GW2 Immortal Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Immortal Weapon Skins Gallery. These weapon skins are part of the The Crystal Arbiter Appearance Pack available for 2000 gems each. You can only buy one appearance pack per account so you can only get 1 weapon right now.

If you own any of the skins that is missing ingame pics and would like to model please message me ingame (Dulfy). Thanks!

Immortal Sword Skin


Immortal Hammer Skin


Immortal Longbow Skin – Modeled by Hunter Nick


Immortal Short Bow Skin – Modeled by Elyneya


Immortal Axe Skin – Modeled by Cathan Sullivan


Immortal Dagger Skin – Modeled by Shadowcat Nyx


Immortal Greatsword Skin – Modeled by Jantaine


Immortal Mace Skin – Modeled by Ventira


Immortal Pistol Skin – Modeled by


Immortal Rifle Skin


Immortal Scepter Skin – Modeled by Farcefenrir


Immortal Staff Skin – Modeled by Rose Tyler Dawson


Immortal Focus Skin


Immortal Torch Skin – Modeled by Kaelryn Silverleaf


Immortal Warhorn Skin


Immortal Shield Skin – Modeled by Raenä


  • Zhaife

    sooo pretty

  • Shaggy

    fancy weapons for fancy fighters

  • Karolina Adamus

    Is it always available or do you have a chance to get in with some kind of RNG?

    • IchbinVol

      Yeah, I loved the “chance” they added, to the description. In Anet speak, that means 1 out of 100 might get it, after spending hard earned money & resources. Thank for playing, try again!

      • Raiden

        u are guarenteed 1 weapon skin of your choosing

      • YunJunLing

        Hey read it again.. it said ur first chance (well there are must be another chance then).. it didn’t said u must open a box and get a random type of those weapons.. so i believe we can pick 1 of those weapons as we wish !

        butttt.. if you mean the Dyes, well u know how it works..

        Anet really know how to make players spend their bucks !

    • Panda Dragon

      The Crystal Arbiter Appearance Pack contains an exclusive new outfit and matching glider, as well as your first chance to get an Immortal weapon skin. You’ll also get 5 Flame Dye Kits and a Total Makeover Kit to look your absolute best with special hairstyles and colors. The total package is available in the Style category of the Gem Store for 2000 gems.

    • You get 1 with the package, you get to pick which skin.

  • Ares Zax

    Pretty cool designs, but the colour’s not gonna fit any of my characters, so I’ll pass.

    • Colosso

      That is why we need dyeable weapons

  • Syreadisa

    Fancy and girly, not bad tho..

  • Lucifer Succube

    new hair Hot ?

  • Conncept

    Most of these are just the pearl/heroic weapons reskinned to how the pearl weapons should have looked in the first place.

  • Fashion Mage

    That pistol looks really cool. Not 2000-gems-cool though, and even then it’s just a chance.

    • S

      it’s not a chance, you get to choose which skin you get with the bundle

      • Fashion Mage

        Oh, not so bad then. Would be nice if they could be bought separately though.

  • YunJun

    Woah those weapons look awesome ! specially Greatsword, shield,staff & Longbow !

    • YunJun

      btw, No flashy or soft aura included?

  • Colosso

    something between wupwup items and batman toys

  • Nate M

    Are these account bound, or can we sell them on the marketplace?

  • Otakusensei

    Those flames…

  • Name

    2000 gems for one weapon? Hell naw.
    It’s impossible to get a matching set of weapons for my character even if I wanted to spend that much? Well, screw you too Anet.

    If these were the new ticket skins instead of those terrible improvised weapons I might have got some.

    • burntorangenavyblue

      It’s part of a package, not just a weapon.

      • Name

        I don’t want the outfit or glider, I don’t like the look of them. Still have to pay 2k gems if I want to get the weapon.

        • burntorangenavyblue

          Gotcha 😀 Yeah, they should have had the package as well as the option of the weapon itself separately, ppl would buy either way.

    • Daniel Buchanan

      I’m kinda sad the improvised weapons aren’t random drops in maguma the same way kryta weapons are

    • dsada

      i just wish they had more weapon skins on gem store

  • How’s the lava effect work? is it during nighttime only, or is it when wielded? The greatsword screenshots above show the lavaish red effect when it’s on his back… If able to post a vid, it would help 🙂

    • One side of the weapon is purplish while the other side is reddish. This applies for every weapon in the set.

    • Rick

      There def seems to be a difference b/w holstering and wielding. The axe pictures seem to demonstrate it the best.

    • Lassie

      when I preview it it’s the same purplish color on both sides, so I guess it changes when you wield it

    • Jonathan Hornsby

      Can’t confirm because I don’t own one, but in previews it looks like some kind of color-shifting paint. That stuff you sometimes see on sports cars; it looks one color but when the light hits it it shifts to another, and when in motion has an almost liquid rainbow effect.

    • Gareth Martin

      lava? now you are making things up.

  • Fangie

    I want all of those! >_<

    Also, it amuses me greatly that the staff design creator is Rose Tyler, so our world is the parallel world! (Kudos to people getting the reference 😀 )

    • Ginny Mac

      If only <3

  • drews

    re-skinned ambrite weapons……. nothing original

    • Thrutian .

      I don’t know what you’re looking at. These look absolutely NOTHING like the Ambrite skins.

  • Rick

    Oooooo shiny!

  • Felipe Lopes

    These Immortal skins looks like Rainbow Shell weapons from Chrono Cross.

    • Nechoh

      YES! My favorite RPG 😀

  • InsaneX5

    This looks like what the pearl weapons should have been. Cool and lame at the same time.

  • Diane

    What armor is the character wielding the sword wearing?

    • Nui Mano

      its the Crystal Arbiter Outfit

      • Diane

        really? the ele at the top? looks different than what I’ve seen.

        • KittyHeart

          The character wearing wielding the sword is wearing the ancestral outfit, I think it is currently still available on the gemstore.

      • Gareth Martin

        u dumb

  • Shara Lee Comstock

    I picked the war horn if you still need picks of it

  • RKC

    Man I still can’t decide which skins to picked?

  • Justsay Alexis

    What armor is the character wielding the Shortbow wearing?

    • jonathan

      Sylvari cultural armor

  • Tingle

    Such Drama. No one is forcing you to buy this. Gez.

  • Bits

    Can somebody please tell me what armor on screenshot with pistol skin?

    • dupre

      Illustrious chest, Vigil Leggings, Arah Gloves, Wreath Crown, Carapace Shoulders. Can’t see the boots.

  • Grimcrotch

    these weapons look bad.

  • Mordremop

    Spend $20 on something that looks like a pinkish dildo weapons thingy?? FTW!!

    I think majority of MMOS now a days can be judged based on the ridiculously over priced market content, why even game lets just buy the next 10 years worth of content. We don’t need a bloody auction house. Oh right the pinkish dildo thingy *smacks head* that’s why.

  • Bastion

    does anyone know what armor the rifle guy is wearing?

    • Volucrin

      Bandit Sniper’s outfit, but it is dyed and helm is hidden

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