SWTOR Conquests and Events Schedule

Bioware has released the Conquests and Events schedule for all the weeks from early access to Jan 2016.

Event / Conquest Schedule | 10.16.2015, 03:42 PM

Hey folks,
I wanted to pass on the Event and Conquest schedule as I know from Early Access through January! Each date below marks the start date of the event and they run for one week. Here ya go…

  • Oct-20 Bounty Contract Week 
  • Nov-10 Rakghoul 
  • Nov-24 Bounty Contract Week 
  • Dec-8 Gree 
  • Dec-15 Rakghoul 
  • Dec-22 Bounty Contract Week 
  • Jan-12 Rakghoul 
  • Jan-26 Bounty Contract Week 

*Also you can see some of our event rewards, in Archive from our live stream.


Thanks everyone.


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Well now we have a reason to play, to get the relics for the new gear and some cool older gear from the new vendors.

“Life Day” has never really been an “event.” 2 Years ago there was throwing snowballs at people to get parcels. Last year they also added in the overheated droids to get some holo-trees. They also used to have it somewhat tied in with gree, as there was the Cyan Sphere which required snow-covered parcels and was only on a lifeday vendor, but they have since added it to a normal gree vendor for only helix components, so I don’t believe Life Day has anything to do with gree anymore.

I would bet that they will bring back the snowballs/overheated droids, its just that there isn’t enough to it for them to advertise it as an “event”

They called it an event last year. 2 years ago it was like a week or 2 after the Gree, so if you didn’t spend your Helix then you could buy the Sphere. Then last year they pushed the Gree into January so they added the Shere to the Gree vendor so people could buy it. That is really the only connection it had to the Gree.

Since the Death Mark conquest has absolutely no objectives related to the Bounty Contract Week event, maybe they could stop making that the conquest once a month?

I’m not saying every woman is a bitch, it just gives them an excuse to be one. There’s also the “spiciy Latin” excuse.

I’m glad they’re making the Rakghoul event more common since, don’t forget, there’s gonna be a vendor who sells stuff for all the event tokens. They just need to make Gree every month or two and that Containment Officer set is mine.

I still dislike the Rakghoul event for it’s three types of marks and the need to roll for them on The Eyeless.
Love me some Xeno loot…

I’m glad I never used all my event tokens. What they need to do is give us a different way of getting those helix components. It sucks having to get a group to do it.

With all the people that complain each time the event comes by now they could have bought one basic THORN relic. I think it is sells at the lowest rep and costs less then 5k for infinite vaccines and it is Legacy bound.

that relic at a minimum needs to be usable at lvl 1. because right now – its lvl 25 and as much as I love it, for people who might just be starting to play – its not feasible to have it, in part because they may not even be lvl 25+ yet, they may not have higher level characters that could keep them in vaccines until they can start farming for and subsequently using that relic.

No campaign mode either, well, single player with a story anyway. (Although last night on SW:Rebels they have already undone the canon of the last battlefront’s campaign story anyway, so who cares I guess….) So many reasons to skip this SW:BF

Only play mmo’s on PC everything else console.

But yeah tried the beta was fun but not enough for me to be getting it. With KoFTE around the corner i will be playing that.

I would have thought that most people had spent their Gree components since it is the only way to get legacy offhands, so helixes would be in shorter supply, while you can get legacy armor from a million different places. The BBA gives a MH/OH pistol, blaster rifle, and sniper rifle, iirc, which would leave THORN to give legacy lightsaber, saberstaff, and assault cannon, if you already didn’t get them from Gree or Kingpin.

TL;DR: More Gree, less Rakghoul

On the plus side with the Rakghoul event coming back so often I might be able to get the 850+ infections I need for the Hidden Achievement, At least I’m assuming I’m at 150 already

You can check it if you can find someone with the achievement. You inspect their achievements and then link their achievement in chat, click on it, and it will show you your progress.

Or simply open your legacy window (Y is a shortcut key to open it quicker) then check the section titled event scroll down to Rakghoul and scan the related achievements.

Other method is just time consuming imo, running around finding someone. It will let you do the same thing after you press Y.

Um… I’m only seeing the Gree event once on this stretch of calendar (week of Dec 6). That sounds considerably less frequent than “monthly”.

OMG they should not release THORN and relics of greeso soon, and often. Also, they should have create some new rewards for those events and maybe some new event.

Since when can we predict when a decease has an outbreak like this? I quite like the misterious way how bioware handled the raghoul events. 😛

“Gree and Rakghoul events should be more often, damnit!”

Bioware increases the amount of the event per year

“Wait a minute, now it just way damn too much. Slow it down”

Thank you for the laughs

There is something between once every 6-9 months or so and once every month. I’ve previously suggested quarterly rotations of major events like Gree and Rakghoul. That said, I for one am not complaining. I have all the achievements and a couple hundred tokens, but it’s great for those catching up.

Awesome! so glad to see the Rakghoul event 3 times so close. now i can get some achievements racked up and maybe finish up the Gree (fingers crossed on that one)

So they fixed the Conquest problems and dont need to take it down one month to sort it out like they said ? Because i see some Conquest Goals there in the list…October..and November…

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