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Eric Musco posted some answers to some questions that were unanswered about the upcoming expansion.

WTB Musco! Rest of promised BLOGS??? | 10.15.2015, 04:45 PM

Originally Posted by dscount

  • Operations – Explain how this rotating BIS gear is going to work?
  • Conquest changes – PVE repeatable added?
  • Crafting Mats – Can we get a list of what they converting into?
  • Alliance – Any details prior to go live on this?
  • Cartel Market – Armor was promised before go Live I think.
  • Level Sync – Any chance to make optional or address concerns?
  • Crafting Lost – Can we get schems moved or at least a chest provided of them please?
  • Achievo points lost – Can we get instant 1k companion kills for those that had 10k affection already?

Let me take a crack at some of these!

  • Great question. Each week, one hard mode Operation is designated as a "High-Priority Target," players can see which Operation this is by visiting the fleet and visiting the FP/Op section. There you will find a Target Analysis Computer with a holo version of the last boss of the Op with text specifying the Op, the boss will also have a buff indicating this inside the Op. Under normal circumstances, a HM boss will be dropping ilvl 220. If they are the High-Priority Target, they will also drop ilvl 224 in addition to their normal drops.
  • No PvE repeatable has been added with 4.0. However, the team is looking at possibly adding this in the future.
  • This was answered to an extent in the Crafting changes blog. We have a list of all of the materials being removed in that blog, they will be collapsed into the relevant material of the same grade.
  • I explained a bit about this on the livestream. We have some press folks who are doing reporting on Alliance, and IIRC they are releasing their coverage on Early Access launch day, the 20th. Our plan is to match that with our own blog on Alliance around the same time.
  • I realize your post is a few days old, but Thexan’s armor is now live on the CM
  • No plans that I know of to make this optional.
  • Older Crafting patterns that were impacted by the Mastery changes, or shared duplicate purpose, have been removed. Older Crafting patterns that still had a cosmetic appearance, have been moved to an Archive section. This is also affected by the other changes noted in the Crafting blog (such as changes to who crafts what)
  • There are no plans to auto-grant the kill Achievements. However, we do realize that this could mean some players will lose Achievement points in 4.0 (or gain them, if they already have the kill Achievements)

Hopefully that covers your questions!

WTB Musco! Rest of promised BLOGS??? | 10.15.2015, 12:20 PM

Originally Posted by FerkWork

Eric, can you clarify 2 things for me if possible.
So does that mean only the last boss of the instance will be buffed and drop a 224 or will all bosses in instance receive such buff and drop a 224 instead of 220. Second, will the drop be the equivalent of the respective HM (I.E. Revan HM buffed drops a 224 MH) or is it random?

Sure thing!
Each boss will drop 224, not just the final boss. Also, each boss is assigned a specific piece, it is not random.

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I would like to know if there will be some class characters returning from the story. The ones that you could either spare or kill, like Darth Baras. I would like to hear an update about his vacation on the desolate planet lel

That would be pretty sweet if some of those characters we spared or parted with made a return. A returning to sanity Jaxo or a bumbling Thana coming out of the blue would make me happy.

Of that Sith lord that pledged allegiance to the Warrior on Nar Shaddaa if you spared him and didn’t make any impact on the story whatsoever.

I’d be very surprised. Choices didn’t matter back then so it would depend on if they kept the response to those choices or not. My guess is they didn’t or didn’t consistently.

I’m still sceptical about choices matter in in kotfe.

The chap 1 livestream showed us upto the moment where you can choice to kneel to valkorian or to refuse to kneel. I highly doubt kneeling to him will actually last long. After all the game would need to different paths from this expansion to the games end if you could actually kneel and it bw meaningful. Blantently kneeling won’t last long storywise

There were some datamined recordings on youtube that explain the severity of the choice to kneel not to kneel. You are right, it does not realy matter xD

I agree with this, ultimately my main point was that I know they didn’t matter before, even IF they do now the possibility that they will work in anyway retroactively is absurdly preposterous.

As far as them meaning something this time I’m not holding my breath. They said this at launch and it wasn’t true. Fool me once…

I’m here to tell you that that is our standard operating procedure here at EAWARE. We only tackle the really easy questions, and even then, we make sure they that they have softball answers so that we don’t have to answer questions about features that fundamentally change the entire game.

I’m dying to know about companions. A list of all available companions, old and new, would be wonderful, but I understand that’d be too much a spoiler. Still…

you’ll keep all your old companions but some will become locked out of story depending on your actions

I’m aware of that. However, to my knowledge they haven’t clarified if you can recruit companions that were previously restricted to other classes, etc. And some companions won’t be available, they will just play minor parts in the story. As I stated, a list would be nice.

If you’re a loyal customer that has subscribed to the game and got early access, then we’re not going to tell you everything, you just have to figure it out for yourselves on the day. For all the free scrubs and non-players, we’ll tell you everything, once it becomes public knowledge anyways.

Way to go BioWare.

So what if you have to figure it out by yourself? Do you want everything spelled out for you? Part of the fun of a new expac is finding out things as you go.

I mean I would like to know about the drops(mounts/decos) from older FPs/OPs. Will those items go away with 4.0? Do I need to farm FPs over the weekend to make sure I get that mount/deco that maybe going away?

Hurray level sync! Hurray for the devs for not bending to people fighting against it. I can only think of 3 reason people would be strongly against this:
– People grinding credits on low level enemies/trolling for loot crates
– People who want to gank lowbies
– People who don’t want any challenge in the game or just like feeling god-like by 1 hit killing

None of those are good reason. Maybe I’m missing something, feel free to share if there’s a good reason.

