Companion Recruitment hot Patch 4.0 SWTOR

SWTOR Alliance Specialists and Companion Recruitment Guide

A guide to the Alliance Specialists system introduced with Knights of the Fallen Empire that allow you to recruit additional companions.


The Basics

Alliance Specialist

You will meet these Alliance Specialists in Chapter 9 of the story. You will be asked to talk with each of them.

  • Beywan Aygo can be found in Military Hangar
  • Hylo Visz can be found in Underworld Logistics
  • Juvard Illip Oggurobb can be found in Research Laboratory
  • Sana-Rae can be found in Force Enclave

You will be able to turn in Locked Supply Crate to each of them. They will only take the Supply Crates specific to them

  • Beywan Aygo only take Locked Supply: Military Equipment
  • Hylo Visz only take Locked Supply Crate: Smuggled Goods
  • Juvard Illip Oggurobb only take Locked Supply Crate: Alien Research
  • Sana-Rae only take Locked Supply Crate: Ancient Artifacts


Each supply crate you give them will earn you 500 influence with them and they will give you back a Commander’s Share of the loot. This crate will usually give you Bound to Legacy Remnant armor shell (Arkanian, Dreadguard, Yavin), companion gifts, and mounts.

  • Beywan Aygo only drops TROOPER or WARRIOR legacy gear
  • Hylo Visz only drops SMUGGLER or BOUNTY HUNTER legacy gear
  • Juvard Illip Oggurobb only drops INQUISITOR or AGENT legacy gear
  • Sana-Rae only drops KNIGHT or CONSULAR legacy gear


Commander’s Datapad

Commander’s Datapad is a mission pad that give you rewards for reaching certain Influence ranks with each Alliance Specialist. You will get an initial quest welcome you to each section of the Alliance Camp Headquarters. The quest give you 10 Common Data Crystals, 5 Glowing Data Crystals and 1 Radiant Data Crystal for each of the four sections in addition to some rank 6 legendary gifts of your picking.


Upon reaching Influence rank 2 with the Alliance Specialists, you will get another set of quests this time rewarding 20 Common Data Crystals, 10 Glowing Data Crystals and 5 Radiant Data Crystals.


Upon reaching Influence rank 4, you will receive another set of quests rewarding 20 Common Data Crystals, 10 Glowing Data Crystals and 5 Radiant Data Crystals per Alliance Specialist at rank 4.


Upon reaching Influence rank 6, you will receive another set of quests rewarding 20 Common Data Crystals, 10 Glowing Data Crystals and 5 Radiant Data Crystals per Alliance Specialist at rank 6.


Upon reaching Influence rank 8, you will receive another set of quests rewarding 20 Common Data Crystals, 10 Glowing Data Crystals and 5 Radiant Data Crystals per Alliance Specialist at rank 8.


Recruiting the Ship Droids

Proper Fearful Obedience (2V-R8)

You can find 2V-R8 hanging around in the cantina of Odessen. You can talk to him and recruit him with some light side or dark side conversation options.

  • Locked Supply Crate: Smuggled Goods
  • Variable amounts of LS/DS points
  • 10 Common Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • Rank 6 Cultural Artifact companion gift.

The Highest Level of Service (C2-N2)

C2-N2 is near 2V-R8 and can also be recruited as well. When he asks about sending comforts to the crew, have him send

  • Modified Food Processor to Admiral Aygo at the Military Hangars
  • Non-Perishable meals to Hylo Visz and the smugglers
  • Alderian Nectar to Dr.Oggurobb
  • Extra seat cushions to Sane-Rae
  • Locked Supply Crate: Alien Research
  • 10 Common Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • Rank 6 Cultural Artifact companion gift.

Inflicting Comfort (Initial Mission)

This initial mission will reward you with 500 influence for each alliance specialist and 2500 influnece for C2-N2 himself. Oncer you do this, you will unlock the Continuing Comfort mission for next week (weekly reset at Tuesday 7 am EST)


The combination that works is as follows

  • Modified Food Processor to Admiral Aygo at the Military Hangars
  • Non-Perishable meals to Hylo Visz and the smugglers
  • Alderian Nectar to Dr.Oggurobb
  • Extra seat cushions to Sane-Rae

After that.

  • Speak to Dr.Oggurobb
  • Speak to Hylo Visz (Likes the sandwitches)
  • Speak to Admiral Aygo
  • Speak to Sane-Rae
  • Relay Comfort Status Report to C2-N2

Continuing Comfort (weekly mission)

You get this mission the week after you have done the Inflecting Comfort mission. Instead of sending stuff, C2-N2 will ask you for crafting materials,. which appears to the same every week. Do this 10 times to unlock an achievement that give you 20 CC and the Comfort Enthusiast legacy title.


To Find A Findsman (Yuun)

Prerequisite: Complete the talking to Juvard Illip Oggurobb step in Chapter 9. Recruiting Yuun will unlock most of  the other companion recruitment alerts.


  • Board Your Personal Starship
  • Use the Galaxy Map to travel to Zakuul
  • Find and Speak to Yuun
  • Recover First Component (Breaktown)


  • Recover Second Component (Breaktown)


  • Recover Third Component (Tram Market)


  • Recover Fourth Component (Breaktown)


  • Return to Yuun
  • Report to Oggurobb


  • Locked Supply Crate: Alliance Research
  • Influence gain with Yuun
  • Influence gain with Oggurobb
  • 10 Common Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • Choice of one Rank 6 Legendary companion gift.

The Forgotten Trophy (Major Pierce/M1-4X)

Prerequisite: Complete to Find a Findsman. This alert will show up in your Companion & Contacts window.


Bypassing recruitment

  • If you are Sith Warrior trying to recruit Major Pierce or Trooper trying to recruit M1-4x, they will join you right away without the PvP/Valor requirement.


  • Speak to Major Pierce/M1-4X on Dorumund Kaas/Coruscant. This is faction specific with Imperial players getting only Major Pierce and Republic players getting only M1-4X
  • If you have Valor rank 40, you can talk to them right away and recruit them on the spot. Otherwise you will need to do 20 Unranked Warzone Matches with wins counting as x2 to get enough influence to recruit them.swtor-the-forgotten-trophy-pvp-requirement
  • If you meet the PvP or valor requirement, M1-4x/Major Pierce will join you as a rank 10 companion.
  • Locked Supply Crate: Ancient Artifacts
  • Influence gain with Major Pierce
  • 10 Common Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • 1000 Warzone Commendations
  • Choice of one Rank 6 Legendary companion gift.

Death before Dishonor (Xalek)

Prerequisite: Complete to Find a Findsman. This alert will show up in your Companion & Contacts window.



  • Find and Speak to Mining Foreman on Ilum
  • Investigate Shaft 16. You will find a Camp Holocomm inside one of the tents.


  • Rescue Anna within Shaft 12


  • Investigate Shaft 12 Entrance (you need to interact with the Collapsed Shaft entrance, which isn’t always clickable so if it isn’t clickable for you try logging out and logging back in)


  • Report to Mining Foreman
  • Speak to Xalek
    • Letting Xalek kill the miner will greatly earn his approval. You do also have the option to reject Xalek as a companion.
  • Speak to Sane-Rae


  • If you reject Xalek, you will get an achievement for doing so. If you like to keep Xalek and get this achievement, do this on another character.


  • Locked Supply Crate: Ancient Artifacts
  • 10 Common Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • Rank 6 Weapon or Military Gear Companion Gift

Fighting Power with Knowledge (Talos Drellik)

Prerequisite: Complete to Find a Findsman. This alert will show up in your Companion & Contacts window.


Bypassing Recruitment

  • Sith Inquisitors have the option to skip the steps below and recruit Talos directly since he is a former companion.



  • Speak to Talos Drellik on Yavin 4
  • Recover Artifacts from Site 1: 0/2 (SE corner of Prowler’s Trail)


  • Recover Artifacts from Site 2: 0/2 (NE corner of Temple Ruins)


  • Recover Artifact from Site 3
  • Recover Artifacts from Site 4: 0/4. You have to break all 4 chains to retrieve them. Each chain breakage will spawn mobs.


  • Recover Artifacts from Site 5: 0/2 (North of Training Grounds)


  • Return to Talos’ Base Camp


  • Locked Supply Crate: Alliance Research
  • Variable amounts of Influence with Talos
  • 10 Common Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • Rank 6 Cultural Artifact Companion Gift

Mixological Profiling (Nico Okarr)

Prerequisite: Complete to Find a Findsman. This alert will show up in your Companion & Contacts window. You must also be a subscriber who was subbed on July 31 OR Aug 10 to receive Nico Okarr as well.


