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SWTOR Fallen Empire Quest and Story Guide

A guide to the main quest in the Fallen Empire expansion and influence gain from conversations. This post contains story spoilers. This a work in progress.[toc]

General Info

How to Start

You will find the mission terminal on your ship. It is marked with a purple icon. You will be asked if you are sure about starting the story when you interact with it.

Cutscene Length

Total cutscene length is around 200 minutes or 3.3 hrs. Actual playtime is roughly twice of that so you can finish the story in about 6-7 hrs watching cutscenes or 3 hrs if you spacebar through everything.

  • Chapter 1: 23 minutes
  • Chapter 2 : 11 minutes
  • Chapter 3: 15 minutes
  • Chapter 4: 27 minutes
  • Chapter 5: 19 minutes
  • Chapter 6: 22.5 minutes
  • Chapter 7: 18.5 minutes
  • Chapter 8: 30 minutes
  • Chapter 9: 26 minutes

Choices and Influence Gain

Some dialogues have choices that will give you influence gain with certain characters that are part of the conversation. They will either approval or disapprove of your choices and you gain amounts of influence with them accordingly (you won’t lose influence, just gain less or no influence on disapproval choices). Who approves or disapproves each conversation choice is recorded below.

Chapter 1: The Hunt

Spoiler Inside Show

Chapter 2: A Dream of Empire

Spoiler Inside Show

Chapter 3: Outlander

Spoiler Inside Show

Chapter 4: The Gravestone

Spoiler Inside Show

Chapter 5: From the Grave

Spoiler Inside Show

Chapter 6: Asylum

Spoiler Inside Show

Chapter 7: Lady of Sorrows

Spoiler Inside Show

Chapter 8: Taking Flight

Spoiler Inside Show

Chapter 9: The Alliance

Spoiler Inside Show

By Dulfy

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According to the Patch Notes from yesterday, you can no longer lose Influence with companions: you only gain it. Decisions that companions dislike will still gain Influence, similar to how Reputation worked in Mass Effect 3.

“Whether a companion agrees or disagrees with your decision, you will still build influence with them depending on their reaction and severity of the action. We want to reward you for spending time with your companions and not worry about losing progression or standing by making decisions the way you think your character should.”

Do we know if there is a console (that was promised) that you can use to gain access to your old companions, and if it does exist, where is it?

It warns of class quests and companions quests being lost, so my guess is at least the story part of Oricon would be lost, yes.
Seeing how it would no longer fit the time line, I think any story line that predates KoTFE is forfeited by starting Chapter 1.

Oricon is not a class quest. There are no class quests after 50. Any side content and expansions should be playable. I played through with the Oricon quest in my mission log and it never went away, I suspect you can still pick it up after as well but that would need to be verified.

If you have 30% Class story Xp bonus…? So are XP booster up from 25%, or is this some new wonderous animal to stress over…?

Aaahahah…indeed…in my immeasurable excitement, I have completely overlooked and forgotten such things. Thanks! 😉

> 23 minutes
> 11 minutes
> 17 minutes

I heard a lot of promises of “1 hour of story per chapter” — lol, just remembered what company made those promises. Not surprised at all.

Doesn’t it say “Cut Scene Length?” I think that’s the length of the cut scenes in the story -not counting game play.

Devastation of countless mobs and push_three_buttons_on_the_each_corner_of_the_map-crap is not the “story”.

But okay, let it be “one hour of gameplay per chapter” as u implying and we find that BioFail made around 9 hours of a singleplayer mode on MMO engine for goddamn YEAR. And now they’re asking 20 dollars for this. Err, now i’m thinking they just cheated on people very hard.

“Free for subscribers” is somewhat of a contradiction in itself, though…
Anyway, I’m quite happy with KOTFE so far.

Yeah, you misread that friend, but a simple mistake.

On another note, I’m waiting for the really obnoxious posts on the forum from people who space barred the cut scenes saying length it’s not as advertised. :/

I am not subscribed currently – I don’t have early access. I was subscribed long enough to get Nico as my comp. Does ANYONE know if I can buy the first nine chapters on the 27th rather than having to stay subscriber in order to get ANYTHING? Or is this just BioWare’s biggest money sap ever?

