SWTOR Ranked PvP Season 6 Rewards

A gallery of SWTOR Ranked PvP Season 6 Rewards given for PvP Season 6.

The vendor for Season 6 PvP Rewards can be found on Combat Training section of the fleet. Unfortunately even if you are ranked gold tier in this season, you do not get enough tokens to buy everything. For example, if you brought the weapon lockbox, the gold green color crystal and the mount, you won’t have enough to buy the Predator title.


Predacious Gold Battle Flag of Recongnition

Only given to gold tier players in Season 6. Used on dead player’s body. Cooldown on usage is 1 minute.


Baron Deathmark’s Predacious Wrangler Speeder – 48k Season 6 Tokens

The speeder has a flourish command that turns the light on/off.


Predacious Assault Cannon


Predacious Assault Rifle


Predacious Scoped Heavy Blaster


Predacious Blaster Pistol


Predacious Sniper Rifle


Predacious Saberstaff


Predacious Lightsaber


Predacious Lightsaber Shoto


  • Sodium Heavy Diet

    Would love to know if they plan to fix the titles and make them legacy bound, as they suggested they would be. Otherwise, I have 50k tokens that I can’t use.

    • CaptainObvious

      Suggested is an understatement.

      “All Season 6 rewards (except the Top 96 Title) will be Legacy bound.” – Alex Modny

  • Robert Kristian Johansen

    Want the weapons, but I totally suck at pvp cry 🙁

    • Ben Gimson

      Doesn’t matter tbh. People cry and blame each other even if you win, and your personal performance has never counted for anything.

      • Mashiro

        are you playing with 8 year old kids?

        • Ben Gimson

          Seems that way. It’s a really toxic environment, so much so that I won’t ever be touching it again.

          • Alek

            Welcome to PvP where the Undersirables gather together.

          • Mashiro

            if you want to pvp and remain healthy just join a descent pvp guild, there are always some of those even in rp servers. If you are kinda good nobody will tell you anything 😛

            • Ben Gimson

              Meh, I like PvP but not enough to join a guild for it, y’know? I could go a week or two without PvPing at all, then the week after PvP all day every day. Happy to stick with mid-level PvP for now anyway; less mud-slinging, less premades and it’s still actually fun. No nice rewards, of course, but less stressful.

              Thanks for the suggestion, though 🙂

  • Terry G Roberts

    Season 3 PvP rewards were so much better

  • Sindariel

    Which movies does the mount play?

  • styrka

    how do you activate the search light on the mount?

    • Holyfrog

      Ctrl z I believe.

  • AbnerDoon

    I dig the mount but the weapons. /blech

  • p

    So it’s true that Dulfy got carried to tier 1 by wintrading? clean 10-0…

    • Holyfrog

      This shit again?

  • bert

    dulfy what is the name of the armor piece you have at your right hand like a cybernetic hand ? thanks and do you have pictures/video of the crystals ? the picture here aren’t very high res can’t see much

    thx !

  • Rob Corrina

    Leading 16 bloodthirsty Sith into the Republic senate, killing all the NPC’s and then meeting a perfectly lovely Tortuga Jedi mistress is all the PvP reward I will ever need. I am immortal.

  • JustGlouwer

    is it possible to get these weapons if i start now ? how long does it take to get these? thanks 🙂

  • disqus_F4PaJWYSz1

    Wow! That mount is awesome! Maybe the best in game, for my taste.
    Shame I didn’t do ranked in season 6.

  • Frogalicious

    Predacious is a nice word.

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