but you cannot expect everyone to welcome them with open arms, or list why you believe that the changes are all good and expect that because you feel like that, everyone should.

It’s possible to duo lvl 60 hm fps atm, so it might be worth practising and gearing to try again at lvl 65 ^^
What do you want conquest points for btw? I’ve got them twice only (I never ever grind anything :p), never felt I missed out on any goodies.. (of you can’t tell, I’m curious, not saying you’re stupid for wanting them)
Overal I agree with Naq, wait and see before you rage ^^
Most of the rage right now is pretty bullshit
Edit: you’re one of the first people bringing up some good points btw..

Well, we can’t even almost duo 60HMs right now, so I doubt that’s going to happen suddenly when the expansion hits. And using conquest to expand our guild ship, which is tedious enough to do with a tiny guild as is, can’t image what it would be like to have to start buying up everything from gtn, especially if it’s not possible to faceroll through black hole and oricon weeklies anymore.

And it’s a matter of emotional investment I guess. Naq mentions other games.. well my partner and I play eso, and sto and tried archeage and we will likely play other games too. The reason why I am personally not in a ‘wait and see’ state is because I simply don’t like to play these other games for extended periods of times. swtor has been the only mmo ever to just feel like lots of fun to play for me, it can still make me smile.. I might not be the most effective player, but I’d rather pull off something that looks awesome than generate the largest numbers above enemies.

Because it’s always been so much fun for me, I will not abandon in quickly, but it also makes me very frustrated when things that are fun for me are being taken out. Would not know what to do when I didn’t have any games anymore that were this fun for me.

“so I doubt that’s going to happen suddenly when the expansion hits” we don’t know how hard they’re going to make the HM fps, for all we know they might be easier than when 3.0 launched
but I meant it’s worth a try after you’re overgeared again (might be worth trying with a tank comp or dps player in tank gear and a healer player, maybe with the change to companions, they’ll become stronger)
ah guildship.. yeah, my guild doesn’t have one, so that’s why I see no need for conquest 🙂

I agree with you I’d rather stay in SWTOR, as I too love it
but worrying now won’t help, and will only make you feel worse, that’s why I have the wait and see attitude (mostly.. I have 2 points I’m ‘angry’ about, them getting shitty little amounts of info, 2 weeks before launch, and them removing reusable stims)

The thing is.. it could be possible we’ll be able to duo HMs.. and we will probably try it.. But we’ve not been able to do it on-level at lvl50, lvl55 or lvl60. Right now we have at least one of every role in either 198 or 192 with some 198, comm gear (every time I mention something like that I can already hear a chorus of “omg comm gear is trash!”, but we just play solo or duo.. so yeah..) all augmented, all with companions in 192-rated gear from yavin weekly, also all augmented.

The fact that we will craft our own stuff might allow for better gear for ourselves as of the next expansion, might be able to (very slowly.. since we can’t grind it on many characters at once anymore) gear our many characters in even better stuff, but we’ll also take a hit compared to the current cycle, I believe, as I can’t imagine that the ‘auto-stat’ companions will be as good, relatively speaking, as 192+augmented companions are now. At best they will make them of the ‘new 192’ without augments.

Didn’t feel like explaining all of this, because it feels kind of pointless. The point that I am trying to get to is that.. we’ve not been able to duo on-level ever.. now while it’s not impossible that this will be different as of 4.0 (as I said, we will be trying it again), I don’t think it’s so weird to consider it unlikely. It was not the case in any cycle so far.. why would it be reasonable to -expect- it to be different now? So right now, with all information we have, it looks like we won’t be able to do something we love very soon.

Sure, we will be around when the expansion hits and we will give it a try, so technically we are waiting and seeing, and I have not been voicing my concerns at all before this string of comments, actually, because when I complained about my scoundrel becoming less fun to play (solo/duo..) as of 3.0, I was accused of wanting to dominate pvp or solo-heal operations.. was assumed I was lying when I said I played every class a lot and didn’t have a ‘main’. I did my complaining before 3.0 and.. guess what? My scoundrel became a lot less fun to play…

As I type this I realize I might be a little defensive because of that, it left me quite bitter about the ‘community’. It’s not much of a community when you can’t voice your concerns in a civil manner without people jumping down your throat, en masse. Am actually a little surprised that I’ve been able to post more than one reply here without having to decide to just not bother anymore.

