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SWTOR NYCC Cantina Code Sharing

SWTOR NYCC Cantina Code Sharing. Share your cantina code in the comments below.

The codes will look like, do not post referral links below as they will be deleted (they look like Make sure you hover over each link to ensure it is a cantina code before clicking on it.


What does the cantina tour code give?

  • The code will give you a crate on every character in the mail (you need to exit the game and relogin after claiming the code).
  • This crate contains the Prinawe Union speeder and a random item. This random item could be (all character bound except for Power Droid)

How do I share my code?

  • After obtaining a code from the comment section below, you will be given a link in the Community events section of your account page in Use that link to share with up to 50 players.

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1,448 replies on “SWTOR NYCC Cantina Code Sharing”

I don’t think so. I nabbed one a few minutes old and it still worked. Maybe it will work for you a second time.

From what i can gather, you can only get one per event – One for NYCC and one for PAX. Once both have been redeemed, you are done.

And they are very much instant. As soon as you redeem it, you can log straight in and collect it from the mailbox.

Nope, I have used all three with only getting an error once (on the code shared the the details for this page).

Anyone else’s Cantina Crate not appearing in their mail? I have 3 other friends who have the same problem.

Is it a speeder, though?

Or is it a big clog with nacelles?

And the wider question: is it an MMO? Or is it an RPG with a subscription fee?

How I wish all the items from these crates that are bound were bind on legacy instead, especially the consumables.