Getting Nico Okarr instantly

You can get Nico Okarr instantly in the mail by using the Encrypted Holocommunicator but this is something you do not want to do as doing so prevent you from getting a hidden achievement. If you don’t care about this achievement or already gotten it on another character than you can just use it instantly without having to do the steps below.



  • Find and speak to Nico Okarr on Zakuul
  • Mix a drink for Nico Okarr
  • Regardless of which three ingredients you picked, Nico Okarr will tell you to not forget the little umbrella after you picked the third ingreident. This is crucial and you want to make sure you clicked the the little umbrella near the end of the bar bench inside a glass. You won’t get a notification that clicked the umbrella so interact with it a couple times just to be sure. After you have interacted with the little umbrella, interact with the drink mixer to mix the drink and the little umbrella will automatically be placed inside his drink.



  • Locked Supply Crate: Smuggled Goods
  • Influence with Nico Okarr
  • 10 Common Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • Rank 6 Legendary Underworld Goods companion Gift

Stalking the Score (Qyzen)

Prerequisite: Complete to Find a Findsman. This alert will show up in your Companion & Contacts window.


Bypassing Recruitment

  • You can bypass the steps below and recruit Qyzen right away if you are a Consular since Qyzen is a former companion.


  • Speak to Qyzen Fess on Hoth
  • Reach Rank 10 influence (10,000 influence) with Qyzen Fess by hunting creatures worthy of Jagannath and bring their trophies to Hoth or kill World Bosses. World boss route is quicker if they are up but if they are not you are forced to hunt down creatures worthy of Jagannath.
  • After you have reach rank 10 influence, scroll down to the option that requires influence level 10 to recruit him. Qyzen will then join you as a rank 10 companion.


Creatures Worthy of Jagannath

  • Each trophy give you 500 influence with Qyzenso you will need 20 if you are turning in trophies only to reach 10,000 influence.
  • The areas are approximate, these creatures seems to respawn at a nearby location when killed so they are in the general area but not always in the same area.
  • Highmount Ridge seems to have a high concentration of these creatures assuming the area is not heavily camped.


    • Whiterock Waste, along west mountains and north drifts
      • (-3425, –940)
      • (-3206, –1720)


    • Icefall Plains, in drifts along west and south.
      • (-2018, 1944)
      • (-2388, 1971)
      • (-1607, 1822)


    • Highmount Ridge, Highmount Slopes
      • (-1030, 561)
      • (-858, 697)
      • (-817, 371)
      • (-742, 604)
      • (-709, 353)
      • (-770, 620)
      • (-1846, –1111)

  • The Starship Graveyard
    • (2021, 650)
    • (2807, 552)
    • (2544, –578)

World Bosses

Alternatively, kill Heroic World Bosses and loot their trophy (each give 3500 influence). Each world boss only count once. See this guide for a location of all the world bosses.

    • SD-0 (Coruscant)
    • The First (Dromund Kaas)
    • Subject Alpha (Taris Republic)
    • Grandfather (Balmorra Empire)
    • Trapjaw (Tatooine)
    • Battledroid R4-GL (Nar Shaddaa)
    • Ulgo Siegebreaker (Alderaan)
    • Rogue Cartel Warbot (Quesh)
    • The Ancient One (Taris Empire)
    • Snowblind (Hoth)
    • Gargath (Hoth)
    • The Primal Destroyer (Belsavis)
    • Dreadtooth (Belsavis)
    • The Nightmare Pilgrim (Voss)
    • Lucky (Corellia)


  • Locked Supply Crate: Military Equipment
  • Influence with Qyzen
  • Influence with Beywan Aygo
  • 10 Common Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • Rank 6 Weapon Companion Gift

A Kindly Old Monster (Dr.Lokin)

Prerequisite: Acquired Qyzen as your companion. You can only have one alert from a recruiter at  time so you must complete the Qyzen one for the Lokin one to show up since they are both from Beywan Aygo.

  • Rakghoul event must be active as you need access to the Rakghoul tunnels.


  • Find and Speak with Eckard Lokin
  • If you attack Lokin during the intiial conversation, you will get a chance to reject him as a companion at end of the mission once you return from the Sarlaac Pit.
  • Bring Lokin supplies until he reaches Influence Level 10 (10k influence). Agents can skip this part but will need do the Rakghoul tunnels and the rest.
    • Anodyne Extract x24 = 300 influence
    • Metamorphic Cell Cultures x24 = 300 influence
    • Hemostatic Gel x20 = 300 influence
    • Autoimmune Regulators x12 = 300 influence
    • Rakghoul DNA Canister x1= 250 influence
    • Exotic Plague Specimen x1 = 500 influence
    • Barnacle of the Eyeless x1 = 4000 influence (can be only turned in once)
  • If you are going to the Anodyne Extract/Metamorphic Cell route, you will need 800 of them. Otherwise you will need 666 Hemostatic Gel or 400 Autoimmune Regulators or some combination. Jawa scrap vendors in the Cartel Bazaar are a good way to acquire them if you have the scraps.
  • Once you reach Influence rank 10 with Lokin, he will ask you to head to the Rakghoul tunnels, which is only active during the Rakghoul event (Nov 10, Dec 15 and Jan 12 are the dates of the next 3 Rakghoul events)
  • The four probes you need to deploy are located on each of the 3 maps of the rakghoul tunnels. Beware that the last map is a heroic zone and killing the rakghouls there may spawn the heroic mobs that can kill you very quickly. If someone has already deployed the probes at your location, you can just wait for them to finish and everyone gets credit for it.


  • After that head to the Sarlaac Pit in Tatooine, it is in the northern section of The Dune Sea. Once you deploy the probe, it will say to collect the Recovered Specimen, which isn’t there for some people. If that happens. relog to character select and log back will fix it.



  • In addition to the achievement for rejecting Dr.Lokin as a companion, there are three hidden achievements for Dr.Lokin, see this guide for them.


  • Locked Supply Crate: Military Equipment
  • Influence with Lokin
  • Influence with Beywan Aygo
  • Influence with Oggurobb
  • 10 Common Data Crystals
  • 5 Glowing Data Crystals
  • Rank 6 Technology Companion Gift

Arma Rasa (HK-55)

Prerequisite: Jan 2016 Subscriber Reward

Guide: See guide here

Little Boss (Blizz)

Prerequisite: Completed Chapter 10 Anarchy in Paradise

Guide: See guide here

Reclaimed Treasure (Ak’ghal Usar)

Prerequisite: Completed Chapter 12 Visions in the Dark and Oggurobb’s prior recruitment missions.

Guide: See guide here

Freedom Fight (Bowdaar)

Prerequisite: Completed Chapter 9 and To Find a Findsman (Yuun).

Guide: You will acquire Bowdaar via the Eternal Championship which you can find a guide here. Completing rounds will earn you influence towards Bowdaar and once you reach rank 10 with Bowdarr you can acquire him.

The Last of His Kind (Broonmark)

Prerequisite: Completed Chapter 14 and any prior recruitment mission from Hylo Visz.

Guide: See guide here

Alliance Specialist Vendors

Alliance Vehicle Engineer

The vendor can be found at the Military Hangar section of your Alliance Camp Headquarters. The Custom Swoop tokens are earned by earning rank 20 influence with the Alliance Specialists.


Gravestone Scout Swoop – 10 million credits


Roche Gangster – 1 Hylo Visz’s Custom Swoop


Roche Kretch – 1 Sana-Rae’s Custom Swoop


Roche Molator – 1 Beywan Aygo’s Custom Swoop


Roche Shaclaw – 1 Oggurobb’s Custom Swoop


Zakuulan Cloud Cruiser – 1000 Common Data Crystals


Zakuulan Interceptor – 500 Common Data Crystals


Black Market Goods Vendor

The vendor can be found at the Underworld Logistics section of your Alliance Camp Headquarters



Decoration Armor Stand: Zakuul Knight 25 Common Data Crystals
Decoration Koth Shuttle 50 Common Data Crystals
Decoration Zakuulan Shield and Staff Weapon Display 25 Common Data Crystals
Decoration Zakuulan Shield and Staff Weapon Rack 25 Common Data Crystals
Decoration Zakuulan Staff Weapon Rack 25 Common Data Crystals

Scion Armor Set

Armor Scion’s Belt 30 Common Data Crystals
Armor Scion’s Boots 40 Common Data Crystals
Armor Scion’s Gloves 40 Common Data Crystals
Armor Scion’s Headgear 40 Common Data Crystals
Armor Scion’s Lower Robe 40 Common Data Crystals
Armor Scion’s Vestments 40 Common Data Crystals




Pet Model Gravestone 200 Common Data Crystals
Pet Model Mach 2 50 Common Data Crystals
Pet Model Zakuul Battlecrusier 100 Common Data Crystals

Model Gravestone – 200 Common Data Crystals


Model Mach 2 – 50 Common Data Crystal


Model Zakuul Battlecruiser – 100 Common Data Crystal


By Dulfy

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537 replies on “SWTOR Alliance Specialists and Companion Recruitment Guide”

So in order to get Pierce/M14X you have to PVP, that is not right.
For Lokin you need to do the ghoul world bosses?.
Thanks for the guide.

