GW2 New Legendaries and Action Camera Mode Livestream Notes

GW2 Guild Chat livestream notes featuring the new legendaries, pro league, guild halls and action camera mode.[toc]


Pro Leagues

  • Foundation laid over 3 years ago.
  • Esports has encouraged PvP participation. PvP is the fastest growing segment in GW2 right now.
  • Pro League will be 7 week season in which 8 teams from each region will be competing for 200k USD. At end of season 2 there will be a world championshp event.
  • Rules will be strict since there is so much money involved – No troll player/guild names (i.e. When Our Lips Touch)
  • Top teams in Guild challenger league (guild team leaderboards) will have a shot at part of the pro league by facing teams at bottom of the pro league
  • Age requirement lowered to 16, country restriction removed (Brazil for example is one of the fastest growing population segment by country).
  • Balance patch 2 weeks before pro league and pvp league season starts. New runes, sigils, and stat combos will be added with balance patches.
  • Week 1 of Pro League will start on Nov 23 (this will not coincide with the start of the PvP leagues). Qualifier will start on Nov 14-16. o

New Legendaries

  • Axe – theme is celestial bodies. The themed collections will start with ancient astronomy and ancient races such as the ancient jotun who were first involved. The final collection will have you build a tool to do do star charting around Tyria.


  • HOPE – Pistol. You start off apprenticing yourself to a Hylek alchemist and learning the basics of Hylek alchemy. You will be looking at Asuran technologies as well and fuse the Hylek and Asuran technologies in the final collection. The footfall colors change between red and blue.
    • Twice Told Legend achievement is only obtainable with set 1 legendaries and not obtainable with set 2 legendaries. They are working on a way for people to unlock a recipe to craft a naked legendary that allow you to select stats.


  • Staff – Nevermore. Someone in Arenanet loved the staff so much they set it as a test item and it showed up on some builds. The story behind is taking a spirit and Raven and melding them together. In the beginning you have to prove you a friend of nature and protect it around the world. In collection 3 you are chasing down this raven spirit around the world by creating spyclass that allow you to see the raven around the world. In collection 4 are taming your spirit, showing it your power and showing it how things from the mist can live in the corporal world. You are also getting a raven egg, bless it and treating it. Once the raven hatches you teach it how to fly and meld it with the spirit.


  • Axe and Pistol legendaries were made because their artists were really motivated and wanted it in the game so they worked hard on it. The staff was a running gag of the most common rare drop Raven Staff in GW1
  • No more underwater legendary weapons.
  • Gift of Fortune/Gift of Exploration not being used in new legendaries. Gift of Exploration is for map completion in Central Tyria and not required for new legendaries which require only world complete in the new HoT zones. After HoT ships, we will be add a salvage table for Gift of Fortune so you can salvage the parts and get back all the components you can put in the new Mystic of Fortune.

Other Sneak peaks

  • Tempest specialization shoulders


  • Nevermore on necromancer with new HoT armor.


  • Nightfury – New bat themed ascended shoulders for Halloween. You have to grind for it.


  • Final collection items for Moot precursor. The previous screenshot showed had some placeholder icons that showed some expensive items that are not being used.


Action Camera Mode

  • Action camera mode – you get a crosshair on your screen and can move around like in a third person shooter game. You aim at your target and your crosshair changes from a simple dot to a regular crosshair as you get closer to your target. You are using left click to hit your #1 skill now as you don’t use left click to move around anymore.


  • New targeting circle under mobs letting you know which target you have locked in the action camera mode on that your skills will hit. Right mouse click will lock you to a target.


