SWTOR 4.0 Maintenance on October 20

SWTOR servers will be going down on October 20 from 2:30 am to 8am PDT for early access for Fallen Empire expansion.

Maintenance: October 20th, 2015 | 10.16.2015, 02:21 PM

Hey everyone!

All servers and will be unavailable on Tuesday, October 20th as we deploy Game Update 4.0: Knights of the Fallen Empire Early Access!

Date: Tuesday, October 20th, 2015
Time: 2:30AM – 8AM PDT (1030AM – 4PM BST)
Version: 4.0.0

Patch Notes will be available on Monday, October 19th.



GTN Cancellation Note | 10.16.2015, 02:28 PM
Hey folks,

Quick heads up, on Tuesday when we have our maintenance to deploy 4.0 and Early Access of Fallen Empire, all active GTN sales will be cancelled. This will be treated like any other cancellation and the item/deposit will be mailed to you. We wanted to make sure you were aware of this so you aren’t alarmed when we come out of maintenance on Tuesday.


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199 replies on “SWTOR 4.0 Maintenance on October 20”

many people will be crying “cause this info was nowhere to be found”
also, GTN prices will be messed for so long

Your stupidity shows. ‘Moar’ is a way that ‘more’ is sometimes spelled on the internet-everyone KNOWS how it’s actually spelled, it’s just sometimes spelled that way, for lulz.

Or he knows that ‘moar’ is a way that ‘more’ is sometimes spelled on the internet but he thinks it’s stupid and only used by dipshits so he decided to call you out. For lulz, of course.

I know that morons on the Internet spell it that way. It just shows your stupidity for spelling it wrong on perpose. Fucking kids today, choosing to be stupid.

GTN prices are already messed up. OPER/WZ pass among other things are studiedly prices we talking 700k~1m + and they cost less then Cartel packs. among so many other things.

Price will either get fixed or stupidly prices even more.

People determine their prices based on what’s already on the GTN. So yes, prices are likely going to be ridiculously high for a while.

It’s great for someone like me with a few dozen cargo holds full of nearly worthless shit from all these hypercrates. I’ve resorted to giving weapons and armor away at this point.


Just in case I’ll post a bunch of gear at ridiculously inflated prices… oh wait, that’s just standard GTN anymore.

Do we have to wait in til the maintenance is over in order to stat downloading the patch? Being in Australia it is going to take a while..

Be careful, last time I tried that I ended up downloading the whole game over again.
They’ve been sneaking assets into the last few patches so hopefully it isnt a gigantic download.

I love how committed the Aussies are to this game. It’s heartening, and I just love that swanky accent.

Its because they’re at extreme risk of dying from hostile flora and fauna during their downloading 4.0. Seriously though, Aussies are a blast to play with.

bubble run and teleport…yay! =……………………………………………………………………………………

This is going to make crafting mats skyrocket in price overnight. Seriously everything will be crazy for at least two weeks.

if i leave my launcher open and go afk, will the download auto start when the servers go down or will i have to restart the launcher?

Dumb question, but I don’t understand one thing regarding the timezone.
Is october 19th 11:59PM PDT actually october 20th 6:59AM GMT?
I need to renew my sub later today in order to get the speeder and early access, but I will most likely have to do it on monday due to other more important things I have to attend to.

Question is, on october 19th (monday), what time does ~19:00/20:00pm GMT correspond to in PDT? Somewhere around 12:00am PDT of october 19th? Do I need to rush today or can I do it safely on monday (evening for me here in Europe, should be somewhere around lunch time there in US)?

I know it’s a stupid question, but with so many different timezones and names is a bit hard for an old brain fart like me to understand if I will meet the deadline or I’ll manage to renew the sub in time.

Just use

Los Angeles (U.S.A. - California) Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015, 02:30:00 PDT UTC-7 hours
Berlin (Germany - Berlin) Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015, 11:30:00 CEST UTC+2 hours
London (United Kingdom - England) Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015, 10:30:00 BST UTC+1 hour
Paris (France) Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015, 11:30:00 CEST UTC+2 hours
Corresponding UTC (GMT) Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015, 09:30:00

Just when I thought I was the dumb one, here it comes one who can’t read. I already did the math, I just need a confirmation if my math is right or wrong. A yes or no it’s all I need.

You actually asked three questions, at least one of which required more then a yes or no. And don’t worry you’re still the dumb one for being a condescending jerk and not realizing that by using his link in the future you won’t have to do math (which you clearly aren’t good at or you wouldn’t be on Dulfy asking for your math to be confirmed.)