Companions have gotten more useless every lvl cap increase, hoping myself they’ll be more effective now (right now, in equal gear they get like half the healing/dmg as players do)
Anyways, hope you’ll find something fun in 4.0 ^^

that jedi sentinel gear looks cool 😛 lol 100 times better then 😛 most cartel market items they should add it 😛

I’m curious if any of the people bringing up the nge actually played it…this isn’t anything close. That changed all the classes around, got rid of some, and changed its playstyle from the toolbar style we have in tor, to a left and right clicking aim on target/tps style game. So I think we are pretty safe

I am so surprised at the Q & A answers, they are so close minded at fresh ideas and work to implement them. But ets focus on the one regarding adding a new class at some point they got do this and their totally closed off to it to even slighty consider it sometime in the future. space pve just flat out NO is surprising too . that what made galaxies last as long as i it did.

So you would have preferred completely nebulous answers, that don’t tell you anything? Be careful what you wish for.

Sorry, if that comes off as a rude comment, but I am all for honesty. If they don’t work on something or don’t even consider it, it’s much better to know.

Then at least you can move on, rather than complain about something that will never happen. Frankly, they gave good answers, it might not be what some people want to hear, but they were real answers based on good reasons.

Better than crossserver, “I will probably lose my job for this” *says nothing after that*
“real answers” you were saying? ;p
But the 2nd Q&A bit was better

About new classes, the change to mastery is a first step, they might make more
But we have a choice (not really, BW decides) either a new class in 5.0 (expac costs $40 for subs); or (for free) 3 new opses (sm, hm and nim), 2 new wz gamemodes, 2 fullsized planets and a new ability for every spec
Maybe that’s around the same amount of work, but it could be more still..
Since we don’t give BW infinite money, they have to decide on what gives us the most value, for the least effort
So if BW hears about anything which is easy to build, yet is very awesome, you can be sure it’ll come within a few patches

GSF is that even still a thing?

Seriously though, I played that long enough to get the decos then I quit. I hate it so much, worst controls ever.

Why? Controls are pretty good-and it’s very easy once you get the hand of it…And what Decos? Do you mean the fleet comms ones? WTF were you doing GSF for then? The heroic Rail Shooter Space Missions are best for that.

Surprise, surprise: All the top cosplayers are Body Type 4.
Fat Malgus, NOT Fat, but Creepy-faced Sentinel, Fat Arcann, Fat Consular, Fat Acolyte, Fat Grocery Scooter (let’s face it: that motherfucker ISN’T walking anywhere), & Black-guy-appealing, Dumpy Malaena.

How brave of you to post Anonymously about how other people are not up to your standards. People who were at least willing to put themselves out there for you to grumpily judge them for not being your new fap material. But, lets face it, if they were all pretty girls, you’d probably just be quizzing them on their costumes to verify they aren’t “faking”, or straight up creeping on them….

I think they all did an amazing job with their costumes. Certainly much better than I could do, that and having the guts to put their hard work out for all to judge. I salute you sirs, well done!

They also finally admitted the obvious: The game engine is SHIT. 2+ years of development and EA took the easy route by licensing an inferior engine just so they could launch as scheduled. Typical EA bullshit.

Makes it even worse. Because if they have experience with it, they should have known about it’s cpabilities.

But I think you are wrong. When BioWare choose the Hero Engine for SWTOR, it was still Beta. So which BioWare game used the alpha of the Hero Engine before SWTOR used the beta?

I’m not wrong, SWTOR was in development for three years before EA came on board, then two years afterwards. They didn’t change the engine that late into development.

You can’t just “change the engine” of a game. It’s completely impractical.

That’s like asking to change the foundation of your house without demolishing the house.

It would be more efficient to make a brand new game then waste months/years of development time re-making this game on a new engine.

It’s also hard to make an engine and expensive to license one. Hence why they used one they are familiar with and had access to.