  • Autotargeting in action camera mode will be based on mouseover. You can turn off autotargeting so it plays like Skyrim where it is more aimed. You can turn into first person mode to with autotargeting off and action camera for a more authentic Skyrim experience.
  • Horizontal and Vertical offset are now available to shift the camera for a more third person shooter mode or over the top camera for better aiming.
  • Ground targeted skills go where your cursor/crosshair goes. If you turn on instant ground targeting with action camera mode, you can basically hold down left mouse button and spam your autoattack without having to put down a ground target circle. This will help some classes like Engineer. Furthermore, there is a new option called snap ground target to current target that will help you land your necro staff wells for example. There is even a keybind that will toggle this option on and off so you can enable or disable this option without having to go to the options.


  • There is another option called Allow Skill Retargeting in so you can use to change your targets in the middle of a channeled skill like Ranger’s Longbow Barrage.

Guild Halls

  • Arena in Gilded Hollow has better sightlines for GvG. It has a big flat open space. It also has markers on the floor that let you get an idea of how much space you are using. Lost Precipice arena is more of a Greco-Roman design with a gladiator arena feel. They are similar in size.


  • Guild Halls can be upgraded to have nodes you can gather to get a chance for the materials required to craft the new guild hall weapons/armors.
  • Gilded Hollow has a secret tunnel behind a waterfall with a sunken pirates ship you can enter. Past the ship are nook and crannies that you can decorate as your own private rooms etc.



  • Lost Precipice has an airship that people can hang out in once the market has finished construction.


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102 replies on “GW2 New Legendaries and Action Camera Mode Livestream Notes”

woa projectiles in raven shape, how cool is that. For melee staff users, it is kinda like hitting enemy with a broomstick.

Lore-wise, it’s not being fused to the staff, it’s being prepared as a vessel to be occupied by a raven spirit from the Mists. The staff, presumably, is a focus that anchors the raven spirit to the real world. The raven perched on the staff is more like a constant companion that sits on the staff when it’s resting, it’s not meant to be a physical part of the staff.

HOPE: The pistol for people wishing to prove they can accomplish roughly 2/5th of what Scarlet did. Hell yeah -.-

I’m looking forward to the expansion and I pre-purchased the thing but the wording this company uses to express it’s achievements makes me cringe. “Axe and Pistol legendaries were made because their artists were really motivated and wanted it in the game so they worked hard on it.” You’ve been planning the new legendary stuff for 3 years and it only made it in because the artists worked hard? Is hard work not standard at Anet? Why this wording exactly -.-

Axe and Pistol got in FIRST because of some form of inspiration for the artists. What is fresh in their mind and wanted to create first. The others will be coming sometime after and we can’t really say how much work will have gone into them until we see them.

I don’t quite get the direction of your point. Are you saying that if the axe and pistol artists hadn’t been so inspired then only the raven staff would have been released?

Plus while the new legendries look good, I think you overestimating how much effort goes into producing them. The precursor system would have taken ages to code but giving an axe the same trail effect as twilight with the mesh of zodiac armor/celestial form isn’t a monumental feat. Heck, pics of the raven staff have been circulating for about 2 years.

The schedule has nothing to do with the ideas being “fresh in their minds”. The axe, pistol and staff legendries are being released first because the existing axe, pistol and staff legendries are “joke” legendries – shooting confetti and featuring disco balls.

3 legendaries were promised on launch with the rest of them being released regularly. We would still have 3 no matter what these just happen to be the ones they finished first.

The raven staff was in the code as a model but they never made it into anything until somewhat recently for the legendary with all of its effects.

If they were to release it based on what the first set was the focus would be it 100%.

They are commenting more on the theme of the those 2 got put in because the artists responsible apparently were really passionate about seeing those designs get in game that they argued for them relentlessly. I would imagine there were several concepts put forward and might have won our if not for the artists presenting reason after reason these two should be in this set.

As for why staff axe and pistol. After launch every class has access to staff except warrior and engi who can use axe and pistol respectively. These 3 weapon types garuntee every class has a starting option even if they don’t use that weapon for the character.

And they have stayed it takes them roughly a week to make each collection for each legendary. So 4 collections for each legend means a month for each. They also had to make the 3 precursor collections for all the existing this time which means the new legends collections are still being finalized

More like, they were inspired with the direction of axe and pistol, so those are the ones that got finished first. Creativity doesn’t really come on demand, thus we got the weapons that were the most fleshed out and had the most momentum to make it in for launch.

