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GW2 Earning Hero Points in WvW

All of the hero points can be gained ingame via WvW for players to unlock their elite specializations.


Greetings, Tyrians!

As part of the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ release, we’ll be deprecating current liquid world experience consumables and adding a new system to World vs. World in which players can complete all of the hero challenges in the game without leaving WvW. We’re doing this because we want WvW players to have the opportunity to earn their profession’s elite specialization entirely by playing WvW.

Scrolls of Heroics
  • As you gain rank in WvW, you’ll earn new Proofs of Heroics items.
  • These proofs can be spent at the new heroics notary vendor, located at every WvW spawn point.
  • The vendor sells new consumables called Notarized Scrolls of Heroics and Notarized Scrolls of Maguuma Heroics, as well as superior siege weapon blueprints.
  • When consumed, these scrolls will complete one random hero challenge in either Central Tyria or Maguuma, respectively.
  • Combining 1 proof and 30 Badges of Honor yields 1 Notarized Scroll of Heroics.
  • Combining 5 proofs and 150 Badges of Honor yields 1 Notarized Scroll of Maguuma Heroics.
  • Once a player has unlocked all the hero challenges in a region, its associated scroll will no longer be available for purchase.
  • Any scrolls purchased above the cap can be consumed to refund the purchase price.
  • Notarized Scrolls of Maguuma Heroics will be unavailable to players who do not ownGuild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

The addition of these new items means you can do every hero challenge in the game by exclusively playing WvW if you wish!

Changes to Liquid World Experience

In the interest of fairness to PvE players, we didn’t want to allow any WvW players who may have been stockpiling liquid world experience to instantly rank up a bunch of times and immediately begin unlocking the new expansion hero challenges the moment the expansion released. To that end, we’re making the following changes to liquid world experience:

  • On patch day, any leftover liquid world experience consumables in player inventories or banks will be converted into 50% WXP booster consumables.
  • These WXP boosters vary in duration (15 minutes to 10 hours) depending on the type of liquid world experience item replaced.
  • The laurel vendor will no longer sell liquid world experience.
  • Daily WvW achievements now reward 20-minute general experience boosters rather than 250 liquid WXP consumables. These experience boosters are consumed immediately and grant boosts in all game modes, boosting experience, world experience, and Player vs. Player rewards.
  • In all other locations, liquid world experience consumables have been replaced with new, automatically consumed instant world experience consumables of equivalent value. While it’s still possible that on a rare occasion you’ll earn a keg of world experience, it’ll just be consumed instantly.

We’re excited to have a new system for players to earn hero points while playing World vs. World! We believe the changes to liquid world experience to be a worthwhile trade-off, and we can’t wait for you to join us in unlocking our elite specializations as we bathe in the tears of our defeated foes!

See you on the battlefield!


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

20 replies on “GW2 Earning Hero Points in WvW”

I assume these Scrolls of Heroics can only be gained moving forward and there will be none given retroactively based on current WvW rank?

good question… but given Anets track record of neglecting and punishing long time players… in favour of non invested walk-ins… i doubt it :/

You dont Need to receive retroactive SCrolls because you recieved the drops of World Exp. They are sort of exchanging one item to another and you did already consume lots of those. DOnt see why would you need retroactive rewards

If there is one hero challenge that is too annoying to do yourself, you can leave it till last then unlock it via WvW.

Unless of course, you find WvW just as, if not more, annoying. Then you’re screwed if you need that Hero Point 😛

“These experience boosters are consumed immediately”
I hope they are still contained in Chests like with the current system, I wouldn’t like the idea of having no control over when to consume them.

For those not inclined to venture out and face the challenges of the world, rest assure that the occasional angry letter will suffice.

Welp, guess I’m going to drink all those potions of world experience I had stored up in my bank. (Was keeping them in case another WvW tournament came out and there was a “Gain X Ranks” achievement.)

I’m puzzled why ANet is against letting WvWers gain a whole bunch of skill points immediately to unlock their elite specializations on launch day. As a PvEer with full map completion I have about 200 skill points stockpiled on every character, and surely elite specs can’t cost more than that.

yeah its weird; I mean everyone has hundreds of tomes lying around in their bank so unlocking every specialization on day one isn’t an issue, everyone will do it anyway.

Tomes no longer grant Hero Points, only Spirit Shards fyi. Currently 214 Hero Points is the maximum a player could stack up before HoT launches, I reckon that would be more than enough to unlock all the essential stuff from the elite specialization.

“surely elite specs can’t cost more than that”
Lol and a few hours later, they announce elite specs cost 400 skill points.

If you get these proofs only when you gain rank in WvW (“As you gain rank in WvW, you’ll earn new Proofs of Heroics items”), are they changing how often you gain rank? If not, then the higher ranked (and typically, longer time players), WvWers won’t get anywhere near as many proofs as newbies who are venturing into WvW for the first time and quickly rank up.

Am I missing something?

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