Patch 4.0 SWTOR

SWTOR Gearing and Operation Loot Table in 4.0

A guide to the gearing process and operation loot table in Patch 40


New Gear Tiers

MK-4 set obtained from vendors in exchange for Data Crystals do not have set bonus. Same applies for the MK-3 variants that are crafted by crafters

  • Outlander – Rating 208 – Purchased with Common Data Crystals (Basic Commendations)
  • Defiant MK-1 – Rating 216 – Storymode Operation token
  • Defiant MK 3 – Rating 216 – Crafted (reverse engineered from vendor schematic gear)
  • Defiant MK-4 – Rating 216– Purchased with Glowing Data Crystals (Elite Commendations)
  • Exarch MK-1 – Rating 220 – Hardmode Operation token
  • Exarch MK 3 – Rating 220 – Crafted (reverse engineered from Defiant crafted gear)
  • Exarch MK-4 – Rating 220 – Purchased with Radiant Data Crystals (Ultimate Commendations)
  • Ultimate Exarch – Rating 224 – Nightmare Operation token and Weekly Boosted High Priority Target Hardmode Operation

Data Crystal Gear Prices

Gear prices have being normalized to be same across all Data Crystals. This means a belt for example will cost 80 Common, Glowing or Radiant Crystals. Mainhand weapons are not being sold so you will need to find an alternative way to acquire them.

  • Hilts/barrels for mainhand do drop off the Exarch in heroic Star Fortress as rating 208 purple.

The new cap for Common, Glowing and Radiant Data Crystals are 1000, 500 and 500 respectively. There is no more weekly cap. To acquire a full set of gear minus the mainhand, you will need 1580 data crystals.

Piece Data Crystal
Ear 100
Implant 100
Relic 200
Belt 80
Boots 120
Bracers 80
Gloves 120
Helm 120
Legs 120
Chest 120
Offhand 150
Total (Full Set) 1580

Operation Loot Table

Loot by Operation

Eternity Vault (SM and HM Only)

Boss Loot
Annihilation Droid XRR-3 Belt
Gharj Gloves
Ancient Pylons Earpiece
Vault of the Infernal Council Relic
The Infernal One Mainhand

Karagga’s Palace (SM and HM Only)

Boss Loot
Bonethrasher Bracers
Jarg & Sorno Boots
Foreman Crusher Earpiece
G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator Legs
Karagga the Unyielding Chest

Explosive Conflict (SM, HM and NiM)

Boss Loot
Zorn and Toth Implant
Firebrand and Stormcaller Relic
Colonel Vorgath Head
Warlord Kephess Chest

Terror from Beyond (SM, HM and NiM)

Boss Loot
The Writhing Horror Belt
The Dread Guard Boots
Operator IX Head
Kephess the Undying Implant
The Terror from Beyond Offhand

Scum and Villainy (SM, HM and NiM)

Boss Loot
Dash’Roode Bracers
Titan 6 Gloves
Thrasher Implant
Operations Chief Legs
Olok the Shadow Relic
Cartel Warlords Chest
Dread Master Styrak Mainhand

Dread Fortress (SM, HM and NiM)

Boss Loot
Nefra Belt
Gate Commander Draxus Gloves
Grob’thok Earpiece
Corruptor Zero Legs
Dread Master Brontes Offhand

Dread Palace (SM, HM and NiM)

Boss Loot
Bestia Bracers
Tyrans Boots
Calphayus Head
Raptus Relic
Dread Council Chest

The Ravagers (SM and HM Only)

Boss Loot
Sparky Belt
Quartermaster Bulo Boots
Torque Earpiece
Blaster Legs
Coratanni Mainhand

Temple of Sacrifice (SM and HM Only)

Boss Loot
Malaphar Bracers
Sword Squadron Gloves
Underlurker Head
Revanite Commanders Implant
Revan Offhand

Single boss operations (SM and HM only)

Boss Loot
Golden Fury Everything
Colossal Monolith Everything

Loot by Slot

Remember that EV/KP/ToS/Ravagers do not have nightmare mode so you cannot do them if you want Nightmare level gear. You will need to wait for them to become weekly High Priority Target or do other operations.