It’s not much pvp, but a pain for the auto sixties. Lokin is going to be way more annoying to get for me I bet since I am not going to was a barnacle on him.

But don’t you only get those eyeless from world bosses?, I never done ghoul event, didn’t want any of the gear.

That really sucks, I hoe you do not need to win PVP, I hate pvp.

Dulfy you’re a machine. After everything you put out yesterday and now this. Wow! You must be exhausted but thanks from all of us. It’s def appreciated.

/respectful bow

Small issue with one of the quest (just this one so far) Death before Dishonor seems to be bugged out at the point where you investigate Site 12. I am not the only one seeing this either as many others seemed a little lost and waited around for a good bit trying to figure out what to do.

Finding costumizations for cross faction followers seems like a pain. Event and cartel ones are easy enough, but I wonder if they’ll make it so we can get the security key and vanilla customization vendors too. Imp fleet has an awful lot of identical astromechs now. (Prayers for costumizations or at least changable outfits for Lana too since they’re are a bazillion of her wearing the same dorky suit)

Is it really required to recruit Yuun to access every other companion, or can the Findsman mission be completed without being forced to have a chittering bug on every single one of your characters?

Huh, I kinda figured we’d get a beast npc in story, but nope. Seems odd that the CM Akkdog would be the only way to get a new feature of the game, maybe I missed a mission or something

Why on earth is story “content” locked behind a PvP wall, there are many many people who have never set foot in a warzone.

That’s serious BS from their part. It’s like they are working hard to piss their player base with that kind of retarded choice.

The worse part? Those who *do* PvP will sunddely find themselves surrounded by newbs who avae no idea what they are doing in WZs.
I have Valor 50-60 on most of my characters already, the one who don’t I really don’t look forwards to getting M1-4X, the WZs are going to be pure chaos…

Yeah most of my alts won’t get those comps as I have only done PVP on 3 and I’m not sure if any of those are rank 50, and one of those 3 is a Jugg, so that PvP thing sucks.

Reminds me of wow legendary cape pvp requirement…. At least… A lose or a win still counts with a win counting for 2

The only one you have the option to refuse is Xalek. You can either let him go, have him join you, or kill him. I decided to kill him. I hope by doing that, it’ll give me an option later to recruit on of the other force sensitive companions like Jaesa, Kira, etc.

Yeah so far. We dont yet know of the other companions. For example, is it possible to accidentally – without ever knowing it – kill Jaesa or Kira. Completely inadvertently through dialogue.

What if the option to recruit Skadge, the number 1 most hated companion, and through dialogue you accidentally recruit him!

I accidentally refused Xalek, and now I don’t think there’s any way to get him to join me again? He’s the major reason why I play Inquisitor, and now I’m kinda pissed haha

sorry i cant help you with this (game has been patching litterally all day now…) but can i ask is it obvious that u will refuse someone? and can you do the usual press esc and do over or do you have to be more careful.

I had either “Come back to me as an apprentice, you scrub” or “I’d like to see you more as an ally than an apprentice.” I thought I was being respectful, but apparently not

“I believe if you are Sith Warrior trying to recruit Major Pierce or Trooper trying to recruit M1-4x, they will join you right away without the PvP/Valor requirement. If someone can verify it that would be great.”

Confirming for Trooper, Valor 36.

Will you get your class companion back when you done with the chapters or you have to do this stupid thing to get the old once back?

Dont really know what it says 😀 Got a bad habit now a days i just throw out my questions and there is always a nice soul that answer them. 😀

Lol and then have people complain. Why that is on the cm…

With your reaction I’d figure you approve of it’s model so isn’t it better its free-ish rng base

Dang, I really don’t care for any of those companions, is it safe to assume you don’t get access to other companion alerts untill later chapters?

From my understanding, you can gain additional companions via Star Fortress missions, i will have to test it out to confirm (soon as the servers let me back in lol)_

Is there any info on the other companions? I put a lot of effort into maxing their Affection before launch. Would be a shame…

Somse can be recruited via terminal at soms point , though story wise you probably will need to wait for chapter 10+

I believe if you are Sith Warrior trying to recruit Major Pierce or
Trooper trying to recruit M1-4x, they will join you right away without
the PvP/Valor requirement. If someone can verify it that would be great.

VERIFIED DULFY!!! Did this on a Sith Juggernaut who’s never done so much as a single PvP match and was able to instantly recruit Major Pierce.

You have to talk to him again after picking up the “complete warzones” quest.. took me way too long to figure this out.

Thanks for that, been spending the last hour trying to figure out why my rank 49 wasn’t enough. It would help if they put a “quest complete” marker over his head…

Locking certain companions behind certain events or activities is bs. The pvp and Rak event. It could have simply be kill x champions or elite rep/imp npcs and visit taris or any rak invested place.

I recon they didn’t expected people to burn through those chapters so fast.

Can someone help me, i unlocked Choza Raabat by completing alderaan star fortress but i cant summon him “for story reasons”, i am playing Bounty Hunter, is there a way to get him to summon.

I have found the following to be true as it pertains to the locked supply crates:

Beywan Aygo only drops TROOPER or WARRIOR legacy gear

Hylo Visz only drops SMUGGLER or BOUNTY HUNTER legacy gear

Juvard Illip Oggurobb only drops INQUISITOR or AGENT legacy gear

Sana-Rae only drops KNIGHT or CONSULAR legacy gear

Source: ‘purchased’ over 60 crates and I am at rank 20 influence w/ some of the alliance folks. These drops have been consistent in terms of class and have not deviated from the pattern listed above.

Only way is to stop doing some chapters to avoid losing HK-55 but not possible if you want to finish all chapters.

Yep, I have Marr as a companion. I have a lot of toons so I probably won’t finish the story on some in order to keep him.

Great guide as always!

I haven’t dug into the content yet but am curious if I’m maining a Trooper and hope to get remnant items for a trooper, the only current way to get Locked Supply Crate: Military Equipment is to complete Stalking the Score?

Or is there another avenue for those locked supply crates I’m not seeing?

you dont get all of them back
at least yet, and u cant customize the new comps, such utter f’ing fail bioware

Something is not clear for me, sry if it is a noob question.
I wanted to start the new content today but got a warning about Im beyond a critical story point and I may lose companions, so I decided not to start.
So the question: If I start with one of my toon the content this will effect on every other toon in my legacy even if I dont start the new content with them?
Hope I was clear enough 😛

It only affects your current toon
You will not loose any companions until a few minutes into the story
Apart from the ship droid, but good riddance there ;p

I understand you lose your companions — at least at first — when you start the new content. Are they only gone while playing the new content? Like can I still pull them up when I do old flashpoints, heroics, etc.?

I thought I read a while back that once you start the new content, the old content is no longer accessible for you. (Makes me think of Ziost and how once you progress to a certain point, you can’t go back.) Can anyone confirm… what old content do I lose access to once I start KotFE?

its laid out in several post on this site. in a nutshell for example zoist. you mentioned the first portion if you didnt do it before accepting the KOTFE class mission you cant do it after. you can go do zoist dailies but that first portion is already default done. same for SoR flashpoint chain, chapters 1-3 (1-50) quest, companion missions several other things im forgetting.

Thanks… I’ve been keeping relatively close tabs on this site over the last few months, but I don’t recall seeing anything like a definitive list of what’s lost. Even looking back through posts now, I only see general language that “some things” will be lost, but not a lot of specifics. If there’s a post someone can recommend to me, I’d be thrilled.

They said it in blogs and stream, maybe you over looked it but the bottom line is a level 60 boost character which automatically starts with kofte story and any other normal Char that accepts kofte story will have all other previous story as complete. That include class story, makeb, oricon, SoR and ziost.

I’m not sure if planet story is included

Hey Dulfy! I just want to let you know Loken also receives Rakghoul Canisters. (I had 19 left from the first and only time I did that event). You can give only 1 Canister at a time, and each Canister worth 250 points.

A question. I helpt to Xalek and asked him to join my alliance not as a servant, but as an ally. Does it mean i rejected him as my companion? ’cause i don’t see his name in my contacts and can’t summon him.

proably not all of em, unless there’s a hidden romance with T7 I don’t know about. I imagine BW’ll bring in the right companions for the main story, while also trying to ensure romance companions aren’t left in the wind.

This games getting so gimped. Yes all your comps can do any roll.Nice but not needing gear with their augments wasted now.. with no reimbursement ,for time and creds spent on loss of gear. Great stuff EA PoS.

