SWTOR NYCC Cantina Code Sharing

SWTOR NYCC Cantina Code Sharing. Share your cantina code in the comments below.

The codes will look like https://account.swtor.com/user/ce/fcled, do not post referral links below as they will be deleted (they look like swtor.com/r/xxx). Make sure you hover over each link to ensure it is a cantina code before clicking on it.


What does the cantina tour code give?

  • The code will give you a crate on every character in the mail (you need to exit the game and relogin after claiming the code).
  • This crate contains the Prinawe Union speeder and a random item. This random item could be (all character bound except for Power Droid)

How do I share my code?

  • After obtaining a code from the comment section below, you will be given a link in the Community events section of your account page in swtor.com. Use that link to share with up to 50 players.

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