Slot Boss 1 Boss 2 Boss 3 Boss 4
Ear EV Ancient Pylons KP Foreman Crusher DF Grob’thok RaV Torque
Implant EC Zorn & Toth TFB Kephess S&V Thrasher ToS Revanite Commanders
Bracers KP Bonetrasher S&V Dash’roode DP Bestia ToS Malaphar
Belt EV Annihilation Droid TFB Writhing Horror DF Nefra RaV Sparky
Relics EV Infernal Council EC Firebrand & Stormcaller S&V Olok DP Raptus
Helm EC Colonel Vorgath TFB Operator IX DP Calphayus ToS Underlurker
Chest KP Karagga EC Kephess S&V Warlords DP Council
Gloves EV Gharj S&V Titan 6 DF Draxus ToS Sword Squadron
Legs KP Fabricator S&V Operation Chief DF Corruptor Zero RaV Master & Blaster
Boots KP Jarg &Sorno TFB Dread Guard DP Tyrans RaV Bulo
Mainhand EV Soa S&V Styrak RaV Coratanni  
Offhand TFB Terror DF Brontes ToS Revan  

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223 replies on “SWTOR Gearing and Operation Loot Table in 4.0”

They should have at least allowed us to craft 208 hilts/barrels from a vendor schematic, just like they allowed us to craft 156 and 186 hilts/barrels in the last cycle.

So now if you can’t win one in an ops or buy one off GTN (will be exorbitant for a while) you are stuck using a 186 or crafting an ugly as shit non-moddable mainhand.

I just took a sentinel offhand for commendations (rating 208), and after ripping the mods out, I was able to put the hilt into my mainhand.
Seems there is no more restriction for mainhand / offhand only hilts / barrels?

Bro…. why would they implement a commendation mainhand? That would be stupid. What’s the point of having the operations to begin with, you gotta be forced to farm for something, it might as well be the mainhand.

I was really hoping they’d go back to the days of lvl 50 gear, buying set bonus from Vendors. This forcing people to do ops to have set is annoying when you have multiple characters that you want to gear. considering most runs limit you to 1 piece per run and then there still isn’t a guarantee that you will get one cause no ops drops 8 pieces of set gear.

Oh well, screw set gear this time around, just sticking with Vendor 220.

The incentive would’ve been the same as it was back during lvl 50. You do the ops for the comms to buy the gear. Were you around during the lvl 50 days?

But given the multitude of ways to get comms now, which weren’t around in 1.x(lvl 50), your suggestion means people can get full set bonus without doing a single operation. I think the current setup is just fine.

were you around lvl50 days?
comms gear always had some thing wrong with it, the wrong mods or enhancement, even the tokens were bad in some cases (Assault cannons for commandos with tank barrels)
Are you one of them DPS/Healer dudes that had full set of 198 pre 4.0 with 57k HP and no damage/healing output to beat any boss in HM?

I played during the level 50 days and don’t remember buying set bonus with commendations. Unless it was for tionese stuff? But to be fair, why should they be handing out gear for free in the first place. The comm system is silly, you can get endgame gear (despite it being bad) by never setting foot in an operation. And pre-4.0 you could gear up by running level 55 and 50 operations (which was even more ridiculous). If people want to gear up for pve and want a set bonus, then they SHOULD be doing operations, or they should stick to gear dropped in flashpoints. Be thankful the comms even exist at all.

Up until yesterday you could buy lvl 50 gear with set bonus for basic comms. I don’t know why you would since you get out of lvl stuff pretty fast.

Campaign gear (with the level 50 set bonus) became available on the Basic Comms vendors when RotHC went live. Prior to that, and after that, you have never been able to buy PVE set bonus gear for commendations.

Since only operations gear could be RE’d to learn schematics, my 2 armormechs and my synthweaver spent a few thousand basic comms shortly before the servers went down for the 4.0 patch and managed to learn a few of the old campaign shells.

You dont need a set bonus if you are just doing fp’s to stay alive, kill stuff or heal things…You arent forced to do Operations but yet you want the best gear in game without putting the time in…

seriously, are you lazy or just want everything for nothing?

off topic but tehy updated artifect items now every artifect item from SOr or ROTHC isnt sable for prefs any more including the cartel packs crystals >_<

Yeah and this is really stupid. I have been pref most of the time but subbed to get the expansion. Later I wanted to unsub until they release more chapters and now they don’t let me play as a preferred normally… I work hard for full purple armor and now I can’t use it? What’s the point of being preferred then? So now it’s sub or no game? Because I am not going to be a weakling just because I am forced to use bad gear. I might as well not play until they return it to how it was before.

i really don’t get why are people talking about that now lol i am pref player for a very long time already and it was always like that, you had to buy artifact equipment authorization..