Soon as sub is up of this card as, already paid for. And let me spend money on treek awhile ago.. before switch to say.. only one roll.. for A PAID SIDEKICK.-,
!,, Sit & Spin.
Lost me and my recommendation forever.
New story and other little touches, nice, but not enough to gimp my hard work. To keep me soon as bought and already time is up. Going the way of HATRED, one of the best guilds in the game.Or was!

you realize all that hard work on gearing your companions woulda been obseleted the minute you loaded into game if they had just done a standard level cap raise right?

If they had kept the standard way of mmo it still would have been made absolute. Since you would need new augment, new mods/gear. So either way nothing change. It’s funny how people always forget when something change its different but the effect is still the same but they just have to bash it.

Regardless the only thing I will miss are the uniqueness the companions brought with skill, socially Treek and switching stances on the go, HK with his smoke bomb and roll and sniper knife tactic.

On the other hand companions last longer now.

Well thats what you get for paying to play with Treek. If you would have just done the work in game instead of going the “cheat” route you wouldn’t be out any cash. At least that’s the way I see it.

Sorry my bad – its a 15 Minutes Timer on the Trophys on Hoth! Highmount Ridge is the best place with 6 Targets close to each other.

So no sign of the other five recruitment missions that are currently in the game’s text files (which I won’t specify for the sake of spoilers)? Or have those just require higher Influence level than has been reached yet?

More companions will be added in later chapters.

What I would like to know is if there’s any limit to companions/allies, or can I theoretically recruit every single one? Not that I would recruit all of them of course, some I don’t like and some I’d outright shoot in the face, but most are OK and from all classes, so if there’s no limit I’d add most of the companions to my list.

Not at the moment. Perhaps in future chapters. Theres a terminal that lets You recruit companion per classes that havent show up yet.

They still can make an appearance in future chapter’s so i wouldn’t worry worry

Thanks. I just hope we don’t have to wait too long. This could be a massive gut punch to use who are really emotional (or crazy) about certain companions.

We’ll find out tomorrow I guess, but they did say in one of the streams that your old companions will be given back to you, so hopefully they’re all out there to get back – just not all yet available for cross-class recruitment.

Yeah caught that in the big report. Well either way that’s the terminal you need for comps that didn’t show up story wise.

People wondered what the content would be after they finished the story. Now we know, we grind for companions.

Ugh. This is going to be a nightmare on multiple characters.

It’s a bug that they’re looking into, with no ETA on when it’ll be fixed.

Now I’m wondering why they decided to make it so you have to wait 2-3 weeks to acquire Dr. Lokin.

so i am having the same problem but i choose to not have him kneel is that problem or it is the bug just curious

I think it’s less than that. I’m sure it took me less than 2 hours to get 20 of them. Just keep going north and south along that Highmount range.

And don’t bother with the Legendary Wampa!

its less, around 10minutes, but its much more better to kill the world bosses than this … one monster gives u 500 affection, world boss token 3500 … at least i had it like that 🙂 5 monsters + 4 WBs, job done with rank 12+ 🙂

Now I am trying to get Mr roboto, but my server doesn’t PvP much (Even though it’s a PvP server) so getting matches takes a while.

I got in a group to do this and we basically hit 4 different zones and it took about an hour but we were able to get all 20 pelts

Is Dr Lokin in yet? I’ve done all the Alert quests/recruitment, but haven’t received a quest to go find him.

Thanks I’ll check again. Maybe I’m losing my mind. What about Scorpio? I see her on dulfy’s influence page, and she joined the crew when I met her during the chapters, but she doesn’t show up for me as summon-able companion.

Just speak to Admiral Aygo anyway. Maybe he’ll have something for you.

I thought I saw SCORPIO as a follower, with the subtitle “The Expansive AI” or something like that, but I don’t believe I’ve tried to summon her after finishing Chapter 9. I won’t be able to check that until later today.

Thanks. Talking to Aygo worked. SCORPIO though is definitely not on my follower list at all. I am playing an Agent so I’m wondering if these two are just buggy since they are original companions.

That’s what I’m thinking. I”m betting they are suppose to be a separate category on your Follower window if they are your original companions. (Like they are before you start the Expansion) and that’s just not showing up.

Anybody figured out what C2-N2 wants after you have done his mission? He wants some Materials but not sure which ones.

From what I remember, it was:

6 Adaptive Circuitry
12 Biocell Memory Core
24 Ruusan Crystals
24 Farium
24 Anodyne Extract
24 Metamorphic Cell Culture

4 Adaptive Circuitry
6 Biocell Memory Core
8 Ruusan Crystals
8 Farium
8 Anodyne Extract
8 Metamorphic Cell Culture
8 Molytex

I can’t find anything on Jaesa, I needs to know if I need to romance me a new bitch or not because I’m married atm. Anyone know where my wifey be?

yeah, do you like our choices? On my sorc its either the 2 dudes, Taylor Swift or the Milf. im ready to suck on a blaster and end my torment

Hm, I could’ve sworn that Courting gifts were showing “Large Influence Gain” yesterday when I had Theron as my companion. Now it’s nothing. Why doesn’t anyone want to love me?

new rules…old way of thinking gone in the story arc. Things all mixed up now and all the hot female toons are gone :/

Weird, because in the guide it says:

You can bypass the steps below and recruit Qyzen right away if you are a Consular since Qyzen is a former companion.

Did he give you a different conversation choice? Or is he saying the same thing as he does to everyone, that you have to recover trophies?

Yeah, I have to recover trophies. The interesting thing is that my influence with him is rank 8 and I think he needs rank 10 to be recruited, which means that I have to do just a few world bosses, not all of the, I guess…

You don’t need to kill world bosses, either. There are Ice Cats and Wampa around that will drop trophies for you to give him.

I did. Continue with the conversations, eventually the very bottom choice will be to bypass and recruit him instantly.

You’ll receive an alert to talk to him on Hoth. You’ll then collect trophies for him until his Influence level is high enough, and then he’ll join you as a follower.

Im having a problem with the quest for Nico I’ve got my ingredients and the little umbrella but i can’t seem to be able to mix it

I did not put the little umbrella in the drink, and he will never forget it.

Is the object on the bar not there? I had problems interacting with objects in other quests (Xalek in particular), and logging out and back in fixed it.

Yeah i had similar problem with xalek and logging out helped i tried it this time and nothing. I reset the quest and even abandoned it. Still nothing

Yeah i press the mixer and it says something along the lines of “you can mix the ingredients up picked to make a drink” “however you need at least 3 ingredients”

Click on 3 random ingredients ( they should disappear ) then click on the umbrella ( make sure you click on it ) and then click the mixer. That should do it.

Problem with Loken reputation, not working as intended? While submitting Anodyne Extract and Metamorphic Cell Cultures for influence……I got rank 6 and then points reset? Influence reset to 1. Am I missing something?

the other alliance chars do this with supplies too, you just have to click [thats all for now] option and it saves it

if you dont click [thats all for now] it resets you dont actually lose anything just make sure you click finish and it will credit the rep.

When you recruit Qyzen, you can turn in more trophies than actually necessary to gain more influence with him. This way, you can easily push him above lvl. 22, if you do all world bosses and save tons of companion gifts.
This only works BEFORE recruiting him.

If you mean for example that Treek’s customization works on Treek 4.0, then yes I confirm that works—but you will have to reinstall it because it seems to be thrown back into the inventory with all the other companion gear

Only the Treek and HK customisations are currently bind to legacy, as far as I am aware, or at most any added since 3.0. Everything else is still bind on pickup.

I’m really hoping they go back through all previous ones and make them legacy bound as well, especially T7. I’d like to put my CE customisation on him.

In the Nico quest, why does my Knight act like he knows Nico already and vise versa? He said, glad you remembered the umbrella. How would my toon know? Just from reading history books or have I misses/forgotten something?

He says while you are mixing that don’t forget the umbrella, you prolly missed that. Then he’ll love you when you’ll actually use it in the mix. Nothing to do with story here 😀

return to 4K and you’ll get the option to basicly tell him “I’ve already killed lots of imps you’re coming with me!” your you have valor 40

Good to know. Which brings up the question: Can the Heroic 2+ Star fortress missions be soloed? Because I just discovered that the solo version doesn’t count.

Yes. There’s even an achievement for doing them solo.
I’ve soloed 2 of them as a DPS sorc myself, so far.
Some of the elites and champs hit hit like a truck though. So, i’d suggest taking a healing companion.

Thanks! 🙂 I thought I hit a brick wall here. Let’s hope a Watchman sentinel works as well as a Sorc.

Set your companion to heal and you literally never lose health. It’s insanely easy, just takes ages to kill the baddies.

