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Knights of the Fallen Empire



By Dulfy

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Thanks Dulfy.
Is there a list in whats in those new gold pack thing, like which types of armours are in the gold armour pack in cartel.

I imagine this will be quite hard unless it states next to each item in collections what grade it is, as it will be a random item from all packs. I didn’t actually look at my collections items to see if they had a Gold, Silver or Bronze tag when I was on this morning.

From my understanding the icons ON the items now reflect which of the packs they are in (Bronze, silver, Gold) accurately.

Yes for items such as gear and weapons. Havent really checked on Decos from packs yet but if thats the case then all is well.

why cant i use a adaptive gear for lana i mean would look way better then fugly gear she usesed now 🙂 they should make it possible to costumize her gear i mean comon she is human

Someone enlighten me please… as I’m confused by
the whole packs thing now. Bronze,
Silver, Gold contain items from across all packs or just the most recent

I think that’s what they had said prior to release…. but I was honestly hoping that they’d make all the old packs available on the CM like they were in the last couple of weeks.

In no way is this a full review, I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the new stuff! Just wanted to share some highs and lows.

This storyline is SO MUCH tighter, and honestly star warsier than anything so far. This is in the ballpark with Mass Effect style character development and story quality. No spoilers, but there are some quality laughs in there too, some heart pulls, and some decent attempts at surprise twists.

Negatives? The common, elite and ultimate armors are pretty damn lazy. Its a few unimpressive new armor pieces frankensteined with cartel armors. Shame on Bioware there, the ultimate is ok, but its pretty much 4 versions of the same thing with minor variation, which was my concern the second they announced mastery. Lazy lazy lazy armor design, from a company that is already digging their grimey hands into our pockets every month or two for cash for new and better armor. And the packs feel like a rip off to me now. To me anyway. Maybe people are happy with it, but I think its just that same grimey hand digging deeper, and I am a bit too sore about the new ingame armors to find it acceptable. (I know last expansion was similar, but the armors were definitely BETTER then)

Alliance missions are a really good idea, and its a great way to get those Arkanian, Underworld, Dreadguard, and Ressurected pieces that you might have missed out on, not only that, but they are legacy shell versions, so, I wont be making a fortune on my underworld recipes, but I don’t care, this is better for everyone imo, At least if the new armor is crap, we can go back and enjoy some of the really good ones, like UW trooper, and arkanian sorc.

Totally agree on the armor thing, the ones in Shadow of Revan looked way better. The ones in this expansion are hideous. Plus Nico Okarr’s dustcoat or whatever it’s called is just a recolour of a jacket that was already in game (I still have one on my agent). Kind of unacceptable for something that’s supposed to be a gift for being subscribed for the last three months or so.

True, I was really hoping for his actual cutscene featured jacket, it is very slick. I also want Koth’s pants. Lucky guy is the only person in the galaxy that isn’t wearing tights or armor.(recycled joke? Yes… Still tragically accurate?…also yes.)

Nico’s duster is just a recoloerd Troublmakers coat. I have it on my BH, thought I my get a new coat for him (I don’t like that the actual chest does not dye) but it is the exact same one.

Yeah, and I was rather shocked/disapointed that Nico couldnt be customized. I thought I was going to have give him that coat and his blasters. Turns out the blasters he comes with look exactly the same.

I’m happy that I’ll be able to put some character/companion combinations together that I never could before, like Talos with my Juggernaut (who is IC an historian and archaeologist himself), or Yuun with my droid bounty hunter Sevenex (to make my own version of Zuckuss and 4-LOM’s partnership).

I did the KOTFE story to Ch.9 with my Warrior last night, and greatly enjoyed it. I think tonight I’m going to do the Alliance missions and see what new companions I can recruit. Once I pile up some more comms, I’ll continue upgrading my armour to 216, and probably this weekend start taking down Star Fortresses. Lots of fun to be had!

Some of those cameos too, have made me really excited to go through on the relevant classes, might do trooper or agent next just to see those meet ups.

I feel the same way about the story as well. It’s great, I’m really enjoying it but I have to disagree about the armor just a little. I realize a lot of it is taken from other Cartel armors but I think they look amazing. There are lots of individual pieces that are amazing and for the first time in years im actually considering wearing real consular gear again. Well pieces of it anyways. I also like that since te stats are the same between classes I can grab the Knight or Commando boots if I want instead of the consulars so I’m not bound to look like a consular if I don’t want to. It’s adaptive right out of the gate and I can even use the mods and such. I just spent like 700-1000 ultimate comms before 4.0 (over time) just to get the appearances of other classes items. So I welcome this approach for sure.