I don’t think that’s the case. It’s been a while since I was preferred, but it used to be that the endgame gear + cartel crystals were usable so long as you met the other requirements (so, for gear added by SoR you had to own SoR, had to be the correct level, etc). Artifact Authorization only affected leveling gear (pre 50 or 55, not sure if this counted for 50 stuff or not).

I’m almost positive this is the case for Cartel Crystals at the very least, otherwise they’d have an issue with preferred players buying cartel packs and getting items they can’t use.

P.S. Also about crystals. They might as well make every single purple item to require authorization. Like weapons, for example. Why just crystals? And what’s the reason for it? So now if I spend cartel coins on getting a crystal I can’t even use it? Seriously, devs? Wtf.

yeah its BS prefs got fucked prtty ard my merc for example walking in full revanite gear cant use it anymore cause i have no artifect autho

It has to be a bug. Something may have broken. It used to be that if you had artifact gear and then went pref you could still use that gear. As for the crystals there are crystals you can buy direct with CC, there is no way they would make it so that if you spend money on an item, you can’t use it.

why the hell everyone noiced that only now??? pref players ALWAYS had to buy artifact authorization to use purples, you people only just discovered that?

Actually here’s a question.
Since there were no new damage abilities other than the knight roll/dash, all the rotations are the exact same as 3.0, right?

Not really. Foe example, Anni Maras have had their 0-30 Leap removed, and instead Force Rend gives 3/4 rage. I’m sure there are more little things like that, which aren’t in the official patch notes.

And then Bioware said “Let’s nerf the worst melee class in the game!”

And they did, and it was awful. (Crit damage bonus down from 30%, is now 10%. No more double damage crits with 70% surge… or whatever that new value will be)

Personally, I’m not too displeased with the Anni mara changes (one of my mains), since now the rotation should be a lot less convoluted, and slightly more forgiving resources-wise. It’ll be interesting to see how the classes line up in DPS output, after 4.0 (though I suspect there won’t be that much of a difference).

Of course it does. All endgame gear is always at level cap, pretty much how it rolls for most mmo’s. I looked at all the gear on the vendors this morning, all gear obtained from comm’s… er crystals, are all at level 65.

Thanks, I figured that but just wanted to confirm. So I guess if pre-lvl 65 do sm ops with bolster they’ll just hold onto the token pieces until they hit 65.

Just going to say, by the time you finish the new story, you’ll be 65 (if you start at 60). I’m not even done yet, used a XP boost and I hit 65 last night. Just an fyi, don’t worry about ops and bolster, just hit 65 and cash in your commss… er crystals.

Confirmed; just did a sm run with a guildy who won 2 tokens pre-65; he cannot do anything with them and has to wait til 65. As another note though, a single tfb took him from 60-64, so people doing ops on alts wont have long to wait, lol.

Thanks, Iron-Clad. I found the same thing last night. I had a major XP boost active while doing a TfB GF run and then TC and am just a small amount away from 65. 😀

My Commando went from 90% in 60 to about halfway into 64 in a single Group Finder Temple of Sacrifice last night.

If anything, it is far too easy to level up to the cap now, although now older content will still be more than a sleepwalk, that XP is still wasted. Shame it’s not being converted to credits (as WoW’s missions tended to do with level-capped characters).

Does the stat distribution (mainly endurance heavy) stuff generally go from MK-4 being the most END heavy to MK-1 Being BiS?

I guess it will be awhile to find out what stat-wise is best for each class huh? Hmmm, used to get great results min/maxing but now that surge is gone and crit is back it all about reaching the accuracy cap and lots of power??? I imagine well need a certain amount of crit now that it’s tied in with surge. Just fishing for any answers cause I hate wasting comms while I figure it out.

It was already said somewhere that the overall value caps and usefulness didn’t change that much. I’m sure some theorycrafters will find out more specific details soon, but in general accuracy at 110% should still be fine, may need to tweak some other defense and offense related stats to get them back to old values since some of them dropped. As for crit, then probably getting it from 30% to 35% range should suffice.

All in all not that much changed, some values got adjusted due to stat changes and such but if you already have decent gear, you should be OK for now and more details will come out soon enough.