Hey Dulfy, just thought you might want to know something peculiar about Qyzen. When I handed him the trophey for Battledroid R4-GL, I LOST 7000 influence with him and he lost several influence levels. You might want to put a warning in there about droid bosses.

I don’t know, but I know for a fact that I lost -7000 influence with him and his dialogue said something about “disapproving of unnatural hunts”.

Did you give him the trophy then press Esc instead of ending the convo with the proper option? If you pressed Esc it resets but you get the item back, check your inventory special items

You have to complete the conversation by selecting the end text. If you escape without doing this it exits the conversation, removes the influence it granted and gives the trophy back. I was in a panic before I realized that.

Be careful when submiting to lokin/qyzen if you end conversation after submiting items using esc, conversation will reset and you will have to give all the items to them again. You don’t lose those items.

So there seems to be several quests where you need to raise up influences to 10, and those quests seem to require groups (Qyzen, Choza). So, maybe I am misunderstanding things, but it seems like those of us who are solo players are rather limited in unlocking these companions.

Am I going about this the wrong way? And if not, am I effectively screwed when it comes to the remaining chapters?

There appears to be at least 2 more sets of legacy armor. I have gotten Remnant underworld for smuggler inquisitor and agent. I have gotten Remnant Resurrected for Inquisitor and agent.

I think there’s a set for each of the previous sets of commendation gear. I’m getting gear for all classes that ranges back all the way to Black Hole sets. I really love this, since I can finally get that armored coat for my Agent.

Just talking with the pvp companion don’t seems to get the doctor mission up. Must hunt on Hoth too for the other companion

Yup. You definitely need to recruit Qyzen first, it’s not just a “4 Alliance companion” requirement.

wish companion skill ui window had info on wep types they can use now, like for instance “lady of sorrow” has something completely different…..
maybe on tues….

Since you cannot turn in less than 24 of an item to Dr. Lokin, you will actually need: Anodyne Extract/Metamorphic Cell route: 816

Rakghoul DNA Canister (obtainable from rakghoul event) gives 250 influence per item. You can hand them over limitless amount.

So Guss tuno is hiding in Nar Shadaa. “Shiny Jedi Man” in the Club Vertica Foyer. Any ideas/news on if he’s recruitable? I’ve got 20 rank with the force enclave so that’s not it. Hmm. I’m relatively sure that there’s a way to get him this round just because they probably wouldn’t add him in this patch if he wasn’t. Maybe a certain rank with Force enclave and smuggler’s. Would like to hear suggestions/news if anyone has any.

I found tuno also there, near the event vendor. I think is one of the companions the terminal bugged doesn’t allow you to get.

Hmm interesting. So a Sith Warrior gets to bypass that stupid 20 PvP matches because it is a SW companion. Yet I do not get the same option with Lokin even though he is my Agent’s companion?
Also why does PvE content now suddenly force me to go do PvP? I am sure PvP players will be delighted to see me AFK camp 20 matches just to get this companion sorted. 🙁

If you are an agent you automatically get 10 influence and and thus bypass having to get all of the mats like everyone else. You just have to do the second step which is ridiculously easy to do. You just have to wait until the event.

Comeon, did you really think it would be that easy to get them all (companions) at launch xD

You can’t AFK PVP matches. You you be killed then when you don’t leave the safe zone in the alotted time you will be removed from the match.

anyone know what il the Treek hidden achievement? I know for Xalek and Lokin hidden achievement but i cant find for Treek. (sorry english)

Anybody know if the Remnant gear drops include Dread Forged stuff? I’m gone through scores of them and nothing, so I’m guessing not 🙁

Opened dozens of supply boxes and didn’t get a single Dread Master, Dread Forged or Kel Dragon piece, yet.
But tons of ugly Yavin and Arkanian armor… >.>

Pretty sure Kel Dragon and Dread Master won’t ever drop like that — maybe from the actual NiM Operations. Dread Forged probably should, but isn’t.

From the ones I got back from the Allaince Specialists, yes. Let me check to see which pieces…Dreadguard: Inquisitor, agent, knight, warrior, and trooper.

Not necessarily. You must understand, Bioware has always maintained that everything they do has to make sense in the realm of Story.

For example, Dr Lokin is an Imperial Agent whose sole allegiance is essentially to himself. Which is why his “story” alliance wise is for him the player to aid him in curing himself. He will aid (and reward) who ever aids him regardless of Faction.

In the case of Major Pierce, he is, and has always been a diehard Imperial who still sees the Republic as a major obstacle. So storywise it would not make sense that for a Republic Player to be able to recruit Pierce. Especially since Pierce is only recruitable on Dromund Kaas (a planet that only Imperials can visit).

It is the exact same with M1-4x who is quite literally programmed to fight the Empire lol. This is why their missions require PVP.

All within the realm of story,

Apologies if i typed too much. It’s a habit lol

He is a Sith lord (no longer an apprentice) he can ally who ever he friggin wants to lol.

That and depending on player choices, you can earn his respect. (by combat)

Rule of the strong. You kick Xalek’s ass you are deserving of his loyalty.

Hoping more of the companions will follow the Major’s line of thinking. Quinn should be imp only, Jorg and Corso pub only, etc. I’d love player choice to effect companions more such as having to pick between Torian and Akavi. It would be great if come January the choices we made were a little more significant story wise. It feels like most of my decisionsthis far were immaterial. Bowing to the Emperor? Seems to change nothing so far. Surrendering to Arcann? No biggie, his old man will pick a fight anyway. Hopefully the repercussions will come in the next chapter.

Hey, I was going to do C2N2s mission for this week, but he said he needed supplies. Do I just give him locked supply crates or what?

if you click to give supplies he asks for adaptive circuity x4 , farium x8 , molytex x8 , metamorphic cell culture x8 , anodyne extract x8 , biocell memory core x8 , and ruusan crystal x8… those mats are required to do the weekly for c2n2 hopefully dulfy will update the guide

I’m confused, do we ever get all our previous class companions back or not. I could have sworn they said in the blog that we wouldn’t lose any companions permanently. But during the early access I did several class stories til there were no new quests. And characters like Vette are still mia.

Well there’s the console thing in the commander’s quarters where you can get them all back instantly. The decline option text for it suggests that all class companions will be unlocked as the story progresses, either in the story itself or as alliance recruitment missions

This. And some companions for example Khem can’t be recruited in any way so far. They are probably tired to something important in the story or undergo some changes. that won’t be revealed yet.

Did they change the inflicting comfort weekly to a one time quest?
Because I can’t do the mission again, this week. Instead, I have to turn in some crafting materials to C2-N2.

I’m assuming those materials are what he uses to make the things you give to the alliance captains, since the first time he just had some spares lying around now you have to get him the supplies to make the stuff and
he’ll distribute it automatically.

I can find anything about what the mats he wants are. It’s just a some random stuff, it says I’m missing some but not what they are. Anyone have a list?

I’m not sure if it’s been posted here or not, 277 comments is a lot to sort through haha. Imperial Agents don’t have to turn in bioanalysis supplies to Lokin, they get to skip straight to the Rakghoul Tunnels. Of course, you still have to wait for the next Rakghoul Resurgence event to start 🙂

Not sure if its already been posted, Major Pierce (and assume M1-4X) continue to gain 500 influence with each PvP match played. Don’t know if its a bug or not and its 500 win or loose.
But, for those of us that pvp regularly that’s roughly 2000 free influence a day if you do all your dailies.

trying to figure out why i dont have scorpio as a companion even though others do she shows up in some stuff just not my companions and constacts window. finished chapter 9 and still do not have her in my list and didnt make her mad so kinda stumped as to why she isnt in my crew.

Haven’t seen it mentioned here (or I missed a comment), if you recruit Qyzen by doing jagganath targets, you can group with others and you all get the trophies. Makes the competition less of a pain since you’ll only compete with players of the other faction that way.

Yuun and Tanno Vik can both equip either vibroblades or techblades. I tested it last night. Not like that opens up huge vistas of customization, but it does add a little variety.

“Nov 10, Dec 15 and Jan 12 are the dates of the next 3 Rakghoul events”
does that mean that Gree and Rakghoul events are becoming monthly?

Need some info on this if anyone has tried. Lets say i didn’t complete
my main class story & left out getting my last 2 Companions. Then i
start KOTFE till chapter 9 and use the companion terminal. Will i
instantly get the other 2 missing companion? The whole Companion thingy is so messy now.

