Patch 4.0 patch notes SWTOR

SWTOR Patch 4.0A Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch notes for 4.0A deployed on October 24, 2015.

Patch Notes 4.0a


  • Players who have completed Chapters I-IX now have the complete Galaxy Map available to them.
  • Players who do not have Knights of the Fallen Empire can no longer access Knights of the Fallen Empire areas and Chapters.
  • The highly sought C2-N2 has been restored to players.
  • Players who were on a Class Mission with a Companion as a guest now have the correct version of that companion.
  • Companion equipment that was not returned to players with the release of Game Update 4.0 has been properly returned. Additionally, all players have been given the new starting gear for Companions that they unlocked prior to Game Update 4.0.

Cartel Market

  • Start At 60 Tokens are now available on the Cartel Market! These Tokens can be purchased on the Cartel Market and used or sold on the Galactic Trade Network. Subscribers who begin Characters at Level 60 are given 3 Crew Skills, Preferred Players are given 2 Crew Skills, and Free To Play players are given 1. Please note that these Tokens do not grant access to Knights of the Fallen Empire or any previous expansion.


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148 replies on “SWTOR Patch 4.0A Patch Notes”

“Players who do not have Knights of the Fallen Empire can no longer access Knights of the Fallen Empire areas and Chapters.”
OMG, how the hell they’ve made such stupid bug? D:

As if you’ve made all the correct choices in life and always went the right way and Microsoft products never had any issues. “Sh*t happens”, as Forrest Gump said.

Well i know, i didn’t mean that i’m waiting from devs some flawless work. It’s just ridiculous what new update can provide. And atleast we are paying for that… So i think that we can count on some good work.

2V-R8: As you can see, I am not equipped for combat. My function is to maintain your starship as your home away from home.
YOU: To the front lines droid!
2V-R8: But sir, I-
YOU: Do as I say!

I thought it was pretty epic to have Treek run around with the shipdroid customization, I fear that the reported C2-N2 fix will remove this too.. oh well, was fun while it lasted.. ^^

Good thing they aren’t nerfing the xp you get from GF ops as its by far the fastest way to level!! 60-64 on my tank on tfb

I don’t have Knights of the Fallen Empire but i did 2 solo fp and talked with droid on fleet. Anybody know what will happen to me now ? Lost access to next missions and i’ll be able to continue after i get expansion ?

Oh mine bad, i know :D. I just thought they’re pathing it couse im preffered player without sor but i’m able to do missions from it (but im stuck on lvl 55)

where is my fix for utilities.. this is stupid having to relog just to reset my utilities.. wasting so much godamn time

Yeah, as today’s the 22nd; and Saturday will be the 24th — and they don’t usually have a patch update for the game on a Saturday, lol.

On another note, most of my Empire characters that already had their ship droid prior to Tuesday’s update still had him; it was just mostly my Republic characters that seemed to be missing C2-N2.

Game is choke-full of bugs. Starting with companions return, inability to properly display new old companions in SH properly as they appear naked due to game thinking of them as of two different companions, example – Major Pierce/Leutenant Pierce. Loads of other things and of course main problem are companions many players spend months/years with. That shall be hotfixed, not the irrelevant display bug..

What about they bringing the unique skills of our companions back, at least in their original roles? That should be treated like a bug so we can forget it happened. A “small” list of some skills removed (note there are a lot more that got removed, this are just the ones we found out):

Lokin no longer transforms into a Rakghoul; Ensign Temple lost her Force
abilities; HK and Treek are not even the same companions I and many
others paid for; Vette lost her excavation charge ability, and therefore
no longer exclaims “woohoo!” in combat; Ashara and LS Jaesa no longer
have their force burst abilities; DS Jaesa no longer has her force
lightning ability; Xalek no longer has his mini-thundering blast
ability; Andronikos can no longer dual-wield pistols; Zenith no longer
has his AoE sticky grenade ability; Lord Scourge, Xalek, and Khem Val no
longer have their lightning punch or mini-death field abilities; Lt.
Iresso lost his incendiary round ability; Bowdaar, Skadge, and Broonmark
lost their ability to throw targets across the room; Akaavi and Torian
lost all their fire-based attacks; Kaliyo lost her shotgun ability; last
but certainly not least, Blizz can no longer use a zipline to get to
his targets.

