SWTOR Underworld Alliance Pack Preview

SWTOR Underworld Alliance Pack Preview. This pack was released on October 20, 2015.


Frontline Defender Armor Set – Bronze



Herald of Zildrog Armor Set – Gold



Dune Stalker Armor Set – Silver



Renowned Duelist Armor Set – Silver



Overwatch Shield Armor Set – Bronze



Overwatch Security Armor Set – Bronze



Sith Recluse Armor Set – Gold

Armor has an animated effect where it summons a droid





Forest Raptor – Silver


Irakie Falcon – Bronze


Korrealis KL-1F – Bronze


Meirm Agama – Bronze


Minas Hornet – Gold

  • This mount has a flourish effect activated by the flourish command



Orlean Scout – Bronze


Vectron LW-1S – Silver

  • This mount has a flourish effect activated by the flourish command



Wasteland Womp Rat – Gold



Regen – Kai Zykken’s Unparalleled Log Mount – Silver


Companion – Akk Dog



Galllery format of the decorations: http://tor-decorating.com/category/acquired-source/cartel-market/packs/alliance-packs/underworld-alliance-pack/

Ambient Machine: Casino
Ambient Machine: Warerfront
Battle-Worn Barricade
Blaster Mark
Damaged Republic ATV
Damaged Turret
Damaged Wall Section
Debris Pile (Large)
Destroyed Battledroid
Destroyed Ceiling Light
Destroyed Speeder Bike
Emergency Response Droid
Jukebox: Galactic Mysteries
Lightsaber Damage (Straight)
Salvage Droid
Sandbag Barricade
Shipping Crate (Damaged)
  • Merlinrac

    Dat Zildrog armor tho.

  • The Natoorat

    Strangely there is nothing that makes me say: “I really want that, gimme!”. There is some nice stuff but, probably will not buy the pack, maybe some nice emotes from GTN?

  • General Stone Star Gaming

    Lookin good

  • Sarigar

    Dulfy, would you mind posting a picture of the Herald of Zildrog helmet without the rest of the armour? Thank you!

  • Steven Kucher


  • Juju

    Wooh I’d really like to know how can you publish so fast a guide on this ? Are you Super Jaimie ?

  • Nyethux

    Just a suggestion, you could consider ordering items by tier (frist gold, then silver, then bronce for example)

  • Ree

    Love the name of the log. You can say what you want about the devs, but at least they have a sense of humor.

  • Ben

    What happened to the Resolute Guardian set? It’s not part of this pack?
    And the Sith Recluse set has one of these stupid special effects on them when you draw your weapon? That reduces my interest in this armor to near zero =/

    • Nyethux

      It will probably go to the Cartel Market

    • Macleod

      It’s the Knights character creation armor so will likely be added as a direct buy like the other creation armors.

  • Rob Ferret

    Only really two, maybe three things I’d think I’d really want from this back, so will probably just wait to get on GTN and they are all bronze and silver rated. Not that fussed about any of the gold rated stuff.

  • Clarence

    Is it just me or do Bounty Hunters get the shaft on armor.

    • Steven Kucher

      I disagree. I’ve been wanting a long coat with a jetpack since beta.
      That being said, I can almost guarantee they put the jets in the wrong spots again or forgot to add them entirely.

      • Holyfrog

        That jet pack wouldn’t cause that long flappy coat to catch fire at all……

        • Steven Kucher

          It might if it actually worked…

          which it does not

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    No weapons?

  • Altheran

    Kai Zykken’s “mount” was in the last April’s fool joke if I recall correctly, right ?

    • That is correct.

    • Kay Zykken

      That’s right. But you will only be able to play with, not to drive it 😉

  • William Doyle

    Sith Recluse is pretty dang sexy.

    • Deshik

      I prefer robes over armor on my force users so I had them equip full sets of Ajunta Pall, Atris and Jedi temple guardian sets ^^

      • Sarigar

        I was disappointed by how much Atris clipped itself. Is it still doing that in 4.0?