The supply list and influence is not correct for some pieces of Dr. Lokin…
Correct: Anodynex24, Metamorphicx24, Hemostaticx20, Autoimmunex12 = 300 influence
Correct: Exotic Plaguex1 = 500 influence
Incorrect: Barnacle of Eyeless is not an option
Additional: Rakghoul DNA Canisterx1 = 250 influence
Additional: Symbiotic Fungal Bloom = 2,000 influence

I used the umbrella for Nico Okarr’s mixed drink but still didn’t get that achievement for using an umbrella. So buggy. 🙁

No achievement for the umbrella, the achievement is for getting Nico after Chapter IX, and not through that device you get in the mail.

I already knew that. What I meant is you do a different kind of progress if Nico Okarr recognizes that you used the umbrella in the end. 🙂

Yes, he approves if you do, and disapproves if you don’t. 🙂

So, as you can imagine, I reset the mission. 😛

Kill Xalek (50pts) , kill Lokin and one other with lokin but we need wait the event.
And for Treek , nobody know for the moment…

With travel the way it is now and a decent group (better a guild) then you can have Qyzen to the level you need in an hour, not a big deal.

Took me under two hours to kill the 20. It would have been less if competition for spawns wasn’t so high and if I hadn’t stopped to take care of some RL stuff while hunting.

I hope so. I have all the comps except Qyzen and Lokin and was wondering why I haven’t gotten the alert for Lokin yet.

Hm. No it isn’t, you just don’t like it. I asume you would prefer killing some trash mob instead. And that’s boring as hell.

If you knew of what you state, you’d
Have never made the comment.
Sense, you have idea who I am,
Keeping your opinion to yourself is

YES!!! This has been bugging me. I’ve got all companions now (minus Lokin… soon… so soon…) but The Forgotten Trophy quest/alert has never shown up for me. Anyone know what the deal is?

Has anyone else noticed in the companions section of legacy that some comapnion names are gold while others are green and still others cyan? Most of the ones I know are recruitable are gold – Lokin, Qyzen, T-7, Scorpio, etc. Exception to that are Pierce/4X and Talos.

“Upon reaching Influence rank 6, you will receive another set of quests rewarding 20 Common Data Crystals, 10 Glowing Data Crystals and 5 Radiant Data Crystals per Alliance Specialist at rank 6.”
This is incorrect. I just tested it. I had Yuun and Talos at rank 6 before getting to rank 6 with Dr. Ogurrobb. When I took the quest from the datapad and turned it in, I got a flat 20/10/5.

WTF? Anyone else trippin’ cuz other ppl can just say “hello” and recruit? While I get to a damn grind mission during a event to get my Dr Lokin back??

Actually and personally, while I do intend to recruit all the companions on my main, I don’t intend to get all of them on all 22 of my characters; since you can only send 6 out on Crew Skill missions, plus one to run with, I can’t see any mechanistic advantages to getting all of the available ones. (You will have 6 from rank 10 companions from the Star Fortress local support guys, plus the ship droid).

Agreed. The only thing I’d add is on an alt I don’t care much about I’ll probably to go through and do most of the kill/reject companions for the achievements.

Ok, so if i am consular, warrior or inquisitor i get my companion back instantly. But if im agent, not only i dont get my scorpio back due to the bug, but i also have to get lokin doing quest like every other player. And evasion is still not fixed. Nice.

How do you buy companion customization’s for companions originally belonging to other faction? For example, I get Talos on my Sage but I want him “Talos Customization 6” for him. The Vendors only sell companion customization’s for companions of your faction, and the ones I looked at recently were BoP so it isn’t possible to transfer them over.

I hope they add a cross class costumization vendor at the Alliance base soon or at least a boat load of CM customizations.

If you have an opposite faction character and a stronghold you can buy them with the faction that can get to the vendor then drop them in your stronghold vault to retrieve on the right character.

Any way to kill or reject Qyzen, Yuun etc. maybe later we’ll get more choices in who we keep. So far Xalex and Tanno are the only ones I’ve found killable.

Frankly, we should be able to buy Valour 40 for CCs, but have it show when we’re inspected that we bought that much Valour for the coins.

Not really, I’ve already done it; for PvP, it’s way too grindy though.

I’m guessing you’re a PvPer, judging by both your attitude, and your eager willingness insult people.

what is it with pvpr’s and hate? It’s like part of the game for them…

I’m a hardcore GSF’r and we’re not like that by and large. It’s just the WZ types…

I dunno. I love pvp and I love people telling me I’m bad and this is what to do to be better. You don’t want to PvP with people who tell you “u suck” or “Why can’t you defend? Idiot.” These people are (usually) bad at PvPing and poor teammates. Though to be fair, SWTOR probably has the least toxic community out of any game I’ve ever been in, if not a bit silly.

Seems to me the problem with PVP is it brings out the MMO L33t gaming crowd. Too much troll rage and not enough love for Star Wars

20 matches won’t take anywhere near as long as getting Valor 40 does, and you can pick up conquest points toward your personal total (for the Strategic Resource Matrix, sells for decent money even if you don’t need it for crafted items) if you do it over a week or so.

Well, seeing as I just did it, it took several hours; I’d reduce the requirement to 5 matches, so that not too much resentment is created between PvEers wanting the companions, like me, and those among the PvPers who hate the rest of us anyway.

Tbf, most folks in warzones aren’t going to care as long as you try. Had a guy join the Alderaan map the other day and he just hid behind a rock rather than actually help. I called him out just in time to vote kick him from the group, fortunately, but that’s the kind of self-serving thoughtlessness that creates resentment.

Don’t do that and it’s all good (and I don’t agree with the warzone requirement either, even though I have the valor rank on most of my characters).

I wish this were true. Getting sworn at for wearing PVE gear took exactly 30 seconds into my first PVP match.
At least let me do it via GSF

Hey Dulfy..
Some of the locations for “Death Before Dishonor” was before a location for an Enduring Tauntaun and a Gray mane, Elite mobs for the achievement “Ilum’s most wanted” Do you know where those mobs are now?

Is there a list somewhere that shows what crafting materials you need for the Inflicting Comfort weekly? It says I’m missing 8 materials but doesn’t say what.

Is there a list somewhere that shows what crafting materials you need for the Inflicting Comfort weekly? It says I’m missing 8 materials but doesn’t say what.

Is there a list somewhere that shows what crafting materials you need for the Inflicting Comfort weekly? It says I’m missing materials but doesn’t say what.

Valor 61 on my Guardian and still have to do the PVP missions to get M1-4X, so either I am bugged or there isn’t actually a valor requirement for that mission.

Did not think to try that, since it just gave me the Complete 20 Warzones objective. Just went to talk to M1 and had a chat option that said [Requires 40 Valor] and I got to skip the warzones requirement.

Seems my maths is failing me this morning – what’s the total needed to grind up each specialist rank + get all the recruits from the star fortresses?

probably no one mentioned, but repeating C2-N2 weekly gives 1150 (500+650) influence with the specialists, and another 650 influence with the droid. It gives you the option to simply give grade 8 mats to the droid since he already knows what to do

4x purple slice mat
6x purple slice mat
8x scavenge + archaelogy + bioanalysis mats

So I may have just missed this, but…

If all the comps can perform all 3 roles now (HK a healer? really..?) then is there any reason to go around getting all the possible companions? Do any of them perform differently than any of the others? Is it purely aesthetic, or is there some functional reason to get them?


I don’t know why we now need a billion companions.

Did anybody notice… nearly all of them are male. Only 5 out 20 new companions are female.

BioWare is unablte to balance anything!
Before 4.0 we had almost no new companions over years. Now we are flooded with them for no reason. And one is more boring than the other. They only know black and white. No companions at all, or a shitload of them. Why? All of them can do the same.

Worst of them is that Idiot of Nico Okarr. What’s the point of that alcoholic and stupid fkcer?

You’re complaining about Nico Okarr and you’re posting like a drunk slob yourself. I’m just as, if not more disappointed in 4.0 than you are but… seriously… after reading this… I don’t even know what to say. Go back to League of Legends or Minecraft or whatever game you enjoy more.

I’ve noticed that even though companions are supposedly “the same” in each role, some still seem to be better at certain roles than others. Pierce and HK-51 are good examples: HK seems to take a lot more damage as a tank, jumps around awkwardly a lot during combat, and generally does not keep enemies grouped or hold aggro well. Pierce is exactly the opposite on all counts. Both of them are at 30-31 Influence, so there’s not a huge variation there.

I plan to do a lot more observation of this and see if it bears out across multiple companions. Anyone else noticed companions that tend to be better at their original roles than when they are in one of the alternate roles?

I have encountered this as well.
I have both Veeroa Denz and Lana Beniko at 19 influence. Doing heroic star fortress runs, Lana has a significantly higher survival rate throughout no matter what role either of them seem to be set at.

This may or may not be an indicator that Lana is best suited for tanking?