No. The whole point of changing the way companion roles work means all companions have the same abilities and it doesn’t matter which one you use.

You mean the point was making companions just a diferent skin of the same one? I could understand if when a companion is in a diferent role from his original he got generic skills but not for his original spec. This totally removes companion uniqueness. Whats the point of having the alliance system if all companions are the same crap now?

If you read what I wrote you will see it makes no sense to have more than one companion now.

That last sentence hit the nail on the head. Someone needs to start a petition on the forums to return the comps to their individual roles.

Yeah, we need a way to press them to revert this, it just killed my will to use diferent comps = I didnt even bother using Nico yet because of that, nothing diferent to see in there

Corso not being able to use Torchy (if it’s given to him when the choice comes up) is what really raises my hackles about this update. I’m hoping they’ll change the Corso-only Torchy to Blaster Rifle spec rather than the Blaster Pistol it is now, ughhhhh….

This right here I can live with Aric going sniper rifle since he was a member of the Deadeyes. But Andronikos with one pistol doesn’t fit his story.

And though I dislike Corso him not being able to use the weapon you chase all over the galaxy for. Ridiculous!

Well, he IS a decorated marksman who did most of his career in a top sniper squad. He was previously changed from sniper to assault cannon only because all sniper shells were Cunning and not Aim, and everyone compained about this instead of complaining about why a sniper was fine with assault cannons but couldn’t even hold a sniper rifle anymore…

LOL, thank you for copy/pasting my post on the SWTOR forums here. I’m glad this issue is getting a lot more attention.

you welcome =) sorry for not posting your name in the text I put down still I wanted to share with people so all know and we can press them for it.

They said that Doc still has Holiday and that Lokin still transforms. They just need to be put in the correct role. There were some screenshots of it on the forums pages.

I used to have my companions tray expanded and had some of their abilities hot-keyed (“attack my target,” heals, tank, or dps “stances”), so the limited one now is more than annoying. I liked being able to run with Mako in dps stance, but able to switch to healing stance in the middle of combat if things got too heated. Now, since they’re “roles,” you have to be out of combat to change them. It’d be nice to have that ability while in combat again. Even in DPS stance, our healing companions would still off-heal you, which was usually more than enough, during combat, if you had them well geared. Oh well.

This is the side effect of people whining. “I’m a sin tank but I want to run with Khem.” Now that all comps can fill any role we are left with cookie cutter abilities with very few differences. See what happens when whiners get thier way? It’s just like the slot machine debacle, a few disgruntlex people ruined it for everyone. RIP HKs assassinate.

The most important one is preserved : Tharan Cedrax can still stun mobs with Holiday’s hypnotic dancing skills. 😉

Oh, and een though everyone is functionally identical, there are indeed a few differences between companions. Not everyone has the emp blast or the flare, etc.

GIven the reception of companion changes, and the specifically huge demand for this, I’m sure they’ll rework some of the skill animations to emulate each character’s old signature abilities once KotFE allows you to get all your companions back.

Clearly start at 60 tokens are more important than the bug that prevents us from having our old companions back.

Have you considered the fact that the bug may be more complex than adding stuff to the CM? Some of the bugfixes up there are pretty critical, such as non-subs being able to access the content, which would be why they released a small patch so quickly. It is highly likely that they are either still searching for the root of the problem, or developing a fix to be deployed when it is ready.

With companions normalized and all being functionally equal, this is not even close to “game breaking”. I can see how it might be somewhat annoying to you, though.

Considering the fact that I quit doing Ops due to the fact that they are recycling all the old ones instead of making new ones and really the only reasons I continue to play are for the story and for the companions, its a pretty big deal that I can’t play with the companion that I want.