        • Deshik

          not sure my 4.0 finaly patched intself in after five hours ^^ I am about to find out. 🙂

  • Aeden

    I wanna be stoked at this pack but imma lil dumbfounded at how crazy they went with level sync. It’s bad. Nearly died attacking a single spawn of lvl 50′ (two npc’s).

    • The Coffee Guy

      Git gud.

      • Aeden

        With your spelling im not quite sure you’d understand but I’ll try anyways “THATS NOT THE ISSUE”. I’ve been playing this game nearly 4 years and I know this toon inside and out. Do you really think I should need resilience or my defense cd for a mob of two (lvl50). I have self heals and stuns still in my back pocket but that’s not the point. I actually think level sync is a good idea but it just went too far. You won’t see it doing the new content but to anyone who actually does dailies in 2-3 hours can now expect 4-5 hours. I feel bad for any non stealth class that will still try to do them. Especially now the mobs they kill aren’t worth the creds vs the time invested. Ugh! You make my head hurt.

  • I want that Companion!

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    no new weapons from this pack?

  • Darth-Robin

    armor all crap, mounts all crappy reskins, a toy that looks funny and no new weapons not worth it

    • Bigjohn

      many of them are ruined by dick plate, shoulder plates and poorly designed details

      • Pyr’angarlit

        I believe they’re called, “cod piece”, “pauldrons”, and “typical”

        • Holyfrog

          I like the “dick plate” name though. It leaves no room for doubt about what it is. I mean really, “cod piece” what does that mean it’s not covering a fish, and it doesn’t look like a fish.

          • Sadriel_Fett

            Cover Over Dick (COD)


            • ghostbeetle

              Sorry I can only give you 1 like for that comment!

            • Holyfrog


  • Sarigar

    Weapons will get posted, if there are any. Give her time to take all the screenshots and crop them, it’s not like she has a bunch of Ugnaught slaves to do all that for her.

    • Ahmet Yılmaz

      you know there are two different posts:
      SWTOR Upcoming Cartel Market Items from Patch 4.0 and cropped version SWTOR Underworld Alliance Pack Preview non of them has weapons which makes me believe there are now new weapons from this pack after cartel market changes

    • Ahmet Yılmaz

      see no weapons.

  • Gabriel Mican

    The Herald & Sith armors!!! Want!!

  • michael fearless


  • Aeden

    Hate to say this but the new cartel stuff pales in comparison so far with the new ops gear. Pubs finally got some great looking pieces. wow!!!! This is a great day again.

  • ZapTheSheep

    Female Sith Recluse looks a bit like the new Inquisitor in Star Wars Rebels.

  • Sarigar

    Oh nice, I’ve been hoping for some damaged/junky decorations! I need more salvage swag for my jawa pavilion!

    And I need one of those sprayer droids to hose down my twi’lek dancers. For aesthetic reasons.

    • Holyfrog

      Lol I like the idea for that droid spaying the dancers. I’m really not digging much in this pack. Maybe I should have bought one of the old packs yesterday before they all left. Any word on how much the packs and hypercrates are?

      • Sarigar

        I set it up in my Tatooine stronghold, it is a funny tableau! Water’s too expensive on Tatooine, though, so I’m using bantha saliva.

  • demian

    is there a new reputation for this pack?

    • randy191993

      There won’t be Reputation for new packs anymore

  • Guest4142015

    Anyone try out the Gold/Silver/Bronze mount and armor packs?

  • Ahmet Yılmaz


    • Micklanis

      Get over yourself it is the first pack, they just released five lightsabers not even a week ago.

  • Zenahk

    Go big, go small, go nowhere!

    I await the rest of the Kai Zykken series of “mounts” eagerly!

    • Lasse David Sand Østergaard

      Me too! That’s the best April Fools’ joke they made since announcing the Sarlacc Enforcer class!

    • The Coffee Guy

      I don’t even care if it moves, I want it so bad!

  • Лев Сафаров

    What is regen item?

    • Darth Twinge

      The log is apparently. I’m guessing your character has to hump it to regenerate their stat pools.