And here I thought the community would help someone in needs instead of being a bunch or morons. Oh well. Have a good night. Not gonna bother arguing with idiots any longer.

Your main problem is that you want to sub as late as possible so that you earn… what exactly? A few more hours of subbed status towards mid November? Instead of being a condescending douchebag, just get your subscription NOW, it shouldn’t take you more than 5 mins, unless you are 89 years old (and even then, I beg to differ)

No, my problem is that I have a life, a part time job to pay for my rent and the things I need to live from 17pm to 20pm, 3 classes to follow at the university from 9am to 16pm tomorrow and I can’t do it sooner. Plus, I don’t know how it works in your country, but here Paypal terminals close at 22pm from monday to friday, at 19pm on saturday and closed all day long on sunday. Please, tell me how am I supposed to renew my sub if I’m not able to leave my work and my university before 20pm at best?

I suggest you to not put words in other people’s mouths where they don’t belong, moron. I have never said I wanted to earn as much subscription time as possible.

Surely you must have some free time at the university to complete a transaction. There are other ways to pay besides Paypal, and I am not sure what you mean by Paypal terminals. You could schedule a payment on Paypal. You could have paid on Friday. In essence, if you wanted to renew your subscription earlier than this coming Tuesday, you could definitely have done so. this is 2015, not 1993.

I have a busy schedule on weekdays too, and I am just going to play the new expansion on Wednesday, because on Tuesday I return home at 10 pm, so I might just login for an hour at most to check it out. It’s not the end of the world. At least not for me.

Dumb question but I don’t understand one thing about the time telling numbers you are useing. What is 17 pm and 20 pm? When you use numbers past 12 that eliminate the need to use am/pm.

A gently “Thx” would have done it. But thanks for proving me, that there are quite a bunch of idiots on the internet, not worth taking the time to even respond to their bullshit. Have not a nice day.

Is there a way to check if you have early access? I accidentally let my sub run out for, like, two days, but I can’t seem to recall when that was.. D:

Was there an in-game mail or notification on the My TOR account somewhere?

No real way to tell 100% because Bioware has not released anything official through e-mail or in-game mail. Check your Active Subscriptions in My Account on and make sure that you were subscribed on: Aug 10, Aug 31, Sep 30, and (upcoming) Oct 19. If you were subscribed on all of those dates, then you are eligible for Early Access.

As long as you were subbed on each of the reward dates, you’ll get early access. If not, then no early access.

It will be a bit annoying to be a week behind progression, for both story and the raids.
But… after Shadow of Revan, and the not hotfixed until next week final boss, I don’t want any part of any early access anyway, lol.

there will be no new raids, but with the Forced Level Sync alot of re-learning the old mechanics some forgot lol

I would say its safe to assume the majority will only do sm, maybe some hm’s, specially considering that people won’t be focused on the same operation each week…

Hopefully those cleanse and interrupt mechanics will be properly tweaked to reflect their (pvp centric) nerfs since most of these ops dropped.

There will be a 700k per toon credit sink for the first week that is magically removed when early access ends. Its tradition!

No there won’t be. No skill learning, legacy gear to transfer mods etc, the only thing that will cost will be augmentation, and even that won’t be more expensive than it is now. Running the storyline will definitely give credits, so…. nope.

He is referring to when the SoR early acces went live with the cost to train then when regular acces opened they removed the cost to train.

I want to progress in hard mod, bud. That stuff is at 65 only.

And I’m willing to bet I won’t be able to even get loot from the level 65 story mode until I “have the expansion”

So EU cant play till at least 4pm in the afternoon? seriously? I was hoping to be able to play on monday at midnight

So lets get it straight. They are making worldwide product, but supporting it only 1/3 of day (cuz of NA tz working hours), and u think its OK?. Lets say u got broken laptop and company HQ is in Taipei, u would think its ok to wait till midnight NA tz to call to Asia and talk with tech guy?. And u know what u dont need to do it?. Because your laptop companies work 24/7.

Reasonable way would be to patch NA in EU tz and EU in NA TZ and while European companies know this kind of stuff, well…

1. Doing two different patch cycles actually cost more money.
2. It also can lead to more headaches when bugs are found.
3. No matter what time they pick some it would fall during prime playing time for that part of the world.
4.As for the laptop sure the support line might be 24/7 but you still can’t take it in or ship it until normal business hours so your example is full of fail.
5. Most people would be happy with a 4pm launch of a game becaus ethey have these things called jobs or school. They can’t be playing games at midnight.

i suppose so , but it would be nice to be able to play the expansion when u are off the work as some ppl are

It’s always been that way. They take prime time in the EU into consideration so I’m happy with that.