A note to add. I’ve picked up two new vehicles from the supply crates as well. A Zakull taxi and Roche Scyk

Question: does HK 55 perish during the initial bunch of chapters? He is hands down my fav of the new cast, want to keep him around.

wow…just….wow….so many people haven’t even played or gotten to that chapter, its not even officially out yet and there it is, no warning, no (Spoiler) just right there. Sorry everyone.

51 doesn’t use the term meatbag, he picks a term based on your class, undesirables, troublemakers etc. 47 coined the term meatbag, 55 seems to use it too that’s sort of how I tell them apart (Naq fan theory:perhaps lana retrieved the busted 47 parts left after the Revan encounter to make 55? That would explain why he uses terminology from a droid he probably never met.)

Is there any chance with them doing away with the level scaling? Was trying 2 finish 2 planet storys before before I started to new stuff,but being scaled down to lvl 50 on Corellia while being 60 was annoying.

Not likely but once you get your comms rolling it does get somewhat easier. It’s a big difference being top shelf now. If you saved comms on any of your toons before 4.0 you can buy decent gear right off the hop at Lvl 65. Little more than a day after launch my dps already has 75k health just to give you an idea. You’ll have to watch your stat priorities too cause you seem to need less accuracy pieces. So balance it all out and you’ll see big performance changes in your toon. I know that doesn’t help you now at those levels but just know it does get better. Funny thing I’ve noticed is even with all the dumbing down of the game with level sync it forces ppl to think more about how they play and makes ppl play smarter, better. That’s actually pretty cool if I’m right. Though aometimes I have to admit the sync seems really harsh at times. Some ppl I know had to bail on at least one FP cause it seemed impossible to beat at times.

Are the 3.0 gear guides still valid or should I wait for new guides? I don’t want to waste my crystals.

Big question: What’s the music playing with violins when you enter the overhead view of the eternal throne with valkorian (after you decide to evacuate the crew or to suicide ram the EE ship/)

I Don’t think that they would use existing music, so I would believe that it’s simply called the “KOTFE soundtrack”… 😉

The thing I don’t get, you can now have 14 companions but can still only send out 6. Why do we need so many? It was a lot of work to get those 6 form the Star Fortesses, I need to be able to do something with them other then just kill 1000 more enemies with them.

How is it 2 hrs to get all 6 comps from the Star Fortresses? You have to destroy the shield generator on all six planets and to do that you need to bring them the supplies, which entails doing multiple heroics, unless you go the buy them route but then you still have to do the six fortresses on heroic. Am I doing it wrong?

No, but a fortress can be done in about 20 mins (I’m assuming that people didn’t use any of the crates they get given en masse, plus used some basic comms). Blowing up the shield generators take about 20 mins total…Ok, maybe 3 hours then.

I solo’d heroic star fortress in 40-42 minutes with no buffs. Heroic Star Fortress with a friend and alliance buffs can easily be done in 20 minutes, if not faster.

I was talking about hard mode ones. They really don’t-max presence and a high affection companion combined with all the bonuses makes it a breeze-take someone else along for the ride and you can just mash the attack button.

My guess? They want to limit how many crew missions we send, but want us to have a lot of options on who to team with.

Shipdroids, Yuun, Pierce, Talos, Lokin… so they took all the Companions nobody likes and cares about for this part of the game? What’s the point of that? Why take the least likeable idiots ingame?

Speak for yourself indeed, SCORPIO and lokin are 2 of favourite agent comps, pierce is my 2nd favourite on SW after vette, talos and xalek are my favourite inq comps while mx4x is hands down my fav trooper comp, while Yuun is pretty cool too. While i do miss a few comps in the story now, the ones that are available are ones I enjoy playing with

Yuun, Pierce, and Talos are three of my favourite companions, so I’m very happy to start with them. Other people like stuff that you don’t, you will find it happens frequently in life. Perhaps the companions that you like will appear in the next chapter.

Qeyzen. I lizard vicariously through him. All other companions are for show. And now I can have him on all my Naqs? Best expansion ever.

I subbed not to get nico okarr only. I subbed to get 9 chapters now I can’t because I’m not a sub anymore. I’m a fool I won’t pay this game again

So, were you were subscribed during the times you had to be subscribed to get the bonuses, but not subscribed between Oct 19th and today?

OK, so you missed the early access target (you needed to be subscribed through Oct 19th). So if KotFE is only for subscribers, that may be your problem. I had deactivated my subscription for a few days, but I had 14 days left when KotFE came out. So it treated me as being subscribed (I’ve since made my subscription active again).