    • Zenahk


      “In my new line of Stationary Mounts, you can find everything from luxury
      chairs to crashed asteroids! And they all have one thing in common:
      they don’t move! That’s right, these new vehicles will move at a
      whopping 0% movement speed. You heard me right, zero. It’s like I always
      said, why go everywhere, when you can go nowhere?”

  • michael fearless

    Some of those decorations are amusing, and any new sound machine is always nice.

    Most of those armor sets are really attractive too – I’m actually a bit surprised. I only really like the helm in the dune stalker set, because it’ll help me add variety to the companions for my Tusken Raider jedi, but whatever.

    I definitely want the log regen, if only because it’s delightfully idiotic, and an Akk Dog to sic on trash mobs.

    The new Vectron mount is something I’ve been waiting for, for sure. The Korrealis on the other hand … that thing is 1980’s colorful, like freaking Miami Vice colorful. Just wow.

    • Naq

      More like Borrealis, amirite?….I am getting it though I love it.

      • Holyfrog

        Lol I see what you did there. I wonder how many heads that went over.

  • Sarigar

    The distribution in the new packs is… not great. Out of a crate, I got zero items of Gold rarity, and very few Silver (lizard mount, log regen). I didn’t get a lot of armour, and I got no single parts, only Overwatch Shield, Renowned Duelist, and one Dune Stalker box. I’ll try another crate when I get home today, but it was not a promising start.

    On the other hand, there will be a nice supply of companion gifts from the new packs, so maybe the price on some stuff will go down.

    Looks like some companions got their preferred gifts revised, too. HK-51 loves Technology gifts now, so you won’t get nickel and dimed trying to raise his Influence anymore. Hopefully Ashara is less finicky now too.

  • Darth Twinge

    That is the biggest womprat i have ever seen!
    Luke: “Easier than shooting womprats back ho-whoa! Holy shit! Run AGhhh!”

  • Kashi

    woohoo, akkdog companion

  • Naq

    My drommund SH is supposed to be an under assault imperial base…this pack’s furniture is going to make it so good.

    • Unoshi

      saving these up for a SH that will go well with them or the general theme like Correlia SH or something

      • Darth Twinge

        you could make the tattooine stronghold, look like the Lars homestead post stormtrooper arrival XD

        • Unoshi

          hahah could:p but thats my mando clan hq

    • Sarigar

      I got a couple of damaged turrets I don’t have any use for, let me know if you need any.

  • The Natoorat

    It’s way to expensive, 5400cc for HC it’s the same price as before, but you get less (yes, 30 packs instead of 24, but each pack has only 1/2 of old ones). Not buying.

    Plus, the stuff is kind of meh. No weapons or emotes?

    • Zack Wall

      Buy a new HC, sell all the items on the GTN, then use that money to buy an old Hypercrate on the GTN.

  • Laz

    Renowned Duelist and Frontline Defender are my favorites; I’ll probably just buy them off the GTN rather than try to get lucky with the new less-appealing pack system since they’re not likely to be super expensive anyway, given their rarity.

    Sith Recluse is also kinda nice, but I figger that’ll be too pricey to be worthwhile.

  • Havik79

    Wait in the preview yesterday there was 2 walkers, where are they?.

  • Neg Sani

    There’s a decoration not on the list, Commemorative Statue of Theran Shan

  • Jhos’ro

    Hey does this pack have a Reputation ?

    • Nope, no more pack reputation anymore

      • Jhos’ro

        That’s Good 🙂

      • michael fearless

        Thank god. Making us pay for reputation was kind of ass.

        • Holyfrog

          Why is it ass? It’s a thank you for buying packs. It’s really no different than the Collectors Edition or Security Key vendors or even the PVP or GSF. The people that buy more should be entitled to stuff that those that don’t can’t get. Just because you are cheap, quit whining.

        • Lasse David Sand Østergaard

          [What Holyfrog said]
          Cartel reputation was not something they made you buy; it was something they gave you as an bonus, as a way to thank those who bought packs.