Looking forward to this feature.

There was no chance of them bending, or even considering an alternative, like the absurd notion of making it “optional”. A change of this magnitude would have been vetted internally at great length, and the work required to make it happen had to have started months ago. They would not have announced it if they weren’t already committed to it. A few hundred angry forum trolls are not even a drop in the bucket compared to the entirety of the player base, so there was never any chance they’d reconsider.

Oh yes, very absurd. Giving players the freedom to choose if they want to get aggro on every group of trash in the game. Just absurd…

This is just BW being lazy again and not giving a fuck about how people like to play the game, while trying to cater to casuals. Making everyone weaker in a half-arsed attempt to force grouping for content that’s as old as the game itself. Not to mention how this’ll fuck things up for RPers. Those slugs in the tombs don’t care if you’re a level 65 Darth now!

I’m genuinely dreading level sync. It’s this kind of shit that makes people leave the game -_-

It is not even a little difficult to avoid trash mobs of any level lower than yourself, so that is an irrelevant argument. Likewise, RPers are not going to be bothered by trash mobs, unless they choose to park themselves exactly on a mob spawn point. And even if they do, it’s the work of a few seconds to kill said mobs. And “catering to casuals” is not even an argument, I don’t even know what you’d call that. The goal is to make the game accessible and interesting to the largest possible population of players. Take a look at WildStar to see how well “catering to the hardcore” worked out.

The developers care a great deal about how people like to game, they just don’t care how you, specifically, want to play. Like I said, a few hundred, or a few thousand, people complaining are nothing compared to the entire player base. They didn’t just make this up on the fly and throw it in over a weekend. This is the result of years of metrics and internal discussions. You’ll either adapt to it, or you’ll leave.

The devs care? lol. Suppose that’s a good indicator that I’m going to be wasting my time, but here goes;

Everyone aggros trash. I’ve aggrod stuff 4 or 5 levels lower than me while moving through an area and have been dismounted easily. They can’t always be avoided. So no, the argument isn’t irrelevant. That extends to RP; RPing anywhere near enemy spawns is now going to be largely impossible, and those ‘few seconds to kill’ are a significant irritant to a community that’s been shafted since day one.

Catering to casuals IS an argument as well. The casuals are here one minute, gone the next. But rather than add things people have been asking for since launch because the devs don’t want to add it they cater to people with a short attention span. That’s not ‘catering to the hardcore’.

And sorry the end part of your post is just total shite. Metrics? With half of the shit BW’s done, it’s pretty clear they’ve not really got much of an idea of what people actually want. People who do heroics now will have to group for them after the expac, and thus probably won’t bother, and those that don’t do heroics will likely do them for a few weeks then go back to not touching them unless they make the rewards worthwhile, in which case it’s STILL grinding ancient content. Nobody wins.

And like it or leave? Really? You’re one of those, huh? Suppose it explains why the rest of your post was the usual in-BW-we-trust drivel. If there’s one dev team I don’t trust, it’s the one milking the SW IP at BW.

This is extending the life of long-dead content to give the false impression that there’s more to this expansion than there really is. Simple as that.

I didn’t tell you to like it or leave it. I’m just saying those are your options. I sincerely don’t care whether you play or don’t. Either you’ll adapt, or you’ll leave, that’s all there is to it.

If you think they made a change of this magnitude without researching it, it just shows the depth of your naivete, or of your blind hatred for Bioware.

But really, none of this matters: it’s a done deal, I’m getting everything I’ve wanted from SWTOR from the beginning, and you’re getting, apparently, nothing. So rant away, it will yield exactly the results it has gained you so far. I’ll be having the best time I’ve ever had in a game I like. 🙂

As one who RPs all over the bloody place, I don’t see this effecting my RP. I’ve RP’d all over Yavin, Tython, Nar Shaddaa, Voss. And honestly, having to hit a mob twice instead of once? Merp. RP is not an arguement against level sync, on some levels it even facilitates it. (replied here as it is currently the end of this back and forth, not taking sides, I know some people are nervous about level sync, but RP will be fine with or without.)

If you are level synched to the mobs, than it will be a challange to keep them off you.

Mind, only a few select chosen people rp on these planets.

99% of people rp on fleet ships, strongholds and Vaiken/Carrick station, so my rp is safe from the level-synch.

If it were not, I would be mad.

I am going to be 7 levels higher than the mobs, with lvl 65 talents and abilities, and on average, even after syncing, and considering I am in purple gear, and most people level in blue, twinked out to boot. I’m gonna be ok.

“And like it or leave? Really? You’re one of those, huh?’

Uh, you guys are the ones who’ve been promising to quit ever since level sync was announced. We’re just reminding you where the door is.

I seriously don’t get why you continue to play a game that is so bad, and bother to post on a forum about said game. Why are you here, what is the point of your ranting? And before you say “I have the right to say whatever I want, wherever I want.” Let me say I have the right to ask such questions. So what if BW is milking the SW IP they bought the right to do so. I’m also a “like it or leave it” No one is forcing you to pay for this game, or to play it. Go away, the game will be better off without toxic people like you.

You’re like a watered down troll, y’know?

Never said the game was bad. I like the game, overall, but the devs keep making shitty decisions again and again. Reading is hard, I know.

As for your last ‘point’, all games, online or offline, will be better off when vocal, cancerous drones like you sod off to preach about how great the devs are on whatever game you leech on next. But I actually give a shit about the game, thus I give my opinion.

Pretty hilarious that YOU called ME toxic, though XD

I have conflicting feelings about your posts, as I tend to agree with some of the stuff you say. Yes, BW is catering to casuals since 3.0 at least, I also think they are showing little respect to long time players like me, but not in the case of level sync.

