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SWTOR Fallen Empire Companion Influences Guide

SWTOR Fallen Empire Companion Influences Guide on getting influences for returning and new companions. Updated for Patch 5.0.1


Updated with 5.0.1: Wampa, K1-Z3N

Updated with 5.0: Arcann, Shae Vizla, Mawvorr, TY-4N, Exoboar, Master Ranos

Updated with 4.7.1: Z0-0M, Rusk, Skadge

Updated with 4.7: Bogstalker, ISO-5R, Guss

Updated with 4.5: Broonmark, Bowdaar, Torian, Vette, Gault, Ginx, Annihilator T4-1D

Update with 4.3: Ak’ghal Usar, K’lor’slug Soldier, Q0-77 have being added.

Update with 4.1: Kaliyo, Blizz and Personal Warbot have been added. Note that Kaliyo as an agent companion as different gift preferences compared to Kaliyo as an alliance companion

Update with 4.0.3: Artwork gifts are now called Delicacies and Consumable gifts are now called Maintenance.

Update with Patch 4.0.2: This patch changed the way some companiions react to gifts. They now all have at least one gift type they love (max affection).

How Influence Works

With Fallen Empire, affection has being changed to influence. Instead of a max of 10,000 affection with your companions, you now have a max influence rank of 50 which requires a total of 250k influence. Your previous affection capped companions are now influence rank 10 and you have to bring them up to the new maximum influence rank again.

Your companions will lose their previous crafting bonuses and gear but they now gain new bonuses based on their influence rank.

Each influence rank give the following bonuses.

  • +50 Presence
  • +1.5% time efficiency for crew skill tasks
  • +0.5% critical rate for crew skill tasks

Which means a influence rank 50 companion will have 2500 presence, 75% time efficiency for crew skill tasks and 25% critical rate for crew skill tasks.

Influence Rank Requirements

Rank Influence Total Influence Rank Influence Total Influence
1 0 0 26 5100 67600
2 400 400 27 5300 72900
3 500 900 28 5500 78400
4 700 1600 29 5700 84100
5 900 2500 30 5900 90000
6 1100 3600 31 6100 96100
7 1300 4900 32 6300 102400
8 1500 6400 33 6500 108900
9 1700 8100 34 6700 115600
10 1900 10000 35 6900 122500
11 2100 12100 36 7100 129600
12 2300 14400 37 7300 136900
13 2500 16900 38 7500 144400
14 2700 19600 39 7700 152100
15 2900 22500 40 7900 160000
16 3100 25600 41 8100 168100
17 3300 28900 42 8300 176400
18 3500 32400 43 8500 184900
19 3700 36100 44 8700 193600
20 3900 40000 45 8900 202500
21 4100 44100 46 9100 211600
22 4300 48400 47 9300 220900
23 4500 52900 48 9500 230400
24 4700 57600 49 9700 240100
25 4900 62500 50 9900 250000

Companion Gifts

Companion gifts still work on raising the influence of your companions. Previously companion gifts only goes up to rank 5 and artifact rank but now rank 6 gifts and Legendary rank gifts are available. In addition, two new kinds of companions gifts are available: Delicacies and Maintenance. Delicacies are mostly used by the new companions you acquire in expansion while Maintenance gifts are mostly favored by droids.

Remember that there is a Character Perk called Legacy of Altruism that will give you 30% more affection from companion gifts and is very cheap to unlock (90K credits in total to unlock all 3 tiers).

Rank 1-2 Premium Gifts available from the fleet vendor on Galactic Trade Market section of the fleet.They cost 200-600 credits each and are good to feed to your companions for the first couple influence ranks.


Rank 5 Prototype and Artifact Gifts are available also from the fleet vendor in Galactic Trade Market section of the fleet. They cost 5000 credits for prototype and 10000 for Artifact.


Rank 6 Prototype and Artifact level Delicacies and Maintenance Gifts are available from the Jawa Scrap vendor in Cartel Bazaar section of fleet in exchange for the matching type of Jawa Scraps


Rank 6 Legendary Gifts are available from a vendor Odessen Cantina  for 250k credits and available from the new pack as well.


How much influence would I gain by giving my companion this gift?

Gift rarity: Green = Premium, Blue = Prototype, Pink = Artifact, Purple = Legendary.

The influence ranks (IRanks) listed here are thresholds so a companion of the rank 14 for example would receive the same gift values as a rank 10 companion and a companion of the rank 45 would get same gift values as a rank 40 companion.

How to use the charts

  1. Find out what your companion LIKE, FAVOURITE AND LOVE.
  2. Find out your companion influence rank in the Companion & Contacts Window. The value listed there are thresholds so for example Influence Rank 16 would use IRank 15 as it just crossed that threshold.
  3. Find out what is the rank and rarity of the companion gift you plan to give them.
  4. Look up the value in the chart by finding the correct chart and then look at the corresponding value row (companion gift rank/rarity) and column (companion influence rank).
  5. For example, I want to feed Lana Delicacies Gifts. She FAVOURITE them so it is the 9x multiplier chart. She is Influence Rank 9 and I am feeding her a Rank 2 Pink (Artifact Gift) so I would look up the column IRank 6 and row Rank 2 Pink to get a value of 288. The values are assuming you do not have the character perk that increase the values by 30%.

To see how much gift you need to reach a certain Influence rank see this spreadsheet created by jrazorx

Assuming companions LOVE this gift (16x multiplier)


Assuming companions FAVOURITE this gift (9x multiplier)


Assuming Companions LIKE this gift (4x multiplier)


Classic Companions

You can regain access to these companions after you finish Chapter 8 of Knights of the Fallen Empire by interacting with a terminal inside your alliance base in Odessen (same location as the mission datapads in that little room left of the base). 


Empire (Artwork = Delicacies, Consumable = Maintenance)

Note: Kaliyo and Torian has difference gift preference as an agent/bounty hunter companion vs KoTFE alliance companion. Use the Main Characters section below for gift preferences if you have them as an alliance companion. This chart shows the gift preferences as the classic companions.


Republic (Artwork = Delicacies, Consumable = Maintenance)


Main Characters


  • Like: Courting, Technology, Trophy
  • Favourite:Weapon
  • Love:Military Gear, Imperial Memorabilia

Aric Jorgan

  • Like: Technology,Republic Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, Trophy
  • Favourite:Military Gear, Delicacies
  • Love: Weapon

Gault Rennow

  • Like: Weapon, Technology, Cultural Artifact
  • Favourite: Underworld Good
  • Love: Luxury


  • Like: Weapon, Trophy
  • Favourite:Technology, Maintenance
  • Love: Military Gear

Koth Vortena


  • Like: Military Gear, Cultural Artifact
  • Favourite: Technology: Underworld Goods
  • Love: Weapon, Delicacies.

Kaliyo Djannis

  • Like: Military Gear, Technology
  • Favourite: Luxury, Underworld Goods
  • Love: Weapon

Lana Beniko


  • Like: Technology, Trophy
  • Favourite: Imperial Memorabilia, Delicacies
  • Love: Cultural Artifact


  • Like: Military Gear, Cultural Artifact, Trophy
  • Favourite: Weapon
  • Love: Technology, Maintenance

Senya Tirall


  • Like: Military Gear, Delicacies.
  • Favourite: Cultural Artifact
  • Love:Luxury


  • Like: Military Gear, Weapon
  • Favourite:Republic Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, Maintenance
  • Love: Technology

Theron Shan

  • Like: Weapon, Luxury, Cultural Artifact, Trophy
  • Favourite:Underworld Good
  • Love: Technology
  • Romance: Love Courting

Torian Cadera

  • Like: Technology, Cultural Artifact, Underworld Good
  • Favourite:Weapon, Military Gear
  • Love: Trophy
  • Romance: Favourite Courting


  • Like: Weapon, Courting, Luxury, Technology, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia,
  • Favourite:Cultural Artifact
  • Love: Underworld Good
  • Romance: Love Courting, Favourite Luxury



  • Like: Weapon, Courting, Luxury, Cultural Artifact, Trophy
  • Favourite: Military Gear, Technology, Maintenance
  • Love: Republic Memorabilia

Darth Marr

  • Like: Weapon, Military Gear
  • Favourite:Trophy
  • Love: Technology, Imperial Memorabilia

Empress Acina

  • Like: Technology, Trophy
  • Favourite: Imperial Memorabilia, Delicacies
  • Love: Cultural Artifact

Recruited via Alliance Specialists

For info on acquisition of companions in this category for your character please see this guide.