It happens at log-in to your original companions. So for me, Andronikos, Telos Drelik, and Ashara. were all caught with their pants down when I entered my ship. Must have been an orgy while i was gone

Ha! Well I did jump into KotFE pretty fast so I did not notice it on my main. I didn’t go out of my way to check my Inquisitor, but i haven’t started this yet. Guess I should go look.

OK, finally noticed that it happens on ship but not in cutscenes. I guess that the companions must get bored when I’m logged off.

I can just imagine the cutscene… Darth Jesiil (my Sorc) comes on board her ship and sees everyone pantless. “Umm… should I come back later?”

“Start At 60 Tokens are now available on the Cartel Market! These Tokens can be purchased on the Cartel Market and used or sold on the Galactic Trade Network.”

Since I have 2 60s (Jedi Sentinel and Sith Sorcerer) and want to see the storylines for the other classes, I wish I could have the opportunity to sell my “Start at 60” that comes with the game

eh, most important ones are warrior and JK (mainly warrior), BH isn’t important, Agent ties together all 7 others, so do it last.

The Bounty Hunter act 3 brings about a significant power shift in republic politics, without which the war likely wouldn’t have gotten to the point it did.

The Knight and the Consular (for me) just feel like I’m limited to their voice. I was thinking of making an old wise man, but both their voices just sound so young and without grit.

Yup. At least one ability for my Jedi Counselor is unable to be chosen. If I select others than it, it saves fine.

I had that issue on all my characters. The workaround is to leave the area you are in (in my case, personal stronghold) and try again elsewhere. It worked every time, as soon as I exited to the Fleet.

I noticed some slight but noticeable loot lag all through the KotFE story last night, as well as some click-item lag. I hope that gets remedied in this patch.

Earpieces are dropping with no stats? On a side note why do you only get to wear one earpiece? I don’t know about you but I have two ears.

its not an earring for jewelry its an ear piece for transmitting data kind of like if you wear a headset for talking on the phone, you generally only wear one

I know it’s not jewelry. But who says you can’t wear two. Why can’t it collect data from the battlefield, or one is for talking to your ship and one gives you the Huttball scores.

I guess someone doesn’t understand what a joke is.

It’s a game, you are reading way too much into it. Maybe you would be more happy if they changed the word label from earpiece to headset? The point is combat relay information attached to X gives you Y set of stats, what you bother to call it is basically semantics.

I mean one could argue that why stop at 2 implants? Why not 100’s of implants all over your body? Because in whatever universe the game developers made they are redundant and stop being useful beyond 2 implants.

It’s all arbitrary in a fictional world.

Earpieces, implants, boots – anything can drop with no stats. Haven’t seen a weapon with no stats though.

I bought the pack from Amazon that included SoR on Monday, and my account still isn’t flagged for it =/ . I received everything else from the pack just not the SoR access so I’m sitting at 55 with over the exp i need to lvl and can not hit 56. Not sure what is causing it but my ticket hasn’t been responded to yet. Was hoping this patch fixed that.

you fail at reading. the amazon pack clearly states that you dont get any of the expansions until oct 27th the same as if you bought a normal sub. the only thing the amazon pack is giving you thats different from a normal 3 month sub is some extra cartel coins, you didnt buy into early access (which is this week)

for early access you needed to have been subbed since july through now and qualify for all 4 promotional items over the last 4 months, and youd have needed to purchase revan seperately ($20) on top of the sub or youd have been stuck at 55

thats where you are currently, you havent bought revan so you cant go past 55. you only have hutt cartel (which is free for subs and lets you get to 55); and youll get revan and kotfe oct 27th just like any other sub

You are correct. I didn’t even think to read the discription, I knew that I’d have to wait for the New expansion but never though I’d have to wait to play the old one after purchase since it shows it on the picture. Doesn’t make to much sense to me. Kinda deceptive marketing but at the same time my fault for not reading it all. Still a good deal though.

How is it deceptive marketing? If it states it in the description and you don’t read it, it’s YOUR fault not Amazon’s. That’s like buying a toy that needs batteries, and when you get home and open the box and it has no batteries you get mad and say they decided me. Even though on the box it says “batteries not included.