      • Kubrickian

        True Dulfy but some of the rep vendors at fleet still require rep levels to buy the cool stuff e.g. the sport model hover chair. I need that for when my toon goes to the imperial retirement village.

  • Tom

    No companions customizations? No titles? Dang, I was hoping for a vintage Lana customization, one with her in her assult on tython outfit, and maybe a skytrooper title or a knighy of zakuul title. Maybe next time, Valk’s throne is prettt nice too, though I guess if it becomes a decoration it’ll just be a replica, like with the sacr sphere.

  • Sarigar

    Out of two crates, I did not get a single “Gold” item, unless you count the Akk Dog License (which was certainly worthy of being Gold for me). Probably just hideous bad luck on my part, but it does seem like the ultra-rare stuff is more ultra-rare than ever. I didn’t even get the usual karmic “suck it” of ultra-rare boots or belt.

    • Holyfrog

      No the ultimate “suck it” is ultra-rare bracers, you know the item the usually makes no difference to the look of the outfit.

      • Sarigar

        That’s true, I didn’t even get that. I don’t even know if the Gold armour sets from this shipment are single pieces, or 2-piece boxes. God help anyone trying to get them if they’re single pieces…

        • Holyfrog

          Yeah the new packs with only one item is not “because of feed back”. No one wants 1 item in a pack, it’s too hard to collect the set you want that way.

          • Sarigar

            I don’t mind them taking out the pure garbage like WZ and GSF boosters, even the credit explosions, as long as the amount of actual loot stays the same, or improves. I’ve been buying two crates per release for a long time, and this crate has by far the lowest ratio of very-rare and ultra-rare items to common stuff and gifts.

            • Holyfrog

              Yeah they could have left out the garbage and still left the 2 items. Even taking out the rep is stupid just because people that didn’t but packs whine about not being able to buy the stuff from the vendors. It was like a little extra thank you for supporting the game, and know it’s been taken away because of the cheapskates.

          • michael fearless

            Like packs weren’t awful enough already. I never liked them in the first place, but now?

            They just guaranteed I won’t buy any, even if I have the CC to spare.

  • Gismo

    Bought 30 packs, got a bunch of silver stuff, no golds. Got a lot of duplicate armor pieces, 2 orlean scouts and a meirm agama. Was it worth it? Probably as I almost got a full set of the dune stalker (missing legs and boots) and I got the log.

    • Gismo

      Update, 2 more hypercrates yielded much better results Lower and sup sith recluse 2x herold upper 2x more logs 1x ugly rat mount 2x forest raptors sold all the crap I didn’t want and now rock a full sith recluse, happy days.

  • Reiver

    Has anyone got any Zildrag pieces? I’ve gone through 3 crates and not seen a single drop. IMO thats BS and if its not bugged then screw buying crates anymore. I’d rather pay the chinese for creds and buy it on the GTN..cheaper

    • Nuff

      3 Hypercrates so far with Wasteland Womp Rat, Akk Dog, Commemorative Statue of Theron Shan and Minas Hornet the only golds. Same price for the crate as the old system with way less drops and lots of filler. I don’t think i’ll be buying anymore, i’ll just get the bits I want off the gtn.

      • mastershake

        i bought two packs off of the market yesterday and got the herald supplementary and the upper body packs. guess i just have great luck lol

      • Sarigar

        What kind of playlist is on the new jukebox? I got two but I haven’t claimed either, yet.

    • WStevens1701

      I’ve gotten the lower and supplementary armor for it, no chest piece. Desperately trying to get the Recluse armor, but they are *way* over priced on the exchange; same with Zildrog. I’m not buying any more crates, cause there’s no reputation from this Pack.

  • JasonRyder

    Any Dye modules or emotes in this pack?

  • Nozyspy .

    Hang on a minute… is that a combat pet?!


    • It is a companion so yes combat pet

  • Deium

    I bought 12 packs and got nothing but bronze items and decorations… so I contacted customer support and made a complaint and requested a refund since the drop rates attached to the new crates were obviously bugged. They sent this response:


    I am Protocol Droid M0-T0, Human-Cyborg Relations.