That’s what I mean. I don’t want to have to subscribe, I just want to purchase authorization. Something tells me you no longer have access once your subscription ends.

I think they said you do keep access, but you won’t get the new chapters until you sub again, so I’d suggest either waiting ’till all chapters are released and subbing then or subbing for a month now and then when they’re all released. That’s my plan, as non-sub. I will have to wait ’till they’re all released, though.

OK. I usually try not to subscribe and just purchase new expansions one time, but they’re making almost everything available to people who aren’t subbed.
I like that plan, though. Saves more money 😛

Well, I would wait for confirmation that you really keep the chapters, ’cause it might have changed, but I’m deeply hoping for this option as well! Good luck and enjoy the expansion when you get it and 4.0 in general!

“9. What if I unsubscribe from Star Wars: The Old Republic after October?

If you unsubscribe after October 27, 2015, you will keep the
first 9 Chapters of Knights of the Fallen Empire, but will not receive
any additional Chapters when they are released.”

“10. What if I don’t subscribe until all the Chapters are released?

If you subscribe after the launch of Knights of the
Fallen Empire, you will receive all the content that has been released
up to that date. However, as a subscriber you are eligible for great benefits that you don’t want to miss out on such as a monthly Cartel Coin grant and access to the full spectrum of character species.”

You have To Be A Sub. If you sub you get the current chapters forever, but no following chapters if you unsub. So you can sub for a mo. get the first 9, unsub and then re-sub next year and get the next ch. and so on.

Is there a way to summon my companions before starting Chapter 1? They keep their chest pieces but walk around with no pants and boots in the cut scenes if you don’t re-equip them XD

Any idea why I can’t start the missions? They don’t show up in my Mission Terminal. I subbed yesterday in the morning, and i’m able to earn XP after 60.

you won’t get the chapters until next week…this week is for early access only. If you subbed yesterday you don’t qualify for early access.

Early access starts today. You had to be a sub from Aug 10th until Oct 19th to qualify. Otherwise you get access as a sub next Tuesday the 27th. Everyone see patch 4.0 today. That is why you’re getting exp.

So this means he’s not dead? Still trying to find out if he will become a permanent companion at some point or if they’re killing him off.

SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He appears in later chapters as a Force ghost, talking with another character I won’t name.

hmm datamined stuff said it would still be around as with the name ”remnant” and as legacy gear… if its gone forever that sucks :p lol

Yeah it will still be craftable but you can’t get the pieces to learn them anymore. You had to learn them before 4.0

Turning in Supply Crates to your specialists/advisors (Oggurob, Sana-rae, Hylo Visz, Admiral Aygo) will give you a randomly-selected piece of “classic” ops gear as an empty BoL shell.

Anyone else encountered the problem of mission not being able to launch, because a follower that is required is not available?
I can´t get chapter 4 started, went to fleet before talking to Koth and now i can´t get back.

They just did a Dev post saying they found a billing error and corrected it. They said if you think you should’ve had Early access to try logging out and back in (A full logout, not just to character select.) If you still don’t have it but think you should, contact CS so they can review your account.

I am still waiting on the Alliance blog they said would be out by now. Meant to explain to us how the Alliance is recruited and expected to work.

Still doesn’t explain why you said anything. So you just said ” I can’t help” so that he would know you can’t help. That was very helpful. I’m sure he appreciates it.

You having completed Ziost shouldn’t even matter, actually. At level 60, the mission terminal in your ship should allow you to start Chapter I, regardless of whether or not you’ve finished any of the SoR content.

Im confused about something, lets say that i play a Sith Warrior and a SW companion (Vette, Quinn, Pierce) dies or rejects me during Knights of the Fallen Empire. Can I still use them for stuff outside of KOTFE like solo flashpoints?