Wrong. Power and Mastery are not the way to go, as far as augments are concerned. You get so much power from it being your tertiary stat that balancing alacrity and critical will be a huge part of the end game.

It is very different from what we’re used to.

Where is this vendor schematic gear?

Defiant MK 3 – Rating 216 – Crafted (reverse engineered from vendor schematic gear)

Can anyone elaborate how “Locked Medium Elite Commendation Containers” work ?

Do they contain comms/crystals and you just open them or do you directly exchange them for items ?

You go to ops gear vendor on fleet, the one who took those Resurrected and Revanite tokens, and then buy an unlocked container with your locked container token. And then you simply open that new container and get the goodies.

Go to any of the 4 Operations vendors and choose “Affordable” from the drop-down. You will see the “Medium Glowing Data Crystal Container” listed. Buy them, and open them, each has 25 Glowing Data Crystals. Just be careful not to go over the 500 limit.

Any indication on when it will be benificial to go with the new 208 armorings over the setbonus from old gear?
How low tier of previous raidsets could you go, before it would be better to go without the 2/4/6 setbonusses?

Honestly? You will have well over 5K main stat so in terms of DPS/Healing the small amount of main stat from the armorings may never be enough to drop your tier. Tanks will have to weigh armor versus tier bonus. Just depends on how good of a bonus it is.

If you didn’t sub intime can level your toons to one point below 61 have a little head start if you do Orican daily missions all nine can do it easy. Can’t believe I missed August sub so only get the pistols and the speeder :0(

Reading this when I reversed engineered a 216 Defiant Implant I should have gotten the schematic for a 220 Exarch Implant, however I got the schematic for a 216 Exarch Implant with exactly the same stats as the 216 Defiant but it costs three times the mats to make. Is this a bug?

When you reverse engineer a purple item you simply learn how to craft that item. You do not learn a higher version of that item.

Um, without Operations the best (mainhand) barrel and hilt I can get is 190 green?
The only way to get better stuff is RE commendation offhand items’ barrels and hits or buy them from an other player? (…or doing operations…)

You can buy the 208 offhand for common crystals and place the hilt / barrel in your mainhand. Since mainstats are now mastery, that means Inquisitors / Consulars can use Mara / Sent offhands, and agents / troopers can use merc / slinger offhands.

No, offhand barrels and hilts can only be equipped in an offhand. If you have a weapon that can be main or off and put an offhand piece in it, it’ll become offhand only.

You can however purchase the comms offhand lightsaber and knife/scatter gun and then remove the hilt to reverse engineer, for a chance to learn how to craft that item.

Said crafted item will not be bound and may be slotted into a main hand weapon if you choose.

I have done it on my sorc and it works. I didn’t check, but I suspect the mara sabre and merc pistol may not be properly flagged as offhand.

The hilt/barrel from the 208 offhand is not a numbered hilt and does not bind to offhand when you remove it. This is currently the only epic hilt/barrel which does not bind to offhand when removed.

You could transfer Basic comms by buying schematics with Basic comms, putting the schematics in legacy storage, logging on the destination character, and having them sell the schematics back to a vendor. They appear to have removed that schematic vendor, though, so it may no longer be possible to transfer comms.

Not true. Yes, that vendor is gone, but you can buy low level mods ftom fleet supply section. Granted, is a long and boring process, because each mod costs only 2 common crystals, and you need to transfer hundreds of them, but its still doable. I recently transfered 1000 common crystals from alt to main that way.
Boring, long process but totally worth it.
Besides that lost vendor needed a Champion reputation with Makeb and was useless if you didnt have it. Low level vendors have no such conditions.

The old trick was to buy 60 basic comms schematics from the vendor next to the Crew Skill Supplies vendor, no reputation required.

There’s a Scion legacy armor set available on Odessen for Common Data Crystals, but until I had “bound” the items, I could not put them in the Legacy bank, so no transfer method there.

Basic com vendors at the daily quest hubs, such as black hole and section-x still have crystal schematics and if you have the rep there is always the dye schematics from the rep vendors.

That’s helpful for a different reason, I needed to pick up some missing crystal schematics and wasn’t sure if they were still available. Thanks!

We used to also transfer coms by purchasing the birthright/inheritance tokens from the vendor on Section-X, no rep required, BoL, 50 coms each piece. Haven’t checked if that avenue works, but I think I heard that vendor was gone too (although he did seel things other than the inheritance/birthright tokens). Just put them in legacy bank, swap to receiving toon and sell back to vendor.