Sometime around when they did the camera overhaul they made it so all projectiles fire slightly angled up from the direction the camera is aiming instead of straight out. Your character doesn’t get in the way of fine aiming as much that way. A bit of practice with a longbow and no autotargeting and you’ll get used to it.

it’s not that, when you shoot the blaster it auto targets a mob and shoots that mob. there’s a way to turn it off iirc but you have to do it each time, birthday blaster should not auto lock onto mobs.

Joel accidently showed inventory on stream… so if anyone is interested. We can see ascended champ bags and few more items.

Sadly no … “we will be releasing new legendary weapons in small groups at regular
intervals until the full set of sixteen has been added to the game.
Collections for the existing legendary weapons will be available on
launch day, while the first three new legendaries will become available
shortly after launch, alongside raids.”

The three above will be available at launch, the first set. The rest of the 16 will be released in small groups at regular intervals. So we can start on ’em immediately.

no oscar is right they said the first 3 of the new set will be coming with raids so not at launch. all the set 1 precursor collections will be there at launch though.

I don’t use a staff much, but that staff is so cool, and thematically so appealing, that I might have to make a new Norn elementalist just to wield that staff. 🙂

Love the axe. but i’m not a axe-person, so i’ll never use it. I don’t like H.O.P.E. that much, but its a huge improvement over the other legendary pistol in every way imaginable. Nevermore… its a worthy enough legendary, but i feel like they should have done more with their legendary staff. Maybe something fire-ish.

The Predator, Volt, Bifrost and Frostfang aside, the first set of legendary set a low bar. Lets hope these new set is beter.

“i feel like they should have done more with their legendary staff. Maybe something fire-ish.”

oh gods no.

There’s already too much fire themed gear in the game. Nevermore is a well thought out item with some awesome bling-factor. If I have one negative comment about it though, it’s too bad that melee staff users won’t get to be able to use the cool spirit raven projectile.

Nevermore’s not to my taste either, but I agree that it’s better to have diverse options. My only complaint is that Nevermore looks “fragile”. Like, can you imagine swinging that spiky, skinny branch directly at foes on a Revenant or Daredevil? Looks like it’d just snap into splinters if you tried using it as a melee weapon. It works much better for pure casting classes.

Tastes are subjective. Just as I don’t like frostfang, minstrel, incinerator, predator, quip, etc. I do like Nevermore aesthetically – it’s more subtle (as many have requested) yet still has the host of legendary features. The twigs might be a problem, however the core of the branch looks just about as thick as any other staff – and one can suspend disbelief in that it’s a legendary. 🙂

I think the pistol, HOPE, is a huge improvement, and I am in love with the new axe. I also like that the legendary effects crawl up the wielding arm.

Will Action Camera Mode be introduced at HoT launch? I’m afraid I didn’t catch it being mentioned in the stream, if it actualy was.

i love the axe, i was planning to do frostfang as my second legendary but since they first showed the new axe i have been thinking i want that instead

Forgot to say previously, PvP may be growing so much because its the most efficient way to collect dungeon gear/ do dailies. Its about all I do anymore because it lets me progress with my collections without having to play more then 20 minutes a day.

They’ve previously hinted that you have to feast/drink/celebrate, and dance, with world leaders. I’m fairly certain they just used different dance icons pertaining to the world leaders.

So a new camera/control system that will make the game play more like Tera Online/Skyrim? Seems very exciting and gives a new way to play GW2 all around.

Can’t wait to try it out.