In case you missed the cast where Musco was soloing a Heroic in DK, he was having little to no trouble killing those mobs. Granted, it’s DK, and those enemies have little else to do than tank and spank. In higher level Heroics things might get different with enemies with more advanced powers, but that remains to be seen.

And yes, I was here a few months ago complaining about no new Ops for over a year, when we were SPECIFICALLY told that would not happen. Add to that the revamping of old stuff (ops for one) and you are pretty much on the mark there…

Expansion is NOT 8 completely different storylines as we were told. It seems it’s the SAME story with different “twists” regarding to class and different dialogue options, but that is far removed from completely different stories like, you know, when we first started playing this game. Different planets, different NPC’s… C’mon, you know what I mean… An for someone with lots of lv 60 toons the “Epicness” of it will be relative ( shall I roll another Knight just to see what its like doing this Dark instead of Light? I don’t think so…)

But, and this is where I go completely off of your comments, Level Sync might just be the saving grace for me! Now I get to actually enjoy playing with my son, instead of doing an alt just to level with him… I get to help Guildies who are stuck doing something and not spoil their experience. Furthermore, I get rewards for those Heroics that are RELEVANT to my level, IF I choose to do them. If not, business as usual.

And no, I don’t lick BW’s balls. I think a lot of things are not the way they should be, and some of the companion stuff is getting me through the roof right now. Linking Conquest stuff with raiders mats is also a VERY BAD IDEA, imo. But really, as Sarigar said, and I have said also, it is a matter of adapting or leaving. And I meant that with no disrespect, as I’m sure Sarigar also did. The last thing I want is people quitting the game, ’cause that is bad for me and for everyone else.

Ok, I’ll say it again: Level-Sync is the most exciting thing coming up for me…

But seriously, can someone please explain to me why so many Endgame players are worried about Level-Sync? What is the big deal? Seeker droids missions? Has anybody done the Rakghoul event? Bounties? When you do a bounty, it SCALES TO YOUR LEVEL! so if you’re level 55 an enchman will be level 55 for you, in an open world! Yes, it can be done! So you’re LAZY because you can’t one-click mobs to death anymore… It’s gonna be time consuming, and yes you won’t be able to solo WB’s anymore… And it doesn’t make sense that you’re the Emperor’s Wrath and a Tuk’ata can hit you on Korriban… Nor does it make sense to do SoR and then go back to Flashpoints where you either kill or free Revan, now does it?

And seriously, I never thought so many Endgamers spent their precious little time running around low level planets… I spend most of my Endgame time on the Fleet, or in my SH, or going on a few Dailies… But hey, I read some guy was upset because the way for him to make money to pay for his raiding was going to Corellia and farming those Heroics… SERIOUSLY??? Another guy was upset because he couldn’t solo Priority Targets anymore… Sorry, 20,000 credits and 30 Comms??? And he goes to these planets, takes the time and patience to kill them WB’s and THEN complains that Level-Sync is gonna be “time consuming”??? wtf… I really have trouble comprehending this, I really do.

I tell you what guys: do not complain about BW being lazy. YOU guys are lazy. I can see it now, you got your asses kicked by Frostclaw in Hoth, and you were just waiting for lv 60 to go back and humiliate him… Well, guess what, he might just fight back from now on… lol…

No, the main reason people hate it is because of achievements.
A lot of them are already REALLY tedious-not hard, even with a toon at the right level.
Doing them at level 60 just means we’re wasting less time pressing the exact same key on the keyboard over and over…

I don’t consider this that different from my first bullet. Ultimately it’s people upset because the difficulty of certain things can’t be circumvented anymore… boo hoo.

No you’re missing the point. They wouldn’t be so tedious if there was a challenge or you were doing something interesting while you achieved them. Pushing a button with no challenge is tedious, I can agree with that…

Yeah, but whatever level you are, you’re still just mashing a button-it just takes longer with level sync.

Wait a SECOND!

You mean to tell me that all my Companions that I pimped to 10k affection will be for not? I will not have the bonuses and things I have now? I will have to use them to get these bonuses back….Did SKADGE have something to do with this nonsense??

I am confused, oh wait maybe I am not 0_o

I’m kinda hoping the 10k affection will convert to 10k whatever they are calling it now. I believe the cap will be higher so they won’t be capped, but you won’t have to start over either.

I think they said it already does, its just a name swap. We don’t lose affection, just the related achievement points. Otherwise I want my 10000000 ammo belts back.(No I don’t)

I thought so but wasn’t sure, hence the “hope”. I saw a datamined list that said the new cap would be 25000. Of course that is subject to change.

Then I sincerely hope my 100% is transferred instead of my 10k, otherwise its going to be every companion I have saying “Just when I thought I couldn’t like you any more then I did…suddenly I potentially like you so much more!”

Cept Quinn, I’m spacing that guy.

Just picture it, Quinn’s partly exploded, partly imploded boiled and frozen corpse, slowly orbiting in Skadge’s disgusting rotational pull.

Lol That’s why they gave us that blue balls customization of Skadge. He’s floating frozen in space.

Well, my mercenary happens to be just as much of a scumbag as Skadge, so they’re buddies, actually. If I had to stuff someone in the airlock that’d probably be Torian.

If you can’t toss Quinn out an airlock will melt down with all the people rageing about BioFail. As for Skadge I was so board with comps by time I got to him that I spacebarred through his convos. So I don’t know why everyone hates him lol.

