GW2 Guild Hall Claiming and Upgrade Guide

A guide to claiming the Guild Hall in Heart of Thorns.[toc]

Starting the Guild Hall Claiming Expedition

To start the Expedition, make sure you have 100 gold and 150 favor first. Favor can be earned via guild missions. Head to the Guild Initiative Headquarters in Lion’s Arch and talk to one of the two NPCs. One of them is for the Lost Precipice and the other is for Gilded Hollow.

  • If you can’t enter the Initiative Headquarters because it says your guild has been updated, talk to the Guild registrar outside.


You will need to have 100g and 150 favor to start the Expedition.


Getting to the Guild Hall Portal

Lost Precipice

Lost Precipice portal entrance is in NW corner of Verdant Brink. You will want to have unlocked Faren’s Flyer Waypoint in the SW corner of the map and then follow the dotted line to the portal by combination of gliding and walking up stairs. If you have a teleport to friend item, you can wait for a guildie to get there first and just teleport to them. This is a much easier location to get to.


Gilded Hollow (Exalted Markings mastery required)

Gilded Hollow portal entrance is in Auric Basin inside the Exalted Forgotten City, The entrance to Auric Basin is in the SW corner of Verdant Brink. Once you are in Auric Basin, head to the Forgotten City in the middle of the map.


At the very center of the city, you will find a hole in the ground that you can drop down to access the lower city.


Once you are in the lower city, follow the dotted line. You will find the way to the portal blocked by an invisible wall. To get past it, you must have Exalted Markings Mastery to use the teleporter. Luckily only one person in guild needs it and everyone can just use the teleport to friend (Mesmer portals also work!)


Claiming the Guild Hall

This part is similar for both guild halls and the event scales based on how many players are in the instance. Gliding Mastery is not required but it will help to get to parts of the guild hall much faster so you can meet the time limit requirements. There are two parts to this.

Part One

First part is defeating 5 waves of Mordrem Maws within a certain time limit. The Mordrem Maws spawn in random locations within the guild hall map and how many you get depends on the number of players inside the guild hall instance. If you have 50 players for example, you can expect 5 Mordrem Maw to spawn randomly and you will have a time limit of 3:30 to kill all 5 Mordrem Maws to advance to the next wave. In contrast, A 20 player instance will have only 2 Mordrem Maw per wave. You want to spread out into teams of 8-10 players and assign a commander to them to cover a certain area of the guild hall map. Each Mordrem Maw will have a big orange sword next to their location on the map.


If you fail to kill the Mordrem Maw within the time limit, the air toxicity level will rise and everyone inside the instance will all be killed. Luckily you can retry this how many times you want. Another thing you have to watch out for are the Mordrem mobs defending the Mordrem Maw that can shield the Maw from damage until they are killed so you will want to kill those ASAP.

Part Two

After you have cleared 5 waves of Mordrem Maw, prepare for Vinewrath Knights to spawn. These are Champion/Legendary Mordrem bosses. How many spawn will once against depend on your instance size. For an instance of 50 players you can expect 3 of them to spawn. All of these Mordrem bosses have a break bar and some are only vulnerable when that break bar is broken so you will need to constantly apply hard CCs to break that bar. Others are extremely melee unfriendly so you will want to have ranged weapons as well.

You do have a bit more time to kill these Vinewrath Knights The time limit was 8 minutes for the particular instance we had.


After you defeated these Mordrem bosses, you will be able to interact with the crystal in the guild hall and finally claim the guild hall.

Building Your Guild Hall

Initial Upgrade Path

Tavern is the first thing you will build. After that you will build the Mine so you have a supply of Aetherium for your other buildings. After that you can start building the workshop. Workshop will allow your guild members to train as scribes and craft guild-specific items.

Tavern Restoration

Tavern is the first thing you will build for your new guild hall. Talk to the Tavern Proprietor to get started. He is also the NPC where you can view other upgrades for your Tavern

You will need the following materials to complete the first restoration. Guild members can donate materials to help this via the guild treasury.