Ak’ghal Usar

  • Like: Technology, Trophy
  • Favourite: Weapon
  • Love: Cultural Artifact


  • Like:
  • Favourite: Weapon, Military Gear, Luxury, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, Trophy
  • Love: Technology, Underworld Goods


  • Like: Military Gear, Courting, Technology, Underworld Good
  • Favourite: Weapon, Cultural Artifact, Delicacies
  • Love: Luxury, Trophy


  • Like: Military Gear, Imperial Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact
  • Favourite: Technology, Republic Memorabilia
  • Love: Weapon, Trophy

Eckard Lokin

  • Like: Republic Memorabilia, Underworld Goods
  • Favourite: Military Gear, Luxury
  • Love: Imperial Memorabilia, Technology

Guss Tuno

  • Like: Technology, Imperial Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, Trophy
  • Favourite: Courting, Luxury
  • Love: Republic Memorabilia, Underworld Good

Qyzen Fess

  • Like: Underworld Good, Technology
  • Favourite: Military Gear
  • Love: Weapon



  • Like: Luxury, Technology, Imperial Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, Trophy
  • Favourite: Weapon, Republic Memorabilia
  • Love: Military Gear

Shae Vizla

  • Like: Courting, Technology, Trophy
  • Favourite: Weapon,
  • Love: Imperial Memorabilia, Military Gear



  • Like: Luxury, Trophy
  • Favourite: Military Gear,
  • Love: Weapon, Underworld Good

Talos Drellik

  • Like: Courting, Technology
  • Favourite: Republic Memorabilia, Luxury
  • Love: Cultural Artifact, Imperial Memorabilia


  • Like: Underworld Goods
  • Favourite: Trophy
  • Love: Military Gear, Weapon


  • Like: Weapon, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia,
  • Favourite: Military Gear, Cultural Artifact
  • Love: Trophy, Technology

M1-4X (Republic Only)

  • Like: Weapon, Courting, Luxury,Cultural Artifact, Trophy
  • Favourite: Military Gear, Technology, Maintenance
  • Love: Republic Memorabilia

Major Pierce (Empire Only)

  • Like: Technology, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia, Underworld Good
  • Favourite: Trophy, Delicacies
  • Love: Weapon, Military Gear

Nico Okarr (qualified subscribers only)

  • Like: Courting, Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, Trophy
  • Favourite: Luxury, Technology
  • Love: Underworld Good

Recruited via Star Fortress

Choza Rabbat (Alderaan)

  • Like: Delicacies
  • Favourite: Technology, Cultural Artifact
  • Love: Republic Memorabilia

“Deadeye” Leyta (Tatooine)

  • Like: Weapon
  • Favourite: Cultural Artifact, Delicacies
  • Love: Military Gear

Hemdil Tre (Hoth)

  • Like: Military Gear, Delicacies
  • Favourite: Luxury, Technology
  • Love: Republic Memorabilia, Imperial Memorabilia

K’krohl (Belsavis)

  • Like: Military Gear
  • Favourite:  Weapon, Delicacies
  • Love: Underworld Goods, Luxury

Rokuss (Voss)

  • Like: Military Gear, Weapon
  • Favourite: Technology
  • Love: Trophy

Veeroa Denz (Nar Shaddaa)

  • Like: Trophy
  • Favourite: Luxury, Weapon
  • Love: Imperial Memorabilia, Underworld Good

Recruited via Cartel Market

Akk Dog (Underworld Alliance Pack)

  • Like: Military Gear
  • Favourite:
  • Love: Delicacies

Probe Droid (Force Alliance Pack)

  • Like: Technology
  • Favourite:
  • Love: Maintenance

Nexu (Strategy Alliance Pack)

  • Like: Military Gear
  • Favourite:
  • Love: Delicacies.

Personal Warbot (Anarchist Alliance Pack)

  • Like: Technology
  • Favourite:
  • Love: Maintenance

K’lor’ slug Soldier (Disavowed Alliance Pack)

  • Like: Military Gear
  • Favourite:
  • Love: Delicacies

Q0-77 (Visionary Alliance Pack)

  • Like: Technology
  • Favourite:
  • Love: Maintenance

Ginx (Plunder Alliance Pack)

  • Like: Military Gear
  • Favourite:
  • Love: Delicacies.

Annihilator T4-1D (Revenge Alliance Pack)

  • Like: Technology
  • Favourite:
  • Love: Maintenance

Bogstalker (GEMINI Alliance Pack)

  • Like: Military Gear
  • Favourite:
  • Love: Delicacies.

ISO-5R (Battler Alliance Pack)

  • Like: Technology
  • Favourite:
  • Love: Maintenance

Exoboar (Manipulator Alliance Pack)

  • Like: Military Gear
  • Favourite:
  • Love: Delicacies.

TY-4N (Scavenger Alliance Pack)

  • Like: Technology
  • Favourite:
  • Love: Maintenance

Mawvorr (Scavenger Alliance Pack)

  • Like: Military Gear
  • Favourite:
  • Love: Delicacies.

Tuk’ata (Oppressor Alliance Pack)

  • Like: Military Gear
  • Favourite:
  • Love: Delicacies.

Wampa (Life Day Cartel Market)

  • Like: Courting, Technology, Trophy
  • Favorite: Weapon
  • Love: Military Gear, Imperial Memorabilia

K1-Z3N (Eternal Command Pack)

  • Like: Technology
  • Favourite:
  • Love: Maintenance

Special Companions

Master Ranos (Dark vs Light Companion)

  • Like: Military Gear, Courting, Technology, Imperial Memorabilia, Cultural Artifact, Trophy, Underworld Good
  • Favourite:Luxury, Courting (Romance), Underworld Good (Romance)
  • Love: Republic Memorabilia

Companions Sorted by Gifts

Info provided by Darth Thanatus.


  • Like: Talos Drellik, M1-4X, Nico Okarr, Z0-0M, Vette, Bowdarr, Arcann, Shae Vizla, Master Ranos, Wampa
  • Favorite:Master Ranos (Romance)
  • Love:

Cultural Artifact

  • Like: Koth Vortena, Scorpio, Theron Shan, Nico Okarr, Aric Jorgan, Guss Tuno, Z0-0M, Rusk, Gault, Broonmark, Torian, Master Ranos
  • Favorite: Senya Tirall, T7-01, Choza Rabbat, “Deadeye” Leyta, Blizz, Vette, Bowdarr
  • Love: Lana Beniko, Talos Drellik, 2V-R8, C2-N2, Ak’ghal Usar

Delicacies (Formerly Artwork)

  • Like: Senya Tirall, Choza Rabbat, Hemdil Tre,
  • Favorite: Lana Beniko, Major Pierce, “Deadeye” Leyta, K’krohl, Aric Jorgan, Bowdarr
  • Love: Koth Vortena, Akk Dog, Nexu, K’lor’slug Soldier, Bogstalker, Exoboar, Mawvorr, Tuk’ata

Imperial Memorabilia

  • Like: Yuun, Major Pierce, Nico Okarr, 2V-R8, Guss Tuno, Vette, Broonmark, Master Ranos
  • Favorite: Lana Beniko, Blizz, Rusk
  • Love: Darth Marr, Eckard Lokin, Talos Drellik, Hemdil Tre, Veeroa Denz, Arcann, Wampa


  • Like: Theron Shan, 2V-R8, Z0-0M, Rusk, Skadge, Vette
  • Favorite: Eckard Lokin, Talos Drellik, Nico Okarr, Hemdil Tre, Veeroa Denz, Kaliyo, Blizz, Guss Tuno, Vette (Romance), Master Ranos
  • Love: Senya Tirall, K’krohl, Bowdarr


  • Like:
  • Favorite: T7-01, HK-55, M1-4X, HK-51, Z0-0M
  • Love: Scorpio, Probe Droid, 2V-R8, C2-N2, Personal Warbot, Q0-77, ISO-5R, TY-4N, K1-Z3N

Military Gear

  • Like: Koth Vortena, Scorpio, Senya Tirall, T7-01, Darth Marr, Hemdil Tre, K’krohl, Rokuss, Akk Dog, Nexu, Kaliyo, K’lor’slug Soldier, Bogstalker, Bowdarr, Broonmark, Exoboar, Mawvorr, Master Ranos, Tuk’ata
  • Favorite: Eckard Lokin, Qyzen Fess, M1-4X, Blizz, Aric Jorgan, Z0-0M, Skadge, Torian
  • Love: HK-55, HK-51, Xalek, Major Pierce, “Deadeye” Leyta, Rusk, Arcann, Shae Vizla, Wampa

Republic Memorabilia

  • Like: Eckard Lokin, Yuun, Major Pierce, Nico Okarr, Aric Jorgan, Vette
  • Favorite: T7-01, Talos Drellik,Blizz, Rusk, Broonmark
  • Love: M1-4X, Choza Rabbat, Hemdil Tre, Guss Tuno, Z0-0M, Master Ranos


  • Like: Lana Beniko, Qyzen Fess, Talos Drellik, Major Pierce, Probe Droid, HK-51, Personal Warbot, Kaliyo, Q0-77, Ak’ghal Usar, Aric Jorgan, ISO-5R, Guss Tuno, Rusk, Gault, Vette, Bowdarr, Torian, Arcann, Shae Vizla, TY-4N, Master Ranos, Wampa, K1-Z3N
  • Favorite: Koth Vortena, HK-55, M1-4X, Nico Okarr, Choza Rabbat, Hemdil Tre, Rokuss, C2-N2, 2V-R8, Z0-0M, Broonmark
  • Love: Scorpio, T7-01, Theron Shan, Darth Marr, Eckard Lokin, Yuun, Blizz


  • Like: Lana Beniko, Scorpio, Theron Shan, HK-55, Nico Okarr, Veeroa Denz, HK-51, Ak’ghal Usar, Aric Jorgan, Guss Tuno, Z0-0M, Rusk, Skadge, Arcann, Shae Vizla, Master Ranos, Wampa
  • Favorite: Darth Marr, Xalek, Major Pierce, Blizz
  • Love: Yuun, Rokuss, Bowdarr, Broonmark, Torian

Underworld Goods

  • Like: Eckard Lokin, Qyzen Fess, Xalek, Major Pierce, Rokuss, Bowdarr, Torian, Master Ranos
  • Favorite: Koth Vortena, Theron Shan, Veeroa Denz, Kaliyo, Gault, Master Ranos (Romance)
  • Love: Nico Okarr, K’krohl, Veeroa Denz, Blizz, Guss Tuno, Skadge, Vette


  • Like: T7-01, Theron Shan, Darth Marr, HK-55,  Yuun, M1-4X, “Deadeye” Leyta, Z0-0M, Gault, Vette
  • Favorite: Scorpio, K’krohl, HK-51, Blizz, Ak’ghal Usar, Rusk, Bowdarr, Torian, Arcann, Shae Vizla, Wampa
  • Love: Koth Vortena, Xalek, Major Pierce, Qyzen, Kaliyo, Aric Jorgan, Skadge, Broonmark

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608 replies on “SWTOR Fallen Empire Companion Influences Guide”

Umm why would you give an Akk Dog military gear or artwork he’s just going to eat it. Depending on what that military gear is he could blow up.