    Thank you for contacting us about the issue you encountered. This particular case appears to have been caused by a bug within the game that will need to be corrected in a future game update and as such, cannot be corrected by Customer Service.

    To allow us to identify and correct these issues, we would request that you submit a Bug Report on this issue. Bug Reports submitted though the In-Game Help Center go directly to our development QA team and not to Customer Service. To submit a bug, you can type /bug in your chat window or select Bug Report from the drop down when creating a new ticket in the In-Game Help Center.

    We also recommend checking the latest patch notes at http://www.swtor.com/patchnotes for information on any fixes or changes in our game updates or our Known Bugs list, located at the top of our Bug Forums which can be found here: http://www.swtor.com/community/forumdisplay.php?f=417.

    We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and to thank you again for the valuable feedback you have provided. Please do not hesitate to report any other issues you may encounter while playing.

    Galactic support is our specialty…


    Protocol Droid M0-T0

    in other words. “We know its bugged but screw you we are keeping the money.”

    • King_thane

      I love how I see this post after I buy 10 packs and get nothing in them, thanks mate had similar problems and was waiting for a reply from customer services.

    • Aric

      Does anybody know if this has been taken care of? To afraid to buy any packs right now after seeing this.

    • Sarigar

      It’s not a bug, I think they just sent you the wrong form letter. They reduced the drop rates of Gold items to critically low levels. I opened two hypercrates and got zero Gold-quality items (except the Akk Dog License, which has no code but is arguably Gold).

      Don’t expect them to fix it, or refund you, or do anything this time around. The best you can hope for is that they adjust the drop rates for future releases.

      • Deium

        I don’t expect anything anymore, I was just sharing my experience and the response from the ticket. IF I had known that the drop rate was so terrible I wouldn’t have spent anything on it, much as I’m sure you wouldn’t have blown alot of money on two hypercrates if you had known you weren’t going to get any gold items.

        • Sarigar

          I got my akk dog, so I was happy. 🙂 Hopefully they will revise the Gold-tier drop rates for future packs, every full crate should yield at least one Gold item, I think. Maybe throw it in like the Platinum bonus packs from the last wave of previous crates.

          • michael fearless

            Yeah, I’ve been waiting for them to pop up on the GTN – lately they go for around 10 million.

            Scratch one of those off my ‘gonna have’ list, lol.

        • Katz

          ‘If I had known the drop rate was so terrible.’

          There’s always a high chance of getting nothing good.
          A rate doesn’t guarantee anything- you can buy 10000 packs and still only get bronze items by way of unluckiness.
          Don’t expect anything from game gachas.

    • me

      MO TO is the idiot of replies at BW

    • Holyfrog

      This is not a bug. You bought single packs not a crate. If you buy a single pack your odds of getting a gold are the same on the first pack, as on the second, as on the third, and so on. It’s not even out of the realm of possibility that you would get the same thing in every pack, extremely unlikely but not impossible, especially since now there is one item and gift in the packs. Now if you bought an actual crate and every one of them was a bronze or the same item then it’s a bug. You can’t expect to get gold just buying packs.

      • Deium

        You did read the response from the ticket right? The part where they even say its a bug?

        People are buying hyper crates and still not getting any gold items. But yeah if I spend a significant amount of money I do think expecting Gold quality items isn’t unreasonable.

        I’m not even sure why your arguing with me, I just shared my experience and the response from my ticket.

  • ewokingdead

    anyone know if they have added the White or Black lightsaber hilt from the Knights of the Fallen Empire trailer?

    • Kneel Before Zod!

      You can get Thexan’s saber straight from the market itself. That’s the black saber. You can also get his robes.

      • ewokingdead

        cool what about the white one?

        • Kneel Before Zod!

          Unfortunately those still find themselves in the possession of their master. Perhaps when he is defeated?