  • 250 Elder Wood Plank
  • 250 Mithril Ingot
  • 50 Bottle of Elonian Wine
  • 10 Empty keg
  • 50 Glass Mug
  • 20 Obsidian Shard
  • 25 Bolt of Silk
  • 100 Cured Thick Leather Squad
  • 10 Bolt of Gossamer
  • 10 Cured Hardened Leather Square.

This upgrades costs 100 Favor.

Empty Kegs are crafted by Chef (400). The recipe is automatically known so you do not need to purchase any recipes. It requires 10 Elder wood planks, 10 Mithril ingots, 3 Vial of Linseed Oil per Empty Keg. Linseed Oil requires Flax Seeds which can be found in the new maps. Milling Basins can be brought from the cooking vendors.


Glass Mugs are crafted by Jeweler (400). The recipe is automatically known so you do not need to purchase any recipes.It requires 3 Lumps of Glass, 1 Thermocatalytic Reagent per Glass Mug. Coarse Sands are from the silky sands you can get from Silverwastes. In total you will need 9 Piles of Coarse Sand and 4 Thermocatalytic Reagent per Glass Mug for a total of 450 Piles of Coarse Sand and 200 Thermocalytic Reagent for 50 Glass Mugs.


Mine Excavation

You will need to have completed Tavern Restoration I and then you can proceed with this building process that will costs 150 Favort and the following mats.


  • 200 Elder Wood Plank
  • 200 Mithril Ingot
  • 50 Silverwastes Shovel
  • 4 18 Slot Thick Leather Pack

Workshop Restoration

You will need to have Mine Excavation I completed, 1500 Aetherium and 150 Favor are also needed in addition to the following mats.


  • 200 Watchwork Sprocket
  • 200 Mithril Ingot
  • 50 Vial of Linseed Oil
  • 20 Bottle of Airship Oil
  • 200 Thermocatalytic Reagent
  • 50 Orichalcum Ingot
  • 5 Elonian Leather Square
  • 50 Quartz Crystal.

More Upgrades

There are more upgrades for the Tavern/Mine/Workshop that give buffs to the guild or improve that particular structure. They can be found under each particular tier of Restoration. Which one you need will be something you have to decide to have. They all cost Favor to build and some may require Aetherium as well. Aetherium is time gated and there is a favor cap of 2000 per week so you will need to carefully manage and decide on what to build.



Special thanks to Ethereal Guardians [EG] Guild for the info on guild halls.

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78 replies on “GW2 Guild Hall Claiming and Upgrade Guide”

“To start the Expedition, make sure you have 100 gold and 150 favor first.”

Dropped. Can ArenaNet design _any_ content that isn’t a thinly veiled gold sink?

I’m pretty freaking tired of hearing about “B-b-but much dungeons were i-i-inflating the value of gold” garbage.

It’s meant for guilds, not a single person. While 100g might be a lot for one person, if several people pitch in it’s not so bad

still punishing for small guilds. while small guilds generally have better players with bigger gold counts, it’s still unfair. regressive (make everyone pay the same amount irregardless of ability) vs. progressive requirements (pay based on what you have/numbers, etc).

unfortunately this could also be abused, but it could be made so the incentive for abuse is super low (so guilds with 1-30 pay the same amount, 30-60 pay a fraction higher, etc.) with enough disincentive its possible to create a friendlier entrance fee, but alas, asshatnet logic reigns supreme

wtf? where do you clowns come from? people like you contribute nothing useful to discussion. you go farm some more gold with your active neckbeard friends. just leave mate

and what if you don’t have a teleport to friend for gilded hallow? Does that mean anyone who wants to help needs exalted markings?

Ty for the reply, We ended up doing just that on the day I asked. We had one person with exalted markings drag 4 of us in with tele to friend. Then we mes ported everyone who could get there. Thanks again. 🙂

My guild did it with 5, if you have a couple of friends on, just ask them to come with you. I’d recommend 6+ ideally, but it’s possible with 5 if you’re all well geared.