Actually changing the foundation of a house is probably easier to do then change the engine of a game. And yes you can change the foundation of a house. You can even move a house. I once lived in a turn of the century (1900s) 3 story house that had been moved. There were pictures of it being moved at the county museum.

on the positive side the judges did give all the players who want to enter future cosplay contest carte blanche to use their own characters in swtor… though they will judge you on how close it looks to the in game items grin. Good thing I was busy in Florida… would be nice to meet the guys from weta…

Ok, I see some answers that really don’t answer what the question really was, but here’s something that baffles me. The question – Q: “Will the Macrobinoculars and Seeker Droid quests be reset or locked if you start 4.0?”

His response – It feels like too much to ask a player to get a full raid group just to complete the questchain.
Call me dumb, but they’re 4 man heroics. Or at least the ones I did were. (I haven’t finished the one on Nar Shadaa). The final seeker droid one on Ilum I did with 2 other players and a companion (and all 3 of us were healers).

I think he messed up on wording, and doesnt want them to be 4 person quests anymore, instead to have them duo or soloable.

“I will probably lose my job for this” *goes on to say nothing pretty much*
Sigh, wish the devs weren’t so afraid to actually talk.. :/

lol yup, when i read that, I was thinking, How would you lose your job for something you DIDN’T say. that is what kind of irks me about devs, they try to keep as tight lipped as humanly possible. when i think it would get people excited or even help make those ideas better by players helping from a distance(if you know what i mean)

remember like a year ago? when the devs were experimenting with being open and giving information subject to change? the only thing left from that time is that the patch notes get shared a day before the patch happens -_-

Well, when they do actually talk the community just berates them for what they say or if there’s a change in plans after they something the pitchforks and torches come out. I wouldn’t say jack either.

I highly disagree, I’ve seen a great many positive responses to them being open early on (like a year back)
only stupid people were angry about changes, and most of the changes were due to player feedback actually..
I think they’ll get more hate by suggesting something they have in their mind, and then being silent on the matter for a year or two
if you don’t know what you’re planning, then don’t even mention it, or say you’re working on ‘something’ instead of saying you’re making something which is ‘better than Xserver queue’

tbh I’ve not seen any widespread hate like you suggested, ever, because of something they talked about in the early stages of development, the only thing people dislike is how long it takes, but that’ll stay no matter what

You can’t really tell from text
Though I think he was joking about getting fired, the main point is still there. he suggests to be open/revealing, but doesn’t say Anything

Well, I was there, so I can assure you it was a joke, but yeah, I agree that he didn’t really reveal anything 🙂

I want to know if we’ll be seeing Kylo Ren’s lightsaber model anytime soon. It’s not part of the same canonical universe, so i see no reason something similar couldn’t exist.

Lucasfilm doesn’t want to confuse people so it’s highly unlikely that we will see a crossguard saber in SWTOR. They want to keep the visual difference between their world and the Old Republic world.

Ah, just like Double Bladed Lightsabers then? OWAIT.
Also, @ Darth Twinge, a running theme in swtor is that technology goes down as the timeline advances-if they could make one in clone wars (and in Jedi Knight, which was made about 25 years ago), they could EASILY make one in SWTOR time.

How does tech go down as the timeline advances? And don’t use the Naboo ships as an example, it is and old and flawed argument. Different planets can have ships that look different. The Rebel Alluance from the OT were useing old tech because that is what they could get, it’s like buying a 91 Ford Probe because that is what you can afford. If anything the tech doesn’t change.

What’s the Naboo starfighter argument?
And just look at the tech throughout the various books/films/etc. Compare the reality-warping tech of the Gree and Rakata to what the Republic had in the films.

You know “Look at how new and shiny everything is!” You can’t use the Gree and Rakata to show that the tech is moving in the wrong direction. They were ancient civilizations who didn’t pass kn their tech. Their tech isn’t responsible for the reat of the galaxy.

Well since the ones were introduced which has been debated if they were previously the celestials then that argument can be used since the celestials were responsible for a lot of tech throughout the known galaxy. Hypergates, hyperlanes etc…
But like you said Gree and other chosen species from the celestials both forgot and didn’t wanted to share their knowledge about their tech.

But with that said not sure if they kept/made the celestial canon or removed it and made the ones a stand alone.

Just like they made bane and Revan canon but not the entire story of it.

