GW2 Glider Skins Available on HoT Release

A gallery of the glider skins that are available with Heart of Thorns release.


Basic Glider

  • Starter glider available to everyone, has a single dye channel on the sides.


Heart of Thorns Glider

  • Available in Deluxe/Ultimate editions of Heart of Thorns. No dye channels.


Crystal Arbiter Glider

  • Part of the Crystal Arbiter Appearance Pack available in gemstore for 2000 gems. Has two dye channels.


Bag Wings Glider

  • Available as part of the Bat Wings Glider Combo in gemstore (700 gems). No Dye channel.


Black Feather Wings Glider

  • Owner of the Black Feather Wings backpack must equip their backpack and talk to a scout in Verdant brink to claim it. No dye channel.


White Feather Wings Glider

  • Owner of the White Feather Wings backpack must equip their backpack and talk to a scout in Verdant brink to claim it. No dye channel.


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38 replies on “GW2 Glider Skins Available on HoT Release”

… we can use our feather wings as gliders!??!?!?! I was hoping we could, but to actually have it happen is great! Oh god I can’t wait to get out of work today!!

What Pink said below.
Do not run to the nearest cliff with your wing backpack after unlocking glider mastery and jump off without speaking to the NPC.
It’s a long way down.

Pssh! Says you! I happen to like jumping off the tallest cliffs I can find to get that high I feel every time from the long drop down while listening to my toon scream in terror it their impending doom! >:D

Lol, thanks, but I already knew that part about unlocking the actual glider.

Probably because they already have animations. But I’m wondering what happens if you have Wings of Sunless or Holographic or Holo Shatter wings on, then you glide? Does the glider just override & temporarily hide your backpack wings? Or (and i really hope this isn’t the case) do you keep your back skin on WITH a glider as well? Sorry, I haven’t really played in HoT too much. Loved the Rev on beta weekends though!!!!

And now the time to call out peasant gliders has finally come.

Btw, why doesn’t the deluxe has a dye channel. QQ could have al teast dyed the black part.

They look nice. But as usual, Arenanet has opted to implement the alternative appearance items as gem store purchases rather than obtainable as gameplay rewards. That’s disappointing. Hopefully the raid content + Living World Season 3 put some new ones into the game world.

So are these skins in the sense that having one lets you use it on all characters? Or do you have to buy one for each?

I think you toggle them, like you do mailcarriers, minis and pets. So they should be account wide.

Not 100% sure on that though.

I had some trouble getting both black and white wings gliders, the guy wouldn’t give me the second one.
To fix it I just had to move far enough away from the waypoint to get a loading screen when I waypointed back and then it worked.

What worked for me was equipping the first, getting one skin, consuming it, and then switching to the second skin. Until I nommed the first glider skin, it wouldn’t exchange.

Highly, highly, highly unlikely. If you buy a new one you can use it, once, for free, but like everything else if you want to transmute extras it’s going to cost you a charge.

just want to say thanks to and staff for their awesome coverage of release. very quick + accurate + useful info!

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