I don’t expect they will allow us to perma-kill any companions, no matter how traitorous, rapey, creepy, or boring they are. But a man can dream…

Lol rapey? I must have missed that conversation.
“This is the “lightsaber”you are looking for.”
“This is the “lightsaber” I am looking for.”

Your first encounter with Skadge, and the female NPC he’s threatening, comes perilously close to sexual assault. He also makes a few other PG-13, but still vile, remarks about others later on.

No doubt…If I have to buy 15k of whatever in gifts Ima freak out, or god forbid actually grind out 15k with Skadge, fml haha

Knowing BW you should know they won’t let you kill him because they know you want to.

Nope because they already pissed off the fans with killing Darth Marr what makes you think they wouldn’t let you kill Quinn to piss them off.

Lol, that is not the same thing. The ability to get rid of comps was removed before launch, people have been bitching about that because they have wanted to get rid of him since the beginning. “Killing” Marr has been known for what a month? How did they know fans would react poorly to his death when it was written into the script? They wouldn’t say “Let’s not let them kill Quinn, just because that is they want.” that is the dumbest thing I’ve heard.

Nope because the whole reason they are doing this whole every companion for everyone is because they want to control the story so since Quinn has actual importance to the overall story they won’t let you kill Quinn.

If we’re REALLY lucky, it’ll be Quinn that actually kills Marr.

Because Quinn really doesn’t like other people having names that end in identical double consonants like his does.

Just being a realist as you shouldn’t get your hopes up when you know the outcome will be something you know you will hate.

The bonus stats for max affection like crit and whatever – as well as extra seconds of heroic moment – will stay if that’s what you’re talking about. It’s been confirmed.

Thx BioWare for level sync…. Now I have to farm dailies to earn creds without GTN instead taking an corellia farm, which now is made as daily heroics…

Same. It’s gonna make it a lot easier to play with my low level wife. Yay no more making alts just to level up with her!

And no more wanting to do things on a character you were leveling with a friend, but not doing them for fear of outleveling your partner.

Yeah! Its gonna be fantastic when it backfires and you get curbstomped by low level content because the stats and skills aren’t working properly!! All aboard the Level Sync Hype Train! Woot Woot!

I don’t fear things that haven’t happened, and in all likelihood, will not happen. You should try it, it makes life a lot more enjoyable.

His “persona” is that of an employee that was terminated and now has an axe to grind so he comes here to troll.

I think calling it “low level content” is not accurate anymore, it will be like Skyrim, where mudcrab can kill you if you don’t respect it 😛

Come on, Bioware, why can’t you tell us everything before the xpac comes out?? I don’t want to have to find out through… Ugh… Playing the game… Speaking of which can’t you just play my character through the story and tell me about it afterwards?

You people wine entirely too much.

I’m the sort of person that likes to plan ahead, just how my brain works. 😛 Knowing nothing makes me nervous.

My hobbies are important to me, be it a sequel to a favourite book or changes coming to a favourite game. 🙂

Of course it’s not vital to my existence, but if I only cared about the things that are vital, I’d have a very sad life.

It also makes me nervous when there is so much information about core game functions we still dont know – and that are purposefully keeping from us.

I hope it isnt for some nefarious reason.

I have read all of what little information Bioware has released and watch every single stream ever recorded.

Now that you know this, what is your point?

This is not how your brain works in your whole life. You can train your brain to think and work in different ways, and trust me, the game (and anything, really) will be much more enjoyable to you if you know NOTHING about it.

Since about 4-5 years ago, I have completely stopped watching trailers, promo shoots, spoilers, anything really, about movies I am interested in. Well guess what, I enjoy them much more now. The element of surprise is a very powerful engagement to any kind of material.

Right, but I never said they have to. I said they might be willing to try it. If not, then just go with the flow. We can’t have everything we want. In this particular matter, there are many reasons why not a lot of information is much better than ALL the information of the world.

Nobody here was asking for ”ALL the information in the world”. Many have even agreed that story and lore information should remain a secret, to be discovered when they themselves play it.

And in no way are people the same. I could have the opinion no person should be afraid of spiders, but everyone works differently. We have our own quirks, what makes us tick. We don’t know each other, simple as.

I’m just saying coming into Shadow of Revan last year, we knew more about the xpac than we still do about Fallen Empire.

I agree they should keep a lid on the story until early access & launch. But, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t tell us about gameplay mechanics changed / introduced with the xpac. That’s why I personally am “pessimistic” concerning Fallen Empire.

Agree with this. Game mechanics and core functions should not be kept a secret.

Story and lore wise, yes keep that from our ears.

I was hoping for some info about companions before the update goes live. Ah well, one more week and we’ll all find out I guess.

They already revealed most if not all companion info. What more exactly do you expect that hasn’t been announced already?

Yes they have. The only thing about companions we don’t no if what the limit will be and other than darth Marr lana and koth we don’t know who if any other new companions.

And while most people may hope with changes comes sone form of sgr with older companions that’s unlikely.

And I said MOST not all info had been reveals about comps

I almost doubt they will put a cap on companions, because that would limit the amount of combat companion pets you would buy from them.

Nexu plz. Some kinda wolf too! Salky hounds, akk dogs, screw it why stop there, I want a wampa, a hutt, and omg omg omg my own Gamorrean!

Again, no they have not. I am not going to waste my time making a list of all the things they have not discussed, but it would fall on deaf ears. But suffice to say, the list is not short.

I love how you keep saying “no they have not” and go on to say you know what they havent said but then refuse to list anything, because its a waste of time. Put up or shut up.

No, this is the perfect place for this. It’s not the place for “I know what I’m talking about, but I’m not telling.”