Does anyone have an issue of the game showing 0.0% downloaded once you launch it? I’ve got everything downloaded the game just won’t recognize it. Or doesn’t seem to be

That is the length of the cutscenes if you read it correctly.
It’s been over 9 hours, and she’s been posting them as she goes along.

Question….where do you go to get the recruitment mission for Nico Okarr? I am finished with Chap 9 and i still can not find it.

I was under the impression that the clickable in the inbox just gave you the comp…and that it wasnt actually the Recruitment mission (to give people options). Is that not so?

Whoops – I apologize; I misread your question. Also, Dulfy has already helped out more than I ever could have, so happy blasting!

So I activated the new Akk Dog Companion prior to starting the expansion – He vanished after I started it and, unlike Nico, doesn’t seem to come back. Greatly distressing. Anyone know if this is an issue?

Chill bro, either make a ticket or just wait for a few days (weeks) before bioware realize they made an ultimate mistake…

Nope. Just the original companions, as musco stated before, for example Darth Marr’s armor cannot be changed

Marr makes sense since his face can never be seen, but that’s kinda dumb about the rest especially since Lana’s vintage outfit is in the CM, so it would make a lot of sense for her to be able to wear it

Nope all the new companions use high res textures so you can’t till they release actual customizations.

So, considering everything I saw, does HK-55 have only one fate, or I can start scrapping my main and search for a new one? 🙁

ohh wow… the Devs are now ‘restraining’ me to watch the WHOLE CUTSCENE unless i want my companions to die??

Well.. at least I Could slow down myself and enjoy a bit of this game 😀

“They will either approval or disapprove of your choices and you gain amounts of influence”
Pretty sure you meant “approve or disapprove”, Dulfy 🙂

Compared to the rest of the games previous expansion content, that is much longer, as well as the cut scenes being very well done and long. People like you would complain about free money.

Not really as they focused purely on the story for this expansion vs the others that had additional content.

The cut scenes were much longer for sure. The fighting was so watered down it got boring for me. Watch 30 minutes of cut scenes > Face roll keyboard for 5 minutes > rinse and repeat. I bet an animal walking on the keyboard could complete the expansion in 7-10 hours.

With the stuff you do between them, the time accumulates, not to mention that not everyone can or wants to be holed up in thier “chambers” all day to do the expansion in one go. ^^

Not rushing I finished this in 7 hours on my first run. This is with answering the door for delivery and bathroom/water breaks. Very disappointing.

Why does it say are you sure about doing the mission, what happens if you start it, are there things you can not do once you start KotFE?.

Hmm, reading through the dialogs for the Cantina part of chapter 9, it seems that you can “begin romance” with both Lana and Koth, but no such option for Theron?

If you had romanced Theron in Forged Alliances/Shadow of Revan then you get a special scene with him where you can commit to a romance with him. I did anyways.

Just a note: in chapter 8 when (SPOILER!) you use valkie’s power to kill mask-face, if you deny him, he will greatly disapprove and dismiss your choice not to, and take control of your body anyway IF you had used his power before. I used it to (spoiler) save Lana in chapter 4 and (spoiler) fight Heskal in… I don’t even remember. If you use his power two times, he will force you to use it a third time.

Is it only me that’s getting killed by campfires on the ship in the beginning of The Hunt continuously? Even with Marr healing me it will just kill me outright after a certain time, that time not being long enough to move and fight much of anything.

Campfires on the ship? No one is camping there. Contrary to what Duran Duran may tell you don’t dance into the fire, easy fix.

When you 1st meet Valky and your character and Marr talk about a familiar presence, all I could think was: “I knew it, Kephess!”

Question: Will SoR become free-to-VIP on the 27th? I’ve been saving my refferal code potential 7 day sub for the possibility that i might get SoR + KOTFE without another microtransaction.

So I was in a group finder que during chapter 8 (escaping to gravestone part) and I joined it, now I’m in the fleet and there is no way for me to return..any help?