Good Job, I expect it will become much easier to do over time as guides and more people do it. Keep in my My Guild did it release day blind. So having to switch from a single group raid to a duel raid without warning or planning for it made it tougher. We helped 2 other guilds with theres and they went much faster and easier going in with 2 pre made groups and know exactly what to attack. Either way We all got our Guild Halls so that is Good.

My guild was able to do it with 13-14 people. And it took a lot of teamwork and focus. We had to port from maw to maw inorder to do it in time because we were too small to split into two groups.

Seems like this basically means small guild won’t be able to do guild halls without getting some help elsewhere. That kind of sucks.

we arent biggest guild out there but we managed to do it … 7 of us was able to beat it as easy as playin AC 😀

Actually, in my experience, 8 people is a very good number to run with because of how the event scales. With 10+ (don’t know about 9), it spawns two maws and is very challenging for 10-15 people. With 8, it spawns only one and is much easier. This is based on Lost Precipice.

Would anyone who has done the smaller guild runs through this be able to give an officer of a smaller guild (our last party was 8) some advice on this? For some reason going in there blind for us was just murder and we’re struggling. One of the biggest issues we’re having is the time it takes to get from one location to another, but beyond that we’re just getting slaughtered by all the adds while trying to get the Vinetenders. Any suggestions would be amazing, welcome and appreciated right now. Thanks.

I’ll add you when I’m back in game and let my guildies know we might have help next time we try. Thanks. :3

We dit it at 10 so we only had one spawn. Just rush it, it was quite easy. More than 10 you have 2 spawn to kill at a time. Rush to the maw, don’t kill anything except the vinetenders

Yeah we had 8 with one spawn each, but the adds of mordrem and other enemies around the vine and the vine tenders were insane! We were dying well before we could ever get the tenders down. We even had a plan of “split in to teams of four, each focus on a tender” but once we did it was pretty much death death and more death and not any progress. Hence us being stuck at the moment…

when you say small guild how small? we had like 20ish people. broke into two groups. kill the tenders first to drop the shields then dps the plant shield thingo. x5 times then kill the champ. champ super op

30-something as a guild total though our guildmates are rarely on all at the same time. We had 8 on last night and on a good night can have about half the guild on all at once. We know what to do but doing it in the time limit and without everyone getting mauled by adds is the biggest issue for some reason. Others have said it can be done with ten or less though.

we were 6 and made in in 2nd try.
we switched all to ranged so its easier to kite all those cc heavy mobs. then it was no problem

That might help. I did have an easier time getting things down when I pjt my Druid back on bow. I’ll mention that to them. Thanks.

Run it like a dungeon. Get might up before engaging. Cleave the hell out of the Vinetender and the main goal. Ignore other mobs and try to cleave them at the same time. Did it with 8 yesterday. 🙂

Hey we claimed ours with 4 people. Initially we were having some DPS troubles with 1 ele, 2 mes and engy but we finally went with 2 ele, 1 mesmer, 1 engy comp. All running zerk. We found DPS was the key and ele’s can successfully nuke from a safe distance. As for getting from 1 place to another we did gilded holow so it was a bit of an issue but we got most of them done with a good 30 secs to spare.

I think ours was… two druid/rangers, one beserker/warrior, a thief, and ele, an engie, mesmer and a necro. Only four of us had our elite skills ready but both the druids and besekers were having trouble. Me less so cause I switched back to long bow, but our other druid had left her long bow behind and only had the beginning staff (which sadly while awesome that they gave us one to start with, the stats aren’t the best and building up to Yggrasil is going to take a lot longer) and our zerker is trying to figure out a better build right now because her suitability has crashed since going elite. And yeah we were doing GH too and we were able to get from place to place but DPS was certainly the issue when we got there. We all have other alts, of course, but from what I know of my guild we were all on the ones we’re the most comfortable with. I might bring up possibly having some one switch to an ele to boost our other one, though. … also I think our mesmer switched to chronomancer at one point? Bad idea?