“Put up or shut up.” Is not what is considered appropriate for the comments section here.

LOL OK! let me know how that goes. Because as we all know you have to be nice to everyone on the internet, and not hurt their feelings. I’m such an internet bully I need to go sit in my room and think about what I said. Telling someone to shut up is just so mean.

Okay how about:
1- Am I forced to get my old crew back? Or will I have the option to leave some behind? My Knights never liked Rusk or my Troopers never did anything together with Yuun for example. Do I have to get them back again? I just don’t like them!!
2- Going further, am I able to kill some? I, for one, would really REALLY love to kill Quinn (for betraying me) and Skadge (for being a jerk) for example. And slowly… and painfully. Please???
3- Am I able to get companions from other classes? From other factions even? I’d love to get Gault for my Gunslinger for example. They would be quite the team! In return, my Bounty Hunters can really get along well with Akaavi.
4- How will romance work? My Guardian is married to Kira but he kissed a girl on Makeb when Kira wasen’t looking(!) and flirted a blond Sith on Yavin 4, when Kira was busy with a crafting mission. Will Kira finally find these out? Am I breaking up with her?
5- How will influence effect my companions? Especially during the last 12XP period, I leveled a bunch of toons who now have almost zero influence with any of his/her companions (was busy with leveling, sorry!). Will they not be able to fight now, as I have no influence over them? Am I screwed?!!
6- There are also new companions coming along. Even fighting-only ones. So, what’s the new limit for companions? 10? 15? 50??? And will all of them be visible in my ship? If yes, will there be even room to move in the ship with so many people standing around???!!
I’m sure I have some other questions too but these were the ones that I could think of now.

1, yes you will still have your old crew. Even if one is dead you can still summon him/her. They just won’t appear story wise.

2, doubtful you can just kill a companion but they did say depending on past choices a companion may betray you. Which could possibly mean you may be able to kill one that betrays you although you’ll still have access to him.

3, they have said companions from other classes and faction are obtainable depending on choices you make throughout the story. It’s unknown if all are available or just some and it’s not yet known hiw you will get a certain companion. It all comes down to choices you make from what they have said.

4, romances have changed but to hiw much we don’t know. What we do know is that if you fooled around on your companion she WILL know about it and there will be consequences. What we don’t know is anything about romances other than that so that means either there are no other changes or they not saying it.

5, affection as it is known now changes to influence. You loose achievements but not the influence you have. It could be that low influence affects which companions come back or betray you but that is unknown. However seeing as they have said already that even with a dead companion you can still summon it if u wish it doesn’t really matter.

6, they have nit revealed a companion limit but as naq said it’s doubtful there will be an overall combat companion limit because there will be combat pets for sale on gtn so it makes no sence to cap a money pit. I would imagine only proper companions will appear on the ship or the ones that are alive. Like you said ship would get to crowded otherwise. Or we would need a bigger ship

I’m a bit more curious to see which insta-60’d classes are getting which crafting skills. I realize that most of these are kinda “no duh” pairs, but the things like biochem and cybertech are a bit ambiguous. I’d like to be able to make an insta-60 to get something with max crafting that I dont already have without having to blindly guess 😛

I’m sure if you wait like 10 mins after it goes live it will be posted here. There will be no need to do it blindly

It’s kind already known. In the live stream they showed merchandise install 60 merchandise with armour mech, which will mean trooper will get that aswell I’d imagine agent/smuggler will either get armstech or again armour mech.

I think jks will get synthweaving and consulars possible synth or artifice. Seems most logically to me. I doubt they would give the 2/3 most useful profs to all classes and will only give them ones to help leveling. Cyber bio most useful profs to everyone artifice and arms tech useful to all classes also.

And baring in mind stat changes other than appearance armour profs won’t be that different all craft mastery gear

My speculation for default skills:

Trooper/Bounty Hunter: Armourmech (confirmed)
Smuggler/Agent: Cybertech
Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior: Synthweaving
Consular/Inquisitor: Artifice

Keep in mind that the ”default” crew skills are only if you choose not to select three yourself, instead go for the ”jump in now” option – skipping advanced class and crew skill choices.

Yeah, but only if you select the option that jumps you straight in. You get three level 500 crew skills appropriate to that class. So something like a single crafting one and two gathering ones to support the crafting one with materials.

Otherwise, you can choose Synthweaving, Artifice and Cybertech on a Bounty Hunter… which would be pretty funny!

The point of the original post was that he wants to know what are the crew skills you get with a class that are at max.

No you didn’t. He wants to know what the max crafting skills will be. You did not say what BH/Trooper gets or Knight/Warrior gets, or any of the others.

As long as it fine by the time the rest of us get access to it. They have 7 days of early access to get it right before i start.

this is a form of marketing called “information control”, unlike the Hollywood school of marketing where they want you to know everything (one might say know too much) about their product — the school of information control believes that more sales will result as well as competitor obfuscation. Think about how much of what they say is incomplete or a lie: “free to subscribers!” no, its not free, in fact since there is only one way to but it this might constitute a company store. “early release on the 20th!” no, its not early, that is the day, its the same day for everyone, that is the only day there will not be a later release of anything. I would be surprised if even the date isn’t a deliberate lie, even if it is finished they might hold it back to maximize subscriptions. I am a vociferous critic of information control. i subscribed because of the crew editing possibility but now I feel that I have been tricked.

1. It is free to subscribers. You pay for the subscription, not the rewards.
2. It is an early release on the 20th of October. Free to play players will have access to the material on the 27th of October.