If you tried to get the Nico character by getting a week of subscription time, I have no idea whether they would let you do that or not.

Sorry I can’t be more help.

thank you for your help. only active subs get 9 chapters. I remember when they talk about the new expansion they said if you subscripte this time you will get this reward and 9 chapters free. they didn’t say you will get 9 chapters after release time. lyring ripper :@

The part of 9 chapters being free, was if you were subscribed through to launch. Each one of the items were for those specific dates prior. But only launch day subscribers get the 9 chapters. You can re-sub tomorrow and still get the 9 chapters.

No, all rewards required you to subscribe before that date and STAY subscribed till release-this was made pretty clear.

Sorry, your fault, not theirs. It was stated clearly that you need to stay subbed. Seems to me that you wanted to get the whole deal (SWTOR base game + 4 expansions, early access, companion characters) for $4 or something.

Hi all, I want to ask if I subcribe for a month after all chapters will be
released and I will play only one chapter until subscription expires or I
create a new characters after subscription ends, do I still be able to
play all chapters?

Subscribe now = first 9 chapters. STAY subscribed- additional chapter each month while subscribed. End subscription, and your story ends on the last released chapter that you had before cancelling.

That should be correct. If you were a subscriber when that chapter was released, you get that one and all of the ones previous to it. Now, should you end the subscription, you only maintain the chapters that went live while you had the subscription. And yes, this is for account-wide.

If you sub 3 months after chapter 10, and if they keep the schedule, you should get 13 chapters instantly. According to their previously stated comments, of course.

Don’t really see how. It’s basically the standard paid subscription model at work. Not much different than console ‘Live’ subscriptions, Netflix, etc.

Well except for the old fact that no dev team can create original non-repeatable content as fast as the players can play through it. Even if they keep up the pace of one chapter every month, that’s still… what, 2-3 hours on new story per month?

At that scale chapters would be a weak incentive to subscribe every month. Other benefits, such as no credit cap, unlimited operations/flashpoints, etc. are a much bigger selling point.

Can we actually revisit the Zakuul locations once the story chapter is done??? I want to re-visit the endless swamp or the power reactor in the city, these locations are quite cool to wander around and i see no reason for not doing so…

Not the chapter two area (because it’s crawling with guards looking for you), but yes for the swamp-just go there in your ship and quick travel.

I’m confused, do we ever get all our previous class companions back or not. I could have sworn they said in the blog that we wouldn’t lose any companions permanently. I did several class stories during early access til there were no new quests (just dailies) but characters like Vette are still missing. Will they be added later or not?

Go to the terminal in your room on the alliance planet. You should be able to recall some of the currently non-story companions from there. Vette, Jaesa, Quinn being the ones for the Warrior.

Caveat: You will be asked if you want them back now, or when they are introduced in the story later on.

I have no idea what I should do here.

I decided to not take any of them. I think there was mention of a hidden achievement for not taking Nico early and waiting to get him through the story. I have so many companions I see no need to get only once back just yet.

Yeah there was an achievement for taking Nico in schedule. Once you get that, there’s no reason not to take it immediately for your alts (it’s interesting running around with him as a level 1 toon on Tython).

I guess my main will wait. It may be different with my alt who married a companion.

Well, the stories are not going to advance (if they do) until you would find them naturally anyways right? and since they made all companions equal as far as roles and crafting, and in turn gave us about 20 brand new companions to do those things, I figure there isnt any reason I shouldnt wait. Even though patience isnt really a Sith trait…

Anyone received their Makeb Gazebo decoration for completing “Citizens of Makeb” or “Makeb Imperial Forces” prior to 4.0 dropping?

Welcomed news! Can’t wait to get home and log in 🙂
Thank-you for the update and may the force serve you well.

That’s my problem with my new Sun Reactor. I thought they were Centerpieces, but they go on a Massive/Starship hook!

Yeah…I have some shuttles on the Yavin landing pad, and Rakata Ruins near the watchtower…Maybe it would look good on the Nar Shadaa platform?

Aesthetically, I don’t really like putting giant exposed reactors outside where an errant taxi could crash into them. The fusion reactors at least look like they can take a hit!

Put mine in the middle of the tattoine hangar, it’s so hot there anyway that nobody will notice it

Do you mean the Yavin 4 Stronghold or Tatooine Stronghold? So far, there isn’t a Makeb Stronghold….. lol.