          • ewokingdead

            ? No i’m talking about in the trailer after they defeat the Empire and Republic they unravel the republic flag and inside is a white lightsaber hilt.

            I’m not talking about the lightsaber of the guy dressed in white.

            • Darth Ji’inx

              These hilts are already in game. Look at the ‘similar looking’ section on Lightsabers on Tor-fashion and check the GTN 😉

              • ewokingdead

                can you link to them?

              • Darth Ji’inx

                It looks like Diabolist’s Expert Lightsaber (or a reskin) and Prophet’s Apostle Lightsaber (or a reskin) are on the Republic flag. Not sure about the sabers on the Empire flag. They might not be ingame.

                Look up the two sabers I mentioned on tor-fashion and look and “Similarity.”

  • Isla

    The textures on the Herald of Zildrog set in game are SO NICE.

  • randy191993

    Just opened a Lower Armor of Zildrag Pack and got the Sith Recluse stuff out of them….

    • Chakra Kusanagi

      Bug report… send one.

  • Skurhink

    Is the Akk dog unlockable to all in legacy like HK and Treek or is it just for the one char?

    • Peter Smith

      It can be unlucked, just like treek. When you get the item on another character, you get a consumable item, that gives you a mission – just like with treek.
      hope it helps.

      • PyxyNeko

        yeah.. where can you reclaim the item for another character? i got the license on one, and got the Akk Dog companion but can’t find it on my others.

        • Peter Smith

          I can only find the akk dog under the “packages” section, and finding the latest package.
          Treek is under one of the first sections in collections, i think its under “special” subcategory at the first category.

          In the future, they will most likely be cathegorized, maybe get their own section or maybe they will change the companion customization section to just “companions”.

          If they choose to categorize it, it would be nice if they put treek under the same section,

  • Lucas Screwlouse Babington

    Anyone know how to get the Akk Dogs affection/influence up? he/she doesn’t take gifts like the others and nothings happening when I kill enemies with it

    • Sarigar

      They like Military Gear and Artwork gifts. You can buy Grade 6 Artwork gifts in all three rarities for jawa salvage from the jawa vendors at the Cartel Bazaar. The akk dog is one of the easier companions to increase influence with, provided you have a good-sized stockpile of jawa salvage.

      • Lasse David Sand Østergaard

        Akk Dogs like artwork? Awesome! x’D

  • PyxyNeko

    I’d like to know what happened with the stuff like cartel market certificates, other stuff you can trade in for materials/items, and the reputation items from packs. will they bring those back, are those gone?

  • Viperid

    I have opened a handful of these packs and 2 of them had 1 gift item and nothing else. I put in 2 tickets and my reply on one today was “You have received everything due to you.”

    So just buyer beware…it is entirely possible you can get a single item and nothing more. I did not like how the packs are handled now, but this just put a solid nail into that coffin.

  • Disqus this

    I opened one hypercrate and I found it to no longer be worth the money. It’s not because of what I got, it’s just how little are actually in the packs. I wont be buying anymore till this changes.

  • Mike Hamlin

    I always buy at least 2 hypercrates a shipment, this time i feel like i was actually ripped off. Bought 2 crates and only got one gold item, which was that dumb minas mount, everything else was bronze and silver junk and most were lots and lots of duplicates. Ive had bad crates in the past, but at least those had lots of other junk i could sell for credits in the GTN or got reputation and Certs. EVERYTHING i got, even the dumb gold mount is near worthless on the GTN lol. Yet, all the other gold stuff is selling for insane prices, which tells you how stupid rare they are. Its just not worth it at all. Not buying anymore packs til they remedy this nonsense, id rather have the old hypercrates back.

  • wakadocka

    Bought a hypercrate yesterday, lots of duplicates especially on the Frontline Sets. I did get 2 upper body sith recluse sets tho and the Lectron LW-1S Speeder which I am debating whether to sell or keep for myself.

  • Lasse David Sand Østergaard

    Anyone on Tomb of Freedon Nadd selling an Akk Dog or a Womp Rat? 11/14 mil on GTN is a bit much… 😮

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