I wonder if this new system makes playing with a game controller viable.

will pre cursors from collections tradeable or are they accountbound? really would like to know because if I can’t sell them on the tp I won’t buy a precursor for my first legendary now.

thanks. then I’ll just hold onto the gold from the found precursor. seems kinda wasted to buy one now if I can start a collection next week. or maybe I’ll buy a one handed for for twice-told legend achievement.

or TERA, which came out before GW2… also a modder made action camera like 2 years ago, but apparently some people got banned for using it… hail Anet and their innovative ideas and creativity

Lies and slander. Nobody got banned for using the action camera mod. Hell popular GW2 steamer (and hosted before live streams more than once) Wooden Potatoes uses it to this day.

Jonathan Hornsby is correct. I’ve been using the original combat mode script and the immersive combat mode mod for years.

When you turn off the UI changes the latter can apply, there’s nothing it does that violates the no-macros rules.

Further, Wooden Potatoes has been running the mod with full UI changes _on his YouTube videos_, and he has not been banned, either.

good, but either way Anet is claiming credit (and indirectly, profit) for something someone else made for the game before they did

Okay first off this isn’t the mod; they made this themselves. It does some of the same things, but it is an original creation. Second, hate to break it to you, but that mod isn’t the first time anybody came up with the idea of action combat for GW2. Hell I came up with that idea back in the pre-release betas, just lacked the technical skill to make it happen. So it is entirely possible that this one dev, the guy that made the mod, me, and about a thousand other people who brought it up on the guru forums back before the official forums ever existed all came up with this idea independently. You want to find the source of action combat and you’re going to have to go through literally decades of game industry development.

lmao fanboy army alert. Jonathan Hornsby you dont really understand how “crediting” works do you? Just because you have an idea it means nothing until you actually make something tangible out of it.

Raztor good to see more keyboard warriors like yourself playing gw2. you must be part of the new generation of children joining the game. i don’t care what they said to cover up their blatant copy of something that wasnt theirs – immersive combat mod was something someone else made for the game, anet did not credit them for having made it for gw2 (saying something vaguely along the lines of ‘we do not support this third party software’ which ultimately punished the mod creators)

lmao WHY do you CAPITALIZE so MANY UNNECESSARY WORDS? it makes you seem SO EDGY. SO. EDGY!!!!!!!!!!

rest of you dont seem to understand what “apparently” means. implies rumours/uncertainty

“Anet is claiming credit” – wtf? You being serious right now? One of the FIRST things you hear one the livestream announcement is how the developers are AWARE of how OTHER games have done this in the past, and simply decided to incorporate it. Also, you should read the Action Camera blog post that came out recenly where, again, they state a multitude of other games have done it, and decided GW2 should take a step forward to incorporate it. WHERE, WHEN, did they EVER, CLAIM CREDIT??? Seriously, get a friggin’ dictionary and look up the meaning for “Claim” and “Credit”.

I use the action camera mod and I never got banned, but is good to finally have the official one, because the mod is not 100% good, sometimes it bugs and is kinda annoying when that happen.

I think he meant MMOs like Neverwinter Online and TERA for example, not only ESO. It was really sad to see that GW2 don’t have one.

This used to be a thing in gw2 about 2 years ago … it was mod created by some guy in Autohotkey (if you dont know what it is google it 🙂 ) and they said that it gives advantage or shit and baned him i think .. at least forbid using that mod :/ which was sad 🙁

I’ve used similar one called ICM for over a year now. Works actually like the new mode Anet prepared 🙂 That’s why I can’t wait to play and see their approach. Anet never said ICM is forbidden, but it has its flaws. I’m happy action mode will finally be official.

Finally the action camera mode, I don’t need to use the mod any more *-* The mod that I use sometimes it bugs. But now we finally have the action camera mode and I can use my left and right click for skills aleluia.

The legendaries and the shoulder piece look pretty cool, however the new armor is just boring and bland and unoriginal and if it is one of the two alleged armor sets I am extremely disappointed. We already have like 4-5 similar sets.