The update happens when most people are at work/school/university. What’s the problem?

You can play at monday midnight perfectly. You just can’t play KotFE on monday, because the update is scheduled for tuesday. Still don’t see a problem. If you expect to get something on monday that is announced for tuesday, you are doing it wrong.

Little late the the party hmm? You must be the person who asks where the dance studio is every time WoW has a new expansion.

It’s more like disappointed answer, which I agree totally, the new opses will come as I know on winter ending, yea its still boring to play old opses, with higher gear and same tactics…

It’s not boring to everyone. Some players like myself used to do progress raiding in other games and only recently joined the swtor community. For those it might actually be cool to run older content without being like 10levels above the content.

I for one am excited and am looking forward to run content I couldn’t run before because the community tends to only run with players that can do content in their sleep and refuses to run with those who lack experience in a particular instance but who are experienced in progress raiding overall and who know their classes.

I’m happy to run the old instances

If you couldn’t run the content before, which was low level meaning that no skill or gear was needed, how will you be able to run them now that they will be scaled up?

On my server (Red Eclipse), people are asking achievements for just about anything…even for lower level ops. Also a lot of people just roflstomped them so they don’t learn tactics or appreciate the fights nor the rewards. A new ops would’ve been nice but I think these changes are good for the game in general

I lead pug ops all the time, and honestly, I’ve been doing fight descriptions all the way up to last night. Its Zero Hour for easy ops and I am still getting people that havent seen the inside of DF/DP, and I’m not turning em down. The last 2 months I have been insisting on doing full mechanics too, and when I get that one person who feels they HAVE to whine about it, I remind the group of what is coming, and that this is a really bad time to start forming bad habits in new players, and normally that is the end of the gripe. I am really hoping the effort pays off when everything is level relevant, and Ebon Hawk is full of people who know their fights so we can get right back into it. If not though, I think I can do most boss descriptions in my sleep now.

This is imo exemplary behaviour towars the community but it requires like a super-lot of patience and the actual will to help others or to teach them. Not many players are like that.
I sure hope that by the time I’m familiar with all the mechanics I can lead by example in pugs as well.

Kudos, good sir/ma’am^^

I wish there were more people like you. There are so many people that rage in ops instead of being helpful to those that don’t know.

Exactly as I mentioned to someone else, off its frustrating when information s just in arms reach but they refuse to learn while other mmo basically throw the mechanics in your face and still refuse it.

But going around kicking and yelling won’t help you progress and just waste time. I do the same if I pug. Either explain tacs before hand and pay attention to anyone that might fuck up. Either tell em in a /w like hey. Move or do or don’t do this with buff/debuff or whatever else is involve.

Being helpful can get a long way

I will admit though, I have very little patience for people who dont pay attention. I guess that is my downside. I try my best, but if I take the time to type my fingers raw on describing council in DP, and someone just straight up runs off and does their own thing, it makes my eyes cross. Especially on Interrogators. I can only say “These ones need to be stunned or knocked back to stop whirlwind” so many times before I get grouchy. Tonight was a treat though, I ran DP with 5 people I don’t know, and honestly, I think the most I had to type was thanking them for a relaxing run.

I don’t really see it as a downside. I mean if someone comes to a ops they should come prepared. Repair beforehand, know the basic and read to what Rl has to da and foremost pay attention to your surrounding.

If people as you mentioned failed couple of times even though you explained it thoroughly then yes getting cringy isn’t really a surprise.

I am from RE same, I rare time do progressive runs with pugs mainly because I got low dps or just unskilled ppl who have the achiev, but can’t or dont know what to do on tacts… It’s annoying and I rather choose guild runs

” I couldn’t run before” I read more as people wouldn’t invite them to run it because they haven’t done it before not they wouldn’t be able to help beat the instants.

With the major overhaul they are doing to the game. It makes more since to get that right before adding any new ops.

That’s basically what I ment. I just used other words because I didn’t mean them to sound like a complaint. It is okay if some players want only experienced people to do quick runs but after some time it gets frustrating for the ones left behind ^^

Tell that to people that you don’t require at least some knowledge in NiM DF and DF. ..
What I mean is now that everything is part of the progression I will run it as well of course, starting with SM. The rest afterwards is again part of the progress and I’m planning to participate there now as well.

Ppl can’t expect to just run with the ones who ran 50 and 55 NiM content ad nauseam. Which is a good thing imo

Best way: take a enough big grp of noobs then teach em, much better to newbies get involved into progressive content then players came from break.