F2P and Pref players will not have access to the material. It’s subscriber only for the chapters of KotFE. The Early Access on the 20th is for the people who have been subscribed for the duration of August 10th through October 19th. The 27th is for subscribers who haven’t been subscribed for all of the reward goals, but are subscribed on the 27th.

If i might make a guess as to why they are deliberately holding back information – is simply to prevent market crashes for things. If you knew ahead of time – and i stress that this is only an example – that the pink Bioanalysis items can no longer be gained from missions and must be sought in the world – the market for them would crash instantly from profiteers snapping them all up in preparation to mass sell them after the update – tripling their money. And ripping everyone off in the process.

Bioware does not want this to happen, so they effectively eliminate with their silence – if you dont know what will happen, you cant really prepare for it.

You won’t be synced down to the planet lvl in those areas. Just like in your classes storyline when you have to go to a low lvl planet at like 45. How stupid do you truly think they are? Do you really think they would make it impossible for you to do content? You will still be able to do those Dreadseed areas at lvl 55, you will be raised back up for that area.

No level sync applies to the whole planet no areas raise you up all the enemies are just lowered to be in that planets level range.

I do not believe that. they dont want people goming in and getting XP for killing the Dreadseed creatures. The western shelf of Ilum will not be lvl 50 it will be lvl 55 maybe 60. class quests that send you back to a planet will not be lowered they will be the lvl that you are at.

Levels =/= difficulty in a modern game.
Loot and XP are scaled up to your actual level, while stats (not abilities/passives, etc.) are scaled down to max planet level.
A low level player still wouldn’t be able to kill the downleveled dreadseed creatures, and it will likely only be worth it for high level players, i.e., the ones that are intended to face dreadseed creatures as part of the seeker droid missions.

Do we know anything about what’s happening with Cartel Market Certificates? I have a stack of 50 of these things and I’m not sure if I should spend them all before the patch or if they’re going away or what? It didn’t sound like they’ll be included in future cartel packs so are they no longer required for reputation vendor purchases? Are they just going away? Are you still going to need them for purchases but can’t get them anymore so now they’re super valuable? Did I miss where this was explained?

I’d hold onto them til after the expansion launches. I’ve got about 50 or so myself, they didn’t say they were removing them, so holding onto them is probably wise for now.

I don’t think they are going away. I have no idea how we will get new ones. They said that items that you could get out of packs (like Ragnos’s armor) will be removed from the vendors because you will be able to get them from the grand armor packs. I took that to mean you will still be able to get things like the Grand Statue of Mandalore.

The other day, when they were talking about changes to the cartel market they threw this out there:
“All 1 credit items from the Cartel Reputation vendors will be removed, but they will still remain available as part of the new Grand Packs.
All items from Cartel Reputation vendors that are not specific to that reputation will be removed. These items are still available in their respective Grand Packs.”
I doesnt say the vendors are going away, just that a few items are being removed. So I think they will still be usable. Unless of course you want one of the things that are going away 😉

They backtracked on that due to the backlash. The one credit items will be gone but I think everything you can buy with certs will stay.

Does anyone know if they are removing old PvP schematics? I have some Battlemaster PvP schematic boxes I haven’t used in my bank. Will they be deleted?

From what i can tell, anything that had an appearance, will go to the ”archive” section of your crew skills. You may still craft them, but likely they will not have any stats – effectively becoming costume only pieces.

I’m just wondering if the actual schematic itself will be deleted. I haven’t learned it yet because I presently don’t have that crafting skill to learn it.

I really doubt the schematic will go away. One thing they kept reiterating over and over were the sentiments, ”we are not taking anything away from you”. Kept repeating that statement many times, so i will assume its true.

So the important question is which op will be broken this time that we can exploit? It took them a month to fix Cortanni and Underlurker HM is still broken. I’ll gladly take free 224 armor and min/max myself.

So unless I missed it previously, still no info about this new “Alliance” feature and what it entails? Why are they holding out on this and waiting til early access to detail it when a majority will be discovering it already by then? Fucking weird.

They have said they will release the info on the DAY of early access. I bet it will be a couple paragraphs… no more.

That’s my point. Why the delay in telling us about this? How will it affect us and in what ways? Just weird they are keeping this one thing under tight wraps above all else.

My guess is it’s not gonna be THAT important in the long run and they don’t want us to find about it before launch. Companions always has been a weird thing for me in SWTOR and I would have much prefered to do without them but sadly it was near impossible.

Maybe they just want to avoid spoiling to much but at this point, I’m not so sure =/

The Alliance system probably contains unavoidable story-related spoilers, which they would not want to reveal ahead of time. We’ll know soon enough.

Try to write it like it is originally written, with K, F and E as capital letters: KotFE. Also “f” has almost no similarities to “z” except maybe you compare the older writing styles of both ^^
Sooo… wth ?^^

So let me get this straight and please correct me if I’m wrong at some point:

We’re getting all Operations as Storymodes from 50-65 with slight buffs for lower players. These would be nine operations.
Can we really run all of them in a week or is there some sort of progression beginning like with Karagga’s Palace and Ending (again) with ToS ?
I don’t know but having nine Operations that will all drop relevant (token?) gear seems kinda like an overkill.
What about Monolith and Golden Fury, do they count as 50-65 Operation bosses as well?

Or is this all just about the Group Finder rather than just farming all nine Operations on SM and be done with it in a matter of weeks? From what it sounds there has to be some kind of snag in terms of drop rate or something. I mean…we’re talking about 46 Boss encounters not counting single OP bosses…

And from what it looks there will be a weekly HM OP now. Well that’s interesting… On top of that HM is also from 50-65? I don’t see this happening anytime soon. LFG will be filled with 65 e+e blabla shouts all the time.