Love the story and storytelling of new expansions but hate all the recent unnecessary changes that continue to happen and turn Swtor from a true RPG into something that is more simpler, casual, and limited when it comes to game’s choices,leveling, progression, and even some changes hurting some of the immersion as they continue to strip away even more RPG elements from Swtor. Clearly they catering more to the PvPers who could care less about important RPG elements and factors like progression, immersion, and etc. companions use to be more unique and fulfill different roles for example now they all can play any role making them pretty much lifeless and the same and you can no longer gear them either making them nothing but a skin and easy mode for players who were lazy or didn’t like to actually have to maintain their companions in order for them to be productive.

Also with new Discplines and leveling system you know longer can develop and build your character the way you like and could before with advanced classes and now with Discplines it prevents players from building Hybrid builds while also progressing and leveling your character for you versus having to choose for yourself like before. so now everyone has less choice and is pretty much the same when choosing same discipline as only thing sets anyone aside then would be utilities which still is nowhere as it was before.Don’t get me wrong I don’t exactly believe most of the recent changes are a caee of them just catering to PvPers but more or less devs designing the MMO to be easier for them to maintain both work wise and cost wise as well because they could easily have separated PvE and PVP like GW2 did by now and kept both sides happy but didn’t and haven’t because they had other ideas in mind and ones that make their jobs easier and lower costs of maintaining the MMO as well.

They could have developed a design that makes everyone happy but that would take more time meaning more work and more money so they continue to pick the easy way out all the time even with crew skills instead of fixing the bad crew skills they nerf the couple that are actually any good therefo making all crew skills just as bad as one another so no one can say any are better then one another versus doing it right and actually fixing the crew skills that needed some revising. Honestly it’s our faults because as long as they can profit from the cartel market/cash shop they will continue to do this’s stead of taking the time to do things right. No such thing as bad game only bad design and anything is possible if they willing do the work take the time and spend the money.

so stupid..this game has no love for pvpers since 2 years ago pops are empty and dead blaming pvper’s that are all gone from this game makes you look like a fool.

Actually the skills that can make armor got a major buff. They can now learn to make gear equivalent to hard mode gear.

LOOOOOOL!!! Yes, exactly! When I first logged on my chars all my comps’ pants where in Inventory… JUST the pants!!! WTF?!?

Wrong place for it I know, but the gree vendor has 6 new decos (3 art, 1 gree NPC, 1 (non-art) wall deco, and one…pillar…thing) added, and the schematics for the crystal of nightmare fury. Didn’t see the info anywhere yet, so thought I’d let you know if you didn’t already.

Agent makes comments with and on Scorpio and Lana instead asks “Your worked with Scorpio before can we trust her” instead.

Anyone can help? I have my instant lvl 60 character, but i cant go to any old planets except tatoine..why? Also i finished story..and im sad, i cant go event to fleet..

So there’s no way to save the person who goes later in the game? Being vague to avoid spoiling anyone.

Don’t want to spoil so things but asking for guidance gets pretty vague. I kinda know there are some you can’t avoid…for the story, but what about the ones you really want to keep? Or is it some BS and your choices don’t really matter. I guess an non spoiler example is needed. Don’t want to mess up and they Gone Forever. I would really be PO.

You mean my classic companions won’t be available even after Chapter 8 with that terminal during KOTFE story because they died in vision? Or they didn’t really die? I’m not good at Force Visions Philosophy.

It’s better if you play through and find out. I think it’s fairly safe to say (without spoiling) that no one you were previously fond of/attached to dies during the course of the expansion story, at least not without you making an active choice for it to happen.

Choices don’t matter same as always. There are very minor differences but the overall is it’s the same result. Like Valkorian says, “choice is an illusion”

Would love to know if Jaesa shows up for SW and is romance-able as a female. Also would love to kill Quinn. I assume only Lana is half-way romance-able like in the previous patches.