Not exactly, it does make the companion better, but it scales differently, its % based, not point based, so they won’t be as insanely powerful at low levels, but should be more powerful at high levels.

So we can only recruit a limited amount of Companions? I was hoping we could recruit force users like Jaessa, Ashara, Xalek etc.

Whoa really?!? If this is the case, I am even more excited now! I want to get an all force-user alliance if possible for my Assassin!

Edit: I read on one of the comments that Xalek is also one on the list that Dulfy forgot to add in. So not sure if Ashara and Jaessa can be recruited or not by other classes.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Ashara and Jaessa can’t be recruited by other classes. They are both the apprentice for their class.

Wait, isn’t Xalek an apprentice too? Or am I remembering his story incorrectly…
Hopefully in a future chapter we will get some of them.

Unrelated, but anyone else having trouble making an instant-60 work? Get set to level and dumped on the fleet :/

Might I suggest you explicitly remind people that, unlike in the English language, Favorite does not mean favorite; it is inferior to Love.

I am unclear on what the columns mean. I assume the iRank 15 meant when >=15 and < 20. But then what is the iRank 50 column? 50 is the max and so nobody will ever use these.

this whole problem with the companion terminal for classic companions is really something that they should have worked on before launching this

I agree, my old comps have 10k affection, which is lvl 10 influence… I want to send them on crafting missions… I can’t because I can’t access them.

thanks bioware.

pretty amusing people are getting doubles of classic and “new” companions

Sorry for the OT but where did low lvl custom gear for basic comms went? Is it removed or just a different vendor somewhere?

It says Theron’s love’d gift if you’re romanced is courting… But I accepted him as the locked in romance and it says he gains no influence from courting gifts… Another bug, or misread on your part?

I’m not sure if they’re bugged (unless a dev has mentioned it). I can give a courting gift to Theran Cedrax on my low-level sage and he gets a ‘small’ influence gain from it. This suggests that they work, but only as a class of gift instead of being reserved for a romance companion. Theran Shan, for instance, might not be interested in courting gifts…he never struck me as a card-giving sort of boyfriend anyway.

250 THOUSAND. Seriously? I expected a grind, I even prepared myself for 25k, but 250k per companion is INSANE. I have 30+ 60’s all with 7+ toons at 10k affection, I doubt I will ever get even one toons companions maxed. What a load of garbage. Not even going to touch this.

No new endmage content, insert Insane bang your head against the wall grind (or cash grab take your pick) of gifts from cartel packs.

Well, I completed the mission, I said we should work together, he said he would follow me, then I returned to Sana-Rae and she said he’s learning with the others, but now I don’t see him on my list. Did I screw up with it, or am I just experiencing a bug?

Not sure if true but someone told me that you find him in a cantina on the alliance planet in case you want to start it. Maybe bug if you really haven’t started anything

Do you have to recruit a set number of companions or can you wait until later chapters are released to see if the companions you are looking forward to are brought back?

Short number crunch to get from 0 to 50 using the 30% bonus and only loved gifts:

Vendor greens (r1 to 40 then r2): 4.5 million credits, 10 hours(!) of non-stop gift clicking
Green jawa junk: just over 15 stacks, 76 minutes clicking
Blue jawa junk: just under 8 stacks, 38 minutes clicking
Common Data Crystals: 4520 crystals, 8 minutes clicking

You can mix these ofcourse, it’s only at r20 that the vendor stuff becomes prohibitively tedious

You can only give 20 gifts a minute iirc, so burning 15 stacks takes real time.

This is disregarding any other sources of affection (like the story) so it might not be this bad, this is mostly for people who want their 25% crit bonus on crafting _today_

Gift really should be instant, the clicking right now to get them to 50 is pretty insane. What I will do is probably do one companion to 50 so I can get them ready for star fortress and then just farm star fortress for influence via bonus objectives while getting decorations along the way

Mixed example, to 20 with ventor, to 40 with jawa junk, then use comms:

91567 credits, 335 blue jawa junk, 2028 CDC, 43 minutes will get one companion from 1 to 50

Looks like getting a load of companions to 50 isn’t going to happen any time soon, I’m planning to start with just 1 companion on my most important crafting skills.

It is clear that companion influence is a long term objective, and something I would personally never prioritize. Influence Rank 20-30 is not THAT crazy to achieve in a few days, and that still gives a significant crafting time and efficiency bonus.

“long-term????” Sigh. I regret to inform you that you need to turn in your nerd min-max card and leave the building. 🙂
(see below for other scenarios)

you’d buy 6088 level 1 green gifts and 5294 level 2 green gifts. The cost for all that would be 4,394,000 credits, and at a rate of 2.9 seconds per gift assuming you could never miss a fraction of a second jumping from one gift to another it would take about 9 hours and 17 minutes.

Then it’s a good thing I don’t have any nerd cards! 😛

The new story is awesome, the new companion system is amazing (even though I was skeptical in the beginning), the crafting changes make the game a lot more fun than grinding, and I also approve what happened with the Flashpoints and the Operations, and finally, LEGACY DATACRONS, so I am not going to complain about companion influence, which I can just get slowly over the course of the next year…

On the other hand I will complain about Level Sync (nope, don’t care at all about the “benefits” of it) and about the whole Mastery stat…. I preferred it when each class had their own gear.

“For example, I want to feed Lana Artwork Gifts. She FAVOURITE them so it is the 9x multiplier chart. She is Influence Rank 9 and I am feeding her a Rank 2 Pink (Artifact Gift) so I would look up the column IRank 6 and row Rank 2 Pink to get a value of 512. The values are assuming you do not have the character perk that increase the values by 30%.”

You write FAVOURITE not LOVE, so it should be 288 not 512 according to your chart.

I have it, it can do more than DPS.

Who’s a good Akk Dog? You are! You are! -gets spit in the face for 15,000 hp healing-

It can perform all three roles, it is not DPS only. It wears a “Kolto Collar” that sprays out healing, and it also will pounce on you and slobber on you to heal you.

How does the lvl 60 boost affect companions. I’m thinking using mine on a sorc to romance ashara but that boost is auto Darkside will that effect my chances of romancing her?

Ah. I was hoping when u got then back you could spam with gifts to get influence for the romance but guess not

I still don’t know which section it’s in, but it’s easy to find if you look in the Packs section for the Underworld Alliance pack.

He likes eating art, that’s for sure! A lot of the “artwork” items are food, or at least edible. Edible to an akk dog, at any rate.

Checked it out myself and yes, those perks work aswell.
Got 3250 instead of 2500 influence for C2-N2 during his “Inflicting Comfort” mission and 650 instead 500 for Aygo and the others.

What?? The dog can heal?? Is a joke? How manage that? licks you?
Companion 4.0 changes are a great mistake. Same combat skills all, losing his own and characteristic powers and abilities, no stats gear, the 3 stances thing with nonsenses like Doc or Mako tanking or Skadge healing? Or Kira or Jaesa not being able to fight with single lightsabers or Corso with blasters pistols enymore…

And commandos/mercs with guns shooting healing bullets/raybeams makes what kind of sense? Healing as it exists should have been phased out of mmos a long time ago; it makes no kind of sense and only kills any vestige of immersion potential.

Actually… it does lick you.

Affectionate Slobber is its main heal ability. The rest revolves around a module on its collar.

It means you can use the one you like and that their isn’t just one HK droid that is the best to run with. Also, in a party of 4 there are 0 companions, so — they are made to fill the role of missing players, so with that in mind — it makes sense you can switch them to what ever role you’re group actually needs rather than be pigeon holed by the ones you’ve unlocked.

The only real issue with them that I see, is that they are significantly too strong and are trivializing the game right now, the buff to their healing is insane. It’s hard to die right now even just face tanking as a damage sentinel solo heroic content. It’s not like you can complete the content it’ll take you so long to kill one enemy, that before you kill the second, the first one respawns, we’re talking like 15 minutes a mob, but still — you can’t die?

Well, my main char gunslinger makes his runs the 90% with Risha or enytimes Corso or Akabi, or if I needed heals I summoned Guss. My HK was all the time in the ship growing dust. :p Not necessary use HK or the ugly teddy bear Treek… The positive side is this, not more Treeks of the other people around me everywhere; I hated this thing, with his horrible noises and resulsive little dog face… 😛

I’m confused and maybe this is a stupid question. ^^ Did they swap Love and Favourite around? Why does Love give 16x and Favourite only 9x?

Do the new companions and Nico have the conventional conversations outside the storyline that you can do with a certain amount of influence? Can you interact with Nico again after recruiting him?

So I am confused. Do we lose the bonus we got before to our character for maxing our companions?

I.e. 10 presence 1% accuracy

Those bonuses are for completing the companion’s conversations. You still have them (and can see them on the Imp/Rep Classes page when you pull up the Legacy window)

Maybe? As long as you’ve finished the convos for that companion type (even though they’re now typeless) in your legacy, your whole legacy gets the stat bonus. But yea I guess you lose on that 50 presence

No I mean if you’ve never done it, you lose the presence the 1% damage 1%. Accuracy 1% defense, etc.

Unless you lose those stats now

Well without trying it I couldn’t say for sure, but my guess would be:

If the ONLY character you have for your legacy is an insta-60, you lose out on the ability to get those % bonuses without creating level 1 chars to run the companion conversations

you can cancel the quest and go back to the fleet, go and talk to your companions to complete their missions then go back and start the new content as an insta-60

so it is possible to lose out if you don’t stop and pay attention.

Companion Inherent Tradeskill Bonuses Removed,

We are changing the way that Presence works such that each point provides percentage based bonuses, instead of flat numerical bonuses. This more or less translates into two things:

Sadly, the Companions of low level characters with massive Presence bonuses from their legacies will no longer be hilariously overpowered (I promise we’re just as sad to see this go as you are, it provided some good times).