Okay, I digest… the real question would be: Why is there so little information about how the endgame progressing works? I mean in addition to what they said would be endgame relevant we would still have things like Dreadtooth stacked plus Asa bonus boss etc which – following their logic – should be all end game relevant again.

If that would be true I’ll see progression guilds being bored in a matter of months before a new OP is released..

so there is only one boss per week that drops 224 gear ? did i get this right ? what about the loot tables for the 220 “normal” hardmode gear ? does any operation drop any gear ? need more information bioware 🙂

There is one Hard Mode Operation that drops 224 gear and I quote

“Each boss will drop 224, not just the final boss. Also, each boss is assigned a specific piece, it is not random. -eric”

(last part of the OP here)

Loot tables would be interesting to know though..

It waits to be seen how well they are balancing the old raids. Back in 1.0, Soa was a bitch and a half to kill on hm/nim. It wasn’t as hard as hm revan, sure, but it was definitely not a free kill and hm soa was still generally restricted to serious raiding groups. However, they’ve made a -lot- of quality of life improvements on soa since he was relevant (if you’re flung or in mind trap at phase transition it teleports you to safety), not to mention bug fixes (missing platforms anyone?), so it really could go either way depending on what changes they are making with 4.0.

Played since day 1 early access, Killed Soa HM when it was level relevant and buggy. Thank you though, I needed a good talking down too.

LOL for the invisible platforms.
Was the weirdest ever op, hope they’re fixed now.
OR….maybe that’s the new HM mechanic XD….

About time dont know, but the patch could take few GB’s because everything is changing and the new files ofc

Last thing I heard in a stream was 10GB but that would be a bummer for everyone with a decent-only internetc connection. Wonder if they have already replaced a few files during the last few patches. Would be neat but I wouldn’t get my hopes up

Well I would say those waiting for official launch day won’t have to wait long since they already got it loaded in buy yeah big patch

So 224 is this highest level of gear in 4.0? Essentially like for example, Brontes HM dropping a 186 chest instead of 180? Obviously talking in 2.x terms since there wasn’t a NiM tier in 3.x.

When 224 gear drops from weekly HM operations there are still a few nightmare modes, aren’t there? Only Eternity Vault and Karaggas Palace are losing their NiM mode. So far I haven’t heard of any other NiMs getting removed.
Maybe there’s something around 228/230 in there? Guess we’ll have to wait for more information..

We did? Oh, sorry I must have missed that. I thought I’ve read all official statements though. Was it mined or was it indeed official and I just missed it?

No I think they said HMs drop 220s but the last boss will drop a 224, but I wasn’t exactly sure if that’s the highest. They can only have so many tiers but with all the ops with the same baseline level of 65 it’ll be easier than it was earlier since they have all 9 ops starting at 65, all 9 have HM, and 5 have NiM. I can wait a couple days till full patch notes, I guess.

HM’s will drop 220. The single weekly-highlighted HM will drop 224 during that week. All NiM drops should be 224.

Thus, HM groups will be able to consistently farm 220, but get a few pieces of 224 per week as a bonus. NiM groups will be able to consistently farm 224. That is why they removed KP/EV NiM, as they were identical to HM and would have just been an easy and perpetual way for non-NiM groups to farm 224 gear without being gated by the weekly highlighted-op.

So each week it will be a different op? Many progression teams only can run once a week, it’ll be tough to get everyone 224 gear.

224 is NiM gear. The high priority HM is a NiM buff added so that the bonus weekly HM will drop 220 and 224 gear. Also if any title associated with a NiM ops and gear and what not can be earned during the weely HM mode. Example High priority HM DP cleared in one hour will earn you the dread master title. The HM priority S&V titan six will drop 220,224 and a chance to drop the speeder /mount as if it would have in NiM

wow guys….
The nightmare raids still drop 224, it’s just that one hard mode every week will drop 224 (aka buffed to nightmare loot)
For some reason this is a hard concept….

Yeah the high priority HM drop nightmare equivalent NiM BiS.

Also example High priority HM DF Brontes kill would also drop the Wings of architect and titles since its being associated with NiM mode.

Has any word been given on what the insta-60’s can do in old story content?

It’s clear that they won’t have access to do those stories. But If I take my guy/gal to Ziost will it be ash for me to do dailies? Will I have access to the Yavin dailies like I would had the content been completed?

Maybe there will be a new daily area on Zarkuul!

Just my speculation, but I believe it’s pretty accurate: all daily and heroic missions will be available, as well as planet story missions (if any). The only stuff that will be locked out are character class missions. In effect, all pre-expansion planets will be as if you finished the stories there, and you’re returning for daily/heroics.

level sync suck it should be on pvp server or should turn on automatically if you flag up to avoid player farming player but for pve server its stupid wtf I work my ass of to get top gear and won’t be able to use them if you sync me when I go on lower lvl planet … I’ m not going to go on a lowbie killing spree as I like so many other don’t pvp and you at EA/bioware seem to forget about us , you nerf all when pvp cry and now this … oh and by the way I know pvper are gonna bitch about my post and IDC

They stated you would be able to use your current gear and keep your skills. You will also gain experience equivalent to what you would get for your real level. The only real issue with this is when at level 40 your sent back to starter planet for part of your class quest and are level 18 trying to do that quest.