No, i believe they are gonna make Lana a full on romance. “If you romance Lana and have an old relationship they won’t be happy” so its a full romance this time ^.^. Also i hope they at least make light side Jaesa romancable don’t like crazy lets murder them all Jaesa.

you can still tell her to have babies with you if she’s light and she will agree to pass her gift into your legacy. 😉

Is that Kaliyo on the Pic for Chapter 10 or any other Ratataki ? If she play a role in the Story i think we will not see her as a companion for a longer time now…

Actully that is wrong,There is one of the missions where you fight that Zakuul protocol droid after destroying 2 of the generators at each sides and mobs keep coming out of elevators in that chapter and on that place theres a datapad you can interact with and starts with something speaking about the awe of combat or such thing which after you activate gives you a lore thing

Micky Ceaser its about star fortress

only 2 datalog In chapters
see here

the gravestone’s creators [in gravestone after your repair door to angar you find datalog(chapter 5)]
commerce in the free zone [on Asylum alley before entrance in scions house(chapter 6) find datapad]

* you can really miss it if already finish story (I miss it too)
BUT you can open it on same character – 2 ways
1) use 2 Computer log in second account (maybe friend or family) and when any character be in 5 and 6 chapter summon your main character where you want this lore
2) simple find any who do 5 and 6 chapter now and ask join he. he can summon you

there is a lore object just before you meet senya where once you walk through the door HK gets disabled. If you go left before going right to meet senya there is a lore object on the one bed. FYI

there is a lore item called datalog in the hangar bay after you find the 4 tools to fix the door. not sure if you can eventually access it later

Wow the rewards are so crappy, I thought you would end up in better gear then 190 green.
How is it they made a whole new xpac and give you worse gear then the pre story Ziost rewards.

I actually got a purple like 206 drop.. just one.. so there is definitely better gear out there. Unfortunately it was bid on pickup and not for my Class so I had to sell it, bu they do exist.

Actually my free 60 I made an Inquisitor and they call her by the lightside Darth title of Imperius, not Nox which is the darkside Darth title.

So is there an option to keep HK-55 alive or is his death scripted regardless either way? Cos I went LS and refused Valkorian’s help and figured that was why I lost HK, if so that sucks he’s much better than 51.

I don’t believe there is, but his character note says that, “There SEEMS to be no way of reviving him” (emphasis mine). I took Valkorion’s power because why the fuck not, and he still got fried because Arcann is a bitch.

BioWare loves to leave things open ended and bring characters back as much as they do have that one companion betray you every time or give you moral choices.

Ah that’s a good point, and I suppose it’s possible Arcaan might find a way to reactivate him or something. Also had to laugh at your because Arcann is a bitch comment 😛

Well it was my Jedi so I refused to keep the light side path going, plus I’m looking on it the more I’d take his power the easier it is for him to take control in the future is my guess.

I do like what they’ve done with him though as a character, like this whole other side to him as Valkorion, from what Senya and Koth had said he was like compared to how we knew him as the Emperor, it at least made me wonder what he would have been like if the Republic/Empire, Jedi/Sith hadn’t been around since neither were around where he did what he did with Zakuul.

HK-55 is by far the most agreeable HK i’ve ever seen. I hope they bring him back, and i double hope they allow us to use HK-51’s customizations on him.

HK-47 died and came back at least twice in SWTOR alone, so there’s certainly precedent for rebuilding defeated HK’s. I’d say the chances are pretty high that the next time we see HK-55, he’s going to be working for a new employer, and be happy to see you for the wrong reasons.

we haven’t even seen all the chapters so far…
plus, he is too cheerful. on chapter 7 when he keeps talking about bug-killing got on my nerves…
HK-51 and 47 are way better, unless someone fix him

Anyone know if female toons can flirt with Senya, or is it just males, and do they have fewer options to do so? She’s a bamf.

I like the story, I just wish the majority of the action was not “Oh no! Three sky troopers are blocking my path!” A few more puzzles or “find an alternate way to beat the boss” encounters would have been welcome.

How does grouping work for these quests? Can my wife duo it by going back in for the other person like class quests?

Many of the areas are instanced, meaning that only either you OR your wife may make progress in their missions, even if you are in the same instance.
You can do it (there is even a convenient ‘summon group member to your position’ feature), but doing so means that you will cover much of the content twice.

So what did Revan say at Maelstrom?