The tech it self doesn’t change but the knowledge or information about them does wane If know one around to teach. Then they turn artifacts.

They will invent new tech with the same idea but might take a while before it can reach the samepeak/prime old tech had which could or couldn’t have been superior.

But I rather see it as time progress tech will rise and fall/forgotten and new ones will be made and the same will happen.

Double Bladed Lightsabers were in the SW universe before the Phantom Menace. GL took that idea and incorporated it into the movie timeline. Now you have a different situation where something is introducted in the movie first and it’s one of the main marketing symbols to promote TFA. It’s a different situation plus SWTOR and TFA don’t share the same universe unlike the double bladed lightsabers in 1999 with the release of TPM.

Bioware itself admitted on this cantina that a crossguard lightsaber is not happening because Lucasfilm doesn’t want casuals to be confused.

No, it WASN’T introduced in the movie first-this style of lightsaber has been around for years.
But damn those casuals.

Not sure if what twinge posted is canon comic but seeing how ig was before JJ movie we can tell it existed before. But I agree with his statement it might be something of a rare hilt type.

As much as I hate that accident-waiting-to-happen, it existed in the Clone Wars time-period comics before the idea of Kylo, so they cant say it’s character specific. The question is, were they capable of making it 3000 years before Anakin. It also seems to be a rarity even if they were capable. So my guess is, if we see anything similar, it will be on a NPC because if there were thousands of them running around on fleet it would kind of undermine the cannon in terms of the item’s scarcity.

I’m more interested in the unusable sound and look of the blade then the crossguard. The existing “lightning” effect on some of the sabers just doesn’t standout enough.

That’s fair. I personally keep hoping for a saber to make the hiss startup noise that the Sith sabers make in the movies. Seems like that would be easy, but alas

Sweet. Didn’t knew this. Was this EU? If so they will simply overwrite it and say Kylo was the first. But either way we know now where the idea came from

Even if its not part of the same canonical universe. Past and future EU creators have stated they will not overwrite or undermine any other story content. Haven’t read a lot but most EU still go hand in hand. If it ever was considered canon it was perfectly in line to fit the story.

That is if EP VII isn’t occurring in the same timeline few EU stories/events have been established. Those will be overwritten naturally

Bless Backus and Musco for actually giving straight answers on what they can and can’t do with the limited time and resources they have rather than dodging questions to avoid ticking off whiny players by flat out saying what they can’t do (see every time someone asks about operations, cause that sure ain’t happening for a long time if they’re going to be doing new story content on a monthly basis for some time to come).

You must not have seen the original film. Or you simply have no sense of humor. Gold Five and Elfa got it. Here is what you need to do as soon as possible, watch Star Wars, then you can come back and have a conversation about how I’M new here.

Thee is already thread to post these, moron. Although it’s beyond me why you have this, I thought you “quit playing”.

“That’s why we’re not looking to do any major overhaul of the combat system. You’re not going to suddenly, for example, lose a dozen abilities. We make changes here or there and tweak or improve things, but we aren’t going to dramatically change the playing experience like what happened on Galaxies.” – Backus

Too late, Backus. You’ve already screwed us over with the level sync… which sounds very much like a major overhaul of the combat system to me, albeit indirectly. (For those of you reading, I’m not trolling! Think it through.)

In spite of the planet levels listed in-game, they’re not accurate.

Alderaan is a surprisingly diverse planet in that while it is listed as being for levels 28-32, there are level 45s and level 55 Dreadseed npcs there as well. And the Rakghoul and BBA events both spawn mobs according to player level which mean that we will soon see level 66 mobs there. Now, I understand that (for example) a level 55 player would essentially be debuffed to match Alderaan’s planetary level without losing abilities, but would this level sync apply to any overlevelled npcs as well?

If not, explain how level sync won’t mess up gameplay?

If planet sync is meant to prevent high-level players from soloing low-level WBs, Heroics, and Flashpoints… there are better ways to go about stopping that. D&D Online simply reduces XP and loot incrementally for those who repeatedly replay missions solo. But this level sync idea is bad. I would hate to think that if anybody ran a BBA bounty or T.H.O.R.N. mission, any mob spawned at full strength could easily kill planet synced players regardless of their level.

What is the point of wasting time leveling up?

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