Presence will scale much better at higher levels.

Each influence rank give the following bonuses.
+50 Presence
+1.5% time efficiency for crew skill tasks
+0.5% critical rate for crew skill tasks

I personally don’t like it, i don’t see it as economically viable to buy the gifts to increase the influence, cause it takes 22 rank 5 purple gifts to get up to Ilevel 20 or so…..but those 22 gifts cost me over 1mil credits…i don’t see that as viable for all companions.

The only other alternative is to pick only the conversation choices that the companions love the most….rendering our choices irrelevent, since we will be picking whatever the companion loves to max them out….25% crit chance on missions and a 75% mission speed up and a big chunk of presence….is so huge….you just got to do it…..choice has gone out the window, especially if our companions’ influence affects their loyalty.

You can get 22 rank 5 purple gifts for 220 basic comms

From the above guide:

Rank 5 Prototype and Artifact Gifts are available also from the fleet vendor in Galactic Trade Market section of the fleet. They cost 5 Common Data Crystals for prototype and 10 for Artifact.

Makes me wonder if we can still run the Belsavis dailies for the old companions. That was an affection factory.

“The only other alternative is to pick only the conversation choices that
the companions love the most….rendering our choices irrelevent, since
we will be picking whatever the companion loves to max them out”

This is no longer the case. Even if they don’t appreciate your decision it will still increase their influence. The only thing that matters now is the fact that they react.

You can just use level 1 green gifts if you don’t mind a lot of clicking. I got Treek up to lvl 32 just buying 500K worth of Holoviewers and spending 2 hours giving them to her. With the Legacy of Altruism buff the’re worth 17 influence points each all the way up to lvl 40 (more at lower levels) and only cost 200 credits from the main comp. gift sales guy.

BW took away more than they added for the whole expansion. Did you really expect them to let HK keep that skill when they made them all so generic.

HK-51 still has unique moves (51 specifically, 55 is not unique), although he’s missing the one that people wanted to see him keep. Treek still has her own unique moves, although they’re divided up so she can no longer tank and heal at the same time. All other companions are a mass of generic mediocrity though. Lokin still has transformation, but aside from that there are a handful of movesets based on what type of weapons they’re allowed to equip (with blaster rifles and sniper rifles being treated as equal / interchangeable for whatever reason) and everybody who uses the same weapon class uses the exact same moves as each other so they all feel really samey. There isn’t really anything to set them apart from each other. The old moves that they had, the fighting styles which were unique to them before, are completely tossed out the window now.

Any new companion story quests with the increased influence. And so any of the new companions or star forge followers have storyline when u progress influence?

Compared to the old crafting/mission skill bonus, for example Corso Riggs(500 arms tech,10k affection, 3% legacy perk, making an orange grade weapon), it was a total of 10+5+5+3=23% critical chance.
Without inborn crafting bonus in this patch, it requires a influence level of 20 in order to achieve similar critical result which is not that hard to farm. If the influence level becomes 50, a total of 10+25+3=37% critical chance is expected.

So basically if you have to farm 6 times more of a level 20 to get an extra 14% critical result. Worth it or not?

I don’t get the charts… There is no Legendary quality for Grade 5 and lower? Because I don’t see any on the vendors on the fleet. The highest quality is Artifact.

Im having a problem. I cannot finish my companion quests with BLizz and Skadge. i cant get the buffs and no icon is above there head. anyone else having this problem?

umm I have Xalek. I can pull him out no problem. You have to go talk to the admiral after you finish his quest in order to get him to fall into a summonable zone.

From what i have seen, near the end of Chap 9, you get the optiion to “Start Romance” with lana (or which ever option you flirted with the most)

WoW, all the Crap companions of old and no new companions worth a crap.. Long Live, Kira, Vette, Nadia…. and Evil Jaesa. These New Companions will not be seeing any playing time from me

You’re either blind or just assuming, seeing as there are several new companions. If you cry about the limited roles like it was in “old days” then that’s just silly. Everyone was using the same companion back then because they had no choice. Now people can use the companion they like and are not stopped dead in tracks because companion didn’t know how to tank/heal/dps. And several new companions – even cross-class ones are, sort of, if your current char never had that one before – will only enhance it.

I am in Chapter 7 and I have had all of 3 choices, you are not able to run with any old Charters. HK’s always rock. But Lana I can not freaking Stand, and the other new guy, so annoying I do not remember his name. Granted Lana Crack whore eyes are gone, but her voice still sounds like my Ex wife. You are right, everyone used the same ones. That said, bioware did an amazing job with those characters.

Why do people think “WoW” is some fancy way of saying “wow”, or “LoL” is some fancy way of saying “lol”? WoW = World of Warcraft, it does NOT mean the word “wow”. In the same way, LoL = League of Legends, it does NOT mean the term “lol”.

No companion is unique anymore. Since you can just switch on the fly what roll they are doing. Don’t care for this aspect.

Not unique? Old system was totally pointless since everyone pretty much ended using the same companion, simply because they needed a specific role (usual healer) and only 1 companion provided it. So rest of the companions were totally useless. THAT was a not unique system. With the new system people can finally use the companion they want and like and not be forced to use a specific companion. That’s unique (sort of)! You won’t see EVERYONE run around with Treek or HK now, now you can see a variety of companions. Companion “uniqueness” doesn’t come from their abilities, it comes from the companion choices, likes and dislikes and from the relationship with your char (friendly or more).

Started romance with Theron (I confirmed on the dialogue box) and he won’t accept courting gifts for easy Influencing =(

Well they didn’t. Also I hear other companions for other people don’t react to courting gifts either. Multiple ticket time.

Sooo.. is there a point of maxing out different companion influence right now..? I got a feeling that without companion specs and uniqueness people will just end up maxing out 1 comp and using it all of the time

if my math is correct duffy is it 25% crafting critical at rank 50 or is my math off sorry its late here

I like that you can use the crystals (comms) to get the higher companion gifts now. Finally a use for those lower level comms. Did they get rid of the green, blue, and purple gift fragments, as well?

My favorite thing about this change is that dialogues now trigger or quest progression, not affection level. Having finished all questlines, I get to play through a lot of cutscenes with my undernourished comps.

Xalek works perfect for me. Couldn’t use him until i did Star Fortresse (Alderaan) after that he works perfect for me.

Xalek works for me also. I’m not actually certain if he didn’t before the Alderaan Star Fortress but based on the comment above, and the fact that’s the only Star Fortress I’ve done, I think Upsetgamer could be right.

There is a terminal in the alliance base you can use to regain your original crew once you finish the first lot of chapters.

Yeah the terminal to get the classic companions back is still broken after maintenance 🙁 That’s so depressing.

When you recruit Qyzen, you can turn in more trophies than actually necessary to gain more influence with him. This way, you can easily push him above lvl. 22, if you do all world bosses and save tons of companion gifts.
This only works BEFORE recruiting him.

you cant summon old comps inside a chapter, but you can while traveling to other worlds. Anyway the terminal for getting old comps is bugged atm, you can only get them until next Tuesday with new patch.

I’d be curious too… the impression I got was that we found different companions through those “alerts.” But maybe that’s just the other companions and Nico was an exception.

I’m not sure on these influence rates. I just gave Koth (Influence rank 9) an Artwork (Love) and only received 1065 Influence. Intended? Bug?

Same here. Also, is there some sort of primer for interpreting that spreadsheet? I’ve made a copy of it and entered the data in the 3 fields and it outputs data that doesn’t seem to mean much.

The numbers that the spreadsheet calculates are how many gifts of a given rank/type you need to kick your companion’s influence level up a notch.

you need all three charts there are 3 spreadsheets.

spreadsheet one needs spreadsheet 2 and 3 also to work properly.

I would copy it to a blank spreadsheet and keep them in exact order for it to work properly.

If you only copied the first sheet it wont work

Simple way to copy all three.

Menu Bar > Files > Make a copy.

This will make a copy of the whole thing and put it in your sheet collection with all permissions open to you on your own copy.

So if companions get affection… sorry INFLUENCE from any conversation, can you take any companion to Esseles/Black Talon and just grind that for influence gains or do those two still only work for the first companion?

That is what i want to know, since i just took Mako through Black Talon in Tactical Mode and solo’ed it and i got like 6500-6700 influence from that one run….but to max out 250k, i would have to repeat Black Talon on my own…..38-39 times……i dread to do this even once….i guess i will only be maxing out a single companion via levelling up…the others will have to stay in a low influence state.

Until they get a more……realistic levelling capability.

Cheapest way but time consuming 200 credit rank 1 that you companion loves and if you have Altruism III.

19 x stacks of 99 and 1 stack of 80.

that’s 1,971 x 200 credit gifts for total of 394,200 Credits

Will get you from Rank 1 to rank 30.

Approximate amount of time 2 Hours 15 Minutes.

Realistic way to do this if you have a game mouse, pad or keyboard.

Program it to activate you hotbar keybind with your gift in it. Set it for 4 second or 4000 MilliSecond Continuous repeat cycle.

Go to sleep do your homework watch a movie or what ever.

You could do this from 30 to 40 but just from 30 to 40 not so feasible as each gist would only get you 17 influence a piece would cost you an extra 600k and a hell of a lot of time.

That is what i count as not viable and too time consuming…..i am thinking Bioware didn’t think this through, i hope they add in special quests that net you nothing but influence with the companion you travel with.

Not sure how i am gonna max out these guys….there is no hint on which conversation choices gives or takes away points, which means….pick, damn ESC, rinse and repeat until you find everything….its gonna be quite tedious.