It might be nice if they’d be able to make some more Strongholds — like one on Alderaan; one on Hoth; one on Corellia [maybe]; one on Voss [maybe]; or one on Rishi [since that seems really good for using the Pirate’s Roost Stronghold Title].

Yeah, meant Yavin.

As for new strongholds….Hoth would be out imo, since Ilum would be a better choice and they wouldn’t do 2 ice planets, Corellia is too similar to Couscant, Voss has nothing to distinct it from most other planets….

If we got new ones, I’d put my money on Ilum, Belsavis, Rishi, MAYBE Oricon. I also think that an Asteroid Base would be nice (think KOTOR 2 in tro level).

Agreed on hoth and ilum, though they could use any of them really, think I’d prefer hoth personally. Also, manaan is a possibility, could be a really cool underwater SH which would give some nice kotor vibes. And they have enough selkath assets and decos already in game to make it seem like a realistic option.

True. I forgot about Manaan as it’s literally just a vendor and an instance….Would be nice if they expanded it a bit more I think. Maybe in a future Fallen Empire chapter?

Dat Ilum stronghold’s crystal cavern though…. my own personal glowing candyland.

Considering Makeb is “weeks” away from being the new Quesh, I understand its probably never going to be a thing, but we need a fancy snooty stronghold still. Aldaraan noble house + courtyard and swimming pool is what I imagine. Easy to see both sides having access, and it fills a niche.

Makeb weeks away from becoming the new Quesh? How do you mean?
And agreed-a small Fleet stronghold would be nice-it makes sense that the fleet would have tons of small apartments in it.

If you did the old weekly on repside they talk about how Makeb is going to be a poisoned wasteland in a “few weeks”(over a year ago), unfit for life. Maybe ok for Gand, bad for the rest of us. Plus think of what Makeb will become, murderous atmosphere, poisonous air, crumbling mesa’s, and secret imperial installations….Its like the ultimate secret base for the imps, and they aren’t going to want derpy attention seekers opening casinos there.

Oh that, yeah, thought you meant out of story, with it being almost deserted by players.
It won’t be poisoned, because the ENTIRE impside story was about pulling the wool over the pubs eyes, faking the planets destruction (and then re-destruction when pubs checked in again) so they could stripmine the planet for years to come.
(It was even implied that that injured imp soldier you find in reside was a plant).

Imps managed to stabilize Makeb, but not reverse the environmental damages. You can mine the daylights out of it, suit up your miners, etc. But the repside weekly still says that toxin measurements are climbing, they even admit they dont understand it with the planet miraculously stabilizing. The toxicity is probably a byproduct of the mining, only its being steadily released, instead of allowed to build up which is what caused the instability in the first place. If the planet were habitable the people of Makeb would just move back in.

Impside staged weekly mentions that every time people try and movr back in, the imps cause more quakes, create more toxins, etc. to convince them to scram.

Just watch em. Imps stabilize makeb, rep side has no idea how it happened, reps know imps are there. Imps can’t even mine while reps and mercs are there. imp and rep players deal with mercs, reps are distracted, imps start mining, atmosphere floods with toxic gases. Mining is releasing poison, if the imps are mining the planet out, its going to be a crap hole. #Quesh2

No mention of making quakes (that would be pretty dumb cause it would cause the reps to be all “wtf I thought those stopped? Lets INVESTIGATE.” Mining stops, Marr has to choke more skinny old men in pajama uniforms)

It’s not in a cutscene-it’s one of the missions. (It’s on that mesa where you need to activate those massive laser drills).

That quest is to create a dissonance wave, aka making a loud noise, that borders on haunted amusement park/Scooby doo levels of villainy…. Planet is still going to be a wasteland from all the poison gasses released by mining. Personally still not interested in a Stronghold that is going to smell like cigarettes and outhouse.

Boss has the Autumn look to set it apart from other planets, I think it would be cool. Belsavis would be really awesome, one side snowy and the other all green. It is my personal favorite planet. The problem is the low number of centerpiece hooks. Maybe they could expand existing SHs new levels to DK and Cor, new pads on Nar, a cave on Tat.

Personally, I think that we need more Starship hooks….Yain has room for another 2-3 pretty easily. And don’t foret Belsavis has Lava as well (my fave Planet as well-I wish that Section X had more Jungle and lava in it rather than just snow and wasteland).

This is off the topic, but I recall way back there was a comic (I think it was called “Pro-tips”) that came out when SWTOR was first released. I know the site is dead now, but does anyone know if archives can be found for it?

Any chance you could add to your page something to tell us which HM Operation is the weekly 224 one? The walk to the Eternity Vault entrance is too long for my poor character’s feet.