Technically there are more than two. The quote was two from the open world. That means that we still the legendary set, and both guild sets to look forward to. Plus it was confirmed on the forums that the mistward (revenant) armor is a collection reward, so depending on if that counts as open world or not we could be looking at six armor sets, maybe more. And on top of that there are already said to be dozens of armor pieces not included in the sets, such as gloves and shoulders and chest plates. Even if you count the specialization stuff among those, there are still more than fifty skins left unknown in addition to the armor sets.

They look better than most of the existing legendaries, but I think there are much nicer skins in the game and they don’t require horrendous grinds.

I agree completely. If I am going to grind my soul off I want something badass, not a joke item. Good job Rubi on calling out the ridiculousness that is Quip. I am pretty sure Linsey didn’t appreciate that but I am glad Rubi brought it up.

Yeah, a lot of look them extremely silly to me but I think it’s less them being a joke than it is them being tailored for the Asian market whose tastes are more flamboyant.

ok … if i get it right you wont need gift of fortune only for new legendaries ? or all of legendaries crafted after 23rd ? 🙂 because last 3 weeks i spent grinding t6 mats and ectos for that one :/ hope i wont need it so i can sell it and buy some sweetass halloween costum 😀

You won’t need the gift of fortune for the “NEW” Heart of Thorns only legendaries, ie the second set of legendaries.

Axe and Pistol legendaries were made because their artists were really motivated and wanted it in the game so they worked hard on it. << lolol aka they crtl+c from twilight and bolt and ctrl+v onto an axe and pistol

Yeah, these effects are a big let down for me. They were cool 3 years ago, I was hoping they would come up with something new and original by now. They probably spent a lot of time on the details which is a waste since they can only be seen during a weapon preview and no one can see them during play.

What they mean with “working on a way for people to unlock a recipe to craft a naked legendary that allow you to select stats.”???

they are creating a skinless [or probably a basic skin like the ones that you start with] legendary weapon so you can use it only for the ascended stats and selectable stats like a normal legendary.

this will work for the twice told legend title AND for dual wielding [after reskin, of course] if you crafted stuff like incinerator, frostfang, bolt, moot and quip, it was always a problem to have only selectable stats on one of the 2 hands when you can do it without problems with 2handed weaps.

I haven’t watched the stream, but your notes say “no more underwater legendary weapons”. Was that qualified at all with a statement like “for now”? If not does this truly mean underwater exploration is dead and we’ll never get underwater zones? That would be disappointing as despite its imbalance and skill/trait lock out issues, GW 2 actually made their underwater combat more interesting than the usual MMO.

Tbh, I think they just mean “for now” although on the livestream they simply stated “no more(…)”. Thing is, given this statement, we shouldn’t expect anymore Underwater legendaries *until* we face the Elder Sea Dragon, which will then probably bring along a major focus and overhaul to the underwater combat system. Personally, I REALLY like the underwater combat, especially compared to other MMO’s, it’s really cool, I just think the content there is just isn’t shifted enough to take full advantage of it. But again, with time, and the Elder Sea Dragon, we’ll probably see more underwater legendaries.

“Nightfury – New bat themed ascended shoulders for Halloween. You have to grind for it.”

How so? Considering it’s ascended do you guys think we’ll need ascended crafting materials? Will it be craftable at all? Or will we just need to grind Halloween events? Like a cost of x Candy Corn Cobs?
I’d love to know as I’m just about to finish crafting an ascended weapon, but really want this as well… Not sure what to do…

“Nightfury – New bat themed ascended shoulders for Halloween. You have to grind for it.”

How so? Considering it’s ascended do you guys think we’ll need ascended crafting materials? Will it be craftable at all? Or will we just need to grind Halloween events? Like a cost of x Candy Corn Cobs?
I’d love to know as I’m just about to finish crafting an ascended weapon, but really want this as well… Not sure what to do…

hopefully it will be like the LSS1 items where you need to complete the achievements to unlock or we need mats from halloween event i can’t wait to rock the sholders on my rev

they Hope effects are off, not sure if its bugged cause what im seeing on my arms are “straight” lightening lines.

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