I mean, i am fine with picking non-alignment choices to increase their influence, but picking alignment choices to increase it is a big NO… is a pity that the influence doesn’t increase regardless, but have 2 types, respect or rival or something, like Dragonage 2.

its not hard to read what a companion likes and dislikes. then you must be clever to know what option will lead to approve or not

Not Really, some, you are correct, but some are just unpredictable, unless you know EXACTLY what to pick, i mean i would prefer it to have been like Dragon Age 2, either way, you still have to pick what they like or have loads and loads and loads of credits for gifts.

It doesn’t matter if they like what you say. No points to influence are ever taken away, only gained – even from choices they don’t like. Influence isn’t affection, you need to stop looking at it that way. Your companions now remember your choices, and that will come into play later in conversations, but has no bearing at all on influence gain. You could have a companion absolutely loathe you now, but still have max influence with them. Bioware reworked influence to be a reflection of how much you have impacted a particular companion, good or bad. So there is no need to escape out of conversations to try to get the ‘right’ choice now – because there is no right or wrong choice for your companion, only right or wrong according to your particular character’s roleplay/personality.

But, from what i have read, that if you don’t pick the choices that your companion likes, the influence will barely get you anything… might get 200, instead of 800…..unless you get the same regardless…

This is in fact true. Picking choices where HK approves/strongly approves DOES get you more influence. I had the exact same conversations with two different characters but chose different dialogue choices – 200 vs 800. So, no change from what I’ve seen, only the values are hidden.

I just rolled a new sith warrior to try this theory and picked what i wanted and vette disagreed with most of the choices and didn’t respond to the rest and i only got 260 influence, while picking what she does like, gets me over 1000 influence……yeah, i know what people will do, pick what the companion likes, so really, until they make all reactions give the same points, people will pick what the companion likes.

I find it rather annoying that they still have some companions that have no loved gift, especially now with these insane influence values. Like the Jedi Knight is really fucked because the two romancable comanions have only have favourite gifts for people who don’t romance them but all the companions of the Imp Agent e.g. have love gifts no matter if you romance them or not.

they really could’ve changed that since they already where tweaking and changing all this shit.

Yeah its unfortunate but if main reason is that you want them for crafting bonuses. You can only send out 5 at a given time. Every class has at least 5 Companions with Love level Influence.

Love > Favorite with 4.0


Favorite > Love with Pre 4.0

Yeah, but maybe I don’t care about crafting but rather would like to take Ashara with me on my Sith adventures. I mean, the main reason Bioware generalized all the comps and made them totally the same is that people could take whomever they wanted and not be restricted by function.

I haven’t seen any jawa scrap vendors, except the ones that trade crafting materials, there are no jawa vendor that trades gifts at all.

There is a Console in your HQ. A small room off to the side of the tunnel that leads to the Underworld contact. (The female smuggler.)

It’s busted at the moment. But they said they were hoping for it to be part of this Tuesday’s patch.

The alliance area on Oddessen. The underworld room is in the lower left, and the room for the terminal is just above it. However like Robert said, it’s broken atm.

I’ve noticed there are some companions that don’t come back – and some that aren’t even available as decorations anymore (to place in stronghold). Even if the character has not started KoTFE yet.

Not sure if that means they’re being revamped for story, or if they’re the unfortunate ones that are gone for good.

The only Jawa junk vendors that are in the cartel Bazaar are for crafting materials, there are no other junk vendors there at all.

Xalek only seems to be bugged on the Inquisitor, I recruited him with my Jedi Knight and got him with no issues.

i think the chart and google doc need updated. i just came across this and i was leveling up Treek. im at 15/50 X/3100. that off from the charts.

The chart is at base level without the Altruism bonuses.

So if you have Altruism III like i do you would have to add 30% to the base.

Rank 1 Green (Love Chart)
From Rank 1 to 50
With Altruism III

I’ll Try and make some charts later with Base, Altruism I,II and III

The CC options should not affect the based numbers you need per level. It should only affect the amount of influence you gain towards that level. I have ALT3 on all my main toons and none on the rest. using my example on a ALT3 and ALT0 at lvl 15 you need 3100 influence to move to 16 on either toon despite the level of Altruism. thats what i was trying to say. So in the case of the Google Doc, the calculation are based of the base you need, if the base is wrong, the calculation for totals needed will be wrong before adding ALT1,2,3 bonus.

i guess im reading it wrong then. the chart is listing what it takes to reach next lvl i suppose. ignore me. lack of sleep

Permanent once you finish the Heroic Star Fortress for their respective planet and no, you can’t legacy unlock them.


I found that if people want to keep Darth Marr as a companion (*CAN’T PROGRESS IN KOTFE STORY IF YOU WANT MARR AS A COMPANION), it seems that he prefers the following as it pertains to gifts:

Favorite: Trophy
Love: Military Gear/Weapon

Nothing else seems to catch his fancy.

Please note that if you choose to keep Marr and shower him with gifts, you do so at your own risk (ie possible loss of invested money/time if something were to change and he can’t be retained). I personally have been able to keep him since KOTFE launch on several toons, but who knows what future patches might bring.

@dulfy:disqus Just a heads up Xalek is fixed as of 4.0.1, I am on my Sorcerer who is 65 and have him summoned and everything after completing the KotFE Ch1-9

I have had Xalek as my companion on my Shadow since the first day of early access, not sure why it says that it was bugged. Unless it was only bugged for the Inquisitor class? Which is only 1 out of 8…

Oh, the M1-4X mission is horrible. One of the very few things that bother me in this awesome expansion actually. Some people do not want to play PVP at lvl 65….

How does the new influence system work when you make a new character? Do i need to max em out to gain all their dialogue (chatting on your ship etc)?. Hope not!.

Actually companion conversations are no longer triggered by affection/influence but by your progress in the class story.

And I guess that this means that a 60-from-the-start does not get any of the ‘old’ companion dialogues at all, since KOTFE is auto-launched with no class missions completed..?

I started a romance with Theron Shan at the end of chapter nine but he doesn’t care about courting gifts at all. Are you sure this info is accurate?

Same here. Started the romance, complete with the pop-up window about the romance checking if I want to continue, but the courting gifts show as “No influence gain.”

Same here. I don’t know whether you have to progress further in the story (not possible at this time) or if it’s just not correct

Hey Dulfy I’ve noticed that the romance buff for companion gifting isn’t working. Now all companions have their gifting values set to nonromanced settings. I’ve tried this on characters that have finished KOFE Chapter 9, haven’t started KOFE, and characters that haven’t reached level 60.

Hi Dulfy just completed:
Companion Gift Likes Table 4.0 (Easy Flow)

It includes all available companions.

Enjoy. BTW I really love your site.

I reference it a lot at the new:
SWTOR Open Source Community Spreadsheet Collection 4.0

Not sure if its already been posted, Major Pierce (and assume M1-4X) continue to gain 500 influence with each PvP match played. Don’t know if its a bug or not and its 500 win or loose.
But, for those of us that pvp regularly that’s roughly 2000 free influence a day if you do all your dailies.

I really would like to seem them add spots to change your companions cloths. Lana just looks so bland in all gray

I would hope that they do this after the conclusion of the storyline.
Currently, they reserve the option to change main storyline companion looks only for themselves, which might be somewhat important (e.g., when they have to re-dress a companion, they would have to return the current clothing to you, or there might be difficulties in rendering something like a wound on a generic piece of clothing etc).

Besides, my inquisitor wears gray robes himself, so I’m quite happy with Lana’s clothing tastes 😉

pink gifts give more influence compared to purple, considering the cost of 30 crystals.
while one purple gives 2048, 3 pink will give you 2454
and if you consider the perks, its 2600 and 3100…
pink gifts WINS

so they should either reduce the price of purple gifts or increase their influence gain

They need to look at the prices of gifts across the board. The fleet vendor sells Rank 1 and 2 green gifts, but the green Rank 2 gifts are 3x the price but don’t give 3x the points.

Pre-4.0, Rank 2 would give double the points at triple the cost, too.
One might argue that you pay an increased credit price to have the same influence gain with less clicks (a.k.a. convenience fee).

Whether this is worth it, well, decide for yourself.

yeah but as far as I know you only get pink lv6 gifts for jawa scraps
and there are no purple lv5 gifts so unless you have jawa scraps in
abundance this is not applicable. you’re basically drowned in CDCs on every toon you play but you need to do the conquests to gain a very limited amount of scraps a week. so to say pink gifts win is only on paper without consideration of the reality of purchaising them.

You’re paying extra for convenience. If you work out the GTN price of blue rank 5 gifts vs green rank 2, the cost per point is lower for rank 2 (assuming an average price of 10k per for the blue rank 5 gifts) all the way out to rank 40. But if you go that route, you’ll be standing there spamming that gift key for an hour or more.

Since I don’t see HK-55 anywhere here or on the charts I assume his destruction is permanent like Darth Marr’s. It’s a shame really, I like HK-51, but HK-55 is better. “Meatbag” makes all the difference.

Don’t despair, 55 is following the long and distinctive tradition of HKs getting destroyed, re-constructed and destroyed again. If you want to gift shop for your favorite killer droid, consumables are generally something no droid can turn down. Military, weapons and technology are also fine signs of appreciation for a killbot. Hopefully 55 will be reconstructed in the next chapter, and i know that many of us will have a stockpile of gifts to boost him to influence 50 on the spot. I will!

Or perhaps we’ll see another HK droid, hopefully with HK-55’s personality —- and he could be called HK-57 [and get to have some customizations]. That, or they should allow us to use customizations that they first made for HK-51, become usable by HK-55 [and the next one, if they add HK-57].

If my math is correct, these are the number of Legendary Rank 6 Love-type gifts required to get a companion to the listed influence level, given that you have Legacy of Altruism III:

9 total get to 23958 [Rank 15]
16 total to get to 40268 [Rank 20]
41 total to get to 90193 [Rank 30]
83 total to get to 160081 [Rank 40]
151 total to get to 250589 (caps at 250000) [Rank 50]

No, they don’t appear to drop from crafting missions. I’ve only found them from turning in alliance chests/crates, a rare drop (star fortress), or for purchase from the smuggled goods vendor (for common data crystals) in the cantina on Odessen.