I would highly suggest not running the elite specs for capturing as they will be gimped unless you have them unlocked. We all ran vanilla so we were at full power. Staff zerk eles are really good for DPS like i said. Also if your mesmer had chronomancer fully unlocked it would be really helpful but if they dont it will be an issue, i would say run with vanilla setup. Druid might be a good addition to deal with add mobs and keep people up while you focus the vinetenders. If you need help you can msg me in game. just whisper “Poe Tay Toe”

I’ll discuss it with them and see where we’re all at before trying again then. This is super helpful information though! Thank you so much!

Can anyone tell me what happens if you pay the gold + Favor and then fail the claiming mission?

Can you just try it again or do you have to pay again?

HIghly recommend you run it with less people, not more.
We initially tried to do it with 90 (yes 90!) and it was impossible.
Had 9 maws spawn each wave, but also the problem was each maw had a ridiculous amount of mobs.

Eventually had to ask people to sit out and a group of 18 was able to finish it (2 maws)
If you are doing the lost precipice one it is HIGHLY recommended you have updraft.

My guild did it with 81 first try. I think it’s worth a try because it is a good shared experience. TS was a help keeping things organized.

my guild start with over 150 ppl (120 on TS) and it was impossible chain of failure, we fail for over 4 hours of trying and dying, every 10 ppl in group add another spawn spot to defend, se we have 15 or 16 places to go, so close each other, that it was upscale lvl of mobs due to ammounts of player, we have 3-4 champs at ONE spawn every time, i think i saw even legendary mob spawn, so after 4 hours we drop ppl somewhere to 40-50 and then it was child play, my second GH i was doing in 10ppl and it was made in ~30 min final boss include, damn anet

Guild Fon Vella Sensacion EU, claim Lost Precipice with only 5 people(we are total of 6 people).
1 Maw per wave.

1guardian (power, prec+,cond)
1druid healing
1ele d/d berserker
1warrior r/gs berserker
1ranger LB

Tip: Evade the final boss atack with the colums

Claimed guilded hollow with 4 people. We went with 2 staff ele’s, 1 mesmer, and 1 engineer all running zerker gear for DPS and got it on our first try with that comp. We did have gliding and mushroom done so traveling was a bit easier. Also just focus vinetenders and try to line of sight the mobs around them so you are killing the adds at the same time you are killing the vinetender. Something that might make it easier for people is to have a “tank” type roll that can kite the mobs in a way to keep them around vinetender while eles and engineers nuked the hell out of them.

Strange question, has anyone tried to solo the instance? I’m in a situation where I’m the only Lv 80 in my guild and I’ve completed everything until this point. I found most mordrems to be easily soloable in this area. Thoughts? I run a Mesmer.

A one person guild did it with 4 pugs (I was one). She had a couple people she found in PVE and LFG me and a Ranger. (Borlis Pass)

We capped Gilded Hollow, first try

Warrior, Ranger, Necro, Ele, Mesmer (me)

We did not kite, we did not path, just focus burn the Vinetenders, then focus burn the Maw.
The Knight was an easy fight, do not melee, spread out, and use reflects when he does his spinning ranged attack. He will stay still if you have pets, minions, clones, etc. in melee range.

Anyone know how do we place the decorations? I’ve bought the Exotic Wyvern Trophy and when I used it nothing happened :C. Please help!

Go in guild”G” Then Storage on the left tab, click on Decorations, select the one you wanna place and there you go 😛

Hmm, well one or two of our guildies had some bad conection, we migh’ve lost one of them during the event. Thanks for clearing that 🙂

We are a very small guild and we did not done well in our first try. What was your build for the 3 members of your strike team?

After mine you first have to increase Aetherium capacity. because else you can’t do Workshop. since Basic mine has a 500 Aetherium cap.

Please remove the link to EG. Its biased. They are self proclaiming themselves to be number one and that is propaganda.

Just took a guild hall with a warrior and Necro on the first try! The legendary at the end was easier to kill than we thought.

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