Can you confirm that?

We did NiM Nefra last night and got two unassembled pieces and two random 220 MK-2 pieces, along with crafting mats and comms. No 224 gear dropped.

well if that’s true then its bugged then as way back when swtor was talking about the ops they said nim and the highed hm would drop the same gear 224

Have you even done NiM yet? Clearly you don’t know what you are talking about.
The only way to get ultimate exarch is through the highlighted operation. ONLY then does nim drop ultimate exarch.

but NIM was suppose to drop 224 they either changed it or its bugged.
as way back when they first talked about changes to ops they said the HIGH LIGHTED HM ops would drop the same as NIM ops.
so therefore if HIGH LIGHTED HM drop 224 so should NIM
1— they have either changed it and didn’t tell us of the change
2— its bugged

“Defiant MK 3 – Rating 216 – Crafted (reverse engineered from vendor schematic gear)” what vendor is this referring to? Are there actual schematics for gear?

Great question…I’ve been trying to figure this out for a couple of days now. I bought the blue gear from craft vendor, RE’d it but still didn’t get anything called MK 3 with adaptive slots for mods.

Someone further down the thread said the schematics vendor was in the Tram section on Zakuul, I will check it out when I get home.

It’s the same vendors as the fleet as far as I noticed….worth double checking though just to be on the safe side I was hoping when I got the purples from the blues that would be it, but it wasn’t…and to make the purples you need the artifact material from the conquest rewards. So hopefully there is something else we’re both missing.

I think it is wrong. From what everyone has been saying in game, sounds like this is RE’d from SM drops and the 2nd tier of crafted is RE’d from HM drops.

Dulfy, you might want to note on the gear chart above that Relics are *not* available for common data crystals. They are sold on the station and also by the robot vendor next to Oggurobb on Odessen but ONLY for glowing or radiant crystals. Currently there are no relics for sale using common crystals (so relics join mainhand weapons in being inaccessible until gear hunting.)

I’m pretty sure I remember seeing relics available for CDCs. They’re on a vendor in one of the 4 NPC rooms in the Alliance War HQ.

They are indeed on one of the vendors… as I mentioned, on the robot next to Oggurobb’s platform in his wing of the Alliance War HQ. But they’re only available for glowing and radiant, NOT common.

not entirely true, they have better mods than crystal gear, enhancements are sometimes better and sometimes same as crystal gear

And they don’t offer the “Equip” relics, only the “Use” ones, so I am not buying these with crystals, I’ll just get them in ops

Well some people prefer the usable ones. Makes you less dependent on random and the ‘use’ helps exactly when it’s needed.
But I’m a little inclined to equip passive ones; one more button in an already very complex Mara rotation is way too much.

I’m not sure if this has been discussed, but the BH Vendor do not sell offhands for powertechs (offhand offensive generators), is this a bug?

I think they forgot PTs can DPS. You can get it from the trooper vendor on the Pub side and put the mods in a legacy offhand.

Meanwhile, even if set-bonuses are identical, it neees to be mentioned that old 192/198 is not compatible with new 216’s set-bonuses. It’s quite frustrating actually.

Does that mean you can get twice the same 2 piece set, like the Combat tech for Vanguards and get a better buff out of your HiB?

No, it means that as you switch them out.. you’ll end up with 4 of one.. and an unnecessary 2 of the same. (The effect doesn’t stack.. or if it does.. that’d definitely be bugged.)

You do indeed get the 2-piece set bonus twice. However most of the time they proc at the same time, meaning the auto-crit is wasted. However I had once on my Sage healer that one of the 2-piece bonuses proced before the other and I was able to use them up individually, thus getting 2 auto crits back to back.
It’s not really as awesome as it seems, since stacking Crit being the new meta you’ll get those crits most of the time anyway.

If you purchases the schematics (Craftables) for the 208 common gear, You have to RE those 208’s to get the 216 variety of those same gear pieces.

The internal mods themselves still require RE’ing those individual pieces.

FYI, I tried to RE one of the 208 hilts that dropped in the Star Fortress flashpoint. It wouldn’t allow me to. But the 216 and 220 pieces that are inside those vendor pieces can be RE’d. (Surprisingly for some reason it wouldn’t let me do it with the armoring itself. But I suspect that’s a bug.)