With regards to Treek post 4.0, I found a couple sites that say the hidden achievements are influence ranks gained with imperial toons. Unfortunately, that seems to be bugged at the moment. I tried it with both factions to no avail and submitted a ticket.

There is some other stuff dealing with companions not listed here I have heard people talking about on Fleet. Such as PVP matches and World Boss kills and this one companion that you can do a weekly quest box (or something) with who gives you a pile of items once per week. Could we get a guide to those? Thanx

i don’t know why you listed it as so…but Xalek was fully usable by me when i got him…but (UNCONFIRMED) maybe it’s cause i had him originall (that character is a sorcerer afterall)

Can you tell me what’s wrong with my Khem Val ? Why the rest of my companions have equipment slots and he doesn’t. Thanks.

Because equipment only changes your companions look since 4.0 And Khem’s look can be changed only by customization.

Hey Dulfy, I was wondering if you had a google docs version of the republic and imp companion gifts spreadsheet i could copy for personal use? Getting old sucks and the font is just slightly too small to read comfortably as it is now.

The quick and easy way is to hold CTRL and scroll your mousewheel to magnify the page. Then just roll it back to the size you prefer when you’re done.

Does anyone know if its worth increasing the influence of the new companions even if something might happen to them in the future chapters? For instance, I’m not ready to give gifts to Senya if somethings happens to her later on considering she is a somewhat important character to the story. Will we even have access to her or any of the new main companions after KOTFE? Its a safer bet to just level the influence of the previous companions.

Why would you want to tremendously increase the influence level anyway?
It is extremely cheap to get any given companion to level 10 (the old maximum) by buying 99 green level 1 gifts (= 19800 Credits). Such a companion will be sufficient for everything except soloing Star Fortresses.

In any case, if you really want to max out one companion, your safest bet would be HK51, Treek, or Niko Ocarr. They cannot deeply integrate these into any storyline, because it cannot be assumed that a player has them (plus, killing them would really outrage those who have unlocked them).

If you feel like you want to max out another, potentially killable companion, you will just have to take the risk. I mean, e.g., if you love Lana, you shouldn’t wait to shower her with gifts. This way you will have the benefits of high influence (whatever these are) at least until she should die, instead of not at all.
If you do not want to take any risks, you will have to wait until you have complete, certain information – this is basically a truth for any kind of investment.

Dear Dulfy. Hi. I try download spreadsheet created by jrazorx, but when i try open it appear error, that it is impossible to recover the data on sheet “table” and “table2”. Can you contact with author this spreadsheet that he send me it for mail Thanks. 🙂

the tables for classic companions is slightly messed up, mostly regarding courting gifts

my consular is no longer able to give iresso courting gifts, and M1-4X recruited to the alliance by my sentinel for some reason has a hardon for courting..

Is there any method for getting the Akk dog companion other than cartel packs or GTN purchase of the handler’s license?
Is he unlockable in collections like Treek?

Packs, GTN, or overwhelming generosity are the only ways to acquire the license.

The akk dog is unlockable in collections, 400CC unlocks it for all characters in your legacy.

Just found it a few minutes ago. Was going to answer my own question. I’m sure I looked under that tab before, but things have been a tad buggy with such a huge update. Thankfully I only wasted 8M buying a second one. That crafter can afford the hit though.

What is “Artwork”? I’ve literally never seen this gift type anywhere and I have vaults and vaults full of gifts.

Have they said anything about the courting gift not working on romance companions? I wanna know why drunky Niko likes those gifts but not my handsome Theron Shan :(.

“Nico Okarr (qualified subscribers only)” – I was subscriber for 1 year, than closed subscription and became Pref. and once I logged in next time few days ago I found Nico Okarr as an item attached to my email, one for every of my characters.

Theron does not like courting. I just gave him a rank 6 and he said “That is definitely a thing.” and no influence. And my toon is a chick.

Currently the Courting gifts seem to be bugged. I’m locked in with romance with Theron and he doesn’t like them at all. Seems to be the same with all romance options, even from “core game” (at least in my case).
Oddly enough, M1-4X and other random companions seem to like those…

What are these artwork that you mentionning for Koth? There is no Artwork gift…

EDIT: my bad, it seems they are only pink though? I don’t see any purple Artwork.

They’re also listed on the GTN as well but at a fairly high price. (ie 30k each for the green Rare Ghoral Bird Egg) I guess some sellers are hoping other players aren’t aware of the vendors.

I thought the new companions were going to start accepting Courting?

Theron still won’t take any. Wonder if there is a difference between same-gender or opposite.

Courting gifts are still bugged after 4.0.2… I was really hoping the revisions to gift preferences would fix it, but it seems to be a problem with most companions not recognizing that a romance has started and not with the gifts.

Does anyone else think that the Selonian should have been recruited from Corellia [even though the story says that she left Corellia]? And that they should have someone else be from Tatooine?

Or, if Corellia were to get added to the list of Star Fortresses — maybe we could recruit a Drall?

Maybe add Manaan as another Star Fortress location — and we could recruit a Selkath?

What other planets would be nice to see added in some way to travel to for missions?

A Selkath from Manaan would be pretty cool, as would a Rishi native birdman or woman from Rishi

As for Deadeye the Selonian, I don’t mind I got her on Tatooine, I’m just happy I got to recruit a Selonian, the rest doesn’t matter.

I have no idea who the pic is of. It is from the default avatar selection and just happens to look a bit like my SWTOR cyborg character. 😉

Ugh it’s seriously bugging me that I can’t find this pic. Sorry if it feels a bit weird that I keep asking u but what’s the name of the pic.

Ashara and HK-51 have had influence aligned to other companions and now recieve the same influence for legendary gifts etc as other companions rather then the 666 max they were getting.

Which is great news for Fem!Inqs because Ashara really hated them or something, from how she spoke to mine at every gift given, no matter how nice.

Hi Dulfy, your guides are brilliant, just wanted to correct one thing, you have Zenith (Consular comp) down as loving Underworld Goods, it’s now Military Gear.

I’m trying to wrap my head around artwork for a dog. What does he do with it? Eat it? Piddle on it? Makes rude comments about the brush work?

The Companion gift type that they called ‘Artwork’ really should have been called ‘Edibles’, since they’re really kinds of food —- not true artwork at all.

Hey Dulfy,

Might want to add this in case nobody else has. I romanced Lana Beniko on my Agent, got the confirmation that I would be starting it, etc. Well, I thought that after I started a romance – I could use Courting gifts since if you romance Theron, he can take Courting gifts and previous companions can as well. Well, Lana doesn’t take them so it might good to put on this list that while you can romance certain new companions – they might not take courting gifts. An asterisk/footnote would work.

It’s not a bug. Not all romaceable characters care about romance gifts. Has been this way since launch…

Working as intended!

I have Imp char romancing Theron and he is not taking courting gifts.
Can anyone who is romancing Theron with pub char check if he is accpeting their courting gifts?

Have classic companion conversations gone? I have an alt that hasnt even started SOR yet (and yes, I have started KOTFE) but I cant seem to trigger the classic companion conversations even though I have fed them LOADS to rank 5 gifts

Yes, the old comp conversations come up when you doing the old stories. I’ve pulled up my sniper by classic story and the comp quest popped up when I finished a planet or a chapter

It plainly says in the warning before you start KotFE expansion that you will not be able to do companion quests/chats once you start it. So sorry but you are out of luck with their convos

There’s a bug where romances and conversations get stuck about around chapter 2 or thereabouts. Making characters who hasn’t done the story yet impossible to finish those. So pro tip: Don’t finish leveling past the story to 50 before they fixx the bug in a future (hopefully) patch…

Anyone confirm that Koth loves weapons? I gave him a rank 5 purple and according to the chart i should of got 1280 but only got 666, rank 26.

which ones? fleet vendor charges 5 and 10 crystals for rank 5 blue/purple gifts. there’s another vendor on Odessa that charges 30 for the rank 6 legendary.
If you go by their chart though, you actually get more influence per credit for the rank 1 gifts all the way till they stop giving influence at all. (assuming you value rank 5 blue at 10k each, the going rate on Jedi Covenant)

Dulfy, would you have the time to make a table/post with the gift as the “index” giving which alts love/favor/like the gift? I mean, if I get a gift from an alliance crate, it would be super useful to easily see to which alt I should give it to maximize the influence gain (rather than having to search through the list of all alts)?

p.s. I’ve already did that index >> – it just needs formatting into an html table I guess


Awesome, really glad you think it is helpful … btw in my orig comment I meant “comp” not “alt” (obviously). Not sure what I was thinking 😉

I was wondering if I choose not to wait for the end of the story to get my classic companions back, if I can ‘make them disappear’ again when chapter 10 is released?

Probably like Nico Okarr. You can have him follow you before his official meeting, but you still have to do the quest to get him to officially join you. I think there is a popup box which you have to click on that says the appearance is not canon

I may be missing something but: Rank 1 pink gift that gives 512 influence cost 10 crystals. Purple gift that gives 1280 influences cost 30 crystals. So if I buy 3x pink gift which also cost 30 crystals I would get 1536 influence. So what’s the point in purple gifts?

Starting from IRank 20, 6x rank 5 blue gifts gives the same influence as 1x rank 6 purple. From then on, rank 6 purple gifts gives the most influence.

Courting gifts only work at certain romance intervals for default story love interest. Before you give them one, hover over the gift FIRST to see if they gain any influence from it. If they don’t, they not at the level to “appreciate” the gift yet.

As of the time i entered KotFE, Vette was receiving a small influence for courting. It seems this was unchanged regardless of whether I courted her or not.