If they’re willing to listen, that would be a reasonable approach. Unfortunately, a significant number have the idea that because they’re “a Dark Council Member” or have “killed the Emperor” that they don’t have to listen to anyone else.

For example, the sin dps that insisted on using tank stance because it was his choice of playstyle and I couldn’t tell him to do otherwise….

Well, I am half progressive player, and I meant that running few times same NiM runs could become really boring thing,especially for old ppl without breaks like 2-3 years playing.

I don’t pug anymore since i met people that either:

1) are tanks that claim to know tactics but they don’t and we wipe in the most pathetic way possible. This is actually the worst. I have no problems with explaining tactics but if someone claims to know them and then the group wipes because of him not having a clue what to do, that’s really frustrating.

2) are healers that don’t know what is a cleanse and they don’t know how to follow debuffs

3) can’t tell a difference between purple and orange curses in Dread Palace despite it being explained prior to the engage with a boss

4) don’t go out of Inferno in DP and after being revived they do the same mistake by staying in Inferno again and in result they die again. Seriously, even dogs would learn after the first time that standing in a wall of fire harms them.

5) don’t go to the circle or the console in the Operator fight despite it being explained prior to the engage with a boss and shouted in chat several times during their color phase.

6) don’t know the basics mechanics of any MMO like going out of circles

And many other examples of ignorance and stupidity. It’s just not worth the time to even teach people because many of them don’t listen or simply they are actually baboons playing SWTOR, not human beings.

I listed as a tank yesterday. Don’t laugh: Kuat!

I had the boss aggression all the time on me but one of the Marauder DPS died over and over again. First I didn’t understand whats going on… then I realized: this guy didn’t avoid any of the boss’ voids.

That’s because it’s really hard to do anything except hitting the enemy and avoiding slicing your own head off while using 2 lightsabers. And anyway, why bother moving when you can just use Force Charge to get to the boss? The other players are there to heal you up.

That’s because Maras are squishy unless the player really knows the class. I gave up on mine. That alt was like 7 on my list behind BH, Jugg, Sin, Sniper, Trooper, and Sage. Just didn’t have the time to put into learning it.

Thanks to that 12x XP bonus, people were steamrolling through content without giving a shit about their advanced classes… Expect more of that now that you cant steamroll through ops or flashpoints due to them being scaled to level 65…

It’ll certainly be a rude shock to some people now that you can’t just ignore the boss attacks and burn through the old level 50 and 55 operations, but to a certain extent, it’s still easy to trivialise some (SM) fights in Ravagers and ToSacrifice just by using a “DPS with taunt” approach to group finder.

Well I love just raiding with ppl i like. I really don’t care what I run. I used to run raids loot locked in other games just for the fun. I doubt I get boored too soon 😀

I usually care when after a year Im still running the same things and that goes for just Rav. and Tos. The rest are much older and my friends have ran them into the ground.

Didn’t do the beta, but it shouldn’t be monstrous as they’ve been sneaking in FE resources with the past few patches.

Well hopefully not that big. If it’s huge, I’ll have to go find a place to do “Wi-fi hobo” to download it.

Jeez i got basic broadband (i don’t get fiber in my area) so i’ll see you all……………….at 4.1 XD

Hahahahaha that made me giggle

But if we are speaking technically…. Once you done with 4.0 you would be like yeaaah until you get the message to update to 4.1 haha

Keyboard smash time

I have a question about KoTFE that just came into my mind.
Since the Planetary Quest-line is considered a “Story Quest” now.. or whatever – you know what i mean… anyway.. does that mean that we can’t do them anymore as soon we start KoTFE?

Pretty much. One nice thing about planetary storylines is that sometimes they will be referenced later (example: Theron Shan will comment on how a pub PC has encountered rekata-tek augmentation tech on tatoinne during fused alliances). Once you start KoTFE, your character’s experiences are locked down, KoTFE takes place several years after base game through SoR, it would be weird to go back in time to prevent a calamity.

No, you will be able to do planetary quests. The quests they are talking about that you will not be able to do after starting KOTFE are the quests you cannot pick up from a npc and those that come from the mission terminal on your ship. So acts 1,2,3, Ilum, Makeb, Shadow Of Revan, Ziost and probably Oricon.

If you can pick them up from a npc on a planet they are probably safe.

Oricon can be picked up on a planet so would be an exception to that rule. For that matter Forged Alliances can be picked up from a droid on Fleet and SoR can be picked up by going directly to the bird guy on Rishi.