Your You are sent back to lower planets you enter a cave which is an instance so you would be scaled back to the appropriate level

but the seeker droid/macro areas aren’t always demarcated. case in point, at taris you scan in the imp landing area, which usually generates a mob, how’s that going to work? what’s going to happen with bounties? are all bounties/kingpins now going to be always at planet level?

havent done bounty much but the higher level ones are planet level range right? if so then nothing really changes? could be wrong but guess we will know in 2 days since we while experience lv sync once early access come.

the missions start at the home world of either faction and almost all of them are lower level planets than the missions, with ilum being the only planet that is close. by the same token, those who haven’t gotten their hk-51 will find it completely not worth the trouble as the searches would take even longer in between fighting mobs (yes, i know that there is a new hk coming but some people, new subs perhaps, may want to get the old hk). all just because some people don’t have a low enough level toon to run with their buddy? meh.

What is with the high-level areas on low-level planets? Like the corrupted area at Taris. Taris is for 16-20, so you are sync to 20, right? Let’s say, I’m doing the Seekerdroid-Quest. There are enemy at lvl 51 to 54, right? Will they onehit me or get we a “desync” in this areas. I think nearly every planet has such an area. Is there ever posted something about these?
Greetings from Germany

I heared this in other games. The complaint is always the same and in the end noone will really care about it. It’s all about a minority wanting to be insanely OP in certain areas… and that’s all.

Your gear you “work hard for” will still be relevant in like all the end content. On lower planets you will still have your set bonuses, seven utility points, all passives and actives to level 64 and such all the procs and all the buffs.
Compare this to a regular lowie and tell me you’re not OP…

This will only be relevant for heroics and most of them will be soloable anyways. They’re all H2+ and so far one could solo almost any of those at level with a companion. So who cares.

I doubt anyone of us will revisit low level planets on a regular bases anyways.

then explain how bounties and the seeker droid/macro missions will work? both require you to visit lower level planets but the missions are at player level (seeker/macro missions are lvl52). it’s not about “being insanely OP” because most max level players are only on lowbie planets in search of datacrons or achievements, and aren’t looking to farm xp (obviously), loot or creds.

two ways:
1. They lower the level of the mobs to that of the planet.
2. The disengage the level sync in the questing areas.

duh…but neither one of those “solutions” works. why lower the level of a mob/bounty if i’m doing a level 52 mission? that’s silly. and if you noticed my previous comment, there are some instances, particularly for the macrobinocular and bounties, there is no area of demarcation.

Again, why would it make a difference? Those quests are granted around Lvl 55 so it wouldn’t matter if e.g. the dread mobs would be at the level of the planet.

Leveling lowies wouldn’t profit from killing them and you as the one with the quest would get your experience scaled to your real level no mattet the level of the mobs.

Bounties and most parts of the macro missions are spawned mobs – no roaming ones. So spawning them at your real level would be possible but why would you want them to? Again, you’ll get your XP anyways. No matter if you kill a lvl 18 mob because you’re scaled down as well, or if you kill a 52 mob and you’re 55.

I don’t see thr real harm in that. Only change is that you won’t cut through anything as if it were butter anymore. And that’s far away from being terrible.

“you’ll get your XP anyways” tells me you don’t understand what i’m talking about so i’ll let it drop. happy sunday and enjoy 4.o

Well it was just some kinda sidenote not particularly adressed to you..
Then again this wasn’t really the only thing I said, was it?

let me start at the beginning…the outcry about level sync is generally from two camps of players, those who love the “godmode” feeling, and the rest of us who, from time to time, visit lower level planets for achievements and/or missions. we’ve spent the time (and in many cases, money) leveling our toons to max (or near) level. when i go hunting for hk parts on taris, which is tedious enough as it is, i don’t want to have to fight continuously between searches because i’m now at the same level as the mobs that used to ignore me when i searched for hk parts when i was level 50. i have no need for the minuscule amount of xp or whatever loot they drop, i just want to find the part and move on from a planet i’ve already spent plenty of time on. same thing with the bounties on whatever planet. these are instances in which the mission is not in a demarcated area, but out in the open and surrounded by random, planet-level mobs. so the solution is to nerf the bounty/kingpin or the mission itself…all because people who want to revisit planets or help lowbies don’t re-roll or create/keep lowbie toons for that specific purpose.

Oh, you obviously didn’t understand that the rewards are also scaled to your actual level.

As a completionist who currently spends most of his time one-shotting flutterplumes and such on low-level planets to get the ridiculous “kill 5000 of everything” achievements, I am thoroughly pleased to see level-sync being implemented. For the price of maybe one more auto-attack per thrash mob, i’ll actually get proper xp and loot rewards for my trouble.

Same thing with story missions, now getting the toon you max-leveled with GSF through the actual story missions won’t feel financially wasteful credits-wise, and the huge abilities/passives advantage will still let you power through everything extremely fast.

As it turns out, achievement runs will actually be worth doing now.

And to clarify further, “scaled to your actual level” means that the rewards you get from mobs on a planet are scaled UP to your “real” level while your stats are scaled down to the planet’s level. After all, it’s the only way it can make sense : rewards are proportionate to the challenge, not the level number.

Why is that silly? You have to be level 52 to pick the mission up. What difference does it make if you get synced down to level 30?

Bounty missions would be at-scaled-level, they are not roaming mobs so I don’t see the difficulty.
As for macros they are also somewhat scripted mobs that could easily spawn scaled.
Seeker areas could be redesigned as phases or are just scaled down to planet level.
You can’t get the quests for those before 55 or so. So it wouldn’t really matter if those adds would be at the planets level. Or would it?

this allows people to level with friends no matter the level difference and is a good idea and don’t see the problem with it

You’ll still be trashing the content you’re overleveled/overgeared for anyway. You just might have to press more than one button to do it. Not the end of the world.

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