It’s 209 for green crystals and 219 for blue ones, the vendor is the trooper in the personal mode space ship area of the alliance base.

Yes, via turning in the supply kits that you get from the heroics post lvl 61. (Used to raise your reputation with the lead members of your alliance.)

I don’t recall what name it’s under now.. but all but the Rakata/Columni/Tionese shells seem to appear as semi random drops from within those crates. (Along with rare(ish) mounts & companion gifts.

So far I have gotten dozens of Arkanian, Underworld, Dreadguard and Yavin gear by opening supply crates rewards, and a few Resurrected ones. I have not yet seen a Revanite piece, or any other type except from the ones I mentioned.

Same, I only got Arkanian/Underworld/Dreadguard/Yavin/Resurrected so far. I really hope I can get some Black Hole piece (especially the chestpiece for inquisitor), so I’ll see if I get any from those crates.

At least the possibility lies out there for us to get them now – and they are adaptive and not restricted to light armor or heavy armor class.^^

I know that you can get Arkanian, Dreaguard, Yavin etc. But I didn’t know that you can get f.e. the underworld headset of the might-mystics or so – sth. I really wanna. I got motivated again. Thanks for the more specific info than my own info. 🙂 You were my happiness-saver today, bro. 🙂

Well, there’s a pretty big pool of combinations between armor type, class and armor slot, so you could end up with 3 Arkanian Smuggler legpieces, 6 Dreadguard helmets, 1 of each of the Yavin gear for every class and every slot before you get the one you want, but sure, why not 🙂

For the Operations gear (say, 216 Mainhand from EV), does a loot item drop for every person there, like the rewards in the flashpoints, or is it “item drops, everyone rolls for it”?

for the unassembled tokens themselves those are open to everyone and you roll for it. (Same as it was prior to 4.0)

However, there is a functionality that you get assigned random yet same slot as the setpiece unassembled non setpiece bonus items. (Like in DPS Knight/Warrior case.. The Pummeler.) Those are actually pre-assigned and not everyone gets a piece from every boss.

So it’s sort of both.

The ‘junk’ pieces are assigned by the game at loot…. but those pieces still may have mods or enhancements that might be useful. Just no setpiece armoring.

Need help/information, please.
Trained armormech and synthweave both to 500 but trainer does not offer better (blue) armoring plans than for armoring 36 (178 ranking).
Even removing a 208 ranking armoring (armoring 40) from a purple outlander pieces does not give me the chance to reverse engineer it.
Where can I get the plans for 40er armorings (or hilts, or whatever is related to 40er pieces)?

Why can on 216er pieces armorings, mods … reverese engineered but not on the 208 pieces?
Can anyone give me some insights on this, please?

Defiant MK 3 – Rating 216 – Crafted (reverse engineered from vendor schematic gear)
How/Where EXACTLY do I get this “vendor schematic gear”? I can find NO Mods/Armoring/Enhancements rated 190 or more that I can reverse engineer.
I cannot RE the level 60 grade 40 rating 190 vendor bought mods, nor the rating 208 mods bought “inside” of the vendor bought outlander armor.
What “vendor schematic gear” are you talking about?

You don’t craft individual mods/enhancements/etc. You buy the blue 208 schematics for full pieces of armor (chest, legs, etc) or weapons. Reverse engineer that and you have a 100% chance of learning a purple 216 version that has identical stats to a 216 raid drop but has no set bonus and is not moddable.

Wait, so what about our toons that craft individual mods/armor/enhancement? How do they craft those 216 pieces?

So let me get this straight, for those who don’t raid and are just PVE, the best gear they can get is crafted 220 gear? Not armorings, mods and enhancements, but adaptable armor 220?

The 220 mods, relics, enhancements etc are craftable. You’ll just need to wait for people to start RE’ing and selling them. Of course, they’ll be crazy expensive… but why do you need better gear if you don’t raid?

220 non moddable gear is more than sufficient for any sort of pve that isn’t operations, so what’s the problem anyways?

No problems, just making sure: spending crystals on mats > spending crystals on moddable gear. even though I do not raid I like to get my crafters in the best non-raid gear I can. And currently that looks like non-moddable 220.