I’ve noticed the melee healers/tanks seem to be far superior to their ranged equivalents.
I had Okarr and Beniko at 25 influence running star fortress heorics and I was constantly running into issues with Okarr (dying, nearly dying, etc). Beniko I don’t think I needed to pop my heroic moment once, with Okarr I had to do it several times.

And melee tech healing channels are bugged, they’re 25% healing compared to ranked companion healing channels.

Compare Qyzen and Felix, Qyzen’s healing channel heal does that for 25% of Felix’s.

You’re right. It could just be ranged vs melee. I’ve done fine with Nico (ranged tech), but struggled with a higher influence Qyzen (melee tech).

Which defeats the whole purpose of being able to use whichever companion we want for any role, by making some companions decidedly unattractive. CS told me that melee tech-healing channel thing was a bug, anyway.

I’ve noticed this too. Gosh, ask about it on the swtor forums and they’re adamant that all the companions are the same. But here were my findings.

My second character through KotFE was my sentinel: I never had any high influence with my old companions (all of them under rank 4) so I teamed up with Senya – had a girl crush on her anyway. She’s now at rank 31 and excels at all roles – no problems or anything running Star Fortress and we rip through our weekly heroic quests.

Now my first character through the storyline was my Sage – I teamed her up with T7 because of my abundance of technology gifts but the poor little guy kept getting crushed in our normal weekly heroic quest runs (this was at rank 35), we even struggled with trash in Star Fortress heroic. I switched to Senya and got her to rank 20 and everything is so smooth.

My third character was my Guardian who leveled with HK so naturally I had hoped to keep teaming with him. But he was a messy tank, his dps was not even close to what it use to be and fights were too slow with him healing. So I switched to Lana because I was running out of Luxury gifts for Senya (lol) and she’s so much more better.

A bunch of other 65’s I have that haven’t done the questline but we do heroics on:
My Shadow Kinetic teams with Okarr (rank 10) and his dps and healing is OP but horrible tank lol. And my Sorcerer is with Ashara (rank 10) using her as a tank – she’s pretty good but her leap is a bit buggy at the moment.

Yeah that’s pretty much it – I wouldn’t mind testing out Koth if only they had Artwork drop from those crate thingys.

On my JK i was unable to get “A Kindly Old Monster (Dr.Lokin)” after completing all Alerts except for the Trophy hunt for that lizard and the Warzone stuff. I did speak to both of them, but still didnt get any Alert for Lokin, bug?.

Is there any way to get back your original companions? I want to get Jaessa back on my warrior and Ashara on my assassin.

There are quests for some of them, and eventually all of them when more Chapters are released. If you are impatient/don’t care about story then you can use the terminal in the Alliance Lower Base, it’s in the room with the quest turn-in item that you use at each Alliance rank gain

There is a Map you can Right click on in the room where the Datapad is for extra bonuses when you level you your Specialists, wait for a little bit and you can get your companions back early

A note on Lokin – you do not need to get him to Influence Rank 10 as an Agent. This isn’t marked on the page so it’d be helpful if you put it down. I just spent the past 2 days collecting Anodyne samples. Guess I can use ’em for another character. Or alternatively, just sell ’em for profit on the GTN.

Yes, I visit him in my Agent, with empty hands because he is a former companion. No need to gain the rank if you already have it. Good note!

Good thing that I kept ten Exotic Plague Specimen in my cargo. I knew that one day they would be used for something new. 🙂

About Lokin mission: After tossing the probe to the pit on Tatooine, and you can’t see any “specimen” to pick up – relog. Do NOT reset mission, since it will send you back to the begining of everything, making it take longer time to complete.

Haven’t done this yet, but going to your stronghold and coming back works with the wall not being clickable for Xalek’s quest. Maybe it works here.

I killed Xalek for the achievment but he’s still in my alliance recruit’s list? Does anyone know if he can be removed?

As long as you don’t have the option to summon him, then you’re alright. Click on his picture and there should be an option in his biography box to transfer all his gear into your inventory to sell for a few extra credits. Even when they die, their picture will still be there, just like Darth Marr and HK.

To Reject Lokin (achievement) : On the 1st conversation in his house on alderaan, attack him (he will send you some rakghouls and inject you the plague) and when you talk back to him after the Sarlacc tell him “What ! forgive you ? .. after This” and you will have the option to reject him.

I had originally threatened him when I met him so
mine had the option: {Reject Companion} “In Hell!”
which I assume would have killed him. I didnt because it seemed like a waste after spending all the bio mats and time running around the tunnels and tattooine….

Feed Scritchy: near Aygo in the hangar on Odessen you will find a box of food. Scritchy is somewhere in thé hangar, throw him the food. (do it daily 10 times)

always kept a barnacle if i ever needed it for something…

HAHH finally!

also, reposting for anyone that cares

“probably no one mentioned, but repeating C2-N2 weekly gives 1150
(500+650) influence with the specialists, and another 650 influence with
the droid. It gives you the option to simply give grade 8 mats to the
droid since he already knows what to do

4x purple slice mat
6x blue* slice mat
8x scavenge + archaelogy + bioanalysis mats”

Symbiotic Fungal Bloom gives +2000 influence with Lokin

I had 4 of them (leftovers from previous events) so that made my life a lot easier, as I will be recruiting him on 3 toons this month (followed by 3 more in December and 3 more in January)

Is there a way to reject Pierce without having to go through the PVP bit? I don’t want him to begin with and I certainly don’t want to do all that PVP to reject him.

As far i know Pierce does not have n option to reject him, not 100% sure though, as i unlocked him on the second day of early access.

I don’t see why you wouldn’t, I had many offers for companions through alliance recruitment available at the same time as pierce. and getting him did not unlock any new ones.

I think you can only reject Lokin and not kill him. But they wrote the same text for Xalec “Kill, refuse or reject” since you can with Xalec

Sure beast respawn places for “Stalking the score” on Hoth are: -3366,127 -3529,152 and -3456,118
I took 20 trophees by switching instances and used 3 places as above.

“Jawa scrap vendors in the Cartel Bazaar are a good way to acquire them if you have the scraps”

I did that and will not let you turn it in.

That Qyzen mission needs circles for Jagganath areas, no player here is an actual hunter; so we need some kind of proper ingame mission, not just a hit-and-miss-random-respawn mechanism of frustration.

There is a glowie right next to Qyzen; if you click on it, you get a pop-up for a holodocument describing areas where the Jagganath targets can be found.

But it doesn’t stay in your quest log so you can review it. You have to return to Qyzen each time to review.

Your guide is great! Just wanted to add to it that I also got underworld and resurrected armor shells.
The 2 mounts i’ve gotten so far were Zakuul taxi mount (pretty big) and Roche Ice Cat (all white version of Alliance speeders with the globe a neon green)

Guss Tano is at the Nar shadda night life casino for republic and has the name “Shining Jedi” not sure about the empire. For a future companion quest to unlock him when the event comes back i am guessing. Maybe use slot machine X amount of times or win x item

For some reason, I can’t recruit M1. The mission doesn’t appear to me. I have more than 40 valor. It’s on my scoundrel.

Your Valor for recruitment is irrelevant. You would obtain the recruitment quest for him through your Companion Window, and would be sent to speak to him. Then he would tell you to complete 20 warzones. You would get him after that completion.

Do you keep your ship droids’ influence rank when you meet them again in KOTFE? I’ve leveled them up to 20 mainly for crafting crit/efficiency purposes before doing KoTFE.

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It appears that any companion you had previously returns with the same influence they had prior to your starting KotFE.
Also, the ‘no more companion conversations once you start KotFE’ is not entirely accurate; if you _acquire_ either Treek or HK-51 after you start KotFE, you will get all of their conversations as you increase your influence with them. The termination of companion customizations appears to be only for companions you already have when you start KotFE.

Since 4.0.2 I have noticed a change in Commander’s Datapad quest, it also works at rank12 dont stop in rank 8. I guess it works well for 14, etc.

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Is it possible to bypass Pierce? I’m not the slightest bit interested in grinding 20 warzones (which I suck at PvP in the first place).

Jugg/Mara can, since he was your companion before. Otherwise you need rank 40 valor.
Personally, it’s more annoying that I can’t abandon that quest, so it’s taking up space I could use farming heroics or whatever.

Yeah, if you abandon the quest, it goes right back to Lana. You can’t reject him so he just gets to sit there and block anything that comes next. Thanks Bioware.

Has anyone found a work around for this, will Theron still give out other recruitment missions if this hasn’t been completed?

You do but it’s equivalent to saying “I’ll do your quest later”. It’s not rejecting the companions altogether.

Hello I worked on Qyzen and found a lot more ‘Worthy Targets’ on this map, the map south of where you meet him.

actually found a wampa also straight out from the last red dot with a white circle to the right. he is right on the edge of the cliff so you don’t see him till you are right there.

