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GW2 New WvW Reset Time for Heart of Thorns

GW2 WvW reset has been change again to Saturday evening

Hello All,

There are a couple of reasons for the change to reset time. One is for the overall quality of the game. The last few years we have been careful to not disrupt the WvW reset time but this has at times made it difficult for our team to address issues during reset day. This change will give our team an extra day of the week that they can use to respond to issues that may occur with WvW or any other area of the game if it is necessary. In the early days we wanted reset to be during a weekday to ensure we had people available to monitor the game at reset time, but at this point we have seen the ongoing stability of World vs. World and resetting on a weekday is no longer necessary.

Another reason is the emergent gameplay that has come from reset. It has become one of the most exciting times for WvW and we would really love for more players to have the opportunity to experience it. We have many more players logging in on Saturday than on Friday which means with this change many more people will be available to experience the rush of claiming objectives for their world during reset.

However, given the concerns posted here we will be moving the Saturday reset to earlier in the day to give most players the majority of the day to enjoy the start of the new match. Immediately after launch the new time will be 11am PDT / 2pm EDT (6 pm UTC) for NA and 11am BST / 12 pm CEST (10 am UTC) for EU. Keep in mind that the following week with the end of Daylight Savings Time / Summer Time the reset times will be pushed even earlier to 10am PST/ 1pm EST and 10am GMT / 11am CET.

Thank you for your feedback. We realize that no time we pick is going to work for everyone but this change is going to benefit even more players overall while at the same time giving us a little more breathing room to improve the quality of the game during the week.



Hello All,

Launching a game is an enormous undertaking and our teams need time to address any issues that come up. Therefore after launch we must move WvW reset to Saturday. We will keep resets on Saturday to address issues and once we are in the clear we will evaluate the best time for WvW reset both for us as a company as well as for our players.

Since it is clear that we cannot pick a time that will work for everyone, we will be maintaining our original plan of shifting reset by 24 hours, to Saturday evening. That time was based on data for when prime time occurs in each region.

Thank you,


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5 replies on “GW2 New WvW Reset Time for Heart of Thorns”

Love it. I was worried how to balance one guild’s Saturday Night missions with running with another guild at reset. This is much more manageable.

Biggest reason NA guilds don’t like it is cause it makes another prime day of playing wasted in WvW. Last day of the week is usually a dead day because the matches are usually decided by then. Even if you full PPT in some cases you simply can’t come back from behind to win cause the gap is too big making the last day just worthless. Before that last day was on a week day which was okay, your average person couldn’t play all day or otherwise then because responsibilities like work.

The new system is terrible for that because that final day period is now a full 24 hours later into prime playing time for that average member. That’s 27 hours wasted of Friday prime time into Saturday. Basically they’re killing off an entire prime day of WvW game play because they might, maybe have to release a patch at 5pm+ on a Friday Night. Maybe. Because, as any IT professional will tell you, late night Friday night patches are just a brilliant move.

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