I have all the expansions. I payed 15 usd for 1 month subcription. I didn’t want early access. All I ever wanted was 9 chapters.

I’m thinking of coming back for the free Level 60, after taking a break in the middle of 3.x. What classes have improved since then? I don’t want to waste my free level 60 on something that just got nerfed.

My client is broken after downloading the 4.0.1a patch (does not get past loading screen to character selection).
Anyone else have that issue?

Was able to fix it by running “fixlauncher.exe” from the SWTOR directory.
This turned my launcher into the “old” interface, however. But it starts the game just fine 😉

This happened to me as well. I get this issue fixed by deleting the Bitraider folder in the installation directory. The game analyses and fixes the problem (same as fixlauncher I guess).

You might have overlooked this in the patchnotes:

“High-Priority Target Hard Mode Operation
Every week, a different Hard Mode Operation will be selected as a High-Priority Target, and grant greater rewards. To see which Operation is designated, check the Target Analysis Computer on the Gav Daragon and the Ziost Shadow.”

Hello peeps!!! Welcome to the new xpac. So, do we have any interesting exploits like we did in the last xpac??? if so, what are they? So far this is a very interesting xpac.

Nope. I’m putting this because Bioware is clueless and I used this multiple times and nothing happened. It’s not like Bioware is going to read the Dulfy comments (no offense meant to Dulfy or her site)

You can stand outside the door to the UL room and actually hit him and he will take damage but you will not aggro him since you are not actually in his room. 35m DPS such as sages/slingers worked best, it would take about an hour for 3 DPS to down him in 16m HM. You just got a lock after SS HM and farmed UL for the 198 boots as many times as you could. I don’t know who found out about it originally, but it was given to me by a friend so on my progression runs I would always switch out toons after SS. It was easily explained away by the differences from SS to UL.

OK, latest question. Is it possible to get hilts >208 for the main hand saber? I was able to get 216 mod and enhancement from cannibalizing an offhand saber, but it won’t let me use the 216 hilt on the main hand. Searching the GTN has turned up nothing.

Yes, apparently it is possible to equip the 208 offhand hilt bought from data crystal vendor into the mainhand. The hilt notably does not have a ‘number’ in its designation.

And apparently they ‘fixed’ this with 4.0.2, quoting from the patch notes:
“The following mods are now bind to slot:
Advanced Resistive Hilt

Advanced Resistive Hilt 40X

Advanced Resistive Hilt 39X

Advanced Versatile Hilt 39X

Advanced Resistive Hilt 41

Advanced Versatile Hilt 41

Advanced Versatile Hilt

Advanced Versatile Barrel 40X

Advanced Versatile Barrel

Advanced Versatile Barrel 41

Advanced Resistive Barrel 41

Advanced Versatile Barrel 39X

Advanced Resistive Barrel 39X

Advanced Resistive Barrel 40X

Advanced Resistive Barrel

Advanced Versatile Hilt 40X”

I have him at 10. after he hits 10 influence he gives you a quest to go find 4 data locations (theres a little probe droid icon next to your active quest list) those locations are supposed to be in the rakghoul tunnels.

Crafters of armor got terribly screwed by Bioware. To make 208 armor they need to run Hardware Flash points. To make 216 they need to run Conquest!

Or else buy on GTN and get ripped off mightily.

hey dulfy i found a codex entry on the gravestone
basicly the thing that my mouse hovers over is the codex entry, in the engeering deck before you take off to zakuul in chapter 7 lady of sorrows

since i dont know where the edit button is, my mouse isnt visible but its the green thingie in the middle that will light up if you havent got it. though you will not get it on your chars that completed this chapter:P

It is pretty much the reward for the bonus on that section of the mission. Run around the ship and grab parts to repair a busted door, then run across the hangar it leads to and then to that console in the corner.

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Has anyone else noticed that you can change the look of your KOTFE companions in the preview window? I just started Chapter VI and decided to go to my stronghold. From there (and anywhere else) I was able to preview different armor on Lana, Koth, HK-55 and Nico – I haven’t recruited anyone else yet so I don’t know if they work or not. They don’t actually switch the armor, though, so their existing armor seems to clip through any previewed armor( it just kinda goes on top of their usual stuff)–except for Nico he previewed normally(I could fully change his armor-no clipping) . It looks pretty strange sometimes. I had fun with HK-55-putting him in Series 617 chest and legs so it look like he has humanoid limbs 😉 Sorry, I tried to take a screenshot so you would believe me.

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