This means crafting has been completely destroyed. It is now pointless for anyone to seriously consider crafting as a money maker. Sigh *spams scavenging missions*

Not seeing any difference at all in gear when upgraded. I can run in level 20 gear, on a level 45 planet, and not feel the effects. When I gear up to match the appropriate level, still no change in performance. Mobs go down the same rate no matter what I’m wearing. I should try running around nekked or in level 1 whites to see if there is any difference.

this is mostly correct. when leveling up, you don’t need to upgrade your gear until you reach level 40 or something, I wore the exact same gear all the way only slotting in mods I got from missions into my orange pilot gear. But when I got to the end of Hoth I think it was, it was too much for me and I upgraded my gear. by then I could afford to mod all my pilot armor and my weapon, after which I beat everything with ease up until the end of Makeb, later II switch out the armor as I got new moddable armor as reward. leveling in this game is now a joke because the companions are so powerful.

Okay here’s a question. I just completed a flashpoint and got some purple artifact gear. Problem when I go to put it on it has no stats at all. NONE save for the armor rating. What is that about I thought purple gear was supposed to be powerful not completely useless. The blue armor I get from Flashpoints I’ve done has stats but not the purple could someone please explain this to me.

I usually see this for people that are too low level for any of the loot offered by that FP. A lot of them only scale down the purple items to somewhere around level 50. Any lower than that gets the no-stat items. Maybe this is what you are encountering?

“You will need to wait for them to become weekly High Priority Target or do other operations.” Anyone can tell me where I can get information about High Priority Target (operation where drops on HM 224 gear) ? in game or web?

In game you need to go to the Ziost Shadow for imp side, or the equivalent rebublic ship. Empire side there’s a terminal to the north near the entrance to EV, it has a hologram of the final boss of an operation, that’s the highlighted one

Still don’t see when the top operations gear is up at 220, why they want to bust your chops requiring raid drop items just to craft 208s.

Okay, fair enough, but I’d love for them to actually tell you these things in-game. How you’re supposed to know this is beyond me. Which mats from flashpoints do you need?

They do tell you in game, when you train the MK-16 recipies you can see the mats required right in your crafting window, and I’m fairly sure the tooltip shows where you can get them. Check my reply to Douglas above for more info.

If you go to your trainer and pick up the blue MK-16 recepies, you’ll see that they require some normal crew skill mats, and Exotic Isotope Stabilizers which you can get from flashpoints, or from the Odessen vendor for Glowing Data Crystals.

If you craft and reverse-engineer a blue MK-16 item, you’ll learn the purple MK-26 item. Those require more of the same mats, and a Strategic Resource Matrix, which you can only get from your personal conquest missions. Both mats can also be traded on the GTN ofcourse.

You can see the MK-26 schematics here:

That’s fine. I will do the raids. Right now I can’t even find the recipes for enhancements, armorings , etc.

That’s correct, the only way to get these is by reverse-engineering the item you want to create. So to create a 220 versatile barrel or armoring, you reverse-engineer the barrel from a radiant-crystal offhand or armor-piece. For (good) enhancements, you reverse-engineer the ones from mk-2 drops from ops. For (good) mods, you need to reverse engineer the mods from mk-1 setpieces. For implants, relics, ears, you RE the piece you want to craft (probably mk-1).
Note that 224 rating gear cannot be crafted, so there is no use reverse-engineering it. 216 and 220 can be reversed.

I have a few questions:
– After crafting the purple MK-26 (rating 216), can I RE that to learn a new purple (rating 220)?
– Say I buy an armor piece with data crystals to RE the modifications, my first thought would be to buy it on a Cybertech who can RE Mod and Enhancement – but would the Armoring then be wasted? Would I have to also buy the same item on a Synthweaver/Armormech (and which?) as well to RE an Armoring, or could my Cybertech mail them the Armoring?
– Can lowlevel players even buy equipment to RE? Only my Biochemist is level 65; my Cybertech is level 36, my Artificer level 13. Simply having all the crafting skills on 500 used to be enough to supply my whole Legacy with level 60 modifications. My main’s gear is fully augmentet and I don’t like to use the outfit designer for my primary outfit anyway (I like to wear it – and again, it’s already augmented), so I really need to get him modifications to fill it all out. I just can’t seem to figure out how to go about it. :/

Correct, you can reverse the Defiant MK-26 (rating 216) to get Exarch MK-26 (rating 220). If you check a random Exarch MK-26 item like you can see at the bottom what you need to reverse-engineer to learn it.