You are correct, However in your example they normally do not show a pack of batteries in the picture of said item. When I first found the pack back in August it said nothing about SoR unlocking on the 27th (you can verify this by looking at the question and answer sections) So when I finally decided to buy it I did not look at the description as I had already read it previously.

Second: While i knew KtoFE released on the 27th and I would not get access to that until it launched, It would make logical sense that SoR, which has been out for quite a while and shows a picture of the expansion on the main Image, would be unlocked. When I used to play EQ and would come back after a long absence (and 2 or 3 expansions), I would buy the latest expansion pre-order and it would unlock all the expansions up till that one on my account.

Again it was my fault for not re-reading the description and assuming based on the image that SoR would be unlocked for me right away. But other people had said that it was an error and if you contact Bioware they will correct it (see the response below this one). Thank you for taking the time to respond however and you have a great day.

I thought that some companions that were NOT part of the KOTFE story would be returned to us at a terminal somewhere…I found the terminal but it says “all companions that can be found with this device have been found” wtf. I thought Doc wasn’t part of the story or Scourge, why cant I get them back if they’re not in the story?

“Please note that these Tokens do not grant access to Knights of the Fallen Empire or any previous expansion.”

I’m confused – wouldn’t that negate the point of getting that token in the first place? Or does this only apply to Preferred/F2P users??

The expansions are included in the subscription now, so players who never subscribed to unlock the expansions still won’t have them if they only buy a LVL60 character Token.

Otherwise, people will think that the tokens offer a much better value than a subscription.

Question: Do the Level 60 Tokens count as doing the story and if so, if I buy four to make four Republic characters and then delete them (Imperial Diehard is Diehard), would it still say I completed the Legendary Status?

If you get credit in your legacy and a character is deleted or transferred it doesnt take that legacy credit away from you. I do not know if a instant 60 grants the story credit, however, but I highly doubt it.

it doesnt give you story credit which is why you have the option of starting at the beginning if you want to (but already leveled). you arent required to skip the story with the lvl 60s, it just asks if you want to

No, the achievements linked to story completions can only be attained by playing through the story, instant 60s will not count toward anything but the “reached level 60” achievements.

Also, second question: Do companions still function as their old categories (i.e Ashara as Melee DPS) for legacy stat and presence unlocks?

With the expansion update any companion can switch to any role. So while Ashara will still use two lightsabers and have melee range abilities, she can be a DPS (like she used to be), a healer or a tank.

Ok I don’t think I answered your question whatsoever. I’ll have to check it out but my guess is that would have been reworked.

They still work as they used to for the role presence unlocks. Thst suff isn’t tied to the companions’ actual set of abilities.

I have a tricky question : this is the case: so i buy a Start At 60 Token, i take the armor set of this new toon into my legacy storage, i delete this toon and make an other, in order to have all armors that comes with those new lvl 60 toons, can i do that or i have to buy everytime a new Start At 60 Token??? and make toons and delete them i only want to have one more but i want all this new armors that come with this Start At 60 Token toons, have any try this???

I haven’t tried that, but why do you think that you would be able to do that? It’s not called start multiple lvl 60’s. If you delete it it’s your fault you can’t do it on accident so why would they allow you to do that?

You’ll have to pay for every individual character you make and take gear off. Realistically you can make 3 quick 60’s take a tank heal and dps set off and put them on any class

the gear isnt good enough to even bother caring about doing that. the looks arent new and youll want better as soon as you level past 60.

quite frankly most of us already have better gear at lvl 60, this stuffs not even as good as basic com gear from ziost let alone from lvl 60 flashpoints and ops

The Smart Guys in the room could keep comp. Off hand?! WTG. Now kaylie needs a blaster rifle or a sbiper rifle instead of the blaster I had for her unlocked. Lame!

Hey, do the certain cutscenes make the game stop responding? Unless I put my computer on very low graphics, there’s a big chance that my game will stop responding.

I used my insta-60 token I got for being a subscriber to make my fourth Sith Warrior, and didn’t get any of the class titles associated with that class. Not sure if this is intentional or not, but be warned.

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