“I led my allies to the edge of the galaxy to detroy the Emperor. We didn’t understand his true power.”
“I lost everyone…betrayed from within. The Emperor imprisoned me, kept me alive with Sith alchemy..used me.”

So the story leads just to another Revan.

You know, after playing the expansion from both sides (Rep and Imp) I see your point and, sadly, that is not a good omen for my characters…

Ok, there’s my question: do you have to be a subscriber in order to begin Fallen Empire quest line? I am not and I can’t find the purple icon to start the story on my ship! I tried with all my character and I still can’t find that icon! I got all the rewards (Nico Okarr’s dustacoat, Niko Okarr’s guns, Niko Okarr) as well as the old companions’ gear. I just can’t start the quest line!

This is Bioware actually doing what they are good at instead of trying to one-up stuff that has already been done better. Story is what SWTOR is actually good for. It IS a Bioware game.

If you want good raids or good pvp and are not satisfied with that SWTOR can offer in those areas, then you might want to reconsider your choice of MMOs.

Thanks for the guide, I am really enjoying coming back to play the Fallen Empire and the changes BioWare made so far 😉

Because it’s not supposed to be shared. Firstly, those are chain quests, secondly, they are in “PERSONAL phases”, not “group phases”.

I think they’d have to make the story much more narrow, if it was meant for groups. Also: Who would the NPCs like Senya follow when outside of cutscenes? Random group member? Group leader? A Senya for each of them?

The note in the Hylo Visz’s mission Underground Logistics is not right. As a Jedi Knight I choose option 2 – Just stopping by to have a look at things and while Hylo was intrigued I ended up with 0 Influence with Hylo. You should change the note that any choice gets you +200 Influence. Everything else has been good. Thanks for the walkthru.

I am stuck on chapter 4 Speak to HK-55 have go to gravestone and i go there but noting happens everything is locked and no HK-55 help me please

I had issues with not being able to click on the big battery after getting the ship parts. It wouldn’t work for me because I had sent Koth on an Scavenging Mission so he was unavailable. I had reset the quest, and made sure no one was on any side missions and no issue. Hope this helps.

I wonder if you choose “let him go” during your escape in Chapter 3, if the fight (and/or convo afterwards) before meeting the Lady of Sorrows in chapter 7 would play out differently? or would it matter?

i let lana have her way in chap 3, but ran into the guy that ran off before meeting the lady of sorrows in chap 7. need to play it on another toon or 2 to find out all the different branching paths

Not sure this is relevant, but since I have been through KotFE with all eight classes, here are the individuals you face in the “destroyed” capital part of your dream (Chapter 2)

Both Jedi face Satele Shan. The Sith classes get Darth Marr. Agent gets Darth Jadus, while Trooper gets Gen. Garza. Smuggler fights Nok Drayan. And the Bounty Hunter faces Mandalore.

Not sure if this has been asked before but does anyone know why torian is not there in chapter 1 as a female bounty hunter who romanced him?

I can’t begin the mission. There’s a purple mission in my log but when I click on the mission giver in my ship it says “Not eligible for this conversation” Any help?

you may have active phases or another active quest that is preventing you from starting this one. (if i recall correctly) can right click your char image and there’s an option for resetting all phases. i’d then look through you’re other quests, see if there’s some other mission, that’s progression based, that’s not complete. …ie could purge your quest log of everything, eliminate those possibilities

Same problem – i have done the mission with 3 pub characters on the server, yet when i get my agent to the ship, i get the “not eligible…” line. 😐

i found a solution – though not direct > take your character to level 70, open galactic command and play chapter 1 directly from there – hope this helps!

Just came back to the game after a long hiatus.
I finished all chapters but I’m seeing “The Hunt” on my console consistently. I may be rusty but – just to be sure – I played it again and it’s still there.
Is this just something that will stay as a repeatable mission or am I missing something?
You’d think being a subscriber since 2012, I would know better but my break was a year long and I feel lost as hell now. :-/

I just read a post from a Dev. named Keith in which he mentions something about Mako’s return… did I miss read or does something happen upon completion of chapter 9 that I should know about?

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