I think, not 100% sure that you cannot do any of the main story missions So class, makeb, Forged Alliances and SoR will be locked out. Not sure about Oricon and I guess you would still be able to do the dailies on there.

Wrong. You cannot do ANY Class Story or Main Planetary missions. Watch the Live stream.

You can do Exploration Quests, Heroics, and Sidequests.

Everyone has their opinion about this. But the real point is you need to do all that stuff before anyway to get to lvl 60 to be able to do KotFE anyway. Well some of it you can skip, I always skip Ilum and go straight on to Makeb.

Gone are the days when people will power through because of gear and level increase :). All hail tactics!!! 🙂
inb4 pugs ragequitting because they cannot plough through content with brute force 😀

Almost at the final 24 hours….seems like the time between the announcement earlier this year and the launch of FE went by in minutes.

Hahahah that song has been stuck in my head ever since I use to play this boxing game fight night and put that song as an intro when I walked to the ring. Hahah

I still don’t get it. Why didn’t they spread the subscriber rewards from August to October? Every month one reward, to shorten the waiting time. Now we get them all at once, next week, and don’t give a f… about them, because we are more interested in the other new game contents. That’s just stupid!

I would guess it’s so people didn’t just subscribe for a month to get a specific reward they wanted and then cancel their subscription. Maybe. But I think you’re right – those rewards would have had a much bigger impact before the new content.

You can’t wait for you hat until tomorrow? It’s all cosmetic stuff really, except for the comp who is part of the story, so why would they give him and HIS gear to you before?

I am very enthused for the expansion. I can’t wait to start the new story, but I also want to run all the heroics! ALL the heroics! So many missions I did once and never did again, time to revisit them! Ahhhh so many choices… maybe I’ll follow a theme, and do heroics related to the theme. Mandalorian Asshole Stomp sounds like a good start.

Just start on the lowest planet for your class and work your way up. Then you don’t have to make any choices. The thing Im still waiting for is to be able to visit the opposing faction planets. The Korriban and Tyton FPs were nice but I want more some “behind enemy lines” type of action.

I keep hoping they add some high-level areas to the starting planets. There has got to be a lot more to see, and more challenges to overcome, on those worlds! Especially Tython, Korriban, and Hutta.

A lot of resources were poured into creating structures and decorations unique to these places, it would make a lot of sense to recycle a bit of it…no more nar shaddaa/corellia though, those places are visually dull and it all blends into itself. Some Manaan, Ord Mantel, Ilum(theres a big unused area there right now) etc would be great.

I would really like a mission area, even a heroic mission area on Manaan.(I’d also like underwater and swimming mechanics but I think I am one of the very few that liked that area in Cataclysm…so I have no expectations, just dreams)

Man, me too. 8 ish more day for official. Get hyped. Too hyped.. Lol but I do hope for some Rishi class mission type of stuff in there. I mean specially the SI part… Can’t just leave it like that and never hear a thing both the unknown messengers and the moff

If I’m not mistaken someone asked that during one of the streams. Asked about the if their Seeker Droid and Macrobinoculars quest would be removed from their log and Bioware said no. So I assume it’s just the Class missions.

Keep in mind tho that the only way they get wiped is if you press “start” on the Chapter 1 mission in your log after the patch. You don’t just auto load into the story after the patch. So if you are still worried or need more time to complete your mission log, just go complete whatever is in your log before you start

Meh they can have a little time to type it up. I bet your one of those kids that gets up at 3am Christmas morning, and whines until mom and dad get up. “I want it now!” They never said when the notes would be posted.

I plan to role another male jedi vanguard (already have one) and play him on the Bastion where the majority of my toons are.

He will be running the new content first to see what’s there. With that I don’t have to worry about my other 60’s and what they may have missed just yet before it’s their turn.

Then I plan to move him to Ebon Hawk for rp. If I understand it correctly this will be about 180 CC and will copy my legacy level along with him (it’s higher than the toon’s there)

I patiently await to fap to this expansions lack of group content and forced deleveling. I also have lube so I am prepared wholly for the roughshodding of the Cartel Cash Farm. Mmm EA, I’ve been a naughty naughty subscriber.

Your comment made me laugh so hard. I want SO bad to be your friend… and possibly learn some of your naughtiness

Does anyone know how can you find out if you qualify for the Early Acces? I think you need to have all the previous awards to get there and im not sure i was a subscriber at one point as my card expired 🙁

8am PDT was supposed to be like 4 hours ago or so. Why is the game kicking me out ot the server (shadowlands) says my connection to the server was lost.

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