So based on the new 50 level system, what are the affection levels for conversations for all the classic companions? I want to make sure I have completed all their quests and convos before starting KOTFE.

yeah, i’m buying them overcheap for the day it gets fixed… good way to boost a crafting companion… bbbuuuttttttttt

Theron’s favorite is Technology, he only “loves” Underworld Goods. Not sure if this is a change or what.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand how to use the spreadsheet – is anything supposed to happen after I fill in the yellow fields?

I am having a hard time finding out about this, can someone romance Lana in KotFE even if Lana dislikes most of the things they say as long as they have high influence with her? I think that is so but I’m having a hard time finding anything that talks about KotFE specific romances. My husband was romancing her in SoR and we are just starting KotFE but I started getting nervous after reading somewhere that conversation choices have an impact in KotFE. I just don’t want him to miss out on romancing Lana since he chose not to romance Kira with this character.

I’d also hate to miss out on the Theron romance but I feel like he’s probably going to mostly approve and be amused by most of my characters choices.

As long as you pick most/all of [Flirt] dialog choice when they are available you can romance Lana or Koth. Influence and other dialog choice without [flirt] Have no effect on romance.
Which also means, you don’t have to worry about saying things she dislike as long as there are no [Flirt] choice to pick.

One *IMPORTANT*thing, the[Flirt] option in chapter 9 can be misleading as the camera focus on Theron but the choice refer to your love interest. Many people misunderstood this and didn’t pick [flirt] .

Sorry I forgot to say thank you earlier! Also I already knew about the Chapter 9 thing but you can never remind people enough!

The spreadsheet only seems to work untill rank 40, but maybe i am just doing it wrong.
If anyone has gotten it to work for 40 -> 50 could you please tell me how.

Just out of curiosity, now that TORhead is gone, does anyone have the old character conversation branches anywhere on a site? Just came back after about a year away, and there’s a lot changed. A quick Google search didn’t really identify anything that looked promising.

Do they even matter at this point (barring any romance options) with the new system, or should I just finish off the ones I have and not worry too much about them?

Haven’t started Kotfe or SoR, so no room for the romance to change. Vette, according the the chart, when romanced gets the same Love affection from courting gifts as underworld gifts. This is not true, she only gets 133 affection from purple grade 5 courting with legacy buffs, and 532 affection with underworld.

So what’s the best way to farm rank 6 Delicacies and Maintenance companion gifts. I’ve googled this but haven’t found any guides or tips.

i am trying to get all conversations from vette, what level of influence do I need, say max is 50 but I may only need 35 to get all conversations. does anyone know?

no you do not its tied with your class story once you finish chapter 3 of the main class story all convo’s unlock and just have to talk to them / do their missions

It says Theron Shan loves Courting gifts if you’re in a romance with him, and I got the dialog and I did accept it, yet no influence gains from level 6 or any courting gifts.

just for your information:

in chapter x Kaliyo now loves weapons and only favourites underworld goods. at least in rep side, but I guess it’ll be the same on imp. dunno about pre-kotfe kaliyo. maybe she still loves underworld goods.

The ‘romance’ gifts seem out of whack. Kira is ‘romanced’ her ‘favourite’ of Luxury is supposed to go to a ‘Love’ yet it doesn’t seem that it does? Are romances still busted or what? They said 4.1 fixed them. It’s like it doesn’t register the romance tag. Any ideas Dulfy? Are yours fine?

From what I have experienced by leveling new alts and finish leveling back burner toons, romance gifts have either been moved to indifferent or give “like” influence amount. Not sure why but it is clearly screwed. Have noticed this issue since the release of KOTFE…among other things.

I’m having problems with the Courting gifts with romanced companions as well. The courting gifts are not working at all with Theron Shan (on knight toon), and they are only providing small increases of influence instead of large with Corso Riggs (on smuggler toon). My smuggler has completed the entire romance story with Corso. Something is clearly bugged.

Love’s been higher (affection/influence) than Favorite since the beginning. It’s been that way since pre 1.0 even.

Yes. Everyone has bitched about that for years but I think at this point we just roll with it because it would probably be MORE confusing to try and change it than to just leave it as is 😀

I have not experience this ever. The gifts listed as fav on another site I use give the max affection. Maybe that site just listed it logically and not the way it’s listed here?

That would be my bet because there were QUITE a few complaints about it over on the SWTOR forums back when I first started playing back in the day. In fact, that’s how I found out about the weird reversal on names.

I do remember a few of the old charts having it the “logical” way instead of the official one back in those days which meant I had to grab a couple of “test presents” before starting to buy my companion up in order to check whatever chart I had to be SURE that they had it correctly. So, my bet is that some folks are still working under that order instead of the official one even now.

Oh well, at least Rank 1 Greens are still only 200 from the vendors so, it’s still easy enough to check before you go to buy whatever it is in bulk. 😀

Maybe I’m reading things wrong but it appears that on the chart for Rank 1 gifts (LOVE) the max is 128, but I’m seeing for a couple characters that get 166 for Rank 1 Green Gifts. Example T7-01 gets 166 pts per Holoviewer which is the 200 credit Rank 1 green gift from the vendor. Doc gets 166 for Rank 1 Green Luxury gifts. For both of them it drops to 133 pts after Influence Level 6

I’m wondering if the CS companions gain influence differently?
I just got the CS Companion Probe Droid. I have the full character perk and I’m buying the Rank 6 artifact Maintenance Gifts “Armor Maintenance” straight out of the GTN. I didn’t start paying attention to how much influence was being reward until I got the droid to rank seven.
So, at rank 7 the ‘Rank 6 Maintenance Gifts (artifact)’ are rewarding 1065 influence and continued to reward this amount through rank 11.
Is this working correctly?
Thank you!

the black talon flashpoint [SOLO] give 5000 to 6000 influence per run , for the first companion..

my DARK side agent breezed thru BT Solo , Stealthed , and net a massive gain of influence for kaliyo..

Courting gifts do NOT not work on Theron Shan if you are male and in a relationship with him. </3

Assuming you’re not being facetious/sarcastic, probably because male characters, up to this point never got the option to have a same-sex love interest? (And I don’t count Lord Cytharat for male Imps, because that didn’t go anywhere meaningful)

And do gay male players not have the right to have a same-sex love interest like heterosexual male players do?

and not just gay male players… I may not be male but my agent is and he’s gay. I live on an RP server.

I’ve discovered that the influence CAN in fact have an impact on the story.
Example: as you know, at the end of chapter 8 you get rescued/joined by either Koth or Lana. I found no evident logic behind how the game chooses between the two, but I know that if you keep getting Koth, raising influence with Lana (and restarting the chapter, cause you can’t jump back in at the ‘talk to Arcann’ step) will always lead to Lana catching up with you instead of Koth. And will also lead to the Outlander and Lana kissing at the beginning of the chapter, is that wasn’t happening upon the [Flirt] option after Heskal’s call.

My courting gifts didn’t work on Theron for my female knight in chapter X, but they still work on Doc.

Doc loves courting gifts but it has nothing at all to do with actually romancing him. He just loves those gifts. Makes it very easy to get to 50 with him since the courting gifts are pretty much only used by him now.

I do not use this list for affection as it is very confusing and the owners of this site never fix errors they are informed of. I use and if it says fav then it’s a favorite and has the highest affection. Thought I would post in case others might agree.

The problem is that you are thinking Love Favourite. Love companion gifts have always give the max affection. It is that way ingame and has been for the past 4 years. Any site that lists it otherwise is wrong and just add more to the confusion. So yes Nico does prefer underworld goods over others because he loves them.

I am curious, where in game does it refer to love or favorite. I have never seen that. All I have ever seen is amount of affection it gives being dislike, small affection, moderate affection and high affection. Please direct me to this.

He is a trooper companion so he would be under classic companions – Republic. But I suppose it make sense to add him in below main characters as well.

Elara Dorne is indifferent with courting is that a glitch? ( I did romance her and no body else )

Aric Jorgan does not like delicacies. I gave him one and he said, “Um, thanks… But it’s not really my thing.” Then I forgot and wasted another one on him. So yeah, he doesn’t like them.

hi.Im leveling a trooper in order to gain access at global unlocks through legacy system.Do i have to max out 50 rank all companions to finish their Dialogs/quests/story?

Do all the CM Companions learn tricks when you level up their influence ranks? Or just the Akk dog?

I noticed that Pierce was giving/taking influence when i was in warzones. Even when he wasnt equipped. Did they cut that out or something? I havent noticed him giving influence lately . he seemed to stop taking influence (or whatever it is) at 24.

Nah, he still does, he was designed to be a companion that pvpers could level without having to do the pve if they didn’t want to. he gets 250 for a loss and 500 for a win i believe.

how that works? should pierce have to be active companion while doing wz?
Is it working after getting him?

Torian and Companion Gifts – incorrect

I’ve just acquired Torian in Chapter XIV. He ‘loves’ Trophies, but not Military Gear, which give less Influence.

The Chart in this post shows he loves Military Gear, which is incorrect. The chart needs to be corrected.

The reason is that Bioware changed the gift preferences for the bounty hunter version of Torian and the alliance version of Torian. They do this every once in a while which is pretty annoying. I added the Torian alliance version under recruited Main characters and you can find the correct values for the alliance version of him. For the chart I am going to keep the bounty hunter version and make a note of it at the top like with Kaliyo.

You need to remove the courting gifts from Torian, he won’t take them at all, even if you’re romancing him or married to him as a Bounty Hunter in pre kotfe content. Kinda irks me cause I always used the moment they accepted a courting gift to know when the romance got switched ‘on’, but he won’t take them at all anymore.

Did they intend to stop alacrity from working with companion gifts? Nothing seems to make it go faster than 3 secs now.