FYI, Lokin also accepts Symbiotic Fungal Bloom (x1 = 2000 influence), with no quantity limit. Cheers! -Scottie

Yeah do not think that works, I killed 27 of those fungal elites and only got dna sample, what ever those are.
When I spoke with him there was no option for that or anything other than the grade 8 mats.

Was there a change to the Pierce requirements? I have valor rank 49, but he’s wanting me to do the 20 warzone matches…

The only thing I would’ve liked more, if you could take the specialists with you as a companion as well..

Between the two Jagannath spots in the east in The Starship Graveyards is an other worthy Wampa.

Around x: 2883 y: 328

Thank you SO MUCH for the hints on the guide, especially the inability to interact with the Shaft 12 cave-in. I could not get past that and found the answer here. I was able to go to my stronghold and then return to Ilum and the collapsed entrance was finally clickable. Woot!

I hit rank 20 with all four alliance groups, and got the tokens, and the achievement for getting all 4 as a set, BUT 3 of the 4 members (Dr Ogurubb being the exception) didnt give me the individual achievements for getting them to rank 20. Makes no sense. No sense at all… 🙁

I double checked my achievements and all four are missing. It says I have to claim the reward from the “Commander’s room data pad.” Guess I need to check there next. Thank you.

I haven’t been able to get the remnant resurrected warrior gear. it says aygo drops warrior and counselor gear. is there a trick to it or should i just keep trying?

Is there a cap for the companions or specialists? Can I recruit all of them? Reason I ask is that I want a specific crew that will hopefully get filled out as we progress through the chapters.

I really want to just skip Lokin altogether but I’ve been kind of ocd about this alliance thing and he’s the only recruit left that I haven’t got, so I’ll likely end up doing his mission eventually. Big question is though…since I don’t have any scraps, where else can I find his supplies (before the Rakhoul stuff)?

Just have a bio gatherer wander around Yavin for a little while. You just need 400 samples and components (each). That’s very doable in a half-hour

I’m stuck on the [Heroic+] Star Fortress missions and nobody I ask will buddy up with me… 😭😭😭😭😭

I was valor 44 and it would not let me recruit Pierce straight away. It gave me that damn pvp mission to get him.

Try talking to him again without the quest marker. Same thing happend to me with 70 Valor on my operative. Upon talking to him again he was recruited.

If you’re a warrior, it should let you. Talk to him again and see if there’s an option.

how do you bypass the hunt with qyzen, I am a shadow, but he keeps asking for trophey.

Ok never mind, I reset the mission and saw it.

Continuing Comfort Materials (C2-N2 Weekly)

These are the materials for each Continuing Comfort:
4 Adaptive Circuitry (GR8 Sliced Tech)
8 Farium (GR8 Scav Metal)
8 Molytex (GR8 Scav Compound)
8 Metamorpic Cell Culture (GR8 Biochem Comp)
8 Anodyne Extr (GR8 Biochem Sample)
8 Biocell Memory Core (GR8 Sliced Tech Part)
8 Ruusan Crystal (GR8 Power Crystal)

The new companion from chapter XII (Ak’ghal Usar) also has a hidden achievement.
You need reject him to take “Ak’ghal Usar: Rejected”

This could stand to be updated, as you get Comms rewards off of the Datapad at Alliance level 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 & 20 as well.

Did Bowdaar quest on 2 chars today. On both he stuck in Contacts>Alliance Recruit, can’t send him on missions or use as Companion. But around 3 weeks ago i did it on 2 chars and all working fine.

Same thing happened to me, my Smuggler finished the alliance alert for Bowdaar yet he remains as an Alliance Recruit, can’t summon him. Relogging didn’t help, neither did restarting the game. Created a ticket.

I just completed the Bowdaar mission, Freedom Fight, and it says he joined my alliance as a follower. Unfortunately, he seems to be stuck in the “Recruit” section, and I can’t summon him as a companion. It seems like this is a recent bug, since I see a lot of people having the same problem and lots of people who have had him as a companion since the mission was available. Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix?

having trouble recruiting talos. (mission fighting power with knowledge) cn not pick up artifacts from site 5. There is a big purple thing with very long range that stuns and kills me. Can not get close to it nor the relics. Anyone know what the deal is? it did not used to be there.

I went to tatooine – inside the open-pvp area you can find a tome to “fight” the ancient evil on Yavin 4. The tome gives you a buff for 1 hour. I think it prevented the thing from dragging me and I could take the relics. Hope it works for you

What t0bs wrote is correct. However, the active buff (lasts 1 hour) does not prevent you from being dragged to the ancient threat, but now you take a lot less damage and are able to flee the immediate vicinity and thus recover the datacrons on site 5.
bigbob7_77 is correct, too, it is a bug, but when this will be fixed we’ll have to see – best use this workaround. It also helps to have the travel conveniences to Outdoors Den and Yavin 4 active (to be found in your legacy tab). Details about the ancient threat are found here:

Turns out it is a world boss that does not spawn and de-spawn properly. It is a bug that will be fixed soon on a release.

If the Outlander can travel back in time to complete heroic missions that are 5+years in the past to gather crates for the Alliance, why not go back in time and formulate a better plan to stop Zakuul?

Some of this is wrong. You don’t get your companion immediately if your ranking with them is below 10. I went on my smuggler to get Bowdaar and had to do the quest a few times to get my rank up to 10. It wouldn’t just ‘give’ me him…same with M1-4X…unless I’m missing something on his quest, he won’t join my Trooper without doing the 20 matches, which I don’t want to do…Only thing I can think of is his rank is 8 with me and not 10 starting out…Other than that, thank you for this list. It has been very helpful.

I thought he said for those companions you mentioned if they were already ranked 10 when you had them, you can skip the steps when you go to recruit them.

“Bypassing recruitment

If you are Sith Warrior trying to recruit Major Pierce or Trooper
trying to recruit M1-4x, they will join you right away without the
PvP/Valor requirement.”

No, it says if you are that class you can skip the extra requirements, but this isn’t true. Unless there is another place in this long post that said this that I missed. It is a long post. May have missed it somewhere else.

Can anyone tell me if the legacy gear you get through the crates is class based or random loot? Like the warrior pieces. Do you have to be a trooper to get troop gear or is it ok to go ahead with a different class to try for the set you want. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Each supply crate you give them will earn you 500 influence with them and they will give you back a Commander’s Share of the loot. This crate will usually give you Bound to Legacy Remnant armor shell (Arkanian, Dreadguard, Yavin), companion gifts, and mounts.

Beywan Aygo only drops TROOPER or WARRIOR legacy gear
Hylo Visz only drops SMUGGLER or BOUNTY HUNTER legacy gear
Juvard Illip Oggurobb only drops INQUISITOR or AGENT legacy gear
Sana-Rae only drops KNIGHT or CONSULAR legacy gear

From (Under Basics, Alliance Specialist)

(If you attack Lokin during the intiial conversation, you will get a chance to reject him as a companion) = anyone manage to figure out what to answer so to make him attack ? i need to get the reject achieve. do i need to not have him level 10 to attack me? coz maybe is that the
problem. anyone to guide me to this ?

If I was not a subscriber during the period indicated here in this guide and became a 1/2 year later, does that mean I will never be able to access the HK-55 alliance alert (bonus chapter), the Nikos Alliance Alert, nor get the opportunity to have Shae Vizla? I just completed all the alliance alert missions with main last night before i “ascended” him into KOTET. Will that bonus be made available in a future update?

So i did the inflicting comfort quest for c2-n2 about 3 times it told me i didnt have the stuff for him, once i put it into my inventory out of my crafting bag the little droid finally took it .

Some other interesting story- wotr companion book related hints include the check- wotr companion book in with kira and scourge. This new dialogue will set up the events to follow in update 6. However, if you want them to appear earlier in kotfe, you can head to companion locator terminal to locate them wotr companion book back. Old companions aren’ t summoned until show in kotfe chapters wotr companion book with the launch of fallen empire, players might be busy farming wotr companion book swtor credits for new stuffs, but how to get old companions back is another main concern, though they. Welcome jaesa willsaam is the initial, wotr companion book dialogue only, companion mission for jaesa that is available upon first acquiring her as a companion., 05: 56 pm if you have done the light side jaesa mission already and have recorded it, you can send me over the link to your youtube video and i will wotr companion book include it here. The characters i relate to the most in games, books and movies tend to be heroic and look out for others more than themselves. I think that is why i really like mal from firefly. In gaming, mmo, star wars the old wotr companion book republic, swtor. The essential wotr companion book reader’ s companion is a third- generation essential guide written wotr companion book by pablo hidalgo, and published by del rey. In wotr companion book july, sue rostoni posted an updated publishing calendar with this book having been pushed back to ma.

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