You can also reverse-engineer the mods you take from crystal-bought pieces, and you can use legacy armor to transfer the individual pieces to your other crafters (with a small credit cost from ripping and re-applying them). Low-level crafters can also craft the mods as long as they have the required crafting skill at 500.
However, I wouldn’t advice reverse-engineering the mods from crystal gear (with the exception of hilts/barrels), because the stats on those parts are far from optimal compared to operations tokens, but they have the same crafting cost. In general getting crystals is much easier than getting the purple operations mats needed to craft individual 216/220 mods, so it’s much better to spend those mats on the optimized mods instead.

“Defiant MK 3 – Rating 216 – Crafted (reverse engineered from vendor schematic gear)”

What about mods, armorings and enhancements in this range and 220? I dont wear crafted gear. I wear orange gear and just update the pieces in it. Can we craft the equivalent mods the same way? Because I dont seem able to find anywhere to purchase the 208 schematics for armorings, mods and enhancements.

Someone can tell me where is vendor with relics 208 common crystal?Vendor on fleet dosent have odesen have only glowing.

Thanks for the table, it’s so useful. But “Fury and Mono drop everything” is a bit confusing for some, people expect full set drop. 🙂

Should be self explanatory that everything means if you’re on 8 man HM for example you’ll receive 1 220 set piece of random assortment, and if you do 16 man you’ll receive 2 random 220s. A 5-10 minute boss encounter surely wouldn’t or shouldn’t drop a full set of 220 or there wouldn’t be much point in doing any of the other raids rather than for fun. But I guess I understand if it confuses people.

Well, it is a bit confusing, even if it is counter-intuitive. Something like drops ‘one random token’ would have been more clear

Really? You decide to reply to a 3-month old comment to say that? I am ashamed of you. I thought I raised you better.

You need 6 pieces of enforcer for operative dps set bonus and mainhand, because you can’t use a sniper rifle. For the rest of the pieces it doesn’t really matter which way you go, so you can mix and match best enhancements.

The gear should be usable only in operations. Since non-raiders ‘obviously’ don’t need the gear raiders shouldn’t need it for anything else either. Why should raiders clear heroics, dailies, or flashpoints faster due to raid gear that is clearly not needed for that content?

After all, pvp gear’s use outside of pvp combat is limited by the expertise stat. Something similar should be applied to operations gear at the very minimum, if not simply unusable as mentioned above.

I wont lie, We raid for both loot and the challenge, the alter beein most important for me personally. But PVP armor work in OW PVP. so what is wrong with Opsgear working in OW PVE? Npt that it really makes a huge difference, skill trumps gear at a certain point, and that comes a bit before 224 to say it like that. With the ease of the non-ops pve, it honestly make no difference if you are non-raid 212, or full 224, as mobs are made of paper.

The gears mentioned above are not called “raider geer”, but pve gear, thus they are for pve content inluding heroics, dailies and FPs. And they worked for it, doin an OP is hard, thats normal that they’ve he right to use the gear what they earned. And yes, pvp gear is not as effective as pve gear outside pvp, but they’re much better than pve gear in pvp. Players choose their path, thus their gear, but why shouldn’t they use that gear everywhere?

Story mode operations are hard?

And yes, raid gear is not as effective as pve gear outside raids, but they’re much better than pve gear in raids.

Does that sentence still work for you? It does for me.

The thing about SM OPs beig hard was just a guess, I mean, they require 8/16 people, and I’ve never been on any (no sub).
Yup the sentence works for me, but the thing is, in swtor there is no specially raid gear as far as I know, so tat’s why they’re usable outside OPs, ’cause the onlyoter choice would be the pvp one, no third possibility for endgame gear only the one you get from raids, and the pvp (or you can use custom gear, as I do, and modificate it to watever is needed). Rad gear is normal pve gear, just looak at their costs:
-3 of them is bought with data crystals (no OPs needed, thus simple pve [HC, FP, daily] can give them, onl thing that OPs give them faster)
-2 of them is crafted, so not only those who do OPs
-3 is bough by OPs tokens
And my ultimate argument (in my opinion): people do raids in the evening (usually every guild scehludes them to the evening, and most players raid with their guild), if one wants to play in a time when they don’t do raids, he will do other content, why should they have another gear set.

heroics dailies whatever is set to a planets lvl base line so why you crying about my 224 gear when you went for pvp and you got your 208 gear I worked for my gear like you did yours just mine is better for pve content

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