There’s now a legacy upgrade that you can purchase in the legacy window. It’s like the bonuses for crafting and stuff, on the main tab there. It has 3 levels and reduces companion gift cast time, starts at 20% I think. Only just noticed it

For Khem you can rely on Ak’ghal Usar. It is a Dashade the same as Khem. I just don’t know if he will take the appearence customization of Khem. But since the name of the customizations changed in the vendors maybe he will do. Now they are listed as Dashade Customization 1,2,3… instead of Khem Val Customization like it used to be.

Malavai Quinn from Sith Warrior likes Courting gifts pre-Kotfe when you romance him (i have a 65 marauder i now i am leveling a juggernaut – both romanced him – and, yes, he likes Courting). Don’t know if he stills liking them after cause he didn’t came back from limbo yet in my marauder. XD. No other companion demonstrated taste for Courting that I recall at the moment. Also Torian is missing from the list that sorts companions by gifts.

This is probably an old question, but does leveling up the Alliance Specialists’ Influence level to 20 do anything other then help you in the Star Fortresses?

It causes cosmetic changes in the Alliance base, mostly personnel, but I haven’t seen that it affects anything else.

Hi, just wanted to say that Gault, Vette, Bowdaar, Broonmark and Torian are missing from the list “Companions sorted by gifts”

Thanks 🙂

From what I understand, they’re useless to all romances. My understanding is if your companion already likes them they keep liking them. From what I’ve read, the only companion who really loves them is Doc, and he’s not DTF.

Yes, Doc loves them and nothing to do with romance. Use them to get to 50 with him and use him as a crafter/mats companion.

… and if you’re through with all Doc’s on all your Jedi Knights – then there are companions like Languss “Guss” Tuno (“langustuno” for the Kalamari, always makes me snicker again), who at least “likes” courting gifts. So they won’t go to waste 😉

For Shae Vizla :
like : Trophy, Technology, and courting but not sure.
Favorite : weapon
Love : Military gear and Imperial Memorabilia

If you still have a knight that you haven’t pushed through Kotfe, you can palm all of your courting gifts off on Doc, he loves them even if your knight is male.

Can someone with a kind soul please calculate the best way to raise influence from 1 to 50? By best way I mean cheapest. 😀

millions and millions of credits to get to 50 is total BS. We have so many other things to spend on already. Making gifts credit based is junk. The crystals were fine.

I mean seriously, I will likely never get another companion to 50 because spending that much on it is INSANE!!!

Never use Rank 6 gifts unless you find them in crates. Don’t buy them. Use the Rank 5 gifts on the Fleet, it’s slower but costs a LOT less. I’ve gotten 3-4 comps per toon to rank 50 since 5.0. It’s much, much easier to make credits than to farm crystals.

Some could say it is insane to spend so much time with any game like SWToR. Basically it’s a point of view and noone is the measure of all things.

With Rank 5 gifts on the fleet, it’s not that expensive : from 0 to 50, you need “only” 483 purple rank 5 gifts = 4 830 000 credits.

Don’t forget to open alliance crates (from the H2+) you will find also multiple Gold and purple gifts.

Honnestly, since 5.0, I have 4 new influence 50 companions (Well, H2+ really bring a bunch of cash now: 23000+ credits for a single H2+ (and bonus mission also…), Gold mob loot near 800-900 credits, etc…)

Last but not least, you can earn near 7000 points of infuence with the first companion of each class when doing Black Talon/Eseless with the right choices of dialog.

Don’t be discouraged

With just alliance crates and Jawa scraps I have 39 level 50 influence companions. Not a single credit spent on gifts.(12 characters) Follow the guide.


Like: Courting, Technology, Trophy
Favorite: Weapon
Love: Military Gear, Imperial Memorabilia



The numbers in the calculation spreadsheet are not exact when a legacy bonus applies. This is because it doesn’t round the calculated number of points per gift to a whole number.

For instance, with a 30% legacy bonus, you need 4118 green rank 1 gifts to get from level 30 to 40. But the spreadsheet says you need 4143.

Let me explain:

EXAMPLE 1 (spreadsheet too high):

In the 30-40 range (70,000 points), green rank 1 gifts are worth 13 points. With the 30% legacy bonus, they are worth 16.9 points, which is rounded up to 17 when you give the gift to your companion.

The number of gifts needed with the bonus is 70,000 / 17 = 4117.6 (or 4118 rounded up)

The spreadsheet, however, divides by 16.9, not 17. So you get 70,000 / 16.9 = 4142.01 (or 4143 rounded up). This is the number given by the spreadsheet.

As you can see, you need 4118 gifts but the spreadsheet specifies 4143, which is too many.

EXAMPLE 2 (spreadsheet too low):

In the 20-30 range (50,000 points), green rank 1 gifts are worth 26 points. With the 30% legacy bonus, they are worth 33.8 points which (for technical reasons I won’t get into right now) is rounded down to 33 when you give the gift to your companion.

The number of gifts needed is 50,000 / 33 = 1515.15 (or 1516 rounded up).

The spreadsheet, however, divides by 33.8, not 33. So you get 50,000 / 33.8 = 1479.29 (or 1480 rounded up). This is the number given by the spreadsheet.

As you can see, you need 1516 gifts but the spreadsheet specifies 1480.

Technical explanation as to why 33.8 becomes 33
Feel free to skip this section

The base value for a green rank 1 companion gift at influence level 1 is 128.

At level 6, the value becomes 128 * 0.8 = 102.4, which is rounded to 102.

At level 10, the value is 128 * 0.6 = 76.8; at level 15 the value is 128 * 0.4 = 51.2; at level 20 the value is 128 * 0.2 = 25.6; and at level 30 the value is 128 * 0.1 = 12.8. All of these are rounded before being applied to your companion.

The legacy boost, however, is applied to the non-rounded value. So if I have a 30% legacy boost, the gift value for the 20-30 range becomes 128 * 0.2 * 1.3 = 33.28, which is rounded to 33.

The spreadsheet is using integer values for the various ranks, thus it gets 33.8 instead of 33.28. And that is why 33.8 becomes 33.

Finally, the spreadsheet can be modified to take all this into account. It just adds some complexity.

Now that Chapters are repeatable is it possible to update this guide with how much influence you get for a character in each chapters as this would be a cheaper way of getting influence up for some characters if we knew what chapters were gaving most affection for what charater

It’s pretty sad when other companions like Courting more than the romanced companions (*cough* Theran still broken for example *cough*).

Under:Companions Sorted by Gifts

Luxury is missing- Love: Gault

He should qualify for that part of the list too.

A person who wrote the PVP operative healing guide for 5.0 said that certain companions give stat buffs to us like 1% to crit etc. Is this still true based on the new influence system? I see no mention of it in this guide.

.. its the legacy bonus for completing their personal story.
Global unlocks – Imperial/Republic classes.

(late reply, but better than never)

Yeah its ridiculous. Add in the INSANE amount of of companions you get in the expansions….yeah I doubt anyone will manage to get them all up to full influence unless they make it their full time job.

At the same time, what’s the point of having all of them maxed on the same toon ? Having 1 is enough (for fighting) and crafting you can have like 4-5 maxed and it’s more than enough.

There’s no point trying to complete the influence meter on all of them, especially since you only use about 6 max for crew skills at any one time, I just study which companions like which gift the most, and based on who has the advantage based on story history farm each individual type of gift to the respective companion until they hit 50. After that it’s either superfluous gifting or selling.

Try lvl 2 gifts from the vendor. 600k credits will get you to 30 no problem. Shouldn’t take anywhere near 17M. What the heck are you spending that much on?

Just under 400 will get you to lvl 20 in about half an hour with the legacy buffs.
There’s also a vendor on fleet that sells the lvl 5 blue and purple for 5K and 10K each.
I’ll update what it takes to get from 30 to 50 shortly

As of 5.1.2 I have leveled and romanced Jaesa Wilsaam (dark) all the way, but at no point has she loved (+++) anything other than weapon gifts. I know for a fact that a year ago she also loved luxury if romanced, so either there is now a bug present, or her gift preference has changed.

Not sure what the influence bar value is on the spreadsheet… I either missed it in the explanation or it wasn’t explained very well at all.

Doc on JK does, or he should, but courting is bugged i suggest dont use it at all, dont buy and when you get it, sell it 😀

They, the companions being romanced, used to love courting before 4.0 came out even though it wasn’t shown on the charts.

I thought the scale would be Like Love Favorite. It’s a bit confusing to have it be Like Favorite Love.

Dulfy, the new Gamorrean Bodyguard companion absolutely loves Underworld Goods. Over 2600 influence gained on Legendary Underworld Good. Not sure about the what he moderately likes or somewhat likes, though.

I’d also like to add – he “Loves” Weapons as well (+200 influence from a green gift)

question ashara is shown on the chart but under that it is not listed how you get her and I have yet to find her at all is she just gone or how can I get her back plz respond

Romance comps dont get Love but Favourite from their gifts. Jaesa dark & married gets less from luxury than weapon, married Vette on my other SI and she only gets Like amounts of influence from courting gifts

Ah, thanks. Was having a pretty overwhelming night, so to me that was just a blur of colour and I just hit ctrl+F

Gault is missing from luxury under the “sorted by gifts” information. He still “loves” luxury, for the record.

Darth Hexid
Likes: Technology, Trophy
Favorite: Imperial Memorabilia, Delicacies
Love: Cultural Artifact

Okay, I’m really confused about the spreadsheet. Nowhere does it say if the values are using “like” “love” or “favorite” as the value to determine the value given in the final gift number and total price columns. Are these just a baseline 1X value that you then need to adjust for how much that companion likes the gift, for example 4X for “like”? I would appreciate some clarification as this is driving me nuts!

Re-acquired Risha and Corso via new alert. Confirmed romance with Risha, but her taste is pre-romance, i.e. “loves” only Luxury.

Any chance you could update this guide? there’s new companions now and i’d love to know which items they love etc ^^